1.1 Introduction:
The main aim of this project is to detect the fire based on the image processing. This system provides an automatic detecting system for fire through PC with MATLAB. This project consists of an onboard computer, which consists of number of input and output ports. These onboard computers are commonly termed as micro controllers. The input and output port of the controller are interfaced with different input and output modules depending on the requirements. In other words micro controller acts as a communication medium for all the modules involved in the project. Here we are transmiting the video from the camera to PC with MATLAB. The detecting system of fire has many advantages such as advance performance, high reliability, etc. The detection unit reaches the maximum threshold level, at the same time if it detects any toxic gas it alerts through buzzer and GSM Modem.

1. PC with MATLAB 2. SMS Alerts. 3. Interfacing Microcontroller with RS-232

1.2 Project Overview:
An embedded system is a combination of software and hardware to perform a dedicated task. Some of the main devices used in embedded products are Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. Microprocessors are commonly referred to as general purpose processors as they simply accept the inputs, process it and give the output. In contrast, a microcontroller not only accepts the data as inputs but also manipulates it, interfaces the data with various devices, controls the data and thus finally gives the result.

disadvantages and applications of the project. In the project overview a brief introduction of Fire Detection Based on Image Processing and its applications are discussed. It deals with the block diagram of the project and explains the purpose of each block. Chapter 2 Presents the topic embedded systems. Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Presents the advantages. . need for embedded systems. so we can increase the range of communication between receiver and transmitter. 1. Presents the results. We are using GSM technology through PC with MAT LAB. GSM are considered.The project “Fire Detection Based on Image processing ”is a very low cost survey line system used to monitor a larger area. Chapter 5 presents the project description along with GSM interfacing to microcontroller. Chapter 3 Presents the hardware description. RS232. It explains the about what is embedded systems. It explains the implementation of the project using MATLAB software. conclusion and future scope of the project. explanation of it along with its applications. The organization of the thesis is explained here with: Chapter 1 Presents introduction to the overall thesis and the overview of the project.3 Thesis Overview: The thesis explains the implementation of “Fire Detection Based on Image Processing and GSM” using 16F73 Microcontroller. power supplies. In the same chapter the explanation of microcontrollers. Chapter 4 Presents the software description.

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