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APRIL 1-18, 2013

‘American Next Top Model’ Sued
By Patrick Maitland Street Hype Editor ount Vernon based Jamaican-born actress and model Keturah Hamilton is seeking to recover $5,000 from New York City model and ‘American Next Top Model’ Camille McDonald. Hamilton told Street Hype that she filed a small claim lawsuit in the City Court of White Plains on April 8, 2013 to recover portion of the losses she incurred as a result of McDonald’s non-appearance at the staging of her “Model Search Extravaganza 2013” held in Maryland on January An upset McDonald describes the lawsuit as being ridiculous and frivolous. “This lady is trying to exploit me, gain publicity and fame from my name. She breached the contract in several areas including transportation, hotels and promotion. She failed to put in place all these arrangements in a professional and timely manner.” McDonald explains that the assignment was not really about money as she only asked for $600 which is far below her professional fee. The court date is set for July 11, 2013 at 9:30 am.

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Ke turah H amilton Actress, Model, Produc er

Camille McDonald Americ an Ne xt Top Model

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20, 2013. “I contracted Camille through her manager Parmaishsarhill-Fukie and she signed the contract on December 26, 2012. The value of the contract was $600 and a deposit of $320 paid, including $200 to her personal account and $120 to the manager’s account,” Hamilton explains. “Her non-appearance caused serious problems for us. It was very embarrassing, as some patrons demanded a refund while others did not attend the event. We lost well over $6,500 from this project plus our reputation has been damaged,” Hamilton adds.

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everal studies have revealed that the US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. There are 89 guns for every 100 Americans, compared to six in England and Wales. In the US, the murder figures themselves are astounding for Brits who are used to about 550 murders per year. In 2011, the latest year for which detailed statistics are available, there were 12,664 murders in the US; 8,583 were caused by firearms. There are a significant number of firearm holders – legal and illegal – in New York. Crime data revealed that the gun is now the weapon of choice for criminals. Lawmakers and the security forces – the NYPD and the Feds- are aware of the large number of guns on the city’s streets but seem incapable of addressing the growing concerns of members of the public. But, after Adam Lanza used the AR-15 type rifle to kill 20 young children and six adults in an elementary school in Newtown,

Editorial Of personal protection and gun control
Connecticut, public pressure has been mounting on lawmakers to address the issues. New York governor Andrew Cuomo was among the first to respond, implementing laws under the “NY SAFE Act of 2013” to ensure the safety of New York families and communities. It contains important changes to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Each sale of a gun in New York will now require a background check of the purchaser. There will also be increased penalties when guns are used to commit crimes. The new law will also strengthen the state’s ability to keep guns out of the hands of those with dangerous mental illnesses. At the Federal level President Barack Obama is under pressure to tighten gun control laws. Democrats in the White House and in Congress have been working closely with advocacy groups to enact his gun-control agenda. Republicans however, especially those in the House, have other ideas about how the

problems with guns can be solved. In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is also an enumerated right specifically protected by the US Constitution and many citizens of the country are of the belief that owning guns will provide them with adequate personal and family security. Most law-abiding citizens want to be armed and ready to take on criminals. There are others however, who have been abusing the rights of other citizens by turning their guns on the innocent. The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) which was founded in 1871 to promote firearm ownership, police training, firearm safety, hunting and self-defense training in the United States, should radically review their policies to reflect today’s society. The protection of people’s rights is very important, but the preservation of lives and properties is ultimately even more important.

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• Dr. Neva Helena Alexander (Dr. Neva) is currently a faculty member at Prince Mohammad University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Coordinator for Core Humanities and Social Science in the College of Arts and Science. Her research interest and specialty includes female leadership, leadership styles and entrepreneurship.

hen it comes to leaderships everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are personal attributes that can be useful for developing and exercising leadership skills. For example, you may be comfortable talking to strangers or you may have more knowledge about a particular subject than others. The weaknesses are factors that can hamper your ability to develop and exercise leadership skills. Weaknesses can include difficulties with trusting others and poor attention to detail. You can think of strength as any trait or characteristic that will help you become an effective leader and a weakness as any trait or characteristic that will interfere with leadership. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses may be difficult because it requires objective self-assessment. It is important for leadership, because you want to emphasize your strengths when faced with a leadership task. At the same time, you should be continuously working on improving upon your weaknesses to ensure that they do not hamper your future leadership efforts. One approach to identifying your leadership strengths and weaknesses is to write a reflective essay about a leadership experience. The experience does not have to involve a formal leadership position and can focus on a time when you influenced others to strive toward a goal that you proposed. By describing the situation and interaction, you can evaluate the elements in your behaviors and feelings that can be considered strengths or weaknesses. To be effective, you must be honest in your evaluation. Another approach to identifying strengths and weaknesses is to think about the traits or characteristics that you have

people are talking...! Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses
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observed in others who are in a position of leadership and assess whether you have those traits or characteristics. Observing others can help you understand the way that some personality characteristics, such as extroversion or imagination, are valuable for leadership. Observing others may also reveal some of the traits associated with poor leadership that can be considered weaknesses, such as arrogance or insufficient concern for others. Comparing yourself with other leaders can establish

benchmarks for personal appraisal of your own strengths and weaknesses. If you have been a leader in the past, even in a minor capacity, it may be helpful to ask others about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. You may be surprised by what they tell you. They may identify some characteristics or behaviors as strengths that you have not believed were important for leadership. If they are honest and objective with their appraisal, they also may reveal some weaknesses that you may not have considered.

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g e n y ut n 0

BROOKLYN: rooklyn’s Jean Roger Murat, 61, and his son, Robenson Murat, 30, pled guilty on April 11 for beating their cat to death with a stick and then disposing of the dead cat on a street corner. The defendants pled guilty to Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. Robenson will be sentenced on May 14 and Jean Roger will be sentenced on June 14, before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Foley, to 30 days in jail. Prosecutors offered 90 days in jail. They will also serve five years’ probation, and they are prohibited from owning any animals. On July 12, an eyewitness heard a noise coming from Jean Murat’s house. The eyewitness observed Jean Roger holding a stick while Robenson had a sack with an object inside it to attack the cat. The eyewitness noticed Jean and Robenson Murat hitting their black cat

Father and Son Beat Cat To Death



Save Long Island College Hospital

with the stick and the sack inside their home. They then placed the cat inside a bag. Afterward, Jean Murat tried to dispose of the dead cat by taking him out of the bag and placing him on their street corner. Jean Murat placed the cat inside a bag and tossed the cat into his garbage. The eyewitness called police. The ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement department was notified and retrieved the deceased cat on consent from Robenson Murat. The officers obtained a search warrant on July 13. The defendant’s home was searched and cat fibers, blood and a broken stick were found in the attic. They also found a partial cat claw, a tuft of cat hair and cat feces. The feline blood had to be tested at the veterinary genetics laboratory at the University of California at Davis. Jean Murat was arrested on July 16, 2012, while Robenson Murat was arrested on July 18, 2012.

Brooklyn’s Councilmember Mathieu Eugene joins a number of residents on Sunday (April 7) at a rally to protest the pending closure of Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn. Although the hospital has been spared from closing by the courts several times, the danger is still lingering.“There are jobs at stake. We are talking about doctors, nurses, nurse’s assistants, people working in administration, the cleaning crew. We, elected officials, have a responsibility also to fight and to make it our obligation that Long Island College Hospital remains open because health care is a right,” Councilmember Eugene noted.

CUNY Graduate Victim of Coca-Cola’s Discriminatory Employment Practices
By Shirley Iron, Contributing Writer, Street Hype
y all accounts Yvette Butler, who worked at Coca-Cola's production plant in New York City, had an exemplary record and did her job very well. She graduated from the College of Technology at the City University of New York (CUNY) and was highly qualified for her job as a production line mechanic. She was the only female AfricanAmerican mechanic in the plant. For five years, Ms. Butler faced racial and gender discrimination, unfair and dangerous work assignments and sexual harassment from supervisors and co-workers. She says, “I was constantly harassed on the job by male co-workers and supervisors who made comments like, 'What is it? That time of the month?' A white female co-worker refusing an assignment went unchallenged when she openly said in a meeting and in my presence, 'What am I, a Nigger?' A co-worker once wore the Confederate flag on his head for several hours and was never reprimanded by Yvette Butler supervisors. Her complaints to upper management were ignored. In retaliation for speaking up against the hostile work environment and abusive treatment, she was unjustly fired. With the sudden loss of her job and CocaCola interfering with her getting unemployment benefits, the single mother with three children lost her home and had to move into

a homeless shelter for thirteen months. Yvette is still traumatized from the nightmarish mistreatment by Coke supervisors, managers and some co-workers and suffers bouts of depression and anxiety. Yet she and many other Black and Latino workers are fighting back and are determined to win justice and to help end the culture of racial discrimination and abuses pervasive at many Coca-Cola production and distribution facilities in the tri-state area. In 2012, Yvette and sixteen other Black and Latino Coke employees in New York sued Coca-Cola claiming they had been forced to work in a "cesspool of racial discrimination." The lawsuits accuse the company of relegating minorities to less favorable assignments, unfair disciplinary actions and retaliation for speaking up, including suspensions without pay and termination.


