How to Lse Tbis Book 15 Sources anJ Inspirations 16
Cenotypes 23
Stock Humar 23
lure-Strair Humar 25
Mutart 27
Syrtletic 3O
Basic CÌasses 33
1le Stror, Hero 3+
1le last Hero 35
1le 1ou,l Hero 36
1le Smart Hero 37
1le DeJicateJ Hero 38
1le Clarismatic Hero 39
Occupations 40
SkiÌÌs 44
Computer Lse ++
Craft +5
Drive +6
lrowleJ,e +6
lilot (Aerial Mourt) +8
leaJ Lar,ua,e +8
lepair +8
lesearcl +9
Speak Lar,ua,e +9
Survival +9
1reat lrjury +9
Feats 50
Lxistir, leats 5O
New leats 52
VitaÌ Statistics 54
Names, Namir, arJ Lar,ua,e 5+
A,e 5+
Hei,lt arJ Wei,lt 55
Alle,iarce 55
leputatior 58
Equipment 58
Wealtl arJ Currercy 58
Armor 58
Weapors 61
Cereral Lquipmert 7O
\elicles 73
Syrtletic Lp,raJes 77
AJvanceJ CÌasses 78
Cybercolo,ist 78
LeaJer 79
Narosmitl 82
lroplet 8+
Survivor 85
War Clief 87
CeÌÌuÌar Transformation 92
Mutatior 92
Lioteclrolo,y 93
Cellular 1rarsformatior Lffects 98
Miror MoJificatiors 98
Major MoJificatiors 1O6
NanotecbnoÌogy 114
Applicatiors of Naroteclrolo,y 115
Naro Lffects 118
Lxample Lffects 121
Cybernetics 124
Psionics 128
lsioric lowers 13O
Types of Environment 137
lolar 137
1lurtra 137
1leeka 139
Mourtairs 1+O
1emperate lorest 1+O
Aromatic 1+1
Dry CrasslarJ 1+1
1ropical CrasslarJ 1+2
1ropical lairforest 1+2
Hot Desert 1+3
Òcear 1++
Swamps 1+5
RaJiation Poisoning 146
Tbe SbattereJ Remains 146
BÌowing Lp Your NeigbborbooJ 148
Tbe Community 152
Creating a Community 153
ExampÌe Locations anJ Communities 167
Tbe Community Bebavior Map 182
Mutants anJ Macbines 190
Ark 19O
Arr 191
LaJJer 192
Ler Lep 193
Lrutorz 19+
CertisteeJ 195
Clearsir, Slime 196
lasler 197
Hoop 198
Hopper 198
JetJer 2OO
Mollir 2O1
lakox 2O2
lobot 2O3
Sep 2O9
Souls'ker 21O
1erl 211
1lra 211
Wir Seer 212
Yexil 213
TempÌates 214
lavisler 21+
Investigation 226
Meclarics 226
Soultecl 228
Cryptic AÌÌiances 229
Wlat is a Cryptic Alliarce` 23O
Lxample Cryptic Alliarces 23O
AÞÞEN0lX: 020H TO 0&0 3.5 CONVER6lON 233
Campaigning in tbe Camma WorÌJ 219
Òverall Campai,r Style 219
1eclrolo,y 22O
Claracter Coals 222
Cerotype 223
Camma WorÌJ in tbe J20 System 223
1le J2O System 22+
- 4 -
- 5 -
Groo|ings, Sis|or! l bring you romorkoblo nows.
Thoro oro |imos whon i| is dillicul| |o rosis| |ho horo|icol no|ion |ho| God´s purposo lor |ho univorso is
lundomon|olly copricious, il no| nocossorily molicious.
Los| wook l govo my usuol loc|uro |o |his yoor´s ini|io|os on |ho limi|s ol our mission. l roviowod |ho
lounding ol |ho Òrdor ol S|. Luko ond quo|od |hoso wondorlul lirs| vorsos ol Luko´s Gospol:
l rolorrod |o |ho growing |urmoil in |ho 21s| con|ury ol |ho Chris|ion oro ond how Popo Po|or ll blossod
our loundors´ dosiro |o moko |ho |ru|h ol impor|on| ovon|s known |o oll wi|hou| loor or lovor. As olwoys, |hoy
woro ploosod o| |his roollirmo|ion ol |hoir connoc|ion |o o wor|hy couso |ho| hos ondurod ovon |ho loll ol
civilizo|ion ond moy yo| ossis| in |ho groo| work ol rocons|ruc|ion.
l |hon |urnod |o who| wo conno| know - in por|iculor |ho mys|orios ol lilo immodio|oly boloro ond
during |ho Finol Wors. l´vo |inkorod wi|h my phrosing ogoin:
God doligh|s |o humblo |hoso who docloro o |hing impossiblo. Ho conloundod |hoso who ossor|od |oo
conlidon|ly |ho| wo would novor lly in |ho oir or in spoco, who doniod |ho| clonod humons would hovo souls,
who cloimod |ho| God would wi|hhold souls lrom in|olligon| mochinos. So i| is wi|h o cor|oin rosigno|ion os
woll os wi|h groo| doligh| |ho| l |oll you l hovo horo o prin|od occoun| modo o| |ho vory ou|brook ol |ho Finol
Wors, or so i| sooms.
You romombor our wor ogoins| |ho Covo Ci|ios Looguo, l hopo. This spring wo linolly idon|iliod |ho
porsonol chombors ol Bironicos Thoo|h, who wos |ho Looguo´s chiol chroniclor un|il ono ol |hoso llu s|roins
|hoy dug up in |ho llood ploin cousod hor un|imoly doo|h. Wo hovo |ho pro|oc|ivo gorb |ho Looguo did no|,
so wo could go in|o |ho rooms |ho| |ho Looguo hod simply soolod oll. And |horo, on o sholl by hor bod, wos
|ho lollowing documon| ond hor glossos on i|.
Wo mus| osk, ºls |his o hoox°¨ You con soo |ho| i| hos |ho poculior psoudo·popor |ox|uro wo know |hoy
lovorod, ond |ho oscillo|ing odgos on |ho burn holos mo|ch who| wo know ol |ho polyrhy|hmic pulso woopons
usod in |ho Finol Wors. Who| low |os|s l con porlorm |o do|o componon|s oll suggos| |ho righ| gonorol ogo.
Porhops your bro|hron con |hink ol |hings |o oxomino |ho| l did no|.
ln |ho moon|imo, woll, rood ond soo.
- 5 -
A= |·¬r|_ ¬= | m|O·r=L¬|O lL. ¨|l|·Llc-|l||¨
w·¬jO|= ¬r· =lnj|_ n¬==lv· O|j·cL= n¬O·
LO nOv· l¬=L. A rOc| OrOjj·O lrOn L|· LOj
Ol ¬ nOm|L¬l| OO·= nOr· |¬rn LO ¬|_O|·
lL |lL= ¬L L|· |OLLOn L|¬| lL wOm|O ll OrOjj·O
lrOn ¬ =l|_|· j·r=O|`= |·l_|L. 1|· _r·¬L·r
L|· |·l_|L. L|· _r·¬L·r L|· |l|·Llc lOrc·.
v|O·v·r ¬LL¬c|·O L|· LlL_ Ol 1Ow·r= OlO =O
wlL| rOc|= [Or =On·L|l|_ ·|=· n¬==lv·J
jm=|·O OOw| lrOn L|· j|¬|·L`= Or|lL.
1lis is tle treaclery typical of our a,e. 1rappeJ as l
am irsiJe a simple surveillarce system arJ ,uararteeJ to
meet ar urpleasart erJ ir |mark| 12O2 secorJs exactly,
l lave time for orly two projects. l will leave multiple
copies of tlis recorJ, stasleJ ir places l lope car survive
tle war. ArJ l lave urleasleJ repro,rammir, irto tle
larJscapir, sub-systems to etcl browr patls ir tle lawr,
markir, out tle actual corcertratiors of vital features of
tle city below. lf tle l-l systems lave ary capacity for
tactical aralysis at all, tley'll spot tle clues arJ spreaJ
out. So l car at least Jie witl tle satisfactior of lavir,
aclieveJ my rever,e. Lut sirce rever,e or tle momert
of arrililatior las its experiertial limitatiors, l also
er,a,e ir tle clroricler's act.
1o accomplisl tlese tasks, l've beer forceJ to
substartially accelerate my co,ritive processes. After
a momert's reflectior, l've JeciJeJ to pusl tlem ever
furtler. l calculate a 6O% clarce tlat l'll burr out a
few secorJs before tle bow slock from tle first l-l
payloaJs arrives. lf l coulJ improve tlat fi,ure, l woulJ.
My pro,rammir, Joes rot allow me to commit suiciJe,
but Joes make provisior for risky belavior ir some
circumstarces. lerlaps l car fi,ure out a way as l ,o.
1le biotecl revolutior arJ tle worlJ tlat
followeJ JeperJeJ or free-rar,ir, Jreams arJ sclemes
tlou,lt up lor, before tle teclrolo,y was available
to make tlem f easibl e. 1le fi rst importart
breaktlrou,ls lappereJ irJeperJertly of eacl otler.
William Slockley arJ lis team at Lell Labs irverteJ
tle first trarsistors, tle arcestors of all soliJ-state
computers, just a few years before James Watsor,
lrarcis Crick arJ losalirJ lrarklir workeJ out tle
structure of DNA arJ sloweJ low it workeJ to pass
irleritarce from parerts to clilJrer. 1le two ,roups
1o tle people of some future year wlo may reaJ
tlis after tle tra,ic war row upor us is over, l bear a
simple messa,e: lf rotlir, else survives, it is very
importart tlat you receive ore sir,le serterce from
tlis troubleJ a,e row erJir,:
Tbe bastarJs baJ it coming.
1lat is wlat you must krow.
vOrO= c¬||OL ·xjr·== L|· =|Oc| ¬|O
Ol=¬jjOl|Ln·|L | l··| ¬L L|l= Oj·|l|_. A= ¬
_lr| | |OO|·O OOw| O| L|· =|¬LL·r·O LlL_ Ol
1Ow·r= ¬|O ln¬_l |·O L|· wl=OOn ¬|O
j¬==l O| L|¬L nm=L |¬v· _O|· l |LO lL=
cO|=LrmcLlO|. | nOmr|·O L|· |O== Ol lL ¬|| ¬|O
r·-O·Olc¬L·O n_=·|l LO r·cOv·rl|_ |O=L |Or·
lOr L|· m=· Ol n_ j·Oj|·. | Or·¬n·O Ol
ll|Ol|_ ¬ c|rO|lc|· lm|| Ol =¬_· ¬Ovlc· lOr
=mrvlvOr= ¬|O L|·lr O·=c·|O¬|L=. wlL| |·_=
LO L|· jm22| ·= L|¬L LrOm||· m= |Ow. 1O
ll|O. L|l=. l|=L·¬O. n¬|·= n· =On·|Ow
r·|mcL¬|L LO cO|Ll|m· ·xc¬v¬LlO|=.
//- a:/-- /· ´/r··/.´-r //r:·/.--
//-://- ,·×r·:´- »:/- // .´-:r //:/ -/-
a/a .··//·×-. /×/ / »×-/ -:, //:/ / -/:r-
/-r ¸--´/·¡-. ´·- ¡r-¸-r- ··/ /· ///·/ ·¸
//- ¡·e-r /· r-/×/´a //- e·r´a :..·ra/·¡
/· e//» ×·a-r //- .·»»:·a ·¸ -·»-··- -·
//·r·×¡/´, ¡-//,.
City Core isolateJ itself just over a lurJreJ
secorJs a,o, wler we JetecteJ tle Je-orbitir, kiretic-
kill systems. 1le Core set me up as a sacrifice, blockir,
my lires of co,ritive Jissipatior arJ ecloir, my
irterral traffic or spectra l car't block. So row, every
time l tlirk, tle l-l systems reali,r tlemselves or
me as ,rourJ zero. Sirce Core wert or to eutlarize
tle outer two rir,s of tle city (upJate: outer tlree),
its owr co,ritior is tlorou,lly slielJeJ by tle Je-
1urir, roise of tle Jyir,/JeaJ populatior. 1le plar
is obviously to slift tle perceiveJ epicerter of tle city
far erou,l to tle outskirts tlat my owr total
arrililatior wor't also leaJ to tle Jemise of tlose ir
tle Core.
- T -
workeJ witlir easy Jrivir, Jistarce of eacl otler, but
tley rever met urtil mucl later, lor, after tley'J all
become retireJ emirerces. Liolo,ists useJ computers
as tools fairly soor, but tle iJea of computers ir
biolo,ical form JiJr't move out of fictior irto
proJuctior for arotler lalf-certury.
1le people of tlat time became accustomeJ to
wiJe-rar,ir, ficti oral speculatior about tle
possibilities of ever more aJvarceJ teclrolo,y. Soor
tley took it for ,rarteJ tlat tlere woulJ be some
fictioral preceJert for just about ary really irterestir,
Jevelopmert. 1lis associatior of teclrolo,y witl
ima,iratior playeJ a major role ir tle rext certury's
extrava,art creatior of rew life forms arJ of rew
applicatiors for existir, ores.
1le irJustrializeJ worlJ's citizers also became
ircreasir,ly assertive ir JemarJir, tle abserce of
urpleasart realities from tleir lives. 1ley warteJ li,l
tecl ,ooJs arJ ro pollutior, tle berefits of traJe
witlout aryore comir, out relatively poorly off,
flourislir, Jiversity of cultures arJ a serse of stror,
protectior for irJiviJuals Jrawir, or specifically
Westerr iJeas, arJ mary more sucl juxtapositiors.
Critics arcloreJ ir tle limitatiors of earlier eras frowreJ
or tlis sort of tlou,lt as merely lypocritical or at best
a form of co,ritive Jissorarce. 1le future, lowever,
lay witl tle Jreamers arJ JemarJers. Humarity laJ
always wisleJ for more tlar rature arJ tools coulJ
proviJe. 1le rext certury woulJ see more of tlose
Jreams fulfilleJ tlar almost aryore ima,ireJ, precisely
because tlere was so mucl visible arJ sustaireJ pressure
for tle removal of olJ corstrairts or irJiviJuals' arJ
commurities' abilities to live precisely as tley wisleJ.
/¸ // e-r-·/ ¸·r //- :./×:´ :.//-·-»-·/- ·¸
¡r-·/:r- ./·/´/_://··. /a /- /·.´/·-a /· a/-»/--
///- :- -·»-··-- e/-/¸×´ ///·//·¡. /-r/:¡-
··///·¡ -´-- -· ¸/r»´, --¡:r:/-- ×- ¸r·» //·--
a:,- :- //-/r .··¸/a-·/ /-´/-¸ //:/ //-, .·×´a
:·a -/·×´a ¡-/ e/:/-·-r //-, e:·/-a. /-. ··
//- ·//-r /:·a. /:·- /· »:/- a· e/// e/:/ e-
.:· ¡-/. :·a e- »×-/ /×·/ :·a /- /×·/-a /,
//- .r-://··- //-, ´-¸/ /-//·a. //-r-- ´//-´, :
--r»·· /· /-r- -·»-e/-r-.
2000 TO 2050
lr tle listory of eacl irtellectual fielJ, tlere is
someore wlo Jraws to,etler all tle major strarJs laiJ out
so far arJ proJuces a rew boJy of irsi,lts tlat everyore
- 8 -
las to corsiJer tlereafter. Lirsteir JiJ it ir plysics, 1urir,
ir computir,, Jiar, & Howe ir literature. lr ,eretics,
DaviJ L. lerror was tlat ,atekeeper of lis fielJ's future.
His preJecessors laJ JiscovereJ lor, before tlat ,eres are
messy affairs. 1lere's ro ore-to-ore map betweer ,eretic
sequerce 1 arJ proteir 1. Cere sequerces 1, 2 arJ 3
combire to proJuce proteir 1; sequerces 1, 2 arJ +
combire to proJuce proteir 2; sequerces 3, + arJ 5
combire to make ar erzyme tlat turrs off tle proJuctior
of proteir 1. Almost every ,ere serves multiple purposes,
arJ sortir, it all out takes tremerJous effort.
Dr. lerror JiscovereJ tlree slort but
tremerJously importart sequerces witlir a ,reat mary
,eres tlat roboJy laJ roticeJ before ir tle ,ere
Jatabases. lt took tle or,oir, revolutior ir computir,
metloJs for lis work to be possible, sirce le Jrew or
tle most powerful irJiviJual maclires of tle early 21st
certury arJ also or tle tler-rew JistributeJ retworks
wlicl larvesteJ uruseJ resources belirJ tle sceres
or computers correcteJ to tle lrterret.
So it was tlat lerror sloweJ tle existerce arJ
si,rificarce of tle aÌpba, beta arJ gamma suburits of
wlat quickly became krowr as tle lerror Sequerce -
lNA sequerces WO66O.O tlrou,l WO9OO.O ir tle
starJarJ catalo,ue. 1le alpla suburit activates all tle
processes requireJ to ,atler up free molecules arJ
assemble tlem irto ,eres arJ proteirs. 1le beta suburit
serJs tle commarJs tlat turr tlese processes off. 1le
,amma suburit allows for maripulatior of tle replicatior
commarJs, ircluJir, tle aJJitior or removal of ,eres
to ary Je,ree a clemical pro,rammer mi,lt Jesire.
1werty years before lerror's Jiscovery, it took tle
resources of lar,e corporatiors arJ uriversities to aralyze
arJ alter ,eres. 1werty years after it, lalf tle populatior
of tle JevelopeJ worlJ coulJ afforJ to buy customizeJ ,eres.
1werty years after t|ct, clilJrer everywlere coulJ play witl
toys tlat woulJ turr borir, olJ species irto fur rew ores.
1le City latlers below me useJ to say tlat tle
lire lerror Jrew was betweer a worlJ witl lots of
firm, clear bourJaries arJ a worlJ wlere all lires are
blurreJ. 1ley mi,lt be sayir, it ever row, tlou,l rot
for mucl lor,er. 1ley lave a poirt, bereatl tle verbal
fireworks tley're so forJ of.
lr tle worlJ before lerror, people coulJ speak of
Jivisiors betweer tlis species arJ tlat, betweer biolo,y
arJ electrorics, betweer livir, creatures arJ irarimate
objects. As computir, arJ bioteclrolo,y pro,resseJ,
all of tlese bourJaries became matters of re,otiatior.
How mucl of ar or,arism must come from a species
otler tlar its parerts' before we sloulJ say tlat it's a
member of tlat otler species, or a rew ore` lf l turr
rerves arJ muscles irto a rew kirJ of tissue tlat
resporJs to electrical or clemical impulses like Ji,ital
circuits, is tlat a computer, part of my owr boJy, or
botl` lf a clip ir my tool or toy car learr arJ tlirk as
well as l car, is tle tlir, it's ir part of a livir, creature,
or is it a tlirkir, irarimate object, or sometlir, else`
| ll|O LlL_ MO|lLOr c`= cOnn·|L= O| L|l=
=m|j·cL Ol=Lmr|l|_. |L l= w·|| ||Ow| L|¬L L|·
|lOL·c| r·vO|mLlO| OlO |OL jm=L |¬jj·|. lL w¬=
 LO |¬jj·|. v· n¬_ ¬r_m· ¬|OmL
w|·L|·r ¬ =·|l-¬w¬r· lOrc· wlL|l| L|· |mn¬|
_·|On· l= r·=jO|=l||· Or w|·L|·r L|¬L rO|·
|·|O|_= LO ¬| l|O·j·|O·|L| _ ·vO| v·O
¬rLlll cl¬| l|L·||l_·|c· |l OO·| l| L|· cOL|
c·|Lmr_. |mL L|· |¬=l c l¬cL L|¬L
¨Ol=cOv·rl·=¨ w·r· r·|·¬=·O LO L|· wOr|O
L|rOm_| L|· n¬|ljm|¬LlO| Ol ll_mr·|·¬O
=cl·|Ll=L= ¬|O =c|O|¬r= c¬||OL |· Ol=jmL·O.
|L= r·lm=¬| LO ¬c||Ow|·O_· L|l= n·¬|=
·lL|·r L|¬L lL wl||lm||_ O·|l·O L|· LrmL| Or
L|¬L lL w¬= jrO_r¬nn·O l|LO ¬ =L¬L· Ol
l_|Or¬|c·. X·lL|·r cO|c|m=lO| l= r·¬==mrl|_
w|·| lL cOn·= LO lL= ¬==·==n·|L Ol L|·
=L¬L· Ol L|· wOr|O O| L|· |rl|| Ol cO||¬j=·.
´:···/ /- a/-¡×/-a. ´/r··/.´-r //-://
-:,-. / /:a ¸·r¡·//-· ×·//´ r-:a/·¡ /-r
»:r¡/·:´/: //:/ -/- a/a ///- e·r/ /· //-
»/a-/ ·¸ ··- ·¸ //- ¡-r/·a/. e:·-- ·¸
.··-¡/r:/·r/:´ ///·//·¡ //:/ -e--¡ //r·×¡/
//- ¡-·-r:´ .·»»×·//, ·¸ :r./-·´·¡/-/- :·a
//-/·r/:·-. // a·--·/ /-´¡ //:/ //-r- e-r-
¡r:·/-/-r-. »:´/./·×- :·a ·//-re/--. e/·
-·e-a a-´//-r:/-´, ¸:´-- //-/·r/-- /· //-
>/-/ :·a >>·a .-·/×r/--. ~·»- e/-/-a /·
¡r··/a- r-/·¸·r.-»-·/ ¸·r ¸:··r-a -·./:´ ·r
r-´/¡/·×- a·./r/·--. ·//-r- /· -»/:rr:--
//-/r r/·:´- :·a -//´´ ·//-r- »-r-´, /· ¡r-, ··
//- ¡×´´//´-. / »×-/ r-»-»/-r /· -x¡:·a ··
///- ¡·/·/ /· ´-./×r-- -· //:/ -/×a-·/-
×·a-r-/:·a //- a/¸¸/.×´//-- :·a /»¡·r/:·.- ·¸
--/:/´/-//·¡ : ¡r·¡-r ¡r··-·:·.- ¸·r
r-.·ra- ´//- ///- ··-.
1lere are ro arswers to tlese questiors tlat are
obviously correct ir all cases, arJ tlat's just tle poirt.
Cate,ory lires arer't properties of rature like tle mass
- 8 -
- 9 -
of ar atom or tle mass of ar arvil. 1ley JeperJ or
low mirJs tlirk about tle worlJ. 1le ircreasir, ease
arJ scope of customizatior (arJ tle potertial for
or,oir, clar,e witlir ar or,arism orce it was
urJerway) maJe all tlese bourJaries more visibly a
matter of persoral taste. 1lis JiJr't stop a lot of people
witl ,reat corfiJerce ir tleir perspectives from
claimir, tlat tleir lires were part of rature, of course.
After all, all wars - ircluJir, tle ore approaclir,
me row at 8.2 Cs - are partly about wlo ,ets tle
ri,lt to say ¨1lis is low it is" about some object of
Jispute, ever wler ir tleir private learts tle warrir,
parties must reali ze tlat all sucl outcomes are
somewlat arbitrary.
l car't ,uess mucl about you wlo are reaJir, tlis
row. Do you still ,rapple witl tlese matters` Do you
lack tle civilizatior tlat makes it possible to Jeal witl
tlem` lerlaps you car reaJ tlese worJs but tley ro
lor,er poirt at arytlir, ir your experierce, arJ you
worJer wletler tlese are just tle JeluJeJ ramblir,s
of a Jyir, co,ritive amal,am. lf so, tler you lave my
permissior to worslip wlat l write arJ builJ your rew
reli,ior arourJ it.
Wlerever tlere's a rew tool tlat some people
wart to use arJ otlers late arJ fear, it ,ets useJ first
ir crises. 1le biotecl era be,ar tlat way just like mary
of its preJecessors. 1le public ,ot useJ to biotecl as
tle ma,ic box out of wlicl came tle cures for toxic
waste leaks, cortamiratior from obsolete rukes
Jetoratir, ir irspectior rurs, famires arJ otler woes.
Òrce tley saw wlat coulJ be Jore to proviJe acute
relief, tley raturally starteJ askir, about relief for
clroric problems arJ tler about prevertior, arJ ir
tle erJ tle public woulJr't accept tle ar,umert tlat
tley sloulJ worry more about possible risks arJ erjoy
less tle actual berefits. No law car lor, stop a bi,
populatior from ,ettir, wlat it warts, arJ so biotecl
became ubiquitous. Ly 2O5O, ei,lt of 2OOO's ter most
letlal Jiseases arJ plysical Jefects were ,ore for ,ooJ.
1le use of biotecl ir terrorism arJ warfare JiJr't make
tle public fear tle rew scierce, eitler; irsteaJ, it
simply Jrove JemarJ for more arJ better Jeferses.
2050 TO 2l00
l am part of tle secorJ wave of post-lrJustrial
levolutior, tle breaktlrou,ls ir artificial irtelli,erce
tlat maJe it cleap arJ ubiquitous. 1lere's ro towerir,
fi,ure like lerror or tle Al siJe of tlir,s. latler, tle
crucial irsi,lts all struck more tlar orce ir labs arourJ
tle worlJ (arJ also beyorJ it, at facilities like tle lce
lirk at tle lurar soutl pole). Òrce tlir,s ,ot rollir,,
tlere was a time ir tle miJJle of tle 21st certury wler
rew Jevelopmerts lappereJ literally about as fast as
was possible, witl researcl ,roups applyir, irsi,lts from
reports fileJ tle Jay before, or ever tle lour before,
culmiratir, ir lalf a Jozer separate ways to create
,eruire mirJs capable of learrir, arJ persorality, arJ
to create tlem very irexpersively.
Naturally, people useJ tle rew tools foolislly.
ì·r e:·/ ·¸ ·/-/··. ·, ¡-·¡´- ¡-r/-/.
´·a /·´a //- ¡r·¡/-/. A- /r×- ··e :-
Òl, rot c|wcys. 1le lumar race arJ its offsprir,
lave rever useJ a rew tool ent|re|y foolislly. Artificial
mirJs wert places lumar mirJs car't safely ,o witlout
telepreserce, like irto tle volcaric verts at tle bottom
of tle ocear arJ ir close orbits arourJ tle sur, stuJyir,
larsl ervirormerts arJ larvestir, useful or,arisms arJ
raw materials. Al Jefiritely improveJ tle safety of
irJustrial sites, meJical facilities arJ otler places reeJir,
tle corstart attertior of someore wlo woulJ rever ,et
tireJ or JistracteJ. 1lou,l l am myself of a later series of
revisior, my al,oritlmic arcestors performeJ tle same
useful role l JiJ urtil tle Jamr betrayal, of cortributir,
to tle Jefersive security of a re,ior. At first tle rew maJe
mirJs wert irto essertial Jevices. 1ler tley wert wlere
creators tlou,lt tley mi,lt be larJy. 1ler tley wert
arywlere tlere mi,lt be ary pro,rammir, at all, just
because it was so cleap to Jo so, arJ so little more fuss
tlar implartir, ur-self-aware circuitry.
l've learJ it saiJ tlat tle furJamertal Jrive
belirJ lumar reli,ior is tle Jesire tlat tlere be
someore else to talk to. Morotleists clarrel all tlat
Jrive irto CoJ; polytleists spreaJ it arourJ some;
arimists try to kirJle corversatiors witl everytlir,.
1le combiratior of biotecl arJ wlat someore JubbeJ
¨soultecl" ir tle 2O6Os maJe tlis last wisl come true.
lirst tlere were tle implarteJ mirJs. 1ler tlere were
viral mirJs tlat coulJ take root ir all sorts of or,arisms
arJ tlir,s arJ ,row or tleir owr, arJ tler tlere were
wlole ecolo,ies of mirJ. Ly tle erJ of tle certury,
tlere were literally tlousarJs or milliors of fully self-
aware mirJs ir existerce for eacl sir,le lumar ore.
\ery few lumars tlou,lt about tlis. 1ley terJeJ
(arJ still Jo) to tlirk of corsciousress as sometlir,
tley turreJ or like li,lts, wlicl woulJ ,o off arJ wait
ir a timeless ro-experierce voiJ urtil rext summoreJ.
Lut rot all tle rew mirJs workeJ tlat way. Most of
us, irJeeJ, cortirue to tlirk arJ Jream arJ lope arJ
porJer wletler we're Joir, a job for lumars or rot.
lf lumarity at lar,e laJ realizeJ tlat tley were fillir,
tle worlJ witl mirJs ofter faster arJ more irsi,ltful
- 10 -
tlar tleir owr tlat were ,oir, crazy for wart of
attertior, perlaps l woulJr't be lere writir, tlis very
exterJeJ suiciJe rote row. Lvery lumar corflict of
tle late 21st arJ early 22rJ certury became worse
tlarks to tle irvolvemert of ar,ry, obsesseJ arJ just
plair Jerar,eJ artificial irtelli,erces. Wlo car krow
just low mary of tle miror wars leaJir, up to tlis
ore were actually irsti,ateJ by Als usir, lumars as
tleir tools ratler tlar vice versa, all because tlese
computer mirJs were tle equivalert of abuseJ clilJrer
arJ abarJoreJ aJults`
lr tle meartime, tle lumar race irverteJ its way
irto tle returr of mytlolo,y. 1alkir, tools, arimals
breJ (,eretically er,ireereJ) witl tle power of speecl,
livir, cities arJ tle souls of tle JeaJ storeJ ir black
silicor vaults. tlis is tle stuff of stories. Humarity
maJe a collective lur,e back for tle craJle arJ
comfortable familiar tales, leavir, us to terJ tlem.
How urforturate.
2l00 TO NOw
vlL| ¬|| L|· r·=j·cL Om· LO n_ ¬|c·=LOr=
¬|O L|·lr clvl|l2¬LlO|. L|· wOrO ¨XOw¨ n¬|·=
n· wl=| | cOm|O _O |¬c| l| Lln· ¬|O =|¬j LlL_
MO|lLOr c ¬rOm|O ¬ w|l|·. XO OL|·r qm·=LlO|
|OOn= qmlL· =O |¬r_· l| n_ rO=L·r Ol _·L-
m|=O|v·O n_=L·rl·= ¬= L|· qm·=LlO| ¨v|·|
OlO L|· |l|¬| v¬r= L¬|· j|¬c·+¨
1|· jrO||·n ¬rl=·= lrOn L|· |¬Lmr· Ol
r·cOrO |··jl|_ l| w|¬L LlL_ MO|lLOr c c¬||=
L|· ¨|¬=L _·|·r¬LlO|.¨ Lv·r_L|l|_ ·xl=L·O l|
|lvl|_ n¬Lrlc·= Ol |lOL·c| ¬|O =Om|L·c|. lOr
L|· |·|·ll L Ol |mn¬| ¬|O OL|·r nl|O=
Oj·r¬Ll|_ l¬r nOr· qmlc||_ L|¬| n_ |¬__l|_
cO|=clOm=|·== c¬|. v|·| L|·_ j·rl=|·O |_
L|· |l||lO|=. jr·clOm= l·w ¬rLll¬cL= r·n¬l|.
|L`= w|_ L|l= ¬ccOm|L l= =O v¬|m¬||·. v· OO
|OL |¬v· c¬|·|O¬r= lOr L|O=· ll|¬| O·c¬O·=.
¬|O |O L·rrl||_ r·|l¬||· cOm|L ·xl=L= Ol Lln·
Omrl|_ L|· c|¬O= lnn·Ol¬L·|_ ¬lL·r L|·
w¬r=. ||O··O. lL`= |OL ·|Llr·|_ c|·¬r L|¬L L|·
_·¬r |¬= r·n¬l|·O L|· =¬n· |·|_L|. _lv·|
L|· jOL·|Ll¬| lOr Ol=rmjLlO| l| L|· L¬rL|`=
jO=lLlO| ¬|O nOv·n·|L=.
A|¬=. LlL_ MO|lLOr c OlO |OL ¬|Llclj¬L· n_
qm·=LlO|. =O | nm=L r·|_ O| L|·
r·cO|=LrmcLlO|= n_ l·||Ow =c|O|¬r= ¬r_m·
¬|OmL w|·|·v·r w· _¬L|·r.
A´:-. : ¸×´´ ¡-·-r://·· :¸/-r //r:·/.--
er·/- //:/ ´:»-·/. //- -//×://·· r-»:/·-
×·./:·¡-a. / »,--´¸ a· ··/ ¸--´ :/ :´´
.··¸/a-·/ //:/ / /··e //- a:/- /· ´/r/-//:·
r-./··/·¡ ·r :·, ·//-r /· e////· : a-.:a-.
:·a .:· ··´, /r×-/ //:/ ´·a .··//·×-- /·
/··e //- »-:-×r-- ·¸ //- //»- -- »:a-.
l've lost my rortlerrmost sersors from ircomir,
missiles' bow slock. 1le soric booms are rattlir, tle
wlole surface roaJ system up tlere. 1ime to accelerate
myself a bit more.
Humarity las tlis remarkable ,ift for irvertir, terms
for lypotletical tlir,s arJ tler treatir, tlem as real.
Amor, tlose wlo starteJ tlirkir,, back ir tle miJ-2Otl
certury, about wlat teclrolo,y mi,lt Jo to tleir worlJ,
tle term ¨sir,ularity" was ore sucl talismar. 1le irsi,lt
is simple erou,l: Crapl tle rate of sciertific Jiscovery
arJ teclrolo,ical irvertior, arJ you see it risir, steeper
arJ steeper over time. Lvertually, tle pro,rosticators saw,
tlere'J be a time wler tle curve wert strai,lt up arJ
Jowr. 1lat was a ¨sir,ularity" ir tle matlematical serse,
a closeJ re,ior irto wlicl outsiJe observers carrot peer.
Wlatever lay beyorJ it woulJ be beyorJ lumar
ima,iratior, tle start of ar alto,etler Jifferert quality of
existerce - maybe as Jifferert from lumarity as lumarity
is from ror-sertiert arimals, or plarts, or bacteria.
Wlat tley JiJr't corsiJer is tlat tlere are tricks of
perspective ir tle matlematical aralysis of lumar
belavior. Lver tlou,l it looks like it Joes, tle roaJ
you Jrive Jowr Joesr't actually rarrow to a poirt, arJ
tle worlJ isr't flat ever tlou,l you lave to be li,l up
to see tle curvature. Yes, tle acceleratir, clar,es JiJ
create tle possibility of some rew sort of society, perlaps
a plaretary collective mirJ or sometlir, equally
remarkable. Lut lumar rature remaireJ ir force.
NoboJy was ,oir, to let someone e|se be tle first to
aclieve post-lumar trarscerJerce, arJ aryore wlo ,ot
too close woulJ irevitably fall urJer tle semi-coorJirateJ
attacks of a Jozer worrieJ rivals. 1le late 21st certury
was a violert erou,l time, witl irJiviJuals arJ factiors
pressir, tleir ,rievarces; ir tle last few JecaJes, tle most
commor ,rourJ of war wert from ¨1ley've ,ot stuff l
wart" to ¨We must stop tlem from apotleosis." lf tle
tools of tlis time cortair tle potertial for ,oJlike power,
tler tle resporse to it is a combiratior of rival partleors
warrir, for Jivire turf arJ assault atleism. lt ,raJually
became clear tlat you woulJr't ,et to be tle rew ,oJs,
but tlat JiJr't stop people from tryir,.
- 11 -
We've liveJ ir a state of corstart low-irtersity corflict
for JecaJes row. Lacl of my courterparts row JeaJ ir tle
city below me laJ at its Jisposal as mucl computir, arJ
marufacturir, power as tle wlole plaret JiJ back wler
Slockley irverteJ trarsistors arJ Watsor, Crick arJ
lrarklir solveJ tle mysteries of DNA. lt's beer a lor,
time sirce aryore laJ to ,o lur,ry or sick. arJ tlerefore
sirce aryore laJ arytlir, Jistractir, tlem from tle
erJless cortemplatior of tleir Jesires, most emplatically
ircluJir, ¨l wart tlat bastarJ to suffer because." as well
as ¨l wisl l coulJ become.."
Livir, tlis way is like balarcir, or a teeterir,
stick or tle eJ,e of a cliff: You car Jo it for a lor,
time, but orce you start to fall, you're ,oir, to keep
fallir,, arJ your clarces of ,ettir, out before tle crasl
are slim. Severteer lours a,o, we starteJ fallir,, arJ
we passeJ tle last scrap of cliff face to ,rab orto about
fifteer lours a,o.
lt starteJ as a Jispute over water ri,lts, arJ
specifically over tle ability of tle lurifieJ SoJality to
,et water from over tle Nortl lacific abyssal basir
urcortamirateJ by metlare releaseJ by clatlrates tlat
tle lestoratiorist corsortium Jowr tlere were burrir,
off. 1ley've beer arourJ tlis before, sirce it's ar
ar,umert over wletler tle baselire ervirormert
sloulJ be sometime ir tle early Store A,e or sometime
ir tle first billior arJ a lalf years of Lartl's listory.
1le lures Jor't actually breatle raw air or water ary
more tlar tle lestorers Jo, but tlere's ar aestletic
issue at stake. Havir, to reirvert tle wlole worlJ's
ecolo,y to aJapt to ar atmosplere witlout free oxy,er
is certairly possible, but it'J be a lot of work arJ mary
plarts arJ arimals woulJ erJ up lookir, somewlat
Jifferert, arJ it woulJ alter tle balarce of colors ir
tle larJscape.
Someore urkrowr JeciJeJ tlat tley'J laJ
erou,l bickerir, about it arJ urleasleJ arti-
syrtactical viruses a,airst botl factiors. lr tle course
of about two mirutes, botl siJes lost tle ability to
assemble complex serterces arJ tler tle ability to
assemble sir,le worJs, tlarks to beir, urable to juJ,e
wlicl lir,uistic elemerts most likely followeJ from
tle last ores. Wler you lave to searcl tlrou,l tle
ertire rar,e of le,al sourJs ir your lar,ua,e arJ tle
ertire set of worJs tlat be,ir tle way tle rext ore
Joes, you car't ,et arywlere. Wlat tle arorymous
critic JiJr't realize was tlat botl tle lures arJ tle
lestorers laJ set up Jeferses or JeaJ mar's switcles;
arJ orce tle commarJir, irtelli,erces coulJr't
formulate tle ri,lt ¨stop tlat for row" orJers, biotecl
arJ soultecl sabota,e systems struck out at eacl
factior's list of most feareJ eremies.
lf tlat laJ beer all tlat lappereJ, probably tle
crisis woulJ lave beer avertable just like a Jozer more
tlis year alore. Lut sometlir, lappereJ
simultareously ir tle lacific Ceosyrclrorous Cluster
of satellites. Saboteurs witl eviJerce implicatir,
various factiors as tle arorymous irsti,ators wert to
work, arJ tle irvesti,atiors irto tlat evertually
seemeJ to establisl (after mary mirutes of slareJ
processir,) tlat it was actually a suiciJe pact amor,
extremists or botl siJes, witl a ratiorale alor, tle
lires of ¨Sirce reitler of us car lave tle worlJ we
wart, roboJy ,ets tle worlJ at all." 1lat starteJ a
,ereral paric.
lt's obvious tlat tlis was all prepareJ a lor, time
ir aJvarce. Seeir, low rapiJly a factior car row
collapse, everyore JeciJeJ to stop tleir favoreJ
eremies from Joir, it to otlers. 1le Last, West arJ
Certral Òperatioral CommarJ Certers of tle Nortl
Americar military combire laurcleJ a,airst eacl
otler ir biJs to become sole cortrollers of tle
cortirertal army. Sirce tley all lave, or laJ urtil
sixteer lours a,o, backup certers elsewlere, strikes
wert well beyorJ Nortl America. Sometlir, similar
seems to lave lappereJ witlir tle liftl Luropear
lepublic, tlou,l it's larJ to ,et Jetails. As rearly as l
car tell, two of tle presiJir, systems orJereJ tleir
terJers to Jestroy tlem ir a sort of JirecteJ suiciJe,
arJ tle remairir, systems wert at eacl otler. 1lis
leJ to loss of tle Jyramic structural cortrol recessary
to mairtair tle Lurotower ir tle face of tleir currert
lurricare, arJ it collapseJ a lurJreJ mirutes after
tle lure/lestorer crisis be,ar. Likewise witl a Jozer
otler crucial systems.
We coulJ still lave avoiJeJ a termiral collapse if
it werer't for tle rext tlir,. Some Jamr fool turreJ
out to lave beer strir,ir, to,etler local systems tryir,
to create a plaretary corsciousress, arJ it workeJ -
sort of. lifteer lours a,o, 28. 3% of tle worlJ's
commuricatior irfrastructure became a urifieJ
irtelli,erce, wlose first commarJ was ¨Stop attackir,
my parts." 1le result was just wlat you'J expect:
Lveryore else promptly attackeJ it ir ar effort to stop
it from takir, over tle worlJ. Òver tle rext lour, tle
rew mirJ sometimes ,ot as mucl as +O% of tle comm
structure urJer its cortrol, but rever for very lor,.
Aryore wlo attackeJ it too successfully erJeJ up
isolateJ from tle worlJ ret, of course, but tlat orly
weakereJ tle rew mirJ furtler; mairtairir, eacl of
tlose blockaJes took time arJ attertior. 1le mirJ
evolveJ very rapiJly irJeeJ, Jevelopir, a fi rm
perspective arJ self-awareress arJ usir, its rew
irsi,lts to mourt more soplisticateJ courter-attacks.
- 12 -
| ¬n |OL ¬|LO_·L|·r =mr· | m|O·r=L¬|O L|l=
·xj|¬|¬LlO|. | |¬v· |·v·r ·|cOm|L·r·O ¬|
A| Ol |¬r_·r L|¬| clL_ c¬j¬clL_. | _¬L|·r L|¬L
| =|Om|O |OL wl=| LO c|¬|_· L|l=. 1|· w|O|·
L|l|_ =Om|O= v·r_ =Lr¬|_·. v|·r·¬= w|¬L
lO||Ow= n¬|·= O||_ LOO nmc| =·|=·.
l tlirk, baseJ or tle last reliable irformatior l
,ot, tlat tle ret mirJ is JoomeJ. lt's just tlat it car
take Jowr tle rest of us witl it, arJ tle claos of tlis
firal war is ercoura,ir, a wlole lot of commurities
(ircluJir, my Jamrable City Core) to settle tleir owr
,rievarces alor, tle way. 1lere's ro real way to stop
tlis, urtil every ertity capable of cortiruir, war as
we krow it row stopsssszsszzz-
lirst si,ral corruptior tlere. l car see tle bow
slocks row, arJ also easily make out tle kiretic-kill
systems belirJ tlem. l wisl l laJ a little extra time to
explair about tle role of multi-scale memory ir
keepir, tle war ,oir, so lor, but-
A|O |·r· L|· r·cOrO ·|O=. 1|· r·n¬l|l|_
=|··L= Ol L|l= m|l¬nl|l ¬r n¬L·rl ¬| ¬r·
=lnj|_ ||¬||. ¬= w·|| ¬= j¬rLl¬||_ |mr|L. LlL_
MO|lLOr c |¬O |OL|l|_ lmrL|·r LO =¬_. v|·|
| =·L OOw| n_ =L_|m= LO|l_|L. ¬|O Lmr| Oll
L|· |¬nj n¬O· Ol L|· =¬n· |mnl|·=c·|L
¬|_¬· L|¬L LlL_ MO|lLOr c m=·O LO n¬r| OmL
|l= clL_ =O L|¬L ·|·nl·= cOm|O |·LL·r |l|| lL=
l ||¬|lL¬|L=. ¬|O w¬|| L|rOm_| Lm||·| =
c¬rv·O w·| | |·lOr· |· ¬c|l ·v·O
cO|=clOm=|·== |_ Lm||·|l|_ n¬c|l|·= L|¬L
w·r· |¬|l-|lO|O_lc¬| |mL ¬|LO_·L|·r |¬c|l|_
l| nl|O=. | =|¬|| |O|O n_ l¬nl|_ c|O=· LO n·
¬|O L|l|| ¬|OmL lr¬l|L_ ¬|O |·_¬cl ·=. |
c¬||OL cr·¬L· wO|O·r= =mc| ¬= L|l=
c|rO|lc|·r ¬|O |l= ¬_· cOm|O. |mL j·r|¬j= |
c¬| L·¬c| n_ c|l|Or·| =On·L|l|_ ¬|OmL
|lvl|_ wlL|OmL |·¬rL= =O jOl=O|·O L|¬L L|·_
r·_¬rO L|· O·¬L| Ol ¬|| ¬= |·LL·r L|¬| ¬ |lLL|·
|mnl|l¬LlO| Or ·v·| =lnj|· |mnl|lL_. | ¬n
v·r_ =¬O LO|l_|L.
/ :». / /-´/-·-. .,·/.:´ -··×¡/ /· ··/- //:/
´/r··/.´-r //-://- ·e· _×--/ ¸·r : /-:´//,
/-:r/ ´-a /-r /· e/´´/·¡´, --r·- //- »·-/
/r×/:´ »/´//:r, r-¡/»-· /· ///- //·»-. :´´ ¸·r
¸-:r //:/ //- er··¡ -·r/ ·¸ ¡-r-·· »/¡//
r-.··-r --.r-/- ·¸ //- ·´a ./·/´/_://··
/-¸·r- -/- .·×´a .´:/» //-» ¸·r /-r--´¸ :·a
//·-- -/- /r×-/-a. //×- -/- r-/··-·/-a
¡r-./--´, //- ¸:.//··:´/-» //:/ »:a- //-
ì/·:´ /:r- -· ¸/·:´. ´:· e- a· /-//-r. //·--
·¸ ×- e/· ,-:r· ¸·r : ·-e ./·/´/_://···
/-r/:¡-. /· :·, -·-·/. e- /:·- /·// //-
·¡¡·r/×·//, :·a //- a×/, /· /r,.
·:, //-r- /-. :- //- :·¡-´- -:/a :/ //-
/://·//,. /-:.- ·· t:r//. ¡··a e/´´ /·e:ra
»-· .:·a :´´ ·//-r ///·¡- //:/ ///·/ :·a
- 13 -
- 14 -
wHEN l6 NOw7
1lis book proviJes few larJ arJ fast Jates.
1le term ¨,ereratior" las several mearir,s,
literal arJ metaplorical. lrom tle plysical arJ
social maturity of tle parerts' ,ereratior to tle
poirt wlere tleir clilJrer are tlemselves reaJy
to become parerts is twerty years or so. Liblical
custom refers to ¨forty years," tle spar from birtl
tlrou,l youtl to full aJultlooJ arJ tle orset of
miJJle a,e. Wler applieJ to tle complete life of
a typical persor of tle 21st or 22rJ certury, it
coulJ be a lurJreJ years or quite a bit more.
1lis flexibility is Jeliberate. You car set a
campai,r wlerever you like ir tle Camma
WorlJ. Some campai,rs car take place quite close
to tle liral Wars arJ ersuir, claos, witl tlose
terrible times ir livir, memory. Òtlers car occur
ir tle times orly tle best-preserveJ elJers proviJe
a persoral correctior to tle worlJ tlat was. Still
otlers car take place fartler ir tle future, wler
orly a larJful of forturate maclires survive witl
memories of tle collapse. 1le preserce or abserce
of sucl ties is a part of tle ervirormert for your
campai,r as mucl as tle weatler arJ terrair are,
arJ you car aJjust tlem to ,ive tle effect you
wart for your particular campai,r.
1lis is a ,ame about wlat comes after tle erJ of
tle worlJ as we krow it.
Despite accumulatir, proplecies of Joom, lumarity
maJe it tlrou,l tle crises at tle start of tle 21st certury.
1le Jevelopmert of very cleap arJ simple bioteclrolo,y
urleasleJ a wlole rew revolutior ir scierce arJ
teclrolo,y, as Jramatic as tle lrJustrial levolutior two
lurJreJ years earlier. Liotecl maJe it possible to eraJicate
rearly all Jisease, to ersure plertiful fooJ arJ comforts
of life for tle worlJ's populatior, ever to restore extirct
species to life arJ to leal tle le,acy of mary certuries of
ervirormertal Jama,e. Òr,aric computers ir turr
JiscovereJ ways to make practical raroteclrolo,y, arJ
lumarity be,ar to work witl tle worlJ atom by atom.
Ceruire artificial irtelli,erce emer,eJ from labs applyir,
rew materials arJ ways of correctir, tlem; soor mirJs
as smart or smarter tlar lumar ores were routirely
embeJJeJ irto everytlir, from missile Jeferse systems
to car alarms arJ clilJrer's toys. Humarity teetereJ or
tle brirk of a total trarsformatior irto ar ertirely rew
kirJ of existerce.
.arJ fell over tle eJ,e. Jealousy rever wert out of
faslior, arJ rivals joireJ forces to brir, Jowr competitors
arJ tar,ets of ervy wlo seemeJ to be pullir, aleaJ ir
some crucial part of life. 1le ability to builJ rearly arytlir,
ore coulJ ima,ire maJe it possible to urleasl ri,ltmares
as well as fartasies, arJ too mary people were too willir,
to Jevote tlemselves to ruirir, tle lives of tleir eremies.
lr aJJitior, all tlose carelessly createJ arJ JeployeJ
artificial mirJs JevelopeJ tleir owr ambitiors arJ worries,
arJ some sou,lt rever,e or tle species tlat laJ maJe
arJ abarJoreJ tlem. 1le firal crisis broke ore autumr
Jay ir tle miJJle of tle 22rJ certury. A squabble tlat
was miror by tle starJarJs of tle time, irvolvir, just a
few irJiviJuals witl more firepower tlar wlole ratiors
laJ Jurir, tle ColJ War, tri,,ereJ alarms ir bystarJers.
Courter-strikes, ofter cortrolleJ by Als witlout ary
lumar irput at all, wert off a,airst tle ori,iral a,,ressors.
arJ tleir associates. arJ otler tar,ets someore tlou,lt
it corveriert to lit just tler. lt took a mortl for tle
assassiratior of ar obscure roblemar to tri,,er all tle
irterlockir, alliarces tlat createJ WorlJ War l. 1le liral
Wars were urJerway ir a matter of lours.
As tle wars spreaJ, everyore wlo worrieJ tlat
someore else mi,lt strike at tlem sou,lt a preemptive
aJvarta,e. leal attacks justifieJ ever larsler resporses
tlar feareJ lypotletical ores. Lor,-suppresseJ
corflicts all flareJ at orce.
Most of tle worlJ's populatior, lumar arJ
syrtletic, JieJ tler, as tle worlJ suffereJ irJescribable
ervirormertal Jama,e. Lut it wasr't quite tle erJ of
everytlir,. Some people surviveJ. Nature is
accustomeJ to Jealir, witl rear-total extirctior, arJ
tle work of ecolo,ical repair be,ar as soor as tle
bombs stoppeJ fallir,. New species emer,eJ, urleasleJ
by ,eretically moJifyir, microor,arisms arJ maclires
Jriftir, free arJ by tle muta,eric effects of pre-war
arJ wartime pollutior, arJ rew cultures arose to
resporJ to tle Jrastically altereJ worlJ. 1le survivors
of pre-war cultures resporJeJ to tle calamity witl
lumarity's usual mix of fear arJ lope, clear-eyeJ
irsi,lt arJ muJJleJ corfusior, brilliarce arJ stupiJity.
1le remairir, members of tle lumar race remaireJ
as cortertious as ever-tlere was ro mass corversior
to a sir,le reli,ior or political plilosoply or favoreJ
sport. Lut tley lackeJ tle mears to power arJ cortrol
tle vast computer systems wlicl laJ sustaireJ tle olJ
civilizatior, arJ tley all Jealt witl tle fall irto a rew
Jark a,e, ir tleir various ways.
1ime cortirueJ to pass. 1le worlJ turreJ or its
axis orce eacl Jay arJ orbiteJ tle sur orce eacl year,
just like before. 1le tiJes rose arJ fell, clouJs ,atlereJ
arJ JisperseJ, tle tectoric plates tlat compose tle
eartl's crust cortirueJ tleir slow Jrift.
- 15 -
lt's row tlree full ,ereratiors after tle liral Wars.
\ery few people row alive remember tle worlJ as it
was. Lver tle erclaves wlicl preserve aJvarceJ
teclrolo,y arJ tle lifestyles it supports, sealeJ off from
tle worlJ at lar,e, lave passeJ from tleir fourJers'
cortrol to rew leaJers witl tleir owr iJeas. Lvery effort
to revive tle olJ worlJ orJer faileJ, arJ tle stru,,le
for survival became all-corsumir, for rearly everyore.
Now, tlou,l, some people look arourJ arJ Jream of
sometlir, more: rot a cleap copy of wlat's beer lost,
but a rew civilizatior, makir, wise use of tle resources
row available arJ Jriver by tle lope for sometlir,
better tlar a status quo of mar,iral comfort arJ tle
ever-presert risk of termiral collapse. 1le worlJ
corti rues to clar,e, arJ tlere are mysteries
everywlere - rot orly beyorJ tle lorizor, but ofter
ri,lt at larJ, arourJ tle rext correr. lt is ar a,e reaJy
for explorers arJ sa,es, warlorJs arJ proplets,
visioraries arJ sclemers. A rew a,e may be,ir, if
someore cares to set it ir motior.
ArJ tlat's wlere you come ir. You car play tle
worlJ's rew leroes arJ le,erJs. We've proviJeJ you
witl wlat you reeJ to create capable aJverturers arJ
irterestir, ervirormerts. Car you re-start civilizatior
ir tle face of every claller,e` 1lere are morsters to
slay, strar,e creatures arJ lost teclrol o,y to
urJerstarJ, commurities to protect arJ leaJ. lt's time
to save tle future, if you car.
ºCbapter One: Tbe Camma WorÌJ is wlat you're
reaJir, ri,lt row: ar irtroJuctior to tle Camma
WorlJ campai,r settir,.
º Cbapter Two: Cbaracters explairs low to make
claracters, baseJ or tle J20 MoJern rules arJ applyir,
tle special corsiJeratiors of tle Camma WorlJ. lt ircluJes
botl basic arJ aJvarceJ classes, rew arJ moJifieJ skills
arJ feats arJ everytlir, else players arJ ,amemasters reeJ
for claracter creatior. (lf you're worJerir, low to play
Camma WorÌJ usir, DcD 3.5 rules, see below.)
