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Lovely Professional University, Punjab

Course Code ELE303 Course Category Course Title UNIFIED ELECTRICAL LABORATORY-III NA Course Planner 14742::Harkamaljeet singh Bhullar Lectures 0.0 Tutorials Practicals Credits 0.0 4.0 2.0

TextBooks Sr No T-1 Title UNIFIED ELECTRICAL LAB-111 Reference Books Sr No R-1 Title Electrical Machines Author Nagrath and kothari Edition 3rd Year 2006 Publisher Name Tata McGraw Hill Author Edition Year Publisher Name LPU LAB MANUAL(ELE-303) 1st

*Each experiment of the lab will be evaluated using following relative scheme:
Component J/E WR VIVA % of Marks 20 50 30

Detailed Plan For Practicals
Practical No Practical 1 Broad topic (Subtopic) Transmission line(To study the performance and parameters of a transmission line) Earth resistance(To find the earth resistance using three spikes) Practical Description Learning Outcomes Equipment Used Three phase transmission line, multimeter Earth tester, three electrodes, tools To Study the performance of transmission Evaluation of short, medium and long line from layout point of view transmission line To study the measurement of earth resistance using earth tester Application of the earth tester in various measurement techniques

Practical 2 Practical 3

Induction motor(To perform load test on To perform the loading test on single single phase Induction motor and draw its phase induction motor and study the torque speed characteristics) various parameters Star delta starter(To reverse the direction To study the reversal phenomenon of of 3 ph. Induction Motor using star delta three phase induction motor using star starter) delta starter

Application of induction motor in major Single phase induction motor, industries ammeters,voltmeters, electrical load Application of star delta starter in starting and full load conditions Star delta starter,connecting wires, overcurrent relay, circuit breaker, three phase induction motor

Practical 4

connecting wires.diodes Microprocessor 8085. voltmeters Practical 6 Practical 7 Use of semiconductor devices in controlling the electrical machines Application of UJT as an oscillator Induction motor. connecting wires Practical 8 Bridge converter(To plot waveforms for To study the power electronics wave output voltage and current for three phase forms for different sets of angles bridge rectifier for different angles) Microprocessor kit(Add two 8 bit binary numbers using microprocessor 8085 kit) Numbers(Simple programs for sorting a list of numbers in ascending and descending order) Application of power electronics in the Three phase bridge converter.electrical load .ammeter. power supply. SCR bridge circuit. ammeters. Digital trainer kit Digital trainer kit Practical 9 Practical 10 To study the use of microprocessor in the Application of microprocessor in the addition of two 8 bit numbers digital electronics To study a simple program involving sorting a list of numbers in ascending ascending and descending order Use of boolean algebra in digital electronics SPILL OVER Practical 11 Revision of the induction motor Practical use of the induction motor single phase induction motor. power supply. design aspects of various RLC circuits connecting wires.rheostats. relay. diodes UJT.Practical 5 Three phase alternator(To perform no To perform the no load and short circuit load and short circuit test on three phase tests on three phase alternator and study alternator and draw open circuit and short the torque speed characteristics circuit characteristics) Silicon Controlled Rectifier(Speed control of induction motor using SCR) Uni junction transistor(To draw V-I characteristics of an UJT and use UJT as an oscillator) To control the speed of the induction motor using SCR To study the UJT as oscillator and draw the VI characteristics Application of three phase alternator in Three phase alternator.connecting wires. connecting power plant engineering wires. diodes.voltmeter.