Ashley Unger Callum Wilder (oldest brother of Rylyn) Benjamin Unger (serial killer) he paralyzes women and men

and play doll with them Ashley his daughter                She sees some kids playing, her dad keeps her in a frilly pink room, and lets her play with the paralyzed people but she wants to play with normal people, and she secretly watches tv shows from her neighbors She wants to escape to the real world and she asks her father to find her playmate that she can play and talk with and he see no harm in that Callum get out of prison and he and bartender Patty get it on in her car and after, Ben come and kidnap them He break Callum’s legs to keep him there with daughter, and he make Patty a doll Ashley very naive and Callum just trying to get out of the place She slowly grow on him, she curious about a lot of things an show him and he find her endearing she ask him to kiss her and she think she in love with him, but he just using her to get stronger since she only one that feeds him, he think she crazy he finally end up killing Ben (think he kill, but only wound but escape fire) and he take Ashley and escape with her the make big news but he feel sorry for her and not tell anyone that she his daughter, say she one of he victims he bring her to Rylyn’s and her husband Elliot’s place where he want her to recuperate he not tell her he kill her father, he not tell her he her father murderer he help her get normal ish and fall for her and she already tell his she love him and she give up her virginity to him she se more of world and then once see how Rylyn and Elliot rough sex and she hurt how Callum treat her princess, even call her that she sk rylyn and she help her get naughty lingerie when Callum see, he pissed but Ashley go down on him and he lost and take her roughly but very contrite when see how she bruised (she bruise easily but she laugh naughtily and kiss him and say thank you) and he ask her to marry him and she giddy say yes but he say he have no money for ring and she that okay, she now know where to get her tattoo next day have cute scenee where he freak out while she get tattoo of celtic ring on her finger (callum covered in tats) however, she then overhear that detectives find the cabin Callum set on fire thinking kill father but find no body Ashley devastated he try to kill her father and sh econfront him and he angry tel her he kill all those women that she considered her dolls and she say no and get hurt and he call her peiolted and she break down and cry He storm out and her horrible disfigurd father come and take her away and she refuse to go but he remind her why would anyone want her and Ashley go along, know that Callum think her freak (he told her so during fight) and she leave note telling him she going out of his life Callum find note and get pissed and go after her find out fro asking around she with a man and he get scared

   

A quick peek showed her that the parents were setting up a grill and the mother brought out a large platter of meat. her curfew being d-d-damned! Ashley frowned and said it again. Her father had told her to keep to her sleep curfew but she always cried herself to sleep. She bent down and . knowing she would give away all her dolls if she could just have a evening such as this. None of them even moved. Damn! Damn! Damn-de-damn! She knew princesses didn’t say those forbidden words but who was she kidding. The dad laughingly yelled out something to the lounging girl. all five miles of it. muscular. as well as the family. alpha male. She pulled the sheet over a clothes line and the daughter set up the strange device and to Ashley’s delight the strange device projected some flickering images on the sheet in black and white. She only ran a few paces before she stopped with a huff and slowly walked her way back home. ethereal. She crawled back the way she came and when the white picket fence ended. Ashley thought with a bitter laugh.    He follow them and then find her father plan to turn her into doll to keep with him always Callum attack him but stop when Ashley implore not and he leave him to police Ashley and Callum make up and declare love and marry Epilogue. he rough looking and muscular Ashley Callum blonde black violet grey slim. It was that point where it was a little pink in the sky with a creeping dark purple. the princess. The DeLongpree family would just be heading in. Her father told her no one was to see her. her daughter ask why she can’t pay with dolls and mother explain have to live in real life Ben pick Callum thin she could not possible fall for a man like him. who took off into the house grumbling and a moment later came out with a strange device. Music and voices drifted from the box. tattooed Ashley crawled along the white picket fence. but she couldn’t miss the times her father absent. None of her mothers laughed. He was out finding her a new mother and those trips took him two days at last to return. aggressive. She was no princess. Ashley bit her lips. slender. probably getting grass stains on her new frilly mint green dress. He would be back tomorrow night but she dare not venture out in the day. nearing twilight. Ashley kicked a rock with her silk slippers and got fed up. short. The two twin boys were fighting with a white sheet. her silvery blonde hair flying out behind her. impulsive big. she sprinted up and ran towards her castle. which the mothr disentangled them from lovingly. or else they would want her for themselves. two boys that spent the whole day outside as much as they could and an older daughter who seemed to spend just as much time out in a skimpy bathing suit and Ashley suspected it had more to do getting the attention of the neighboring boy.

