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“arquitectura konstruktura”
08-ANLACAN CMPD., PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA, QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018; CP (0920) 9781620; (0922) 8629781



The following drawing forms part of the Tender documents: The drawing number of this project: SMFCRP Sheet No.:1 Project General Layout and Farm Development Plan Sheet No.2 Profile of Irrigation Main Canal and Drainage Canal Sheet No.3 Profile of Irrigation Lateral A and Drainage Canal Sheet No.4 Pumping Plant and Sedimentation Basin Sheet No.5 Retaining Wall Sheet No.6 Sluice Gates Sheet No.7 Details of U-Type Canal Lining and Pillow Sheet No.8 Drainage Crossing at Sta. 346 Sheet No.9 Drainage Crossing at Sta. 553 Sheet No.10 Drainage Crossing at Sta.994 Sheet No.11 Drainage Crossing at Sta. 1+374 and Sta. 1+942 (The same as with Sta.374 but with End Check) Sheet No.12 Combined Check gate (MC) and Head gate Lateral A Sheet No.13 Typical Division Box and Outlet Structure Sheet No.14 Farm Road Entrance Sheet No.15 River Protection Works (Gabion) Sheet No.16 Reinforced Concrete Drain

ABBREVIATIONS USED Abbreviations used in these Specifications and Bill of Quantities shall have the following meaning:Ha.M.O. : Reinforced Concrete L.S. The Contractor shall construct and maintain all necessary cofferdams. : Lump Sum R. quality and type to facilitate the timely execution of the works and for maintenance and removal on completion of project. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. tools. foundations and various parts of the works as required for . : Mild Steel N/mm2: Netwon per square kg : Kilogram CBR : California Bearing ration ACV : Aggregate Crushing Value M.S. CP (0920) 9781620. 9. install. TOOLS. (0922) 8629781 6.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. : Hectare M3 : Cubic Metres No. channels. foundations and elsewhere as required in undertaking construction works.: Rectified Skew Orthomorphic 8.S. : Medium Curing JKR : Jabatan Kerja Raya c/c : Centre to Centre UPVC : Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride PWD : Public Works Department R. EQUIPMENT The Contractor shall provide all necessary plant.(s) : Number Loc. flumes. : British Standard mm : Millimetres DOA : Director of Agricultural and Agri-Food M2 : Square Metres M. equipment. maintain and operate all necessary pumping and other equipment for the diversion and care of water and the removal of water from excavations. quantity. PLANT.C. 7. : linear Metre G25 : Grade 25 Concrete m : Metres B. apparatus. drains and sumps and/or temporary and protective works during construction operations. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018.C. materials and supplies of sufficient capacity. The Contractor shall furnish.. : Location L. UNITS OF MEASUREMENT All units of measurement used in this Specification and in the Bill of Quantities shall be in accordance with the metric system unless otherwise stated. CARE OF WATER DURING CONSTRUCTION The Contractor shall be fully responsible for the successful diversion and care of the water and dewatering of all excavations.S.

SAFETY OPERATIONS IN WORKS SITE The Contractor shall observe and ensure all his operations are done with safety as Primary Concern. CONTRACTOR TO REPORT TO PROJECT CONSULTANTS The Contractor or his authorized representative. He shall in addition ensure that these safety gears issued to the workers are correctly used by his employees during work. After having served their purpose. 13. (0922) 8629781 construction. Any directions or explanations given by the Project consultant or her authorized representative to such foreman shall be complied with and shall be deemed to have been given to the Contractor. Fire Hazard (Protection and Its Prevention) and Industrial Hygiene. 10. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. unless otherwise directed by the Project Officer. CP (0920) 9781620. on receipt of telephone calls.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. safety boots. shall report to Owner’s Project consultant’s. all cofferdams or other protective works. conversant with the work involved and able to communicate effectively. The Contractor shall provide to all his workers protective equipment’s such as safety helmets. to receive verbal or written instruction etc respect to schedule or quality of works. He shall be responsible for the support services in all areas of safety. SITE FOREMAN At all times during progress of works the Contractor shall employ a suitably qualified site foreman who will be able to organize and control all aspects of the works and shall be able to communicate effectively. MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS All manufactured products specified on the specification shall be applied or fixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. 11. goggles and any other safety gears that is necessary for safety carrying out their trade. shall be removed or leveled to give a neatly appearance and so as not to interfere in any way with the operation of the Project. within one working day. . Before each workman is allowed that he is capable to use the product on the Works he shall be required to demonstrate that he is capable of applying or fixing that product to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 12..