NEW ROCHELLE: elix Castillo, 67 of a New Rochelle address was arrested last Friday accused of raping a 3-year-old girl at a city apartment, police said. The child was examined Thursday by a doctor at a hospital after her parents noticed a change in her behavior, police said. According to police, the doctor found an injury consistent with the child’s being sexually assaulted and notified Child Protective Services, which contacted police and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Police could not be more specific about when the assault occurred, but believe it was sometime last week. Castillo is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail at the Westchester County jail in Valhalla. This is a felony charge that carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Man charged with raping 3-year-old

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ormer State Assemblyman Nelson Castro, a key player in a major political corruption case last week, appeared in State Supreme Court in the Bronx last Wednesday, where he pleaded not guilty to perjury Nelson Castro charges he faces as part of a corruption case. In his first public appearance since resigning last week, former Assemblyman Nelson Castro listened as a judge unsealed an indictment. Castro faces three counts of perjury stemming from a civil hearing which took place before Castro had even taken office. "First and foremost, I would like to apologize to my constituents who put their faith and trust in me for the last four years," Castro said. "During that time, I worked very hard for my people." Castro has been cooperating with state and federal prosecutors, wearing a wire for the last four years as part of a corruption probe. Last week, the U.S. attorney detailed the charges which implicated Assemblyman Eric Stevenson.

Former Assemblyman Castro Indicted


APRIL 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 5

DISTINGUISHED LEGAL MINDS: The panel of distinguished legal minds who spoke at the Society For the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora's (SACD) Women History Month Celebration on April 6. In photo (l-r) Attorneys: LaSonya Thompson, Lola Oguntunde-Waterman Moderator, Dr Shirley A. Inniss, Psychologist, Pastor, SACD Board member, Judge Evelyn Laporte, Leslie Jones Thomas, Renee` J. Tello and Minna LaFortune, President, SACD. The event was held at Saint Francis College, Brooklyn. The theme of the celebration was "Women and the Law." The following topics were discussed: History of women and the law, Women and the Workplace, Matrimonial and Family law, Women in the Media, and Women in the Legal Profession, Immigration, Criminal Law, Elder law, Wills, Domestic Violence and Rape.


News Americas, Queens: Guyana-born, New York-based attorney and his sister are out on bail after being charged and arraigned in a Queens, NY court this week with mortgage fraud. Attorney Michael Gangadeen, 47, of 332 North Village Avenue in Rockville Center, New York; his sister, Savitri (a.k.a. Savi) Gangadeen, 49, of 48 Willis Avenue in Floral Park, New York, and former Wells Fargo loan officer/mortgage consultant Paul Constante, 38, of 41 Ellison

Guyana-Born Attorney, Sister on Mortgage Fraud
Avenue in Westbury, New York, were all charged with conspiring to commit mortgage fraud and larceny from Wells Fargo Bank by fraudulently obtaining mortgage funds in excess of $3.3 million pertaining to the purchase of six properties – including four in Queens – during a six-month period in 2008. Michael Gangadeen is charged with first degree grand larceny, first-degree criminal possession of stolen property, first-degree falsifying business records,

fourth-degree criminal facilitation, first degree scheme to defraud and fourthdegree conspiracy. He was ordered held on bail of $25,000 bond/$15,000 cash. Queens Criminal Court Judge Michelle Armstrong set bail for Savitri Gangadeen at $30,000 bond/$10,000 cash and $15,000 bond/$5,000 cash for Constante. All are set to return to court on April 23, 2013. If convicted, they all face up to 25 years in prison.

Police Officer Kills Boyfriend, Child


BRONX: hree people, including a 1-year-old child, were killed this morning in Brooklyn during an apparent murder-suicide involving an off-duty police officer. The New York City Police Department says the bodies of a man, woman and child were found fatally shot just before 8:30 a.m. inside a home located at 805 East 56th Street in East Flatbush. Police say the preliminary investigation reveals the woman, identified as Rosette Samuel, 43, shot her boyfriend and 1-year-old child before turning the gun on herself.

In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Sources have identified the boyfriend as Dason Peters and the 1-year-old boy as Dylan. Police say Samuel's 19-year-old son escaped the shooting by climbing out a window. "I know the guy, lives around the neighborhood, he's a nice kid, he's a good kid the plays the sax or something like that," said one neighbor. "I have no idea, I have no idea. I just need to go see my mom who lives on the block. I can't believe it," said another neighbor. Samuel, a 13-year veteran of the force, was recently assigned to the 108th precinct. An investigation is ongoing.


ajor League Baseball players wore the number 42 on Monday to honor Jackie Robinson, 66 years after he broke the color barrier in the major leagues. Jackie Robinson Day marks the day Robinson became baseball's first black player on April 15, 1947. Robinson reached base on a throwing error and scored a run as the Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Later that year he won baseball's first-ever Rookie of the Year award. Robinson's number was retired across baseball in 1997, though the Yankees' Mariano Rivera was grandfathered and will continue with the number until his retirement.

Baseball Players Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day

6 • STREET HYPE • APRIL 1-18, 2013

appear in court on 12 April.

Cayman Islands: Last week, police in the Cayman Islands charged former premier McKeeva Bush with 11 counts of breach of trust, misconduct and theft. Bush, who was originally arrested on December 11, 2012, on suspicion of theft and corruption, was questioned further on Tuesday and, on Wednesday, returned to the Financial Crime Unit, where he was charged with two counts of misconduct in a public office, four counts of breach of trust by a member of the Legislative Assembly contrary to Section 13 of the AntiCorruption Law 2008, and five counts of theft contrary to section 241 of the Penal Code 2007 Revision. He was bailed to

Former Cayman Islands premier faces 11 criminal charges

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: rinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Finance has declared that bankruptcy is not an option being considered for debt-riddled Caribbean Airlines which is getting ready to reduce flights to Jamaica.


Minister bats for debt-riddled Caribbean Airlines T


Supreme Court for a sufficiency hearing.

Turks and Caicos Islands: oyal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force Commissioner Colin Farquhar has stated that the TCI still has one of the lowest crime rates in the region and has excellent success in solving crimes. The territory recently had a spike in violent crime that was quickly countered with investigative and patrol initiatives, which that had very positive affects in reducing crime.Two high profile cases that received international attention have been successfully investigated and resulted in suspects being charged and remanded until June 7, 2013, at which time they will appear in the

Turks and Caicos-lowest crime rates in region

Minister Larry Howai on Monday said the airline will have to reorganise its entire finance structure in order to meet payments and commitments out of existing cash flows. He said it is unclear if this will require staff cuts. Mr. Howai said everything will be up for review - including the board. CAL’s predecessor BWIA also suffered from severe debt issues and was dissolved in 2007. Caribbean Airlines is facing a 1.4 billion dollar debt and has racked up losses attributed to the 2011 acquisition of Air Jamaica. The air carrier intends to bring in international experts to advise on the best way forward.

Starting next week, travellers will have to make adjustments to their flight

Cut back on flights to Jamaica

plans as the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) streamlines its activities. Reports are that the airline will begin cutting back on the number of flights to Jamaica. The question had been circulating for some time now, and was raised on Tuesday night during the sitting of Parliament's Standing Finance Committee. Dr. Omar Davies, Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, told the committee that no information was forthcoming from CAL about the rumoured plans to reduce flights. However, head of communications at CAL, Clint Williams, confirmed with RJR News Wednesday night that the decision was made and becomes effective April 16. He stated that it was made based on the travel patterns observed, and as part of the move for the airline to become more efficient. “You will see that the schedule which comes in effect April 16 reflects a reduction in some flights where we saw that there was excess capacity in the load factors. We are not high now we will consolidate it to one where there will be a higher load factor,” said Mr. Williams. The Caribbean Airlines spokesman explained that some of the scaling back had already started. “We have reduced frequencies on a number of routes where we see that there was excess capacity, where loads were not as full,” Williams said.