. She was just pulling a ribbon hrough her silvery blonde hair when she heard the roar of her father’s pick-up truck. She scurried up the trellis until she came adjacent to her window. She quickly stripped off her dress and kicked it under bed. Her father dressed her in pastel colors and frilly laces but they could be chains for all she knew. She knew she wasn’t like anyone else. of course. biting her lips to keep from crying out at her newly formed blisters. She looked back at her dress and moaned. She finally caught the faint light coming from her bedroom window from the second floor story. Her father wanted her to believe she was the princess in the ivory tower. She didn’t even wear clothes like other people. She wanted to be near other people. waif-like child-woman. Walk on water britt Nicole “I was wonder. The one time a drunk at a bar had tried to flinch it. She slowly toed around for the small ledge that protruded from the house until her toes found purchase. But she was just a girl in an ivory tower. surreptitiously. Callum never took it off. Thir father had given that watch to Callum when he had turned sixteen and had made his first run. She slowly let go of the trellis and dug her fingers into the small indents of the wall until she came to her balcony. She walked the rest of the barefoot. Callum had had sent the men to the hospital in a gurney. wincing again as she heard a louder rip this time. She hurridly pulled a brush through her hair then peered out her dor. taking it and hurling it off towards somewhere into the forest. looking at her with inquirinf eye. She was always supposed to stay in her room unless her father called but she liked to see her mothers in their normal clothes. loosing her courage as she meet the panicked eyes of the woman across from her. father…” Ashley wandered off. over-sized flip flops. She sighed in relief and ran the rest of the way. She crouched low until she could peer her head just out the bannistr without being seen by anyone downstairs. and her father’s silver watch that hung of her thin wrists. Rylyn had to raise an eyebrow at that in surprise. that would make it the fifth dress in the pile. She would have to hide them lest her father take her to task over her recent indiscretion. and if she counted right. Bloodied and blistered feet were not nearly enough payment for a little bit of freedom. She was dwarfed by an oversized black Metallica t-shirt that fell to her knees. ignoring the wetness she felt on her feet.struggled to take off her slippers. She winced when she heard a wrenching rip. This dress was beyond any help. “Yes. Not the dresses that her father put them in. She would just have to put this dress in the mending pile. wanted to see other places other than their small ranch. dear?” he asked her kindly. She quickly climbed over the balcony rail. She searched through her wardrobe until she came upon a dress that had the least frills and lace and it buttoned up in the front. So the fact that his girl was wearing it now told Rylyn more than she needed to know. Ashley stepped onto the white rose trellis that climbed up the eastern wall and ran right next to her iron wrought balcony. it would need to be put into the rag bin. Rylyn looked over the tiny.

The only thing that kept her from looking like a complete child were the two breasts that couldn’t hide beneath the loose t-shirt. using one of the lower rungs like a child. remniscant of a deer in headlights. . Rylyn guessed she was about five feet tops. She broght the cold platter over to the girl and before she even set it in front of her. I presume Callum sent you here?” Rylyn held the door open as the girl inched past her. It looked like the girl’s shyness didn’t extend into the food territory. the girl’s hands reached out quickly and grabbed a sandwhich. “What’s you name. She gave a small nod as Rylyn guided her through the spacious foyer and to the left into the informal kitchen. sweet? Rylyn peered back at her as she rached intot he fridge for a a platter of sandwhiches that she had prepared for her boys.“Come in. The girl looked like she needed food. “Can I get you anything?” The girl hesitated before shaking her head no. Rylyn smiled in amusedemnt.she climbed up onto on of the bar stools at the breakfast bar. her eyes wide and frightened.