CP (0920) 9781620. the Contractor shall suspend the work temporarily without any compensation for loss of labour or profit. kerbs. If and when necessary. The Contractor shall be responsible for controlling his workmen strictly to the site. PROJECT SITE RESTRICTIONS The Contractor shall co-operate with the authorities concerned and take all adequate precautions to prevent staining or damaging existing works. the Contractor shall give the necessary notice to the appropriate Authorities and arrange for the work be carried out and pay all charges in connection therewith. . He shall not be permitted to construct temporary buildings on the site except storage space for materials etc. (0922) 8629781 14.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. control dust and minimize noise of construction or disturbance of any kind whatsoever.. In case where the service are to be temporarily terminated or diverted. etc. The Contractor shall therefore make his own investigation and necessary inquiries from appropriate authorities to ensure that no damages or disruption is caused to any utility service during construction. LOCATION OF EXISTING UTILITY SERVICES Details and the extent of existing utility services are not shown on Contract Drawings. The Contractor is to make good or pay for making good all damage thereto and any consequential damage or loss arising out of such damage. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. 15. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. The Contractor will not be eligible for any compensation for loss or labour or profit due to the above site restrictions. TEMPORARY CROSSING For temporary crossings as necessary over drains and/or excavations also footways. and clear away on completion and made good any damage to drains channels also footway and kerbs to the satisfaction of the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative 16.

SECTION B: EARTHWORK 1. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. CONTRACTOR TO ASCERTAIN EXTENT OF WORK The Contractor is advised that it shall be deemed to be his sole responsibility to ascertain for himself the exact nature and extent or work to be executed under this contract. The working space would generally be restricted inside of the Sofitel Manila compound land as shown in the drawings The Contractor shall not exceed the working space stated above except in the exceptional circumstances with prior approval of the resident engineer and or authorized representative. in writing to make good damages within the said time. The Contractor shall be given 3 days from the time of notification. surplus material.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. No claim for extra in consequence of any alleged ignorance in any respect shall be allowed.. Working space The Project owner will be responsible for making available area within the site land upon which the works are to be constructed. specially around scuppers and tree beds. (0922) 8629781 15. The Contractor shall pay compensation to owners. . QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. 17. The Contractor shall obtain his own information on all matters relating to the works. The Contractor shall be responsible for making all necessary arrangements and coordinating with all other relevant authorities for the satisfactory completion of the works. TIDY UP SITE ON COMPLETION On the completion of the works the Contractor shall clear away and remove from the site all constructional plant. The Contractor shall leave every part of the site of operation. in clean. rubbish and temporary works of every kind and leave the whole of the site and permanent works clean and in a workmanlike condition. tidy and sound condition and make good any damages to adjoining public or private properties resulting from the operation at his own expense. CP (0920) 9781620.

(0922) 8629781 tenants. rentals. The extent of site clearance shall be decided by the Project owner or her authorized representative. tenant or occupier and during the subsequent use by him of such private land or roads for these purposes. berm. The Contractor shall provide suitable plant. no allowance being made for extra area on slopes. No works shall be carried out unless the relevant lines and levels and location of all work/facilities under this contract shall have been checked and approved by Project Owner or her authorized representative. the Contractor shall confirm in writing to the Project Owner that he has obtained this consent. SITE CLEARING Site clearing will be measured on the plan area of any site cleared. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018.. Before entering upon private land for the purpose of commencing construction. SETTING OUT OF THE WORKS The Contractor shall be responsible for survey and setting out works. CP (0920) 9781620.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. He will arrange for all works of survey and will establish all line and level pegs. or occupiers of the damage properties due to the negligent of the Contractor. verges. All removed top soil shall be stockpiled for re-use for the soiling of slopes and embankments. 2. tenant. labour and equipment to perform site clearance in all types of terrain encountered in the project. compensation or other disbursement which may be incurred by him in negotiations with the owner. EARTH OPERATION/BORROW MATERIALS All top soil (including turf) shall be removed from the areas of excavation. 4. 3. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining the consent of the owner. The Contractor shall pay all costs. or occupier of private land to the use of such land or private roads for temporary access to the working space along the route of the irrigation and drainage facilities and service and farm roads or for other temporary purposes. reserves and for the provision of beds for the . PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. He will also assist Project owner or her authorized representative in checking all setting out. expenses.