CARACAS, Venezuela: In a surprisingly close result, acting president Nicolas Maduro won Sunday’s presidential elections in Venezuela with 50.66 percent of the votes, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE). Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles has, however, demanded a recount. In an unexpectedly strong showing, Capriles won 49.1 percent of the votes. Calling the results "irreversible", CNE president Tibisay Lucena said Maduro got 7,505,338 valid votes against 7,270,403 votes for Capriles. During a press conference aired by Telesur TV, Lucena said that the number of votes counted had reached 99.12 percent, while the voter turnout was calculated at 78.71 percent. According to Venezuelan authorities, Maduro was due to be officially proclaimed as the election winner on Monday afternoon.

Maduro wins close election in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro celebrates his victory in presidential election in Venezuela


HAVANA, Cuba: nternational energy companies, including Spain’s Repsol, have virtually abandoned their search for oil in the deep waters off the north coast of Cuba. However, a Russian company, Zarubezhneft, is drilling an exploratory well in shallower waters closer to the Cuban shoreline south of The Bahamas, as Cuban officials still hope for a commercial strike that would prop up the island’s economy. Although some oil has been found offshore, exploratory deep water drilling has failed to uncover large deposits that would be commercially viable to extract.

Search for deep water oil off Cuba abandoned



NASSAU, Bahamas: xecutives from the global health care venture American World Clinics (AWC) are in The Bahamas this week to discuss the establishment of the country’s biggest medical tourism facility -- a $200 million-plus venture to create over 200 jobs post construction. President of AWC Robert Priddy will be meeting key officials in healthcare, tourism, finance and the business sector. The three-day schedule will include stops in New Providence at the Office of The Prime Minister, Tourism and Health Ministries as well as in Grand Bahama to the Port Authority and the Freeport Container Port.

$200m medical tourism facility for Bahamas

top United Nations official in Haiti has called on that country's Government, to carry out free and fair elections, which have been delayed for over a year. Mariano Fernandez Amunátegui, Special Representative of SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon for Haiti, has welcomed work, begun by Haiti's president and the president of the National Assembly, to organise local, municipal and mid-term legislative elections, by the end of this year. He said however, that the three branches of State power, must work together diligently, toward that goal. According to Mr. Fernandez, who heads the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, or MINUSTAH, the most urgent task now, is to put in place, an Electoral Council. In that context, he said, a December 25 agreement, between the executive and legislative branches, on the formation of a Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council, was an important first step; and he urged its work be carried out without delay, in an independent and transparent manner. The Special Representative stressed that MINUSTAH and the international community, were ready to support the organisation of inclusive elections in Haiti.

Top UN envoy calls for free and fair elections in Haiti

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8• STREET HYPE • APRIL 1-18, 2013


VCB Suffers Surprise Defeat in 200m J

amaican sprinter Veronica CampbellBrown suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of 400m specialist, American Natasha Hastings, in the 200m in The Bahamas recently. Hastings ran 23.13 seconds to beat the Jamaican, who finished in 23.18 seconds on the line. Another American, Porsha Lucas, was third in 23.39. Campbell-Brown, the former double Olympic 200m champion, is preparing to defend her title at the World Championships in August.

He is Fearless!


efending 100 metre World Champion Yohan Blake could miss the Jamaica International Invitational and the Shanghai Diamond League meetings set for May 4 and 18 because of a hamstring injury. According Glen Mills, head coach of the Racers Track Club, the right hamstring injury sustained by Blake during the 100 metres at Saturday's UTECH event was more serious than originally thought. This was revealed when an MRI was carried out on Monday. The veteran coach added that "Blake could be out for several weeks as he recu-

Blake to miss upcoming events due to injury

perates." The reigning Olympic double sprint silver medalist, trailed former world champion Kim Collins of St Kitts-Nevis after 40 metres following a less than impressive start in his first 100 of the season on Saturday. The joint second fastest man ever then pulled up, favoring his right hamstring as he tried to power past Collins. Blake who walked around without assistance minute after the race, tweeted "am good my twitter family just a cramp".




raceKennedy continued its commitment to ISSA's track and field programme with the launch of the "From Champs to Penn" programme, which will cost a cool US$12,000 (J$1.2m) in cash and kind to help send schools to the relays set for April 25-27 at the University of Pennsylvania. The press briefing which saw GraceKennedy throwing its support behind Team Jamaica Bickle, also served as Champs Awards ceremony, where the top athletes from each class were presented with their trophies.

GraceKennedy 'Penns' Relay deal with ISSA

Anthony Lawrence, Global Brand manager, GKMS, revealed that his organisation -- one of the official sponsors of Penn Relays -- said that Grace follows the Jamaican diaspora. Lawrence took time out to talk about Grace's ongoing sponsorship of the Penn Relays through its GraceFoods International. "Our signage is inside the field, you see our branding outside at the different gates, and when you drive through the city of Pennsylvania in the area of the university, you see our bottles," said Lawrence.

y father always told me not to follow anyone, but to walk my own path in life. This long lasting and rock solid advice has seen me fight in five countries, picking up four championship titles and stacking up 33 wins. This year is my tenth anniversary as a professional boxer, and what a way to start the year. I’m staying 2 months at the unique Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas. Working with Nate Jones has been a great and special learning experience. He is one of the best trainers in the world. Floyd doesn’t work with him because he is ‘pretty’, despite the fact that he always shouts out around the gym just how pretty he is, and how ugly we all are. Roger Mayweather and Nate Jones make up the unbeatable partnership that has helped Floyd stack up 43 wins and no defeats over seventeen years.

I believe Floyd can get to 50-0 and then retire, beating Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. The great fighter that Floyd is, he never looks beyond his next fight. “One fight at a time” he told me during our road work around Las Vegas. Floyd’s recent documentary “30 Days in May” aired on Showtime here in the US, on Wednesday night at 10pm. It was a behind the scenes look at his life; interviews with his family and friends, whilst following Floyd around the United States. For those of us privileged to see him ‘up close and personal’, he is a truly inspiring athlete and individual. He dreamt that he would be living the life he is living today. He has always been ambitious and hungry, coupled with hard work and dedication he has become the best fighter on the planet. I’ve been sparring some of the best fighters in the world at the Mayweather Boxing Club, and just like my years at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York, I really come alive and thrive when in the ring with the world’s best. Two weight world champion Celestino, has been sparring with me exclusively for the last three weeks. He “loves the work” we do in the ring. We are pushing each other hard and learning loads from each other. On April 20th he fights for the first time in 18 months in Panama, and I’m happy and honoured that he has enjoyed trading punches with me. It is some of the hardest sparring I’ve ever done; working through five minute rounds instead of the normal three minutes. Celestino is a five time world champion; he is a slick and powerful boxer. It is a compliment that a fighter of his calibre sees the talent I have in me, and has no fear about mixing it up and going for it. I feel exactly the same. I also sparred with WBO world number six, Shawn Porter. That was also quality work, and I’m sure we’ll do it again real soon. Sparring and fighting the world’s best is what I was born to do. Over the past five weeks I have also sparred IBF World number 15, Vernon Paris, former world number 5 amateur, Semajay Thomas and undefeated Dangerous Don Moore, who works with Roger Mayweather.

• • • •

UNCON DIVORCE- $400 + up plus court fees IMMIGRATION $750 + up PLUS USCIS FEES BANKRUPTCY-$1200 + UP plus court fees REAL ESTATE


• Clive Lloyd’s Finest Hour 1975 • West Indies vs New Zealand 2012 • Cricket Legends Viv Richards • Brian Lara 400 Not Out • India vs Australia 2001 Test Series • West Indian Summer 1966 • Fire in Babylon(Cricket Documentary) • Australia vs West Indies 1980 • ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2012


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QUEENS: 16202 Jamaica Avenue, 2 FL, Ste 5, Jamaica, NY 11432 ROCKLAND: 80 E. Rte 59, Ste A, Spring Valley, NY 10977

Call Toll Free 1-800-529-3500


APRIL 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 9

By Dave Rodney Contributing Writer amaican-born international male model Oraine Barrett has a big assignment at the sixth annual Irie Fashion Rave (IFR) and Hair show at the Resort World Casino in New York on Saturday, April 28th. The Pulse model, best known for appearing in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Baby Phat, Liz Claiborne and GQ will join reality TV star Yandy Smith of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop." This is a Barrett's second appearance at the Diaspora's premier fashion event. Last year he graced the runway with super model Carla Campbell and NY models wearing clothing by local fashion designers John Paul Peirre, Rep Ja, Jewel Shannon, VP's Riddim Driven, Houz Designs, Hope Wade, Original Stush and Romeich Wear. "This year is Irie Jam Media's 20th anniversary, so we are very excited to have the Caribbean's leading male supermodel join us for this very important assignment"

Jamaican Model for Fashion Rave

Yasus Afari Unleashes ‘Wine Pon Paper’