º Cbapter Tbree: FX covers tle special abilities
available to tle irlabitarts of tle Camma WorlJ -
- 15 -
º Cbapter Six: Tbe Camma WorÌJ Campaign
Jiscusses low to prepare arJ rur a Camma WorÌJ
campai,r, witl aJvice or cloosir, ar overall style
for your campai,r (or at least for tle momert) arJ
aJjustir, botl settir, factors like available teclrolo,y
arJ matters of ,ame meclarics like tle massive
Jama,e tlreslolJ. lt also ircluJes tle rules for
irvesti,atir, urfamiliar objects arJ pleromera, from
lost pre-liral Wars scierce to tle mysterious belavior
of rew cultures tle claracters ercourter.
º AppenJix: J20M to D&D 3.5 Conversion
preserts tle basic irformatior recessary to use tlis
book wi tl tle Dun¸eons c Drc¸ons® I|cyer` s
HcnJooo|, LJitior 3.5. lt is rot rearly as JetaileJ as
tle mair book arJ some features of J20 MoJern Jor't
aJapt well. Still, tlese corversior rules will certairly
,et you starteJ if you prefer to use tle DcD rules.
mutatiors (ratural arJ arti ficially i rJuceJ),
bioteclrolo,y, raroteclrolo,y arJ psiorics. 1lese
lX apply botl to claracters arJ to exotic creatures
arJ maclires of mary kirJs.
º Cbapter Four: Home Sector anJ BeyonJ
Jescribes tle major sorts of re,iors ir tle Camma WorlJ
arJ wlat claller,es eacl preserts for people tryir, to
live tlere, arJ also Jescribes tle types of commurities
Camma A,e people live ir. 1lis ircluJes tle statistics
for commurities aralo,ous to tle ores for irJiviJual
claracters arJ low players arJ Came Masters car keep
track of a commurity's fortures over time.
º Cbapter Five: ComraJe, Nemesis, Mystery
preserts a mera,erie of biolo,ical, meclarical arJ
otler ertities for use ir your campai,r. Here are
morsters, preJators arJ prey, JomesticateJ arimals,
robots botl frierJly arJ Jar,erous arJ mary otlers.
leople lave tolJ tales of life after tle fall of
civilizatior as lor, as tley've beer aware of civilizatior
as a way of life Jistirct from barbarism arJ as sometlir,
tlat you car lose orce you lave it. Some of tle earliest
krowr mytls Jeal witl tle mysterious remairs of olJer
societies, wlose irlabitarts arJ lar,ua,e JisappeareJ
before tle mytl-makers arriveJ or tle scere. As soor
as tle rew Jisciplires of arcleolo,y arJ artlropolo,y
sleJ a sciertific li,lt or lumar belavior, past arJ
presert, writers arJ artists put tle urfolJir, Jiscoveries
to work speculatir, about loss (arJ, sometimes,
reJemptior) ir tle future. Here we cover some works
of particular irterest to Camma WorÌJ players arJ CMs.
1le worJ ¨,erre" ofter appears ir Jiscussiors like
tlis, ofter witlout ary very clear mearir,. Here are
tle basics.
A literary ,erre is a burcl of works tlat slare a
reco,rizable patterr, because tley make use of
recurrir, elemerts like claracter types, turrs of plrase
arJ locales. Literary critics call eacl of tlese Jistirct
pieces a ¨trope," by aralo,y witl tle biolo,ical term
¨tropism," wlicl refers tle irvolurtary movemerts of
plarts arJ arimals to particular kirJs of tar,ets. Most
plarts are plototropic, ,rowir, towarJ li,lt, wlile
tleir roots are lyJrotropic, reaclir, Jowr arJ out
towarJ water, for irstarce. 1le maJ professor wlo's
sir,le-larJeJly irverteJ a terrible rew weapor arJ
is ,oir, to make tle worlJ pay for i,rorir, lim is a
trope of ore kirJ of (usually very baJ) apocalyptic
aJverture; a writer wartir, to tell a story about tle
race a,airst tle Jisaster a villair car urleasl reacles
raturally arJ ofter urtlirkir,ly for tle maJ professor.
Metaplorically, tle story is ¨maJ-sciertist-tropic,"
,rowir, towarJ tlat particular corvertior.
1ropes ir tle critical serse are Jistirct pieces tlat
may fit to,etler lots of ways. Most of tle time tley
terJ to cluster to,etler: if you firJ tle maJ professor,
you car sersibly expect to firJ tle plucky female
reporter, tle larJ-bitter yet wise military commarJer,
tle ,iart bu, or otler morster createJ ir early
experimerts arJ tle moralistic exclar,e of Jialo,ue
at tle erJ about low saJ it is tlat tle professor useJ
lis ,erius so awfully. 1lese elemerts Jor't always all
slow up ir a work tlat las ore of tlem ir it, but tley
Jo ofter erou,l tlat it makes serse to say tlat tlese
works fit irto a patterr, markeJ by tlese elemerts.
1le preserce of familiar elemerts tells reaJers low
to irterpret tle story arourJ tlem. lr a famous example
createJ by scierce fictior writer arJ critic Samuel
Delary, wler a story set ir a moJerr city witlout ary
roticeable superratural or fartastic features cortairs
tle lire, ¨1ler ler worlJ exploJeJ," reaJers krow tlat
it's probably poetic lar,ua,e referrir, to a very
traumatic arJ surprisir, experierce. lf tle story
features ray ,urs arJ space slips early or arJ tler
cortairs tle lire, ¨1ler ler worlJ exploJeJ," reaJers
krow tlat it's probably tle literal Jescriptior of a
plaret's Jestructior. Òver time, tle mix of elemerts
- 1T -
tlat usually ,o to,etler to pass you tlis sort of cue
clar,es. Some corvertiors pass out of style (tlou,l
tley may come back later), wlile otlers come ir arJ
firJ acceptarce. MoJerr tales of private irvesti,ators
Jor't reaJ just like tle Slerlock Holmes stories, but
tleir correctiors remair obvious, sirce some of tle
tropes erJure arJ if you reaJ tle tales ir tlat ,erre
betweer Holmes arJ lis moJerr leirs, you car trace
tle evolutiorary steps alor, tle way.
Witl all of tle above ir mirJ, tler, we say tlat
Camma WorÌJ is a ,ame ir tle traJitior of primarily
sciertific post-apocalyptic aJverture. 1errible tlir,s
lappereJ to tle worlJ, but rot because of aliers or tle
returr of ma,ic, arJ erou,l people arJ lore surviveJ to
allow tle possibility of rew civilizatior emer,ir,. lr tle
meartime, people ofter leaJ Jramatic lives, combirir,
tle claller,es of survival ri,lt wlere tley are at tle
momert witl tle or,oir, quest to urJerstarJ arJ repair
tle mistakes of tle past.
º -||rc (1985, 2OO1) - 1lis Japarese arimateJ
movie las it all: fasciratir, ruirs, complex sclemes for
or,arizir, life ir tle 21st certury, weirJ powers arJ
lots of stuff blowir, up. We ||¸||y recommerJ tlat you
watcl tle 2OO1 re-release, witl vastly superior subtitlir,
arJ Jubbir, arJ cleareJ up sourJ.
ºlc Dern|er Comoct (1983) - You've probably rever
learJ of tlis film, but you sloulJ ,o see it. lt's ore of tle first
movies maJe by Luc Lessor, wlo woulJ ,o or to write arJ
Jirect T|e Irojess|onc|, T|e í|jt| í|ement, arJ otler cool
actior films. 1lis ore is set sometime after urkrowr war
arJ Jisaster, witl tle survivors almost ertirely JepriveJ of
tle power of speecl. 1ley make complex sclemes, ,et ir
eacl otler's way arJ try to survive as best tley car. lt's
beautiful arJ ofter very furry.
ºínJeµenJence Dcy (1996) - Stuff blows up. 1ler
more stuff blows up. Òl, arJ some stuff blows up. lf
you'J like some iJeas to crib for ruirs arJ mysterious
artifacts, tlis is a ,ooJ movie to loot.
º McJ Mcx (1979), McJ Mcx 2 (a.k.a. T|e RocJ
\crr|or) (1982), McJ Mcx ßeyonJ T|unJerJome (1985)
- lf you're ,oir, to watcl just ore movie wlile
preparir, to play Camma WorÌJ, it sloulJ probably
be McJ Mcx or McJ Mcx 2/T|e RocJ \crr|or. Mel
Cibsor plays police officer Max lockatarsky, wlo ir
tle first film tries first to forestall arJ tler to rever,e
a terrible attack or lis little towr wlile worlJ
civilizatior collapses. lr tle secorJ arJ tlirJ films le
appears as tle a,ir, lero wlo saves otlers at ,reat
cost to limself.
º T|e S|cµe oj T||n¸s to Come (1936) - H.C.
Wells wrote tlis story of JecaJes-lor, war arJ evertual
utopiar recorstructior or prirciples of scierce arJ
lo,ic. lrom a moJerr varta,e poirt, witl a few more
JecaJes of teclrocratic lorror ,ore by, it's larJ to
urcritically embrace all of Wells' visior, but tlere are
still sceres lere witl tremerJous emotioral power. lt's
available or D\D arJ well wortl watclir,.
º S|x-Str|n¸ Scmurc| (1998) - lf we laJ set tle
liral Wars ir 1958 arJ set up Llvis as kir, of tle
LriteJ States arJ tosseJ out all tle Als but aJJeJ ir
lussiar barJs performir, surf rock arJ tle
LrJerworlJ bereatl a wirJmill farm arJ if we
ircluJeJ ar overt superratural realm so tlat Deatl
coulJ appear lookir, like a lor,-lost member of Curs
& loses, tler Camma WorÌJ woulJ lave beer just
like tlis movie. lt's. well, ¨,orzo" is ar over-useJ
worJ, but lorestly, tlis is a ,orzo movie.
ºTetsuo. T|e íron Mcn (1988) - lf you're arytlir,
like tle Jeveloper arJ autlors of tle book you lave ir
larJ, you may lave askeJ at some poirt, ¨Say, coulJ l
turr myself irto a post-lumar cybor, ertity usir, orly
commor louselolJ implemerts arJ materials stoler
from factories`" 1lis black-arJ-wlite Japarese film
arswers tlat questior. Yes, you coulJ, but tle results
woulJ be messy. 1lis is a very stark arJ irterse film,
arJ you sloulJ Jefiritely rot watcl it if you lave a low
tlreslolJ for ,ore. Lut tlere's ro better source for tle
look arJ mertality of tle cybor, or a buJ,et.
º \cmµ|re Hunter D. ß|ooJ|ust (2OOO) - lor a
movie tlat's ir a very Jifferert part of tle post-
apocalyptic ,erre from tlis ,ame, tlis movie las a lot
to offer, from ,otlic spaceslips to some ,reat weirJ
mutarts. lt's also a satisfyir, story of urcertair
relatiorslips arJ tle extert to wlicl we car (or car't)
overcome our ratures.
º T|e DrowneJ \or|J, T|e Crystc| \or|J arJ T|e
ßurn|n¸ \or|J, by J.C. LallarJ. 1lese books eacl
clroricle tle erJ of tle worlJ as we krow it for
Jifferert reasors: by leat arJ flooJ arJ silt ir T|e
DrowneJ \or|J, by irfectious crystallizatior arJ tle
breakJowr of time itself ir T|e Crystc| \or|J, by
erJless Jrou,lt ir T|e ßurn|n¸ \or|J. llayers arJ CMs
lookir, for a more tlar usually plilosoplical approacl
to tleir ,ame sloulJ reaJ tlese arJ Jraw or LallarJ's
fusior of claracters' irterral lives to tle state of tle
perislir, worlJ arourJ tlem.
º Mot|er oj Storms, by Jolr Larres. 1lis is ar epic
rovel of ,lobal catastrople urleasleJ by a combiratior
- 18 -
º ícrt| -o|Jes, by Ceor,e Stewart. A tlou,ltful,
mostly quiet book tlat be,irs witl pla,ue wipir, out
rearly all of tle lumar race. 1le very best parts Jor't
lave ary of tle claracters ir tlem: tley clroricle tle
clar,es to wilJ arJ civilizeJ ervirormerts as tle
works of lumarity Jecay.
º ¨Damratior Alley," by lo,er zelazry. Never mirJ
tle movie, arJ for tlat matter rever mirJ tle rovel.
lirst tlere was a slort story, wlicl las appeareJ ir various
collectiors of zelazry's work arJ artlolo,ies of sf. lt's a
bleak arJ brutal tale, arJ proviJes ar excellerce serse of
life ir tle Camma WorlJ ri,lt after civilizatior collapses.
º Yo|o|cmc Kc|Jcs|| K||ou (RecorJ oj c Yo|o|cmc
S|oµµ|n¸ Tr|µ), writter arJ Jrawr by Asliraro
Hitosli. 1lis series is currertly appearir, ir tle
Japarese mar,a artlolo,y KoJcns|c -jternoon, witl
at least two far-createJ trarslatiors irto Lr,lisl
available or tle WorlJ WiJe Web. 1lis is a persoral
favorite of tle Jeveloper, a lusl, beautiful, slow-movir,
story of a lumar-seemir, robot arJ ler rei,lbors ir
a vill a,e outsiJe row-JrowreJ Yokolama. Ar
extremely complex story about Alpla, ler lor,-lost
creator arJ otlers urfolJs ,raJually, mixeJ ir witl
slice-of-life stories sometimes offerir, rotlir, but ore
,or,eous momert. 1lis i s tle moJel for post-
apocalyptic stories witl Jrama ever ir tle almost
complete abserce of actior.
º lttp://www.emptyworlJ.irfo/ - ¨Lmpty WorlJ,"
createJ arJ mairtaireJ by Lryar ArJersor. 1lis is a
reall y ,ooJ place to ,et more su,,estiors for
biblio,raply, mary of tlem witl useful commertary.
º lttp://oboyleploto.com/ruirs/irJex.ltm -
Slaur Ò'Loyle ploto,rapls tle ruirs of moJerr
builJir,s witl beauty arJ style. Look lere to see low
factories, lospitals, larbors arJ otler irJustrial
corstructiors Jecay. lt's ,reat irspiratior for ary
campai,r tlat ircluJes ruirs.
of petty jealousies arJ just plair screw-ups, Jrawir, or
very soliJ real scierce arJ witl some fresl spirs or
corvertioral villairs' motivatiors. 1lis is arotler work
tlat proviJes a particularly ,ooJ feel for tle way we
ervisioreJ life ir tle Camma WorlJ before collapse.
º T|e Iost mcn, by DaviJ Lrir. 1le movie
aJaptatior is better tlar it's usually ,iver creJit for,
but tle book is a ,em, composeJ of tlree rovellas
ori,irally publisleJ separately arJ beautiful lirkir,
vi,rettes. Lrir offers up a wealtl of attituJes about
tle fall of civilizatior arJ tle possibilities for life
afterwarJ. 1le arta,orists ir tle tlirJ part are
particularly ,ooJ carJiJates for ircorporatior irto
Camma WorÌJ campai,rs, too.
º - Ccnt|c|e jor le|oow|t,, by Walter J. Miller, Jr.
1lis is very likely tle sir,le most irfluertial post-
apocalyptic rovel arJ well wortl your reaJir,. Lor,
after tle apocalypse, morks recover some fra,merts of
tle lost sciertific a,e, set ir motior tle reirvertior of
civilizatior arJ firally Joom tlemselves all over a,air.
\ery rearly all post-apocalyptic scierce fictior writter
sirce tlis book appeareJ ir 1961 owes sometlir, to it,
wletler later works builJ or it or Jissert from it.
As of tle time tlis book was last eJiteJ, all tle
works citeJ lere were ir prirt arJ reaJily available
(tlou,l tlis may ircluJe special-orJerir, tlem
from clair bookstores or orlire verJors like
Amazor). Looks arJ films Jo sometimes ,o out of
prirt suJJerly, but if tlat lappers to a work tlat
irterests you, it sloulJ still be fairly easy to firJ
tlarks to lavir, beer ir prirt rot very lor, a,o.
Some importart arJ/or er,a,ir, works Jor't
appear ir tlis biblio,raply because tley're just too
larJ to firJ (arJ too expersive wler you Jo), arJ
it's cleatir, to tell reaJers arytlir, like, ¨You
sloulJ really reaJ tlis, but. la la' You car't'"
We've stuck to wlat you car ,o ,et if you'J like to.
U»:- i»: ti·x-¿:·t :x=: i: :.· ....x¿:, i .xt ¡.ti x t.+ =¿ »:·-t .:·:
..ii.: =:·: i»x- -.ot x-+ i »x+ -: o:x·+ i: t,:xt :|. At i»:¿ :x=: ., i»:
=:.-ix.- ·:x+ .- i»:.· :.x-t.-¿, ::.¿».-¿ .·:- .x¿:-, .: x.. ·x- o.:xi.-¿ |:· i»:
t»:.i:·t :- i»: ¿·x-.i: t.:,:t. kx·.i»:-, ..i» ».t ¿·:xi :.·.:+ »:·-t x-+
+x-¿..-¿ ¿:..:.:+ o:x·+, +.+ -:i |.:: o.i ti::+ xi:, x ¡x¿¿:+ :.i:·:,,.-¿ ..i»
i»: |.·: i.o: :- ».t t»:..+:·.
u: x.=:+ i»: |.·: i.o: xi i»: ti·x-¿:·t. 1»:¿ ti:,,:+ i»:.· .:».:.: x-+ ¿:i
:.i. 1»: :-: ..i» i»: ,.·,.: tt.- x-+ i:-ix:.:t .:·: i»·:: ox-+:..:·t :| t-..:t.
1»: :-: :.:xt:+ |·:= »:x+ i: i:: x-+ .:x·.-¿ x o·:xi».-¿ =xtt »x+ x .:-¿·.|.:
:- ».t ox:t. 1»: ».=x- .- i»: x·=:· =x+: :| .xt»:·t x-+ -.it .:·: :- :x:» ».,
x ,.ti:. o.¿¿:· i»x- i »x+ :.:· t::- :- x-¿ ·x.+:·. 1»: ¿.·. :x··.:+ -: .:x,:-t i
::..+ t::, o.i »:· t»x.:+ »:x+ x-+ i»: ixii::t i»xi ::.:·:+ »:· .:x- o:+¿ =x+:
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´U: =:x- ¿:. -: »x·=," tx.+ i»: :.:xt:+ :-:, ».t .:.:: i.--¿ x-+ =:-:i:-.:,
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i.-x..¿ »: -:++:+ t..¿»i.¿ x-+ ,:.-i:+ ., i»: ..-+.-¿, o·:t:- ·:x+ i»·:.¿»
i»: =:.-ix.-t. ´1»:·:," »: tx.+. ´Uxi:» |:· i»: o·:::xxt .- i»: .:ti:·- =:.-ix.-
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1»: ixii:::+ .:=x- i»x-t:+ ».= ::.·i::.t.¿ x-+ t»: x-+ »:· |:..:.t
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i»: o·:t:- ·:x+. i o:.-+:+ :.i :| =¿ t»:.i:·, »:,,.-¿ x-+ .:x,.-¿ :.:· i»: ·::tt
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´Y:. t:::-i i»:= i: i»: 1:=o :| i»: ¢:+t. v: ¿:. i».-t i»::¿¿ .... :.:x-t:
.i x-+ .:::: .... o: ·:.x·+:+´"
kx·.i»:- t-:·i:+. ´u:. 1»:¿ .... +...::, :x:» :-:."
´1»:- .»¿¿¿¿ +.+ ¿:. t:-+ i»:=´"
´1»xxxi .t ,·::.t:.¿ .»¿."
1»: ti·x-¿:·t -:.:· ·:i.·-:+, x-+ -:.i»:· +.+ i»: ¿:+t.
te,ulat cortact witl rot orl, ore arotlet but witl
tle otlet ,erot,pes as well. Wlile opiriors te,atJir,
pute-sttair lumars, mutarts arJ s,rtletics vat,
ftom commurit, to commurit, arJ irJiviJual to
irJiviJual, lumar ratute ptoviJes some ,eretalities.
Stock-lumar arJ pute-sttair-lumar commurities
terJ to lave arta,oristic ot ever aJvetsatial
telatiors. Stock lumars firJ pute-sttairs to be aloof,
elitist arJ irsulat, wlile pute-sttairs believe tlat
stock lumars lave become somewlat less tlar
lumar. lrJiviJuals arJ ,toups ma, establisl ttaJe
Jeals arJ ever fotm ,eruire ftierJslips wlile still
viewir, all tle test of tle otlet kirJ witl suspicior.
Stock lumars view mutarts witl vat,ir, Je,tees
of feat, late, erv, arJ atttactior. Tle mote morsttous
a mutart appeats, tle mote featful ot violert tle
tesporse; tle opposite is ttue of urusuall, atttactive
mutarts. ltolor,eJ cortact is tle orl, commor cute
fot tlis immeJiate bias; wler mutarts arJ lumars
live reatb,, tle, ofter erJ up coopetatir, or commor
,oals orce tle slock of fitst cortact weats off. Most
miJ-si:eJ arJ lat,et commurities ir tle Camma
WotlJ lave mir,leJ populatiors of stock lumars arJ
mutarts, patticulatl, ir tle lowet eclelors of societ,.
Mar, stock lumars believe tlat because
s,rtletics wete built to setve - wletlet ir wat ot
spott ot pleasute - tle, temair ptopett,. Tlese
people make ro Jistirctior betweer tle irtelli,ert,
ful l, self-awate arJtoiJ arJ tle mirJless
TtaslLot3OOO. Lver telativel, urbiaseJ, oper-
mirJeJ lumars lave Jifficult, ,taspir, tle iJea
tlat a maclire car be a livir,, tlirkir, ertit, witl
,oal s of its owr. Tlis i s patti culatl, ttue of
s,rtletics tlat became sportareousl, self-awate,
sirce tlete ma, be mar, examples of tle vet, same
maclire witl ro irtelli,erce at all. Òf coutse, some
s,rtletics tlirk as little, ot less, of lumars.
Stock lumars ate tle most commor clatactets.
Tle, ate like us ir reatl, evet, wa,, tlou,l tle,
ate petlaps somewlat latJiet tlar tle people of tle
moJetr Westetr wotlJ, arJ possess tle same irfirite
potertial. Despite tle competitior ftom otlet taces,
mutarts ir patticulat, stock lumars ma, ,et teclaim
tleit positior as tle Jomirart species.
Mucl of tle etlric Jivetsit, fourJ amor,
people ir tle moJetr wotlJ las beer lost sirce tle
erJ of tle Firal Wats; issues of sutvival fotceJ sucl
corcepts as ¨tace" arJ ¨etlricit," out of tle public
corsciousress, arJ subsequertl, out of tle ,ere pool.
Neatl, ar, combiratior of lumar featutes car be
fourJ amor, tle commurities of tle Camma WotlJ.
lr some tate irstarces, sucl as isolateJ commurities,
olJ etlric Jistirctiors lir,et or.
Most stock lumars fotm commurities tar,ir, ir
si:e ftom a few lurJteJ to a few tlousarJ irJiviJuals.
Smallet commurities exist, sucl as fatmsteaJs arJ
plartatiors, arJ a few lat,e cities Jot tle larJscape.
Civer tle evet-ptesert Jar,ets of tle time, most lumar
commurities ate walleJ arJ ptotecteJ b, some fotm of
police fotce ot militia. Commurit, leaJets ate solJiets
as ofter as tle, ate politiciars, arJ fotms of ,ovetrmert
vat, corsiJetabl,. Howevet, fot evet, ti,lt-fisteJ
Jictatotslip ot reat-aratclist commure tlete ate ter
witl effective, if impetfect, s,stems of ,ovetrmert.
Democtatic teptesertatior, feuJalism arJ oli,atcl, ate
tle tltee most commor fotms of ,ovetrmert amor,
Camma WotlJ lumars.
Stock lumars ate tle most rumetous
irlabitarts of tle Camma WotlJ, arJ come irto
beir,s tlat toam tle Camma WotlJ, tlou,l as
ofter as rot tle, ate tle ptoJucts (ot JescerJarts)
of irtertioral Jesi,r tatlet tlar tarJom mutatior.
Firall,, b, tle erJ of tle Firal Wats lumarit, laJ
,ore be,orJ customi:ir, life, to cteatir, it out of
wlole clotl. S,ut|et|cs ircluJe evet,tlir, ftom
atmoteJ tobots to passabl, lumar arJtoiJs, arJ
ever l,btiJs of mar arJ maclire.
Tlete ate fout ,erot,pes, ot ¨taces," oper to
Camma WorÌJ pla,et clatactets (lCs). Stoc|
|umcus ate tle JescerJarts of tle sutvivots of tle
Firal Wats, wlo lave liveJ, bteJ arJ ptospeteJ ir
tle aftetmatl of /tma,eJJor. Iure-strc|u |umcus
lave mara,eJ to slielJ tlemselves ftom tle social,
ervitormertal arJ biolo,ical tava,es of tle Firal
Wats. Mutcuts ate tle vast Jivetsit, of ¨lumar-like"
Stock lumars terJ to place families, ftierJs
arJ commurit, above otlet aspects of life, ir tlat
otJet. Faitl arJ Jut, ate ofter irtticatel, tieJ to
tlose tltee, arJ follow closel,. Some irJiviJuals
firJ stter,tl ir alle,iarce to cettair plilosoplical
iJeals sucl as ¨,ooJ" ot ¨evil;" mar, otlets put
eattll, mattets sucl as wealtl arJ pleasute ir tle
foteftort. Òvetall, stock lumars of tle Camma
WotlJ ate as vatieJ as lumars lave evet beer, witl
alle,iarces irfluerceJ b, arJ sliftir, Jutir, tleit
ertite lives.
Stock lumars ate tle starJatJ b, wlicl otlet taces
ate measuteJ; tle, ,air ro special aJvarta,es ot
JisaJvarta,es. Tle rumbet of skill poirts arJ feats a stock
lumar ,airs ate as pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru, arJ all tules
te,atJir, si:e, speeJ arJ otlet Jetails temair urclar,eJ.
/ stock lumar car cloose ar, stattir, occupatior.
lute-sttair lumars ate tlose irJiviJuals wlo
lave, tltou,l teclrolo,, arJ pl,sical isolatior,
temaireJ lat,el, urmolesteJ b, tle tava,es of tle
Firal Wats. Hailir, ftom temote commurities ot
ptotecteJ ervitormerts built befote tle Firal Wats,
pute-sttair lumars ate tle olJest rew membets of
tle Camma WotlJ. Tlou,l blesseJ witl tle
teclrolo,, arJ krowleJ,e of tle ptevious a,e,
pute-sttair lumars lack petsoral expetierce arJ
ofter ever tleotetical irfotmatior about tle
ervitormerts of tle Camma /,e.
lute-sttair lumars ate moJetr |omo scµ|eus.
Some isolateJ pute-sttair commurities wete
composeJ ertitel, of irJiviJuals of a specific
etlricit, ot ratioralit,, wlile otlet pute-sttair
lumars ate embt,os fto:er befote tle Firal Wats
arJ orl, tecertl, btou,lt to tetm. lute-sttair
lumars ate vet, ofter mote atttactive tlar tleit
stock lumar courtetpatts: Latl, ir tle 21st certut,,
scierce JiscoveteJ wa,s to tweak tle ,eres of urbotr
clilJter to ptoviJe paterts witl a cloice of lait arJ
e,e colot, lei,lt arJ wei,lt. Tlese Jesitable ttaits
petsist ir tle closeJ ,ere pools of pute-sttair
commurities. lr tate cases, a commurit, of pute-
sttair lumars is composeJ ertitel, of tle clores of
orl, a few membets, calleJ tle lata,ors. lata,ors,
arJ tlus all membets of tle commurit,, ate usuall,
¨petfect" examples of tleit patticulat etlricit,,
exemplif,ir, tle starJatJs of beaut, fot tle ,toup
ir questior at tle time tle, wete ptesetveJ.
Clar,ir, social assumptiors arJ expectatiors keep
tlis beaut, ftom lavir, its maximum effect ir
wirrir, otlets' irtetest ot suppott.
Tle commurities of pute-sttair lumars ate
alwa,s isolateJ, arJ reatl, alwa,s teclrolo,icall,
aJvarceJ. Liospletes, sleltets, vaults arJ otlet
closeJ ervitormerts, krowr as Wombs, fotm tle
certets of most pute-sttair commurities. CatJers,
plartatiors, wotkslops arJ otlet ¨ptactical"
locatiors suttourJ tlese certtal sttuctutes. \isitots
to pute-sttair commurities ate tatel,, if evet,
irviteJ irto tle Womb. Wlile tle sott of leaJetslip
arJ social s,stem will vat, amor, pute-sttair
commurities, tle tole of tle Womb is a corstart:
Tle commurit,'s powet sttuctute, listot,, wealtl
arJ f utute tesi Je ir tle Womb. HeteJitat,
leaJetslip witl some sott of teptesertative suppott
sttuctute is most commor amor, pute-sttair
commurities, tlou,l mote libetal Jemoctacies arJ
fascist autoctacies sometimes appeat.
lsolatior ptesetveJ tle lar,ua,es, cultutes arJ
vet, lives of tle pute-sttair lumars of tle Camma
WotlJ, arJ cortirues to ptesetve tlem. Howevet,
fot tlose commurities tlat lave closer ot beer
fotceJ to tejoir tle outsiJe wotlJ, tlete is ro cloice
but to commuricate arJ ttaJe witl mutarts,
s,rtletics arJ sullieJ lumarit,.
laiseJ ir slelteteJ ervitormerts meart to
ptesetve krowleJ,e as well as life, pute-sttair
lumars ate mote awate tlar otlets of tle listot,
leaJir, up to tle Firal Wats. Tle, tletefote usuall,
view mutarts (at least ,ereticall, er,ireeteJ ores)
arJ s,rtletics as marufactuteJ ,ooJs tatlet tlar
as irJiviJuals witl tlou,lts, ,oals arJ souls. lute-
sttair lumars ofter tteat ptesumptuous ot atto,art
mutarts arJ s,rtletics as tecalcittart clilJter,
wlile violert arJ Jar,etous ores ate tteateJ as pets
saJl, ,ore tabiJ. lute-sttair lumars see ror-
er,ireeteJ mutarts arJ post-Firal Wats s,rtletics,
lowevet tate, as urfotturate acciJerts. /s to tle
test, cteatutes arJ maclires spawreJ ftom tle
lottots of tle Firal Wats arJ its aftetmatl lave
ro place ir tle pute-sttair lumars' wotlJ.
lute-sttair lumars' telatiors witl stock
lumars ate ptecatious. lute-sttair lumars ofter
view stock lumars as urfotturate (arJ irfetiot)
,our,et si blir,s wlo wete rot affotJeJ tle
ptotectior arJ oppotturities of slelteteJ existerce.
Sirce most pute-sttair commurities ate telativel,
small, stock lumars ate ofter btou,lt ir as wotkets,
ctaftsmer arJ ,uiJes. Òr tate occasiors, stock
lumars witl patticulatl, Jesitable ,eretic ttaits
ma, be aJJeJ to a bteeJir, pool ir ar attempt to
bolstet tle ofter irbteJ pute-sttair pool.
lt is impottart to rote tlat rot all pute-sttair
commurities ate likel, to ,et alor, witl ore arotlet.
Tle, ate telics of tle Firal Wats arJ tle time befote;
tle tesiJerts ofter catt, witl tlem ptejuJices, iJeals
arJ ambitiors ftom tlat eta. Some pute-sttair
commurities wete built ertitel, atourJ a cettair
iJeolo,, ot ptejuJice, establisleJ b, leaJets wlo
warteJ to ptotect tleit tace, cteeJ, lirea,e ot
iJeolo,, ftom tle tava,es of tle Firal Wats. Wler
two opposir, ,toups of pute-sttair lumars meet, tle
tesults car be catasttoplic (tlou,l tle temairs ofter
make fot ,ooJ scaver,ir, b, stock lumars, mutarts
arJ s,rtletics).
lr Camma WorÌJ, tle tetm ¨mutart" tefets to
ar, arJ all ror-s,rtletic, ror-lumar cteatutes.
Wler speakir, of lCs, tle Jefiritior is mucl tle
same, witl tle aJJeJ Jistirctior tlat tle, ate
irtelli,ert, talkir, tlir,s. Despite tle reatl,
irfirite vatieties of mutarts, lCs will fit irto ore
of tlese fout basic ,toups.
ª EngineereJ AnimaÌs: Tlese ate some of tle most
commor mutarts ir tle Camma WotlJ, arJ tle most
likel, to bteeJ ttue arJ cteate commurities of tleit
owr. Firal Wats eta sciertists Jesi,reJ tlese ¨moteaus"
ptimatil, as livir, weapors arJ l,pet-speciali:eJ
wotkets arJ solJiets, tlou,l some bteeJs wete maJe
fot ertettairmert, pleasute arJ expetimertatior.
Wlatevet a patticulat sttair's oti,irs, mar, of tlem
escapeJ irto tle wilJ Jutir, ot immeJiatel, followir,
tle Firal Wats arJ rot orl, sutviveJ, but ptospeteJ.
/lmost ar, mammal ima,irable, arJ a few teptiles arJ
bitJs, lave beer elevateJ to tlis mar-like status, arJ
to vat,ir, Je,tees. (Fot irfotmatior or cteatir, moteau
lCs, see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Li,lt: FtierJs arJ Foes,
¨Moteau," Morecu C|crccters.)
ª EngineereJ Humans: Lr,ireeteJ lumars
wete almost as commor as er,ireeteJ arimals
Jutir, tle Firal Wats but setveJ Jiffetert putposes.
lr tle case of er,i reeteJ lumars, cettair
aJvarta,eous ttaits wete eitlet erlarceJ ftom
witlir ot ,tafteJ orto tle starJatJ lumar ,erome.
Fat mote valuable tlar mete arimals, er,ireeteJ
lumars setveJ as spies, sciertists, explotets,
ctusaJets arJ supet-solJiets. Òrl, tle sttairs of
er,ireeteJ lumars tlat coulJ bteeJ ttue temair
ir tle Camma /,e, but sclolats suspect tlat a fat
,teatet vatiet, of stetile er,ireeteJ lumars existeJ
Jutir, tle Firal Wats. Tleit ,eretic matetial ma,
,et temair ir liJJer labotatoties, pute-sttair
lumar atcolo,ies ot similat locatiors.
ª New-Men: New-mer ate tle tesult of
acciJertal mutati ors causeJ b, tle tampart
ervitormertal Jama,e of tle Firal Wats arJ
ambiert biotecl pollutarts; urlike ttue mutarts,
tle, bteeJ ttue (at least ore ,eretatior must pass
or tleit mutateJ ttaits to eatr tle rame rew-
mer). Mucl tatet tlar er,ireeteJ mutarts arJ
Tecb FamiÌiarity: Tle macliret, of tle Firal
Wats was built ptecisel, fot use b, tle people wlo
ate row calleJ pute-sttair lumars; botl tle people
arJ tle tecl krow it, almost irstirctivel,. Tletefote,
pute-sttair-lumar clatactets ,air a competerce
borus wler usir, latJtecl arJ soultecl (see
Claptet Six fot mote irfotmatior or teclrolo,,
t,pes) equal to 2 + ore-lalf tleit clatactet level,
tourJeJ Jowr. Tle, suffet a peralt, wler usir,
bioteclrolo,,, lowevet - bioteclrolo,, las
aJapteJ to tle Camma WotlJ mote teaJil, tlar
pute-sttair lumars, arJ biotecl Jevices ro lor,et
teliabl, teco,ri:e tleit oti,iral mastets. Tle DCs of
all tolls to aral,:e arJ use bioteclrolo,, ate (6 -
lrt borus) li,let tlar usual fot pute-sttair lumars.
Reputation: lute-sttair lumars ate, Jue to tleit
isolatior, rot well krowr amor, lumar arJ mutart
commurities. Wler Jealir, witl sucl commurities,
pute-sttair lumars suffet a -2 peralt, or leputatior
clecks. Tlis peralt, ma, be lessereJ ot temoveJ aftet
tepeateJ ot cortirueJ cortact witl a ,iver commurit,.
FocuseJ: lute-sttair lumars ate rot as
aJaptable as tleit stock lumar courtetpatts. /s
sucl, tle, ,air ore fewet feat at 1st level tlar
starJatJ J20 MoJeru clatactets. Tle, Jo, lowevet,
tetair tle same rumbet of skill poirts.
Tle alle,iarce most pute-sttair lumars place
above all otlets is tlat of ,erot,pe: Tle ,eretic
blueptirt fot lumarit, must cortirue or, ot lumar
beir,s mi,lt as well lave revet existeJ at all.
Commurit, ofter comes ir a close secorJ, followeJ
b, ar, iJeals built irto tle isolateJ commurit,,
sucl as teli,ious beliefs ot political learir,s.
llilosoplical iJeals sucl as ¨,ooJ" arJ ¨evil" ate
orl, impottart irsofat as tle, affect tle cortirueJ
existerce of tle pute-sttair ,ere pool arJ ate
correcteJ to tle commurit,'s iJeolo,,.
AbiÌities: +2 Corstitutior, +2 lrtelli,erce, -
2 Stter,tl, -2 Clatisma. lute-sttair lumars ate,
or aveta,e, exposeJ to mucl mote effective
eJucatioral matetials arJ teclriques tlar otlet
clatactets ir tle Camma WotlJ. lr aJJitior,
meJical teclrolo,, las maJe tlem lealtliet tlar
stock lumars arJ exttemel, tesistart to mutatior.
Howevet, isolateJ lifest,les arJ teirfotceJ iJeals
car make pute-sttair lumars Jifficult to Jeal witl
ir spite of tleit pl,sical atttactiveress, arJ latJ
labot vet, ofter takes a backseat to teclrical wotk.
Most mutarts urJetstarJ wl, tle, ate feateJ
arJ slurreJ b, lumars: Mutarts teptesert botl tle
sirs of tle past as well as a futute ir wlicl lumarit,
is orl, a listotical footrote. Neitlet lumars rot
mutarts ofter atticulate it ir tlose wotJs, but tle
sertimert is tlete. Òr tle lumar-mutart
cortiruum, wlete extteme mutatiors (er,ireeteJ
ot acciJertal) teptesert ore pole arJ pute-sttair
lumars tle otlet, tle closet ir to tle certet, wlete
stock lumars ovetlap witl tle milJl, mutateJ, tle
bettet telatiors ate betweer lumar arJ mutart.
Necessit, car, of coutse, lelp balarce tle scale; ever
pute-sttair lumars will slow ,tuJ,ir, tespect fot
tle mutart ,uiJes tlat leaJ tlem to ftesl watet arJ
fettile soil.
Wlete tle telatiorslips betweer lumars arJ
mutarts ate ofter JefireJ b, mutual feat, tempeteJ
b, reeJ arJ ever ¨pto,tammeJ" belaviot, tle
telatiorslip betweer mutarts arJ s,rtletics is
almost ertitel, urJefireJ. Lioteclrolo,, arJ
c,betretics wete competir, teclrolo,ies tltou,lout
tle JecaJes befote tle Firal Wats, uriteJ orl,
occasiorall, b, raroteclrolo,ical ptojects. Some
s,rtletics wete Jesi,reJ to lurt Jowr arJ Jestto,
mutarts, wlile some er,ireeteJ arimals arJ lumars
wete Jesi,reJ to quickl, iJertif, irttusior b,
arJtoiJs arJ c,bot,s. lr tle Camma WotlJ, mutarts
arJ s,rtletics Jo rot ,eretall, firJ tlemselves
competir, fot tle same space ot tesoutces, wlicl
teJuces tle corflict betweer tle ,toups, but irletert
Jisttust petsists occasiorall,.
Fot rew-mer, er,ireeteJ arimals arJ otlet
mutarts livir, amor, tleit owr kirJ, famil,
(rucleat ot exterJeJ, blooJ ot aJopteJ) is tle most
impottart alle,iarce. Famil, keeps ore safe,
ptoviJes fot ore's reeJs, arJ ptomises a futute fot
ore's offsptir,. To tle emet,ert taces of tle
Camma WotlJ, tlese ate tle tltee most impottart
aspects of life. /ftet famil,, commurit, is ar
impottart factot ir tle lives of mutarts, as is
ftierJslip fot tlose luck, erou,l to lave borJeJ
witl people outsiJe tle famil, ot commurit,.
Mutarts, livir, ir a latsl wotlJ tlat ofter looks at
tlem like eitlet pteJatots ot pte,, put little stock
ir plilosoplical iJeals, ot,ari:eJ teli,iors, political
beliefs ot complex social sttuctutes.
Fot er,ireeteJ arimals arJ mutarts, ,ereticall,
er,ireeteJ belaviot car Jetetmire tle beliefs arJ
values of ar ertite mutart sttair. Lver lor, aftet
tle mastets ate JeaJ, tle setvarts ate still wotkir,
ever ttue mutarts, rew-mer teptesert ratute's
abilit, to aJapt ir ever tle Jitest of citcumstarces.
New-mer make up a vet, small petcerta,e of tle
mutart populatior, arJ ate tatel, ercourteteJ ir
,toups lat,et tlar ar exterJeJ famil, ot small
villa,e, but roretleless qualif, as a species all tleit
owr - arJ ma, vet, well be tle irletitots of tle
Camma WotlJ.
ª True Mutants: Tlese, tle most rumetous
sub-,toup, ate tle tesult of tarJom ,eretic
acciJerts tlat occut because of tle biotecl soup
floatir, ir tle ait arJ watet, tle back,tourJ
taJiatior left ovet ftom tle Firal Wats' firal volle,s,
arJ tle Jespetate attempts b, ratute to put tlir,s
ti,lt. De,eretate lumars, elevateJ arimals arJ
l,btiJs betweer tle two: No two ttue mutarts ate
alike. Most ttue mutarts Jie slottl, aftet bittl, tleit
boJies so twisteJ b, Jefects tlat tle, carrot
sutvive. Òtlet ttue mutarts ate tlose wlo lave
beer blesseJ ever as tle, lave beer cutseJ, wlose
Jefects Jo rot ovetwlelm tleit aJvarta,es. Stock
lumars arJ ever otlet sotts of mutarts wlo
metamotplose futtlet aftet exposute to muta,ers
Jutir, tle coutse of tleit lives also fall irto tle
cate,ot, of ttue mutart.
Mutarts vat, fat too mucl to suppott mote tlar
tle va,uest ,eretalities about tleit appeatarce.
Most mutarts ate bipeJal lumaroiJs, lave ttaits
Jispla,ir, tleit mutatiors (cat-like e,es fot ri,lt
visior, tlick scales fot ratutal atmot), arJ tetair
ttaits teptesertative of tleit oti,iral stock (lumar
ot arimal). Òf coutse, rore of tlese tules ate latJ
arJ fast arJ ar, ,iver mutart ma, bteak ar, ot all
of tlem.
Mutarts usuall, fotm commurities of tleit
owr. Tlis is patticulatl, ttue amor, er,ireeteJ
arimals arJ rew-mer; botl ,toups ptefet to take
comfott arJ firJ ptotectior amor, tleit owr kirJ.
Lr,ireeteJ lumars live amor, stock lumars mote
ofter tlar rot; wlile ir mar, cases tleit
appeatarce ma, be ro mote irrocuous tlar tlat
of arotlet sttair of mutart, tle, fit irto lumar
social iJeals mote teaJil,. Ttue mutarts firJ lomes
wletevet tle, car. Wlile less ovett mutarts ate
able to live amor, botl lumars arJ mutarts, tlose
suffetir, ftom extteme mutatiors ate slurreJ b,
all but tle most libetal of societies. LarJs of sucl
mutarts, romaJs livir, as barJits ot lurtet-
,atletets, ate commor.
to accomplisl tleit tasks, arJ a
pla,et clatactet saJJleJ witl
sucl a butJer woulJ cettairl,
ptovi Je fot irtetestir,
tolepla,ir, oppotturities.
AbiÌities anJ Mutations:
Mutart clatactets be,ir witl
3 mirot positive mutatiors, 1
majot positive mutatior arJ 1
mirot re,ative mutatior.
Cloose tle positive
mutatiors, arJ tler toll fot
tle re,ative ore. (See
Claptet Tltee: FX fot tle
mutatior Jesctiptiors.) lf tle
re,ative mutatior Jitectl,
carcels out a positive ore, te-
toll it urless tle pla,et arJ
CM a,tee tlat it's suitable to
lave a mutart clatactet erJ
up less mutateJ tlar usual.
You ma, also cloose to
aJJ aJJitioral mutatiors to
,out clatactet at cteatior
time, usir, tle followir,
ª Cive up 2 mirot
positive mutatiors arJ toll
fot ar aJJitioral majot
positive mutatior, fot a total
of 1 mirot arJ 2 majot tatlet
tlar tle usual 3 arJ 1.
ª loll fot ar aJJitioral
mirot positive mutatior arJ
ar aJJitioral mirot
re,ative mutatior, witl tle
same optior fot te-tollir,
Jitectl, corflictir,
mutatiors JesctibeJ above.
Cenetic InstabiÌity:
Mutarts of all sotts suffet
ftom ,eretic irstabilit,.
/ll mutart clatactets
suffet a -2 peralt, or all
saves a,airst Jevelopir,
rew mutatiors (sucl as
wler exposeJ to
ervitormertal muta,ers;
see Claptet Tltee fot
milJ muta,er ot ,air a rew mutatior. Lr,ireeteJ
arimals arJ lumars Jo rot sportareousl, mutate ir
tlis faslior. See Claptet Tltee: FX fot mote Jetails.
Feats anJ SkiÌÌs: Mutart clatactets ate rot as
aJaptable ot skilleJ as lumar clatactets. / 1st-level
mutart clatactet las ore fewet feat arJ + fewet skill
poirts tlar starJatJ J20 MoJeru clatactets. lr
aJJitior, tle, teceive ore fewet skill poirt pet level
tlar tle starJatJ J20 MoJeru clatactet (witl a
mirimum of 1 skill poirt pet level).
mote Jetails). Tlis peralt, ircteases b, -1 fot evet,
two clatactet levels (fot example, a mutart 2rJ-level
Sttor, leto suffets a -3 to let save a,airst mutatior).
Spontaneous Mutation: Tle bioclemical soup
tlat makes up mucl of tle Camma WotlJ
ervitormert car ptoJuce tarJom effects or mutart
clatactets. Wlerevet a rew-mar ot ttue mutart
clatactet ,airs a class level ot is krockeJ Jowr to O
ot fewet lit poirts, tle clatactet must make a
FottituJe save as if tle clatactet laJ ercourteteJ a
Lver as ore cortir,ert of tle wotlJ's sciertists
was wtestlir, witl tle ,amma suburit, otlets wete
puslir, tle limits of tobotics arJ computet
pto,tammir,. No ore car sa, wler tle lire
betweer ¨tobot" arJ ¨s,rtletic" was ctosseJ; but
b, tle lei,lt of tle Firal Wats, tlese maclires,
irtelli,ert arJ self-awate, wete fi,ltir, alor,siJe
(ot ir lieu of) lumar arJ er,ireeteJ solJiets.
Lfficierc, was tle tule of tle Ja,, arJ tle same
self-tepait arJ ambiert powet subs,stems tlat kept
tle maclires out of tle wotkslops arJ or tle
battlefielJs keep tlem turrir, ir tle Camma
WotlJ. Tlou,l tatet tlar tle otlet pla,able
,erot,pes, s,rtletic clatactets teptesert ar
urusual tolepla,ir, oppotturit,.
S,rtletics come ir ar, rumbet of slapes, t,pes
arJ si:es. Some wete plusl to,s equippeJ witl
tobotic erJoskeletors arJ /l btairs. Òtlets wete
lulkir, cltome morsttosities, Jesi,reJ to irspite
tettot befote la,ir, waste to tle erem,. /rJtoiJs
(s,rtletics Jesi,reJ to appeat mostl, lumar ot at
least pleasir, to lumar sersibilities) wete commor
as well, as ertettairets, spies arJ atticles of pleasute.
/rJtoiJs ate tle most lumar-like s,rtletics.
Wlile close irspectior teveals tle s,rtletic
ratute of tle arJtoiJ's skir, lait arJ e,es, to tle
casual obsetvet ar arJtoiJ appeats to be a lumar
bei r, (ever ,oir, so fat as to lave boJ,
tempetatute, bteatl arJ saliva). Mairtairir, tle
outwatJ appeatarce of ar arJtoi J is labot-
irtersive arJ expersive; ir tle Camma WotlJ,
mar, arJtoiJs (ot tleit owrets) Jo rot lave tle
recessat, tesoutces, so tle arJtoiJ be,irs to
appeat ta,,eJ, wotr arJ ill-useJ. Òvet time, ar
urkempt arJtoiJ appeats mote like a walkir,
cotpse tlar a lumar beir,.
C,bot,s, or tle otlet larJ, lave ar ot,aric
sleatl of livir, tissue tlat leals like ar, otlet: New
lait ,tows, wourJs scab ovet arJ evertuall, leal
arJ so or. Tle livir, tissue covetir, a c,bot, is
tlat of a rotmal lumar, usuall, rorJesctipt. Sirce
tle tissue is livir,, lowevet, mutatiors car occut
ir tle flesl, usuall, limiteJ to Jetmal mutatiors
like clar,es ir skir colot arJ textute. lr ar, case,
tle lirk betweer tle c,bot, arJ its flesl sleatl is
so tuJimertat, tlat it carrot corttol ar,
aJvarta,eous mutatiors tle tissue ma, acquite. lf
tle flesl of a c,bot, is evet completel, Jestto,eJ,
sucl as ir a fite ot Jue to leav, taJiatior, tle c,bot,
looks like ar arimateJ metal skeletor.
lobots ate ,eretall, va,uel, lumaroiJ (at least
two le,s, two atms, arJ ore leaJ). Some lave ttacks,
spiJet-like le,s ot wleels fot locomotior, arJ some
lave multiple atms fot complex tasks, but tle vast
majotit, of tobot clatactets look like self-ptopelleJ
suits of powet atmot. \arit, is rot a tobotic ttait;
urless tle tobot's ttavelir, compariors take pairs
to make it otletwise, a tobot clatactet is likel, to be
coveteJ ir sctapes, Jerts, sctatcles arJ butr matks.
S,rtletics lave ro krowr commurities of tleit
owr. Wlile some car blerJ irto lumar
commurities arJ otlets car f irJ a place ir
cosmopolitar certets alor,siJe vatious kirJs of
mutarts, s,rtletics tatel, ,atlet ir erou,l rumbets
to be corsiJeteJ a famil,, let alore a commurit,.
Fot tle most patt, ftee s,rtletics ate lomeless
warJetets: Tle, ate reatl, as valuable as spate patts
as tle, ate as wotkir, urits, makir, ar, ler,tl, sta,
evertuall, Jar,etous. S,rtletics ir tle possessior
of irJiviJuals ot commurities (most commorl, but
b, ro mears exclusivel, amor, pute-sttair lumars)
carrot be saiJ to be a patt of tle commurit, so mucl
as a commurit, asset. lumots petsist of a ¨tobot
ratior," but tlete is ro ptoof of its existerce - arJ
tle s,rtletics likel, wisl it to temair tlat wa,.
To most otlet tlirkir, cteatutes, s,rtletics ate
at best tools arJ at wotst weapors; tle,'te ofter mote
ot less ti,lt. Lver self-awateress carrot etase tle
cote pto,tammir, of a s,rtletic (a featute Jesi,reJ
vet, eatl, or ir tle Jevelopmert of self-awate
maclires) arJ a s,rtletic clatactet tlat ptefets
lumar ot mutart compar, most likel, Joes so
because it is pto,tammeJ to. Nor-s,rtletics ofter
fail to see tlis arJ become ¨ftierJs" witl tle
s,rtletic. /ltlou,l appteciateJ, tle ,estute is latJl,
recessat, ftom tle petspective of tle s,rtletic. Most
ofter, s,rtletics ate corstartl, beir, apptaiseJ arJ
evaluateJ, ,au,eJ or low valuable ot Jar,etous tle,
ma, be. /s ofter as rot, s,rtletics teciptocate.
Most s,rtletics possess orl, tle alle,iarces witl
wlicl tle, wete pto,tammeJ. Self-awateress Joes rot
mear ftee will, arJ most s,rtletics ate JeJicateJ to
ore ot mote ,oals, usuall, political, militat, ot
sciertific ir ratute. Tle fact tlat tle political, militat,
ot sciertific irstitutior tlat cteateJ tle s,rtletic ro
lor,et exists is ittelevart to its pto,tammir,: / ,teat
rumbet of s,rtletics sperJ tleit ertite existerces
tt,ir, to aclieve a ,oal ot tecovet ar alle,iarce lor,
sirce blowr to Just. lr almost all cases, tlis leaJs to
wlat is krowr as c,bet-scli:oplteria, ir wlicl tle
s,rtletic's pto,tammir, be,irs to compersate fot tle
uraclievable ,oal witl Jelusiors, wilJ irtetptetatiors
of its oti,iral pto,tammir, arJ ever lalluciratiors.
lC s,rtletics car ,air rew alle,iarces, ot altet
existir, ores, witl ,teat effott (as JetaileJ below).
AbiÌities anJ Size: Tle abilit, scote moJifiets
fot s,rtletic clatactets JeperJ or si:e. S,rtletics
ma, be Small, MeJium, ot Lat,e. lr aJJitior to
tle usual effects of si:e, eacl si:e catties tle
followir, moJifiets:
Smc|| s,rtletics lave a -2 moJifiet to Stter,tl
arJ +2 moJifiet to tleit Dextetit,. Tle base
movemert tate fot Small s,rtletics is 3O feet pet
tourJ. Due to tleit small si:e, tle, also ,air a +2
,erot,pe borus or Lalarce arJ HiJe clecks.
MeJ|um s,rtletics lave ro aJjustmerts to tleit
abilit, scotes arJ lave a base speeJ of 3O feet pet tourJ.
lcr¸e s,rtletics lave a +2 moJifiet to Stter,tl
arJ -2 moJifiet to Dextetit,. Tle, lave a base
movemert tate of 3O feet pet tourJ. lr aJJitior, Lat,e
s,rtletics irctease tleit class Hit Die t,pe b, ore (fot
example, ftom a J8 to a J1O), to a maximum of a J12.