the Contractor shall take all his effort to clean or remove spilling earth. No ponding of water shall be allowed..5 horizontal) and vertical height not exceeding 5metres. In case of break down of machinery along the hauling route the Contractor shall make immediate arrangement for repair. The Contractor shall carry out the works in such a manner as to prevent erosion or slips and shall limit working faces to safe slope and height. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. The borrow pits shall be level and compact. The Contractor shall load.5 (1 vertical to 1. Earth delivered to the designated areas on site shall take adequate precaution to avoid spilling of earth. CP (0920) 9781620. In any case. The filled areas shall be made by depositing approved hard imported soil in regular layers not more than 300mm in loose thickness. and shall ensure that all surfaces have at all time sufficient gradient to enable such to shed water without causing erosion. The void so formed shall be backfilled with suitable material deposited in layer each not exceeding 300mm thick loose . transport. Where material encountered in the sub grade is unsuitable. it shall be excavated to such a depth an over such extent as directed by the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative. the hauling route shall be kept clear by the Contractor.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. All surfaces shall be graded to ensure that ponding of rain water do not occur. deposit and compact suitable material from borrow pits identified by the Project owner or form the Contractor’s borrowing pits. Each layer shall be well compacted with approved rollers before the next layer is placed. Any obstruction which in the option of the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative is a nuisance shall be cleared by the Contractor at his own cost and if the Contractor fails then it will be done by others and the cost involved by charged to the Contractor. mud or debris immediately. (0922) 8629781 cultivation of rice The Contractor shall make his own arrangements for stockpiling of top soil and/or suitable material and for the provision of sites for the purpose. Excavation at borrow pits shall be carried out in a systematic manner with each cut slope not steeper than 1: 1. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. mud and surplus materials while transporting on existing roads by Machinery Plant or Vehicles. In respect of the Contractor’s negligence of the cleanliness of existing roads.

E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. . QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. (0922) 8629781 depth and compacted. the Contractor shall prevent damage by subsidence. and deduct same form any monies due to or becoming due to the Contractor.. whether such work is shown on the Drawings or not. structure and other such work that may be affected by subsidence. pipes or conduit meet with during the excavation and where any excavation is carried out adjacent to or under any existing cable. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. CP (0920) 9781620. All fill material in canal embankments or below formation in cut shall be deposited in layers not exceeding 300mm in loose depth. Any subsequent settlement shall be made good at the Contractor’s own expenses. the Contract is to reimburse the Authorities direct for the cost of carrying out the repairs. The Contractor shall be responsible for any royalty or other fees imposed by the Government. The cost of all above operation shall be deemed to be included in the Bill of Quantities. Embankment shall be maintained at all time with sufficient camber and a surface sufficiently even to enable surface water to drain readily from them. The Contractor’s rate shall be deemed to include the cost of complying with the requirement hereof. the Contractor at his own cost shall scarify the surface prior to further placement of embankment materials. In case the canal embankment is stopped for a period where the last placed embankment is hardened. In the event that damage has been done to the public services due to the Contractor’s work or otherwise. Each layer shall extend over the full width of the embankment and shall be compacted to the satisfaction of the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative. No extra payment will be made to carry out the above described operations. pipe. The Contractor shall notify the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative of any mains. as the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative may direct. all expenditure for such necessary repairs be carried out by the relevant Authorities. failing which the Government reserves the right to pay the Authorities direct.