New York, NY (FOX FUSE): amaican reggae artist and dub poet virtuoso Yasus Afari returns with his stimulating new single “Wine Pon Paper,” slated for worldwide release on April 16, 2013 from FOX FUSE. Afari is hailed as one of reggae music’s leading lyricists and one of the world’s most prolific dub poets, who always delivers with witty, creative and cleverly articulated content. “Wine Pon Paper” stays true to form and is destined to defy and redefine reggae poetry. It serves as the lead single for Afari’s upcoming album Public Secret, set for release this summer. “‘Wine Pon Paper’” is an artistic, poetic and creative interpretation of the idea of writing for work and fun, so that it's hip and fashionable to be a writer,” discloses Afari. “The song has an intriguing title, which is a very orgasmic, mental stimulant, as it stimulates the body, mind and soul.” Fittingly, the provocative single comes from one of the world's best edutainers, whose wit and insights skillfully merge serious messages with Jamaica's trademark sense of humor, resulting in laughter, love and learning. The masterful track was written and produced by Afari, and he deems it “edutainment at its very best.” Contact: 18763988616 • 12123003813

Oraine Barrett, Carla Campbell and Andy Smith

said Syntyche 'Syn' Dawkins, VP of Irie Jam Media and co-producer of IFR. "Oraine is a huge name in the fashion industry. He is a Vogue favourite and a Baby Phat poster boy. Last year he was extremely popular with our female fans and we are happy to have him again this year."


s we step up the pace of our spring membership drive, we are confident that success will come and now it's up to you. Joining us for the special screening of Better Mus' Come at Brooklyn's Restoration Plaza ozn Friday, April 19 is one way to show your support. Since announcing the screening last week, the interest has been great and ticket sales have been brisk. To secure your ticket, visit our website and make your purchase today. Buying today will not only secure you a seat but may also help generate a second screening.

Better Mus' Come

Yandy is an entertainment powerhouse who has represented high profile music clients like 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, LL Cool J, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. She's a force in the industry, merging both beauty and brains into one irresistible package. She joined the cast of the VH1 TV hit show "Love and Hip Hop" in its second season.

Carlyle McKetty


The information on our website about CPR membership has been updated; please visit the site to learn more about our member services initiative. All who showed up for the launch of CPR Fridays this past week end experienced this initiative firsthand when they networked,

savored the culinary skills of fellow members and shared views from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sharing views will again be the order of the day on Thursday, April 25 when the Community Conversation Series continues with a forum exploring The Measure of a Manager. Don't miss the forum or the live stream which promises to shed light on management challenges impacting the state of reggae music. As always, we are working together to make things work and you can help; become a member or encourage someone you love to get on board. One love, Carlyle McKetty

Wounded Yet Not Destroyed


By Stacy Y. Whyte

ounded Yet Not Destroyed is based on the life of a young woman that is from a prominent family with godly virtues but when tragedy struck it tore them apart. She became a victim of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Even though she was elevated to stardom that did not heal her severed heart, she learned that the cure to her crisis was not the money or the men but rather it is God. She discovered that God is the healer who mends everything that is broken and breathes life into everything that is dead. He gave her a reason to keep on living, and looking beyond her past failures and moving into the victories that He prepared for her. Whyte is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Ambassador for the kingdom of God walking in obedience to fulfill the call of God on her life.

Stacy’s extraordinary work of art through her poetic expressions and her stories hails as one who speaks for every orientation. In the literature arena she is recognized as a remarkable poet and a great author who is determine to reach lives through each word that is expressed with Godly virtues and insights.

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Why Are We Afraid of Governor Cuomo? Y

POLITICAL AFFAIRS Bill de Blasio wants data on WHAT YOU SHOULD students with behavioral problems KNOW
By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz

ou should know that today the New York State Senate will begin a public push to limit how Senate campaign funds can be spent. These campaign funds are donations from individuals and organizations given with the understanding that the candidate will use them as they see fit - like renting a car and paying for meals. You should also know that while this effort to turn up the heat on Senators has begun, there is still no effort underway to restrict what Governor Cuomo does with resources he raises, and no demand for a complete disclosure of the names of the donors from the Committee to Save New York - his ally - a private lobbying committee not subject to state campaign finance law. The names of many of their donors remain in the shadows. The Committee to Save New York has been lockstep with Governor Cuomo's agenda and has spent more money on lobbying activities in 2012 than any other group. You should know that the billionaires and business leaders who support Governor Cuomo's Committee to Save New York have won billions in government bailouts. Now they insists upon “fiscal responsibility” for the rest of New York. I would like to recommend to my colleagues that instead of going after each other and restricting how much money we spend from our donors to rent cars and pay for dinners for our campaigns, that we focus our attention on reviewing policy payoffs that impact our ability to legislate on behalf of our


constituents - instead of on behalf of the groups who lobby and profit from their participation of the Committee to Save New York. I would like to recommend that ethics reform in New York State begin in the Governor's mansion. While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used to pay for meals, I would like my readers to know that many of my colleagues are routinely invited to the Governor's mansion to eat his food and drink his wine with no oversight to who pays those bills. While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used to rent cars, I would like my readers to know that this past Thursday JCOPE quietly posted on their website on state ethics ruling that Governor Cuomo can bring Sandra Lee, his girlfriend and Food Network star who lives with him in Westchester County, along with his daughters on the state aircraft with him when he's on official business. While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used for our cell phones, You should know that the millions of dollars raised by the Committee to Save New York to expand casino gambling needs should be investigated. You should know that corruption in New York State needs to be thoroughly investigated, and is far more important that the way we spend money donated to us from our supporters - who donate with the full knowledge that we decide how to spend it.

By Laurel Wright-Hinckson NEW YORK: ublic Advocate Bill de Blasio is filing a lawsuit against the City in State Supreme Court last week, demanding data on students who were sent to the emergency room because of behavioral problems at school. With inadequate mental health services provided by schools, more schools are resorting to 911 to deal with behavioral outbursts. As a result, thousands of children who should be treated or properly disciplined in a school setting are sent to the emergency room at their parents’ expense, clogging hospitals and traumatizing children in the process. The Public Advocate’s lawsuit is an Article 78 action against the City for failure to comply with the New York City Charter in releasing documents to the Public Advocate’s Office. In July 2012, de Blasio requested information on the use of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in schools from 2005-2010, including the age, ethnicity and behavioral problem of each child, as well as the amount billed to parents after each incident. After the City failed to comply, de Blasio joined forces with Queens and Bronx Legal Services in their legal action to secure the information. Nine months later, the agency has still failed to produce documents to the Public Advocate’s Office, prompting today’s suit. “This is wasteful, hurtful and wrong. As a parent, I’d be furious if one of my kids was sent to an E.R. because the school didn’t know how to handle them. This is a

disturbing reality for thousands of kids and parents—and it has to stop,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. “Instead of opening the books to give a full accounting of how and why so many kids end up at the hospital, the City is circling the wagons and trying to hide the problem. We won’t rest until we get to the bottom of it so we can fix this.” “We thank the Public Advocate for supporting the right of all New Yorkers to information about potential abuse of emergency medical services. Open and transparent government is particularly essential when the right of children to receive a sound public education is implicated,” said Tara Foster, Senior Staff Attorney at Queens Legal Services. “As the parent of a special-needs child, it’s painful to think of my child or someone else’s going through this. We count on our schools to look out for our kids, but the shortage of mental health services means that schools are now outsourcing behavioral issues to 911.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

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WWW.UNIVERSALDOCUMENTSERVICESINC.COM We are not a Law firm; therefore we don’t give legal advice. Please contact a licensed practicing attorney if you need legal advice


