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Course Shell User Guide

for Students enrolled in courses within the School of Continuing and Professional Studies New York University


...................................................... 11 2 ................. 8 ADDITIONAL SUPPORT RESOURCES AND CONTACT INFORMATION ........................................................ 3 LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS & COURSE ACCESS .................................Table of Contents INTRODUCTION........ 3 NAVIGATION AND COURSE FEATURES IN BLACKBOARD ..................................

Tools available within the system that allow for greater communication include an interactive real-time chat. If you have difficulty obtaining your NetID. Click on START! to go to the next step. students and administrators to connect outside of the classroom more consistently and more conveniently. The steps below outline how you can lookup your NetID if you have forgotten it. If you have already set up an NYU Home account. and how you can set up an NYU Home account.Introduction Blackboard™ is a comprehensive online learning management software and click on START to find out your NetID. It is designed to facilitate communication among and between students and faculty in an online environment. Additionally. Go to http://start. SCPS supports its use as an additional communication tool for onsite courses in credit and noncredit courses. 1. use of the Blackboard™ system will enable and enter your NetID and password and follow the instructions in the navigation section of this guide.nyu. you must first set up a personal account through NYUHome. 3 . please call (212) 998-3333 for assistance. Login Instructions: Setting up an NYU Home Account To access your course via Blackboard.nyu. a discussion board and email connection. go to http://home.

The next screen will ask for your student ID number and your date of birth. it will be checked against NYU’s official registration database. Keep a copy of this NetID for later reference. Your student ID mailed to you when you registered for the course. date of birth and the email account you would like to use here. Enter your student ID number.2. which displays your NetID. If you forget your information you will have to reset your account. For student ID help call the University Registrar at 212-998-4290 3. you will continue to the screen shown below. you will not be allowed to look it up using this method again. If you are matched with your account. 4 . Once you enter the information. You will also be asked to enter the email address you would like to use to communicate with your instructor and fellow classmates during the semester. IMPORTANT NOTE: print out the page with your NetID.

5 . Enter your Net ID here. Once you have your Net ID go back to http://start. 5.nyu. Click CONTINUE. The next screen simply explains the next step in the process for creating or resetting your password.4. Use lower case letters. Or you may progress through the setup instruction screens. Leave the Password field blank Click on START! to go to the next to create your password.

Once you have entered the information you will receive a confirmation screen. You may now login to your NYU Home account. Answer the question here. Enter the password you would like in these 2 boxes. 7. Click here to login 6 . If you forget your password in the future the question and the answer will be a secondary method of identification. You will also be asked to select and answer a question. An example of a password might be happycat1# or car749!. numeric and non-alphanumeric characters. but would be difficult to guess by someone else. Choose a password that you can easily remember. The screen is shown below will direct you back to the ITS page. Spaces may not be used. Use a password you can easily remember. The next step in the process will be to enter the password that you would like to use.6. Your password must include a combination of alphanumeric.

edu and entering your Net ID and password as shown below: Enter NetID Enter Password Again. go back to or call technical support at (212) 998-3333.nyu. You will then be brought back to the NYUHome login page where you enter your NetID and your new password. The ITS Welcome page lists different services and access points in the system. if you do not remember your NetID or password at any point. Click here. 7 . Select the Login to Your NYUHome Account link. You may also send an email to its. Login and Access to Blackboard Once you have setup your account you can access your course via Blackboard through your NYU Home account by going to http://home.accounts@nyu.

click on the link identifying the title of your course. Important Note: Button Names and Purposes may change from this document. To access your course. Click here. you will not see this screen. Faculty create unique site and as such will direct on their use in class. Click on the name of the course you would like to access. you will see “(not available to students)” next to the name. click on the Update Classes Information link. Please note the main navigation bar on the lefthad side of the screen. You will use these buttons to reach each portion of your course site. the first screen displayed will always be the Announcements area. but the one shown below listing your courses. If your instructor has not activated the course yet. 8 . click on it to see a list of your courses. A list of the courses in your account will appear. If you do not see your course(s). Navigation and Course Features in Blackboard Upon entry into the course. If you are a non-credit student.Access to Course in Blackboard via NYU Home The first screen you will see will have a link to the Academics tab if you are credit student.

9 .. If your instructor has posted an announcement. Via the Syllabus tab/link. 3. you can view your instructor’s contact information.e. you can view any information that your instructor has posted relevant to your course: i. the first screen you see is the Announcement page. you may find your course syllabus here.1. you will see it appear on the first screen. Again. Via the Staff Information tab/link. 2.

4. 5. you’ll be able to do the following: • • • • • Send email to class members Participate in an online discussion board Participate in an instant messaging chat session (virtual classroom) View your class roster View information relating to group projects and assignments 10 . Via the Assignments tab/link. Via the Communications tab/link. you can view the assignments your instructor has posted.

edu To access your NYUHome account and get course access in Blackboard. You may have to click on “Update Class Information” if you don’t see the link to your course number. 11 . to view course content and access online communication tools. Click on the To activate NetIDs and set passwords. Via NYUHome page. task area. click on the ACADEMICS tab. located on the right-hand side.HELP@NYU. and then on the link to your course number. and electronic notebook Access the student blackboard manual for instructions and help Check your grades online Extremely Important Note: Students and Instructors must select the Update Class Information button in the NYU Home account for a new course to appear. address book. Via the Student Tools tab/link.EDU Quick Guide to Important Links http://start. http://home.6. Additional Support Resources and Contact Information Technical Support for Blackboard: NYU ITS Client Services (212) 998-3333 Email: BLACKBOARD. you’ll be able to do the following: • • • • • • Submit your assignments online via the digital drop box Create or edit your own home page on the web Enter your personal contact information Access a calendar.