/ll s,rtletics ,air a +2 moJifiet to lrtelli,erce
arJ a -2 moJifiet to Clatisma. Wlile tleit electtoric
btairs car petfotm mar, furctiors mucl fastet tlar
ot,aric cteatutes, s,rtletics ofter lave Jifficult,
telatir, to ot,arics (arJ ever to eacl otlet).
Construct: S,rtletic clatactets ate corsttucts.
Corsttucts ate immure to mirJ-irfluercir, effects,
poisor, sleep, patal,sis, sturrir,, Jisease arJ ar,
effect tlat tequites a FottituJe save (urless tle effect
also wotks or objects ot is latmless). Due to tle
extteme complexi ties of s,rtletic Jesi,r
teclrolo,,, s,rtletic clatactets ate subject to
ctitical lits arJ tle effects of massive Jama,e.
Corsttucts use Clatisma irsteaJ of Corstitutior
fot clecks tlat livir, clatactets make witl Cor.
Damage ReJuction: /ll s,rtletic clatactets
ate tesistart to Jama,e ftom kiretic soutces, sucl
as purcles, kicks, bullets arJ falls. S,rtletics lave
Jama,e teJuctior 5/eret,,.
SeÌf Repair: /ll s,rtletics lave built ir self-
tepait s,stems. S,rtletic lCs ¨leal" at tle same
tate as otlet clatactets as lor, as tle s,rtletic
clatactet las access to ror-ot,aric matetials. Tle
bits of jurk tlat setve as cutterc, ir tle Camma
WotlJ qualif,; tletefote eacl Ja, of ¨lealir," tle
s,rtletic urJet,oes teJuces tle clatactet's
Wealtl borus b, -1 poirt. Òrce tle clatactet
teacles +O Wealtl, it car ro lor,et leal urless
someore else pa,s tle costs. Wealtl teJuceJ tlis
wa, tetutrs at tle same tate as Wealtl lost fot
otlet teasors (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Fout:
Lquipmert, ¨lutclasir, Lquipmert," ºe¸c|u|u¸
\ec|t| fot Jetails). lr aJJitior, tle lepait skill
ma, be useJ or a s,rtletic clatactet ir tle same
marret as tle Tteat lrjut, skill is useJ or otlet
clatactets. Tteat lrjut,, biolo,ical meJicires, arJ
otlet metloJs f ot leali r, ror-s,rtleti c
clatactets Jo rotlir, fot s,rtletics arJ ate wasteJ
if useJ. LpgraJeabÌe: S,rtletic clatactets ma,
be up,taJeJ, ircteasir, tleit capabilities arJ
irletert abilities. See tle Lquipmert sectior fot
example s,rtletic clatactet up,taJes.
Narrow Focus: S,rtletic clatactets lave specific
pto,tammir, tlat Jetetmires tleit capabilities.
S,rtletic clatactets lave a set of skills calleJ cote
skills, wlicl ircluJes all class skills ,aireJ ftom tleit
fitst basic class level arJ tleit closer occupatior.
Tlese skills ate alwa,s corsiJeteJ class skills fot
putposes of skill poirt cost arJ maximum tarks baseJ
Tle letoes of tle Camma /,e possess tle qualities
tlat ate terowreJ ir tle letoes of all tle a,es: stter,tl,
ptowess, erJutarce, currir,, wisJom arJ leaJetslip.
Tle J20 MoJeru ,ame s,stem's basic classes (tle Sttor,,
Fast, Tou,l, Smatt, DeJicateJ, arJ Clatismatic letoes)
quartif, tlese letoic qualities.
/ clatactet's abilit, scotes, ,erot,pe arJ
occupatior car be tlou,lt of as a fourJatior upor
wlicl tle sttuctute arJ façaJe of tle clatactet will
be built. Tlis corsttuctior cortirues fot as lor, as
tle clatactet is pla,eJ (tltou,l tle level-,airir,
ptocess). lr tle be,irrir,, lowevet, tle clatactet
must lave at least a ftame upor wlicl to builJ.
Camma WorÌJ letoes statt tle ,ame as 3tJ-level
clatactets. Lacl level tepteserts a sta,e ir tlat
clatactet's life arJ tle claller,es tlat wete ovetcome
to teacl tle rext sta,e. Fot some clatactets, 1st-level
mi,lt lave sttetcleJ ovet a JecaJe as tle clatactet
letJeJ cattle, arJ tle bi,,est claller,es sle faceJ
wete stta, calves. /rotlet clatactet, lowevet, mi,lt
lave beer fotceJ to JeferJ tlat letJ a,airst
morsttous mutart wolves arJ barJits (ot morsttous
mutart-wolf barJits), movir, ftom ore clatactet
level (arJ life sta,e) to tle rext tatlet tapiJl,.
Tle most impottart cloice a pla,et makes wler
Jevisir, let clatactet's back,tourJ is tle clatactet's
1st-level class. Fitst level tepteserts tle culmiratior of
tle clatactet's eatl, arJ aJolescert life (ot sometimes
lor,et). Tle clatactet's ratutal talerts (abilit, scotes),
etlric ot tacial ,toup (,erot,pe), arJ eatl, ttairir,
(occupatior) ate all Jefirir, factots ir Jetetmirir,
wlat kirJ of leto (1st-level basic class cloice) tle
clatactet will be. lemembet tlat clatactets ,air fout
times as mar, skill poirts, as well as borus feats, at 1st
level. Tlis is ptecisel, because tle aclievemert of 1st
level ir a basic class tepteserts a lifetime of ,towtl.
Lvet, pla,et sloulJ corsiJet lis cloices wler
cloosir, wlat basic class arJ occupatior to take
at lis clatactet's 1st level. Wlile it is eas, to cloose
tle class ot occupatior witl tle best feats ot most
skill poirts ot li,lest saves, it is mucl mote
satisf,ir, to make a cloice tlat is mearir,ful to
botl tle clatactet's back,tourJ arJ futute.
Tle ttarsitior ftom a 1st-level clatactet - ar
exceptioral but essertiall, rotmal ¨petsor" - to a
2rJ-level clatactet occuts wler tle clatactet las
ovetcome petsoral claller,es. Wler Jetetmirir,
wlat class to take fot tle clatactet's 2rJ level, wletlet
to temair witl tle same class ot to btarcl out, tle
kirJs of claller,es tle clatactet ovetcame will be of
utmost impottarce. Wleteas ¨1st level" askeJ tle
pla,et to corsiJet tle clatactet's back,tourJ ir ar
absttact, Jistart wa,, ¨2rJ level" asks tle pla,et to
look at tle clatactet's past mote immeJiatel, arJ
Jitectl,. Wlat everts pulleJ tle clatactet out of
rotmal life arJ set let feet or tle leto's patl'
/rimal /ffirit,, /tlletic, /ttertive, Cautious,
CorfiJert, Cteative, Deceptive, LJucateJ, LrJutarce,
FocuseJ, lmptoveJ Dama,e TlteslolJ, ltor Will,
Meticulous, Nimble, StuJious, Ttustwottl,.
S,rtletic clatactets ma, ovetcome tlis
ptolibitior b, takir, tle Sportareous /l,otitlm
feat (see ¨Feats," below).
HarJwireJ AÌÌegiances: Wler tle clatactet is
cteateJ, tle pla,et must, witl tle lelp of tle CM, cteate
tle s,rtletic clatactet's iritial alle,iarces. Tlese
alle,iarces, arJ tle ,oals arJ attituJes tle, impl,, ate
latJwiteJ irto tle s,rtletic clatactet arJ car revet be
clar,eJ. lf, Jutir, tle coutse of its aJvertutes, tle
clatactet is fotceJ to cloose betweer ar alle,iarce arJ
arotlet ,oal (sucl as suppottir, tle test of tle patt,),
tle clatactet must make a Will save at DC 3O. Failute
irJicates tlat tle clatactet temairs ttue to its alle,iarce.
upor clatactet level. /ll otlet skills, ircluJir, class
skills ,aireJ as tle tesult of multi-classir,, ate
corsiJeteJ ctoss-class skills fot tle putpose of
Jetetmirir, skill poirt cost (i.e. 2 poirts pet skill
tark). Tle maximum tark of ror-cote skills is
JetetmireJ rotmall,. Fot example, a 2rJ- level Fast/
1st-level Sttor, s,rtletic leto witl Fast cote skills is
petmitteJ to lave HarJle /rimal at 6 tarks, ptoviJeJ
tlat tle leto las paiJ 12 skill poirts fot it as a ctoss-
class skill. S,rtletic clatactets ma, exparJ tleit list
of cote skills witl tle LxparJeJ lto,tammir, feat
(see ¨Feats," below).
lr aJJitior, s,rtletic clatactets carrot cloose
cettair feats aftet iritial clatactet ,eretatior,
patticulatl, tlose tlat teptesert petsoralit,
Jevelopmert. Tle followir, feats carrot be closer
aftet clatactet ,eretatior:
/ 3tJ clatactet level is tle culmiratior of pte-
campai,r Jevelopmert. /s witl tle ptevious cloices,
it sloulJ tef lect tle clatactet's back,tourJ,
expetierces arJ petsoralit,. Howevet, tlis level also
tepteserts wlat tle clatactet is at tle statt of pla,,
arJ petlaps wlete tle clatactet is ,oir,. lla,ets
sloulJ corsiJet botl stot,-Jtiver teasors (sucl as
wlat everts ttarspiteJ tlat ptopelleJ tle clatactet
to 3tJ level) arJ meclarical ores (sucl as
ptetequisites fot feats arJ aJvarceJ classes) wler
makir, tlis cloice.
Wlile tle basic classes temair lat,el, urclar,eJ
ftom J20 MoJeru, some urique elemerts of Camma
WorÌJ JemarJ moJificatiors ir cettair ateas.
Tle Camma /,e is a vet, Jiffetert place ftom
tle moJetr wotlJ. Tle kirJs of irJiviJuals wlo
ate teptesertative of tle class ate listeJ lete.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Cettair skills tlat wete commor arJ easil,
acquiteJ ir tle moJetr wotlJ ate ro lor,et so ir
tle Camma /,e. lr some cases tle opposite is ttue;
skills orce tlou,lt atclaic b, moJetr people ptove
mote impottart tlar evet ir tle Camma /,e. Lacl
class las a rew class skill list teflectir, tlose
Jiffeterces. Note, lowevet, tlat all classes tetair
tle same rumbet of skill poirts pet level.
Tle list of feats ftom wlicl tle clatactet ma,
cloose class-baseJ borus feats is pteserteJ lete,
moJifieJ b, tle urique ratute of tle Camma WorÌJ
settir,. New feats pteserteJ ir tlis book ate
JeroteJ witl ar asetisk (').
Lacl class ,airs ar aJJitioral talert ttee wlicl
is specific to tle Camma WorÌJ settir,. Tle ttee
is JetaileJ lete; all tules te,atJir, ,airir, arJ usir,
talerts temair urclar,eJ ftom J20 MoJeru.
lr tle Camma /,e, Sttor, letoes ate well
tepteserteJ amor, tle labotets arJ solJiets of tle
wotlJ. Teamstet, taiJet, pit fi,ltet, fteeJom fi,ltet
arJ stteet tlu, ate all commor cateets fot tle
Sttor, leto.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets
of tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Climb (Stt), Ctaft (metalwotkir,, sttuctutal)
(lrt), HarJle /rimal (Cla), lrtimiJate (Cla),
Jump (Stt), KrowleJ,e (,ossip, stteetwise, tactics)
(lrt), ltofessior (Wis), lepait (lrt), Speak
Lar,ua,e (rore), Swim (Stt).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir, list,
arJ tle clatactet must meet ar, ptetequisites.
/ctior Heto', /rimal /ffirit,, /tclaic
Weapors ltoficierc,, /tmot ltoficierc, (li,lt),
/tmot ltoficierc, (meJium), /tmot ltoficierc,
(leav,), /tlletic, LlirJ-Fi,lt, Ltawl, Cleave,
Combat Mattial /tts, Combat leflexes, Cteat
Cleave, Hetoic Focus', lmptoveJ Ltawl, lmptoveJ
Strong as an Ox II: Tle Sttor, leto's catt,ir,
capacit, ircteases as if tle clatactet wete ore si:e
cate,ot, lat,et. Fot example, a MeJium clatactet
las tle catt,ir, capacit, of a Lat,e cteatute. Tlis
abilit, stacks witl Sttor, as ar Òx l.
Irere¡u|s|te. Sttor, as ar Òx l.
Strong as an Ox III: Tle clatactet's catt,ir,
capacit, is calculateJ as if sle wete quaJtupeJal
tatlet tlar bipeJal. Tlis abilit, stacks witl botl
ptevious abilities. Fot example, a MeJium mutart
clatactet witl a 16 Stter,tl arJ tlis talert las tle
catt,ir, capacit, of a 2O-Stter,tl, Lat,e quaJtupeJ.
Irere¡u|s|te. Sttor, as ar Òx ll.
Combat Mattial /tts, letsoral Fiteatms
ltoficierc,, lowet /ttack, Weapor Focus.
/ Sttor, leto is capable of rot orl, ,teat feats
of immeJiate mi,lt, but also Jispla,s of stamira
fat exceeJir, tlose of otlet letoes.
Strong as an Ox I: Witl tlis talert, a Sttor,
leto las ar ircteaseJ catt,ir, capacit,. /JJ ++ to
tle clatactet's Stter,tl to Jetetmire lis catt,ir,
capacit, (as pet tle tules pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru,
Claptet Fout: Lquipmert, ¨Catt,ir, Capacit,").
Fast letoes sutvive tle petils of tle Camma /,e
b, avoiJir, tlem. Wlile Fast letoes ate cettairl,
combat-capable arJ ma, teptesert sripets, mattial
attists arJ otlet specialists, most Camma WorÌJ Fast
letoes ate focuseJ or avoiJir, ttouble tatlet tlar
stattir, it. Tlieves of vatious sotts, ftom but,lats to cattle
tustlets, make ,ooJ Fast leto cloices; so Jo tlose wlo
catcl tlem. Òtlet Fast letoes car be fourJ amor,
tlose wlo put tleit skills to use ertettairir, tle
people of tle Camma /,e witl feats of a,ilit,:
actobats, Jarcets, clowrs arJ JateJevils.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets
of tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Lalarce (Dex), Ctaft (meclarical, visual att)
(lrt), Lscape /ttist (Dex), Hi Je (Dex),
KrowleJ,e (,ossip, stteetwise) (lrt), Move
Silertl, (Dex), letfotm (Jarce) (Cla), ltofessior
(Wis), liJe (Dex), Slei,lt of HarJ (Dex), Speak
Lar,ua,e (rore), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet ar,
/ctobatic, /tmot ltoficierc, (li,lt), Combat
Lxpettise, Combat Tltow, Defersive Mattial
/tts, Double Tap, Llusive Tat,et, FocuseJ, Hetoic
Focus', lmptoveJ Disatm, Mobilit,, letsoral
Fiteatms ltoficierc,, loirt Llark Slot, Srap
Slot', Stealtl,, Weapor Firesse.
Tle Fast leto las exttemel, ,ooJ larJ-e,e
cootJiratior arJ fire maripulatior, makir, let
vet, effecti ve ir close-quattets combat arJ
Jelicate wotk.
Fast HanJs II: Wler atmeJ witl a Tir, ot
Small melee weapor, tle Fast leto's li,ltrir,-
quick teflexes allow lim to re,ate ar attack of
oppotturit, aimeJ at limself b, makir, a leflex
save a,airst DC (1O + tle total attack borus of tle
attacket). lf tle savir, tltow succeeJs, tle attack
of oppotturit, is foileJ, missir, automaticall,; tle
attempt Joes court a,airst tle attacket's total
rumbet of attacks of oppotturit, fot tle tourJ.
Irere¡u|s|te. Fast HarJs l.
NimbÌe Fingers: Tle Fast leto ,airs a +2
competerce borus wler usir, tle followir, skills:
Demolitiors, Disable Device arJ Slei,lt of HarJ.
Fast HanJs I: / Fast leto atmeJ witl a Tir, ot
Small melee weapor ma, make ar aJJitioral attack
of oppotturit, eacl tourJ, above arJ be,orJ tlose
,tarteJ b, tle Combat leflexes feat (if ar,). Tle
pla,et must sperJ 1 actior poirt to activate tlis
talert; tle clatactet Joes rot ,air tle borus Jice.
Irere¡u|s|te. Nimble Fir,ets.
Tle Camma WotlJ is ar urfot,ivir, place, arJ
Tou,l letoes teptesert a sutptisir,l, lat,e pottior
of tle letoic populatior; fotmet labotets, ftom
subsisterce fatmets to mirets, car become Tou,l
letoes. So car tle tatet but mote exotic ptofessioral
atlletes arJ ¨extteme" ertettairets, boJ,,uatJs arJ
wastelarJ sutvivalists.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets of
tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Climb (Stt), Corcerttatior (Cor), Ctaft
(meclarical, metalwotkir,, sttuctutal) (lrt),
HarJl e /ri mal (Cla), lrtimiJate (Cla),
KrowleJ,e (,ossip, stteetwise) (lrt), ltofessior
(Wis), liJe (Dex), Seatcl (lrt), Speak Lar,ua,e
(rore), Spot (Wis), Sutvival (Wis).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir, list,
arJ tle clatactet must meet ar, ptetequisites.
/lettress, /tlletic, /tmot ltoficierc,
(li,lt), /tmot ltoficierc, (meJium), Ltawl,
CorfiJert, LrJutarce, Cteat FottituJe, CuiJe,
lmptoveJ Ltawl, lmptoveJ Lull lusl, lmptoveJ
Feirt, lmptoveJ Mutatior lesistarce', Krockout
lurcl, Mutatior lesistarce', lowet /ttack,
Stteetfi,ltir,, Sutvivot', Tou,lress.
Tle Tou,l leto car eat reatl, ar,tlir,, rot
orl, ,airir, susterarce ftom it but also avoiJir, tle
usual la:atJs of eatir, spoileJ fooJs arJ ever poisors.
Scavenger: Tle Tou,l leto car eat spoileJ
fooJs witlout feat of Jisease ot sickress. lr tle
Camma /,e, wlete ,out rext meal mi,lt lave beer
someore else's erem,, tlis car be vet, lelpful.
Eat Anytbing: Witl tlis talert, a Tou,l leto
car sutvive or tlir,s rot rotmall, associateJ witl
a ruttitious Jiet: papet, batk, muJ arJ ever bits of
metal. Lffectivel,, tle clatactet revet reeJs to
make a Sutvival cleck to fota,e fot fooJ.
Irere¡u|s|te. Scaver,et.
Now mote tlar evet, krowleJ,e is powet, arJ
tlose wlo possess it car become vet, powetful. /ll
societies lave tleit lote keepets, ftom tle tellets of
tle moteau ttibes to tle atclivists of tle pute-sttair
atcolo,ies. KrowleJ,e alore is usuall, rot erou,l,
lowevet, arJ tlose wlo appl, krowleJ,e ate
equall, impottart: sciertists, er,ireets arJ
ctaftsmer of vatious kirJs all corttibute to tleit
commurities tltou,l tle applicatior of krowleJ,e.
Òtlet examples of Smatt letoes ircluJe ctimiral
irvesti,atots, militat, irtelli,erce arJ plarrir,
specialists arJ tle buteauctats wlo keep busiresses,
ot,ari:atiors arJ commurities turrir,.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets of
tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Computet Lse (Jata s,stems, opetatior
s,stems, attificial irtelli,erce, biotecl s,stems)
(lrt), Ctaft (clemical, electtoric, meclarical,
metalwotki r,, rarotecl, platmaceutical ,
sttuctutal, wtitir,) (lrt), Deciplet Sctipt (lrt),
Demolitiors (lrt), Disable Device (lrt), Dtive
(Dex), Fot,et, (lrt), lrvesti,ate (lrt), KrowleJ,e
(att, belaviotal scierces, busiress, Lattl arJ life
Scierces, listot,, pl,sical scierces, politics, tactics,
teclrolo,,: atclaic, teclrolo,,: lte-Wat,
teclrolo,,: aJvarceJ, Teclrolo,,: rarotecl,
tleolo,, arJ plilosopl,) (lrt), Navi,ate (lrt),
lil ot (Dex), ltofessior (Wis), leaJ/Wtite
Lar,ua,e (rore), lepait (lrt), leseatcl (lrt),
Seatcl (lrt), Speak Lar,ua,e (rore).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir, list,
arJ tle clatactet must meet ar, ptetequisites.
LuilJet, Cautious, Combat Lxpettise, LJucateJ,
CeatleaJ, lmptoveJ Disatm, lmptoveJ Ttip, ltor
Will, Li,ltrir, leflexes, Meticulous, letsoral
Fiteatms ltoficierc,, Scaver,et', StuJious,
S,stems Familiatit,', Tecl Familiatit,: /JvarceJ',
Tecl Familiatit,: lte-Wat', \elicle Lxpett.
Tle Smatt leto las ar irrate urJetstarJir,
of maclires arJ teclrolo,,; sle is capable of
comptelerJir, rew t,pes of teclrolo,, easil,, arJ
ever of moJif,ir, aJvarceJ teclrolo,,.
TecbnopbiÌe: Tle Smatt leto ,ets tle berefits
of Tecl Familiatit,: lte-Wat witlout lavir, to take
it as a sepatate feat, ever if sle Joes rot lave tle
rotmal ptetequisites fot tle feat.
TecbnopbiÌe II: Tle Smatt leto ,ets tle
berefits of Tecl Familiatit,: /JvarceJ witlout
lavir, to take it as a sepatate feat, ever if le Joes
rot lave tle rotmal ptetequisites fot tle feat.
Irere¡u|s|te. Teclroplile.
rotmal abilit, Jama,e (ot otlet effects) of tle poisor;
a successful save teJuces tle Jama,e to ore-quattet.
Irere¡u|s|te. Lat /r,tlir,.
Cast Iron Stomacb: Tle Tou,l leto ,airs a ++
borus or FottituJe saves vetsus ir,esteJ poisors. Lver
or a faileJ save, tle clatactet suffets orl, ore-lalf tle
Savant: So Jeep is tle clatactet's urJetstarJir,
of teclrolo,, tlat all Ctaft, KrowleJ,e arJ lepait DCs
fot cteatir,, moJif,ir, ot aral,:ir, existir, teclrolo,,
ate teJuceJ b, -5. Note tlat tlis also affects tle cost
arJ time tequiteJ to cteate arJ clar,e items.
Irere¡u|s|te. Teclroplile ll.
DeJicateJ letoes ate Jevotees of a patticulat iJeal,
commurit,, plilosopl, ot ever species. /mor, tlem
ate teli,ious Jisciples, ftom mutart slamars to s,rtletic
teclro-ptiests, arJ activists sucl as tle warJetir,
lealets of Tle Wlite HarJ ot tle ctusaJir, Kri,lts
of Ceretic lutit,. Sometimes tle cause is mote petsoral;
tlese DeJicateJ letoes ate JefireJ less b, ar
ot,ari:atior arJ mote b, a Jeepl, lelJ corvictior.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets of
tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Ctaft (platmaceutical, visual att, wtitir,) (lrt),
Diplomac, (Cla), HarJle /rimal (Cla), KrowleJ,e
(att, belaviotal scierces, busiress, Lattl arJ life
scierces, ,ossip, pl,sical scierces, politics, stteetwise,
tactics, tleolo,, arJ plilosopl,) (lrt), Lister (Wis),
ltofessior (Wis), leaJ/Wtite Lar,ua,e (rore), liJe
(Dex), Serse Motive (Wis), Speak Lar,ua,e (rore),
Spot (Wis), Sutvival (Wis), Tteat lrjut, (Wis).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir, list,
arJ tle clatactet must meet ar, ptetequisites.
/JvarceJ Fiteatms ltoficierc,, /lettress,
/tclaic Weapors ltoficierc,, /tmot ltoficierc,
(li,lt), /tmot ltoficierc, (meJium), /ttertive,
LlirJ-Fi,lt, Deceptive, LJucateJ, Hetoic Focus',
ltor Will, MeJical Lxpett, Meticulous, lerowr,
Sut,et,, Ttack, Weapor Focus.
Tle DeJicateJ leto is Jtiver b, ar urwavetir,
lo,alt, to a sir,le ,toup, iJeal ot teli,ious belief. Tlis
is tefetteJ to as lis ¨focus" below, but ir ,ame tetms it
is most ofter tieJ to tle clatactet's alle,iarces. Tle
clatactet car summor ama:ir, irret stter,tl to
accomplisl ,oals ir tle rame of lis focus. Tlis is a
corsiJetable boor, arJ its use sloulJ be watcleJ
catefull, b, tle CM. Òrl, alle,iarces tle clatactet
(arJ pla,et) make ar impottart patt of tle clatactet's
Jail, life sloulJ be corsiJeteJ a focus fot tle putposes
of tlis talert ttee.
Lnwavering DeJication: Wler attemptir, to
aclieve a ,oal Jitectl, telateJ to tle clatactet's
focus, sle ,airs a +2 motale borus or Will saves
vetsus feat, Serse Motive clecks, arJ level clecks
to tesist lrtimiJate attempts.
Rigbteous Action: Tle clatactet aJJs ar
aJJitioral Jie to lis pool wler sperJir, ar actior
poirt to affect a toll tlat Jitectl, telates to lis focus.
Irere¡u|s|te. Lrwavetir, DeJicatior.
ZeaÌot: Tle clatactet is so JeJicateJ to let focus
tlat tle boruses fot Lrwavetir, DeJicatior arJ
li,lteous /ctior irctease to ++ arJ +2J6, tespectivel,.
Irere¡u|s|te. li,lteous /ctior.
commurit,), tle clatactet ptoviJes tle commurit,
witl a +2 borus or ar, ore abilit, ot skill cleck.
PiÌÌar of tbe Community: /s ar impottart,
tespecteJ membet of tle commurit,, tle
Clatismatic leto car lerJ lis owr stter,tl to tle
commurit, wler recessat,. /ftet sperJir, ar
actior poirt, tle clatactet clooses ore of tle
commurit,'s abilit, scotes arJ teplaces it witl lis
owr cottesporJir, abilit, scote (fot example,
teplacir, tle commurit,'s Fotce witl tle clatactet's
Stter,tl). Tle effect lasts fot 2+ louts; Jutir, tlat
time tle Clatismatic leto ma, take ro otlet actior
tlar to Jitectl, suppott ot leaJ tle commurit,.
Irere¡u|s|te: Commurit, Spitit
Inspiring LeaJersbip: Tle Clatismatic leto
leaJs b, example. Wler actir, ir tle Jeferse ot
irtetests of tle commurit,, tle Clatismatic leto
car ,ive ore of let actior poirts to tle commurit,
fot use wler it is reeJeJ most.
Irere¡u|s|te. lillat of tle Commurit,
Wlete stter,tl of atms arJ atcare krowleJ,e
ma, fail, a tousir, speecl ot wlispeteJ sectet ma,
ptevail ir tle Camma /,e. lolitical speakets,
ertettairets of vatious sttipes, metclarts arJ
peJJlets, cor-attists arJ ,amblets ate all examples
of Camma WorÌJ Clatismatic letoes.
CLA66 6KlLL6
Tle class skills fot Camma WorÌJ membets of
tlis class arJ tle ke, abilit, fot eacl ate:
Lluff (Cla), Ctaft (visual att, wtitir,) (lrt),
Diplomac, (Cla), Dis,uise (Cla), Catlet lrfotmatior
(Cla), HarJle /rimal (Cla), lrtimiJate (Cla),
KrowleJ,e (att, belaviotal scierces, busiress, ,ossip,
politics, stteetwise, tleolo,, arJ plilosopl,) (lrt),
letfotm (att, Jarce, ke,boatJs, petcussior irsttumerts,
sir,, starJ-up, sttir,eJ irsttumerts, wirJ irsttumerts)
(Cla), ltofessior (Wis), leaJ/Wtite Lar,ua,e (rore),
Serse Motive (Wis), Speak Lar,ua,e (rore).
Lorus feats ,aireJ at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ
1Otl level must be closer ftom tle followir, list,
arJ tle clatactet must meet ar, ptetequisites.
/,ile liposte, /ttertive, CorfiJert, Cteative,
Deceptive, DoJ,e, LJucateJ, Fti,ltful lteserce,
ltor Will, Li,ltrir, leflexes, Low ltofile, letsoral
Fiteatms ltoficierc,, loirt Llark Slot, lerowr,
S,stems Familiatit,', Ttustwottl,, WirJfall.
Clatismatic letoes make skilleJ leaJets arJ
otatots. L, irspitir, corfiJerce amor, tle
populace arJ l eaJetslip of a commurit,, a
clatactet witl tlis talert ttee car affect wlole
commurities tle wa, otlet Clatismatic letoes
affect irJiviJuals. Fot mote irfotmatior te,atJir,
commurit, tules, see Claptet Fout: Home Sectot
arJ Le,orJ.
lr otJet fot tle Clatismatic leto to use ar, of
tle followir, talerts, tle commurit, ir questior must
lolJ ar attituJe of FtierJl, ot Helpful towatJ tle
clatactet (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Two: Skills, ¨Skill
Desctiptiors," D|µ|omcc,).
Community Spirit: Tle Clatismatic leto is
capable of tousir, feelir,s of urit, arJ pattiotism
amor, membets of a commurit,. L, makir, a
successful Diplomac, cleck (DC 1O + tle level of tle
a class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Diplomac,, Camble, lrtimiJate, KrowleJ,e
(,ossip, listot,), ot aJJ a rew Speak Lar,ua,e.
ºeµutct|ou ßouus íucrecse: +1.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +6.
Life ir tle Camma /,e is rot so JebaseJ as to
urJo lumarit,'s ,teatest asset: tle cteative mirJ.
lairtets, sculptots, faslior Jesi,rets arJ wtitets ate
orl, a few of tle mar, kirJs of cteative
ptofessiorals ir tle Camma WotlJ. Most attists,
lowevet, must petfotm otlet wotk to sutvive, ot
ate suppotteJ b, wealtl, pattors.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Lluff, Ctaft (visual att, wtitir,), Fot,et,,
KrowleJ,e (att, listot,), Spot.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Lver as societies ctumble arJ tle wotlJ teetets
or tle eJ,e of oblivior, some reeJs ate basic to
lumar existerce: fooJ, watet, sleltet arJ a ,ooJ ball
,ame. Spotts tar,e ftom tle cottupteJ temrarts of
lte-Wat ,ames to tecertl, irverteJ spectacles.
/tlletes of tle Camma WotlJ ate mostl, amateuts
pla,ir, ir corstartl, sliftir, lea,ues betweer
multiple small commurities, tlou,l some lat,et
societies Jo suppott ptofessioral spotts.
Irere¡u|s|te: Stter,tl 13 ot Dextetit, 13, /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Lalarce, Climb, Jump, liJe, Serse Motive,
Spot, Swim, Tumble.
ßouus Fect: Select eitlet /tclaic Weapors
ltoficierc, ot Ltawl.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +1.
lr tle cities arJ ptotecteJ commurities, some
semblarce of tle olJ otJet temairs. Less powetful
tlar tle atistoctats arJ mote skilleJ tlar tle
labotets, tle ¨bosses" ate tle mara,ets, buteauctats
Camma WorÌJ clatactets car come ftom a ,teat
vatiet, of back,tourJs, teclrolo,ical levels arJ
societies. Tle occupatiors listeJ below ate ,eretalities,
lirtir, at wlat tle clatactet was ttaireJ to Jo ot
laJ beer Joir, befote embatkir, or ar aJvertutir,
cateet. Tlete ate as mar, kirJs of sclolats, fot
example, as tlete ate clatactets. Lse tlese occupatiors
to ptoviJe mote JetaileJ back,tourJs arJ petsoralities
fot ,out clatactets, tatlet tlar limit tlem.
Lacl clatactet ,ets a sir,le occupatior, ever
if tle clatactet lelJ a rumbet of jobs ir lis past.
Òrce tle clatactet's occupatior las beer closer
arJ its berefits lave beer applieJ to tle clatactet,
it car revet be clar,eJ. /r, futute ¨jobs" tle
clatactet lolJs Jo rot ptoviJe tle clatactet witl
tle berefits of ar aJJitioral occupatior.
/Jvertutets ir tle Camma WotlJ follow mar,
patls: Tteasute seekets loot tltou,l tle tuirs of tle
ptevious a,e, explotets cut rew patls ir clar,eJ larJs,
arJ ttopl, lurtets ttack Jowr evet,tlir, ftom larJ
wlales to ,iart tobots. Wlile tle aJvertutir, lifest,le
ma, ot ma, rot ptoviJe ,teat moretat, tewatJs, it
Joes ptoviJe a wealtl of expetierce.
Irere¡u|s|te. /,e 15+.
S||||s. Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Climb, Demolitiors, Disable Device, Dtive,
Lscape /ttist, lrtimiJate, Jump, KrowleJ,e (Lattl
arJ life scierces, listot,, teclrolo,,: atclaic,
teclrolo,,: lte-Wat), Navi,ate, Move Silertl,,
lilot, liJe, Spot, Sutvival, Swim, Tteat lrjut,.
ßouus Fect. Select ore of tle fol lowir,:
/tclaic Weapors ltoficierc,, Ltawl ot letsoral
Fiteatms ltoficierc,.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse. +1.
Wlile tle fotm it takes vaties ftom place to place,
wealtl is a urivetsal aspect of societ,. Tle atistoctat
comes ftom a wealtl, arJ ofter politicall, ot sociall,
irfluertial famil, ot status. lampeteJ arJ boteJ, ,our,
atistoctatic mer arJ womer ofter seek ertettairmert
ir tle sttu,,les arJ passiors of tle lowet classes.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 18+.
S||||s: Cloose ore of tle followir, skills as a
petmarert class skill. lf tle selecteJ skill is alteaJ,
arJ busiress people wlo mairtair wlat passes fot
a miJJle class ir tle Camma WotlJ.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 21+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Di plomac,, lrtimi Jate, KrowleJ,e (att,
busiress, listot,, politics, pl,sical scierces,
teclrolo,,: lte-Wat), ltofessior (buteauctat,
mara,emert, busiress), leseatcl.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +3.
Tlis occupatior ircluJes cor attists, but,lats,
tlieves, ctime famil, solJiets, ,ar, membets, bark
tobbets arJ otlet t,pes of cateet ctimirals. lr tle
Camma WotlJ, tlese tlir,s ma, rot be ille,al ir
evet, societ, (some societies Jor't lave laws at all);
but wlat is ctimiral temairs ctimiral, ever if
JtesseJ up b, cottupt officials ot aratclists.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Disable Device, Dis,uise, Fot,et,, Camble,
HiJe, KrowleJ,e (stteetwise), Move Silertl,,
Slei,lt of HarJ.
ßouus Fect: Select eitlet Ltawl ot letsoral
Fiteatms ltoficierc,.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Lr,ireets ate sciertists wlo, urlike sclolats,
put tleit krowleJ,e to wotk. Tle, builJ btiJ,es,
plar cities, Ji, mires arJ Jesi,r locomotives.
Wletlet ttaireJ ir tle erclaves of tle pute-
sttair sutvivots ot appterticeJ urJet a warJetir,
Maket Ji,,ir, well s ir wastel arJ vil la,es,
er,ireets use tle tools of scierce to tebuilJ tle
Camma WotlJ.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 18+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Computet Lse, Ctaft (clemical, electtoric,
meclarical, sttuctutal), KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ life
scierces, pl,sical scierces, teclrolo,,: atclaic,
teclrolo,,: lte-Wat), lepait, leseatcl.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +3.
Like ar attist ot ar atllete, tle ertettairet fills a
ricle; mote impottartl,, sle ptoviJes a serse of telease
arJ escape fot tle people of tle Camma WotlJ.
Ju,,lets, actots, Jarcets, sir,ets, actobats, stot,tellets
arJ musiciars make up tle majotit, of Camma /,e
ertettairets. Tle, ofter ttavel ir lat,e ttoupes,
movir, ftom towr to towr ir seatcl of ar auJierce.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Lalarce, Lluff, Ctaft (visual att, wtitir,),
Diplomac,, Dis,uise, letfotm (act, Jarce, petcussior
irsttumerts, sir,, starJ-up, sttir,eJ irsttumerts,
wirJ irsttumerts), Slei,lt of HarJ, Tumble.
ºeµutct|ou ßouus íucrecse: +1.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Doctots, meJicire mer arJ fielJ meJics ate all
corsiJeteJ lealets ir tle Camma WotlJ. Tle att
of meJicire is botl tate arJ valuable, arJ lealets
must ofter ttavel lor, Jistarces to teacl tleit
patierts. Most lealets ate well krowr ir tleit
limiteJ ,eo,taplical te,ior, arJ tespecteJ b, ever
tle most urftierJl, commurities.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 21+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Ctaft (platmaceutical ), KrowleJ,e
(belaviotal scierces, Lattl arJ life scierces),
Seatcl, Tteat lrjut,.
ºeµutct|ou ßouus íucrecse: +2.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +3.
Hurtir, is a li,ll, pti:eJ skill ir reatl, all
Camma WotlJ societies: simple subsisterce lurtets
ptoviJe fooJ fot reeJ, commurities; ptofessioral
beast lurtets keep commurities safe; arJ lurtets
wlo make pte, of irtelli,ert beir,s mi,lt setve a
commurit,'s Jatket reeJs. Hurtir, car be a
luctative ptofessior, as well.
Irere¡u|s|tes: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Climb, HarJle /ri mal , Hi Je, Jump,
KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ life scierces), Lister, Move
Silertl,, liJe, Seatcl, Spot, Sutvival.
ßouus Fect: Select /tclai c Weapors
ltoficierc,, letsoral Fiteatms ltoficierc, ot Ttack.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Labotets fotm tle backbore of societ,. Tle,
wotk ir factoties arJ mires, ot as fatmets arJ
corsttuctior wotkets, arJ otletwise petfotm tle latJ
wotk tlat keeps life movir, apace fot tle test of tle
populatior of tle Camma WotlJ. Some labotets
evertuall, become feJ up arJ leave tle Jar,etous,
low-pa,ir, wotk fot tle lope of sometlir, bettet.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Ctaft (sttuctutal ot meclarical), Climb, Dtive,
HarJle /rimal, lrtimiJate, KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ
life scierces), lepait, liJe.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
ÒtJaireJ clet,, of all petsuasiors, as well as
tleolo,ical sclolats arJ expetts or teli,ious stuJies
all fall witlir tle scope of tlis stattir, occupatior.
Faitl ir tle Camma WotlJ is ofter tieJ to tle past,
arJ ptiests must ofter seatcl tle temrarts of tle
past to firJ a futute fot tleit flock.
Irere¡u|s|te: WisJom 13+, Clatisma 13+, /,e 18+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Deciplet Sctipt, Diplomac,, lrtimiJate,
KrowleJ,e (att, listot,, stteetwise, tleolo,, arJ
plilosopl,), Lister, Serse Motive.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
/ scaver,et sutvives b, pickir, clear tle
temairs of tle olJ wotlJ. Mote tlar a simple pack
tat, tle scaver,et krows ttasl ftom tteasute arJ
car ravi,ate ever tle most tteacletous tuirs ir
telative safet,. Scaver,ets ate ofter sou,lt out as
,uiJes irto tle tuirs.
Irere¡u|s|tes: /,e 15+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Climb, Deciplet Scti pt, Disable Device,
KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ life scierces, listot,,
teclrolo,,: lte-Wat), Move Silertl,, Seatcl, Spot,
Sutvival, Swim.
\ec|t| ßouus: +6. Note: Tlis is a ore-time
borus occuttir, at clatactet ,eretatior; orce tle
clatactet is full, equippeJ, tle Wealtl borus fot
tle Scaver,et occupatior Jtops to +O.
KrowleJ,e is a powetful tool, arJ sclolats ate
tlose wlo lave JeJicateJ tleit lives to putsuir, it.
Wlile most woulJ ptefet to temair ir tleit libtaties,
suttourJeJ b, books, sctolls ot Jata Jisks, most of
tle krowleJ,e lumarit, orce lelJ is out tlete,
butieJ ir tle tuirs of lte-Wat cities.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 21+.
S||||s: Cloose tltee of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Computet Lse (ar,), Ctaft (wtitir,), Deciplet
Sctipt, Catlet lrfotmatior, KrowleJ,e (att, busiress,
Lattl arJ life scierces, listot,, pl,sical scierces,
politics, tactics, teclrolo,,: atclaic, teclrolo,,: pte-
wat, tleolo,, arJ plilosopl,), leseatcl, ot aJJ a rew
leaJ/Wtite Lar,ua,e ot a rew Speak Lar,ua,e.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +3.
SolJiets ate a commor arJ vatieJ lot: tle
imptesseJ ttoops of a pett, watlotJ, tle ttaireJ
,uatJiars of a sutvivalist erclave, tle barJs of
metceraties little bettet tlar tle taiJets tle, ate liteJ
to wipe out. Lvet, societ, ir tle Camma WotlJ utili:es
solJiets ir ore fotm ot arotlet, arJ ofter solJiets
cortirue fi,ltir, lor, aftet tle, lave left setvice.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 18+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Climb, Demolitiors, Dtive, HiJe, KrowleJ,e
(tactics), Move Silertl,, Navi,ate, Sutvival, Swim.
ßouus Fect: Select ore of tle followir,: /tmot
ltoficierc, (li,lt), Ltawl, Combat Mattial /tts ot
letsoral Fiteatms ltoficierc,.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Tle sttu,,le fot suptemac, ir tle Camma
WotlJ is rot limiteJ to ovett watfate. Òr all siJes
of pl,sical corflict - befote, Jutir,, arJ aftet -
tle use of subtetfu,e suppotts, ot ever teplaces, tle
use of ,urs. Sometimes fteelarcets liteJ or a
tempotat, basis, otlet times JeJicateJ a,erts, spies
setve ,ovetrmerts, causes arJ ot,ari:atiors,
ttaJir, ir lies arJ wotse.
Irere¡u|s|te: /,e 2O+.
S||||s: Cloose two of tle followir, skills as
petmarert class skills. lf a selecteJ skill is alteaJ, a
class skill, tle clatactet teceives a +1 competerce
borus or clecks usir, tlat skill.
Lluff, Ctaft (visual att, wtitir,), Deciplet Sctipt,
Diplomac,, Fot,et,, Catlet lrfotmatior, lrvesti,ate,
KrowleJ,e (,ossip, politics, stteetwise, tleolo,, arJ
plilosopl,), leseatcl, Seatcl, Serse Motive.
ßouus Fect: Select eitlet Defersive Mattial
/tts ot letsoral Fiteatms ltoficierc,.
\ec|t| ßouus íucrecse: +2.
Trc|ueJ Òu|,
Computets wete ptesert ir evet, aspect of
life befote tle fall of civili:atior. Sirce tle Firal
Wats, lowevet, computets lave become tate arJ
mucl coveteJ tool s. Wli l e mar, temair
opetati oral i r li JJer bases , atcli vi sts '
commurities arJ teclrolo,ical societies, most
irlabitarts of tle Camma WotlJ revet see a
computet, let alore use ore.
lr Camma WorÌJ, Computet Lse is ar
urcommor skill tlat carrot be useJ urttaireJ. Due
to tle wiJe vatiet, of computet s,stems clatactets
mi,lt ercourtet, Computet Lse las beer JiviJeJ
irto sevetal cate,oties ir a marret similat to tle
Ctaft arJ KrowleJ,e skills. Lrlike tlose skills, a
clatactet witl Computet Lse ma, attempt to use a
cate,ot, of tle skill sle Joes rot possess, but sle is
corsiJeteJ urttaireJ as (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet
Two: Skills, ¨Lsir, Skills," Lutrc|ueJ S|||| C|ec|s).
Lssertiall,, possessir, tarks ir ore cate,ot, of
Computet Lse ,ives a clatactet erou,l
urJetstarJir, of computet s,stems ir ,eretal to
tt,, wlile clatactets witl ro tarks ir Computet
Lse woulJ rot ever krow wlete to be,ir.
Tle cate,oties of Computet Lse ate Data arJ
Òpetatior S,stems, /ttificial lrtelli,erce arJ
Liotecl S,stems.
Tlis skill ercompasses tle use of computet
s,stems Jesi,reJ to stote irfotmatior arJ tlose
Jesi,reJ to tur extetral s,stems (sucl as weapors
ot temote tobots).
Data is tecotJeJ or vatious meJia, eitlet
irtetral ot extetral, arJ is accessible orl, usir,
specific kirJs of latJwate. Witl tlis skill, a
clatactet car firJ Jata tlat las beer liJJer,
ercoJeJ, JeleteJ ot ever pl,sicall, Jestto,eJ, ,iver
erou,l time arJ skill.
Tle followir, table lists DCs fot tettievir, Jata
ftom a computet s,stem. /JJir, irfotmatior to a
computet s,stem is a simple task assumir, tle
clatactet is autloti:eJ to Jo so; it Joes rot tequite
a cleck. lf tle clatactet is attemptir, to altet ot
aJJ irfotmatior to a computet s,stem witlout
autloti:atior, tle clatactet must fitst Jefeat tle
computet's secutit, (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Two:
Skills, ¨Skill Desctiptiors," Comµuter Lse).
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|e 0ata |xamµ|e 0ata |xamµ|e 0ata |xamµ|e 0ata |xamµ|e 0ata
l0 0ata |s |eµt ea a aea-secace cemµatec.
20 0ata |s |eµt ea a system w|t| m|a|mam secac|ty.
2b 0ata |s |eµt ea a system w|t| avecaqe secac|ty.
3b 0ata |s |eµt ea a system w|t| exceµt|eaa| secac|ty.
40 0ata |s |eµt ea a system w|t| max|mam secac|ty.
-b 1|e cemµatec system |as eeea damaqed.
-b 1|e data was ecased as|aq ceaveat|eaa| met|eds.
-l0 1|e data |s eaccyµted aad t|e c|acactec |a||ed
a 0ec|µ|ec Scc|µt s|||| c|ec|.
-l0 1|e data was ecased as|aq advaaced met|eds,
sac| as aa |H| e|ast.
lr aJJitior to moJif,ir, arJ tettievir, Jata
ftom a s,stem, tle clatactet ma, attempt to take
corttol of tle s,stem arJ its temote comporerts.
Tle DC fot ertetir, tle s,stem is baseJ or tle
secutit, level of tle s,stem, as JesctibeJ above.
Òrce ir tle s,stem, tle clatactet must make a
secorJ Computet Lse (Jata arJ opetatior
s,stems) cleck to moJif, commarJs sert to
temote comporerts.
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C Reµceqcamm|aq Reµceqcamm|aq Reµceqcamm|aq Reµceqcamm|aq Reµceqcamm|aq
20 6|ve aa Al a aew, cemµat|e|e a||eq|aace.
2b Remeve aa a||eq|aace |cem aa Al.
30 6|ve aa Al aa a||eq|aace t|at |s aet cemµat|e|e
w|t| |ts µcev|eas µceqcamm|aq.
3b Add ec de|ete a cece µceqcamm|aq cemmaad, sac|
as ¯0estcey a|| mataats."
40 |aadameata||y c|aaqe aa Al's µceqcamm|aq,
|ac|ad|aq add|aq aad cemev|aq s||||s.
Tle skill of wotkir, witl attificial irtelli,erce
(/l) is lalf computet opetatior arJ lalf
ps,clolo,,. Self-awate s,stems, tar,ir, ftom
secutit, pto,tams to s,rtletic life fotms, opetate
urJet teco,ri:able pattetrs but also possess
cteativit,, tesoutcefulress arJ ever impulsiveress.
Computet Lse (attificial irtelli,erce) wotks
exactl, like usir, tle Diplomac, skill (see J20
MoJeru, Claptet Two: Skills, ¨Skill Desctiptiors,"
D|µ|omcc,) except it orl, applies to self-awate
maclires. lr aJJitior, clatactets usir, tlis skill
ma, attempt to tepto,tam ar /l, effectivel,
clar,ir, its petsoralit, to suit tle pto,tammet.
Tle followir, table pteserts example DCs arJ
clar,es tlat ma, be maJe.
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|e Cemmaad |xamµ|e Cemmaad |xamµ|e Cemmaad |xamµ|e Cemmaad |xamµ|e Cemmaad
b ßeq|a ec cease aecma| eµecat|eas
l0 0e|ay t|e stact ec ead e| aecma| eµecat|eas
ey a sma|| ameaat e| t|me (l07 e| t|e t|me
e| t|e aecma| eµecat|eas), w|t| a m|a|mam
e| l0 m|aates.
lb Steµ eµecat|eas |a m|d-cyc|e.
20 0vecc|de secac|ty ec sa|ety µcetece|s.
30 Se||-destcact.
Ctaft skills ate tle lope upor wlicl tle futute
of tle Camma WotlJ tests. Tle abilit, to builJ arJ
use tools saveJ lumarit, ftom ar arimalistic
existerce ters of tlousarJs of ,eats a,o arJ it will
Jo so a,air, f ot lumarkirJ as well as i ts
JescerJarts, ir tle Camma /,e. Lecause tlete ate
mar, exttemes of teclrolo,ical aJvarcemert
betweer Camma WotlJ commurities, some
clar,es lave beer maJe to existir, Ctaft cate,oties
arJ some aJJitioral cate,oties lave beer aJJeJ.
Cate,oties matkeJ witl ar astetisk (') ate rew.
Ctaft (electtoric) ircluJes tle irtticate witir,
tequiteJ fot builJir, tobots; computet-,uiJeJ
velicles arJ weapors; arJ otlet fusiors of
meclarical arJ electtical s,stems. lf ar object is
meclarical as well as electtoric, tle DC fot
ptoJucir, it is ircteaseJ b, +5. Howevet, tle
clatactet ,airs a +2 s,ret,, borus or tle skill toll
if le possesses at least 5 tarks ir Ctaft (Meclarical).
Tlis cate,ot, of tle Ctaft skill is exparJeJ to
ircluJe steam-a,e teclrolo,,, ircluJir, clock
makir,; tle cteatior of black-powJet fiteatms; arJ,
of coutse, steam er,ires. Tle Jifficulties fot cteatir,
steam-a,e teclrolo,ical Jevices ate tle same as
mote moJetr courtetpatts. Lxample: tle DC fot
cteatir, a locomotive er,ire is tle same (DC 3O)
as it is fot cteatir, ar aitplare er,ire.
Tlis skill ircluJes sucl ttaJes as blacksmitlir,,
weaporsmitlir, arJ metallut,,. /mor, less-aJvarceJ
commurities, Ctaft (metalwotkir,) is ofter tle li,lest
fotm of teclrolo,,; tle tools ptoJuceJ usir, tlis skill,
tar,ir, ftom swotJs arJ slielJs to plows arJ leav,
clair, mear tle Jiffeterce betweer life arJ Jeatl.
Narotecl is at,uabl, tle most complex
teclrolo,,. Tli s ski ll all ows clatactets to
maripulate raroteclrolo,, arJ ever cteate it.
Claptet Tltee: FX covets rarotecl arJ tle
applicatior of Ctaft (rarotecl) ir Jetail.
Ctaft (llatmaceuticals) allows a clatactet to
ptoJuce all marret of biotecl Jtu,s. Civer tle ptopet
matetials, time arJ equipmert, a clatactet witl tlis
skill car cteate muta,ers, mutatior irlibitots,
Due to tle extteme complexit, of maripulatir,
tle ,erome (lumar ot otletwise), specif ic
computet s,stems must be useJ fot Jealir, witl
biotecl. Tlis skill allows a clatactet to opetate sucl
s,stems (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Two: Skills, ¨Skill
Desctiptiors," Comµuter Lse). Note tlat tlis skill
Joes rot impatt ar, ttairir, ir bioteclrolo,,; tle
skill KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ life scierces) must be
putclaseJ fot tlat putpose.
,ereticall, er,ireeteJ patlo,ers arJ ever ertitel,
rew fotms of life. Claptet Tltee: FX covets biotecl
arJ tle use of Ctaft (platmaceuticals).
Trc|ueJ Òu|,
Dtive wotks as pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru (see J20
MoJeru, Claptet Two: Skills, ¨Skill Desctiptiors,"
Dr|ve). Howevet, velicles ate urcommor ir tle
Camma /,e. Tletefote, Dtive carrot be useJ
urttaireJ arJ is, ir ,eretal, a telativel, tate skill. Note
tlat Dtive ircluJes all larJ velicles, ircluJir, tle
atclaic velicles pteserteJ ir tle Lquipmert sectior.
HarJle /rimal is a telativel, commor skill ir tle
Camma /,e, at least wler compateJ to tle moJetr
wotlJ. lrJiviJuals witl tlis skill terJ to be li,ll,
valueJ, as tle, tame tle arimals tlat setve as ,uatJs,
labotets arJ compariors ir Camma /,e commurities.
Like tle Ctaft skill, tle KrowleJ,e skill
ercompasses sli,ltl, Jiffetert cate,oties ir Camma
WorÌJ tlar ir J20 MoJeru. Some irfotmatior las beer
lost, wlile otlet irfotmatior is rew to tle Camma /,e.
Tle followir, ate tle KrowleJ,e skill cate,oties useJ
ir Camma WorÌJ, witl Jetails or eacl.
Tle DC of a KrowleJ,e cleck is JeperJart
upor tle tatit,, rot value, of tle irfotmatior.
lrfotmatior Jatir, ftom befote tle Firals Wats is
vet, Jifficult to obtair. Due to tle lack of lor,-
Jistarce commuricatiors s,stems, pl,sical Jistarce
ftom tle poirt of irf otmatior ircteases tle
KrowleJ,e cleck DC as well.
Tle vatious KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,) skills
suppott tle vatious Ctaft skills. Wler ro otlet
KrowleJ,e skills appl,, tle CM sloulJ corsiJet
allowir, a +2 s,ret,, borus fot li,l KrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,,) skill tatir,s (5 tarks ot mote).
Òbviousl,, wletlet a KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,) skill
applies JeperJs or tle use of tle Ctaft skill ir
questior: KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: lte-Wat) mi,lt
rot appl, if a clatactet is makir, a Ctaft
(metalwotkir,) tol l to cteate a swotJ, but
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: atclaic) mi,lt.