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By Patrick Maitland Street Hype Editor he annual Penn Relay Carnival is now in its 119th year, making it the world’s first and most widely recognized relay meet. Each year more than 100,000 patrons attend the event that attracts 18,000 athlete-entries from more than 1,000 high schools from the United States and abroad. Plans are in high gear for the relay festival that is set for April 2527, at the Franklin Field on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and organizers are expecting another record attendance. With only a few weeks to go, Penn Relays’ meet director Dave Johnson confirmed entries from 1,070 high schools including 61 from overseas. As expected, the trackcrazy island of Jamaica leads the way among non-US participants; they are sending 30 of the 61 schools. Seven other Caribbean nations have submitted entries -Trinidad & Tobago (9), Bahamas (6), Barbados (2), U.S. Virginia Islands (2), Cayman Islands (1), Grenada (1) and St. Vincent (1). Three other countries will also be represented, including 10 schools coming from Zimbabwe (7) and South Africa (3). Pennsylvania leads the way with 280 schools entered, followed by the Garden State of New Jersey (267), New York (253), Maryland (136), Virginia (83), Delaware (35), and Connecticut (28). Teams from North Carolina, Massachusetts, California, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia will also be participating. “The goal of the Penn Relays is a simple one, to provide the best track and field competition for the greatest number of participants of all levels, ages, and abilities,” said Chairman of


the Friends of the Penn Relays C.K. Buddington of the event described as the premier track meet in the world. While acknowledging the participation from other countries, Buddington paid special tribute to Jamaican athletes for their contributions during the past five decades. Next year will be a very special year as Jamaica celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first time a Jamaican high school competed at the Relays. In 2012, the organizers took the decision to fly the country’s flag every year at the Games in recognition of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence as well as the contributions of Jamaican athletes to relay festival. Jamaica first sent a high school team to the Relays in 1964, when Kingston College attended and won their sprint relay. “Ever since the Jamaican presence, the Relays have grown. It is the Jamaican presence which now keeps the carnival spirit alive in the Penn Relays,” Buddington observes. From the very beginning the Relays have played an important role in Philadelphia’s cultural life. It was one of few major events that accepted African-American competitors, and it was one of the high points on the African-American social calendar. Penn Relays participants have won gold medals in every modern (summer) Olympic Games except the 1980 Moscow games, which were boycotted by the United States. The Penn Relays is being staged at Franklin Field, 235 S. 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Tickets are required for admission — check the website ( for details. Public transportation is recommended as parking is limited.

at the 119th staging of Penn Relays 2013

1312 E. Gun Hill Road, Bronx, NY 10469 347-945-2286

12 • STREET HYPE • APRIL 1-18, 2013


PENN RELAYS FOCUS Jamaican Relay Team Among Penn Relays Wall Of Fame Class Of 2013


Vincent Hosang, CEO, Caribbean Food Delights (l) presents a check of $10,000 to Erwin Clair, chairman of Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) to provide support services to Caribbean athletes who compete at the annual Penn Relays Carnival.


ince 1994, Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) has played an active role in the development and care of the athletes through its hospitality initiative, which has been a superb, necessary, and enriching program for the athletes. In fact, through our efforts more of them are able to travel to these relays, thanks to the sponsorship provided, which reduces the cost to both the families and schools. Through its partnership with the Caribbean Food Delights (CFD)/Royal Caribbean Bakery and the HoSang Family Foundation, TJB has been able to grow the program from catering to 200 student athletes and coaches in the first few years to now just over 650. Most of the athletes hail from Jamaica

Jamaica Bickle Supports Athletes

(over 500) but in recent years the contingent has grown to include more Caribbean participants namely, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Grenada. In past years, TJB, has also welcomed and extended its services to delegations of students and coaches from the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), Guyana and Barbados. TJB operates through a strong corp. of volunteers, which has allowed for tremendous accomplishments over the years. The organization provides •Meals and other refreshments, •Physical therapy, chiropractic care, Mentorship and medical services, •Ground transportation, •Subsidized hotel rate,

Build a Bundle. Save a Bundle.
Lenford P. Henry, Agent
14 East First Street Mount Vernon, NY 10550 Office: 914-668-2000 Fax: 914-668-2009 Bundle auto, home and life for big State Farm discounts. So let me show you how State Farm can help protect all the things that matter most for a lot less than you think.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Jamaican 4×100-meter relay is among this year’s Penn Relay Carnival Wall of Fame inductees. The 2004 Vere Tech girls’ 4×100meter relay team holds a nine year record of 44.32. The team of Indira Spence, Maris Wisdom, Sharneter Stewart and Simone Facey broke a meet record that had lasted six years. An earlier Vere Tech team had held the record previously for three years. The Vere Tech girls team was selected this year along with three other teams and four individuals by a panel of Penn Relays experts. The sole restriction in the nomination process is that only retired athletes (or those now competing as masters) may be nominated, and inductees are honored solely for their accomplishments at the Penn Relays; achievements in any other meets are not considered. Any relay team may be nominated, and nominations of relay teams and individuals will be accepted by the Penn Relays office at any time and from any interested party. The Penn Relay Carnival Wall of Fame tradition begun in 1994 at the time of the 100th running and the class of 2013 is the 20th group of inductees. This brings the number of individuals selected to 95, with 85 relay teams having been chosen. This year’s other relay team honorees are the 1963 Fordham University 4-mile relay team, which is being honored on the

50th anniversary of setting a Carnival record; the 1969 Villanova 2-mile relay team of Andy O’Reilly, Chris Mason, Marty Liquori and Frank Murphy set a Relays record of 7:20.1, a mark which was not bettered on conversion until 1977, and the 2003 South Carolina shuttle hurdles team of Corey Taylor, Fred Townsend, Charles Ryan and Kenneth Ferguson ran 53.94 for the 4×120-yard distance, setting a collegiate record while still stands. The individual inductees are: Michelle Bennett of Cardinal Spellman (Bronx) High School ’87 and Villanova ’91, one of the few women to have won seven relay Championship of America watches and who was an important cog on several Villanova relay teams; DeHart Hubbard of Michigan ’25 who as a sophomore in 1923, won a long jumptriple jump double; Alberto Salazar of Wayland (Mass.) High School ’76, who was the runner-up in the high school 2-mile run in 1975 and came back as a senior and blazed an 8:53.7, nearly seven seconds faster than the former record and the first Carnival time under nine minutes and Brian Sternberg of Washington ’63 who was one of the greats during the transition to fiberglass poles, Sternberg came to Penn in 1963 and set a pair of meet records. This year’s 119th running of the Penn Relays is set for April 25-27 at the Ben Franklin Field in Philadelphia.


KINGSTON, Jamaica: record-setting Vere Technical relay team will be honoured at the Penn Relay Carnival which begins on April 25. The Clarendon-based institution’s 2004 4x100m team will be added to the Carnival’s Wall-of-Fame for clocking 44.32 seconds to set a record which still stands.

Vere Tech 4x100 team for Penn Relays Wall-of-Fame

The record breaking team comprised Indira Spence, Maris Wisdom, Sharneter Stewart and Simone Facey. Three other relay teams and four individuals who have competed at the US meet were selected to be honoured at this year’s staging.




APRIL 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 13

Overseas Participating Colleges and Schools
Colleges • G.C. Foster (St. Catherine) • Knox CC (Clarendon) • UTech (Kingston) • West Indies (Kingston) High Schools • Alpha Academy (Kingston) • Ardenne (Kingston) • Bellefield (Mandeville) • Calabar (Kingston) • Edwin Allen (Clarendon) • Excelsior (Kingston) • Garvey Maceo (Clarendon) • Green Island (Hanover) • Herbert Morrison (Montego Bay) • Holmwood Tech (Christiana) • Hydel (St. Catherine) • Jamaica College (Kingston) • Kingston College (East Kingston) • Manchester (Manchester) • Mannings (Westmoreland) • Munro College (St. Elizabeth) • Old Harbour (St. Catherine) • St. Andrew Girls (Kingston) • St. Andrew Technical (Kingston 13) • St. Elizabeth Tech (Santa Cruz) • St. Hugh's (Kingston) • St. Jago (St. Catherine) • Tacius Golding (St. Catherine) • The Queen’s School (Kingston) • Vere Technical (Clarendon) • Wolmer's Boys (Kingston) High Schools • Bethel (Nassau) • Jack Hayward (Freeport) • Moores Island (Hard Bargain) • Queens College (Nassau) • St. Augustine’s (Nassau) • Tabernacle (Freeport) BARBADOS High Schools • Queen’s College (St. James) • St. Michael (St. Michael) GRENADA • High School- Westerhall (St. Davids) SOUTH AFRICA High Schools • Middleburg (Middleburg) • Potchefstroom (Potchefstroom) ST. VINCENT High School Thomas Saunders (Kingstown) TRINIDAD High Schools • Bishop Anstey (Port of Spain) • Bishop’s (Scarborough) • Fatima (Port-of-Spain) • Queen's Royal College (Port of Spain) • St. Anthony’s College (Diego Martin) • St. Benedict’s (San Fernando) • St. Francois Girls (Belmont) • St. Joseph Convent (Port of Spain) • Toco Secondary (Sangre Grands) US VIRGIN ISLANDS High Schools St. Croix Central (St. Croix) ZIMBABWE High Schools • Allan Wilson (Harare) • Arundel Girls (Harare) • Gateway (Harare) • Kyle College (Masvingo) • Lomagundi (Chinhoyi) • Peterhouse Boys (Marondera) Plum Tree (Bulawayo)



Friends of Penn Relays Chair Ken Buddington (1st l) raps with (l-r) Geneive Brown Metzger, Friends of the Penn Relays Board member and former Jamaican Consul General, Amy Guttmann, University of Pennsylvania, president, Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaican Prime Minister.



