Summer  2013  Career  Development  Scholarship  Application  

Directions:  The  California  College  Media  Association  seeks  applications  for  its  CCMA  Career   Development  Scholarship.  This  scholarship  is  designed  to  give  financial  assistance  to  a  student  who   needs  support  in  order  to  pursue  his  or  her  studies  or  practical  experience.  One  example  of  how  this   scholarship  could  be  used  would  be  to  help  make  an  unpaid  internship  this  summer  more  sustainable.   The  CCMA  board  will  award  two  applicants  with  grants  of  $1,000  each.  Applicants’  place  of  employment   will  not  play  a  factor  in  the  board’s  decision.  Applicants  must  be  CCMA  members.   How  to  apply:  Please  submit  all  of  the  following  by  May  20,  2013.     Email  Application,  Resume,  Transcript  and  Work  Samples:  After  filling  out  this  application  form,  send  it   with  the  following  documents,  all  in  PDF  format,  by  email  to  with  the   subject  line  SCHOLARSHIP.   •  Resume:  Please  include  your  educational  background  and  work  history.   •  Unofficial  Transcript:  Please  attach  your  most-­‐recent  transcript.   •  One  Letter  of  Recommendation:  This  letter  should  be  from  a  professional  who  is  familiar  with   your  journalism  experience  and/or  academic  progress.   •  Work  Samples:  Please  note  that  these  will  not  be  returned.  Please  include  five  work  samples,   including  the  name  of  the  publication  in  which  they  were  published  and  publication  dates.   Working  links  to  online  work  are  acceptable.     Applicant  Information   Name:          

Mailing  Address:   City:                     State:                   Email:   Expected  Graduation  Year:   GPA:     Zip:  

Phone  No.:   School:     Major:    

Student  publication  you  are  affiliated  with:    

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Summer  2013  employment  Information,  if  any   Media  Company:   Supervisor:   Address:   City:           State:               Zip:               Internship  Position:         Email:      

Phone  No.  

Internship  Duration:      

Please  answer  the  following  questions  by  typing  your  response  below  each  question.  Answers  should   not  exceed  300  words.   1. Please  describe  why  you  want  to  pursue  a  career  in  journalism.                        

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  2. Please  detail  how  you  plan  to  use  the  scholarship  and  explain  why  you  need  it.                         3. How  has  the  current  state  of  the  professional  journalism  industry  affected  your  decision  to   pursue  a  career  as  a  journalist?  

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