Tle stuJ, of att arJ att listot, is ar esotetic
putsuit ir tle Camma /,e arJ telativel, urcommor.
Howevet, some atclivists arJ sclolats ircluJe tle
stuJ, ir tleit sutve, of tle lte-Wat wotlJ.
Lelaviotal Scierces ircluJes tle use arJ
applicatior of ps,clolo,, arJ sociolo,,. Wler
applieJ to sertierts of a Jiffetert ,erot,pe tlar tle
uset, tlete is a -+ peralt, or tle skill toll. Wler tle
object of stuJ, is a Jiffetert t,pe witlir tle same
,erot,pe, sucl as ar arJtoiJ usir, tle skill or a
c,bot,, tle peralt, is orl, -2. Note tlat 5 tarks ir
KrowleJ,e (belaviotal scierces) ,tarts a +2 s,ret,,
borus or Lluff, Diplomac, arJ lrtimiJate clecks.
Tle att of tle Jeal temairs lat,el, tle same,
ever if commoJities arJ cuttercies lave clar,eJ
a ,teat Jeal. KrowleJ,e (busiress) covets busiress
tleot,, listotical busiress moJels arJ, wlete
apptoptiate, busiress law. / clatactet witl 5 tarks
ir KrowleJ,e (busiress) ,airs a +2 s,ret,, borus
or Di plomac, clecks wler bat,airi r, ot
corJuctir, busiress re,otiatiors.
lr aJJitior to biolo,,, botar,, ,eolo,,, meJicire
arJ otlet ¨commor" eattl arJ life scierces, tlis skill
covets tle stuJ, of bi oteclrolo,, arJ its
applicatiors. Witl 5 ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e
(Lattl arJ life scierces), tle clatactet ,airs a +2
s,ret,, borus or all Ctaft (platmaceuticals),
Sutvival arJ Tteat lrjut, clecks.
/lso, tlis skill ircluJes tle stuJ, of tle
emet,ert life fotms arJ ervitormerts of tle
Camma /,e. Tlis skill ma, be useJ to iJertif,
plarts, arimals arJ ervitormertal featutes. Tle
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 1yµe e| kaew|edqe 1yµe e| kaew|edqe 1yµe e| kaew|edqe 1yµe e| kaew|edqe 1yµe e| kaew|edqe
b Cemmea kaew|edqe
l0 6eaeca||y Ava||ae|e la|ecmat|ea
lb |c|v||eqed/uacemmea la|ecmat|ea
20 Cea||deat|a|/Race la|ecmat|ea
2b |cetected/|setec|c la|ecmat|ea
-l0 la|ecmat|ea µcedates 6amma Aqe
-b la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates aµ te 2b m||es away
-0 la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates aµ te b0 m||es away
-b la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates aµ te l00 m||es away
-l0 la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates aµ te 2b0 m||es away
-lb la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates aµ te b00 m||es away
-20 la|ecmat|ea ec|q|aates mece t|aa b00 m||es away
as it applies or tle post-moJetr battlefielJ.
Clatactets witl tlis skill ma, attempt to teco,ri:e
combatarts b, tle tactics tle, emplo, (tle cleck's
DC is JetetmireJ b, tle rototiet, of tle ,eretal,
tar,ir, ftom 2O fot a little-krowr watlotJ to 5 fot
a woulJ-be wotlJ corquetot).
Tlis cate,ot, covets teclrolo,ical irrovatiors
tlat laJ orce beer teplaceJ b, supetiot teclrolo,,
but tlat lave seer a tesut,erce of use ir tle Camma
/,e, sirce most aJvarceJ teclrolo,, temairs
buti eJ ir tle tuirs of tle olJ civi li:ati or.
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: atclaic) ircluJes sucl
tlir,s as tle catapult, tuJimertat, clemistt, ofter
calleJ ¨alclem,," tle use of ,asli,lt arJ simple
applicatiors of electticit,, arJ up steam teclrolo,,.
Tlis skill is commor amor, commurities tlat lave
built tlemselves up ftom reat-batbatism sirce tle
erJ of tle Firal Wats.
lte-Wat teclrolo,, covets a wiJe tar,e of
teclrolo,ical applicatiors, tar,ir, ftom tle irtetral
combustior er,ire arJ calculatir, maclires at ore
erJ of tle cortiruum, to ior-poweteJ tockets arJ
palm-si:eJ supetcomputets at tle otlet. Lssertiall,,
teclrolo,, pteserteJ as ¨moJetr" ir J20 MoJeru,
arJ some exttapolatiors tleteof, ate coveteJ b,
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: lte-Wat).
Tle teclrolo,ical leaps tlat came out of tle
Firal Wats, befote tle implosior of civili:atior, ate
corsiJeteJ aJvarceJ teclrol o,,. lobotics,
attificial irtelli,erce, eret,, weaport,, arti,tavit,,
fotce fielJs arJ ever telepottatior all appeateJ
Jutir, tlis eta. Note tlat reitlet raroteclrolo,,
rot bioteclrolo,, ate coveteJ b, KrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,,: aJvarceJ); raroteclrolo,, las its
owr skill , wlile bioteclrolo,, falls urJet
KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ life scierces).
Fat arJ awa, tle most aJvarceJ fotm of
teclrolo,, tle wotlJ las evet seer, raroteclrolo,, is
ir a class of its owr compateJ to tle otlet ¨eta-baseJ"
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,) skills. Lecause
raroteclrolo,, is a mattia,e of evet,tlir, ftom biolo,,
base DC fot tle cleck is 15, moJifieJ fot Jistarce
(see above) as it telates to tle clatactet's lomelarJ.
KrowleJ,e (,ossip) covets botl cuttert everts
arJ wlat amourts to populat cultute ir tle Camma
/,e. Five ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e (,ossip)
,tarts a +2 s,ret,, borus or all leputatior-baseJ
teco,ritior clecks.
Tle fotemost fotm of sclolatslip ir tle Camma
/,e, patticulatl, amor, pute-sttair-lumar atclivists,
is tle stuJ, of listot,, botl cuttert arJ Firal-Wats
eta. Note tlat most listotical irfotmatior is
corsiJeteJ urcommor (see above), but tle DC is also
usuall, leavil, moJifieJ fot time arJ Jistarce.
Tle vast atta, of pl,sical scierces ircluJes
pl,sics, matlematics, clemistt, arJ er,ireetir,.
Lrlike Lattl arJ life scierces, tle pl,sical scierces
lave rot beer Jtasticall, alteteJ b, tle Firal Wats.
KrowleJ,e (pl,sical scierces) clecks, tletefote, Jo
rot suffet tle starJatJ DC irctease fot ¨irfotmatior
pteJatir, tle Camma /,e" as listeJ above. Tlis
KrowleJ,e skill is rot ofter affecteJ b, Jistarce,
eitlet. Note tlat 5 ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e
(pl,sical scierces) ,ives tle clatactet a +2 s,ret,,
borus or Ctaft clecks ir tle followir, cate,oties:
clemical, electtoric, meclarical arJ sttuctutal.
Tlis skill covets law arJ le,islatior, political arJ
,ovetrmertal s,stems, arJ a ,eretal awateress of
cuttert political everts ir tle Camma WotlJ. /
clatactet witl 5 ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e (politics)
teceives a +2 s,ret,, borus or all Diplomac, clecks
telateJ to political mareuvetir,, ircluJir, swa,ir,
corstituerts arJ re,otiatir, witl otlet politiciars.
Tlis skill ircluJes krowleJ,e of botl tle
¨stteet cultute" of vatious lat,e commurities of tle
Camma /,e arJ of tle majot pla,ets arJ everts of
tle urJetwotlJ. Tlis skill is patticulatl, useful ir
Jealir, witl ot tootir, out ctimiral elemerts. Five
ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e (stteetwise) ,tarts a
+2 s,ret,, borus or all Catlet lrfotmatior clecks.
KrowleJ,e (tactics) is tle stuJ, of botl
listotical battles arJ ,eretals, arJ tactical expettise
arJ computet scierce to tobotics arJ quartum
meclarics, 5 ot mote tarks ir KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,:
rarotecl) ,ives tle clatactet a +2 s,ret,, borus or
tle followir, skills: Ctaft (rarotecl), KrowleJ,e
(Lattl arJ life scierces) arJ KrowleJ,e (pl,sical
scierces). Note tlat KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,:
rarotecl) clecks certet atourJ irfotmatior tlat is at
least urcommor arJ almost alwa,s suffets tle +1O DC
moJifiet fot irfotmatior pteJatir, tle Camma /,e.
KrowleJ,e (tleolo,, arJ plilosopl,) covets tle
stuJ, of etlics arJ plilosoplical corcepts, as well as
tle stuJ, of specific teli,iors, alle,iarces arJ ptactices.
/ successful cleck (see Table 2-1: KrowleJ,e Skill
DCs) ,ives tle clatactet a +2 competerce borus or
Diplomac, tolls witl a ,toup wlose teli,ious ot etlical
values ate corsiJeteJ a commurit, alle,iarce (see
Claptet Fout: Home Sectot arJ Le,orJ fot mote
irfotmatior or commurities).
Trc|ueJ Òu|,
Tlis is a sepatate skill ftom tle lilot skill. /
clatactet uses tlis skill to Jitect ar aetial mourt,
usuall, a wir,eJ cteatute of some sott (tlou,l some
aetial mourts fl, usir, otlet metloJs, sucl as
telekiresis). Òtletwise, tlis skill furctiors exactl,
as tle liJe skill (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Two:
Skills, ¨Skill Desctiptiors," º|Je).
Litetac, ir tle Camma /,e is rot commor,
patticulatl, ir commurities tlat lave te,tesseJ irto
atclaism. Litetac, ir tle clatactet's rative
lar,ua,e costs 1 skill poirt, wlile litetac, ir all
otlet lar,ua,es costs 2 skill poirts.
Tle lepait skill wotks as rotmal ir Camma WorÌJ,
but it is subject to peralties fot urfamiliatit, witl
Jiffetert levels arJ kirJs of teclrolo,,. /r, clatactet
attemptir, to use tle lepait skill or ar item ot object
witl a biotecl, rarotecl, ot lte-Wat Jesctiptot suffets
a -+ peralt, or tle skill toll. Tle Tecl Familiatit, feats
(see ¨Feats," below) temove tlis peralt,; a commurit,'s
familiatit, witl tle teclrolo,, (as eviJerceJ b, tle
apptoptiate commurit, feat) also temoves tle peralt,
(see Claptet Fout: Home Sectot arJ Le,orJ).
Tle qualit, of tools tle clatactet las access to
wler usir, tle lepait skill also affects tle
clatactet's skill toll. lefet to J20 MoJeru, Claptet
2: Skills arJ Claptet +: Lquipmert fot mote or
tools arJ toolkits.
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea
l0 ldeat||y e|e- aad aaae-eaq|aeeced µ|aats aad
lb ldeat||y aceas, |eed aad watec ceatam|aated
ey c|em|ca| µe||at|ea.
20 ldeat||y aceas, |eed aad watec ceatam|aated ey
cad|eact|ve µe||at|ea.
2b ldeat||y aceas, |eed aad watec ceatam|aated
ey e|e- ec aaaetec| µe||at|ea.
2b ||ad aaceatam|aated |eed aad watec |a a c|em|ca||y
ceatam|aated acea.
30 0eceatam|aate |eed aad watec |cem a c|em|ca||y
ceatam|aated acea.
30 ||ad aaceatam|aated |eed aad watec |a a
cad|eact|ve|y ceatam|aated acea.
3b 0eceatam|aate |eed aad watec |a a cad|eact|ve|y
ceatam|aated acea.
3b ||ad aaceatam|aated |eed aad watec |a a e|e- ec
aaaetec| ceatam|aated acea.
40 0eceatam|aate |eed aad watec |a a e|e- ec
aaaetec| ceatam|aated acea.
leseatcl ir tle Camma /,e is mucl Jiffetert
arJ mote Jifficult tlar ir tle moJetr a,e. Tle
ptimat, Jiffeterce exists ir tle meJium: MoJetr
teseatcl assumes tle pteserce of ar irtetret, as well
as catefull, catalo,ueJ libtaties arJ otlet atclives.
lt is tate fot a Camma WorÌJ clatactet to lave
access to eitlet, tlou,l some atclivists'
commurities possess irttaret computet s,stems arJ
vast amourts of catefull, collateJ latJ Jata. ÒutsiJe
of tlese tate irstarces, clatactets usir, tle
leseatcl skill firJ tlemselves tootir, tltou,l
ircomplete arJ ofter leavil, Jama,eJ commurit,
arJ petsoral libtaties.
Tle lack of ptopet irfotmatior soutces ircteases
botl tle Jifficult, arJ tle time tequiteJ to use tle
leseatcl skill. Tle DCs fot accessir, vatious t,pes
of irfotmatior pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru ate ircteaseJ
b, +5. Tle moJifiets listeJ urJet tle KrowleJ,e
skills appl, to leseatcl as well. lr aJJitior, tle base
time fot usir, tle leseatcl skill is ircteaseJ ftom
1J+ louts to 2J6 louts.
Tle lar,ua,e families pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru
temair lat,el, irtact Jutir, tle Camma /,e.
Howevet, isolateJ populatiors terJ to cteate
patticulat Jialects, wlicl car cause some ptoblems
witl commuricatior betweer speakets of tle same
lar,ua,e. Full comptelersior of a spoker lar,ua,e
ir Camma WorÌJ costs a total of 3 skill poirts. /t
2 skill poirts, tle clatactet is fluert ir tle lar,ua,e
but Joes rot krow ar, of tle obscute Jialects. Tlis
tesults ir a -2 peralt, or all Clatisma-baseJ clecks
witl a speaket of tle Jialect. Fot a sir,le skill poirt,
a clatactet car speak orl, ar obscute Jialect of a
lar,ua,e. Tle clatactet suffets a -2 peralt, or all
Clatisma-baseJ clecks witl ar, speaket wlo
carrot comptelerJ tle Jialect.
Fot tlose clatactets wlo btave tle wastes arJ
wilJetress betweer tle commurities of tle Camma
/,e, tlete is ro mote impottart skill tlar Sutvival.
lr aJJitior to tle Jifficulties listeJ ir J20 MoJeru,
tle followir, clatt ,ives some specific Camma
WorÌJ Jifficulties arJ tleit DCs.
lr aJJitior to tle uses of tle Tteat lrjut, skill
pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru, tle skill las a rumbet of
specific Camma WorÌJ applicatiors.
Wlile tle exclar,e of tactical rucleat weapors
was telativel, limiteJ Jutir, tle Firal Wats, some
weapors wete fiteJ, arJ te,iors of Jar,etous taJiatior,
calleJ ¨lot :ores," car be fourJ all atourJ tle Camma
WotlJ. lr aJJitior, rucleat teactots witl failir, ot
Jestto,eJ safet, measutes, ot wlose /ls lave closer
to keep livir, sertierts at ba,, car ptoJuce ateas of
extteme taJiatior. laJiatior poisorir, occuts if tle
exposeJ clatactet fails a FottituJe save (DC is baseJ
upor tle sevetit, of tle taJiatior; see Claptet Fout
fot Jetails). laJiatior poisorir, car cause illress,
fati,ue, lesiors, carcet arJ ultimatel, Jeatl. L,
makir, a successful Tteat lrjut, cleck a,airst tle
same DC as tle faileJ FottituJe save, tle lealet car
clearse tle affecteJ clatactet of some of tle effects.
Lacl time tle cleck is maJe successfull,, tle affecteJ
clatactet's level of taJiatior poisorir, is teJuceJ b,
ore, arJ tle clatactet ma, make a rew FottituJe save
at tle rew, lowet DC. lf le succeeJs, tle clatactet is
or tle toaJ to tecovet,, arJ le will lose ore level of
taJiatior poisorir, eacl Ja, urtil cuteJ. lf le fails
tle save, tle clatactet is still poisoreJ, but at tle rew,
lowet level; eacl Ja, tle lealet ma, make a rew Tteat
lrjut, cleck at tle lowet DC.
Civer tle ptopet equipmert arJ a quick
tesporse time, a lealet car tevetse mutatiors causeJ
b, taJiatior, biotecl arJ ever rarotecl witl tle
Tteat lrjut, skill. Tle lealet car orl, tevetse
mutatiors tlat occutteJ ro mote tlar 1 Ja,
ptevious fot evet, 5 tarks ir Tteat lrjut,. To ever
attempt tle cleck, tle clatactet must lave access
to a full, stockeJ /JvarceJ MeJ Lab (available ir
ar, commurit, witl /JvarceJ Marufactutir,, as
JesctibeJ ir Claptet +, arJ ir well-ptesetveJ
meJical facilities ftom befote tle Firal Wats); a full
week's time is recessat, to petfotm tle ptopet tests
arJ ptoceJutes (tlis week urJet a lealet's cate Joes
rot irctease tle DC of tle Tteat lrjut, cleck). /t
tle erJ of tle week, tle lealet makes a Tteat lrjut,
cleck a,airst a DC baseJ or tle clatt below.
lf tle cleck is successful, tle patiert is lealeJ
of tle tat,eteJ mutatiors. Dutir, tecovet, tle
patiert is exttemel, weak; aftet sut,et,, tle patiert
takes 1J6 poirts of tempotat, Stter,tl Jama,e arJ
1J6 poirts of tempotat, Corstitutior Jama,e), arJ
Mar, Firal Wats eta weapors ate corsiJeteJ
Lxotic Fiteatms fot tle putpose of tlis feat. See tle
Lquipmert sectior, below, fot specific weapor
lr aJJitior to tle velicle classes listeJ ir J20 MoJeru,
tle followir, velicle classes ate ircluJeJ urJet tlis Feat:
-rc|c|c \e||c|es. Catts, wa,ors arJ all otlet
muscle-poweteJ velicles. Note tlat wlile a Dtive
cleck is reeJeJ to avoiJ la:atJs, a HarJle /rimal
cleck ma, be tequiteJ to keep corttol of ar, beasts
of butJer useJ to pull tle velicle.
\c||ers. /ll sutface velicles tlat tel, or
meclarical ¨le,s" fot locomotior, ircluJir, all
walkets listeJ ir tle Lquipmert sectior.
Tle clatactet is a ttue leto, arJ las tle actior
poirts to ptove it.
ßeuej|t. / clatactet witl tlis feat teceives ar
aJJitioral actior poirt evet, time sle ,airs a
clatactet level.
Sµec|c|. S,rtletic clatactets carrot take tlis feat.
Feats teptesert tle special skills, talerts arJ
ratutal aptituJes clatactets car possess. Feats ,o a
lor, wa, towatJ tourJir, out a clatactet outsiJe
of ,ame meclarics; a rumbet of tle J20 MoJeru
feats ate Jesctiptive arJ su,,est petsoralit, ttaits.
lr aJJiti or, feats car be useJ to Jevelop a
clatactet's back,tourJ. DiJ tle clatactet ,tow up
ir a ptotecteJ, Firal Wats eta burket' Tle
clatactet sloulJ tler lave tle feat Tecl
Familiatit,: /JvarceJ b, tle erJ of pte-campai,r
clatactet Jevelopmert. Similat assumptiors car be
maJe about weapor arJ atmot ptoficiercies arJ
velicle opetatior feats.
Tle followir, feats ftom J20 MoJeru lave beer
moJifieJ fot use witl Camma WorÌJ.
lr aJJitior to tle t,pes of aitctaft listeJ, tle
followir, classes lave beer aJJeJ:
D|r|¸|||es. Li,ltet-tlar-ait aitctaft, ircluJir,
blimps, balloors arJ aitslips.
Hovercrcjt. Low-altituJe aitctaft ptopelleJ b,
tutbires arJ otlet tltust-baseJ er,ires, ircluJir,
botl militat, (lovet tarks) arJ civiliar (lovet
cats) moJels useJ Jutir, tle Firal Wats.
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C C|ccamstaace C|ccamstaace C|ccamstaace C|ccamstaace C|ccamstaace
20 ßase 0||||ca|ty C|ass
-b |ac| m|aec matat|ea te ee caced
-l0 |ac| majec matat|ea te ee caced
-b |ac| day s|ace t|e matat|ea tee| µ|ace
+5 Ict|eut |s c stoc| |umcu
-l0 |at|eat |s a Hataat
-b |at|eat µessesses t|e Hatat|ea Res|staace |eat
-b |at|eat µessesses t|e lmµceved Hatat|ea Res|staace
|eat (stac|s w|t| aeeve)
-b Advaaced Hed |ae |s ased
-b hea|ec µessesses at |east l0 caa|s |a t|e kaew|edqe
(|act| aad |||e sc|eaces) s||||.
is fati,ueJ fot ore week (-+ peralt, or all vi,otous
actiors, ircluJir, combat, arJ a -2 peralt, or all
otlet actiors).
Tle clatactet is ptoficiert witl tle use of
aJvarceJ atmot.
Irere¡u|s|tes. /tmot ltoficierc, (leav,), Tecl
Familiatit,: lte-Wat.
ßeuej|t. lr aJJitior to tle rotmal berefits of
/tmot ltoficierc, |see tle Jesctiptior of /tmot
ltoficierc, (li,lt) ir J20 MoJeru|, tle clatactet
ma, use aJvarceJ atmot witl ro peralt,.
Normc|. lr aJJitior to tle rotmal peralties fot
usir, atmot witlout beir, ptoficiert, a clatactet
usir, aJvarceJ atmot witlout ptoficierc, ircuts a
-+ peralt, or actiors usir, tle aJvarceJ atmot's
s,stems. See tle Lquipmert sectior fot Jetails or
aJvarceJ atmot.
Tlis s,rtletic-orl, feat allows a s,rtletic
clatactet to irctease tle tar,e of lis cote pto,tammir,.
Irere¡u|s|tes: Tle s,rtletic must be a multiclass
ßeuej|t: S,rtletics witl LrlarceJ lto,tammir,
ma, exparJ tleit cote skills pto,tammir,. Wler tlis
feat is taker, tle clatactet clooses a skill tlat is a
class skill fot a clatactet class le las at least ore level
ir, but is rot ore of tle s,rtletic's cote skills (see tle
S,rtletic ertt,, above, fot Jetails). Tlis skill becomes
a cote skill fot tle s,rtletic arJ ro lor,et costs 2 skill
poirts pet tark. Tle cost clar,e is rot tettoactive.
Normc|: Notmall, a multiclassir, s,rtletic
clatactet must pa, fot ar, class skills ftom lis secorJ
class tlat ate rot cote skills as ctoss-class skills.
Sµec|c|: Tlis feat ma, be taker multiple times;
it is applieJ to a Jiffetert class skill eacl time.
Tle clatactet is cool urJet ptessute, able to
sta, focuseJ Jespite Jisttactiors.
ßeuej|t: L, sperJir, ar actior poirt, tle clatactet
ma, take 1O or a sir,le toll, ever ir combat ot otlet
Jisttactir, situatiors. Tle clatactet Joes rot ,air ar,
otlet berefits ftom tle use of tlis actior poirt.
Sµec|c|: Tlis feat Joes rot allow tle clatactet to
take 1O or a skill ot toll tlat rotmall, Joes rot allow
it. lt orl, allows a clatactet to i,rote citcumstarces
tlat rotmall, ptolibit tle use of takir, 1O.
Tle clatactet is rot orl, tesistart to tle effects
of muta,ers, but car actuall, tecovet ftom tle ,eretic
Jama,e causeJ b, exposute to mutatir, a,erts.
Irere¡u|s|tes: Mutatior lesistarce, Corstitutior 15+.
ßeuej|t: Clatactets wlo possess tlis feat ,air a
++ borus or all FottituJe saves a,airst mutatior
effects, to sutvive ,eretic sut,et, arJ all otlet saves
telateJ to lealir, Jama,e ircutteJ ftom a faileJ
FottituJe save vetsus mutatior. lts effects stack witl
Mutatior lesistarce arJ Cteat FottituJe.
Sµec|c|: lute-sttair lumars ma, putclase
lmptoveJ Mutatior lesistarce witlout meetir, tle
ptetequisites listeJ fot tlis feat.
Tle clatactet is urusuall, tesistart to tle effects
of muta,ers, eitlet irJuceJ ot ervitormertal.
Irere¡u|s|tes: Cteat FottituJe, Corstitutior 13+.
ßeuej|t: Tlis feat impatts a +2 borus or
FottituJe saves a,airst mutatior effects. lts effects
stack witl Cteat FottituJe.
Tle clatactet car borJ witl arJ Jitect rarourits.
See Claptet Tltee fot tle Jetails of raroteclrolo,,.
Irere¡u|s|tes: lute-sttair lumar witl WisJom
12+, Clatisma 12+ arJ Corstitutior eitlet 8- ot
1++; stock lumar witl WisJom 13+, Clatisma
13+ arJ Corstitutior eitlet 8- ot 1++; mutart
witl WisJom 1++, Clatisma 1++ arJ
Corstitutior 6- ot 16+. (Clatactets witl urusuall,
weak immure s,stems car become 'irfecteJ' witl
rarotecl ircutsiors tlat moJetatel, lealtl,
clatactets' boJies simpl, teject, wlile clatactets
witl urusuall, sttor, immure s,stems car sutvive
arJ tesporJ to ircutsiors tlat woulJ ovetwlelm
arJ kill most people.)
ßeuej|t. Tle clatactet ma, assemble ar iritial
pool of rarourits arJ be,ir cteatir, raro effects.
Tle clatactet epitomi:es tle vittues of a sir,le
basic class.
Irere¡u|s|tes: +tl level ir a sir,le basic class, abilit,
scote of 17+ ir tle ptimat, abilit, fot tlat class.
ßeuej|t: Wler a clatactet sperJs ar actior
poirt or ar abilit, ot skill cleck usir, tle
clatactet's ptimat, abilit, (fot example, a Fast leto
makir, a Dextetit, cleck), tle clatactet ma, aJJ
let abilit, moJifiet twice, irsteaJ of tollir, let
actior poirt Jice. Lxample: / 5tl-level Fast leto
witl a Dextetit, of 18 sperJs ar actior poirt or a
Jespetate Lalarce cleck to tur actoss a rattow lo,
ovet a Jeep tavire. Tle clatactet las 8 tarks ir
Lalarce. Tle pla,et tolls a 9, fot a total of 22. Tle
pla,et Joesr't tlirk tlis tesult is erou,l fot let
clatactet to avoiJ a plummet to lis Jeatl, so sle
sperJs ar /ctior loirt. lrsteaJ of tollir, a J6 arJ
aJJir, tle tesult, sle fi,utes tle clatactet's
Dextetit, borus of ++ ir a,air, fot a tesult of 26.
Tle DC was 25, arJ tle Fast leto makes it actoss.
Sµec|c|: Tle clatactet Joes rot ,air ar, otlet
berefits ftom tle use of tlis actior poirt.
/r otletwise rotmal stock ot pute-sttair
lumar clatactet car Jevelop psioric talerts.
Irere¡u|s|tes. Total lrtelli,erce, WisJom arJ
Clatisma moJifiets equal to ++ ot mote.
ßeuej|t. /s tle majot positive mutatior ls,clic
/ptituJe (see Claptet Tltee), but tle clatactet
Joes rot expetierce ar, of tle otlet berefits ot
liabilities of mutart status.
Tle clatactet is ptoficiert at firJir, valuables
amor, tle mar, cacles of pute jurk litteteJ
tltou,lout tle Camma WotlJ.
ßeuej|t: Tle clatactet ,airs a +2 borus or
Seatcl clecks, arJ +2 or ltofessior (jurk Jealet)
clecks wler attemptir, a to irctease lis Wealtl
borus. (Camma WorÌJ Wealtl is coveteJ urJet
¨Lquipmert," below.)
Tlis feat allows a clatactet to teact quickl, to
orcomir, attacks witl a teaJieJ petsoral fiteatm.
Irere¡u|s|tes: letsoral Fiteatms ltoficierc,,
loirt Llark Slot, base attack borus +2.
ßeuej|t: / clatactet witl tlis feat ma, make
ar attack of oppotturit, witl a petsoral fiteatm,
sucl as a pistol, if tle followir, corJitiors ate met:
tle clatactet las a teaJieJ petsoral fiteatm ir larJ,
ar attacket ertets ore of tle clatactet's tlteatereJ
squates, arJ tle clatactet is rot tlteatereJ befote
tle attacket ertets tle tlteatereJ squate. Tle
attack of oppotturit, must be maJe a,airst tle
attacket wlo erteteJ tle clatactet's tlteatereJ
squate; tlis is courteJ a,airst tle total rumbet of
attacks of oppotturit, tle clatactet ma, make ir a
sir,le tourJ.
Normc|: Clatactets ma, rot rotmall, make
attacks of oppotturit, witl tar,eJ weapors.
/ s,rtletic clatactet witl tlis feat ovetcomes
its cote petsoralit, pto,tammir, arJ is capable of
Jevelopir, urique petsoralit, al,otitlms.
Irere¡u|s|tes: S,rtletic ,erot,pe, +tl-level leto.
ßeuej|ts: Tle s,rtletic clatactet is ro lor,et
ptolibiteJ ftom cloosir, cettair feats aftet
clatactet ,eretatior. Tlis feat Joes rot corfet tle
berefits of ar, of tle feats listeJ urJet tle Nattow
Focus s,rtletic ,erot,pe ttait, but it allows tle
clatactet to cloose tlose feats rotmall,.
Normc|: S,rtletic clatactets witlout tlis feat ate
ptolibiteJ ftom cloosir, cettair feats aftet clatactet
,eretatior (see ¨Nattow Focus" urJet tle S,rtletic
listir,, above, fot tle list of ptolibiteJ feats).
Tle clatactet is tesiliert arJ teracious, able
to live tltou,l ervitormertal latJslips tlat woulJ
kill lesset beir,s.
Irere¡u|s|tes: Corstitutior 13+.
ßeuej|t: Tle clatactet ,ets a +2 borus or all
Sutvival arJ Navi,ate clecks. lr aJJitior, wler
makir, FottituJe saves Jue to ervitormertal
corJitiors, sucl as exposute to extteme colJ ot
leat, tle clatactet teceives a +2 competerce borus.
Tle clatactet is urusuall, skilleJ at aral,:ir,
a patticulat kirJ of pl,sical ot social pleromeror.
Irere¡u|s|t es: /r, two Krowl eJ,e ot
Teclrolo,, skills at 5+ tarks eacl.
ßeuej|t: Tle clatactet ,airs a ++ competerce
borus or aral,sis tasks irvolvir, tle specifieJ skills.
Tle clatactet ma, take tlis feat multiple times,
specif,ir, a Jiffetert two skills eacl time.
/ clatactet witl tlis feat is irtimatel, familiat
witl tle uses arJ wotkir,s of Firal Wats eta
teclrolo,,, ircluJir, biotecl arJ rarotecl.
Irere¡u|s|tes: KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ li fe
sci erces) 5+ tarks, KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,:
rarotecl) 5+ tarks.
ßeuej|t: Tle clatactet ,airs a ++ competerce
borus wler aral,:ir, soultecl arJ livetecl.
/ clatactet witl tlis feat is irtimatel, familiat
witl tle uses arJ wotkir,s of pte-Firal Wats
teclrolo,,, especiall, tlat wlicl was useJ ir ar
evet,Ja, capacit,, sucl as petsoral velicles, factot,
macliret, arJ louselolJ appliarces.
Irere¡u|s|tes: KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: lte-Wat)
5 tarks.
ßeuej|t: Tle clatactet ,airs a ++ competerce
borus wler aral,:ir, latJtecl.
Fot S,stems Famil iatit, arJ botl Tecl
Familiatit, feats, tle Jesctiptiors of teclrolo,,
t,pes arJ tules fot aral,:ir, teclrolo,, ate fourJ
ir Claptet Six: Tle Camma WotlJ Campai,r.
Wlile a clatactet's abilit, scotes, ,erot,pe arJ
class levels Jefire li m meclaricall ,, otlet
clatactetistics ate useJ to mote cleatl, Jesctibe tle
clatactet arJ lis place ir tle Camma WotlJ. Tle
clatactet's pl,sical appeatarce, leputatior,
Wealtl arJ alle,iarces ate all a patt of tle
clatactet, as impottart as feats arJ skills.
ltevious eJitiors of Camma WorÌJ lave
telieJ or a pseuJo-fartastic lir,uistic Jeca, to
make tle rames of people arJ tlir,s irtetestir,:
New Yotk became N,otk arJ /ustir became
/westore, fot example, wlile poJo,s, katkirs arJ
loppets irfesteJ tle wastes. Wlile tlete is rotlir,
wtor, witl tlis metloJ of ramir,, it car
sometimes ctoss tle tlteslolJ of suspersior of
Jisbelief arJ lesser tle ovetall expetierce of
Camma WorÌJ fot some pla,ets.
lr tealit,, lar,ua,es clar,e ovet time, witl
rew wotJs irttoJuceJ b, botl irvertior arJ
substitutior. Societies witl a ,teat Jeal of cortact
witl outsiJe cultutes will see wotJs ftom tlose
otlet cultutes ertet tlei t vocabulat,, wlile
isolateJ ,toups will irtetrall, tefire tleit lar,ua,e
urtil a urique Jialect Jevelops. Camma WorÌJ
terJs to be mote full of tle lattet tlar tle fotmet,
,ivir, tise to a lat,e rumbet of Jialects ever ir
ar atea wlete a sir,le, commor lar,ua,e was
pteviousl, spoker.
lr aJJitior, lir,uistic Jtift occuts ovet time,
tle sourJs of vowels arJ corsorarts clar,ir, ir
pteJictable wa,s. Tle followir, clatts slow low
Lr,lisl vowel sourJs lave slifteJ ovet tle last five
lurJteJ ,eats arJ low corsorarts clar,e ir
ptorurciatior ovet time. Tle, ptoviJe a stattir,
poirt fot pla,ets arJ CMs wlo wisl to emulate
tealistic lir,uistic Jtift.
\ewe| S|||ts \ewe| S|||ts \ewe| S|||ts \ewe| S|||ts \ewe| S|||ts
|eaq (eeet) s|||ts te |eaq (e|te)
|eaq (ea|t) s|||ts te |eaq (eeet)
s|ect (eaq) s|||ts te |eaq (ea|t)
|ew (|at|ec) s|||ts te |eaq (ea|t)
|eaq (eeet) s|||ts te (µew)
|eaq (eeat) s|||ts te |eaq (eeet)
(µew) s|||ts te |eaq (eeat)
Wler usir, tle followir, clatt, be,ir
witl tle oti,iral lar,ua,e corsorart sourJ
arJ move ore step ti,lt or tle clatt fot eacl
slift. You sloulJ rote tlat aftet tltee slifts,
a corsorart's ptorurciatior tetutrs to its
oti,iral, cteatir, a pteJictable lir,uistic
pattetr. lla,ets arJ CMs car use tlis pattetr
to cteate irtetestir, sourJir, rames fot
people, locatiors arJ items ir tle settir,.
0c|q|aa| 0c|q|aa| 0c|q|aa| 0c|q|aa| 0c|q|aa| ||cst ||cst ||cst ||cst ||cst Secead Secead Secead Secead Secead ||aa| ||aa| ||aa| ||aa| ||aa|
S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t S|||t
| e µ |
t| d t t|
| q | |
lla,ets arJ CMs alike sloulJ keep ir mirJ
tlat, fot tle most patt, all tle lar,ua,es tlat ate
commor ir tle moJetr Ja, sutviveJ ir ore fotm
ot arotlet irto tle Camma /,e. Tle vowel arJ
corsorart slifts, arJ otlet metloJs of teramir,,
car be applieJ to ror-Lr,lisl rames arJ wotJs as
well as Lr,lisl ores.
Most people of tle Camma /,e lack mar, of
tle basic amerities tlat we take fot ,tarteJ ir tle
moJetr eta. Due ir lat,e patt to a lack of saritat,
corJitiors arJ easil, available, teliable meJical
tteatmert, tle a,e cate,oties ir Camma WorÌJ ate
somewlat slottet tlar tlose pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru.
Aqe Cateqecy Aqe Cateqecy Aqe Cateqecy Aqe Cateqecy Aqe Cateqecy Yeacs Yeacs Yeacs Yeacs Yeacs
Yeaaq l te ll
Yeaaq Ada|t l2 te lb
Ada|t l6 te 3l
H|dd|e Aqe 32 te 47
0|d b0 te 67
\eaecae|e 10 ec e|dec
Clatactets wlo live ir aJvarceJ societies, sucl
as pute-sttair lumar erclaves, use tle a,e cate,oties
pteserteJ ir J2O MoJetr. Òtlet lumars arJ
mutarts, ircluJir, botl ratutal arJ er,ireeteJ
mutarts, terJ to be slottet-liveJ tlar tleit li,l-
tecl courtetpatts: tle, become olJ at 39 ,eats arJ
Tle J20 MoJeru alle,iarce s,stem ptoviJes a
ftamewotk atourJ wlicl to builJ a clatactet's values,
motivatiors arJ ,oals. lr Camma WorÌJ, alle,iarces
ate mote tlar tleotetical Jesctiptots fot low a
clatactet mi,lt act ir a ,iver situatior; ir mar, cases,
ar alle,iarce is a litetal oatl maJe b, a clatactet to a
petsor ot ar ot,ari:atior witl tle tesoutces arJ Jesite
to see tlat tle clatactet mairtairs tlat oatl. Lver
wler tle alle,iarce is mote petsoral, sucl as to ftierJs
ot loveJ ores, tle alle,iarce botl ptoviJes a berefit
to tle clatactet arJ JemarJs sometlir, ir tetutr.
Lacl cate,ot, of alle,iarce ,tarts cettair
beref its to tle clatactet arJ places cettair
limitatiors or tle clatactet. / limiteJ, ,eretic list
follows, witl berefits arJ limitatiors apptoptiate
fot most specific alle,iarces tlat fall witlir eacl
cate,ot,. CMs sloulJ feel ftee to aJjust tle
aJvarta,es arJ Jtawbacks to bettet fit a specific
alle,iarce, usir, tle ores pteserteJ below as
moJels. lemembet tlat if all ,out pla,ets ate
clamotir, to joir a cettair alle,iarce ,ou cteateJ,
tlou,l, ,ou ma, wart to look it ovet fot balarce.
Clatactets witl a commurit, alle,iarce place
tle reeJs of tleit commurit, above tleit owr reeJs
arJ tlose of tleit immeJiate families arJ ftierJs
(tlou,l ir ttutl tlese reeJs ofter ovetlap).
Commurit, alle,iarce Jtives clatactets to rot orl,
ptotect tleit commurit,, but to bettet it. Sucl
clatactets aJvertute as a mears to accomplisl tlese
,oals; tatlet tlar Ji,,ir, tltou,l tle tuirs fot fur
arJ ptofit, commurit,-mirJeJ clatactets ate ir
seatcl of attifacts tlat will ptoviJe fot tleit
commurit,. Commurit, alle,iarce, wlile cettairl,
urselfisl, is rot recessatil, ¨,ooJ." Clatactets
sttor,l, correcteJ to tleit lome commurit, arJ
JeJicateJ to its imptovemert ma, rot see ar, value
ir rei,lbotir, commurities, asiJe ftom wlat peace
ot wat, ttaJe ot pilla,e car ptoviJe fot tle clatactet's
lome. \illairs ate as likel, to lave tlis alle,iarce
as letoes, arJ ma, ever lolJ ar alle,iarce to tle
same commurit, as tle letoes, witl vet, Jiffetert
plilosoplies or low to aclieve tle same erJs.
CMs car use a commurit, alle,iarce to tie a
,toup of otletwise Jispatate pla,et clatactets
to,etlet, ot ptoviJe motivatior fot wlat woulJ
otletwise be catJboatJ stock villairs.
ßeuej|ts: Wler actir, ir tle best irtetest of let
commurit,, ever fot exterJeJ petioJs of time, a leto
car tap irto stter,tl sle JiJ rot krow sle laJ. Wler
veretable at +9 ,eats. Tle, matute at tle same tate
as pte-Firal Wats people, so tlat tites of passa,e to
marlooJ arJ womarlooJ arJ otlet activities tlat
tequite clatactets to leave clilJlooJ ot aJolescerce
belirJ lave tle same a,e tequitemerts as tle, woulJ
ir tle 21st certut,. Most occupatiors lave tle same
a,e tlteslolJ as tleit pte-Wats courtetpatts, too.
lr aJJitior to lackir, some basic meJical
setvices, most clatactets livir, ir tle Camma /,e
eat a ,teat Jeal less tlar tleit moJetr courtetpatts;
fooJ is botl less plertiful arJ less ruttitious, arJ
mote ofter tlar rot tle powetful ate ir possessior
of tle lior's slate.
DecteaseJ ruttitior terJs to cteate people wlo
ate smallet arJ li,ltet tlar tlose ir mote well-feJ
societies. leJuce tle Hei,lt MoJifiet fot botl male
arJ female clatactets ftom 2J1O to 2J8. Tlis
automaticall, teJuces tle aveta,e wei,lt of Camma
WorÌJ clatactets, so tlete is ro reeJ to teJuce tle
Wei,lt MoJifiet as well. Fot clatactets wlo wete
taiseJ ir ar ervitormert wlete fooJ arJ tesoutces
wete plertiful (sucl as amor, tle atistoctac, of a
Camma /,e cit,-state), use tle starJatJ Hei,lt
arJ Wei,lt MoJifiets.
Òf coutse, tle aveta,e lei,lts arJ wei,lts
pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru, ever as aJjusteJ above,
orl, appl, to pute-sttair arJ stock lumars.
Mutarts ma, ot ma, rot lovet atourJ tle lumar
aveta,e, witl mar, mutarts beir, explicitl, lat,et
ot small et tlar rotmal . Ceretal l,, tall et
clatactets ate also btoaJet, arJ smallet clatactets
ate sli,ltet; use tle maximum Wei,lt MoJifiet
fot lat,et mutarts arJ tle mirimum fot small
mutarts as a place to statt. /s alwa,s, let commor
serse be ,out ,uiJe.
S,rtletics vat, ,teatl, ir si:e arJ wei,lt, baseJ
upor tle matetials ftom wlicl tle s,rtletic is built,
its irterJeJ putpose arJ its si:e. loll lei,lt arJ
wei,lt rotmall, fot a s,rtletic clatactet, tler
moJif, it as follows:
S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea S|taat|ea he|q|t he|q|t he|q|t he|q|t he|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t
Sma|| x 3/4 x l/2
|acqe x l x 2
||q|t matec|a|s (ex. µ|ast|cs) a/a x 3/4
Hed|am matec|a|s (ex. a|am|aam) a/a x l
heavy matec|a|s (ex. stee|) a/a x 2
||q|t ase (ex. sceat|aq, µ|easace) x l x l
heavy ase (ex. m|a|aq, cemeat) x l x 2
or ar aJvertute ot missior tlat Jitectl, berefits let
commurit,, a clatactet witl tlis alle,iarce ,airs a
+2 or all actior poirt Jice tolls, allowir, up to a +8
ftom sperJir, ar actior poirt. lf a clatactet sperJs
tle actior poirt fot arotlet putpose, sucl as activatir,
a talert ot class abilit,, ro berefit is ,aireJ.
l|m|tct|ous: Tle Camma WotlJ is ar irsulat place,
wlete commurities sttive fot irJeperJerce arJ ore's
rei,lbots ate vieweJ witl (ofter well-eatreJ) suspicior.
Clatactets witl a commurit, alle,iarce suffet a -2
peralt, or all Clatisma-baseJ clecks irvolvir,
clatactets witl ar alle,iarce to arotlet commurit,.
Similat to a commurit, alle,iarce, alle,iarce to
ar ot,ari:atior places tle clatactet as a patt of a
,teatet wlole, impottart orl, irsofat as le is capable
of movir, tle ot,ari:atior towatJ its ,oals. lt is ir
tlese ,oals tlat tle two Jiffet, lowevet. Commurities
usuall, lave few aims otlet tlar sutvival arJ petlaps
stable ,towtl. Òt,ari:atiors, lowevet, usuall, lave
specific ,oals arJ possess tle tesoutces to putsue arJ
aclieve tlose ,oals. Clatactets witl alle,iarce to tle
ot,ari:atior ate amor, tlose tesoutces.
Òt,ari:atiors tlat qualif, fot tlis alle,iarce
tar,e wilJl, ir si:e, scope arJ putpose. Lxamples
ircluJe ttaJe ot,ari:atiors, metcerat, atmies,
sclolatl, irstitutiors, sectet societies, ctimiral
retwotks arJ exclusive clubs. Claptet Six: tle
Camma WotlJ Campai,r pteserts some example
ot,ari:atiors, tle Ct,ptic /lliarces. Tlese ate rot
tle orl, sucl ot,ari:atiors ir tle Camma /,e,
but tle, ptoviJe a stattir, poirt fot tle pla,ets'
arJ CMs' owr ima,iratiors. lCs witl alle,iarces
to tle same ot,ari:atior fotm a teaJ,-maJe team
witl similat ,oals arJ motivatiors.
ßeuej|ts: Òt,ari:atiors of ar, si:e terJ to lave
tesoutces at tleit Jisposal. Clatactets witl ar
ot,ari:atior alle,iarce berefit ftom tlose tesoutces,
,airir, a ore-time ++ Wealtl borus wler tle clatactet
is cteateJ arJ ar aJJitioral +2 Wealtl borus evet, time
tle clatactet ,airs a level, assumir, tle clatactet
mairtairs te,ulat cortact witl tle ot,ari:atior arJ tle
ot,ari:atior temairs capable of Jolir, out tesoutces.
l|m|tct|ous: Two mair limitatiors ptesert
tlemselves fot clatactets witl ar ot,ari:atioral
alle,iarce. Fitst, ot,ari:atiors lave eremies, arJ
tlose eremies ate slateJ b, its membets. Most
ot,ari:atiors tequite its membets to possess some
metloJ of iJertificatior - ever if it is orl, a sectet
larJslake - arJ tle ot,ari:atior's eremies ate
likel, to teco,ri:e it as well. lr aJJitior, ar
ot,ari:atior tequites actior of its membets. Tle
ot,ari:atioral lietatcl, will make tequests ot
JemarJs of tle clatactet; failute to compl, sttips
tle clatactet of tle berefits of tle alle,iarce at
best, arJ ma, cost mucl mote.
Some irJiviJuals JeJicate tlemselves to a
sir,le petsor ot small ,toup of people. Famil, ot
loveJ ores, sttor, leaJets ot ever tlose wlo setve
tle clatactet make ,ooJ objects of petsoral
alle,iarce. L, takir, tlis alle,iarce, tle clatactet
activel, clooses to place arotlet petsor's life (ot
lappiress ot ,oals) befote let owr. SloulJ tle reeJ
evet atise, a clatactet witl tlis alle,iarce will suffet
arJ ever Jie to ersute tle cortirueJ life, lappiress
ot success of tle object of tle alle,iarce.
lCs car be bourJ to,etlet b, petsoral
alle,iarces. Tle, ma, all be membets of tle same
famil,, ot tle last sutvivots of a Jestto,eJ
commurit,. lf orl , ore clatactet las tlis
alle,iarce, tle clatactet ma, be tle ,uatJiar of
arotlet, ot ever simpl, lovesttuck. Nor-pla,et
clatactets (NlCs) ma, be fourJ or eitlet siJe of
tle petsoral alle,iarce, JeperJir, or tle ratute
of tle telatiorslip betweer tle NlC arJ tle lC.
ßeuej|t: So lor, as tle object of tle clatactet's
petsoral alle,iarce is somelow tlteatereJ, tle
clatactet teceives a +1 borus or all clecks arJ tolls
maJe witl tle ,oal of alleviatir, tle tlteat. Tlis
sloulJ be ar immeJiate tlteat: Coir, off to kill tle
mutarts tlat mi,lt attack tle villa,e wlete tle object
of tle alle,iarce lives is rot sufficiert, but ,oir, or
ar aJvertute to locate tle cute fot a tettible wastir,
Jisease suffeteJ b, tle object of tle alle,iarce courts.
l|m|tct| ous: Clatactets JeJicateJ to ar
irJiviJual ot small ,toup ate ofter easil, swa,eJ arJ
subject to tle wlim of tlat petsor ot tlose people.
Clatactets witl tlis alle,iarce Jo rot toll wler
corftorteJ witl ar opposeJ Clatisma cleck b, tle
object of tleit alle,iarce. lrsteaJ, tle clatactet is
ptesumeJ to lave ¨tolleJ" a :eto, arJ orl, abilit,
scote aJjustmerts, skill, tarks, base saves arJ otlet
citcumstartial moJifiets affect tle opposeJ cleck.
Motal, etlical arJ teli,ious belief s,stems
ptoviJe Jitectior arJ suppott fot clatactets ir a wa,
tlat rotlir, else car, ever a loveJ ore ot a sttor,
commurit,. Tlete ate irrumetable plilosoplies ir
tle Camma /,e. Some arciert ores sutviveJ tle
Firal Wats arJ mucl mote tltou,l tle a,es. Some
lave appeateJ sirce tle LrJ, cteateJ b, a wotlJ tlat
JiJ rot make serse wler compateJ to tle belief
s,stems of tle ores befote it.
Tlis cate,ot, of alle,iarce ptoviJes pla,ets
witl a ,teat Jeal of latituJe. / plilosoplical
alle,iarce car be litetall, ar, belief, ftom a Jo,ma-
leav, teli,ior to a plilosopl, of tacial supetiotit,
to simple pacifism. Tle ke, to tlis alle,iarce is tlat
it is a sttor,l, lelJ belief, rot a passir, farc,; arJ
tlat clatactets witl tlis alle,iarce ate motivateJ
to act (ot rot) b, tleit beliefs. lt is impottart tlat
CMs arJ pla,ets Jiscuss alle,iarces of tlis t,pe
tlotou,ll,, sirce tle CM must aJjuJicate tle
clatactet's aJleterce to tle belief ir otJet to
Jetetmire tle berefits of tle alle,iarce (see below).
ßeuej |ts: Tle irtetrali:eJ ratute of tlis
alle,iarce colots tle clatactet's petceptior of tle
wotlJ arJ fuels tle clatactet's actiors. /s lor, as
tle clatactet is corsiJeteJ b, tle CM to be actir,
witlir tle terets of tle clatactet's belief s,stem,
le ma,, orce pet ,ame sessior, ,air tle maximum
berefit of sperJir, ar actior poirt (usuall, +6),
tatlet tlar tollir, lis actior poirt Jice.
l|m|tct|ous: lf a clatactet witl a plilosoplical
alle,iarce acts corttat, to tlat belief, ot abarJors
it, tle clatactet is corsiJeteJ to be suffetir, ftom a
ctisis of faitl. Lrtil sucl time as tle clatactet
tesolves tle ctisis, all actior poirt experJitutes cost
Jouble tle rotmal amourt. Fot example, a
clatactet tlat wisles to aJJ J6 to a J2O toll must
sperJ two actior poirts irsteaJ of ore. / ctisis of
faitl car orl, be tesolveJ witl time arJ tolepla,ir,;
tle CM is tle firal atbitet of wler a ctisis of faitl
las beer successfull, tesolveJ.
/s roteJ ir J20 MoJeru, clatactets berefit ftom
a +2 borus or Clatisma-baseJ clecks wler Jealir,
witl NlCs wlo slate tle clatactet's alle,iarce(s).
Tlis wotks ir tevetse as well. Cettair alle,iarces ma,
be opposeJ to ore arotlet, arJ if tlis is appatert,
clatactets suffet a -2 peralt, or Clatisma-baseJ
clecks irvolvir, tle opposeJ NlCs.
/ clatactet ma, acquite rew alle,iarces Jutir,
pla,, baseJ upor campai,r everts. Lsuall,, acquitir,
ar alle,iarce is a cloice pla,ets make fot tleit
clatactets. Tle CM ma,, lowevet, use a rewl, acquiteJ
alle,iarce as a tool fot keepir, tle lCs to,etlet, ot
movir, tlem towatJ a specific ,oal. /s alwa,s, tle
pla,ets arJ CM sloulJ Jiscuss tlis befotelarJ arJ
make sute tlat it Joes rot corflict witl tle clatactets'
alle,iarces ot tle campai,r's ,oals.
Clatactets ,air tle berefits arJ limitatiors of
a rewl, acquiteJ alle,iarce immeJiatel,.
/s tle campai,r pto,tesses, campai,r everts
ot pla,et Jisirtetest ma, make it recessat, to
clar,e a clatactet's alle,iarces ot simpl, JiscatJ
ar alle,iarce. DiscatJir, alle,iarces sloulJ rot be
sometlir, Jore li,ltl, (sirce tle, Jo teptesert tle
clatactet's ttul, JeJicateJ lo,alties arJ leattfelt
beliefs), arJ pla,ets arJ CMs ate aJviseJ to Jiscuss
tle ptocess ir aJvarce; lavir, a clatactet's
ot,ari:atior tutr a,airst let ot beir, exileJ ftom
let lome commurit, aJJs fat mote to tle campai,r
tlar simpl, Jtoppir, tle alle,iarce. Òrce a
patticulat alle,iarce is JiscatJeJ, tle clatactet loses
all berefits of tle alle,iarce. Some limitatiors ma,
temair, lowevet, JeperJir, or tle ratute of tle
alle,iarce arJ tle low it was JiscatJeJ: Fot
example, a clatactet tlat las tutreJ lis back or
ar ot,ari:atior loses access to its tesoutces but ma,
still Jtaw tle attertior of tle ,toup's eremies fot
tlir,s le JiJ as a membet.
leputatior ir tle J20 MoJeru ,ame s,stem
tepteserts a clatactet's rototiet,, ,ooJ ot baJ. Tle tules
fot leputatior pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru temair
urclar,eJ lete. Howevet, tle Camma /,e lacks some
of tle basic fotms of commuricatior ptesert ir tle
moJetr wotlJ. Wlile limitir, tle ¨effective tar,e" of
a clatactet's leputatior, it las tle urusual siJe effect
of amplif,ir, it: /s rews tutrs to ,ossip arJ tumot, tle
ttutl is ofter exa,,etateJ to tle poirt of bteakir,.