Materials for the Works shall be of the quality approved. Samples once approved shall indicate the standard to be maintained through the works. alteration or demolition of the required works shall be done carefully. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. except otherwise specified. CP (0920) 9781620. in the event of unsuitability. The removal. Materials failing to comply with the specification will be rejected and removed from the site forthwith al at the Contractor’s expense. . Samples of the materials and fitting shall be submitted for the Agriculture Department approval prior to placing order.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD.. (0922) 8629781 SECTION C: MATERIALS 1. 2. Any cracks and imperfection form the opening or surrounding area which appear from such work must be touch up and made good with cement and sand plaster or in any other way that may be necessary to the Agriculture Department opinion at the Contractor own costs. Additional particulars are as follows: The concrete shall be proportioned in the several parts of the works as follows. undesirability or unacceptability due to either material or workmanship or both. CONCRETOR All concrete works shall be carried out according to section 6 of The General Specification (Revised 1988). be rejected forthwith without benefit of compensation in either money or time and the Contractor shall be required to replace such works immediately. GENERAL All materials specified on the specification shall be applied or fixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. before proceed with the installation and finished with paint to match existing. Changes of sources for materials will required a new approval. The Contractor shall note that works carried put without submitting samples for prior approval shall. The Contractor shall ensure that all materials are stored properly to prevent deterioration and any handling or transporting of the materials shall be done with care to prevent damage.

3. 4466. on request. This shall be done by bending and tying one set to clearly demonstrate all matters of concrete covers. (0922) 8629781 Nominal Mix Grade 15 Grade 20 Grade 25 Grade 30 Portland Cement (kg) 50 50 50 50 Fine Aggr. CP (0920) 9781620. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. Should any concrete be laid prior to such approval and if ordered by the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative. tied and placed in position all to B. it shall be broken out and removed at the Contractor’s expense.S. 4449. Dry (kg) 158 107 82 54 Coarse Aggr. Contractor shall proceed to fabricate others after obtaining Director of Agriculture and Agri-Food or Her Authorized Representative approval.S. furnish the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or Her Authorized Representatives with bar bending schedules for anyone structure for his approval before bending of reinforcement begins. Dry (kg) 296 198 150 99 Water in Aggr. Lean concrete shall be of grade 15. REINFORCEMENT All steel all be of minimum yield stress 250 n/mm2 and high yield steel bar reinforcement shall be high yield steel bars complying with the requirement of B. of minimum yield stress 410N/mm2. laps and curtailment of reinforcement (R/F) bars shown in drawings have been allowed correctly in the prepared Bar Schedule. The Contractor shall.. Steel bars shall be accurately bent to the forms and dimensions shown in the Drawings. The Contractor shall report to the Director of Agriculture (DOA) or her authorized representative. Reinforcement cages or cover block required for ensuring that the reinforcement is correctly positioned shall be wired together at all intersections or at 0. when excavations are ready to receive concrete and no concrete shall be lead until after the excavations have been inspected and approved by the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or her authorized representative.5 meters’ . (litres) As directed 28 25 22 All concrete works shall be of grade 25 or higher.

3. 2. the provision of tip off site. The items for excavation shall include: a) Excavation. i) In the case water courses. c) Excavation in unsuitable materials below embankments and formation levels in cutting. e) Multiple handling of excavated materials. or on site were permitted by the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or Her authorized representative. Notice for inspection shall be no less than two normal working days or such time as determined by the Director of Agriculture and Agri-food or Her Authorized Representatives. working in and dealing with the existing flow of water. The quantities of excavation are to be the net cubic content in cubic meters of the voids to be formed by the removal of the materials excavated in accordance with the specification and drawings. Measurements are to be based on the net cross section. No allowance is to be made for bulking. SECTION D: IRRIGATION CANALS AND MAIN DRAIN 1. haulage and deposition of material in areas of fill or in stockpiles or if surplus to requirements in tip off site where permitted by the Director of Agriculture of Her authorized representative.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. Items for site stripping shall be measures on plan area. . (0922) 8629781 centre’s and prepared correctly to drawings and specification before making his application. b) Excavation. g) Upholding excavated faces. CP (0920) 9781620. haulage and deposition of unsuitable material in tip off site. Pacing and Fastening of reinforcement in each section of the works shall be approved by the director of Agriculture and Agri-food or Her Authorized Representatives before any concrete is deposited in the section and adequate time shall be allowed for inspections and any corrective work which he may require. j) Unless otherwise described in the Contract. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. f) Keeping the earthworks free of water. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. separation from suitable materials.. h) Taking precautions to avoid damage to services including providing temporary support. d) Allowing for bulking of materials upon excavation.

