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865 Ogden Ave Toledo, Ohio 43609 (419) 699-3290 __________________________________________________________________________________ The University of Toledo EDUCATION __ , Toledo, Ohio August 2009 Present Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2014 HONORS & AWARDS Blue and Gold Scholarship, Toledo Excel Scholarship, Tillotson Scholarship, TPS Foundation: Schrader Scholarship Deans List - Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010 Office of Multicultural Student Success Excel Award Recipient 2012 Capable to use AutoCAD 2010 Proficient in SolidWorks 2012 Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite Knowledge of both Windows and Macintosh platforms


EXPERIENCE May 2012 - August 2012

Betco Corporation, Toledo, Ohio Co-op/Equipment Dept. Intern Created/modified Engineering CAD Drawings Inspected various parts for tolerance verification Performed special projects when requested Tenneco Automotive, Monroe, Michigan Co-op/Performance and NVH Technician Performed various test to units in the performance and NVH labs Communicated well with engineers and technicians to assure testing and data were correct. Wrote reports based on data collected during testing per written work orders The University of Toledo Payroll Department, Toledo, Ohio Receptionist Answered phone calls regarding payroll and other issues. Efficiently checked paperwork for errors. Assisted multiple clients while maintaining a sense of customer service. Aeropostale Inc., Toledo, Ohio Sales Representative Provided exceptional customer service to shoppers. Handled more than $5,000 in cash safely at the registers. Trained and acted as a role model for new employees.

January 2012 May 2012

August 2011 January 2012

October 2009 Present


Possess leadership, organizational, interpersonal skills. Able to multitask well Able to speak in Tagalog (Filipino). Experience with construction home improvement jobs. Knowledge of simple automobile maintenance. American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Member Golden Key International Honour Society - Member Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society - Member UT Filipino American Association - Vice President - Internal UT Annual Leadership Conference - Participant, Workshop Facilitator UT Student Advisory Board - Member Midwest Association of Filipino-Americans - Member Workshop Facilitator UNM Res Life Community Association - Member U of I FACT Conference - Participant Available upon request.



Michael Miranda MAFA Board Application - President 9 April 2013 General Candidate Question: What does MAFA mean to you? When I was first introduced to MAFA, I was not completely sure of what it was other than a conference in the spring that promotes Filipino culture. As I got more involved with UT FAA and MAFA, I began to see that MAFA is living organism made up of creative, inspired, and empowered individuals across the Midwest, that thrives on providing new initiatives that enhance the abilities and capabilities of those individuals through challenges and various networking opportunities. MAFA is then a gateway for students to develop into young professionals, ready and able to face the future, whatever it may be. Not only does MAFA prepare its members for life after college, but my most favorite aspect of MAFA is that it provides a sense family for its members through countless means of engagement and constant communication even with the challenge of being spread out through the entire Midwest. MAFA to me is home, a place, or in this case a thing, that takes care of and shelters you, gives you opportunities to thrive, and something that you consistently care for, modify, and build so you can look back and take pride in it. Position Specific Question: Where do you see MAFA in 5 years? MAFA has currently been experiencing a period of growth with the addition of new member schools and increased participation and new initiatives from current member schools in the MAFA annual conference, CWACs, and retreats. For an organization to be sustainable an organization cannot rely on "growth", but needs to long-term goals set with given time increments where achievement of these goals can be measured. Personally one of my long-term goals for MAFA is to over time create a more accessible and less exclusive E-Board. From experience, I have noticed that member participation and morale increases in direct correlation with an increase in E-Board accessibility and activity with members. With this in mind, in five years, I see MAFA as an organization basically run by its general members, where the general members of each member school are knowledgeable of all that is MAFA through the MAFA E-Board members themselves in addition to each member school's E-Board. Other aspects of this 10 year old MAFA are being an officially established 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, as well as starting to become a recognized organization by employers and corporations for producing top-notch young adults, and starting to have a impact on legal/social issue both domestic and abroad. This 10 year old MAFA will also play a role in the education of its members and society by providing scholarships, implementing community and possibly national programs that aide Filipinos and Filipino-Americans and others to have a sense of not only cultural identity, but also professionalism, and will stand as a beacon of inspiration and a "pot-of-gold" of resources for its members, that participates and contributes heavily in philanthropy projects around the nation as a nationally recognized student organization. Position Specific Question: How do you measure success as a leader? Leaders are selected by those individuals that believe that he/she will be able to assist them in taking their visions and merging it with his/her own and make a unified, "followable" one. As a leader one is required to this vision set goals and accomplish those goals to the best of his/her abilities. The accomplishment of these set goals and how these goals were accomplished are key aspects to measuring his/her success as a leader. In order to accomplish goals leaders need the assistance of those who follow them. Leaders should be organized, passionate, and considerate; these characteristics in a leader assist in making individuals more likely to follow them. The more support leaders have, the greater the chance for them to achieve those set goals, and therefore, the success of a leader by the above definition, can be correlated to ability to follow him/her. We can continue to examine other aspects of leadership and see that whether it be providing a creative, enjoyable environment or developing members personally and professionally, it can be seen that the end product is always tied back to accomplishing set goals, therefore making the task of accomplishing set goals most broad and most measureable method of evaluating the success of a leader or an individual's success as a leader.