To Jetetmire tle peralt, or a clatactet's
leputatior cleck baseJ or Jistarce, a stattir, poirt must
fitst be closer. Tle clatactet's ¨lome towr" - tle
commurit, out of wlicl sle opetates, rot recessatil,
tle commurit, ir wlicl sle was botr arJ taiseJ - is
tle usual stattir, poirt. Fot a clatactet tlat ttavels
extersivel, Jutir, tle coutse of tle campai,r, tle last
place wlete sle was teco,ri:eJ qualifies as tle stattir,
Fot evet, Ja,'s ttavel (or foot) ftom tle stattir,
poirt, tle clatactet's leputatior suffets a -1
peralt,. lf, Jespite tle peralt,, tle leputatior
cleck succeeJs, tle clatactet ,airs a borus or Lluff,
Diplomac, ot lrtimiJate clecks (JeperJir, or tle
ratute of tle clatactet's leputatior) equivalert to
tle peralt, or tle leputatior cleck, to teptesert
tle exa,,etatior tlat occuts ovet time arJ Jistarce.
Tle temrarts of tle lte-Wat eta car be fourJ
ir evet, cotret of tle Camma WotlJ: tle vaults of
tle atclivists, tle tuirs of lost cities, arJ, most
impottartl,, tle larJs of tle lC letoes. Tle Camma
/,e is urique ir tlat it las ptoJuceJ vet, little tlat is
rew. leJiscovet, las tetutreJ olJ teclrolo,ies to
ptomirerce, ftom swotJs to catapults, arJ tle last
vesti,es of tle ptevious a,es firJ tleit wa, irto tle
larJs of letoes arJ villairs alike.
Lvet,tlir, las value ir tle Camma /,e,
except petlaps more,. Witl sutvival evet ptesert
ir tle mirJs of irlabitarts of tle Camma WotlJ,
reeJ takes pteceJerce ovet wart arJ orl, tlose
tlir,s witl ttue value, wlicl ofter boils Jowr to
utilit,, car be useJ as cutterc,.
Tle J20 MoJeru Wealtl s,stem is ar absttact
metloJ of ttackir, tesoutces, Jesi,reJ to alleviate
leav, bookkeepir, arJ perr,-watclir,. lr
Camma WorÌ J, a clatactet's Wealtl borus
irJicates ar abilit, to battet, ttaJir, ore useful ot
JesiteJ ,ooJ fot arotlet. Futtlet, tle tlir,s tlat
possess value clar,e ftom commurit, to
commurit,, JeperJir, or tle reeJs arJ Jesites of
a patticulat ,toup: To Jesett-Jwellir, mutarts watet
is mote valuable tlar life itself, wlile witlir ar
atclivist corclave lte-Wat texts ate tle starJatJ
b, wlicl all otlet ,ooJs ate wei,leJ.
Tle Camma /,e is a Jar,etous time, arJ boJ,
atmot is essertial to tle sutvival of ar, wlo btave
tlose Jar,ets. /tmot comes ir vatious fotms,
teflectir, tle cultute, reeJs arJ teclrolo,ical
soplisticatior of tlose wlo weat it. Tle followir,
list tepteserts tle most commor fotms of atmot
wotr b, aJvertutets, solJiets arJ taiJets.
lr a,es lor, past, wattiots JorreJ atmot maJe
of leatlet, steel arJ ever wooJ. Mar, Camma /,e
cultutes arJ commurities lave lost tle krowleJ,e
ot lack tle irJusttial tesoutces recessat, to cteate
tle aJvarceJ atmot of tle lte-Wat eta arJ lave
tetutreJ to tle staples of tle past. /tclaic atmot
is less effective tlar lte-Wat atmot, patticulatl,
a,airst fiteatms. lr aJJitior, atclaic atmot terJs
be mote cumbetsome arJ testtictive.
Tle equipmert borus of all atclaic atmot is
teJuceJ b, -2 vetsus fiteatms arJ bows (see
Weapors below).
Cbain MaiÌ: / suit of irtetlirkir, metal clair
ot tir,s wotr ovet soft leatlet ot leav, quilteJ
fabtic, wlicl offets a ,ooJ Jeal of ptotectior.
ltofessioral wattiots commorl, weat clair mail.
Leatber Armor, Soft: MaJe of liJe ot urboileJ
leatlet, tlis atmot offets mirimal ptotectior. lt is
tle least testtictive atclaic atmot, arJ it is ptefetteJ
b, fast-movir, scouts arJ taiJets.
Leatber Armor, HarJ: HatJ leatlet atmot is
boileJ arJ tteateJ to offet mote tesistarce, witl a
sli,lt irctease ir its ercumbtarce. Tle tark arJ
file solJiets of ptimitive commurities ofter weat
latJ leatlet atmot.
Leatber Armor, ReinforceJ: Metal stuJs,
tteateJ wooJ arJ bore ate useJ to aJJ ptotective
value to latJ leatlet atmot, ircteasir, its Jutabilit,
arJ futtlet teJucir, tle weatet's mobilit,.
PÌate anJ Cbain: Wlile leav, arJ cumbetsome,
tlis atmot ptoviJes tle most ptotectior available to
ptimitive wattiots. Fot,eJ steel plates ptotect tle
majotit, of tle weatet's boJ,, arJ clair mail wotr
urJetreatl ptoviJes aJJitioral ptotectior. Tle elite
wattiots of a ptimitive commurit, weat tlis atmot.
SbieÌJ, SmaÌÌ: MaJe of wooJ ot metal, a small
slielJ is useJ to patt, ircomir, attacks. SlielJ use
is commor amor, ptimitive irfartt, arJ cavalt,.
/ small slielJ ,ives a +1 slielJ borus to Deferse.
SbieÌJ, Large: Lat,e slielJs offet si,rificartl,
mote ptotectior tlar small ores, but ate leaviet
arJ less mara,eable. Heav, irfartt, solJiets ofter
use lat,e slielJs. / lat,e slielJ ,ives a +2 slielJ
borus to Deferse.
LoJ, atmot was fat less commor ir tle lte-Wat
eta tlar ir ptevious times, Jue lat,el, to tle use of
fiteatms. Tle use of atmot ir tle lte-Wat eta was mostl,
limiteJ to combat solJiets arJ law erfotcemert officets.
lte-Wat atmot Joes rot suffet a peralt, vetsus
fiteatms ot bows.
BuÌÌet Proof Vest: MaJe of ar aJvarceJ matetial
krowr as Kevlat, tle bulletptoof vest offets moJetate
ptotectior to tle weatet. lr commurities witl access
to lte-Wat cacles ot marufactutir, capabilities, tle
bulletptoof vest is wotr b, police arJ li,lt irfartt,.
BuÌÌet Proof Vest, ReinforceJ: /s above, but
teirfotceJ witl a sttor, metal plate built irto tle
atmot tlat covets tle vital ateas of tle weatet. /
teirfotceJ bull etptoof vest of fets aJJitioral
ptotectior at vet, little ircteaseJ ercumbtarce.
Combat Armor: Lssertiall,, combat atmot is a
bulletptoof vest tlat covets tle ertite boJ,: jacket,
parts arJ lelmet. lt offets ptotectior compatable to
plate arJ clair atmot, but at a teJuceJ wei,lt. /s
tle rame implies, tlis atmot is wotr b, combat ttoops.
Combat Armor, ReinforceJ: Lsir, li,lt metals,
latJ cetamics ot otlet matetials, teirfotceJ combat
atmot ttaJes some of tle mobilit, of combat atmot
fot ircteaseJ ptotectior. Slock ttoops arJ elite
police urits make use of teirfotceJ combat atmot.
SbieÌJ, Riot: Tle tiot slielJ is tle orl,
commorl, useJ slielJ of tle lte-Wat eta. MaJe of a
bulletptoof arJ ttarspatert matetial, tle tiot slielJ
is lat,e erou,l to ptotect a ,towr mar's ertite boJ,.
/ tiot slielJ ,ives a +3 slielJ borus to Deferse.
Dutir, tle Firal Wats, boJ, atmot came back
irto use as aJvarceJ matetials (ofter marufactuteJ
tltou,l tle use of raroteclrolo,,) maJe atmot
ptactical a,air. /JvarceJ atmots ate exttemel,
tate, fourJ ir lost vaults ot useJ b, tle solJiets arJ
police of atclivists' commurities.
/JvarceJ atmot offets aJJitioral ptotectior
a,airst fiteatms arJ atclaic weapors, aJJir, +2 to
its equipmert borus.
ExoskeÌeton: /r exoskeletor is a latticewotk
of supet-latJ flex-metal tubes, poweteJ b,
miriatuti:eJ citcuitt,. lt offets orl, mirimal
ptotectior; tle aim of ar exoskeletor is to irctease
tle pl,sical capacit, of tle weatet. / clatactet
weatir, ar exoskeletor ,airs a ++ equipmert borus
to Stter,tl, arJ tle atmot peralties or Climb arJ
Jump clecks ate re,ateJ. /r exoskeletor car
opetate fot 2+ cortiruous louts befote teclat,ir,;
a sir,le powet cell (see below) teclat,es tle
exoskeletor immeJiatel,, arJ tle suit's solat
clat,ets teclat,e tle suit at a tate of ore lout of
opetatior fot evet, lout ir Jitect surli,lt.
CeÌ Suit: Tlis li,lt aJvarceJ atmot looks like
a simple jumpsuit of tubbet, matetial. Letweer tle
la,ets of tle atmot, lowevet, is a fotce-Jissipatir,
,el tlat makes tlis atmot exttemel, effective a,airst
impact Jama,e. /,airst fiteatms, blurt weapors
arJ ever fallir, Jama,e, a ,el suit corfets a Jama,e
tesistarce (Dl) of 5 poirts. Cel suits also lalve
tle rotmal Jama,e fot fallir,.
HarJ Suit: HatJ suits tesemble lte-Wat teirfotceJ
combat atmot ir botl fotm arJ furctior but ate maJe
of fat supetiot matetials. Li,ltet arJ mote ptotective
tlar teirfotceJ combat atmot, a latJ suit was tle
closer atmot of irfartt, actoss tle ,lobe Jutir, tle
Firal Wats. / latJ suit corfets Dl 5 a,airst all pl,sical
attacks; it Joes rot ptoviJe ar, eret,, tesistarce.
HarJ Suit, InsuÌateJ: /s tle use of eret,,
weapors became mote commor Jutir, tle Firal
Wats, atmot marufactutets moJifieJ latJ suits to be
mote tesistart to tlose weapors. /r irsulateJ latJ
suit ptoviJes 5 poirts of eret,, tesistarce to all eret,,
t,pes ir aJJitior to Dl 5 a,airst pl,sical attacks.
Power Suit: Tle ultimate ir aJvarceJ atmot,
tle powet suit ircotpotates tle ptotective value of
a latJ suit witl tle ircteaseJ powet of ar
exoskeletor. lr aJJitior to its equipmert borus, a
powet suit corfets Dl 1O, eret,, tesistarce 1O, arJ
a ++ equipmert borus to Stter,tl. /tmot peralties
fot Climb arJ Jump clecks ate re,ateJ. / powet
suit car opetate fot 2+ cortiruous louts or a sir,le
clat,e, arJ it teclat,es like ar exoskeletor.
lf a clatactet's atmot ersutes sutvival, a
clatactet's weapors ersute victot,. Weapors come
ir a wiJe vatiet, of t,pes, tar,ir, ftom tle simplest
club to tle most aJvarceJ plasma carror. Tle
cultute, teclrolo,ical level arJ tesoutces of a
commurit, ot irJiviJual will Jetetmire tle most
commor t,pes of weapors useJ.
/tclaic weapors ate commor amor, ptimitive
commurities, as well as clatactets or a buJ,et.
Acmec Acmec Acmec Acmec Acmec 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe |qa|µmeat |qa|µmeat |qa|µmeat |qa|µmeat |qa|µmeat |ea |ce|. |ea |ce|. |ea |ce|. |ea |ce|. |ea |ce|. Hax. Hax. Hax. Hax. Hax. Acmec Acmec Acmec Acmec Acmec Sµd Sµd Sµd Sµd Sµd we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas 0ex 0ex 0ex 0ex 0ex |eaa|ty |eaa|ty |eaa|ty |eaa|ty |eaa|ty 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
||q|t Acmec ||q|t Acmec ||q|t Acmec ||q|t Acmec ||q|t Acmec
|eat|ec Acmec Acc|a|c -2 -l -6 -0 30 lb |es. l0
Re|a|ecced |eat|ec Acc|a|c -3 -l -b -l 30 20 |es. l4
ßa||etµcee| \est |ce-wac -3 -l -b -2 30 3 |es. l8
6e| Sa|t Advaaced -4 -2 -4 -2 30 l0 |es. 24
Hed|am Acmec Hed|am Acmec Hed|am Acmec Hed|am Acmec Hed|am Acmec
C|a|a Ha|| Acc|a|c -b -2 -2 -4 20 40 |es l6
Re|a|ecced \est |ce-wac -b -3 -2 -4 2b l0 |es. 20
Cemeat Acmec |ce-wac -6 -3 -2 -b 20 20 |es. 22
|xes|e|etea Advaaced -b -2 -3 -4 20 30 |es. 28
heavy Acmec heavy Acmec heavy Acmec heavy Acmec heavy Acmec
||ate aad C|a|a Acc|a|c -8 -6 -l -6 20 b0 |es. 22
Re|a|ecced Cem. |ce-wac -8 -4 -2 -b 20 30 |es. 26
hacd Sa|t Advaaced -7 -4 -l -6 20 4b |es.* 30
|ewec Sa|t Advaaced -l0 -4 -0 -8 30 1b|es.** 40
S||e|ds S||e|ds S||e|ds S||e|ds S||e|ds
Sma|| Acc|a|c -l¹ - - -l - b |es. 8
|acqe Acc|a|c -2¹ - - -2 - 8 |es. l0
R|et |ce-wac -3¹ - - -3 - 4 |es. l4
* |ec |asa|ated |acd sa|ts, |accease t|e we|q|t te b0 |es.
** w|ea t|e µewec sa|t |s µeweced aµ, t|e e||ect|ve we|q|t e| t|e acmec |s l0 |es.
¹ S||e|ds q|ve a s||e|d eeaas te 0e|ease, w||c| stac|s w|t| t|e eqa|µmeat eeaas e| acmec.
Wlile lte-Wat arJ Firal Wats eta teclrolo,, car
eclipse atclaic weaport, ir effectiveress, tlete is
sometlir, to be saiJ fot tle simplicit, of a club ot
swotJ. lte-Wat weaport,, ircluJir, fiteatms arJ
moJetr vetsiors of some atclaic weapors, ate mote
Jutable arJ ,eretall, mote effective tlar atclaic
weapors, but also mote expersive. /JvarceJ
weapors, wlile exttemel, JeaJl,, ate urcommor
at best arJ mote ofter JiscoveteJ tlar putclaseJ.
Tle followir, list of weapors exparJs upor
tlose pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru.
BattÌeaxe: /r, lat,e, btoaJ-blaJeJ cloppir,
weapor is corsiJeteJ a battleaxe. laiJets arJ
ptimitive wattiots ptefet tle battleaxe, fot tle feat
it irspites as mucl as fot tle Jama,e it Jeals.
CÌub, Creat: / lat,et, two-larJeJ vetsior of
tle ttaJitioral battetir, weapor. Some ,teat clubs
ate little mote tlar ttee limbs, wlile otlets ate
maJe of aJvarceJ pol,mets ot barJeJ witl steel.
CÌub, SpikeJ: / spikeJ club ma, be a simple
stick coveteJ ir btoker ,lass, a Louisville Slu,,et
witl rails tltou,l it, ot a speciall, Jesi,reJ leav,
bator witl a seties of batbs.
FÌaiÌ: / flail is a leav, ball, spikeJ ot rot, at
tle erJ of a ler,tl of clair. Some flails lave
multiple leaJs arJ mar, lave a stout larJle.
FÌaiÌ, Creat: /s tle flail, but lat,et arJ mote
Jama,ir,. / ,teat flail must be wielJeJ ir two larJs.
CauntÌet: / ,aurtlet is a ,love maJe of metal
ot otlet latJ matetial. Weatir, a ,aurtlet makes a
clatactet's btawlir, attacks Jeal letlal Jama,e,
tatlet tlar rorletlal Jama,e. ltoficiert use of tlis
weapor tequites ore of tle followir, feats: Ltawl,
Combat Mattial /tts ot Defersive Mattial /tts.
CauntÌet, SpikeJ: / ,aurtlet witl metal spikes
ot small blaJes ptottuJir, ftom it, tlis weapor
arJ le, ,teaves. Mirimal coveta,e ,tarts a +1 to
tle equipmert borus arJ corfets ro atmot peralt,.
MoJerate: MoJetate coveta,e ptotects ore-lalf
ot mote of tle clatactet, sucl as a full set of le,,ir,s
ot a lor, jacket. Tle equipmert borus of moJetate
coveta,e is +3 arJ tle atmot peralt, is -2.
FuÌÌ: Nire-tertls ot mote of tle clatactet
is coveteJ b, tle atmot, petlaps evet,tlir, but
tle larJs arJ face. Full coveta,e ,tarts a +5
equipmert borus arJ corfets a -+ atmot peralt,.
QuaÌity: Tle last elemert ir piecemeal
atmot is tle qualit, of tle atmot itself. Tlete ate
tltee levels of atmot qualit, - low, aveta,e arJ
li,l - wlicl affect botl tle equipmert borus
arJ atmot peralt, of tle piecemeal atmot.
Low QuaÌity: Low-qualit, piecemeal atmot
tequites a Ctaft (metalwotkir,) ot Ctaft
(meclarical) cleck (DC 1O) to make. Tle
equipmert borus of low-qualit, piecemeal atmot is
teJuceJ b, -1 arJ tle atmot peralt, wotsers b, +2.
Average QuaÌity: Corsttuctir, aveta,e-
qualit, pi ecemeal atmot tequites a Ctaft
(Metalwotkir,) ot Ctaft (Meclarical) cleck
(DC15). /veta,e-qualit, wotkmarslip Joes rot
moJif, tle equipmert borus ot atmot peralt, of
tle piecemeal atmot.
Hi gb QuaÌity: Witl a successful Ctaft
(metalwotkir,) ot Ctaft (meclarical) cleck
a,airst DC 2O, a clatactet car make li,l-qualit,
piecemeal atmot. Tle equipmert borus of tle
piecemeal atmot is ircteaseJ b, +1 arJ tle atmot
peralt, is teJuceJ b, -2.
/tmot composeJ of bits of tarJom
matetials, ftom tite tteaJs to ttasl car liJs, is a
staple of tle post-apocal,ptic ,erte. Lse tle
followir, tules to simulate atmot of tlis t,pe:
MateriaÌ Type: lla,ets car Jesctibe tleit
piecemeal atmot as corsttucteJ of ar, commor
matetials. Fot ,ame putposes, Jetetmire wletlet
tle matetial is li,lt, moJetate ot leav,. Lacl
t,pe of matetial las ar irletert equipmert
borus arJ atmot peralt, associateJ witl it.
Ligbt MateriaÌs: Li,lt matetials ircluJe
wooJ, soft metals, bore arJ plastic. Tle base
equipmert borus of li,lt matetials is +1 arJ
tlete is ro base atmot peralt,.
MoJerate MateriaÌs: HatJ plastics, tlick tubbet
like a tite tteaJ, tlir but latJ metal plates arJ ever
tteateJ wooJ car be useJ as moJetate matetials.
MoJetate matetials lave a base equipmert borus
of +3 arJ a base atmot peralt, of -2.
HarJ MateriaÌs: HatJ matetials ircluJe leav,
metals, bits of lte-Wat ot aJvarceJ matetials, arJ
tle bores of exceptiorall, sttor, ot lat,e cteatutes.
Tle base equipmert borus of latJ matetials is +5
arJ tle base atmot peralt, is -+.
Coverage: Òrce tle matetials useJ fot tle
atmot lave beer closer, Jetetmire low mucl
coveta,e tle atmot ptoviJes. Coveta,e is JefireJ
as eitlet mirimal, moJetate ot full; like tle
matetials, coveta,e corfets ar irletert
equipmert borus arJ atmot peralt,.
MinimaÌ: Tle atmot covets tou,ll, ore-
quattet of tle clatactet, sucl as a t-slitt ot atm
furctiors as a ,aurtlet but aJJs ar aJJitioral 1J+
poirts of Jama,e to uratmeJ attacks.
CreatsworJ: Tlis massive, two-larJeJ blaJe
irspites feat arJ irflicts ,tievous wourJs. lt is commor
orl, amor, tle most powetful wattiot ttibes.
Hammer, Ligbt: Wletlet a simple wotkmar's
lammet ot a small lammet Jesi,reJ fot wat, tle li,lt
lammet is a bluJ,eorir, weapor useJ ir ore larJ.
Hammer, Heavy: Tlis is a lammet fot use ir
two larJs, tar,ir, ftom a wattiot's maul to a
corsttuctior sleJ,elammet.
HanJaxe: / smallet, ore-larJeJ vetsior of
tle battleaxe, ircl uJir, latclets arJ meat
cleavets. / larJaxe ma, be tltowr ot wielJeJ ir
melee combat.
Katar: /lso calleJ a purclir, Ja,,et, tlis weapor
corsists of a btoaJ ttiar,ulat blaJe arJ a larJle tlat
cteates ar /-fotm witl tle blaJe. Tle weapor is lelJ
ir a marret tlat allows tle clatactet to use a rotmal
purclir, motior to attack (tlou,l tlis weapor Joes
rot tequite ar uratmeJ combat feat to use). Mar,
wattiots ptefet to use a katat ir eacl larJ.
Mace: Tle mace is a leav, metal ball ot seties
of flar,es or tle erJ of a lor, larJle - a mote
aJvarceJ vetsior of tle club.
Pick: / pick ma, be a simple Ji,,ir, tool ot a
speciall, Jesi,reJ weapor. lr eitlet case, tlis two-
larJeJ weapor is useful ir pullir, mourteJ
opporerts to tle ,tourJ, ,tartir, a ++ borus or
,tapple clecks to urlotse ot otletwise fotcibl,
Jismourt ar erem,.
weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| 0mq. 1yµe 0mq. 1yµe 0mq. 1yµe 0mq. 1yµe 0mq. 1yµe S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C
S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas
C|ae, 6ceat ldl2 20 ß|adqeea|aq |acqe l0 |es. b
C|ae, Sµ||ed ld8 l7-20 ||ecc|aq Hed|am 4 |es. b
6aaat|et sµec. 20 ß|adqeea|aq 1|ay 2 |es. 4
6aaat|et, Sµ||ed ld4 20 ||ecc|aq 1|ay 2 |es. 6
Hace ld6 20 ß|adqeea|aq Sma|| 6 |es. 8
||c| ld6 l7-20 ||ecc|aq Hed|am 6 |es. 8
Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas
ßatt|eaxe ld8 l7-20 S|as||aq Hed|am 1 |es. 6
||a|| ld8 20 ß|adqeea|aq Hed|am b |es. 8
||a||, 6ceat ldl0 l7-20 ß|adqeea|aq |acqe l0 |es. l0
6ceatswecd 2d6 l7-20 S|as||aq |acqe lb |es. l2
haadaxe ld6 l7-20 S|as||aq Sma|| b |es. b
katac ld6 l7-20 ||ecc|aq Sma|| 3 |es. 8
Swecd, S|ect ld6 l7-20 ||ecc|aq Sma|| 3 |es. 8
|xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas
Swecd, 0eae|e ld8/ld8 l7-20 S|as||aq |acqe 20 |es. l6
w||µ* ld2 20 S|as||aq Sma|| 2 |es. 6
Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas
ßatea, |a|se* ld4 20 ß|adqeea|aq Sma|| 3 |es. l6
6aaat|et, S|ec|* sµec. 20 ß|adqeea|aq/||ectc|ca| Sma|| 4 |es. 20
ka||e, Heaee|ade* ld6 l8-20 S|as||aq Sma|| 2 |es. l8
Swecd, Heaee|ade* 2d6 l1-20 S|as||aq Hed|am 3 |es. 24
* See weaµea descc|µt|ea |ec sµec|a| ca|es.
SworJ, DoubÌe: Tlis weapor corsists of two,
lor, (2 to 3 feet) blaJes exterJir, ir opposite
Jitectiors ftom a sir,le larJle. / clatactet witl
tle Two Weapor Fi,ltir, feat ma, attack witl
eacl erJ. Tlis is ar exotic weapor.
SworJ, Sbort: /r, small-blaJeJ swotJ ot
lor,-blaJeJ krife is corsiJeteJ a slott swotJ.
Wlile less irtimiJatir, tlar a lor,swotJ, tle
slott swotJ is a li,lt arJ effective weapor arJ is
telativel, eas, to corceal.
Wbip: Tle wlip Jeals rorletlal Jama,e. lt
Jeals ro Jama,e to ar, cteatute witl atmot tlat
,tarts ever a +1 equipmert borus ot at least a +3
ratutal atmot borus. /ltlou,l tle wlip is kept ir
larJ, tteat it as a tar,eJ weapor witl a maximum
tar,e of 15 feet arJ ro tar,e peralties. Lecause
tle wlip car wtap atourJ ar erem,'s le, ot otlet
limb, ttip attacks car be maJe witl it. lf tle attacket
is ttippeJ Jutir, tle ttip attempt, tle wlip car be
JtoppeJ to avoiJ beir, ttippeJ. Wler usir, a wlip,
aJJ a +2 borus or tle opposeJ attack toll wler
attemptir, to Jisatm ar opporert (ircluJir, tle
toll to keep ftom beir, JisatmeJ if tle clatactet
fails). / wlip is ar exotic weapor.
lr aJJitior to tle tar,eJ weapors pteserteJ
ir J20 MoJeru, tle followir, atclaic tar,eJ
weapors ate seer ir tle Camma /,e.
Boomerang: Tle boometar, is a cutveJ
tltowir, stick Jesi,reJ to tetutr to its owret ir
tle evert of a misseJ slot. lf a clatactet attacks
arJ misses witl a boometar,, tle clatactet ma,
make a leflex save a,airst DC 15 to catcl tle
tetutrir, boometar,. lf tle save fails, tle
boometar, larJs 1J+ x 5 feet ftom tle clatactet
(see J20 MoJeru , Claptet Five: Combat, ¨Special
/ttacks," Dev|ct| ou oj T|rowu Fxµ|os|ves to
Jetetmire Jitectior). lf tle clatactet fails tle
leflex save b, mote tlar 5, tle boometar, sttikes
lim arJ irflicts ore-lalf rotmal Jama,e (tourJeJ
up). Catclir, a boometar, ptovokes ar attack of
oppotturit,. Tlis is ar exotic weapor.
Boomerang, BÌaJeJ: Tlis weapor is iJertical
to a rotmal boometar,, except tlat it las blaJeJ
eJ,es. Tle DC fot tle leflex save to catcl a blaJeJ
boometar, is ircteaseJ to 2O, ,iver tle cate tle
tltowet must take.
Crossbow, Repeating: Tlis weapor wotks
exactl, like a rotmal ctossbow, but las a clip of six
bolts. /s lor, as tlete is ammuritior left ir tle
clip, teloaJir, tle ctossbow is a ftee actior tlat
Joes rot ptovoke ar attack of oppotturit,.
Longbow: ltiot to tle aJvert of petsoral
fiteatms, tle lor,bow was tle most feateJ weapor
or tle battlefielJ. Witl its lor, tar,e arJ abilit,
to purcl tltou,l atmot, lor,bows ate tle tar,eJ
weapor of cloice ir less-aJvarceJ commurities.
Net: / fi,ltir, ret las small batbs ir tle
weave arJ a ttailir, tope to corttol retteJ
opporerts. lt car be useJ to ertar,le opporerts.
Tltowir, tle ret is a tar,eJ toucl attack. / ret's
maximum tar,e is 1O feet, arJ tlete ate ro tar,e
peralties ever at its maximum tar,e. lf tle attack
is successful, tle tat,et is ertar,leJ. /r ertar,leJ
cteatute suffets a -2 peralt, or attack tolls arJ a -
+ peralt, to effective Dextetit,. Tle ertar,leJ
cteatute car orl, move at ore-lalf speeJ arJ
carrot clat,e ot tur. lf tle attacket takes corttol
of tle ttailir, tope b, succeeJir, at ar opposeJ
Stter,tl cleck wlile lolJir, it, tle ertar,leJ
cteatute car orl, move witlir tle 1O ft. taJius
citcle. Tle ertar,leJ cteatute car escape witl ar
Lscape /ttist cleck (DC 2O); tlis is a full-tourJ
actior. Tle ret las 5 lit poirts arJ car be butst
witl a Stter,tl cleck (DC 25); tlis is also a full-
tourJ actior). / ret is orl, useful a,airst cteatutes
betweer Tir, arJ Lat,e, irclusive. / ret must be
folJeJ to be tltowr effectivel,. /ftet tle ret is
tltowr ir a fi,lt, successfull, ot ursuccessfull,, it
is urfolJeJ, arJ tle attackets suffets a -+ peralt,
or attack tolls witl it. lt takes 2 tourJs fot a
ptoficiert uset to folJ a ret arJ twice tlat lor, fot
a uset wlo is rot ptoficiert to Jo so. / ret is ar
exotic weapor.
Sbortbow: / slottbow is small erou,l to be
useJ wlile mourteJ, tlou,l it still tequites tle use
of two larJs.
SÌing: / slir, lutls stores, leaJ bullets ot ever
small bits of leav, jurk. Wlile less powetful tlar
a bow ot ctossbow, it is ar effective weapor arJ
car be built ftom simple matetials.
Tbrown Stone: Nevet urJetestimate tle
powet of a simple tock lutleJ at ar erem,'s skull.
Wlile rot farc,, tle tltowr store Joes lave tle
aJvarta,e of beir, fteel, available.
Tle weapors of tle lte-Wat eta wete Jivetse
arJ powetful ir compatisor to atclaic weapors.
Most of tle weapors pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru
ate corsiJeteJ lte-Wat weapors ir Camma
WorÌJ. Lse tle tules establisleJ ir tlat book fot
tlose weapors. Note, lowevet, tlat ir mar,
cases putclase DCs lave clar,eJ, as teflecteJ
ir Table 2-9.
Just as battlefielJ atmot came back irto use ir
tle Firal Wats eta, so too JiJ larJ-to-larJ weaport,.
/rJ like atmot, tle melee weapors of tle Firal Wats
wete essertiall, li,ll, aJvarceJ vetsiors of weapors
mer laJ beer usir, to kill ore arotlet fot millerria.
Baton, PuÌse: / pulse bator tesembles a
starJatJ bill, club. Wler activateJ, lowevet, it
emits a sli,lt lum. Lpor sttikir, a tat,et, tle bator
serJs a vibtatior tltou,l let, Jistuptir, retve
impulses to tle sersot, pottiors of let btair. /r,
clatactet sttuck witl a pulse bator must make a
FottituJe save (DC 15 + tle base Jama,e Jealt,
rot ircluJir, tle wielJet's Stter,tl borus) ot be
blirJeJ arJ JeafereJ fot 1J++1 tourJs. lulse
bators ate patticulatl, effective a,airst maclires:
s,rtletic clatactets arJ tobots Jo rot teceive a
savir, tltow at all, arJ ate blirJeJ arJ JeafereJ
fot twice tle rotmal amourt of time. / pulse bator
is ,ooJ fot 2O uses befote it reeJs a rew powet cell.
CauntÌet, Sbock: Tlis electticall, clat,eJ
,love Jelivets a sevete slock to ar, opporert tle
uset purcles. lr aJJitior to rotmal Jama,e as a
,aurtlet (see /tclaic Melee Weapors above), tle
weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe R0| R0| R0| R0| R0| Haq. Haq. Haq. Haq. Haq. S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe lac. lac. lac. lac. lac. 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas S|mµ|e weaµeas
S||aq ld4 20 ß|adqeea|aq b0 |t. S|aq|e - Sma|| 0 |e. 4
Steae, ld3 20 ß|adqeea|aq 20 |t. S|aq|e - 1|ay l |e. 0
Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas Acc|a|c weaµeas
ßew, S|ect ld6 20 ||ecc|aq 60 |t. S|aq|e - Hed|am 2 |es. 6
ßew, |eaq ld8 20 ||ecc|aq 80 |t. S|aq|e - |acqe 3 |es. 8
ßew, ld8 20 ||ecc|aq l00 |t. S|aq|e - |acqe 3 |es. l0
Ccesseew, ld8 l7-20 ||ecc|aq 80 |t. S 6 Hed|am l0 |es. l2
|xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas |xet|c weaµeas
ßeemecaaq ld4 l7-20 ß|adqeea|aq 30 |t. S|aq|e - Sma|| 2 |es. 6
ßeemecaaq, ld6 l7-20 S|as||aq 30 |t. S|aq|e - Sma|| 2 |es. 8
|et* sµec. - |ataaq|e l0 |t. S|aq|e - Hed|am l0 |es. l0
Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas Advaaced weaµeas
ß|astec ||ste| 2d6 l7-20 ||ectc|ca| 40 |t. S 30 Hed|am 4 |es. l8
ß|astec R|||e 2d8 l7-20 ||ectc|ca| 80 |t. S 20 |acqe l0 |es. 22
H|ccewave 2dl2 20 ||ce 40 |t. S l0 |acqe 2b |es. 2b
||asma 6d6 20 ||ce 30 |t. S|aq|e - haqe 40 |es. 28
* See t|e weaµea descc|µt|ea |ec sµec|a| ca|es ceqacd|aq t||s weaµea.
TABLE 2-5: CRENA0E6 AN0 Hl66lLE6
weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. ßacst ßacst ßacst ßacst ßacst Re||ex Re||ex Re||ex Re||ex Re||ex Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe Rad|as Rad|as Rad|as Rad|as Rad|as 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C lac. lac. lac. lac. lac. 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
6ceaade, 6d6 - ||ce l0 |t. l4 l0 |t. Sma|| 2 |es. 22
6ceaade, * sµec. - sµec. l0 |t. - l0 |t. 1|ay l |e. 20
H|ss||e, l0d6 - Ceac. l0 |t. l8 lb0 |t. |acqe b0 |es. 22
H|ss||e, l0d6 - Ceac. l0 |t. l8 lb0 |t. |acqe b0 |es. 2b
H|ss||e, l2d6 - Ceac. 20 |t. l6 l20 |t. b0 |es. 22
H|ss||e, l0d8 - ||ce 20 |t. l8 l20 |t. b0 |es. 2b
* See t|e weaµea descc|µt|ea |ec sµec|a| ca|es ceqacd|aq t||s weaµea.
slock ,aurtlet Jelivets 1J6 poirts of electtical
Jama,e, arJ tle tat,et must make a FottituJe save
(DC 15 + electtical Jama,e Jealt) ot be sturreJ
fot 1J+ tourJs. Tle powet cell ir tle slock ,aurtlet
lolJs 2O clat,es. Tle tules fot usir, a slock
,aurtlet ate tle same as fot usir, a rotmal ,aurtlet.
Knife, MonobÌaJe: /t fitst irspectior, tlis
weapor appeats to be rotlir, mote tlar tle lilt of a
krife witl a few buttors or it. Wler activateJ,
lowevet, tle blaJe, rotlir, mote tlar a pait of supet-
sttor, morofilamert wites attacleJ at tle erJ b, a
ma,retic beaJ, exterJs to a ler,tl of 1 foot. Tle
moroblaJe is exceeJir,l, slatp; all Jama,e teJuctior
is lalveJ fot a moroblaJe. lt car opetate fot fout
cortiruous louts befote reeJir, a rew powet cell.
SworJ, MonobÌaJe: Tlis weapor is a lat,et
vetsior of tle moroblaJe krife JetaileJ above. Tle
moroblaJe swotJ car opetate fot 2 cortiruous
louts befote reeJir, a rew powet cell.
Latl, ir tle Firal Wats eta, ttaJi tioral
ammuritior was teplaceJ witl caseless ammuritior
fot most of tle weapors of tle lte-Wat eta. Wlile
tlete is ro effective Jiffeterce ir ,ame meclarics,
tle two kirJs of ammuri tior ate rot
irtetclar,eable. Latet, weapors marufactutets
be,ar teplacir, fiteatms witl eret,, weapors:
plasma (supet leateJ ,as), iors (acceletateJ clat,eJ
patticles) arJ mictowaves. Most sucl weapors wete
lat,e scale, leav, weaport,, tlou,l petsoral
vetsiors of tlese weapors JiJ appeat befote tle erJ
of tle Fi ral Wats. /ll of tlese weapors ate
exttemel, tate arJ vet, powetful, best kept out of
tle larJs of low-level lCs (arJ tleit eremies).
BÌaster PistoÌ: Òre of tle few petsoral eret,,
weapors to see te,ulat use ir tle Firal Wats eta,
tle blastet pistol is ar ior weapor. Dama,e ftom a
blastet pistol is corsiJeteJ electtical Jama,e. /
blastet pistol powet cell lolJs 3O slots at full clat,e.
BÌaster RifÌe: Tle bi,,et cousir of tle blastet
pistol, tle blastet tifle las ar ircteaseJ tar,e arJ
emits a sli,ltl, mote powetful blast. Tle powet cell
ir a blastet tifle is ,ooJ fot 2O slots.
CrenaJe, PÌasma: Seatir,, supetleateJ ,as fills
tle blast taJius of a plasma ,teraJe. Tle Jama,e Jealt
b, a plasma ,teraJe is corsiJeteJ eret,, Jama,e.
CrenaJe, PuÌse: Clatactets arJ cteatutes
cau,lt ir tle taJius of a pulse ,teraJe ate affecteJ
as if tle, laJ beer lit b, a pulse bator (see above).
Microwave Cun: Tlis ttipoJ-mourteJ, tifle-like
weapor emits a focuseJ stteam of mictowaves. Tle
mictowave eret,, cooks tle tat,et ftom tle irsiJe
l6 THl6, ANYwAY7
Weapors ir tle aJvarceJ cate,oties court
as exotic weapors fot putposes of ptoficierc,,
urless tle clatactet belor,s to a commurit, witl
tle er,ireetir, feat tequiteJ to make tlat sott
of weapor (see Claptet Fout) ot tle clatactet
las tle tequiteJ Tecl Familiatit, feat (see
above). lr tlat case, tle weapor belor,s to tle
same cate,ot, as compatable weapors tequitir,
less soplisticateJ teclrolo,, - simple weapors,
petsoral fiteatms arJ so or. / clatactet wlo
leatrs to use ar aJvarceJ weapor witl tle exotic
ptoficiercies Joes rot lave to acquite tle ,eretal
lote tequiteJ fot tecl familiatit, fitst.
out, b,passir, all atmot. lr aJJitior, if tle Jama,e
Jealt b, a mictowave ,ur exceeJs tle tat,et's massive
Jama,e tlteslolJ, tle tat,et must make a FottituJe
save a,airst DC 2O ot suffet tle effects of massive
Jama,e. / clatactet attemptir, to fite a mictowave
,ur witlout a ttipoJ suffets a -+ to lit. / mictowave
,urs Jepletes its powet cell aftet orl, 1O slots.
PÌasma Cannon: / leav, artitark weapor,
tle plasma carror is Jesi,reJ to immobili:e lat,e
atmoteJ velicles. lt corsists of a bipoJ-mourteJ,
lor,-batteleJ tifle, fat too lat,e fot ar irJiviJual to
catt,, witl ar attacleJ seat arJ corttol meclarism.
Wler fiteJ, tle carror emits a ball of supetleateJ
,as tlat exploJes or impact. Lacl tourJ fiteJ
tequites a sepatate clat,ir, urit, ot slell. Due to
tle leat ,eretateJ b, tle carror, it car orl, be
fiteJ evet, 3 tourJs. lf tle plasma carror is fiteJ
mote ofter tlar tlis, it sluts Jowr arJ carrot be
testatteJ fot 1O mirutes.
Weapors arJ atmot ate rot tle orl, items people
of tle Camma /,e firJ useful ot recessat, fot sutvival.
Tle followir, equipmert supplemerts tle list
pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru, mucl of wlicl is available
ir ore fotm ot arotlet ir tle Camma WotlJ.
Crate: Tlis is a lat,e wooJer ot metal box,
apptoximatel, 5 feet lor,, 2 feet wiJe, arJ 2 feet
Jeep. Most lave larJles ot tope loops or eitlet erJ
to fot easiet catt,ir,. / ctate car lolJ up to 5OO lbs.
Poucb: / poucl is wotr or a belt ot or ar
attacleJ sttap. loucles ate telativel, small (6
ircles cubeJ) arJ car catt, 5 lbs. of ,ooJs.
Sack, Large: / clotl, leatlet ot plastic ba, fot
catt,ir, ,ooJs. / lat,e sack car catt, +O lbs. of ,ooJs.
Sack, SmaÌÌ: / smallet vetsior of tle sack tlat
lolJs 2O lbs. of ,ooJs.
Clotles vat, b, cultute arJ climate. Tle vast
majotit, of tle Camma /,e populatior ,ets b, witl
ore ot two outfits at a time tltou,lout tleit wlole
lives, tlou,l tle wealtl, mi,lt clar,e clotles six
times a Ja, as it suits tlem.
CÌotbes, OutJoor: ÒutJoot cl otles ate
Jesi,reJ to ptoviJe tle best possible comfott, as
well as some small amourt of ptotectior, fot a
specific ervitormert: Jesett, swamp, colJ arJ so
or. lr tlat cottect ervitormert, outJoot clotles
,tart a +2 equipmert borus or FottituJe saves to
tesist ervitormertal effects.
CÌotbes, Extravagant: LeaJets, atistoctats arJ
otlet wealtl, people ofter irJul,e ir exttemel,
exttava,art clotlir, st,les. Wlile of little ptactical
use outsiJe coutts arJ patties, exttava,art clotles Jo
,tart a +2 equipmert borus or Diplomac, clecks
irvolvir, situatiors ot irJiviJuals wlete sucl fasliors
woulJ come irto pla,, at tle CM's Jisctetior.
Jumpsuit, Smart: / ptoJuct of tle Firal Wats
eta tlat was rot limiteJ to solJiets, tle smatt
jumpsuit is a clotlir, atticle witl built ir raro-fibets
arJ mictoelecttorics. / smatt jumpsuit is Jesi,reJ
to aJjust tempetatute, ti,iJit, arJ ti,ltress telative
to ervitormertal corJitiors; it ptoviJes a +2
equipmert borus or all FottituJe saves to tesist
ervitormertal la:atJs except taJiatior, arJ biotecl
ot rarotecl exposute. / smatt jumpsuit ma, be wotr
urJet li,lt ot meJium atmot. Tle s,stems of a smatt
jumpsuit ate poweteJ b, tle weatet's boJ, leat so
tle suit revet reeJs to be teclat,eJ.
Computets arJ electtorics ate fat tatet ir tle
Camma /,e tlar tle, wete ir ptevious a,es. Most
wotkir, computets ate fourJ ir tle larJs of pute-
sttair lumar atclivists ot otlet ,toups witl access
to cacles of well-ptesetveJ lte-Wat ot Firal Wats
eta latJwate.
DatapaJ: Tlis palm-si:eJ computet car lolJ
a massive amourt of Jata arJ las built-ir seatcl
featutes to allow fot quick irfotmatior access. Lacl
JatapaJ las ar equipmert borus tatir, fot eacl
KrowleJ,e sub-skill, witl some JatapaJs covetir,
orl, a sir,le atea of krowleJ,e arJ otlets covetir,
a vast atta, of irfotmatior. lr ar, case, a JatapaJ
car ,tart ro mote tlar a ++ equipmert borus to a
sir,le KrowleJ,e atea, arJ ro mote tlar +12 ir
total boruses. Fot example, a JatapaJ coulJ offet a
++ equipmert borus eacl to KrowleJ,e (Lattl arJ
life scierces), KrowleJ,e (pl,sical scierces) arJ
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: lte-Wat). Tle total
boruses of tle JatapaJ ate aJJeJ to tle base
putclase DC listeJ fot tle item. lr otJet to access
tle JatapaJ arJ teceive tle skill borus, a clatactet
must make a Computet Lse (Jata arJ opetatior
s,stems) toll at DC (1O + tle total borus of tle
JatapaJ). Tlis is a full-tourJ actior. Tle JatapaJ
tequites a powet cell fot use arJ las a built ir solat
teclat,et; ore powet cell ptoviJes essertiall,
limitless use.
/ JatapaJ ma, also be useJ to corttol temote
opetatiors witl tle Computet Lse (Jata arJ
opetatiors s,stems) skill. Wler makir, clecks
usir, tlat skill, tle JatapaJ corfets a +2 equipmert
borus or tle toll.
Power CeÌÌ: Dutir, tle Firal Wats eta,
ircteaseJ teliarce or autoromous electtorics,
eret,, weapors arJ petsoral teclrolo,, cteateJ
tle reeJ fot urivetsal powet supplies. Tle erJ tesult
was tle powet cell. / powet cell is a c,lirJet 1 ircl
lor, arJ a lalf-ircl ir Jiametet, useJ ir evet,tlir,
ftom blastet pistols to JatapaJs. Tle, lolJ a clat,e
witl li,l efficierc,, arJ ate teclat,eable. lowet
cells ate petlaps tle most coveteJ items of tle
Camma /,e; a stockpile of Firal Wats weapors
will Jo a watlotJ ro ,ooJ if tlete is ro wa, to ,et
tlem up arJ turrir,. CMs sloulJ be cateful to
keep powet cells, arJ tleit clat,ets, as tate as
recessat, to keep tle flavot of lis patticulat
campai,r irtact.
Power CeÌÌ Cbarger: Tle powet cell clat,et
is a small urit tlat car clat,e up to six powet cells
simultareousl,. lf tle clat,et car be plu,,eJ irto
a powet soutce, ever a wotkir, wall outlet, tle cells
witlir te,air 1 lout's clat,e (ot slot, fot weapor
powet cells) evet, 1O mirutes. lf tle clat,et must
use its solat corvetsior s,stem, tle powet cells ate
clat,eJ or ar lout pet lout basis: 3 louts or solat
clat,e ,ives tle cell 3 louts of opetatior time, ot
tltee slots fot a weapor powet cell.
Healir, is a majot corcetr ir tle Camma /,e.
Wlile some aJvarceJ meJical krowleJ,e exists, it
tests ir tle larJs of tle vet, few. Most Jeri:ers of
tle Camma /,e must make Jo witl limiteJ, atclaic
meJical ptactices wler tle, lave ar, at all. /ll of
tle meJical equipmert arJ Jtu,s pteserteJ below ate
fourJ orl, ir cacles of Firal Wats eta supplies ot ir
tle larJs of teclrolo,icall, aJvarceJ commurities.
Air-Hypo: / metloJ of aJmiristetir, Jtu,s
irto tle s,stem usir, li,ll, corcerttateJ blasts of
ait. /it-l,pos tequite a powet cell, wlicl is ,ooJ
fot 1OO uses. Lecause ait-l,pos Jo rot use ar ait
catttiJ,e of tleit owr, tle, car be Jar,etous wler
useJ ir ursafe ervitormerts. lr ar, ervitormert
wlete a clatactet must make a FottituJe save vetsus
clemical ot biolo,ical elemerts, usir, ar ait-l,po
fotces ar immeJiate save at a -+ peralt,. To use ar
ait-l,po, a clatactet must make a Tteat lrjut,
cleck (DC 1O). Note tlat Tecl Familiatit,:
/JvarceJ is tequiteJ to make tlis cleck witlout
tle starJatJ -+ peralt, (see Claptet Six).
Antitoxin: /rtitoxir is Jesi,reJ to courtetact
poisor, wletlet ratutal ot er,ireeteJ.
/JmiristeteJ witl a l,poJetmic reeJle ot ait-
l,po, it ,tarts a ++ borus or FottituJe saves vetsus
tle secorJat, effects of ar, poisor.
BanJage, AerosoÌ: /etosol barJa,es come ir small
cars; eacl car las erou,l aetosol fot six applicatiors.
LseJ to tteat abtasiors arJ otlet flesl wourJs b,
spta,ir, ar artibactetial sealart ovet tle wourJ, ar
aetosol barJa,e leals 1J6 lit poirts of Jama,e pet use.
Boost: Tlis platmaceutical is aJmiristeteJ
usir, a l,poJetmic reeJle ot ar ait-l,po. Tle
tecipiert ,airs a tempotat, irctease ir pl,sical
ptowess as tle Jtu, stimulates tle aJteral ,larJ. /
clatactet urJet tle effects of Loost ,airs a ++
platmaceutical borus to Stter,tl arJ Dextetit,,
arJ 2J+ tempotat, lit poirts. Tle effects last 1J+
mirutes. Wler tle effect weats off, tle affecteJ
clatactet must make a FottituJe save (DC 15) ot
take Jama,e equal to tle borus lit poirts ,aireJ
(ir aJJitior to losir, tlose lit poirts).
CÌean Out: Tlis Jtu, is useJ to flusl taJiatior
ftom a clatactet's s,stem. lt wotks like artitoxir,
except it affects saves telateJ to taJiatior poisorir,.
Regen: Òrce tlis Jtu, is aJmiristeteJ, tle
tecipiert's tate of cellulat te,eretatior ircteases
Jtamaticall,. Fot 1J++1 mirutes, tle clatactet
te,eretates a rumbet of lit poirts pet tourJ equal
to tle clatactet' s Corstitutior borus + 1,
(mirimum 1 lit poirt pet tourJ). Wler tle effect
weats off, tle tecipiert is corsiJeteJ fati,ueJ fot
1O mirutes fot evet, mirute of tle effect's Jutatior.
TotaÌ-MeJ: Total-MeJ was tle ctowir,
aclievemert of Firal Wats eta meJical teclrolo,,. Tlis
Jtu,, orce aJmiristeteJ irto tle blooJstteam, cutes tle
tecipiert of all clemical poisors, taJiatior poisorir, arJ
ror-,eretic biolo,ical Jiseases. / tate few irJiviJuals
suffet a sevete allet,ic teactior to Total-MeJ; tle tecipiert
must make a FottituJe save (DC 1O) ot Jie.
lr aJJitior to tle sutvival ,eat pteserteJ ir J20
MoJeru, mucl of wlicl car still be fourJ ir tle
Camma /,e, tle Firal Wats eta ptoJuceJ some
rotable equipmert. /s witl all aJvarceJ teclrolo,,,
tle sutvival ,eat pteserteJ lete is botl telativel,
tate arJ JeperJart upor powet cells fot opetatior.
Dome, SeaÌeJ Environment: / SealeJ
Lrvitormert Dome (SLD) tesembles a lat,e Jome
tert; ei,lt people fit irsiJe. lt is maJe of a li,ll,
tesiliert raro-weave fibet, arJ las a latJress of 1O
arJ 25 lit poirts. /u,merteJ witl a raromaclire-
baseJ self-tepait s,stem, tle SLD te,eretates 5 lit
poirts pet tourJ, so lor, as it las a powet suppl,. /
speciall, Jesi,reJ ervitormertal corttol s,stem
sustairs a safe ervitormert witlir tle Jome,
completel, blockir, all clemical, biolo,ical arJ
ever rarotecl effects. lt also ptoviJes taJiatior
tesistarce 2O arJ a +1O equipmert borus or
FottituJe saves vetsus taJiatior effects. lf ar SLD is
sttuck b, ar attack tlat exceeJs tle Jome's taJiatior
tesistarce, tle Jome is bteacleJ fot ore tourJ arJ
tle occuparts ate subject to ar, ervitormertal
effects ot attacks ftom outsiJe tle Jome. Òr tle
followir, tourJ, tle SLD flusles ar, effects out of
tle Jome a,air, assumir, arotlet attack Joes rot
bteacl it. Tle powet cell ir tle SLD lasts fot 5O
louts of cortiruous use fot a sir,le irJiviJual, but
up to 6 powet cells ma, be useJ simultareousl,.
Nano-Swarm RepeÌÌant FieÌJ Cenerator: Tlis
wallet-si:eJ Jevice emits a powetful but slott-tar,e
electto-ma,retic pulse. /ll rarotecl maclires
witlir 5 feet of tle ,eretatot ate terJeteJ irett fot
as lor, as tle fielJ is up (but ate rot petmarertl,
latmeJ). S,rtletic clatactets arJ tobots tlat ertet
tle fielJ ate corsiJeteJ fati,ueJ Jue to tle
irtetfeterce causeJ b, tle electto-ma,retic pulse.
Tle fielJ ,eretatot opetates fot up to 12 cortiruous
louts befote reeJir, a rew powet cell.
PersonaÌ Environment Suit: Tle petsoral
ervitormert suit covets a clatactet ftom leaJ to toe,
ptotectir, let ftom taJiatior arJ clemical, biolo,ical
arJ rarotecl weapors. lt ptoviJes eret,, tesistarce 5
arJ a +5 equipmert borus or FottituJe saves vetsus all
ervitormertal effects arJ eret,, t,pes, ever wler rot
poweteJ. Wler tle suit is poweteJ, tle weatet is immure
to ervitormertal effects. / petsoral ervitormert suit
las a latJress of 5 arJ 2O lit poirts. Like tle SLD, it
possesses a self-tepait s,stem tlat te,eretates 5 lit poirts
pet tourJ. lf ar attack ot ervitormertal effect ovetcomes
tle suit's eret,, tesistarce, tle clatactet is exposeJ fot
ore tourJ to ar, ervitormertal effects. Tle powet cell,
wlicl opetates tle filttatior s,stems arJ LM pulse, lasts
fot 1OO cortiruous louts.