Measurement of unsuitable material shall be in spoil tip based upon a grid of levels. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. stockpiling. Any additional fill resulting from settlement of the fill itself or the ground below it shall be made up at Contractor’s expense. Farm Roads and Ditches River Protection Work (Gabion Works) Service and Drainage AMOUNT (BS) TOTAL BS .. 5. (0922) 8629781 4. Measurement of all embankment materials shall be the net after placing and compacting. double handling except in specified areas where extra over items are allowed to compensate for restraints on the Contractor i. All other charges shall be deemed to be included in the Contractor’s rates and prices. All materials stripped or excavated for reuse such ad productive soil shall be measured in stockpile by grids of levels 8.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD.e. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. CP (0920) 9781620. 6. Rates for fill include for all excavation. where stockpiling from the designated is unavoidable due to specific sequence on the works and areas materials excavation form the other sites. hauling. SUMMARY OF BILLS NO 1 2 3 4 5 DESCRIPTION Pumping Station and Pumps and sedimentation Basin Main Irrigation Canal and Structure Project Drains. 7.

E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. stumps. (0922) 8629781 BILL OF QUANTITIES NO DESCRIPTION All items below shall include materials. rubbish and debris including grubbing up roots Structure Excavation Structure Excavation includes the removal of all materials within the structure lines including necessary dewatering operations not otherwise specified.. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. equipment. machines and all other costs as specified. CP (0920) 9781620. placing on approved sub grade and compacting the graded sand and gravel to the thickness indicated on the Drawings. plant. labour and supervision. Supply and Installation of Pump) Site Clearance Clear and remove of all shrubs. Class “A” Concrete Manhole and Other Reinforcing Steel Bars High yield reinforcement Gravel/Sand Fill The work shall include furnishing. It shall also include additional excavations within the vicinity of the structure in order to shape the ground as shown on the Drawings. tools. Mobilization (Manufacture. UNIT RATE QTY AMOUNT 1 Lump Sum M2 1 2 M3 3 4 5 M3 kg M3 .

Disposals Disposal of debris and unsuitable excavated materials to allowable dumpsite Nos. It shall include hauling (if necessary) and backfilling with suitable materials taken either form structure excavation or approved borrow fill to comply with specification and drawings.. 1380 M3 M3 . Reinforced Concrete Pipes Supply handling and laying of all reinforced concrete pipes as per specified size and elevations as shown in the drawings Structure Backfill Backfill of all excavated works and compact as specified. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. CP (0920) 9781620.M. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. L. It shall also include the removal of unsuitable materials and dewatering if required.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. (0922) 8629781 6 7 8 9 Manhole Cover The work calls for the supply delivery and installation of steel frames and covers. embedded parts including all accessories and field painting all in accordance with the specifications and the drawings.

5. Concrete pipe  450 mm dia. Pipe Paying  200 mm dia. Concrete pipe  750 mm dia. 2. Reinforcing Bars  Manholes  Others 11. Concrete pipe  600 mm dia. Concrete pipe 8.. Concreting works  Manholes  Others 9. Concrete pipe  1200 mm dia. QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. Back filling  Manhole  Concrete Pipes  Gravel fill  Sand fill 7. Permits Insurance and Faxes Temporary Facilities Mobilization/ Demobilization Excavation  Manholes  Concrete Pipes 6. CP (0920) 9781620. 4. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. Manhole steel frames and covers . (0922) 8629781 BID BREAKDOWN DESCRIPTION 1. 3. Forms and Shoring works  Manholes  Pipes 10. Concrete pipe  900 mm dia.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD. Concrete pipe  300 mm dia.

QUEZON CITY 1187 TELFAX: (632) 454-2018. PHILAND DRIVE TANDANG SORA. CP (0920) 9781620.E+V DESIGN Associates *ARCHITECTS * PLANNERS * ENGINEERS * CONSULTANTS * “arquitectura konstruktura” 08-ANLACAN CMPD.. Testing of Materials 14. General Cleaning . Hauling and Disposal  Debris  Unsuitable excavated  Materials 13. (0922) 8629781 12.