By C. K. Buddington Chairman, Friends of the Penn Relays understand just how important the Penn Relays are to so many people. I have been blessed to be a part of the Friends of the Penn Relays since their inception in 1991. In my role as Chairman it is my privilege to work with many talented and driven individuals whose prime focus is to preserve, enhance and leverage the Penn Relays and its legacy as the world’s first, largest and BEST Relay Carnival. Of the four key legs to our strategic plans I am most proud of the efforts we have made and the successes we have achieved in the area of community relations. This has been represented by the strong relationship we enjoy with the University of Technology, Jamaica and last year’s Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence at the Penn Relays. Next year will be a very special year as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first time a Jamaican high school ran at the Relays.

The World’s First, Largest and Best Relay Carnival!


The Penn Relays are much more than a grand athletic event. It is an event of historical, cultural and social significance for the past 119 years. Each year when we gather with old friends and make new friends, when we recall the stories of our exploits and those of our competitors, we build on a proud tradition, a tradition we all have a part in. I ask you to consider joining the Friends of the Penn Relays to help us grow this tradition for the next generation.


WASHINGTON DC (JIS): he Jamaican flag will be flown annually at the Penn Relays in the United States as of this year. In 2012 the organisers took the decision to fly the country’s flag every year at the Games, held on the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field, in recognition of Jamaica’s 50th independence anniversary, and the contribution made to the relay festival by Jamaican athletes for nearly five decades. Jamaican high school athletes first competed in 1964 at the Penn Relays, which since then regularly attract over 15,000 high school, college, and track club athletes from the USA and abroad, notably Jamaica.

Jamaican flag to be flown at Penn Relays

14 • STREET HYPE • APRIL 1-18, 2013




APRIL 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 15


iscipline is a positive constructive way of teaching. True discipline is not punishment however, they are often confused. Discipline usually teaches compliance by allowing the child to feel good about him/her self. Discipline focuses on the behavior that needs to be learned and not the “un acceptable behavior”. Make promises that you can keep: If you promise a toddler that she will get a turn on the swing be sure to keep your promise. •Take your child on different trips. •Expose your child to different cultural activities •Take them to a park outside their neighborhood You should be nearby and be attentive: Mobile infants move very quickly and are always exploring. They do not understand danger and need your guidance. You should praise infants/toddlers for pro-social behaviors: You should praise children for good behaviors and try not to let anti-social behaviors be the best way to get attention. When you praise tell the child what you like. You can do this with a hug, a smile, or words. Praise builds self-esteem and as their self-esteem grows so will their self-control. You will have a positive feeling regarding your efforts to socialize and discipline the children in a positive way. Limits should be guided based on the development of the child. Many parents do not set limits and guidelines for their infants and toddlers. Limits are guidelines or rules. They are usually specific it explains your expectations for the child. For example you may say there should be no eating or drinking on the couch. This is a basic rule that will guide the child and she will understand your expectation. You should explain the limit and what the consequences will be, the couch will get messy. Don’t say that is how my mother was we could not eat on the couch.


YOUTH & EDUCATION Self Esteem College Summit for Mounth Vernon


When these children go to a preschool program adhering to routines becomes a challenge for the child and their teachers. Teachers spend a lot of time allowing these children to adjust when the child could have been guided to a different stage of development. As a result many of these children fall behind on the developmental scale. Later on many of these children requires special services. You are the root of socialization. Reminder: You are preparing your infant/toddler for life outside your home. Research shows that it is important to have cognitive skills. However, cognitive abilities are not enough. Children must have social skills-that are defined as, attentiveness, perseverance, impulse control, and social ability for school success and later in life. We are offering baby and wee classes at 2401 Adam Clayton Boulevard @140 Street on Fridays/Saturdays. You must register by email

Mount Vernon: he Mount Vernon Youth Bureau and the Mount Vernon City School District, will host the 2nd Annual College Summit on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Mount Vernon High School. The purpose of this program is to provide middle and high school students with an interactive day of workshops, step shows and entertainment that inspire youth to pursue educational and career opportunities post high school graduation. Mayor Ernest D. Davis stated, “The City wants to encourage and help students understand the value and relevance of graduation and preparation for life beyond high school. Not everyone will make it to college; however, there are high growth industries that they can focus their energies on that lead to successful careers.” The summit will include presenters from Greek Letter Organizations such as Alpha Kappa


•Daseta Gray, MEd is Certified Teacher and Infant Toddler Specialist.

Mount Vernon: he Mount Vernon Youth Bureau has extended the deadline for application Summer Youth Employment. The deadline for submissions is now April 8th thru April 17th between the hours of 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. All applications should be returned to the Youth Bureau – Room 307. Applications are available online at and Applications have been available since March 11th throughout the middle and

2013 Summer Employment Application Deadline Extended
high schools as well as at City Hall. All youth ages 14-24 currently in school are encouraged to print out an application at one of the listed websites. Applications must be completed on both front and back. They should be returned to the Youth Bureau with all required original documents. Youth must be a Mount Vernon resident in order to be considered for the 2013 Summer Youth Employment. Submission of an application does not guarantee eligibility or employment into the pro-

Alpha Sorority Inc.- Zeta Nu Omega Chapter; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.- Westchester Alumnae Chapter; Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. -Delta Nu Sigma Chapter; Kappa Alpha Psi – Bronx Alumni Chapter and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. - Omicron Iota Chapter. Local community based organizations such as Family Ties of Westchester, The Light Community Service Organization and the Youth Shelter of Westchester are collaborating with the Bureau as well. Music, giveaways and lunch will be provided. For further information, please contact Victoria Vanderberg or Dominique Smith of the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau at (914)665-2344. Visit the Youth Bureau at You can also follow the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau on Twitter@MVyouthbureau or

gram. Employment is competitive. Given the economic climate, the department is seeking donations for employment and training programs that operate throughout the year. For further information regarding donations, please contact DaMia Harris at (914) 665-2344 or

For further information regarding 2013 Summer Youth Employment, please contact Debbie Burrell-Butler at (914) 665-2346;

Promote your business Nola 914-663-4973

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our fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin which grows from the area at the base of the nail under your cuticle. As new cells grow, older cells become hard and compacted and are eventually pushed out toward your fingertips. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or grooves. They're uniform in color and consistency and free of spots or discoloration. Sometimes fingernails develop harmless vertical ridges that run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Vertical ridges tend to become more prominent with age. Fingernails can also develop white lines or spots due to injury, but these eventually grow out with the nail. Not all nail conditions are normal, however. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you notice: •Changes in nail color, such as discoloration of the entire nail or a dark streak under the nail •Changes in nail shape, such as curled nails •Thinning or thickening of the nails •Separation of the nail from the surrounding skin •Bleeding around the nails •Redness, swelling or pain around the nails To keep your fingernails looking their best, follow these simple guidelines.

Do's and don'ts for healthy nails



However, some research suggests that the nutritional supplement biotin might help strengthen weak or brittle fingernails. If you rely on manicures or pedicures for healthy looking nails, keep a few things in mind. Stick to salons that display a current state license, and work only with technicians also licensed by the state board. Don't have your cuticles removed, it can lead to nail infection. Also, make sure your nail technician properly sterilizes all tools used during your procedure. Various infections can spread through the use of unsterilized tools.

For busy North Bronx Barber Shop

•Bite your fingernails or pick at your cuticles. These habits can damage the nail bed. Even a minor cut alongside your fingernail can allow bacteria or fungi to enter and cause an infection. •Pull off hangnails. You might rip live tissue along with the hangnail. Instead, carefully clip off hangnails. •Ignore problems. If you have a nail problem that doesn't seem to go away on its own or is associated with other signs and symptoms, consult your doctor or dermatologist for an evaluation. Tips for weak or brittle fingernails Weak fingernails can be a challenge to toughen up. To protect weak or brittle fingernails and reduce the risk of splitting or breaking: •Keep your nails short. Long nails are more likely to split or break. •Use moisturizer. Apply moisturizer to your fingernails and cuticles several times throughout the day and before bed. Consider wearing cotton gloves while you sleep, to help seal in the moisture. •Apply nail polish. A thin coat of clear nail polish can help keep moisture in your fingernails. •Limit use of nail polish remover. Don't use nail polish remover more than once a week. When you do need to use nail polish remover, choose the acetone-free variety. Acetone dries nails. •Ask your doctor about biotin supplements. Changing your diet or taking daily multivitamins isn't likely to strengthen your nails.



Do: •Keep your fingernails dry and clean. This prevents bacteria, fungi and other organisms from growing under your fingernails. Wear cottonlined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals, and avoid long soaks in the tub. •Trim and file your fingernails regularly. Use a sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. It might be easiest to trim and file your fingernails when they're soft, such as after bathing. •Use moisturizer. When you use hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles, too. Don't: •Abuse your fingernails. To prevent nail damage, don't use your fingernails as tools to pick, poke or pry things.