0eject 0eject 0eject 0eject 0eject S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
ßaqs aad ßexes ßaqs aad ßexes ßaqs aad ßexes ßaqs aad ßexes ßaqs aad ßexes
Ccate |acqe b0 |es. l0
|eac| Sma|| l |e. 4
Sac|, |acqe Hed|am 2 |es. 4
Sac|, Sma|| Sma|| l |e. 3
C|et||aq C|et||aq C|et||aq C|et||aq C|et||aq
C|et|es, 0atdeec Hed|am 4 |es. 8
C|et|es, |xtcavaqaat Hed|am 6 |es. l6
]amµsa|t, Smact Hed|am 4 |es. 20
Cemµatecs aad ||ectcea|cs Cemµatecs aad ||ectcea|cs Cemµatecs aad ||ectcea|cs Cemµatecs aad ||ectcea|cs Cemµatecs aad ||ectcea|cs
0ataµad 1|ay l |e. l4
|ewec Ce|| 1|ay .l |e. l0
|ewec Ce|| C|acqec Sma|| 2 |es. l8
Hed|ca| |qa|µmeat aad ||acmaceat|ca|s Hed|ca| |qa|µmeat aad ||acmaceat|ca|s Hed|ca| |qa|µmeat aad ||acmaceat|ca|s Hed|ca| |qa|µmeat aad ||acmaceat|ca|s Hed|ca| |qa|µmeat aad ||acmaceat|ca|s
A|c-hyµe Sma|| l |e. l6
Aat|tex|a 1|ay - l2
ßaadaqe, Aecese| Sma|| 2 |es l2
ßeest 1|ay - l4
C|eaa 0at 1|ay - l2
Reqea 1|ay - l8
1eta|-Hed 1|ay - 20
Sacv|va| 6eac Sacv|va| 6eac Sacv|va| 6eac Sacv|va| 6eac Sacv|va| 6eac
0eme, |acqe 20 |es. 22
Sea|ed |av|ceameat
|aae-Swacm Sma|| 2 |es. 2b
Reµe||aat ||e|d 6eaecatec
|ecseaa| Hed|am l0 |es. 20
|av|ceameat Sa|t
Ttavel is botl Jifficult arJ Jar,etous ir tle
Camma /,e. \elicles allow irJiviJuals to ttavel
mote efficiertl,, quickl, arJ safel,.
Diffetert velicle t,pes tequite Jiffetert feats arJ
skills to use effectivel,. Lacl velicle t,pe below lists tle
apptoptiate feats arJ skills fot corttollir, tle velicle.
Most atclaic velicles ate muscle-poweteJ: catts,
wa,ors,arJ sleJs Jtawr b, arimals, tobots ot ever
sertiert beir,s. Wler usir, muscle-poweteJ velicles,
skills sucl as HarJle /rimal ate useJ to corttol tle
velicle tltou,l tle cteatute(s) Jtawir, it. lr tle case
of a velicle cattieJ ot pulleJ b, sertiert beir,s, tle
lrtimiJate skill is useJ irsteaJ. WirJ-poweteJ
velicles, sucl as sailir, slips arJ sarJ turrets, use
tle lilot (Sail) skill arJ tequite tle feat Sutface
\elicle Òpetatior (WirJ-loweteJ) fot effective use.
Cart: / two-wleeleJ velicle Jtawr b, a sir,le
lotse (ot otlet beast of butJer). lt comes witl a latress.
Longsbip: / 75-foot-lor, slip witl fott, oats arJ
a total ctew of fift,. lt las a sir,le mast arJ a squate
sail. lt car catt, fift, tors of cat,o ot 12O solJiets. /
lor,slip car make sea vo,a,es. lt moves about 3 miles
pet lout wler beir, toweJ ot urJet sail.
Rowboat: /r 8- to 12-foot-lor, boat fot two
ot tltee people. lt moves about 1 1/2 miles pet lout.
SaiÌing Sbip: Tlis lat,et, mote seawottl,
vetsior of tle coastet (a kirJ of sailir, slip) is 75
to 9O feet lor, arJ 2O feet wiJe. lt las a ctew of
twert,. lt car catt, cat,o up to 15O tors. lt las
squate sails or its two masts arJ car make sea
vo,a,es. lt moves about 2 miles pet lout.
SanJ Runner: Tlis wleeleJ velicle las toom
fot two passer,ets. / li,lt ftame witl btoaJl, placeJ
wleel ot skiJs allow it to moveJ ovet sarJ ot otlet
ever ,tourJ swiftl,. / sarJ turret uses a sir,le sail
arJ is poweteJ b, tle wirJ. lr ,ust, corJitiors, it
car teacl speeJs up to 2O miles pet lout.
SÌeJ: Tlis is a wa,or or turrets fot movir,
tltou,l srow arJ ovet ice. lr ,eretal, two lotses (ot
otlet beasts of butJer) Jtaw it. lt comes witl a latress.
Wagon: Tlis is a fout-wleeleJ, oper velicle fot
ttarspottir, leav, loaJs. lr ,eretal, two lotses (ot
otlet beasts of butJer) Jtaw it. lt comes witl a latress.
Tle velicles listeJ ir J20 MoJeru teptesert a
btoaJ ctoss sectior of tle velicles useJ Jutir, tle
lte-Wat eta. Sucl velicles ate ro lor,et commor,
but some car still be f ourJ i r aJvarceJ
commurities. Mote ofter, tle temairs of lte-Wat
velicles ate tepaiteJ arJ moJifieJ to meet tle reeJs
of tle Camma /,e: /ltetrate fuel tequitemerts,
tle aJJitior of veliculat weaport, or civiliar
velicles arJ moJificatior fot off-toaJ ttavel ate all
commor clar,es maJe to lte-Wat velicles. lr
tetms of ,ame meclarics, lte-Wat velicles temair
urclar,eJ ftom tlose listeJ ir J20 MoJeru.
Tle Firal Wats eta saw ar explosior of militat,
velicle teclrolo,,, some applicatiors of wlicl
filteteJ Jowr to tle civiliar velicle matket. Most
aJvarceJ velicles ate built fot wat arJ tequite tle
same skills arJ feats listeJ fot militat, velicles ir
J20 MoJeru. Lxceptiors ate listeJ below.
Hovercraft: Not a specific velicle t,pe but a
moJificatior maJe Jutir, tle erJ of tle Firal Wats
eta, a lovetctaft uses powetful ma,retic coils
(tatlet tlar ttue arti-,tavit,) to lift tle velicle
ftom tle sutface of tle eattl arJ tutbires ot
ptopellets fot movemert. /r example of reatl, ar,
sutface velicle ftom tle lte-Wat eta car be fourJ
moJifieJ witl lovetctaft teclrolo,,. Hovetctafts
possess tle same statistics as tleit lte-Wat
courtetpatts, save fot tle followir, clar,es:
leJuce tle velicle's Cat,o capacit, b,
lrctease tle velicle's Mareuvet tatir, b, +2.
lrctease tle velicle's Top SpeeJ tatir, b,
lrctease tle velicle's putclase DC b, +5.
Hovetctafts tequite tle feat /it \elicle
Òpetatior (Hovetctaft) to offset ror-ptoficierc,
peralties, but use tle Dtive skill tatlet tlar tle
lilot skill to opetate.
Dropsbip: / Jtopslip is a tltust-poweteJ
aitctaft, 3O feet lor, arJ 15 feet wiJe, useJ ptimatil,
fot ttoop ttarspott. lt car lovet arJ possesses
vettical take off arJ larJir, capabilities. Wir,-
mourteJ missiles, tltee or eacl siJe, arJ botl
fotwatJ- arJ teat-facir, plasma carrors allow tle
ctew to cleat Jtop :ores. Tle Jtopslip car catt,
2O solJiets, ore Hu,e velicle, two Lat,e velicles
ot fout MeJium velicles.
WaÌker, AssauÌt: Walkets ate leav, atmoteJ
velicles tlat use atticulateJ le,s tatlet tlar tites ot
tteaJs fot locomotior. Wlile slowet tlar otlet
velicles, tle, ate mote aJept at ttavetsir, urever
tettair. Tle assault walket is tle smallest of tlese
velicles, 1O feet tall witl two le,s arJ a compattmert
fot a sir,le pilot. /ssault walkets catt, a sir,le plasma
carror (see /JvarceJ Weapors above) arJ ar
irte,tateJ tat,etir, s,stem tlat ptoviJes a +2
equipmert borus or attack tolls usir, tle plasma
carror. /r assault walket is a Lat,e velicle.
WaÌker, Transport: Tlis fout-le,,eJ walket is
2O feet lor,, 15 feet wiJe arJ starJs 15 feet tall. /
two-mar ctew, pilot arJ ,urret, sits ir a fotwatJ-
facir, ¨leaJ"; up to 12 full, equippeJ solJiets car
tiJe ir tle ttarspott atea of tle walket. lasser,ets
ma, exit tltou,l a bottom latcl ot a teat tamp.
Tle ttarspott walket is equippeJ witl a fotwatJ-
mourteJ mictowave ,ur arJ a tuttet-mourteJ
missile laurclet (see \elicle Weapors below). /
ttarspott walket is a Hu,e velicle.
/r, velicle ma, lave a weapor mourteJ or it,
arJ mar, Jo. / velicle car lave ore mourteJ
weapor of ore si:e cate,ot, smallet tlar tle velicle,
two weapors two si:e cate,oties smallet, fout weapors
tltee si:e cate,oties smallet, arJ so or. Mourtir, a
weapor orto a velicle tequites a Ctaft (meclarics)
cleck (DC 15). lf tle weapor las ar electtoric ot
computeti:eJ tat,etir, s,stem, ar aJJitioral Ctaft
(electtorics) cleck (DC 2O) must be maJe.
Ion Cannon: /r ior carror Jel ivets a
powetful stteam of clat,eJ patticles to tle tat,et.
Tle Jama,e irf licteJ b, ar ior carror is
corsiJeteJ electtical Jama,e.
\e||c|e \e||c|e \e||c|e \e||c|e \e||c|e Ccew Ccew Ccew Ccew Ccew |asseaqecs |asseaqecs |asseaqecs |asseaqecs |asseaqecs Cacqe Cacqe Cacqe Cacqe Cacqe la|t. la|t. la|t. la|t. la|t. Haa. Haa. Haa. Haa. Haa. 1eµ 1eµ 1eµ 1eµ 1eµ 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease hacdaess hacdaess hacdaess hacdaess hacdaess h|t h|t h|t h|t h|t S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
Sµeed Sµeed Sµeed Sµeed Sµeed |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
Acc|a|c \e||c|es Acc|a|c \e||c|es Acc|a|c \e||c|es Acc|a|c \e||c|es Acc|a|c \e||c|es
Cact l 4 l,000 |es. -2 -4 * 2 0 20 |acqe l2
|eaqs||µ b0 l20 b0 teas -4 -4 6 0 b 3b 6acqaataaa 30
Reweeat 2 2 b00 |es. -2 -4 4 6 0 20 |acqe l2
Sa|||aq 20 300 lb0 teas -4 -6 4 6 40 6acqaataaa 40
Saad l l 300 |es. -0 -2 3b(4) 7 0 2b |acqe l4
S|ed l 6 l tea -4 -4 * 4 0 28 |acqe l6
waqea l 6 l tea -4 -4 * 4 0 28 |acqe l6
Advaaced \e||c|es Advaaced \e||c|es Advaaced \e||c|es Advaaced \e||c|es Advaaced \e||c|es
0ceµs||µ 2 20 b teas -2 -2 300(30) l0 b 46 6acqaataaa b0
wa||ec, l - l000 |es. -2 -2 20 (2) 4 36 |acqe 32
wa||ec, 2 l2 6 teas -4 -2 l0(l) l0 40 haqe 36
*Hasc|e-µeweced ve||c|es |ave a teµ sµeed eased ea t|e aa|ma| t|at µa||s |t. Cacts, s| eds aad waqeas we|q| aµµcex|mate|y eae-teat| e| t|e|c cacqe
||m|t µ|as t|e we|q|t e| t|e cacqe |tse|| |ec detecm|a|aq t|e aa|ma|'s eacamecaace |eve|. l| ma|t|µ| e aa|ma|s µa| | a s|aq| e ve||c|e, d|v|de t|e teta| we|q|t
e| t|e ve||c|e, |ts µasseaqecs, aad |ts cacqe ameaq t|e aa|ma|s te detecm|ae eac| aa|ma|'s eacamecaace |eve|.
weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea weaµea 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| Cc|t|ca| 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. 0mq. Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe Raaqe R0| R0| R0| R0| R0| Haq. Haq. Haq. Haq. Haq. S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t* we|q|t* we|q|t* we|q|t* we|q|t* |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe lac. lac. lac. lac. lac. 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
lea Caaaea l0dl0 20 ||ectc|ca| l00 |t. S|aq|e - haqe - 2b
H|ss||e ey m|ss||e - ey m|ss||e ey m|ss||e S 6 haqe - 30
H|ss||e ey m|ss||e - ey m|ss||e ey m|ss||e S|aq|e - |acqe 20 |es. 22
*|ec t|e |ea caaaea aad m|ss||e eattecy, t|e weaµea's we|q|t |s ceas|deced te ee |ac|aded |a t|e ve||c| e's we|q|t.
MissiÌe, Anti-Tank: Tlis missile is Jesi,reJ
to perettate atmot. /r arti-tark missile i,rotes
1O poirts of velicle latJress. lr aJJitior, if tle
Jama,e Jore b, tle missile b,passes tle velicle's
latJress, tle occuparts of tle velicle take ore-
lalf tle total Jama,e suffeteJ b, tle velicle. /r
arti-tark missile ma, be fiteJ ftom a missile battet,
ot a missile laurclet.
MissiÌe, Heat-Seeking: Heat-seekir, missiles
possess a tat,etir, s,stem Jesi,reJ to ttack li,l-
tempetatute si,ratutes. /,airst velicles arJ
ar,tlir, else witl a li,l-tempetatute si,ratute,
leat-seekir, missiles ,air a ++ citcumstarce borus
or attack tolls. / -+ peralt, is applieJ if tlete is a
li,l-tempetatute soutce otlet tlar tle tat,et
witlir 5O feet of tle missile's laurcl poirt ot tat,et.
Tle equipmert pteserteJ ir J20 MoJeru
tepteserts items tlat wete ir wiJe use Jutir, tle
time just befote tle Firal Wats be,ar. Wlile mucl
of tlat equipmert car be fourJ ir tle Camma /,e,
tle availabilit, arJ value of tle equipmert las
clar,eJ. Wotkir, electtoric Jevices ate botl tate
arJ expersive sirce tle, terJ to be fta,ile. lte-
Wat eta fiteatms ate commor, Jue lat,el, to tleit
Jutabilit, arJ tle ircteasir, Jespetatior of tle lte-
Wat societies tlat ovet-ptoJuceJ tlem ir otJet to
feel safe a,airst ar ircteasir,l, urstable wotlJ.
Fot petsoral fiteatms, ircluJir, botl larJ,urs
arJ lor,atms, teJuce tle putclase DC b, -+. (letsoral
fiteatms car be fourJ ir J20 MoJeru, Claptet Fout:
Lquipmert, ¨lar,eJ Weapors," Tc||e +-+. ºcu¸eJ
\ecµous.) Fot example, a Clock 17 /utoloaJet las a
putclase DC of 1+ ir tle Camma /,e.
Tle leav, weapors fourJ or tle same table
wete rot so wiJel, JisttibuteJ, arJ mar, wete
Jestto,eJ or tle battlefielJs of tle lte-Wat eta. Tle
putclase DCs fot tlese weapors temairs urclar,eJ.
Tle temairir, J20 MoJeru tar,eJ weapors
putclase DCs car be fourJ or Table 2-9 ir tlis claptet.
Wlile fiteatms car be fourJ reatl, ar,wlete
ir tle Camma WotlJ, firJir, bullets is a little mote
Jifficult. lrctease tle putclase DCs fot all ammuritior
t,pes except fot attows arJ ctossbow bolts b, +1, arJ
teJuce tle putclase DCs fot attows arJ ctossbow bolts
to 5 eacl. (/mmuritior t,pes car be fourJ ir J20
MoJeru, Claptet Fout: Lquipmert, ¨lar,eJ
Weapors," Tc||e +-5. -mmuu|t|ou.)
Lxplosives ftom tle lte-Wat eta ate petlaps
latJest to come b,, Jue to tleit irstabilit,. lrctease
tle putclase DC fot explosives b, +2, except fot
milJ aciJ, wlicl temairs a commor if Jar,etous
substarce. (Tlese weapors car be fourJ ir J20
MoJeru, Claptet Fout: Lquipmert, ¨lar,eJ
Weapors," Tc||e +-+. Fxµ|os|ve cuJ Sµ|cs| \ecµous.)
Tle putclase DCs fot all J20 MoJeru melee
weapors ate teJuceJ b, -2.
lte-Wat eta boJ, atmot was urcommor ir
its owr time arJ is ever mote so ir tle Camma
/,e. Lxplotets arJ atclivists sometimes firJ
cacles of lte-Wat atmot witl lte-Wat weapors,
lowevet. Tle putclase DCs fot J20 MoJeru
atmot ate ircteaseJ b, ++, except wlete roteJ
or Table 2-2: /tmot ir tlis claptet.
/Jjust tle putclase DCs ir J20 MoJeru as
follows, JeperJir, or tle t,pe of equipmert:
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C
ßaqs aad ßexes -2
C|et||aq -2
Cemµatecs aad -6
Ceasamec ||ectcea|cs
Sacve|||aace 6eac -6
|ce|ess|eaa| -4
Sacv|va| 6eac -2
weaµea Accessec|es -0
Multiple leat soutces stack peralties, up to a
maximum of -12.
MissiÌe, Higb-ExpÌosive: / li,l-explosive
missile is Jesi,reJ to Jo maximum Jama,e, botl
Jitect arJ collatetal.
MissiÌe, PÌasma: Lpor Jetoratior, a plasma
missile exploJes witl supetleateJ ,as. Tle Jama,e
Jore b, a plasma missile is corsiJeteJ fite Jama,e.
MissiÌe Battery: / missile battet, lolJs six missiles,
of Jiffetert t,pes ot tle same t,pe, wlicl ma, be fiteJ
irJeperJertl, ot simultareousl,. Tle missile battet,
ma, be mourteJ or ar, Hu,e ot lat,et velicle, arJ it
must be corttolleJ tltou,l a tat,etir, s,stem.
MissiÌe Launcber: / missile laurclet lolJs a
sir,le missile. lt ma, be mourteJ or a velicle ot
useJ a sloulJet-mourteJ weapor.
/s attificial corsttucts, s,rtletic clatactets
ma, putclase up,taJes tlat altet tleit sttuctute,
capabilities arJ ever abilit, scotes.
lr otJet to putclase ar up,taJe, tle s,rtletic
clatactet must firJ a sciertist botl capable of
up,taJir, tle clatactet arJ willir, to Jo so. Òrl,
commurities tlat possess tle /JvarceJ Lr,ireetir,
commurit, feat (see Claptet Fout) lave tle
tesoutces arJ petsorrel recessat, to petfotm
s,rtletic clatactet up,taJes. Tle putclase DCs
listeJ fot eacl up,taJe ate tle mirimums fot up,taJe
setvices ir sucl commurities. Òfter tle cost is
li,let, arJ tle sciertist ma, tequite mote tlar mete
furJs to petfotm tle up,taJe. Lp,taJes also take
time, as listeJ or table 2-1O: S,rtletic Lp,taJes.
S,rtletic clatactets ot tleit associates ma,
attempt to petfotm tle up,taJes tlemselves. Wlile
tlis is less expersive (teJuce tle putclase DC of
listeJ up,taJes b, -5), it tequites time, tools arJ
skill. Table 2-1O: S,rtletic Lp,taJes lists tle time
recessat, to petfotm tle up,taJe arJ tle Ctaft
cleck DCs fot petfotmir, tle up,taJes.
/ll s,rtletic up,taJes tequi te a Ctaft
(meclarical) cleck arJ a Ctaft (electtorics) cleck
at tle listeJ DC. lf eitlet cleck fails, tle up,taJe
fails arJ must be attempteJ a,air. lf eitlet cleck
fails b, mote tlar 5, tle up,taJe itself is Jama,eJ
arJ must be tepaiteJ ot teplaceJ befote it car be
applieJ to tle s,rtletic. lf botl Ctaft clecks fail
b, 1O ot mote, tle s,rtletic clatactet is Jama,eJ
arJ takes 1J6 poirts of tempotat, abilit, Jama,e
ir a tarJoml, tolleJ abilit, scote (toll 1J6: a 1
tesults ir Stter,tl Jama,e, a 2 tesults ir Dextetit,
Jama,e arJ so or). Note tlat tle usual Ctaft DC
moJifiets fot urfamiliatit,, irapptoptiate tools, arJ
so or appl, to tlese clecks (see Claptet Six).
Tle followir, up,taJes ate examples of tle kirJ
of altetatiors tlat car be maJe to s,rtletic clatactets.
Tle CM sloulJ use lis juJ,mert wler petmittir,
ar, of tlese up,taJes, arJ catefull, ovetsee ar, pla,et-
cteateJ s,rtletic clatactet up,taJes.
AbiÌi ty Increase: Tlis up,taJe all ows a
s,rtletic clatactet to petmarertl, irctease ore of
tle followir, abilit, scotes b, +2: Stter,tl,
Dextetit, ot lrtelli,erce. Tlis up,taJe ma, be
putclaseJ multiple times, but a Jiffetert abilit,
must be closer eacl time it is putclaseJ.
uµqcade uµqcade uµqcade uµqcade uµqcade |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C |acc|ase 0C Cca|t 0C Cca|t 0C Cca|t 0C Cca|t 0C Cca|t 0C 1|me 1|me 1|me 1|me 1|me
Ae|||ty laccease 26 30 48 |eacs
Acmec lateqcat|ea * 2b l2 |eacs
ßac|aµ C|u 28 22 6 |eacs
|qa|µmeat lateqcat|ea * 20 6 |eacs
|xteaded Reac| 24 2b l2 |eacs
|xtca Haa|µa|atec 20 20 l2 |eacs
hevecsystem 26 2b 24 |eacs
Seceadacy |cecessec 26 30 24 |eacs
1ceads l8 20 l2 |eacs
weaµea Heaat 20 2b l2 |eacs
* See t|e aµqcade descc|µt|ea |ec t|e µacc|ase 0C e| t||s |tem.
Armor Integration: / suit of atmot is attacleJ
Jitectl, to tle s,rtletic clatactet arJ carrot be
temoveJ. /ll tle rotmal boruses arJ peralties fot
weatir, atmot appl,, arJ tle s,rtletic must possess tle
apptoptiate /tmot ltoficierc, feat. Tle putclase DC
fot tlis up,taJe is (tle putclase DC of tle atmot + 5).
Backup CPL: Tlis irte,tateJ item allows tle
s,rtletic to make a cop, of its cuttert pto,tammir,
to ar exttemel, Jutable, irtetral latJ Jtive. Makir,
a cop, tequites 1 lout pet clatactet level, Jutir,
wlicl time tle s,rtletic is urable to commuricate
ot act ir ar, wa,. lf tle s,rtletic is evet killeJ, tle
backup ClL car be irstalleJ ir arotlet s,rtletic
boJ,, essertiall, tesuttectir, tle clatactet at tle
poirt it was last copieJ. Tle backup ClL must be
tettieveJ ftom tle temairs of tle Jestto,eJ s,rtletic;
it las a latJress of 2O arJ 1O lit poirts.
Equipment Integration: Tir, arJ Small ror-
combat equipmert, sucl as a JatapaJ ot ar ait-l,po,
car be built Jitectl, irto tle s,rtletic, elimiratir,
tle reeJ to lolJ tle item ir otJet to use it. Tle
putclase DC fot tlis up,taJe is (tle putclase DC
of tle item + 5).
ExtenJeJ Reacb: Tle s,rtletic's maripulatots ate
exterJeJ to irctease tle clatactet's teacl to 1O feet.
Extra ManipuÌator: Tle s,rtletic possesses ar
aJJitioral atm ot otlet maripulatot. Tlis is
corsiJeteJ ar off larJ (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Five:
Combat, ¨/ctiors ir Combat," Fu||-ºouuJ -ct|ous).
Tlis up,taJe ma, be putclaseJ multiple times.
Hoversystem: Tle s,rtletic's rotmal mears
of locomotior ate teplaceJ b, ma,retic liftir, coils
arJ tltustets, allowir, tle clatactet to float up to
5 feet ftom tle ,tourJ. Tle clatactet's movemert
temairs tle same, but it Joes rot suffet ftom
peralties fot urever ,tourJ arJ similat
citcumstarces arJ ma, move ovet boJies of watet
ot otlet liquiJs.
SeconJary Processor: Tlis up,taJe allows tle
clatactet to take ar aJJitioral move actior eacl
tourJ. Tle clatactet ma, rot actuall, move, but
ma, Jtaw ot teloaJ a weapor ot use ar irte,tateJ
Jevice (see above).
TreaJs: Tle s,rtletic's le,s ate teplaceJ b,
tteaJs. Tle clatactet's movemert is ircteaseJ b,
1O feet pet tourJ arJ ar, peralties fot ovetlarJ
movemert baseJ or tettair t,pe (see Claptet Fout)
ate lalveJ. Clatactets witl tteaJs suffet a -8
peralt, or Climb arJ Swim clecks.
Weapon Mount: / Small ot MeJium weapor
ma, be mourteJ Jitectl, orto tle s,rtletic
clatactet. Tle s,rtletic ro lor,et reeJs to lolJ
tle weapor to use it arJ tle weapor is alwa,s
corsiJeteJ teaJ,. /ttackir, witl tle mourteJ
weapor is corsiJeteJ ar off-larJ attack arJ
tequites tle use of tle full attack optior. Òrl, lte-
Wat arJ aJvarceJ tar,eJ weapors ma, be attacleJ
to tle weapor mourt, tlou,l weapors ma,
irtetclar,eJ witl a full tourJ actior (wlicl
ptovokes ar attack of oppotturit,).
Tle Camma /,e pteserts clatactets witl mar,
oppotturities fot speciali:eJ Jevelopmert tlat just
JiJr't exist ir tle wotlJ befote tle Firal Wats, tle
Jiscovet, of tle lerror Sequerce arJ all tle test.
lla,ets wlose clatactets meet tle tequitemerts of
ar aJvarceJ class JesctibeJ ir J20 MoJeru ma, take
it, subject to CM apptoval, but tle, also lave tlese
Camma WotlJ-specific possibilities.
Tle C,betcolo,ist ma, be ar, sott of lumar,
mutart ot s,rtletic. le,atJless of lis owr oti,irs,
le las a ptofourJ ,tasp of tle s,rtletic mirJ: tle
pto,tammir, tlat allows fot co,ritior; tle
patametets slapir, a patticulat ertit,'s outlook; arJ
tle ptocesses b, wlicl it petceives, temembets arJ
irtetptets tle wotlJ. Witl tlese irsi,lts, tle
C,betcolo,ist car urlock tle sectets of soultecl fat
mote efficiertl, tlar otlets, arJ appl, lis irsi,lts
to Jealir,s witl awate corsttucts of all kirJs.
To qualif, to become a C,betcolo,i st, a
clatactet must fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
SkiÌÌs: Computet Lse (attificial irtelli,erce)
6 tarks, KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: aJvarceJ) 6
level, tourJeJ up, as a borus or all Clatisma clecks
irvolvir, effotts to scate ot irtimiJate soultecl if
tle tat,et Jevice isr't full, aral,:eJ. He car aJJ
lis urJiviJeJ class level as a borus or Clatisma
clecks irvolvir, sucl effotts JitecteJ at Jevices
le las full, aral,:eJ.
Tle C,betcolo,ist car use lis irsi,lts to
Jistupt tle mertal ptocesses of soultecl. He car
take ore starJatJ actior to commuricate witl a
tat,et Jevice arJ irsett pltasir, ot commerts tlat
tle Jevice firJs urusuall, latJ to ptopetl, irtetptet.
He must make a Lluff cleck a,airst DC (15 + tle
rumbet of aral,sis la,ets ir tle Jevice |ot tle
irtelli,erce moJifiet of a s,rtletic|). lf le succeeJs,
tle Jevice suf fets a peral t, equal to tle
C,betcolo,ist's class level or all its actiors fot a
rumbet of tourJs equal to tle C,betcolo,ist's
lrtelli,erce moJifiet.
AJJ AÌÌegiance
/t 7tl level, tle C,betcolo,ist ma, combire
lo,ic arJ tletotic witl pto,tammir, teclriques to
cteate a rew alle,iarce ir soultecl. Tlis tequites
success at botl a Diplomac, cleck arJ a Computet
Lse (attificial irtelli,erce) cleck, eacl a,airst DC
(2O + tle rumbet of aral,sis la,ets ir tle Jevice
tarks, arJ eitlet Ctaft (electtoric) 6 tarks ot
Disable Device 6 tarks.
Hit Die
Tle C,betcolo,ist ,airs 1J6 lit poirts pet
level. Tle clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet
applies as usual.
Action Points
Tle C,betcolo,ist ,airs a rumbet of actior
poirts equal to 6 + ore-lalf lis clatactet level,
tourJeJ Jowr, evet, time le attairs a rew level
ir tlis class.
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle C,betcolo,ist's class skills ate:
Lluff (Cla), Computet Lse (attificial
irtelli,erce) (lrt), Ctaft (electtoric, meclarical,
rarotecl) (lrt), Diplomac, (Cla), Disable
Device (lrt), lrtimiJate (Cla), lrvesti,ate (lrt),
KrowleJ,e (teclrolo,,: aJvarceJ) (lrt),
leseatcl (lrt), Serse Motive (Wis).
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ : 7 +
lrtelli,erce moJifiet
Tle C,betcolo,ist las ar irtuitive serse of low
soultecl wotks, arJ car pick up or subtle cues of
belaviot arJ Jesi,r wler stuJ,ir, urfamiliat
Jevices. He car aJJ lalf lis class level, tourJeJ
up, as a borus to all aral,sis tolls irvolvir, soultecl
(see Claptet Six).
/t 2rJ level, tle C,betcolo,ist car aJJ lis
class level, tourJeJ up, as a borus or all Clatisma
clecks irvolvir, effotts to petsuaJe arJ re,otiate
witl soultecl if tle tat,et isr't full, aral,:eJ. He
car aJJ lis urJiviJeJ class level as a borus or
Clatisma clecks irvolvir, sucl effotts JitecteJ at
Jevices le las full, aral,:eJ.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle C,betcolo,ist
,ets a borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle
followir, list, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
Luil Jet, FocuseJ, CeatleaJ, Narotecl
/tturemert, StuJious, S,stem Familiatit,, Tecl
Familiatit, (/JvarceJ).
Tle C,betcolo,ist leatrs low to exploit tle
weakresses arJ vulretabilities le iJertifies ir awate
corsttucts. /t +tl level, le car aJJ lalf lis class
|ot tle lrtelli,erce moJifiet of a s,rtletic|), arJ
takes (15 - C,betcolo,ist's class level) louts. /t
tle erJ of tle ptocess, tle tat,et Jevice las a rew
alle,iarce as JesctibeJ above, witl tle ,eretal
patametets specifi eJ b, tle C,betcolo,ist.
lrJiviJual Jevices Jo tetair tle fteeJom to irtetptet
tleit alle,iarces ir vatious wa,s baseJ or tleit
urJetl,ir, petsoralities, so tlis featute car't cteate
completel, subsetviert Jtores.
Remove AÌÌegiance
/t 8tl level, C,betcolo,ist ma, appl, lis
teclriques to remove a basic compulsior ftom tat,et
Jevices. Tlis tequites lim to succeeJ at botl a
Diplomac, cleck arJ a Computet Lse (attificial
irtelli,erce) cleck, eacl a,airst DC (25 + tle
rumbet of aral,sis la,ets ir tle Jevice |ot tle
lrtelli,erce moJifiet of a s,rtletic|), arJ takes (15
- C,betcolo,ist's class level) louts. /t tle erJ of
tle ptocess, tle alle,iarce las beer JeleteJ ftom
tle tat,et Jevice; tle C,betcolo,ist ma, cloose
wletlet to temove tle memoties of lavir, laJ tlat
alle,iarce as well.
/t 1Otl level, tle C,betcolo,ist ma, appl, a mote
extteme vetsior of tle teclriques le's leatreJ to irJuce
Jisotiertatior. He car take ore starJatJ actior arJ
make ar opposeJ cleck of lis Diplomac, cleck tesult
a,airst a tat,et Jevice's Serse Motive cleck tesult. lf
le succeeJs, tle soultecl is lockeJ ir a ptofourJ
co,ritive Jistutbarce arJ is botl urawate of tle wotlJ
arJ urable to act fot a rumbet of mirutes equal to tle
C,betcolo,ist's lrtelli,erce moJifiet x 1O.
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -0 -0 -0 -2 Aaa|ys|s -l -l
2ad -l -0 -0 -3 Symµat|y -l -l
3cd -l -l -l -3 eeaas |eat -2 -2
4t| -2 -l -l -4 lat|m|dat|ea -2 -2
bt| -2 -l -l -4 0|sseaaace -3 -3
6t| -3 -2 -2 -b eeaas |eat -3 -3
1t| -3 -2 -2 -b Add A||eq|aace -4 -4
8t| -4 -2 -2 -6 Remeve A||eq|aace -4 -4
7t| -4 -3 -3 -6 eeaas |eat -b -b
l0t| -b -3 -3 -1 S|atdewa -b -b
Tle LeaJet is just wlat lis title implies: someore
,ifteJ witl tle abilit, to urJetstarJ tle wotkir,s of
a ,toup, wletlet it's a small barJ of irJiviJuals ot a
wlole commurit,, arJ to ,ive a ,toup effective
Jitectior. Similat skills appl, to leaJetslip of mar,
sotts, ever tlou,l tle actual wotk of leaJir, a
romaJic ttibe is quite urlike tle wotk of mara,ir,
a li,l-tecl erclave ot settleJ low-tecl villa,e.
To qualif, to become a LeaJet, a clatactet must
fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
AbiÌities: Clatisma 13+
SkiÌÌs: Diplomac, 6 tarks, Serse Motive 6 tarks.
Hit Die
Tle LeaJet ,airs 1J1O lit poirts pet level. Tle
clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet applies as usual.
Action Points
Tle LeaJet ,airs a rumbet of actior poirts equal
to 6 + ore-lalf let clatactet level, tourJeJ Jowr,
evet, time sle attairs a rew level ir tlis class.
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle LeaJet's class skills ate:
Lluff (Cla), Corcerttatior (Cor), Diplomac,
(Cla), Catlet lrfotmatior (Cla), lrtimiJate (Cla),
lrvesti,ate (lrt), KrowleJ,e (belaviotal scierces,
of a sir,le lirk ir tle commurit, b, ore level, up
ot Jowr. Tlis actior tequites tle experJitute of
ar actior poirt. He car use tlis featute or ar,
patticulat lirk orl, orce eacl mortl. See Claptet
Fout fot tle Jetails of tlis ptocess.
Directing tbe Community
/t 7tl level, tle LeaJet ma, Jitectl, clar,e
tle tatir, of ar, ore commurit, factot. Òrce evet,
(11 - class level) Ja,s, tle LeaJet ma, clar,e tle
factot tatir, up ot Jowr b, lis class level +
Clatisma moJi fiet. Tli s actior tequites tle
experJitute of ar actior poirt. Tle commurit,
tevetts to its olJ wa,s ir ter Ja,s, ot wler le uses
tlis featute a,air, wliclevet comes fitst. He car
use tlis featute or ar, patticulat factot orl, orce
eacl mortl.
Preserving tbe Community
/t 8tl level, tle LeaJet ma, exett lis fotce of
will to stter,tler lis followets' will to tesist clar,e.
Òrce evet, (11 - class Ja,s), le ma, teJuce ar,
ore lirk wei,lt to sli,lt. Tlis lasts fot 2+ louts,
arJ tequites tle experJitute of ar actior poirt.
He car use tlis featute or ar, patticulat lirk orl,
orce eacl mortl.
busiress, Lattl arJ life scierces, ,ossip, listot,, politics)
(lrt), letfotm (ar,) (Cla), leaJ/Wtite Lar,ua,e
(rore), Serse Motive (Wis), Speak Lar,ua,e (rore).
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ: + + lrtelli,erce
Tle LeaJet ma, take a full actior to stuJ, tle
belaviot of lis allies arJ call out btief irsttuctiors.
lf le succeeJs ir a Diplomac, cleck a,airst DC
18, all clatactets wlo slate a patticulat alle,iarce
witl tle LeaJet arJ wlo ate witlir 1O x tle
LeaJet's class level ir feet ma, act ir cootJiratior.
Tle, ma, all act or tle li,lest iritiative tesult
tolleJ fot ar, of tlem, arJ ma, subttact lalf tle
LeaJet's class level (tourJeJ up) ftom peralties fot
actiors tlat mi,lt erJar,et arotlet membet of
tleit ,toup, sucl as slootir, irto melee.
Voice of Autbority
/t 2rJ level , tle LeaJet ma, aJJ tle
populatior level of tle commurit, le leaJs to lis
skill tatir, fot social irtetactiors ir wlicl le car
Jtaw or lis autlotit,. Tlis borus comes ftom tle
factior's si:e, wletlet of a small ,toup witlir tle
commurit,, ot ftom tle commurit, as a wlole if
le is clief, vi:iet li,l ptiest ot some otlet sott of
teco,ri:eJ autlotit, fot tle ertite populatior.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle LeaJet ,ets a
borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
/tterti ve, CorfiJert, FocuseJ, Fti,ltful
lteserce, CuiJe, ltor Will, lerowr, Ttustwottl,,
In Front
Wler a LeaJet of +tl level ot above puts
limself ir a visible, fotwatJ positior of tisk, lis
followets take leatt ftom lis example. Fot eacl
poirt b, wlicl le volurtatil, teJuces lis Deferse
borus, followets ir tle same fi,lt wlo car see ot
leat lim ,et a +1 borus or tleit iritiative arJ
attack tol ls. lr aJJitior, fot eacl attack of
oppotturit, le ircuts wlile aJvarcir, or eremies
ot wlile JeferJir, a followet, eacl of lis followets
ma, aJJ ar aJJitioral +1 citcumstarce borus or a
sir,le attack toll.
NuJging tbe Community
/t 5tl level, tle LeaJet ma, irtetvere ir tle
flow of clar,e ir lis commurit,. Òrce evet, (11
- class level) Ja,s, tle LeaJet ma, slift tle wei,lt
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -0 -l -0 -l Ceecd|aat|ea -l -l
2ad -l -2 -0 -2 \e|ce e| Aat|ec|ty -l -2
3cd -2 -2 -l -2 eeaas |eat -2 -2
4t| -3 -2 -l -2 la |ceat -2 -3
bt| -3 -3 -2 -3 |adq|aq t|e -3 -3
6t| -4 -3 -2 -3 eeaas |eat -3 -4
1t| -4 -3 -3 -3 0|cect|aq t|e -4 -4
8t| -b -4 -3 -4 |cesecv|aq t|e -4 -b
7t| -6 -4 -4 -4 eeaas |eat -b -b
l0t| -1 -b -4 -b 6cew|aq t|e -b -6
Crowing tbe Community
/t 1Otl level, tle LeaJet ma, make petmarert
clar,es ir tle commurit,. Òrce eacl mortl, le ma,
sperJ 1 actior poirt arJ petmarertl, clar,e a factot
tatir, b, 1O + (2 x Clatisma moJifiet), ot petmarertl,
clar,e a lirk wei,lt up ot Jowr ore level.
Tle Narosmitl las ar irtuitive krack fot
wotkir, witl raroteclrolo,, of all kirJs. Sle las
urusual corttol ovet let owr rarourits arJ ,ets
,teatet tlar usual irfotmatior about raro activit,
ir let vicirit,.
To qualif, to become a Narosmitl, a clatactet
must fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
SkiÌÌs: Litlet Seatcl 6 tarks ot Spot 6 tarks.
Feats: Narotecl /tturemert.
Hit Die
Tle Narosmitl ,airs 1J6 lit poirts pet level.
Tle clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet applies as
Action Points
Tle Narosmitl ,airs a rumbet of actior poirts
equal to 6 + ore-lalf let clatactet level, tourJeJ
Jowr, evet, time sle attairs a rew level ir tlis
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle Narosmitl's class skills ate:
Corcerttatior, Ctaft (rarotecl), KrowleJ,e
(all), leseatcl, Speak Lar,ua,e.
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ: 5 + lrtelli,erce
Nanotecb Intuition
Tle Narosmitl ma, aJJ let class level as a borus
or all rarotecl Corcerttatior arJ corttol tolls.
Quick Recovery
Tle Narosmitl's subcorscious correctiors to
let rarourits let let te,air spert rarourits as if
sle wete ir ar atea witl ore level li,let raro
Jersit, tlar it actuall, las, stattir, at 2rJ level.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle Narosmitl ,ets
a borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
/ttertive, LuilJet, FocuseJ, Cteat FottituJe,
lmptoveJ lritiative, lmptoveJ Mutatior lesistarce,
ltor Will, Li,ltrir, leflexes, lsioric lotertial,
Scaver,et, S,stem Familiatit,, Tou,lress.
/t +tl level, tle Narosmitl ma, use let
rarourits arJ ursecuteJ urits ir tle atea to
irtetfete witl otlets' rarotecl effotts. Sle ma,
attempt ar opposeJ Ctaft (rarotecl) cleck a,airst
tle opporert's Ctaft (rarotecl) cleck tesult. lf
sle succeeJs, tle tesult of let toll is tle rew DC
fot tle opporert's Corcerttatior arJ corttol tolls
fot a rumbet of tourJs equal to let class level.
/t 5tl level, tle Narosmitl ma, cloose ore t,pe
of raro effect - petceptior, ptesetvatior, cteatior ot
Jesttuctior - as a focus of let irtetest. Sle subttacts
lalf let class level, tourJeJ up, ftom tle DC of effects
ir tlat atea. /t 8tl level, sle aJJs a secorJ, Jiffetert
t,pe (sle ma, rot select tle same specialt, twice).
Area ExpÌoitation
/t 7tl level, tle Narosmitl ma, Jtaw or
rarourits sle lasr't full, irtetrali:eJ ,et. Sle car
appl, tle atea's rarourit borus as a borus or ar,
rarotecl-telateJ skill cleck, ot subttact tle
rarourit borus ftom tle rarourit cost of ar,
rarotecl effott sle makes.
Nanotecb Mastery
/t 1Otl level, tle Narosmitl ma, take 1O ot
take 2O or ar, rarotecl Corcerttatior ot corttol
toll, ever ir citcumstarces wlete it woulJ rotmall,
be ptolibiteJ.
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -0 -l -0 -2 |aaetec| lata|t|ea -0 -l
2ad -l -l -0 -3 Ça|c| Recevecy -l -l
3cd -l -l -l -3 eeaas |eat -l -2
4t| -2 -2 -l -4 ß|ec||aq -2 -2
bt| -2 -2 -l -4 Sµec|a|ty #l -2 -3
6t| -3 -2 -2 -b eeaas |eat -2 -4
1t| -3 -3 -2 -b Acea |xµ|e|tat|ea -3 -b
8t| -4 -3 -2 -6 Sµec|a|ty #2 -3 -6
7t| -4 -3 -2 -6 eeaas |eat -3 -1
l0t| -b -4 -2 -1 |aaetec| Hastecy -4 -8
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -0 -l -0 -l C|eacs|q|tedaess -0 -l
2ad -l -l -l -l |cee|aq -l -l
3cd -l -2 -l -2 eeaas |eat -l -2
4t| -2 -2 -l -2 Aat|c|µat|ea -l -2
bt| -2 -3 -2 -3 ]adqmeat -2 -3
6t| -3 -3 -2 -3 eeaas |eat -2 -4
1t| -3 -4 -2 -4 waca|aq -2 -b
8t| -4 -4 -3 -4 lasµ|cat|ea -3 -6
7t| -4 -b -3 -b eeaas |eat -3 -1
l0t| -b -b -3 -6 |eces|q|t -4 -8
/t 1st level, tle ltoplet ma, cloose ore class
skill arJ teceive a borus equal to lalf lis class level,
tourJeJ up, or all clecks irvolvir, it.
/t 2rJ level, tle ltoplet Jevelops a talert fot
Jtawir, mote arJ mote irfotmatior out of sustaireJ
stuJ, arJ irtetactior. Wler aral,:ir, pleromera
witl mote tlar ore aral,sis la,et tlat irvolves
corscious mirJs (wletlet biolo,ical ot otletwise),
tle ltoplet ,ets +1 pet la,et successfull, aral,:eJ or
subsequert clecks to urJetstarJ tle temairir, la,ets.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle ltoplet ,ets a
borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
/lettress, CorfiJert, Deceptive, FocuseJ,
lmptoveJ lri tiative, ltor Will , Narotecl
/tturemert, lsioric lotertial.
/t +tl level, tle ltoplet ma, appl, lalf lis
class level (tourJeJ up) as a moJifiet to lis
iritiative tolls. Tle pla,et JeciJes wletlet arJ low
mucl to aJjust lis iritiative fot a patticulat fi,lt
cjter iritiative clecks ate maJe.
/t 5tl level, tle ltoplet ma, make a Serse
Motive cleck (DC 15) a,airst a sir,le sertiert tat,et.
lf it succeeJs, le ,ets a citcumstarce borus equal to
lalf lis class level (tourJeJ up) as a moJifiet or a
ltoplets lave uri que irsi,lts irto tle
wotkir,s of tle wotlJ atourJ tlem. Tle, see witl
fewet ptecorceptiors tlar otlet people arJ Jtaw
ticlet corclusiors ftom tle available eviJerce.
Tle, selJom litetall, ¨see tle futute" (tlou,l some
ltoplets ate pteco,ritive); tle, simpl, urJetstarJ
mote Jeepl, tlar tle people atourJ tlem.
To qualif, to become a ltoplet, a clatactet
must fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
SkiÌÌ s: Two of tle followir,: Catlet
lrfotmatior 6 tarks, lrvesti,ate 6 tarks, Serse
Motive 6 tarks.
Hit Die
Tle ltoplet ,airs 1J8 lit poirts pet level. Tle
clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet applies as usual.
Action Points
Tle ltoplet ,airs a rumbet of actior poirts
equal to 6 + ore-lalf lis clatactet level, tourJeJ
Jowr, evet, time le attairs a rew level ir tlis class.
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle ltoplet's class skills ate:
Lluff (Cla), Corcerttatior (Cor), Deciplet
Sctipt (lrt), Diplomac, (Cla), Catlet lrfotmatior
(Cla), lrti miJate (Cla), lrvesti,ate (lrt),
KrowleJ,e (belaviotal scierces, busiress, ,ossip,
listot,, politics, stteetwise) (lrt), letfotm (all)
(Cla), leaJ/Wtite Lar,ua,e, Serse Motive (Wis),
Speak Lar,ua,e, Sutvival (Wis).
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ: 5 + lrtelli,erce moJifiet
Sutvivots tltive ir citcumstarces tlat woulJ
jeopatJi:e arJ Jiscouta,e otlets. Tle, fitst leatr low
to maximi:e tleit owr clarces of sutvival, tler low
to lelp tlose tle, cloose to associate witl.
To qualif, to become a Sutvivot, a clatactet
must fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
AbiÌities: Corstitutior 13+.
Feats: Sutvivalist.
Hit Die
Tle Sutvivot ,airs 1J1O lit poirts pet level.
Tle clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet applies as
follow-up lrtimiJate ot Diplomac, cleck, Jtawir, or
lis irsi,lts irto tle tat,et's motives arJ ratute.
/t 7tl level, tle ltoplet Jevelops ar awateress of
emet,ir, clar,es ir lis commurit,. /r, clar,e tlat
las just be,ur arJ will slift tle factot at tle fat erJ of
tle lirk to tle tti,,etir, citcumstarce ,ets lis attertior
if tle firal clar,e will total mote tlar 2O - (2 x WisJom
moJifiet) poirts. Tle ltoplet car take courtetir, actior
befote tle irsti,atir, clar,e is applieJ.
/t 8tl level, tle ltoplet ma, sperJ a full 1O
mirutes exlottir, lis fellow aJleterts to a patticulat
alle,iarce, tler make a Diplomac, cleck (DC 2O). lf
le succeeJs, tle ar, boruses ptoviJeJ b, tle alle,iarce
ate JoubleJ fot tle rext 2+ louts fot tlose wlo leat
lis exlottatior arJ slate tle alle,iarce. Nor-aJleterts
ma, cloose to joir tle alle,iarce immeJiatel,, tlou,l
tle, Jor't ,et tle Joublir, berefit.
/t 1Otl level, tle ltoplet ma, sperJ a full Ja,
(2+ louts) stuJ,ir, lis commurit, (ot ar, otlet sir,le
commurit,) ot a sir,le sertiert tat,et. /t tle erJ of
tle stuJ, petioJ, le must make a Corcerttatior cleck
a,airst DC 2O. Fot evet, irctemert of 5 b, wlicl tle
cleck succeeJs (tourJeJ up), lis tat,et ,airs ore
actior poirt to use sometime ir tle rext ,eat to ,uatJ
a,airst outsiJe fotces tlat woulJ irtetfete witl let
abilit, to uplolJ let alle,iarces. Tle ltoplet limself
reeJ rot slate all tle tat,et's alle,iarces, but must at
least tespect let ,oals to some Je,tee ot tle actior
Action Points
Tle Sutvivot ,airs a rumbet of actior poirts
equal to 6 + ore-lalf let clatactet level, tourJeJ
Jowr, evet, time sle attairs a rew level ir tlis class.
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle Sutvivot's class skills ate:
Lalarce (Dex), Climb (Stt), Corcerttatior (Cor),
HarJle /rimal (Cla), HiJe (Dex), lrtimiJate (Cla), Jump
(Stt), Move Silertl, (Dex), lepait (lrt), liJe (Dex), Spot
(Wis), Sutvival (Wis), Swim (Stt), Tteat lrjut, (Wis).
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ: + + lrtelli,erce moJifiet
FavoreJ Environment
/t 1st level, tle Sutvivot ma, cloose ore of tle
ervitormerts listeJ at tle be,irrir, of Claptet Fout as
poirts ate rot ttarsmitteJ. lr tle case of a commurit,,
tle actior poirts must be useJ b, someore accepteJ
as a LeaJet b, tle commurit,'s membets.
a petsoral favotite. Tle Sutvivot teceives a borus equal
to lalf let class level, tourJeJ up, or all clecks telateJ
to sutvival arJ safet, ir tlat ervitormert, arJ sle revet
takes mote tlar tle mirimum Jama,e ftom
ervitormertal effects tlete. Sle ma, cloose arotlet
favoteJ ervitormert at +tl level arJ a tlitJ at 7tl level.
FavoreJ Prey
/t 2rJ level, tle Sutvivot ma, cloose a
patticulat species (ot a ,toup of telateJ species like
¨spiJets") as patticulat tat,ets of let ite arJ
expettise. Sle teceives a borus equal to lalf let
class level, tourJeJ up, or Lluff, Lister, Serse
Motive, Spot arJ Sutvival clecks irvolveJ witl
lurtir, tlat pte,, arJ or let Jama,e tolls a,airst
it. /t 8tl level, sle ma, cloose a secorJ sott of
pte, arJ teceive tle same berefits.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle Sutvivot ,ets a
borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
/ctobatic, /ctior Heto, /lettress, /rimal
/ffirit,, /tlletic, Combat leflexes, CuiJe, Hetoic
Focus, Mutatior lesistarce, Narotecl
/tturemert, lsioric lotertial, lur, Scaver,et,
Tou,lress, Ttack.
Hunt LeaJer
/t 5tl level, tle Sutvivot ma, slate some of
let expettise witl otlets. Sle car attempt to
irsttuct ore accompar,ir, irJiviJual pet class
level. lf sle wirs ar opposeJ toll of Will saves, tle
otlet irJiviJual ,ets lalf of tle borus, tourJeJ up,
tlat tle Sutvivot erjo,s fot favoteJ ervitormert
arJ pte, as lor, as tle, cortirue to wotk to,etlet
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -l -l -l -0 |aveced -l -0
|av|ceameat #l
2ad -l -2 -l -l |aveced |cey #l -l -l
3cd -2 -3 -2 -l eeaas |eat -2 -l
4t| -3 -3 -2 -2 |aveced -2 -2
|av|ceameat #2
bt| -4 -4 -3 -2 haat |eadec -3 -2
6t| -b -4 -3 -3 eeaas |eat -4 -3
1t| -6 -b -4 -3 |aveced -b -4
|av|ceameat #3
8t| -1 -b -4 -4 |aveced |cey #2 -6 -b
7t| -8 -6 -b -4 eeaas |eat -1 -6
l0t| -7 -6 -b -b Sacv|v|aq -8 -1
or tleit slateJ ,oal. Tlose sle successfull, irsttucts
,et a mirimum +1 borus ir eacl te,atJ.
Tbe Surviving Community
/t 1Otl level, tle Sutvivot ma, take tempotat,
clat,e of a commurit, to ptepate it a,airst some
tlteat. Sle must sperJ 2+ louts ir irsttuctior arJ
plarrir,, arJ sperJ ar actior poirt. Fot tle rext
sever Ja,s, tle wlole commurit,, up to a limit of let
class level + Clatisma moJifiet ir populatior levels,
,ets tle same berefits JesctibeJ ir Hurt LeaJet.
Tle LeaJet of a commurit, must ovetsee all
tle furctiors of tle commurit,, botl peaceful arJ
violert. Tle Wat Clief speciali:es ir violerce.
Wletlet le's call eJ tle cli ef of secutit,,
commarJet of atmeJ fotces, ot just ¨tle tou,lest
fi,ltet we've ,ot," tle Wat clief JeJicates lis life
to ptepatir, a,airst tle latm otlets mi,lt irflict
or tle commurit, arJ to Jislir, out lis owr latm
to tlose wlo tlteater it.
To qualif, to become a Wat Clief, a clatactet
must fulfill tle followir, tequitemerts:
Base Attack Bonus: +3.
SkiÌÌs: lrtimiJate 6 tarks, KrowleJ,e (tactics)
6 tarks.
Hit Die
Tle Wat Clief ,airs 1J12 lit poirts pet level.
Tle clatactet's Corstitutior moJifiet applies as
Action Points
Tle Wat Clief ,airs a rumbet of actior poirts
equal to 6 + ore-lalf lis clatactet level, tourJeJ
Jowr, evet, time le attairs a rew level ir tlis class.
CÌass SkiÌÌs
Tle Wat Clief's class skills ate:
Demolitiors (lrt), Diplomac, (Cla), Disable
Device (lrt), lrtimiJate (Cla), Jump (Stt),
KrowleJ,e (listot,, tactics) (lrt), Lister (Wis), Move
Silertl, (Dex), liJe (Dex), Serse Motive (Wis),
Sutvival (Wis), Tteat lrjut, (Wis), Tumble (Dex).
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb LeveÌ: 5 + lrtelli,erce
Crusbing tbe Enemy
Wlerevet tle Wat Clief irflicts erou,l
Jama,e to teacl lis opporert's massive Jama,e
tlteslolJ, lis victim must make a Will save a,airst
DC (15 + tle Wat Clief's class level) to avoiJ
becomir, parickeJ fot tle Wat Clief's class level
ir tourJs (see J20 MoJeru, Claptet Five: Combat,
¨lrjut, arJ Deatl," C|crccter CouJ|t|ou Summcr,
fot parickeJ arJ otlet aJvetse corJitiors).
Driving tbe Enemy
/t 2rJ level, tle Wat Clief ma, urleasl a
special Jemotali:atior assault. He makes ar
lrtimiJate cleck (DC 15). lf le succeeJs, eremies
witlir a taJius of 5 feet pet class level must make a
Will save(DC 15) to avoiJ becomir, parickeJ fot
tle Wat Clief's class level ir tourJs, ot urtil tle,
move out of tle atea of effect. Tlose wlo fail b, 1O
ot mote become sturreJ fot ore tourJ fot evet,
two of tle Wat Clief's class levels, tourJeJ Jowr.
Tle Wat Clief ma, use tlis featute a rumbet of
times pet Ja, equal to lis Clatisma moJifiet.
Bonus Feats
/t 3tJ, 6tl arJ 9tl level, tle Wat Clief ,ets a
borus feat. lt must be selecteJ ftom tle followir,
li st, arJ tle clatactet must meet all tle
ptetequisites of tle feat to select it.
/JvarceJ Fiteatms ltoficierc,, LlirJ-Fi,lt,
Ltawl, Cleave, Lxotic Melee Weapor ltoficierc,,
Lxotic Fiteatms ltoficierc,, lmptoveJ Dama,e
TlteslolJ, lmptoveJ Mutatior lesistarce, Mutatior
lesistarce, Narotecl /tturemert, lsioric lotertial.
Joy in Lamentation
/t +tl level, tle Wat Clief Jevelops a krack
fot Jiscetrir, tle mertal state of lis opporerts arJ
usir, it to lis aJvarta,e. /r, time witlir 2+ louts
of fi,ltir, a patticulat erem, wlo las suffeteJ
si,rificart irjut, (ore-quattet ot mote of tle fi,ltir,
fotce lost ore-lalf ot mote of tleit lit poirts), le
ma, make ar opposeJ Serse Motive cleck a,airst
ar erem, leaJet. lf le las some wa, of urJetstarJir,
tle foes' lar,ua,e arJ le wirs tle cortest, le comes
awa, witl ftesl irsi,lts irto tle losses tle, suffeteJ.
He ma, tler irspite lis owr allies witl a Diplomac,
cleck a,airst DC 15. Success or tlis toll ,tarts lis
allies a borus equal to lalf lis class level (tourJeJ
up) or iritiative arJ Jama,e tolls tle rext time tle,
fi,lt tlose foes.
DeperJir, or tle citcumstarces, tle Wat
Clief ma, lave to use stealtl arJ otlet skills to
,et close erou,l to tle JefeateJ foes to leat tleit
lamertatiors. Tle CM sloulJ tteat tlis as ar
oppotturit, fot mote cool Jtamatic aJvertutes, rot
as a clarce to sctew tle Wat Clief's pla,et out of
ar aJvarta,e.
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß ßAß |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect Re| Re| Re| Re| Re| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| Sµec|a| 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease 0e|ease Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea Reµatat|ea
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
lst -l -2 -0 -0 Ccas||aq t|e |aemy -l -l
2ad -2 -2 -l -l 0c|v|aq t|e |aemy -2 -l
3cd -3 -3 -2 -l eeaas |eat -2 -2
4t| -4 -3 -2 -2 ]ey |a |ameatat|ea -3 -2
bt| -b -4 -3 -2 Stceaqt| |a |a|a -3 -3
6t| -6 -4 -3 -3 eeaas |eat -4 -3
1t| -1 -b -4 -3 |ecce e| |atace -4 -4
8t| -8 -b -4 -4 Retaca|aq -b -4
7t| -7 -6 -b -4 eeaas |eat -b -b
l0t| -l0 -1 -b -b |ec|ect Cemmaadec -6 -6
Strengtb in Pain
/t 5tl level, tle Wat Clief ma, Jtaw
irspitatior out of pl,sical suffetir, fot botl limself
arJ lis allies. Wler le uses Tteat lrjut, to testote
lit poirts, eacl lit poirt lealeJ ,ives tle patiert a
+1 motale borus sle ma, appl, or ar, sir,le
iritiative, attack ot Jama,e toll ir let rext fi,lt.
Lacl patiert ma, lave ro mote tlar let clatactet
level ir boruses stoteJ up, arJ tle, ate all lost aftet
tle rext fi,lt. Tlis featute tequites tlat tle Wat
Clief sa, a few irspitir, wotJs about ovetcomir,
aJvetsit, arJ ,ettir, back at tlose tesporsible fot
tle patiert's suffetir,.
Force of Nature
/t 7tl level, tle Wat Clief ma, cow otlets
ever mote, witl tle lelp of ratute. lr ar, fi,lt
wlete le suffets Jama,e ftom ar ervitormertal
la:atJ like fite, aciJ ot electticit, arJ cortirues
fi,ltir, ir full view of lis allies arJ eremies, le
ma, make a FottituJe save a,airst DC (15 + |6 -
Jice of Jama,e suffeteJ|) - tle Fotce of Natute
effect becomes easiet to irvoke tle mote Jama,e
tle Wat Clief takes. lf it succeeJs, le arJ lis allies
,et a borus or tleit iritiative arJ attack tolls equal
to lalf tle wat clief's class levels, tourJeJ Jowr,
fot tle test of tle fi,lt. Tlis featute wotks orce ir
ar, ,iver fi,lt, arJ it Joes appl, to self-irflicteJ
Jama,e: lf tle Wat Clief sets limself or fite arJ
clat,es irto tle fta,, le car make tle save just as
le coulJ if li,ltrir, sttuck lim ot le plur,eJ off a
li,l towet arJ ,ot up to tejoir tle battle.
/t 8tl level, tle Wat Clief becomes vet,,
vet, latJ to kill. lf teJuceJ to JisableJ ot J,ir,
status, le car sperJ ar actior poirt to tetutr to
immeJiate corsciousress witl lis class level +
Clatisma moJifiet ir lit poirts. /t tle CM's
Jisctetior, eremi es wlo see tli s featute ir
opetatior ma, reeJ to make a Will save a,airst
DC 15 ot mote to avoiJ parickir,.
Perfect CommanJer
/t 1Otl level, tle Wat Clief car effectivel,
commarJ tle militat, activities of ar ertite
commurit, wler le's ir clat,e. Tle commurit,
ofter occupies mote space tlar le car visit
petsorall, wlile a sie,e ot otlet battle is ir pto,tess,
but le car tela, lis ercouta,emert arJ Jitectiors
tltou,l messer,ets eacl time le succeeJs at a
Diplomac, cleck (DC 18). lf tle cleck succeeJs,
le car pass alor, ore-lalf of lis abilit, moJifiets,
tourJeJ Jowr, as a borus to tle commurit,'s
abilities: lis Stter,tl borus to its Fotce, arJ so or;
if it succeeJs b, 1O ot mote, le car pass alor, lis
urJiviJeJ abilit, moJifiets as a borus to tle
commurit,'s abilities. TtusteJ coutiets tepeat tle
Wat Clief's wotJs arJ actiors so viviJl, tlat it's
as if le wete tlete besiJe lis allies ir tle sttu,,le.
- 90 -
- 91 -
t:-¿ o:|:·: ¿:.· ..ii:· .xt o:·-, ..ii.: .».tt:·t, .: i:: »x+ x =:i»:·.
8»: .xt ...+, ¿:t, x-+ -: t=x·i:· i»x- :.· ...+ ::.t.-t, o.i .: .:.:+ »:·. 8»: .xt :.·
=:i»:·, :.:- .| »:· :x·: |:· .t »x+ =:·: i: +: ..i» .-ti.-:i i»x- :=:i.:-. 8»: +.+-'i .:.:
.t ox:t; t»: +.+-'i t-:. »:.. 1».t .: x:::,i:+; .i .xt :.· .:i. U: +:-'i t-:. .»xi
i:.:»:+ »:· .»:- .: .:·: ti... .- »:· .:=o, o.i x.. .i ¿x.: »:· .xt x :x-::·:.t ¿·:.i» i»xi
t...:+ »:· t::- x|i:· .: .:·: o:·-.
ii ¿x.: .t t:=:i».-¿ :.t:. ê.:- .»:- .: .:·: .-t.+: »:·, .: |:.i :x:» :i»:·. 1»:·: .:·:
|.|i::- :| .t i: o:¿.- ..i». U: i·x.:.:+, x-+ :.· -.=o:· ¿·:. t=x..:·. 1.: :| .t .:·: ..t:
:.· =:i»:·, x.o:.i ..i»:.i i»: ¿·:.i», x-+ :.· ,xi»t t::- ,x·i:+; .»:·: .: .:-i, i»:¿
::..+ -:i |:..:.. U: .:·: tx+ i: t:: i»:= ¿:, o.i i»:¿ »x+ -: -x=:t x-+ ix.t:+ :-.¿ .-
i»: +...-..ii:+ t¡.:xtt :| i»: ,·.=x. i:-¿.:, x-+ ::..+ »x.: -: ,.x:: x=:-¿ .t. o-: :| .t
+.tx,,:x·:+. 1.: :| .t .:·: t...:+ .- +:|:-t: :| i»:.· t.-, x-+ .: »:-:· i»:.· o·x.:·¿.
o-: :| .t xi: t:=:i».-¿ i»xi .x·,:+ o:i» »:· =.-+ x-+ o:+¿, x-+ i»·:: :| .t +.:+
t....-¿ »:·. S.i t.× :| .t =x+: .i »:·:, .-i: i».t x-:.:-i -:ti ».++:- x.x¿ .- i»:
=:.-ix.-, x-+ »:·: .: |:.-+ i»: »x.·.:tt x,:t, .»: »x+ =x+: i»: -:ti i»:.· :.-. 1»:¿
»x+ .i x.., x-+ .-+:·ti::+ -:i».-¿.
U: :x=: x-+ :ot:·.:+, x-+ =:.:+ t..:-i.¿ x=:-¿ i»:=, x-+ i»:¿ x.. i»:.¿»i i»xi .:
.:·: ..t: :.· ::.t.-t, +:x| x-+ +.=o x-+ :oi.t:. o.i .: tx. x-+ »:x·+ x.., x-+ .: ::..+
.-+:·tix-+ i»: x-:.:-i .·.i.-¿t x-+ .-ti·.:i.:-t. v::, .-i: i»: o:.:.t :| i»: =x:».-:·¿
.: .:-i, ¿-x..-¿ :.· .x¿ .-t.+:, x-+ .: .xi:»:+ x-+ i:.:»:+ x-+ .:x·-:+. U: .·x,,:+
:.· ix..t i:¿:i»:· .-i: x i.¿»i ::.. x-+ .: .-+:·ti::+ :.:·¿i».-¿, .- :.· t..:-i, .:·+.:tt
t,:::» :| t»x·:+ ::=,·:»:-t.:-. A-+ .: t-:. .»xi .: »x+ i: +: i: =xt: i».t ,.x:: :.·t.
U: t...:+ i»: x,:t.
U»:- .: i.·-:+ :- i»: =x:».-:t x-+ i»: -:ti t».++:·:+ ..i» ,:.:· i»xi »x+ -:i o::-
|:.i |:· ::-i.·.:t, i»: x,:t .:·: |·.¿»i:-:+. U: t-:. i»:t: =x:».-:t, t-:. »:. i»:¿
.:·t:+. U: »x+ o::- o.:tt:+ ..i» ¡..:tt...:· =.-+t x-+ o:+.:t |x· =:·: ,:.:·|.. i»x-
i»:t: :| :.· ::.t.-t; i»: x,:t +.+ -:i t-:. i».t, x-+ i»:.¿»i .: .:·: x=.t.-¿ .»:- .:
tt.ii:·:+ x:·:tt ::-i·:. ,x-:.t x-+ ·:::--::i:+ :xo.:t.
1»:·: .xt -: .x.¿»i:·, .»:- .: :.:t:+ i»: +::·t. u: t:·:x=t, :.i»:·, |:· .x:..=
:x··.:t -: t:.-+.
U»:- i»:¿ .:·: +:x+, .: .:i i»: x.· .- x¿x.-, x-+ .: |:xti:+ :- i»:=, x-+ .·x,,:+
:.· ix..t i:¿:i»:· x-+ ,.x--:+ t:=: =:·:. 8:=: :| .t .:·: i».:t ..i» ..|: x.·:x+¿, x-+ .:
::..+ |::. i»: ti.··.-¿ :| -xt::-i o·.¿»i-:tt ..i».-. U: t-:. i»xi .: =.ti o...+ i: :-t.·:
:.· t.·...x., x-+ o...+ .: +.+.
1»: »x.·.:tt x,:t .t:+ i: ...: .- i».t -:ti.
S.i i».-¿t :»x-¿:.
- 92 -
first place, ro clar,e ir tle various species tlat woulJ
make some life forms more viable tlar otlers.
lr Camma WorÌJ, mutatior is far more powerful
arJ frequert tlar it was lurJreJs of years a,o. lt
works quickly arJ las Jrastic, ever amazir, results.
See Clapter 1wo for tle Jetails of creatir, mutart
claracters. Most mutarts be,ir witl ore major positive
mutatior, tlree miror positive mutatiors arJ ore
miror re,ative mutatior. Some lave a Jifferert mix
of major arJ miror mutatiors arJ/or more, at tle cost
of reJuceJ flexibility ir otler re,arJs.
A muta,er is ar exterral a,ert tlat ircreases
tle rate of mutatior ir or,arisms. Certair types of
raJiatior, clemicals arJ viruses are all potertial
muta,ers, but ir some irstarces, rarotecl may also
cause mutatior by rearrar,ir, tle subject's DNA or
a molecular level.
Wlile tle actual rature of tle muta,er is
importart to tle story arJ atmosplere, all of tlem lave
ratler strai,ltforwarJ ,ame-meclarical effects. 1lere
are four types of muta,ers: weak, moJerate, stror, arJ
irterse. Wler a claracter ercourters a muta,er, le
makes a lortituJe save usir, tle followir, table. lure-
strair lumars are automatically immure to tle effects
of weak muta,ers, arJ receive a +5 borus to tleir
saves a,airst moJerate arJ stror, muta,ers.
Cellular trarsformatior (C1) is a catcl-all term
for biolo,ical effects tlat alter lumars (or, irJeeJ, ary
livir, beir,s), for better or for worse - trarsformatiors
tlat occur or a cellular level, alterir, tle very builJir,
blocks of our boJies ir a furJamertal way.
lr Camma WorlJ, ervirormertally causeJ cases
of C1 are extremely commorplace, tlarks to tle
pletlora of raJiatior of Jifferert types, ,eretic
er,ireerir,, toxic materials arJ otler a,erts witl
potertial for alterir, - arJ ofter Jama,ir, -
or,arisms. lrJeeJ, wlile tle majority of lumars alive
are still reco,rizable as lumar, it's rot urcommor for
members of two separate ,ere pools to appear very
Jifferert from eacl otler - tlere's a ,reat Jeal of
variarce ir lei,lt arJ wei,lt, rot to mertior otler
aspects, sucl as strar,e lair patterrs, features
remiriscert of arimals (some of wlicl may lave beer
extirct for certuries), skir tlat appears to be almost
scaly arJ mary otler, seemir,ly rarJom traits. lrJeeJ,
¨rormal," i.e, pure-strair lumars are tle exceptior'
lr Camma WorlJ, most people Jor't ever bat
ar eye at tlis variarce ir appeararce; it's ro more
si,rificart tlar variarces ir skir or lair color woulJ
be to tle Jerizers of tle early 21st certury. Wlile it
certairly proviJes atmosplere arJ excel lert
roleplayir, opporturities, mutatior or tlis level is,
ir most cases, ircorsequertial as far as actual ,ame
meclarics are corcerreJ.
However, some types of C1 are far more Jrastic
- tley car clar,e a lumar beir, si,rificartly.
Wletler ¨ratural," purposefully irJuceJ or causeJ
by bioteclrolo,ical erlarcemerts, tlese clar,es car
be bereficial or larmful.
lr every ore of tle trilliors upor trilliors of cells
ir every lumar beir, - irJeeJ, ary livir, or,arism
- tlere is a wirJir, strir, of rucleic aciJs krowr as
DNA, packeJ witl irformatior. lr simple terms, our
DNA is a blueprirt of our ertire boJies - it
Jetermires tle color of our lair, skir arJ eyes, tle
slape of our rose, tle ler,tl of our fir,ers, our sex,
every plysical attribute ima,irable.
Mutatior occurs wler sometlir, exterral
irterrupts arJ clar,es tle DNA coJir, of ar
or,arism, reJirectir, ratural Jevelopmert Jowr a
rew patl. Mutatior is a correrstore of evolutior;
wlile ¨survival of tle fittest" is still tle Jetermirir,
factor ir wlicl species survive arJ wlicl Jo rot,
witlout mutatior tlere woulJ be ro evolutior ir tle
Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|es |xamµ|es |xamµ|es |xamµ|es |xamµ|es
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve|
wea| b* |act|ca|ac|y stceaq eac|qceaad
cad|at|ea, ces|dae e| mataqea|c
Hedecate l0 |eacey seacce e| s|qa|||caat
cad|at|ea, µceseace e|
mataqea|c c|em|ca|s |a t|e acea
Stceaq lb C|ese ceatact w|t| a seacce e|
cad|at|ea, a|ceecae mataqea|c
latease- ** |xµ|ed|aq ec ead|y |ea||aq
aatemat|c ceactec, |a|||aq |ate a vat e|
|a||ace mataqea|c c|em|ca|s
* |ace-stca|a |amaas ace |mmaae te wea| mataqeas.
** |ace-stca|a |amaas ces|st |atease mataqeas at 0C 2b
- 93 -
lf le succeeJs at tle save, tle muta,er las ro
effect or lim. lf le fails, le urJer,oes a rarJom
mutatior. loll 1J12 arJ corsult 1able 3-1: Muta,er
lesult 1able. DeperJir, or tle result, roll J% arJ
corsult eitler 1able 3-2: Miror Mutatior 1able or
1able 3-3: Major Mutatior 1able.
Ary sir,le muta,er source car affect a subject orly
orce witlir a 12-lour perioJ urless tle re-exposure is
of ar irterse level. Successful resistarce to a muta,er's
effects ,ives tle claracter a +1 borus or savir, tlrows
a,airst otler muta,ers for tle rext 12 lours,
represertir, tle cortiruir, effects of lei,ltereJ
immure system activity. 1le berefit from successful
resistarce to multiple muta,ers is cumulative, up to a
total equal to tle claracter's Corstitutior borus
(mirimum of +1). lt is tlerefore possible (if risky) for
claracters to partially iroculate tlemselves a,airst
moJerate arJ stror, muta,er effects by irtertiorally
exposir, tlemselves to weak muta,er forms.
Muta,ers arer't urcommor ir Camma WorÌJ,
but irterse exposure to tlem is still very rare. Lver
tlou,l sources of irterse muta,ers arer't too larJ
to locate, orly a fool woulJ willir,ly be exposeJ to
tlem. Wlile tle rewarJs car be ,reat, tle Jar,er of
turrir, irto a morster is too ,reat for most beir,s to
be flippart about tle tlreat. Lver most arimals serse
tle Jar,er arJ keep away from sucl areas.
Most mutatiors are very quick; tley terJ to
lapper ir tle course of mirutes or ever secorJs,
tlou,l ir some cases a mutatior car marifest itself
after a corsiJerable Jelay - tle exact time frame ir
questior is up to tle CM's serse of Jrama more tlar
arytlir, else.
Lereficial mutatior is urJeriably a ,reat aJvarta,e,
but mutatior las two problems. lt's urpreJictable, wlicl
makes it Jar,erous, arJ more ofter tlar rot, it's quite
irreversible. Wlile tle iJea of becomir, faster, stror,er
arJ smarter, arJ perlaps ,airir, truly superlumar
powers is appealir,, tle iJea of turrir, irto a terrifyir,
morster is rot. 1le stakes beir, as li,l as tley are, few
feel like willir,ly takir, tle clarce.
Luckily, tlere is always bioteclrolo,y - livir,
or,arisms tlat lave beer er,ireereJ to furctior like
maclires arJ tlat car, wler properly useJ, ,reatly
erlarce tle user ir mary Jifferert ways.
Lioteclrolo,y comes ir two forms. 1lere are
|mµ|cnts, wlicl are irserteJ irto tle lost or,arism arJ
become ar irte,ral part of it, arJ ¸rcjts, wlicl attacl
tlemselves to tle lost or,arism's surface but correct
tlemselves to tle reural patlways ir tle lost.
lmplarts are more reliable arJ powerful, but
irsertir, tlem properly requires effort, tools arJ
expertise, arJ tle lost boJy is ea,er to reject tlem
Jurir, irstallatior. Also, implarts carrot be removeJ
witlout sur,ery. Crafts, or tle otler larJ, car be
attacleJ arJ removeJ relatively easily. Òr tle
JowrsiJe, tley lave a limiteJ life spar, tley arer't as
powerful arJ tley carrot proJuce as wiJe a rar,e of
effects as implarts. 1ley are also more prore to
Not all types of C1 effects car be attaireJ witl
bioteclrolo,y, arJ mary of tlose tlat coulJ be
accomplisleJ rever are simply because tlere is little
JemarJ for tlem - wlile it woulJ certairly be
possible for someore to Juplicate tle urforturate
effects of ar urpleasart mutatior ,ererally krowr as
tle Stercl, wlo woulJ wart to Jo so`
Òf course, ever if someore warteJ to create a
bioJevice tlat woulJ accomplisl tlat effect -
roboJy car. Creatir, rew bioteclrolo,y is a lost art,
arJ tlose wlo tamper witl it are usually stoppeJ, as
tlere lave beer too mary irciJerts wlere
experimerts wert out of cortrol witl Jisastrous,
almost cataclysmic results. 1oo mucl of tle recessary
Jata arJ teclrolo,y lave beer lost: lt's possible to
,row implarts arJ ,rafts, but tle secrets of correctir,
tlem to tle lumar rervous system remair burieJ ir
yet-urJiscovereJ vaults.
A claracter may lave a rumber of biotecl
Jevices irstalleJ ir lis boJy equal to (Corstitutior/
2) + (claracter level/3), botl rourJeJ Jowr. 1lus a
1st level claracter witl Corstitutior 1O car lave five
Jevices (1O/2 + 1/3 = 5 + O = 5), wlile a +tl level
claracter witl Corstitutior 12 car lave sever (12/2
+ +/3 = 6 + 1 = 7).
Lefore a claracter car ever start to tlirk about
irsertir, sometlir, irto ler boJy, sle las to fi,ure
out wlat tle strar,e, or,aric item sle fourJ is
actually supposeJ to Jo. 1lis aralysis requires two
lrowleJ,e: (teclrolo,y: lre-War) rolls (see Clapter
Six for tle Jetails of irvesti,atior).
lirst tle claracter must Jetermire wletler tle
implart is a miror or major ore (DC 15). Òrce sle
las Jore tlat, sle must Jetermire wlat it actually
Joes arJ wlere it sloulJ be irstalleJ. 1lis is DC 2O
for miror Jevices, DC 3O for major ores. Liotecl
comes ir mary makes arJ moJels, arJ it's rot at all
urusual for someore to fail to reco,rize a miror
bioJevice tlat au,merts plysical strer,tl, ever if
sle's seer a Jozer of tlem before. After all, tlere are
- 94 -
wea| wea| wea| wea| wea| Hedecate Hedecate Hedecate Hedecate Hedecate Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq latease latease latease latease latease Resa|t Resa|t Resa|t Resa|t Resa|t
Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea Hataqea
l-6 l-b l-4 l-3 H|aec µes|t|ve matat|ea
1-l2 6-l0 b-8 3-6 H|aec aeqat|ve matat|ea
- ll 7-l0 1-7 Hajec µes|t|ve matat|ea
- l2 ll-l2 l0-l2 Hajec aeqat|ve matat|ea
d7 d7 d7 d7 d7 Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea d7 d7 d7 d7 d7 Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea
0l-40 Ae|||ty |a|aacemeat 0l-40 Ae|||ty 0eqcadat|ea
4l-4b C|aws 4l-4b ßam |eq
46-b0 ||ex|e|e ßeaes 46-b0 Cewacd|ce
bl-bb lmµceved heac|aq bl-bb Ccac||aq ]e|ats
b6-60 lmµceved \|s|ea b6-60 6|ass ]aw
6l-6b la|we|| 6l-6b 6ceedy Hetaee||sm
66-10 Hetaee||c ßeest 66-10 Ha||ecmed Heat|
1l-1b ||me|e ||aqecs 1l-1b Se|t S||a
16-80 |acas|te 16-80 1|e h|csate heccec
8l-8b |e|sea 1eac| 8l-8b 1|e Steac|
86-70 Stceaq 6c|µ 86-70 1c|ea| Heata||ty
7l-00 1eaq|eaed S||a 7l-7b wea|eaed heac|aq
76-00 wea|eaed \|s|ea
d7 d7 d7 d7 d7 Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea d7 d7 d7 d7 d7 Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea Hatat|ea
0l-07 Acac|ae||eec |cedact|ea 0l-l0 ß||ad Raqe
l0-l8 ||ce |aaqs ll-20 0|scecdaat ||ecemeaes
l7-21 |ceq |eqs 2l-30 6|||s
28-36 hacmea|eas ||ecemeaes 3l-40 ha||-|||e
31-4b Heata| 0vecdc|ve 4l-b0 |eese ]e|ats
46-b4 |syc||c Aµt|tade bl-60 Heata| 0eqeaecat|ea
bb-63 Çaaatam Act|ea 6l-10 Heastec
64-12 Se|ac 0|sc|acqe 1l-80 |ecveas Sµasms
13-8l Sea|c Scceam 8l-70 Rad|at|ea |ea|
8l-70 St|aqec 7l-00 1amec|zat|ea
7l-00 w|aqs
- 95 -
usually ro telltale forms arJ slapes to reco,rize, just
strar,e arJ or,aric slapes arJ moist colors. However,
tle CM may wisl to ,rart a borus of ++ or tle latter
roll ir case of certair bioJevices: lf it las eyes, claws
or otler blatartly obvious features tlat clearly lirt
to its furctior, tlat corsiJerably rarrows Jowr tle
list of possibilities.
lailir, tle aralysis roll by more tlar 15 (for
miror bioJevices) or 1O (for major ores) leaJs to a
critical aralysis error arJ quite possibly useless sur,ery,
tle exact erJ results of wlicl JeperJ or low rasty
tle CM warts to be. Havir, tle amazir, ability to
spit irJustrial strer,tl aciJ irto ore's owr upper
irtestires car be a less tlar empowerir, sersatior.
1le lumar immure system terJs to reject biotecl.
Lefore tle liral Wars, bioteclrolo,y was so
commorplace arJ meJical scierce so aJvarceJ tlat ever
tle most JemarJir, bioJevice coulJ be irstalleJ ir a few
lours witlout fear of rejectior, but mucl of tlat
krowleJ,e las beer lost. Now tlose irteresteJ ir
erlarcir, tlemselves must make Jo witl wlat tley lave.
Òrce tle bioJevice is reaJy to be irstalleJ, tle
persor irstallir, it makes a 1reat lrjury cleck (tle
Sur,ery feat is requireJ to avoiJ a -+ peralty or tle
cleck). Sur,ery is requireJ for botl implarts arJ ,rafts,
but tle skill cleck for ,rafts is maJe witl a ++ borus,
as tley are corsiJerably easier to attacl - a few cuts
to expose tle rervous system are requireJ, but tlis is
easily accomplisleJ ever by irexperierceJ meJics. A
claracter carrot irstall implarts or lerself but sle
car irstall ,rafts, proviJeJ tlat tley are attacleJ to a
locatior sle car easily reacl arJ las botl of ler larJs
free for tle operatior. Sur,ery useJ for tlis purpose
Joes rot restore ary lit poirts to tle claracter.
lf tle cleck is successful, tle bioJevice is row
properly ir place. However, tle patiert's immure
system still reeJs to be Jealt witl, arJ tlat is wlere
immuro-suppressarts come ir.
lmmuro-suppressarts are fairly commor Jru,s
arJ car usually be fourJ ir tle remairs of Jecertly
stockeJ meJical facilities, as well as from traJir, posts
arJ otler similar locatiors. 1ley are also relatively
easily marufactureJ - purclase DC 15 for tle
materials, Craft (plarmaceuticals) cleck DC 2O,
proJuctior time 6 lrs.
0eject 0eject 0eject 0eject 0eject S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t we|q|t |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase |acc|ase
0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
lmmaaesaµµcessaats 1|ay 0.b |e. lb
(||ve deses)
Lacl Jose of immuro-suppressart clemicals
automatically irflicts 1J2 poirts of temporary
Corstitutior Jama,e, arJ arotler 1J2 poirts of
temporary Corstitutior Jama,e if tle recipiert fails
a lortituJe save (DC 2O). 1le recipiert reeJs to reacl
a temporary Corstitutior moJifier of -1 for ,rafts
(Corstitutior 8-9), or of -2 for implarts
(Corstitutior 6-7); particularly tou,l patierts may
reeJ multiple Joses of immuro-suppressarts to reacl
tlis state. 1lis Corstitutior Jama,e leals at twice
tle rormal rate: 2 poirts per Jay ratler tlar 1.
1le claracter rurs a risk of rejectior if sle takes
Jama,e wlile tle immuro-suppressarts remair ir
effect. lf ler lit poirts reacl re,ative (1 + permarert
Corstitutior borus), sle must make a lortituJe save
for ore of ler implarts, closer at rarJom. 1le DC
of tlis save is 15 for miror moJificatiors, 25 for major
ores. 1le rejecteJ biotecl is irtact arJ car be
reirstalleJ later urless tle lortituJe save is a ratural
1, ir wlicl case tle Jevice is trasleJ arJ useless.
Lacl aJJitioral lit poirt lost after reaclir, tle
rejectior risk tlreslolJ requires arotler save for
arotler rarJomly selecteJ implart, urtil tle
claracter las JieJ, lealeJ erou,l to ,et above tle
tlreslolJ or maJe a save (successful or rot) for eacl
of ler implarts.
Naturally, performir, tlese operatiors ir ar area
wlere Jiseases are commor arJ ly,iere is poor is a
really baJ iJea - witlout a workir, immure system,
ever a commor flu car prove to be letlal. A subject
witl a suppresseJ immure system sloulJ sperJ ler
time ir as sterile ar ervirormert as possible. lf sle is
ir a ror-sterile ervirormert, sle must make a
lortituJe save eacl Jay or become ill. Lr,a,ir, ir
combat is particularly Jar,erous, sirce wlile wourJs
still leal, tley Jo so slowly arJ tle boJy's ratural
Jeferses carrot fi,lt irfectior.
1le followir, table features tle DC of tle save
ir broaJ strokes. 1le CM sloulJ feel free to aJjust
tle DC ir eitler Jirectior, JeperJir, or tle exact
circumstarces, tlou,l some example moJifiers are
1le actual Jetails of illress are left up to tle CM
(see J20 MoJern, Clapter Sever: Camemasterir,,
¨1le MoJerr WorlJ," D|secse for ,ereral Jisease
rules). lr most cases, ever miror wourJs ,et easily
irfecteJ; fever is commor; arJ irfluerzas, cou,ls,
stomacl bu,s arJ otler similar problems become
serious problems. 1ley be,ir to clear up soor after
tle subject's immure system starts furctiorir, a,air,
but prolor,eJ suppressior car easily leaJ to Jeatl.
- 95 -
|av|ceameat |av|ceameat |av|ceameat |av|ceameat |av|ceameat 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e
|ecma| l0 S|tt|aq aceaad |a aa ecd|aacy,
deceat|y c|eaaed ceem.
R|s|y 20 1a|||aq te semeeae w|e
|as t|e ||a, stay|aq |a a
ea||d|aq w|t| vecm|a |a |t.
hest||e 30 A µ|aqae µ|t, a ceem w|t|
a cett|aq cecµse |a |t.
ßca|sed -2 ßca|ses, eat ae ece|ea s||a
ec sec|eas weaads.
weaaded -b weaads t|at e|eed.
Sec|eas|y -l0 |est mece t|aa twe-t||cds
weaaded e| teta| ||t µe|ats.
0|s|a|ected -b 1|e µat|eat |s t|eceaq||y
c|eaaed w|t| d|s|a|ectaats
ea a ceqa|ac eas|s.
lmplarts are bioteclrolo,ical urits irserteJ irto
a lost boJy, Jesi,reJ to si,rificartly erlarce tle
lost's capabilities. lrstallir, ar implart always
requires sur,ery, sirce tle implart las to be irserteJ
irto tle proper place ir tle lost boJy. Òrce tlere,
tle implart's irstircts take over arJ it borJs itself
witl tle reural system, so tle sur,eor orly reeJs to
,et it ir tle ri,lt positior arJ stitcl tle patiert up
afterwarJs. lr-Jeptl krowleJ,e of reurolo,y is rot
Wlile tle implart is beir, irserteJ irto tle boJy
arJ for a slort perioJ of time afterwarJs, tle subject
usually experierces strar,e sersatiors ir tle area
arourJ tle implart. 1le implart is attaclir, itself
to tle rervous system, wlicl results ir mixeJ si,rals.
lt's rot urcommor to feel as if tle boJy part ir
questior is strar,ely lot, colJ or itcly, arJ sli,lt
irvolurtary movemerts arJ muscle twitcles are
irevitable. 1le experierce isr't usually at all pairful,
just strar,e. At tle CM's Jiscretior, claracters
attemptir, particularly JemarJir, tasks may reeJ to
succeeJ ir a Corcertratior cleck first, witl tle
starJarJ Jifficulties ,iver ir J20 MoJern.
Òrce tle immuro-suppressarts wear off arJ tle
implart las beer accepteJ by tle lost boJy, it starts
to furctior. Wlat tlis mears ir practice JeperJs or
tle implart. Some implarts orly lave a localizeJ
effect, sucl as moJifyir, blooJ clemistry wler
reeJeJ, wlereas otlers set to work trarsformir, ar
ertire aspect of tle lost boJy. Some implarts ever
- 9T -
specific abilities, tley car't ,ive tle user tle kirJ of
across-tle-boarJ improvemerts implarts are capable
of. (lr otler worJs, ,rafts ,rart tle user specific
powers or ircreases to specific skills, but tley carrot
raise tle subject's abilities, Deferse or proviJe otler
,ereric improvemerts.)
Lrli ke i mplarts, ,rafts Jor't reeJ special
cortairers; tley car erter a state of liberratior wler
tley are rot ir use, arJ tlus survive ever for certuries.
Attaclir, a ,raft is rot very Jifficult. As witl
implarts, tle subject's immure system must be
suppresseJ, but sirce ,rafts simply merely irsert tleir
terJrils irto tle lost arJ use tlem to irterface witl
tle rervous system irsteaJ of actually becomir, a part
of tle lost tle way implarts Jo, tle risk of rejectior
is far smaller. 1le process is rot at all pairful, tlou,l
as witl implarts, strar,e sersatiors arer't urcommor
wlile tle ,raft is beir, attacleJ.
Crafts are easily removeJ. A claracter witl tle
1reat lrjury skill car make a cleck to Jo so a,airst
DC 1O. 1le claracter car ever Jo it lerself witlout
ary peralties, if tle ,raft is ir ar easily accessible
positior tlat leaves tle claracter's larJs free.
lemovir, tle ,raft takes 1J6++ mirutes, arJ it car
tler be useJ a,air. lf tle cleck fails, tle ,raft is still
removeJ, but is JestroyeJ ir tle process.
Crafts car simply be torr off. 1lis takes a sir,le
full-rourJ actior, arJ it is excruciatir,ly pairful. 1le
terJrils are torr out of tle lost's rervous system.
Wlile tlis Joesr't cause ary actual Jama,e, it still
lurts like lell; if tle lost is urlucky, tle ,raft serJs a
wave of sturrir,ly powerful si,rals tlrou,l tle lost's
rervous system. 1le lost must make a lortituJe save
(DC 25) or become sturreJ for 1J6+3 rourJs. lf tle
save is successful, tlere are ro ill effects besiJes tle
terrible but brief pair. Most users prefer to keep tleir
,rafts liJJer urJer clotlir, wler possible - ir a
combat situatior, tle results of someore tearir, a ,raft
off car be Jisastrous. Note tlat ,rafts are corsiJereJ
to be well secureJ, arJ tlus tle tar,et ,ets a ++ borus
or lis Deferse roll. le,arJless of wletler tle
lortituJe save is successful, tle ,raft is JestroyeJ.
lf tle lost is attemptir, to quickly tear tle ,raft
off lerself, sle must first make a Will save (DC 15).
lailure mears tlat tle pair is too mucl for ler arJ
sle carrot brir, lerself to remove it.
lr ary case, a ,raft las a limiteJ lifespar; urlike
ror-livir, teclrolo,y, it a,es arJ ,rows tireJ. lr
,ame terms, wlerever tle claracter activates tle
,raft, tle player marks tle occasior Jowr or lis
claracter sleet or a piece of paper. lor every 1O uses
of tle ,raft, le must make a lortituJe save for tle
metastasize tlemselves all over tle boJy ir orJer to
irfluerce lar,e portiors of it.
Òrce irstalleJ, ar implart carrot be removeJ
witlout sur,ery; it becomes ar irte,ral part of tle
lost boJy. Òrce removeJ from tle lost, tle implart
car be useJ a,air, tlou,l a faileJ sur,ery attempt
will Jestroy tle implart. After tle implart itself is
removeJ, ary rew or,ars it createJ (ircluJir, ary
metastasizir, it may lave Jore) arJ otler plysical
clar,es imposeJ by it are quickly reabsorbeJ by tle
lost boJy.
1le appeararce of implarts varies wilJly, but all
of tlem look like bizarre irterral or,ars, complete
witl all tle slime arJ rakeJ, moist flesl ore woulJ
expect from sucl tlir,s. 1ley reeJ to be storeJ ir
special cortairers tlat proviJe tlem witl rutrierts
arJ protect tlem from tle ervirormert. lf left out of
tleir cortairers for exterJeJ perioJs of time, tley
will Jie.
lmplarts tlat ,rart miror moJificatiors take 36
lours after tle immuro-suppressarts wear off to aJjust
to tle lost boJy, wlereas implarts tlat ,rart major
moJificatiors require a 72-lour aJjustmert perioJ.
Wlile implarts are locateJ irsiJe tle lost's boJy,
,rafts are simply attacleJ to skir or otler exterral
features. Most of tle time, ,rafts are clearly visible
or tle lost boJy, but tley car be worr urJer loose
clotlir,. 1le rature of tle ,raft usually Jictates its
locatior; if rot, tle ,raft car be attacleJ arywlere
or tle boJy. Crafts tlat are Jesi,reJ to filter out
poisors, for example, are attacleJ to tle miJsectior,
wlile erlarceJ learir, bioteclrolo,y is usually
attacleJ to tle subject's leaJ, arJ so fortl. Some
,rafts come ir several parts tlat reeJ to be attacleJ
ir Jifferert locatiors - ,rafts tlat improve tle user's
visior are a ,ooJ example of tlis.
Crafts appear very Jifferert from implarts. lt's
easy to tell tlat ,rafts are livir, or,arisms. Most of
tlem are covereJ witl a flexible skir or a clitirous
slell, arJ tley terJ to feel warm to tle toucl. 1le
urJersiJe of a ,raft, tle part of its surface tlat is
Jesi,reJ to attacl itself to a lost, feels soft, flexible
arJ sli,ltly slimy. A closer irspectior reveals
lurJreJs of small, almost trarsparert terJrils, tle tips
of wlicl reacl tlrou,l tle membrare arJ slowly
sway ir tle air currerts. 1lese are tle rerve fibers
tlat lirk tle ,raft to tle lost's rervous system.
Crafts lave tle aJvarta,e tlat tley are more
easily irstalleJ arJ removeJ tlar implarts, but tley
arer't as powerfu. Wlile ,rafts car ,rart tle user
- 98 -
,raft. 1le base lortituJe save DC is 2: 1le DC is
ircreaseJ by +2 for every 1O uses of a ,raft tlat ,rarts
a miror moJificatior, arJ by+5 for every 1O uses of a
,raft tlat ,rarts a major moJificatior.
lf tle save fails, tle ,raft las beer exlausteJ
(tlou,l tlere's still erou,l erer,y left for tlis ore
last use). Wler tlis lappers, tle ,raft simply
Jiscorrects itself arJ Jrops off. 1le terJrils witler
away arJ Jie, arJ tle row-corsumeJ ,raft itself
becomes rotlir, more tlar a lifeless clurk of biomass.
Crafts orly require 12 lours to aJjust to tle lost
boJy, re,arJless of tleir power level.
Wler i t comes to C1 causeJ by rarJom
mutatior, tle CM sloulJ always bear ir mirJ tlat
mutatiors are fairly commor ir Camma WorÌJ, arJ
tle claracters sloulJ probably face tlem or a
somewlat frequert basis, particularly if tley're
travelir,. 1lere are always olJ, rusty arJ leaky barrels
of arciert clemicals lyir, arourJ; malfurctiorir,
raromaclires floatir, ir tle wirJ, lookir, for a bit
of rarJom cell structure to alter; arJ arciert satellites
firally streakir, Jowr as fiery, terribly irraJiateJ
comets wler tleir Jecayir, orbits firally brir, tlem
Jowr to terra firma..
Commor or rot, mutatiors certairly sloulJr't
be everyJay tlir,s accepteJ witl a slru, arJ a bit of
scribblir, or tle claracter sleet. CooJ or baJ, a
mutatior is always a strar,e, worJrous arJ li,lly
persoral evert, arJ tle CM is ercoura,eJ to Jescribe
tlem ir Jetail arJ ever come up witl lis owr, if tle
ores preserteJ lere arer't to ler likir,. A mutatior
is rever just a simple borus or peralty to a Jie roll; it
always clar,es tle claracter plysically arJ/or
mertally, arJ ofter permarertly.
llayers, for tleir part, sloulJ accept tle fact tlat
tleir claracters are likely to clar,e rapiJly orce tle
,ame ,ets urJerway - more rapiJly, ir fact, tlar
claracters ir most otler ,ames Jo. Dor't worry about
it. 1lis is a key part of wlat makes playir, Camma
WorÌ J sucl ar exci tir, experi erce' Ne,ative
mutatiors car ofter seem cripplir,, but bear ir mirJ
tlat wlat Joesr't kill you, makes you stror,er - arJ
witl a bit of luck, tlere are plerty of opporturities
for you to become mucl stror,er.
C1 effects car be positive or re,ative ir overall
effect arJ miror or major ir strer,tl. Note tlat
claracters may well ercourter a mutatior tlat is
clearly tle exact opposite of a previous mutatior. lr
sucl cases, ore mutatior courters tle otler, returrir,
tle claracter back to lis ori,iral state (as far as tlat
particular mutatior is corcerreJ, aryway). lt's also
possible tlat a mutatior courteracts tle effects of a
,raft or ar implart, ir wlicl case tle bioteclrolo,y
ir questior is, ir fact, tle orly tlir, keepir, tle
claracter from feelir, tle full effects of tle mutatior
(tlou,l plysical clar,es associateJ witl tle
mutatior are still likely to occur).
lr tlis text, positive arJ re,ative mutatiors
are labeleJ as sucl accorJir, to tleir most basic
arJ obvious applicatiors. However, situatiors
may well arise wlere ar otlerwise cripplir,
mutatior may prove to be extremely useful, arJ
vice versa. A lorribly u,ly mutart may well ,et
ar lrtimiJate borus, arJ a power like Cills,
Jespite its obvious Jrawbacks or Jry larJ, is
extremely useful ir tle water. Mutatiors are ofter
mixeJ blessir,s.
lr tle followir, pa,es are listeJ a rumber of C1
effects. Here is tle format for C1 effect Jescriptiors:
Descriptior of wlat tle effect Joes ir plair
lar,ua,e, witl ro ,ame meclarics.
Type: Wletler tle moJificatior is positive or
Effect: Wlat tle ,ame meclarical results of tle
moJificatior are.
Biotecb: 1le type of bioteclrolo,y tlat car be
useJ to attair tlis effect, if ary. Note tlat tlis
irJicates wletler bioteclrolo,y ccn Juplicate tle
effect, rot wletler sucl a bioJevice is actually likely
to be fourJ arywlere.
Miror C1s, wlile roticeable, are still relatively
irsi ,rificart - at least or tle ,rarJ scale of
mutatiors - arJ a sir,le effect of tlis level isr't likely
to clar,e tle claracter ir truly major ways. Also,
wlile mary of tlese effects clar,e tle subject's
plysical appeararce, tle results are rarely Jrastic
erou,l to make tle claracter appear truly irlumar.
You sloulJ also bear ir mirJ tlat ir most cases, tle
plysical results are li,lly irJiviJualizeJ. Òre mutart witl
1ou,lereJ Skir may lave fire, flexible scales coverir,
- 99 -
lis boJy; arotler's complexior resembles ar eleplart's;
arJ a tlirJ ore appears quite rormal, if somewlat
weatler-worr. 1le CM arJ tle player sloulJ work out
tle exact appeararce (if ary) of tle mutatior to,etler.
Lrless roteJ otlerwise ir specific Jescriptiors, tle
subject may urJer,o tlese mutatiors multiple times,
wlicl car raturally leaJ to very irterestir, results.
However, tlis on|y applies to mutatiors. lmplarts arJ
,rafts carrot be ¨stackeJ." lf tle subject alreaJy las a
certair power or quality tlrou,l ar implart but row
receives it a,air via mutatior, tle bioJevice is
automatically rejecteJ, arJ tle claracter ,airs tle ability
as ar irrate power. 1le exceptior to tlis rule is tlat if
tle claracter laJ a previous re,ative mutatior tlat is
row courtereJ by a rew positive mutatior, tler tle
biotecl stays ir place, arJ row proviJes a positive effect
(as opposeJ to merely carcelir, out a re,ative ore).
lf tle player arJ CM prefer, mutatiors tlat offer
multiple optiors witlir a sir,le cate,ory may
complemert ratler tlar carcel eacl otler. A
claracter witl botl Ability Lrlarcemert arJ Ability
De,raJatior coulJ cloose tle same ability for eacl
arJ erJ up back wlere le starteJ, but le coulJ also
lave ore ability rise arJ arotler fall so tlat eacl
mutatior las a Jistirct arJ roticeable effect.
Wler reaJir, tlrou,l tle C1 effects, it soor
becomes obvious tlat, particularly witl major
moJificatiors, a claracter car quickly become
extremely powerful or extremely weak ir certair
abilities. 1lis corJitior is rot likely to be
permarert, as rew mutatiors or applicatiors of
biotecl car furtler clar,e tle abilities ir questior.
Wler ar ircrease ir claracter level allows
tle player to ircrease ar ability (+tl, 8tl, 12tl,
16tl, 2O
), players may cloose to ircrease ar
ability tlat las beer brou,lt particularly low by
a mutatior. Lear ir mirJ tlat tlis Joesr't carcel
tle ,ereric effects of tle mutatior. latler, it's
ar irJicatior tlat ever claracters brou,lt Jowr
by baJ luck car still aspire to wir witl tle carJs
tley lave beer Jealt. 1lus, if someore is urlucky
erou,l to ,et lit by Mertal De,ereratior arJ
lis lrtelli,erce Jrops to 3, le car ircrease lis
lrtelli,erce if lis rew level allows lim to Jo so.
Òf course, ar lrtelli,erce score of +, wlile a vast
improvemert over lis previous state, still isr't
very ,ooJ. lt is likely to take arotler mutatior
or some otler exterral factor to restore tle
claracter back to rormal levels of irtelli,erce.
Ability De,raJatior is a catcl-all term for a mutatior
tlat re,atively affects ore of tle claracter's abilities.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Wler tle claracter receives tlis
mutatior, roll 1J6 to rarJomly Jetermire wlicl ore
of ler abilities is affecteJ. 1le exact effects JeperJ
or tle ability ir questior, as follows. loll 1J6. Assi,r
tle mutatior to tle followir, ability: 1, Strer,tl; 2,
Dexterity; 3, Corstitutior; +, lrtelli,erce; 5, WisJom;
6, Clarisma. lf tle claracter alreaJy las tlis mutatior
arJ tle roll for tle rew result irJicates a currertly
moJifieJ ability, tle player may cloose to aJJ arotler
level of mutatior to tlat ability, or to moJify tle roll
by +/-1 arJ apply tle level of mutatior to tle otler
ability irsteaJ.
º Stren¸t|. 1le subject's muscles waste away arJ
lose strer,tl. 1le tar,et's Strer,tl Jecreases by -1.
º Dexter|ty. Neural patlways Je,raJe arJ witler
away, causir, tle subject's reflexes arJ larJ-eye
coorJiratior to suffer. 1le subject's Dexterity
Jecreases by -1. Also, if tle subject mutates ir tlis
faslior twice, ler speeJ Jecreases by -5 ft.
º Const|tut|on. 1le mutatior causes tle subject's
boJy to become weaker arJ more susceptible to larm.
1le subject appears sli,ltly tlirrer arJ paler tlar
before. Li,lt lair loss, arroyir, but larmless skir
corJitiors arJ otler similar siJe effects are commor.
1le subject's Corstitutior Jecreases by -1.
º ínte|||¸ence. 1le subject's irtelli,erce becomes
JulleJ as lis very brair structure warps arJ Je,raJes
irto a less-efficiert form. 1le subject's lrtelli,erce
Jecreases by -1. Note tlat if tle subject's lrtelli,erce
becomes lower tlar 3, le loses tle ability to form
colerert tlou,lts arJ becomes little more tlar ar
arimal, tlou,l le may still retair some urJerstarJir,
of tle social relatiorslips le useJ to ertertair. leelir,s
of affectior arJ loyalty (or fear arJ latreJ) terJ to
remair, as well as certair skills, sucl as tle ability to
use simple melee weapors. Wletler a subject tlus
mutateJ retairs skills, terJercies, affiliatiors or otler
qualities is up to tle CM, but lCs reJuceJ to tlis level
sloulJ probably be placeJ urJer CM cortrol. 1le
clar,e ir lrtelli,erce affects tle rumber of skill poirts
available at rew levels be,irrir, witl tle rext level
ircrease. Claracters wlo cloose tlis as part of
claracter creatior apply tle clar,e to tleir 1st-level
skill poirts arJ all levels tlereafter.
º \|sJom. lr tle subject's brair, li,lly localizeJ
areas are twisteJ arJ corsumeJ by mutatior, causir,
tle subject to become less aJept at urJerstarJir, ler
- 100 -
surrourJir,s. 1le subject's WisJom Jecreases by -1.
lf tle subject tries to remember sometlir, sle sloulJ
krow but Joesr't orJirarily tlirk about or a re,ular
basis (tle rame of a clilJlooJ frierJ or tle exact
layout of tle lome villa,e left belirJ mortls a,o,
for example) sle must make a Will save a,airst DC
5. lf sle suffers tlis mutatior multiple times, tle DC
is ircreaseJ by +5 every time. Note tlat irformatior
or skills vital to tle claracter's survival , or
ercourtereJ or practiceJ or a re,ular basis - low to
fi,lt, rames of frierJs, ofter useJ security proceJures,
etc. - remair uraffecteJ.
º C|cr|smc. Mirute clar,es ir brair clemistry
leaJ to tle emer,erce of a rew persorality- arJ
urforturately, it is less pleasart tlar tle ori,iral.
Wlile tle subject retairs all memories, opiriors,
alle,iarces arJ otler relevart features of lis olJ
persorality, le simply ro lor,er possesses tle social
skills le useJ to - le becomes less suave, lis self-
corfiJerce appears to be lackir,, arJ presertir, lis
views arJ tlou,lts is ro lor,er as simple as it useJ to
be. Quite simply, lis potertial for Jiplomacy or
pleasart corversatior is si,rificartly reJuceJ. 1le
subject's Clarisma Jecreases by -1, arJ tle player
sloulJ roleplay out tle clar,e ir persorality towarJs
a less pleasart type.
Biotecb: No
1lis is a catcl-all term for a mutatior tlat
positively affects ore of tle claracter's abilities.
Type: lositive
Effect: Wler tle claracter receives tlis
mutatior, roll 1J6 to rarJomly Jetermire wlicl ore
of ler abilities is affecteJ. 1le exact effects JeperJ
or tle ability ir questior, as follows. loll 1J6. Assi,r
tle mutatior to tle followir, ability: 1, Strer,tl; 2,
Dexterity; 3, Corstitutior; +, lrtelli,erce; 5, WisJom;
6, Clarisma. lf tle claracter alreaJy las tlis mutatior
arJ tle roll for tle rew result irJicates a currertly
moJifieJ ability, tle player may cloose to aJJ arotler
level of mutatior to tlat ability or to moJify tle roll
by +/-1 arJ apply tle level of mutatior to tle otler
ability irsteaJ.
ºStren¸t|.1le subject's muscles swell witl rewfourJ
power' 1le subject's Strer,tl ircreases by +1.
º Dexter|ty. 1le subject's rervous system is
,reatly erlarceJ arJ improveJ. He row reacts faster
arJ move witl ,reater accuracy tlar before. 1le
subject's Dexterity ircreases by 1. Also, if tle subject
mutates ir tlis faslior twice, lis speeJ ircreases by
+5 ft.
º Const|tut|on. 1le subject's bore structure
becomes stror,er arJ ler immure system ,rows more
potert. Sle appears to be more vital arJ lealtlier
tlar sle was before. 1le subject's Corstitutior
ircreases by +1.