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•Single loving, caring West Indian male, 58 yrs. Seeks companionship with single loving female for long term relationship. Call @718-4963481.


•Hard-working, ambitious, mature Jamaican man seeks professional companion between the ages of 30-55 yrs old for a committed relationship in the New York or New Jersey areas. Call Michael Walker 876-4472814.

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he first rule to make him fall in love with you is to be yourself. If he will love you for something, let that be your special character and your extraordinary mind. Here are some ways that will: Be yourself: Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t do anything that isn’t you. He’ll find out that you are faking as soon as you’ll be tired of pretending to be his dream woman and start being yourself. What will happen then? He might not like what he sees; he’ll feel betrayed, and he’ll probably run from you. After all, you do have enough self respect to be loved for what you really are, don’t you? Be confident: Being yourself alone isn’t enough. You also have to believe in yourself. Many women remain single because of their low self-esteem. Are you too shy and don’t know how to “promote” yourself? Here is a tip: think about what your good parts are. Do you have a great humor? Then use it! Guys appreciate humor as much as girls do! Do not overreact: When you like someone and you want to make him like you too, it’s very easy to make a fool of yourself. Don’t be too loud or too invisible; don’t laugh for no reason, don’t say anything that pops into your head. That usually happens when you are too nervous about what he’ll think of you. There is no reason to be so stressed. Just relax, take a big breath and act like he is one of your friends. Look gorgeous: First impressions are always important. Not that personality and confidence don’t count, but looking gorgeous whenever he gets to see you, will make your life a lot easier. Be friendly– Smile and compliment him: The first step to make a guy like you is to get close to him. Who can resist the company of a friendly and happy face? Have you ever noticed that although men compliment us a lot, we don’t do the same? Make the difference. Tell him how handsome he looks. He won’t see it coming, plus, he’ll understand you are interested. Listen to the boys: Don’t imply that all men are the same, or that all see the same way, but it’s always good to take some good advice from the boys. Ask your friends if their girlfriends said or did something they liked, or hated. When you learn about common mis-

Make Him Fall In Love With You

Dear Divine Diva: or years I have wondered about this every time I have gone to a funeral and have ridden in the procession to the cemetery. As the procession travels to the cemetery, all cars and trucks pull over and stop. That custom strikes me as very touching. I was in another procession last week, and even the UPS truck and several semis pulled over. My question is, is this a custom only in southern states where I live, or does everyone do this?-- because when I attended a funeral in New York no one did this. -Wondering In South Carolina

Show respect to a funeral procession
Dear Wondering: This consideration should be accorded regardless of where people live. If you encounter a funeral cortege (signaled by a line of cars with headlights or flashing hazard lights on), it's respectful to pull over to the side of the street until the cars have passed. Waiting at a green light while a cortege passes is also expected, even if someone behind you is blowing at you to proceed. -Always Divine Diva

takes girls do during dates or during a relationship, just try to avoid doing them! Play hard-to-get: This is an old trick that never goes out of fashion! Make him jealous; don’t answer all his phone calls, and don’t be always available for him. Hang out with other guys too; let him believe you have many admirers. Men are competitive by nature, so he’ll fight for your attention. As soon as he does, he’ll start wondering: “Why am I jealous? Am I so interested in this girl?” You’ll know you have won his heart. Play on your turf: Invite him over to your place for a cup of coffee or a movie. You will feel very comfortable if you meet at your house. There are many things you can do if you stay indoors. You can invite him to hang out with your friends. Find out about him: To get into his heart, you have to get into his mind first. Find out what he’s made of. Ask people that know him to discover what he likes and dislikes. Do you have something in common? Maybe you listen to the same music, or you both like to play chess. Take advantage of the information you’ve got. Challenge him in to a game of chess or start a conversation about the bands you both enjoy. Get to know his friends: To win his heart, try to win his friends first. For men, friendship is very important. Take it for granted that he trusts his friends’ opinions, and he faithfully follows their advice. If there is someone that can influence him, it will be his friends. So, the sooner you get to know them and the more they like you, the more possible it is to be with him. And if nothing works: We’re always looking into strange books and books that can help us overcome difficult situations. Source:

Dear Divine Diva: "Merlene" and I dated 10 years ago. We remained friends after dating. At the time, she was plus-sized. I moved away for a while, and now that I am back, Merlene will talk to me only on the phone and not in person. Her reason is she is much too large now to let me see her. She doesn't want any human contact at all, and I'm scared for her. I have told her many times that I don't care about her weight. I want to see her, but she won't budge. I don't know how to get her to snap out of it. Help! --Locked Away

I'm scared for her

Dear Locked Away: If Merlene has family and you know how to contact them, do so. Outline your concern that their relative has gained so much weight she's gone into hiding -- and hope they can convince her to seek help. Other than that, there's no way to force direct contact on someone who doesn't want to see you. However, you should continue to be a supportive telephone friend. She may need all the emotional support you can give. -Always Divine Diva

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ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): It may feel as if the whole world is standing in your way but it's only a cosmic reminder to change your attitude and take the problems you face in stride. You can overcome most obstacles, but you need to get a bit more serious than you've been for the past few days. TAURUS(Apr. 20–May 20): You are fully committed to your beliefs, but there are differences that may be worthy of discussion with your friends. Don't take questions from others as personal attacks now, even if that's how they feel in the moment. GEMINI (May 21–Jun. 20): It's challenging to focus your mind on your immediate tasks today, but this is exactly what you must do. Temporarily set aside your desire for fun and pleasure so you can meet a deadline or make practical plans for what's ahead. CANCER (Jun. 21–Jul. 22): Uncertain feelings may be upsetting at first as you seek the solid ground of clarity. Don't be afraid to take the initiative in any kind of relationship today. You can express what you want without sounding bossy. LEO (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): It's time to channel your creativity into something constructive today. Imagination dissipates into the air unless it's grounded with direct action. Your dedication and focus transform lofty possibilities into concrete realities. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Although you like exercising your authority, you may not feel like you have to be everyone's parent. You might even be more serious now, but others feel safe enough around you to let their inner children come out and play. LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct.22): Honesty and optimism are admirable but require com-


mitment in order to transform them into something tangible. Be a planner now; use your resources to make the difference between success and failure. Don't waste time thinking that no one values your efforts.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): The work that you recently invested in yourself is almost ready to be presented to the world. Although it's not wise to stand on the sidelines and watch silently, you aren't quite ready for prime time yet. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22– Dec.21): It isn't the end of the fun, but important issues that require your attention are coming back into focus. Manage your time and money with the utmost care. Your current journey can teach you a lot about yourself, but reaching your destination brings real satisfaction. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22– Jan. 19): You may be feeling quite emotional, but it doesn't do much good to try to hold back the flow of your feelings. In fact, it only makes you more irritated when you can't express yourself clearly. In the long run, being yourself is always the best strategy. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): You may feel like a bit of a loner, but that is about to change. Use the first part of the day to explore the inner world of your imagination before sharing your experiences with someone special in the evening. Giving voice to your feelings inspires a spiritual or romantic connection. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You might be offered generous support from your friends, but you may not be willing to pay the price. You will have to overcome your own resistance and expose your vulnerability, even if you don't want others to see your weakness.

he New York City Department of Parks & Recreation is seeking applicants for the new NYC Parks Fellowship and Conservation Corps Program. Announced by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in his 2013 State of the City address, the Conservation Corps will help to improve the resiliency of New York City’s parks and beaches by engaging a group of 30 participants in public service and introducing them to park management, horticulture, environmental education and recreation, conservation, and sustainability. Beginning September 2013, the Conservation Corps program will support priority projects, provide valuable work experience, and foster the next generation of leaders dedicated to protecting and enhancing the City’s parks and natural resources. The NYC Parks Fellowship and Conservation Corps Program is a 40-week, paid work experience that includes onthe-job training and mentoring. Participants will support priority projects, such as the hands-on restoration of natural areas, including the forests, marshes, and trails damaged by Hurricane Sandy,

Parks Seeks Applicants For Conservation Corps

efforts to connect New Yorkers to fitness, education, and other recreational programming, and community engagement and volunteer initiatives, as well as a range of administrative projects. professional This work experience will be complemented by regularly-scheduled group service projects and ongoing career development opportunities, with the intent of preparing participants for careers in the environmental sector and public service. Participants will be selected through a competitive application process. Applications are due by May 1, 2013 and participants will begin the program in September 2013. Applications can be downloaded from the NYC Parks website at The NYC Parks Fellowship and Conservation Corps program is supported by a $3 million grant from the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. NYC Parks is currently seeking funds to support a second year of the program, which would begin with new program participants in the summer of 2014.

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NATURALNEWS: urmeric has a long history of use in a variety of traditional Asian medical systems for treating a wide variety of ailments. Now, Western scientists are increasingly finding that this culinary root and its active ingredients may be potent weapons in the fight against diabetes. Indeed, it has been shown to be effective at nearly every stage of diabetes and prediabetes.

Study finds that turmeric prevents diabetes



Gloria Bent,
Questions & Comments:

By MS, RD, CDN, Nutritionist

Biochemical activity One of the earlier studies on turmeric's effectiveness in diabetes prevention was conducted by researchers from the National Centre for Cell Science in India and published in the European Journal of Pharmacology in 2007. Researchers exposed pancreatic cells from mice to a stressor after first incubating some of them in a solution of curcumin for 24 hours. Curcumin is the active ingredient that gives turmeric its orange-yellow color. Along with related chemicals, it comprises the family of curcuminoids. The researchers found that curcumintreated cells were significantly less damaged by free radicals and suffered significantly less damage than untreated cells. This has implications for diabetes because damage to the pancreas can interfere with its ability to produce healthy levels of insulin. "We show here for the first time, that prophylactic use of curcumin may effectively rescue islets from damage without affecting the normal function of these cellular structures," the researchers wrote. Another study, published in the journal Nutrition in 2011, found that when people ate a meal high in turmeric and other spices, their blood levels of triglycerides and insulin decreased significantly, even when that meal was high in fat. Antioxidant activity in the body was also increased.

Diabetes prevention and treatment It's not just in the short-term that turmeric provides protection against diabetes. A study published in the journal Diabetes Care in July 2012 found that it may actually prevent prediabetes from developing into diabetes. The researchers assigned prediabetic participants to take either a 250 mg curcuminoid supplement or a placebo every day for nine months. By the end of the study, not a single person in the curcuminoid group had developed diabetes, compared with 16.4 percent of the participants in the placebo group. But even if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, it's not too late for turmeric to provide real benefits. A 2012 study from Harbin Medical University and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that people with Type II diabetes who were given 300 mg of curcuminoids each day for three months dramatically lowered their glucose levels and insulin resistance, as well as their levels of hemoglobin A1c and free fatty acids. Turmeric has also been linked to a number of other health benefits, including reducing the inflammation and oxidation damage that can produce chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer; promoting healthy fat loss; promoting liver health; and reducing the risk of heart disease. Turmeric is also one of the most effective cancer-fighting foods. Sources:

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We need $5 M to purchase two Linear Accelerator Machines for Jamaica
am appealing to everyone especially our Caribbean brothers and sisters. I have been asked to purchase a Linear Accelerator Machine for Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica costing approximately US $5 Million. I met with the Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson a few weeks ago. He asked if I can purchase two machines as Vincent HoSang Kingston needs one also. Chairman, If 500,000 people give a one-time donation Caribbean Food of $10, we will be closer to our goal. Delights Please send donations to Vincent HoSang Family Foundation (VHFF), 117 Route 303, Suite B, Tappan, NY 10983. Your donation is tax deductible. Thanks for your kind support


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Highlighting the Opportunities and Challenges of Local Business Operators

Business Hype
Protection Environmental (DEP), and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) will be on location to provide assistance. “It is extremely important that everyone understands their finances, especially now that our nation finds itself in this recession,” Councilman Richards said. The first event is on Monday April 22nd, 2013 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Far

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Councilman Richards to host Tax Lien Informational Events

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Queens: ity Councilman Donovan Richards, along with the Department of Finance, is hosting two informational Tax Lien events. These events are designed to offer information and help anyone who is at risk of losing their home, is in debt to HPD, or currently owes taxes on property, water or sewage. The Department of Finance (DOF), the Department of

Rockaway High School - 821 Bay 25th St, Far Rockaway, NY 11691. The second event is on Thursday April 24th, 2013 5:00pm to 7:00pm at P.S. 156 229-02 137th Ave. Laurelton, NY 11413.
For More Information, Malik Sanders Tel: 718-471-7014

Councilman Donovan Richards

Tel: 718-978-6700 Fax: 718-949-0215

192-07 Linden Boulevard St. Albans, NY 11412

DIPLOMATIC MEE T: Jacques Graham, CEO of Country Kitchen of Pelham Manor (1st l) with Jamaican diplomats (l-r) Arnaldo Brown, State Minister for Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade; Herman G. LaMont, Consul General, NY; and Christopher Castriota Community Relations Officer at a breakfast meeting held on April 3 at Country Kitchen, Pelham Manor. The event was organized by Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board and attended by several Jamaican community leaders. -photo: Errol Breary

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Tel: 718 798 8100 Fax: 718 798 8103

Tel: 718 405 0553 Fax: 718 405 9402


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By Howard Renrut Contributing Writer eteran radio broadcaster Tony Cobb will celebrate his 18th anniversary on WVIP radio, 93.5FM in NY on Saturday, June 15, with a celebration at the Wembley Athletic Club in the Bronx, NY. The event will feature performances by singer Dr. Keeling Beckford, Nadine Queen and Misha Conscious. Music for the event will be provided by DJ Carlton and Desu. "I have had a blast on radio for the past 18 years" Cobb told Street Hype. "Radio has been good to me as it has afforded me the opportunity to play some great music from some very talented musicians and given me the opportunity to entertain many listeners, especially my nurses who are my biggest listeners" he noted. Although he has spent the last 18 years at WVIP, Cobb actually made his debut on radio in 1992 when he hosted a program in New Jersey on a station called Kaleidoscope which was later changed to WNWK. "I was the first man to play reggae on a radio station in NY" Cobb gushed. Outside of radio, Cobb has had a long an distinguished career in the entertainment industry that dates back to the early 1970's. Back then he was responsible for booking some of the biggest international acts to performing in Jamaica including the Stylistics, The Chi lites, the Manhattans, the Supremes, Frank Sinitra, Nat King Cole and even the Jackson Five's first and only performance on Jamaican soil in 1977. In later years, Cobb was recruited by Reggae Sumfest to book international acts for the festival, a job he held from the

Broadcaster Tony Cobb at 18

Avril’s passion for feeding and caring for people



Tony Cobb Veteran radio broadcaster

inaugural event in 1994 until 1999. He has also worked with many reggae acts from Jamaica, booking them on events here in the Diaspora. "Talk to John Holt, Freddy McGregor, Ken Boothe, Hopeton Lewis or even Beres Hammond and ask them how I assisted their careers? The truth is I have done a lot in this industry but I am not the type of guy to brag and tell the world" he said.

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By Patrick Maitland Street Hype Editor amaican-bord Theresa Avril Thomas, is among a growing new breed of entrepreneurs determined to find success in a challenging economy while enjoying their line of work. A former lead performer with Reggae Star Inc., in 1992 Thomas started out as a comedian, singer and dancer performing at various popular clubs across the United States. A decade later she made the transition into the culinary and healthcare services. “Being from a large family, it was always part of my duties to assist in preparing food for my siblings and other family members. I grew up cooking food and later acquired professional training as I was preparing to operate a restaurant,” Thomas explains. “It was therefore an easy transition for me to partner with family members to establish the Good Dine Restaurant in the Bronx and to serve a manager as well.” Employing more than a dozen members of staff and open 24 hours a day, Good Dine, after eight years in operation is now the most popular Jamaican restaurant serving the Caribbean communities in the Bronx. “We serve good food in a very conducive environment to hundreds of people each day from all nationalities and cultures. We are here to please the ‘food needs’ of every customer,” she boasts. Thomas attributes the success of the restaurant to the dedication and commitment of the entire management and staff, who are well-trained and experienced in their respective areas.

Avril Thomas

“We are growing and meeting the needs of customers as we continue to follow both City and State protection regulations,” she says. An honor student from the prestigious Holy Childhood High School in Jamaica, Thomas is always seeking to improve her academic qualifications and recently completed courses in the culinary arts and health care. “I am very happy as each day I feel good to know that I am feeding and taking care of people,” she declares. A strong believer in and supporter of community activities, Thomas has hosted various events in support of youth and community development. Her annual “Orange and White Affair” will be staged at the newly opened Sanz Banquet Hall, 815 Allerton Avenue in the Bronx. “It was through these ventures and passion of the culinary arts the dream of Good Diner was established,” she discloses.


APRIL 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 23

24 • STREET HYPE • APRIL 1-18, 2013


Penn P enn Relay CAR CARNIVAL CARN NIVAL N NIV IVAL IV AL April 25 - 27 F Franklin ranklin Field
For tic ticket ket info call 1-8 1-855-UofP 55-UofP TIX
or visit TheP