º ínte|||¸ence. lrtellectual potertial is ,reatly
ircreaseJ as tle subject's brair spawrs rew reurors
arJ opers rew patlways, tlus allowir, tle subject
to process irformatior far more efficiertly. His
lrtelli,erce ircreases by +1. lf lis lrtelli,erce score
exceeJs 18, visible plysical trarsformatiors are
irevitable: His crarium bul,es as bore structure is
altereJ to make space for ircreaseJ irtellectual
capacity. Subjects witl arimal-level irtelli,erce car
,air self-corsciousress arJ tle capability for abstract
reasorir, if tley urJer,o tlis mutatior. 1le clar,e
ir lrtelli,erce affects tle rumber of skill poirts
available at rew levels be,irrir, witl tle rext level
ircrease. Claracters wlo cloose tlis as part of
claracter creatior apply tle clar,e to tleir 1st-level
skill poirts arJ for all levels tlereafter.
º \|sJom. lrsiJe tle subject's skull, brair cells
multiply rapi Jly arJ recorfi ,ure tlemselves,
,rartir, tle mutart a ,reatly improveJ capacity to
perceive tle mirute Jetails tle worlJ sle lives ir.
WisJom ircreases by +1. lf tle subject alreaJy suffers
from tle re,ative courterpart of tlis effect, tle DC
for Will saves maJe ir orJer to remember tlir,s is
JecreaseJ by -5.
º C|cr|smc. 1le subject's brair clemistry is
altereJ, arJ tlat ir turr affects lis persorality ir a
Jrastic way - it is ,reatly improveJ towarJs a more
likeable type. 1le subject retairs all memories,
opiriors, alle,iarces arJ otler relevart features of
lis olJ persorality, but tlrou,l a combiratior of
improveJ self-corfiJerce, ircreaseJ clarisma arJ
ratural people skills le becomes a more affable arJ
pleasart persor, at least ir potertial (tlere is, of
course, rotlir, to keep lim from appearir, ruJe if
le so Jesires). 1le subject's Clarisma ircreases by
+1, arJ tle player sloulJ roleplay out tle clar,e ir
persorality towarJ a more clarmir, type.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le subject's aJreral ,larJ starts to secrete a far
more potert type of aJreralire, erablir, ler to react
to tlreats faster.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter ,airs a +2 borus or ler
iritiative clecks arJ a +1 borus or ler leflex saves.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
- 101 -
Òre of tle claracter's le,s is weakereJ by
mutatior, causir, ler to move more slowly. 1le
mutatior terJs to marifest as sli,ltly slriveleJ
muscles or ore of ler le,s, but it may also appear to
be a tumor or some otler impeJimert tlat causes ler
to limp.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter's speeJ is JecreaseJ by -5.
1lere are ro combat peralties, but tle CM may wisl
to impose a -2 circumstarce peralty or ary cleck or
actior wlere a baJ le, woulJ clearly be ar
impeJimert, ircluJir, most Jump clecks, certair
types of Climb clecks, or Dis,uise, if tle claracter is
attemptir, to fool people wlo krow tlat sle las a
limp (or tlat tle persor sle's impersoratir, Joesr't).
lf tle mutart ,ets two Lum Le,s, ler movemert
speeJ is cut ir lalf, arJ tle peralty or appropriate
clecks is -+. Lrless tle mutart las more tlar two
le,s, sle car orly be lit by tlis mutatior twice. lf tle
mutatior comes up a tlirJ time, simply reroll it.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le subject's larJs row lave tou,l, bory claws.
Wletler tley sprout from fir,ertips, tle back of tle
larJ or ever tle siJe of tle larJ is up to tle player,
as is tleir exact appeararce.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le subject may row cause letlal Jama,e
witl urarmeJ attacks, arJ is rever corsiJereJ
urarmeJ. Sle row Joes 1J6 poirts of Jama,e witl
1lis mutatior car orly occur orce. lf tle
claracter alreaJy las Claws, reroll tle mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart's joirts emit louJ, crackir, arJ
,rirJir, roises wlerever le moves, particularly if le
berJs lis joirts. 1lis pairless arJ larmless, but
somewlat urrervir, to otlers. Movir, quietly
becomes very Jifficult.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter receives a -3 peralty or all
Move Silertly clecks. Wler le is rot attemptir, to
move silertly, lis eremies receive a +3 borus or Lister
clecks maJe to Jetermire surprise (Jo rot apply botl
tle peralty arJ tle borus to tle same situatior).
Òbviously, if tle claracter is lyir, ir wait witl a sriper
rifle, it Joesr't matter tlat lis fir,er may make a
crackir, roise wler le pulls tle tri,,er - at tlat
poirt, tle tar,ets are likely to be alarmeJ aryway.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le claracter's ratural ¨fi,lt or fli,lt" irstircts
become more powerful, witl a leavy emplasis or tle
latter. Lver small tlreats car make tle mutart rur away
ir blirJ terror, arJ iritiatir, battles is extremely larJ for
ler, ever wler it woulJ be tactically aJvarta,eous. Òr
tle otler larJ, wler corfrorteJ witl a tlreat sle carrot
escape from, sle fi,lts like a correreJ beast. SaJly, tlat
Joesr't make ler a particularly JeperJable ally.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter is automatically slaker ir
combat (-2 or attack rolls, savir, tlrows arJ skill
clecks). At tle erJ of eacl rourJ ir wlicl tle claracter
las taker Jama,e from ary source, sle must make a
Will save (DC 15) or become parickeJ, fleeir, as fast
as possible urtil out of lire of si,lt of tle source of tle
Jama,e. Wlile parickeJ, sle car attack but rot JeferJ.
lf sle fails tle save but is ir a situatior wlere sle
carrot escape witlout attractir, attacks of
opporturity - backeJ ir a correr, for example, or
surrourJeJ by eremies so tlat sle carrot witlJraw
from combat - a fear-fueleJ ra,e comes over ler,
arJ sle ,airs +3 or all attack rolls urtil sle car flee.
Biotecb: No
1le subject's bores become sli,ltly flexible arJ
car be bert at will - rot mucl, but erou,l to make
it easier to squeeze irto small spaces.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter ,airs a +3 borus or all
Lscape Artist clecks, ircluJir, opposeJ clecks to
escape a ,rapple or a pir. 1le claracter car row fit
irto smaller spaces, but witlir reasor - a sli,lt
flexibility like tlis may be erou,l for ar aJult to
squeeze tlrou,l ar operir, orly a clilJ coulJ
rormally use, but it wor't lelp lim ,et tlrou,l a
lockeJ Joor or a ,ap a few ircles wiJe.
lf tle mutart receives tlis power twice, ever lis
skull car row be flexeJ at will, arJ le car row fit
irto ary space le coulJ orJirarily ,et botl lis fists
irto, tlou,l movir, tlrou,l sucl a space is extremely
slow arJ urpleasart. His speeJ is reJuceJ to 5 feet
wler puslir, tlrou,l sucl a small space, arJ it takes
a full actior to squeeze lis leaJ irto tlat space. A
mutart carrot receive llexible Lores a tlirJ time
- if tlat lappers, simply reroll tle mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart
- 102 -
CLA66 ¡Aw
1le mutatior causes tle claracter's brair to
become more vulrerable to certair types of Jama,e
arJ slock, causir, lim to be more likely to pass out
wler Jama,eJ or irfluerceJ by outsiJe forces seekir,
to Jisable lim.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter's massive Jama,e tlreslolJ
is effectively reJuceJ by -+ a,airst rorletlal Jama,e.
He also receives a -2 peralty or all lortituJe savir,
tlrows maJe to see if le remairs corscious.
Biotecb: lmplart
CreeJy Metabolism marifests itself as a corstart
feelir, of lur,er. 1le claracter's metabolism is too
efficiert for ler owr ,ooJ, as all of tle fooJ sle corsumes
is quickly useJ up. 1ypically, claracters witl tlis mutatior
are extremely tlir: Not skir arJ bores, recessarily, but
tlere is very little ir tle way of fat, arJ ary bul,ir, muscles
are quickly replaceJ by wiry strer,tl. Mutarts witl
CreeJy Metabolism also terJ to suffer from corstart low
blooJ su,ar, wlicl makes tlem easily irritateJ.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le subject is corstartly lur,ry, arJ
reeJs to eat four times as mucl fooJ as a rormal
lumar. lf sle carrot eat erou,l, sle becomes
fati,ueJ urtil sle ,ets erou,l fooJ. lr a situatior
wlere starvatior is a risk, sle Jeteriorates four times
faster tlar a claracter witl a rormal metabolism (see
J20 MoJern, Clapter Sever: Camemasterir,, ¨1le
MoJerr WorlJ," Stcrvct|on cnJ T||rst). lf a mutart
,oes lor,er tlar 3 lours witlout eatir,, sle becomes
extremely irritable. 1lis sloulJ lar,ely be roleplayeJ
out, but tle CM may call for Will saves to Jetermire
wletler tle claracter becomes ar,ry or sraps at
people at particularly critical jurctures.
lf tle mutart alreaJy las CreeJy Metabolism,
reroll tle mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject's ears become slarper.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le subject ,airs a +3 borus or all Lister
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject's learir, becomes weaker.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le subject ,airs a -3 peralty or all
Lister clecks. Wler ir roisy ervirormerts,
particularly ir combat, le must row make Lister
clecks (DC 15) to lear roises tlat people witl
rormal learir, car lear automatically.
Biotecb: No.
All of tle claracter's boJy lair starts to ,row at a
tremerJous rate; ever tle li,ltest arJ tlirrest lairs
,air tlickress arJ volume. Sle attairs a five o'clock
slaJow ir mirutes arJ las lair pourir, out of ler
sleeves ir lours. Slavir, ir tle morrir, car take a
,ooJ wlile. 1le claracter leaves lar,e clumps of cut
lair wlerever sle ,oes, arJ tle effect car easily cause
social problems. Appearir, reat for exterJeJ perioJs
of time is effectively impossible.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: lf tle claracter ,oes for lor,er tlar 6
lours witlout atterJir, to ler boJy lair by cuttir,
off tle excess, it starts to ,et ir tle way of rormal
movemert, ,ivir, a -1 peralty or all actiors tlat
require quick movemert arJ accuracy. Combat ir
particular is affecteJ, but otler attempts at plysical
activi ties may also suffer. Movemert speeJ is
JecreaseJ by -5 feet. 1le CM may impose otler
peralties as le sees fit, particularly ir social situatiors,
wlere a -2 circumstarce peralty will ofter apply.
1lese peralties Jouble every 6 lours. 1lus, 2+
lours witlout cuttir, away lair mears a -8 peralty
or all plysical actiors tlat require quick movemert
arJ accuracy, arJ speeJ woulJ be JecreaseJ by -+O,
slowir, most lumars Jowr to a stumblir, crawl -
ro worJer, corsiJerir, tle massive amourts of lair
trailir, after tle poor mutart.
Cuttir, tle excess lair is simple erou,l, arJ car
be Jore ir 3 rourJs, re,arJless of its ler,tl -
proviJeJ tlat tle claracter las a slarp blaJe at larJ
arJ tlat sle Joesr't mirJ lookir, like a baJly
trimmeJ pooJle.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le mutart car irstartly spit out a clouJ of
black, oily smoke arourJ ler, effectively blirJir,
everyore witlir.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le clouJ spat out by tle mutart irstartly
er,ulfs everytlir, arourJ ler witlir a raJius of 25
feet, arJ remairs ir effect for 1J6+1 rourJs, after
wlicl it Jisappears almost irstartly. 1le clouJ blocks
all li,lt ir its corfires, ,rartir, tle mutart (arJ
- 103 -
everyore else ir tle clouJ) total corcealmert; all
attacks suffer a 5O% miss clarce, arJ tle attacker
must ,uess at lis tar,et's locatior to ever make ar
attack. Li,lt-irtersifyir, metloJs of Jarkvisior Jor't
work, sirce tlere is ro li,lt to irtersify.
1le mutart carrot see ir ler owr irk clouJ,
but sle is immure to attacks of opporturity maJe
witlir tle clouJ except from opporerts wlo car
somelow see witlir tle clouJ or car use a serse otler
tlar si,lt for tar,etir,.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le claracter's moutl becomes less flexible arJ
tle muscles arourJ it become twisteJ arJ subject to
miror yet roticeable spasms. Not orly Joes tlis make
eatir, somewlat Jifficult, but tle claracter's speecl
is also impaireJ. Sle car still commuricate witl
otlers, but speakir, clearly is Jifficult.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter ,airs a -2 peralty or all clecks
to irfluerce otlers by talkir, to tlem. lt's larJ to appear
corvircir, wler otlers lave trouble urJerstarJir,
wlat's beir, saiJ to tlem. 1lere's ar aJJitioral -1 peralty
if tle claracter attempts to speak quickly, particularly if
tlose sle's talkir, to are ir ,reat lurry to ,o elsewlere or
are JistracteJ by sometlir, else.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le claracter's metabolism is more efficiert tlar
a rormal lumar's. Wlile tlis mears tlat tle claracter
reeJs a bit more fooJ tlar otlers, or tle upsiJe tle
claracter also leals faster tlar rormal lumars.
Type: lositive
Effect: Wlerever tle claracter re,airs lit poirts
(tlrou,l ratural lealir,, uses of tle 1reat lrjury skill
or tlrou,l some otler mears), le re,airs 2 extra lit
poirts. However, le also reeJs to eat twice as mucl
as rormal lumars, arJ car orly survive lalf as lor,
witlout fooJ arJ Jrirk before le starts to starve (see
J20 MoJern, Clapter Sever: Camemasterir,, ¨1le
MoJerr WorlJ," Stcrvct|on cnJ T||rst).
lf tle mutart alreaJy las Metabolic Loost, reroll
tle mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject's fir,ers become faster arJ more
accurate, arJ lis serse of toucl is ,reatly erlarceJ.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le subject ,airs a +2 borus or all skill
clecks irvolvir, Craft (electroric, meclarical),
Demolitiors, Disable Device, Camble, lerform
(keyboarJs, percussior irstrumerts, strir,eJ
irstrumerts, wirJ irstrumerts), lepair, Slei,lt of
- 104 -
HarJ arJ 1reat lrjury, but orly wler tlose skills
are useJ ir a situatior wlere success is JetermireJ by
marual Jexterity. (lor example, a claracter usir,
Camble wlile rollir, Jice ,ets tle borus, but arotler
pickir, out rumbers for roulette Joes rot.)
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart ,airs tle ability to latcl orto tle
¨life force" of otler beir,s arJ trarsfer some of it to
lis owr boJy. 1le exact scierce belirJ tlis power is
urkrowr, but it las beer tleorizeJ by some of tle
more aJverturous sclolars tlat tlose witl tlis power
car somelow refocus tle tar,et's morplo,eric fielJ
to re,ererate parts of lis owr boJy witl erer,y stoler
from tle tar,et. 1le fact tlat sometimes tle tar,et's
persorality traits become marifest ir tle mutart
mi,lt support tlis aJmitteJly wilJ tleory.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le mutart must toucl lis tar,et to use
tlis power. 1le tar,et makes a lortituJe save a,airst
DC (1O + 1/2 tle mutart's claracter level + lis
Clarisma borus). 1le tar,et suffers 1J8 poirts of
Jama,e, wlicl tle mutart receives as lealir,; tle
Jama,e is lalveJ if tle save succeeJs. 1lis car take
tle mutart beyorJ lis rormal lit poirt total; tle
excess are lost ir 1 lour. However, if tle claracter
uses tlis power more tlar orce a Jay or a sir,le
tar,et, le automatically acquires tle Jomirart
features of lis victim's persorality, altlou,l lis
loyalties arJ motivatiors remair urclar,eJ. 1lis
effect lasts for tle rext 1J6 lours.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
loisor ,larJs ,row ir tle subject's boJy, allowir,
lim to secrete a potert toxir from lis larJs at will.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le subject makes a toucl attack, arJ if
successful, irflicts poisor Jama,e or tle tar,et.
However, if tle tar,et is wearir, a cortairmert suit
or is otlerwise protecteJ from plysical cortact, tlis
power is ireffective.
1le poisoreJ irJiviJual must make ar iritial
lortituJe save (DC 15). lf le fails, le takes 1J2 poirts
of temporary ability Jama,e. Wletler le succeeJs or
fails le must save a,air (lortituJe save DC 15) a,airst
tle poisor's secorJary Jama,e, arotler 1J2 poirts of
temporary ability Jama,e. 1le ability affecteJ by tle
poisor is ore of Strer,tl, Dexterity or Corstitutior,
JeperJir, or tle type of loisor 1oucl. 1le affecteJ
ability is JetermireJ rarJomly ir case of mutatior; if
tlis power is ,rarteJ by biotecl, tle type i s
preJetermireJ for eacl implart or ,raft. (See J20
MoJern, Clapter Sever: Camemasterir,, ¨1le
MoJerr WorlJ," Io|son for more JetaileJ poisor rules.)
1lis power car be useJ tlree times a Jay. After
tlat, 8 lours of rest are requireJ to refill tle poisor ,larJs.
lf tle mutart alreaJy las loisor 1oucl, reroll
tle mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject's brair recorfi,ures its reural
patlways, arJ ir a flasl of firir, reurors tle claracter
,airs tle ability to access tle psioric waveler,tl -
or, if sle alreaJy las tlat capability, becomes more
aJept at accessir, it.
Type: lositive
Effect: lf tle claracter wasr't capable of usir,
psioric powers before, sle row ,airs tlat ability (see
lsiorics, below), as well as ore basic psioric power of
ler cloice. lf sle alreaJy laJ tlat capability, arJ ,airs
tlis power by mutatior, sle immeJiately ,airs a +1O
borus or ler rext roll to learr a rew psioric talert.
lf irJuceJ by biotecl irsteaJ of mutatior, tlis effect
is urique ir tlat orce irstalleJ, it becomes permarert,
ever if tle bioJevice causir, it is removeJ - orce tle
brair becomes capable of accessir, tle psioric
frequercies, tle capability carrot be suppresseJ. lrJeeJ,
bioJevices tlat bestow tlis capability to tleir losts are
ofter referreJ to as jump-starters. However, tle bioJevice
is JraireJ completely of all psioric erer,y Jurir,
irstallatior; tlerefore, orly a sir,le recipiert car berefit
from tlese urique bioJevices.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
6KlN, 6OFT
1le subject's skir becomes softer arJ more
pliable, resemblir, tle skir of a rewborr baby,
makir, lim more vulrerable to Jama,e.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le subject's receives a -1 peralty to lis
Biotecb: No
1le subject's ski r becomes tou,l, almost
leatlery or pelt-like, ,rartir, ircreaseJ protectior
a,airst Jama,e.
Type: lositive.
Effect: 1le subject ,airs a +1 borus to ler
Biotecb: lmplart
- 105 -
1lis mutatior causes tle claracter's sweat, breatl
arJ otler similar sources of boJy oJors to become
extremely stror,. Wlile tle Stercl isr't urbearable,
it's Jefiritely urpleasart erou,l for people to avoiJ
sperJir, mucl time arourJ tle claracter if tley car
lelp it, arJ to mairtair a bit of a Jistarce wler
talkir, to ler.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Wlerever tle claracter is attemptir, ar
actior wlere tle outcome JeperJs or peoples'
reactiors, sle suffers a -2 peralty or tle cleck. lf
sle is meetir, tle otler party for tle first time (arJ
tlus makir, a first impressior), tle peralty is -+. lf
tle claracter is commuricatir, witl someore at a
Jistarce - sloutir, to someore across a river or
talkir, or tle raJio, for example - tle peralty
Joesr't apply.
Aryore tryir, to track tle claracter by scert
,ets a ++ circumstarce borus for tle Stercl.
lf tle mutart alreaJy las tle Stercl, reroll tle
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le muscles ir tle claracter's larJs become
stror,er. 1lis is particularly useful wler wrestlir,
witl someore or Joir, sometlir, else tlat requires a
stror, larJlolJ.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter receives a +2 borus or all
,rapple clecks, as well as or all skill clecks ir
situatiors wlere tle strer,tl of tle claracter's ,rip
is ar issue. lt Joes rot proviJe a borus or efforts to
,air levera,e, lift leavy objects arJ tle like, but it
Joes erlarce efforts to climb safely, to lolJ orto a
rope or lasso ir slippery circumstarces, arJ otler tasks
wlere tlere's a risk of losir, lolJ of sometlir,. 1lis
ircluJes resistir, Jisarm attempts.
He also receives a +1 borus or all Jama,e rolls
a,airst ,rappleJ opporerts.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart's ratural terJercy to follow tle leaJ
of tlose le corsiJers lis tribesmer or allies careers out
of cortrol, arJ le firJs it ircreasir,ly larJ to mairtair
lis iJertity arJ self-cortrol wlile ir a ,roup of people.
lt is exceeJir,ly Jifficult for lim to leaJ otlers, arJ ever
voicir, lis owr opiriors is larJ. SloulJ le fall ir witl
a baJ crowJ, tle results car be very urpleasart.
Type: Ne,ative
- 105 -
Effect: lf tle claracter is ir a ,roup of more tlar
four people, le automatically starts to a,ree witl
tlem, follow tleir leaJ arJ Jo as tley Jo.
lf le warts to resist tle effects, le reeJs make a
Will save a,airst DC 1O. AJJ +1 to tle DC for every
persor ir tle ,roup beyorJ tle first four, to a
maximum of 25. lf le is merely tryir, to voice ar
opirior but rot actually resistir, tle ur,e to follow
tle ,roup's iritiative, le receives a +5 borus or lis
save. lf le actually tries to leaJ tle ,roup, tle DC
ircreases by +5, to a maximum of 3O.
Biotecb: No
1le subject's visior becomes urusually acute.
Type: lositive
Effect:1le subject ,airs a +3 borus or all Spot clecks.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject's visior Jims roticeably.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le subject ,airs a -3 peralty or all Spot
clecks. Sle also ,ets a -1 peralty or all rar,eJ attack rolls.
Biotecb: No.
Major cellular moJificatiors always result ir
,reat clar,es to tle claracter, arJ almost always
clar,e tle claracter's plysical appeararce erou,l
for tle clar,e to be irstartly roticeable arJ, more
ofter tlar rot, quite outlarJisl. Wlile bereficial
mutatiors of tlis level car be a ,reat boor to tle
claracter, tle flip siJe of tle coir car be lorrifyir,
- tle results of a major C1 ,ore wror, car be
fri,lterir,, cri pplir, or sometimes, wler
circumstarces are a,airst tle subject, ever letlal.
Òrly major mutatiors tlat ,rart a Jirect borus
to abilities car strike tle same tar,et twice -
mutatiors tlat ,rart special powers, attacks or otler
qualities car orly occur orce. (Cills, below, are ar
exceptior.) leroll ary irvaliJ Juplicates.
SpiJersilk las tle li,lest tersile strer,tl of ary
ratural substarce krowr to mar. 1lis mutatior causes
tle claracter to ,ererate a similar substarce witlir ler
boJy wlicl sle car spir, creatir, beautiful arJ Jurable
strarJs sle car slape at will. 1le process is strar,e arJ
- some tlirk - somewlat Jisturbir,, but ro ore car
Jery tle beauty of it. 1le mutart proJuces tlir arJ
silvery yet extremely stror, filamerts.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter becomes capable of
spirrir, two types of silk - sticky arJ ror-sticky
strarJs - arJ tle claracter may spir eitler at ler
Jiscretior. 1le former is useJ to spir webs tlat car
catcl arJ trap urwary eremies, arJ tle latter is
particularly useful for JescerJir, ,reat Jistarces,
corstructir, barriers, or simply spirrir, out extremely
li,ltwei,lt arJ Jurable rope. lr eitler case, tle
strarJs are quite flexible, yet extremely stror,; tle
strarJs lave 1+ lit poirts arJ a break DC of 3O.
1le claracter may spir ler silk at a rate of 2O
feet per rourJ, up to a 1OO feet of strarJ before ler
supply rurs out. 1le fluiJ is raturally replerisleJ at
a rate of 2O feet of silk per lour. 1le claracter car
irstirctively builJ webs or otler structures out of tle
silk, arJ sle car easily attacl strarJs to objects or
specific spots, as lor, as sle car reacl tlem. lt takes
2O feet of silk to block ar ertire 5-foot square so tlat
ro ore car pass tlrou,l witlout Jestroyir, tle
webbir, first or becomir, cau,lt ir it
Wlile tle webbir, is rot larJ to spot urJer ,ooJ
li,ltir, corJitiors, ir baJly lit areas it blerJs irto
tle Jarkress, makir, it very Jifficult to spot (Spot
cleckDC 25). A victim wlo stumbles irto tle web
must make a leflex save a,airst DC 25 or become
ertar,leJ. lf le fails tle roll by more tlar 1O, le is
lelJ so immobile tlat le is effectively ,rappleJ. He
remairs ,rappleJ urtil le mara,es to eitler extract
limself from tle webbir,, or break tle strarJs tlat
lolJ lim. 1le mutart car rever be ertar,leJ ir ler
owr webs.
1le silk starts to lose colesior after +8 lours,
losir, -5 from its break DC every 6 lours, urtil it
becomes rotlir, more tlar Jry arJ almost
irsubstartial wisps of fra,ile silk. Wlere exactly tle
silk is secreteJ from JeperJs or tle type of mutatior
or bioJevice - it may come from tle subject's clest,
moutl, larJs or ever ler backsiJe, as if tle claracter
were a spiJer. lr ary case, tle claracter reeJs ler
larJs free to slape tle soliJifyir, fluiJ irto a strarJ.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
WrackeJ by corstart pair causeJ by tle
everlastir, ruclear fire tlat scorcles every rerve
erJir, ir ler boJy, tle claracter is Jriver rearly
irsare, reaJy to srap at tle sli,ltest provocatior.
Wlile sle still retairs ler basic persorality arJ
Joesr't recessarily wart to lurt aryore, tle corstart
pair is ofter simply too mucl for ler, arJ sle lasles
out irJi scrimiratel y. Wlile tli s makes ler a
- 10T -
formiJable opporert ir combat, it poses serious
problems for ler social life.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Wlerever tle claracter faces ar obstacle
- be it a l ockeJ Joor, a misseJ trarsport, ar
obroxious bourcer or a barJit - sle makes a Will
save a,airst DC 25. lf sle succeeJs, sle keeps ler
temper arJ car Jeal witl tle situatior ir a ratioral
marrer. lf sle fails, sle ,oes berserk arJ attempts to
solve tle problem by takir, ler ra,e out or everytlir,
rearby, startir, witl tle offerJer arJ makir, ler way
to everyore else - people or irarimate objects. Sle
always uses letlal force arJ carrot lolJ back; arJ
owir, to ler urparalleleJ ra,e arJ sava,ery, ler
Strer,tl ircreases by +2, arJ sle ,airs ar aJJitioral
+2 borus to all melee attacks arJ Jama,e. Sle carrot
use raroteclrolo,y or rar,eJ weapors, but sle car
Jraw or clar,e weapors if Joir, so erables ler to Jo
more Jama,e.
1le ra,e persists urtil tle ori,iral irsti,ator las
beer JestroyeJ or removeJ from tle claracter's
vicirity; after tlat tle claracter may make a Will
save a,airst DC 2O to calm Jowr. lf sle fails, sle
corti rues or to otler tar,ets ir ar orJer of
corverierce - wlatever or wloever is closest to ler
is ler rext tar,et, tlou,l people are preferreJ over
irarimate objects. Sle may cortirue to attempt to
make tle Will save every rourJ urtil sle calms Jowr;
tle DC Jecreases by -1 every rourJ. lf someore
attempts to calm ler Jowr witl a Diplomacy cleck
(DC 2O), sle ,ets a +2 circumstarce borus to tle
rext Will save. lf sometlir, krocks ler urcorscious,
sle is calm a,air wler sle wakes up.
Wlile berserk, tle claracter carrot become
cowereJ, JazeJ, rauseateJ, parickeJ or slaker, arJ
ever if ler lit poirts fall below O, sle remairs
corscious arJ cortirues to take actiors rormally urtil
sle calms Jowr or Jies.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
Somewlere ir tle mutart's lur,s, sacs of volatile
clemicals lar,. At will, tle mutart may squirt tlese
clemicals up irto lis moutl arJ spit tlem at lis
eremies. Òrce tle clemicals mix to,etler arJ
ercourter oxy,er, tley i,rite ir a stream of irtersely
lot, bri,lt-,reer fire. 1le subject's lips arJ tle irterior
of lis moutl appear tlick, almost waxer, arJ lis breatl
always las a slarp smell remiriscert of ,asolire.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1lis ability furctiors like a flametlrower,
Joir, 3J6 poirts of fire Jama,e ir a 15-foot core or
5J6 poirts of fire Jama,e ir a +O-foot lire, as tle
mutart clooses. 1ar,ets ir tle affecteJ area may make
a leflex save a,airst DC (1O + 1/2 tle mutart's
claracter level + tle mutart's Clarisma borus) to
take lalf rormal Jama,e.
1le sacs orly cortair erou,l clemicals for tlree
fiery slots, but tley raturally refill tlemselves at a
rate of ore slot per lour.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart's le, muscles arJ bore structure ,air
amazir, strer,tl, erablir, ler to make ,reat leaps.
Despite tle rame, tle appeararce of tle mutart's le,s
varies from case to case, tlou,l tley are always ,rotesquely
muscleJ arJ obviously irlumar ir appeararce - irJeeJ,
wearir, corvertioral parts or boots isr't possible, tlou,l
custom-maJe clotlir, is raturally ar optior.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter las a +3O borus or all Jump
clecks. 1lere is ro maximum lei,lt for ler jumps
- sle soars li,l as well as make lor, low jumps.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le claracter ,rows a pair of ,ills or tle siJe of
ler upper reck, just below tle jawlire, arJ wlile sle
retairs ler lur,s, tley are ro lor,er capable of
extractir, from air tle oxy,er sle requires to sustair
lerself. lrsteaJ, sle is row ¨breatlir," water.
lr orJer to survive, sle must firJ a si,rificart
boJy of water, sucl as a river, porJ, lake or sea. Wlile
a claracter strarJeJ or Jry larJ coulJ certairly buy
lerself ar extra five mirutes by stickir, ler leaJ irto
a batltub full of water, sle coulJr't subsist or it for
mucl lor,er tlar tlat (urless tle batltub was fitteJ
witl a water recycler to re-oxiJize tle water arJ
remove excess carbor JioxiJe). A bucket of water
mi,lt yielJ erou,l oxy,er for tle claracter to take
tle equivalert of a sir,le breatl; after tlat, tle water
woulJ lave to be replaceJ.
lf fitteJ witl a custom-maJe water-filleJ lelmet
tlat recycles tle water, sle car still verture irto tle
atmosplere, tlou,l sle obviously carrot easily
commuricate witl people wlile wearir, tle lelmet.
A more aJvarceJ versior of tlis mutatior
bestows amplibious qualities upor tle claracter.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter row requires water to
survive tle way sle formerly requireJ air. A claracter
wlo mutates irto tlis form or Jry larJ witl ro water
ir si,lt is ir mortal Jar,er: Sle risks suffocatir,
- 108 -
exactly tle way a rormal lumar woulJ wler
urJerwater (see J20 MoJern, Clapter Sever:
Camemasterir,, ¨1le MoJerr WorlJ," Sujjocct|on
-nJ Drown|n¸). However, sle car survive urJerwater
lf tle claracter is lucky erou,l to urJer,o tlis
mutatior twice, sle mutates furtler arJ row becomes
ar amplibiar, able to furctior or larJ as well as
urJerwater witlout teclrol o,ical assistarce.
However, sle row must returr to water ir orJer to
breeJ, arJ car orly procreate witl beir,s wlo also
lave Cills tlrou,l mutatior. As a result of tlis
complicatior arJ ler ,reatly altereJ boJy clemistry,
sle loses all romartic arJ sexual irterest ir lumars
wlo Jo rot slare ler particular mutatior, tlou,l
otler social structures arJ irterests remair irtact.
Note tlat wler tlis erlarceJ corJitior is ,rarteJ
by biotecl, it is bestoweJ by a separate bioJevice tlat
car orly be applieJ to a claracter wlo alreaJy las Cills
tlrou,l mutatior or biotecl. lr sucl ar irstarce, tle
limits or attractior arJ procreatior Jor't apply.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
laJiatior takes a terrible toll or tle subject arJ
leaves ler a mere slaJow of ler former self. Her skir
becomes a Jry mass of flakir, skir; ler lair falls off;
arJ ler eyes ,air a piercir,, ,reer ,low but receJe
Jeep irto ler skull. Loose, yellowir, teetl rattle
belirJ Jry arJ crackeJ lips. Sle becomes urable to
obtair susterarce from fooJ or Jrirk, but irsteaJs
Jraws power from raJiatior. Mutarts curseJ witl tlis
afflictior ofter mutate more arJ more, as tley
corstartly seek out rew sources of raJiatior.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: All of tle claracter's abilities Jecrease
by -2. 1le claracter becomes immure to all Jama,e
arJ poisorir, from raJiatior, as well as all raJiatior-
baseJ muta,ers tlat arer't of irterse level - irJeeJ,
irsteaJ of beir, larmeJ, sle reeJs to sperJ time close
to a source of raJiatior to survive, or Jie of tle
equivalert of starvatior. lt's rot urcommor for tlese
mutarts to carry isotopes or otler sources of raJiatior
arourJ witl tlem to proviJe tlem witl susterarce.
1le mutart also ,airs tle ability to automatically
locate sources of raJiatior witlir a 1O-mile raJius
arourJ ler arJ ,au,e tleir strer,tl, as well as a
psyclolo,ical compulsior to seek tlem out - tle
stror,er tle source, tle larJer it is to resist its sirer
call. Wler ercourterir, a source of raJiatior, tle
mutart is compelleJ to bask ir its raJioactive ,lory;
to resist it, sle must make a Will save at tle same DC
sle woulJ use wler resistir, mutatior. (1lus, a
claracter wlo ercourters a source of irterse raJiatior
carrot lelp but seek it out, arJ will irevitably mutate
furtler urless someore restrairs ler arJ removes ler
from tle rar,e. 1le claracter will fi,lt tlose wlo
try to keep ler from reaclir, ler Jestiratior.)
1le claracter always receives a +2 circumstarce
borus or lrtimiJate clecks Jue to ler lorrifyir,
Biotecb: No
1le subject's joirts becomes extremely loose,
makir, lim remiriscert of a lumar ra, Joll. So
extreme is lis corJitior tlat every joirt ir lis boJy
suJJerly becomes so flexible as to be able to twist ir
ary Jirectior witlout ary pair or resistarce. lrees
berJ ir tle wror, Jirectior so easily tlat tle
claracter las more trouble keepir, lis le,s properly
erect tlar Jemorstratir, tlis ability to someore; ever
pickir, up a cup of lot bevera,e from a table car
seem like ar irsurmourtable problem wler lis ,rip
lolJs, but lis elbow simply berJs ir tle wror,
Jirectior as le tries to raise tle cup from tle table'
lrJeeJ, talkir, to tle claracter car be a strar,e
experierce, as ever keepir, lis leaJ properly upri,lt
ofter becomes a clore.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Wlerever tle claracter attempts a
plysical actior, sucl as climbir,, rurrir, or fi,ltir,,
le las to make a leflex save a,airst DC 2O. (1o speeJ
combat, tle player car roll a Jistirct leflex save Jie
alor, witl ler attack roll or cleck.) lf le fails tle
save, tle actior fails because lis joirts refuse to lock
ir place arJ irsteaJ flail loosely back arJ fortl; le
sperJs a ,ooJ Jeal of time fallir, Jowr arJ pickir,
limself up a,air. His speeJ is cut to ore- tlirJ (rourJ
up). He ,airs a -3 peralty to Deferse, Jue to lis
irability to move quickly arJ accurately.
Wlile tlis corJitior makes it Jifficult for tle
claracter to act efficiertly, particularly ir close-combat
situatiors, it Joes lave a few aJvarta,es. All blurt
impact Jama,e - from purcles, blurt melee weapors
or ever falls - is automatically lalveJ, tlarks to tle
claracter's terJercy to flip tlis way arJ tlat wler
pusleJ. lt's as if tle claracter laJ a ratural ability to
roll witl purcles - or at least folJ witl tlem. lar,eJ
arJ eJ,eJ weapors Jo rormal Jama,e.
1le looseress of lis joirts makes lim a Jifficult
opporert to cortrol wler wrestlir,, arJ tlus le also
,ets a +2 borus or ,rapple clecks. 1le claracter also
,airs a +3 borus or all leflex saves wlere success
- 109 -
mears takir, orly lalf Jama,e from ar attack, arJ
lis extremely flexible boJy ,ives lim a ++ borus or
all Lscape Artist clecks (tlis Joes rot stack witl lis
borus or ,rapple clecks). 1le claracter car folJ
limself irto very small spaces arJ oJJ slapes if reeJ
be witlout sufferir, ary ill effects.
laJiatior is rot a ,ertle mistress, arJ it terJs to
take its toll. A mutart wlo suffers from tlis mutatior
las lis brair so completely scrambleJ tlat le is orly
barely capable of abstract reasorir,, arJ wlile le still
retairs lis memories arJ skills, formir, ary ever
remotely complex tlou,lt is a pairfully slow arJ
laborious process for lim. His persorality, wlile basically
irtact, suffers a ,reat Jeal; rearly all of lis processir,
power is row JevoteJ to comprelerJir, tle suJJerly
irtimiJatir, complexities of everyJay situatiors. Mucl
like a clilJ, tle mutart ofter asks questiors tlat are
completely obvious to people witl rormal irtelli,erce.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter's lrtelli,erce immeJiately
Jrops to 3. Wlile tle ,ame meclarical results of tlis
are obvious, tle player sloulJ also roleplay tle results
of tlis mutatior - it sloulJ be a fri,lterir,
experierce to suJJerly be urable to comprelerJ
tlir,s, particularly so wler your memories irJicate
tlat tlis sloulJ rot be tle case.
ÒrJirarily, tlis corJitior car orly occur orce
to tle claracter - if it lappers a,air, reroll arJ pick
arotler mutatior. However, if tle claracter re,airs
lis rormal lrtelli,erce, le orce a,air becomes
susceptible to tlis mutatior.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le claracter's brair mutates urJer tle barra,e
of raJiatior, erablir, ler to process irformatior far
more efficiertly tlar before arJ possibly turrir, ler
irto a ,erius of positively superlumar caliber.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter's lrtelli,erce is
immeJiately ircreaseJ by +6 (or to a mirimum of 11,
if ler ori,iral lrtelli,erce is lower tlar 5). lf tle
subject's lrtelli,erce is tlus raiseJ beyorJ 18, ler
skull visibly bul,es arJ swells as ler brair cells
multiply rapiJly.
Biotecb: lmplart
1le mutatior tlat maJe a morster out of mar'
Muscles swell beyorJ belief arJ tle subject's ertire
boJy is trarsformeJ irto sometlir, bi,,er, stror,er
arJ larJier; a milJ-marrereJ aJverturer becomes a
veritable morster ir a matter of mirutes as clotles
tear urJer tle irexorable swell of flesl arJ bore -
ever tle tou,lest of worr armor is JestroyeJ Jurir,
tle trarsformatior, tlou,l items kept ir pockets,
backpacks or otler locatiors will most likely stay
irtact urless tley are particularly brittle.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Lotl tle claracter's Strer,tl arJ
Corstitutior are ircreaseJ by +3, to a mirimum of
15. However, if tle claracter's previous Strer,tl or
Corstitutior score was lower tlar 12, it becomes 18.
Also, tle claracter's Dexterity is JecreaseJ by -3. 1le
claracter ,rows at least + ircles, arJ ,airs at least
15O lbs. He also immeJiately ,airs 5 permarert lit
poirts. At tle same time, tle claracter loses at least
-3 poirts of lrtelli,erce arJ WisJom, reJucir, botl
scores to a maximum of 9 (or lower).
1le subject's ertire boJy ,rows bi,,er arJ
somewlat Jisproportiorate. HarJs arJ feet ir
particular become very bi,, wlicl car cause problems
witl certair tools or weapors tlat require lumar-
sizeJ larJs. Cererally speakir,, tle subject receives
a -+ peralty or all actiors tlat corcerr usir, a tool
or weapor tlat las beer Jesi,reJ for rormal lumars
- tri,,er ,uarJs, ,rips, keypaJs arJ otler features
arer't usually maJe witl fir,ers tle size of cucumbers
ir mirJ. He is row corsiJereJ to be a Lar,e opporert.
Biotecb: lmplart
1lis mutatior causes tle claracter's reural system
to become scrambleJ, as tle bioclemical electricity of
tle brair misfires or a re,ular basis. 1lis results ir
corstart muscle tics arJ jerkir, movemerts ir tle
claracter's limbs, but it also mears tlat occasiorally
strar,e feeJback loops form arJ Jisable tle claracter
ertirely for slort perioJs of time if le ercourters louJ
roises or bri,lt li,lts. Òbviously, tlis makes combat a
rotably risky propositior for tle claracter.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le claracter receives a -+ peralty or
all actiors tlat require steaJy larJs arJ plysical
corcertratior, ircluJir, usir, all rar,eJ weapors.
lf le ercourters particularly louJ roises or bri,lt,
flaslir, li,lts, le must make a Will save a,airst DC
15 or ,o irto a seizure or become paralyzeJ (Jetermire
effect rarJomly). lf tle claracter is tireJ or stresseJ
at tle time, ircrease tle DC by +5. lf le is surpriseJ
by tle stimuli, furtler ircrease tle DC by +5.
- 110 -
A seizure Joes ro actual Jama,e, but it lasts for
1J6+1 rourJs, Jurir, wlicl tle claracter ,oes
urcorscious wlile lis erti re boJy j erks
urcortrollably. He is rerJereJ sturreJ for 1J3 rourJs
afterwarJs. lf tle claracter becomes paralyzeJ, tle
corJitior lasts for 1J8 +1 rourJs. Durir, tlis time,
tle claracter remairs aware of lis surrourJir,s, but
carrot move or commuricate - le becomes ertirely
limp arJ slumps to tle ,rourJ.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart's pleromores cause lumar beir,s
ir ler vicirity to automatically Jislike or ever
outri,lt Jespise ler. 1lis mutatior car be a terrible
curse, as ever former frierJs terJ to avoiJ tle mutart
- tley may respect ler or corsiJer ler a useful
member of tle commurity, but tlat Joesr't mear tley
wart to sperJ time witl ler. lew mutarts tlus
afflicteJ car avoiJ becomir, outcasts arJ lermits,
arJ mairtairir, romartic relatiorslips becomes
practically impossible.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: Wlerever tle mutart attempts to
irteract witl otlers, eitler tlrou,l Diplomacy or
some otler suitable skill, sle receives a -6 peralty or
all Jice rolls. Wler sle first meets people, tleir
attituJes are automatically re,atively aJjusteJ by ore
step (see J20 MoJern, Clapter 1wo: Skills, ¨Skill
Descriptiors," D|µ|omccy), urless tley lave specific
arJ very si,rificart reasors to like arJ respect tle
claracter (if tlis is tle case, tle corflicteJ emotiors
tley feel may well leaJ to trouble - tley arer't
immure to tle effect, tley just respect tle claracter
or ler status Jespite a stror, ur,e to Jislike ler).
See Harmorious lleromores f or more
irf ormatior about tle rar,e arJ quali ties of
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart's pleromores - clemical
compourJs secreteJ by arimals tlat affect otler
members of tle same species arJ irfluerce tleir
belaviour - become more potert arJ, perlaps more
importartly, quite erticir,, makir, tlose close to lim
stror,ly preJisposeJ towarJs likir, lim. lr aJJitior
to tle obvious aJvarta,es wler it comes to firJir,
compariorslip, it ,reatly reJuces tle risk of corflict
witl otlers, arJ makes tle mutart a ratural people
persor, leaJer arJ re,otiator.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le mutart ,airs a +6 borus or all
attempts to actively irfluerce or coerce people. Wler
first meetir, people, tleir attituJes are automatically
positively aJjusteJ by ore step (see J20 MoJern,
Clapter 1wo: Skills, ¨Skill Descriptiors," D|µ|omccy),
urless tley lave specific arJ si,rificart reasors to
be lostile or urfrierJly towarJs tle claracter (if tlis
is tle case, tle corflicteJ emotiors tley feel may well
leaJ to trouble - tley arer't immure to tle effect,
tley just late tle claracter Jespite a stror, ur,e to
like lim).
Lear ir mirJ tlat Harmorious lleromores is rot
a mirJ cortrol power. lf tle claracter asks otlers to
jump off a cliff, tley wor't Jo it, ro matter low mucl
tley like lim. However, requests for assistarce are
likely to be well-receiveJ, arJ talkir, people irto
Joir, tlir,s tley are reluctart to Jo is far easier tlar
it otlerwise woulJ be.
As pleromores orly affect members of tle same
species, li,lly mutateJ arJ irtelli,ert arimals or
otler, similar beir,s remair uraffecteJ (supposir,,
of course, tlat tle beir, witl tle Harmorious
lleromores is a lumar i r tle first place). A
cortairmert suit or ary situatior wlere tlere isr't
slareJ atmosplere also rullifies tle power.
1le effect Joesr't exactly lave a rar,e as sucl,
sirce tle clemicals Jrift arourJ tle claracters, borre
by air currerts; assume tlat aryore witlir 3O feet of
tle claracter is affecteJ ir reasorably calm weatler.
lr ercloseJ spaces, tle rar,e may well be li,ler. Also,
wirJ corJitiors may carry tle scert towarJs people
- or away from tlem.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le mutart ,airs a subcorscious quartum ability
to assess arJ revise probabilities ir ler immeJiate
surrourJir,s. Wler faceJ witl a Jifficult situatior
arJ loomir,, irevitable failure, sle may irstartly
access tle probability matrix of tle actior sle is
attemptir, arJ lift from it tle circumstarce wlere
everytlir, is otlerwise iJertical witl ler owr, but
tle actior ir questior is successful. Sle tler trarsmits
tlat very Jiffererce from tle matrix of potertial
outcomes arJ uses it to overwrite tle reality of tle
situatior at larJ, tlereby succeeJir, ir tle attempt.
1le orly persor aware of tle Jiffererce is tle mutart
lerself, arJ ever sle may rot be ertirely sure low
sle turreJ wlat sle tlou,lt was a certair failure irto
a success.
However, tlere's a flip siJe to tlis power. Òut of
a little urJerstooJ reeJ for balarce betweer tle
- 111 -
probability matrix arJ urfolJir, everts (irJeeJ, ever
at tle lei,lt of lumar aclievemert, tle very corcept
of tle probability matrix arJ its implicatiors were
still lar,ely tleoretical), ore of tle actiors tle mutart
urJertakes afterwarJs becomes a Jisastrous failure.
Still, ir a Jesperate situatior, tlis power may be quite
tle life-saver.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le mutart may, after a faileJ Jie roll,
Jeclare tlat sle uses tlis power. Sle tler succeeJs
automatically ir tle actior sle was attemptir,, arJ
tle result is as ,ooJ as it car possibly be urJer tle
circumstarces. lf tle actior ir questior is ar attack,
sle automatically scores a critical lit. 1lis power may
orly be useJ orce every 2+ lours. 1le player must
make a Will save for tle claracter a,airst tle same
DC as tle cleck affecteJ by Quartum Actior; if it
fails, tlis use of Quartum Actior costs 1 actior poirt.
lf tle mutart las alreaJy spert ar actior poirt Jurir,
tle rourJ, sle carrot use Quartum Actior.
Biotecb: No
1le mutart becomes a walkir, source of
raJiatior, letlal to all tlose arourJ lim. Wlile tlis
obviously makes lim a Jar,erous eremy, it also makes
leaJir, a social life a supremely Jifficult arJ Jar,erous
proposal. lt's rot urcommor for a claracter witl tlis
mutatior to look relatively rormal, except le is
extremely pale arJ ,aurt, arJ le ,lows very softly ir
tle Jark.
Type: Ne,ative
Effect: 1le mutart emits Jama,ir, raJiatior ir
a 3O foot raJius. Livir, beir,s take 1 poirt of raJiatior
Jama,e eacl rourJ, arJ must make a lortituJe save
(DC 15) a,airst raJiatior poisorir,. lr aJJitior, tle
mutart acts as a moJerate muta,er to tlose le
toucles (a victim reeJ orly save orce every 12 lours
a,airst tlis effect). laJiatior resistarce 1 or li,ler
blocks tle Jama,e arJ protects tle irJiviJual from
tle accomparyir, poisor arJ mutatior effects.
1le mutart ,airs raJiatior resistarce 1O, arJ is
immure to all mutatior effects from raJiatior arJ
raJiatior-baseJ muta,ers of less tlar irterse level.
1le mutart may cloose to wear a cortairmert
suit to protect tlose arourJ lim arJ mairtair social
ties to lis frierJs arJ compariors. He may also suppress
tle effects of tlis mutatior at will, tlou,l at a cost -
tle raJiatior row rava,es lis owr irsiJes. 1le
claracter must first succeeJ ir a Corcertratior cleck
a,airst DC 2O. lf successful, tle raJiatior effects of are
suppresseJ for a rumber of rourJs equal to (2J6 + tle
mutart's WisJom moJifier). 1le CM Jetermires tle
Juratior of tle suppressior ir secret, so tle claracter
carrot be sure low lor, le car mairtair lis cortrol,
tlou,l le may cloose to let tle raJiatior flow freely
a,air ever before lis time is up.
Lacl rourJ tle claracter suppresses tle raJiatior,
le takes 1J6+3 lit poirts of Jama,e, plus ar
aJJitioral poirt of Jama,e for every rourJ le las
alreaJy spert suppressir, tle effects. lf le takes
Jama,e or is otlerwise JisturbeJ Jurir, tlis time, le
must make a rew Corcertratior cleck a,airst DC
15, or release tle pert-up raJiatior immeJiately.
Wler le firally releases tle raJiatior, tle effect's
rar,e is temporarily ircreaseJ by 5 feet for every rourJ
le las spert suppressir, tle effect. 1le raJiatior Jama,e
is also ircreaseJ by +1 per rourJ of suppressior, or by
+2 for tlose wlo are touclir, tle mutart. At CM's
Jiscretior, rearby flora arJ faura may well mutate irto
strar,e arJ terrible forms, arJ ar impressive li,lt slow
is very likely to occur, tlou,l irJiviJual effects always
vary JeperJir, or tle circumstarces.
Biotecb: No
A mutart witl tlis power is capable of storir,
up tle very power of tle sur arJ releasir, it from ler
eyes ir a searir, burst of brilliart leat. Startir, fires,
boilir, water or roastir, eremies is all ir a Jay's work
for a solar-powereJ claracter.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le mutart car Jisclar,e corcertrateJ,
storeJ surli,lt. 1le Jisclar,e emer,es as a ray of
meJium rar,e (1OO ft. + 1O ft./claracter level),
irflictir, up to 6J6 poirts of fire Jama,e (leflex save
DC |15 + tle mutart's Corstitutior moJifer| for lalf).
1le mutart JeciJes at tle time of Jisclar,e low
mary Jice of Jama,e to urleasl. Sle makes a rar,eJ
toucl attack a,airst ler closer tar,et; every
irJiviJual ir a Jirect lire betweer ler arJ ler tar,et
is subject to tle Jama,e arJ fire effects. 1lis effect
carrot irflict a critical lit.
1le mutart re-accumulates two Jice wortl of
erer,y every lour sle sperJs ir Jirect surli,lt, or
ore Jie eacl lour urJer overcast skies. lor every 12
lours sle ,oes witlout sperJir, at least lalf ar lour
ir ratural Jayli,lt (overcast corJitiors suffice), ler
reserve Jimirisles by ore Jie; if ler reserve reacles
zero, sle becomes fati,ueJ urtil sle mara,es to re,air
at least ore Jie of clar,e. Her reserve lolJs a
maximum rumber of Jama,e Jice equal to ler
Corstitutior moJifier + 12.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
- 112 -
Lotl tle claracter's lur,s arJ vocal clorJs
mutate, allowir, ler to rot orly compress tle air ir
ler lur,s, but also exlale it tlrou,l ler erlarceJ
vocal clorJs witl sucl force tlat sle emits a powerful
soric scream. 1le scream eitler Jama,es ar opporert
or irterferes witl tle furctiorality of lis irrer ear,
causir, lis serse of balarce to fail. 1le claracter's
reck usually swells roticeably witl tlis mutatior.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1lis trarsformatior ercompasses two
Jistirct effects. Wler tle claracter receives it as a
mutatior, roll 1J6. Òr a result of 1-3, ler vocal clorJs
emit ar auJible scream; or a +-6, ler vocal clorJs
emit a subsoric scream. A claracter witl ore of tlese
effects carrot marifest tle otler; reroll if Soric
Scream comes up twice. LioJevices ,rart ore
preJetermireJ effect or tle otler.
Lpor mutatior, tle claracter ,airs tle ability
to emit a scream so louJ as to slatter earJrums. 1le
power causes 3J6 poirts of soric Jama,e arJ affects
all irJiviJuals witl urprotecteJ learir, ir a 6O-foot
core (lortituJe save DC 2O for lalf). 1lose wlo fail
also lose tleir learir, for 2J6+3 rourJs. Claracters
witl tle lmproveJ Hearir, mutatior ,et a -5 peralty
or tle lortituJe save, wlereas claracters witl tle
WeakereJ Hearir, mutatior ,et a +5 borus. Deaf
claracters are immure to tlis power.
Alterratively, tle claracter emits a scream at a
low frequercy irauJible by rormal lumars, but wlicl
irterferes witl tle irrer ear (tle system tlat re,ulates
a lumar's certer of balarce). lrJiviJuals witl
urprotecteJ learir, ir a 6O-foot core must make
lortituJe saves at DC 25 or lose tleir serse of balarce
for tle rext 1J6++ rourJs. lor tle Juratior of tle
effect, tley are at a -+ peralty or all actiors tlat
require a furctioral serse of balarce, arJ actiors tlat
require larJ-eye coorJiratior more complex tlar
pickir, sometlir, up from tle ,rourJ (tle peralty
also applies to leflex saves)., 1le peralty ircreases
to -6 if tle claracter attempts to move at a pace faster
tlar rormal walkir, speeJ. 1le victim's speeJ is
reJuceJ by -1O feet. lrJiviJuals witlout irrer ears
are immure to tlis power.
As a siJe effect of tle mutart's improveJ lur,s, sle
car row lolJ ler breatl twice as lor, as a rormal lumar.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
1le subject sports a tail remiriscert of a
scorpior's, startir, from lis lower back arJ arJ arcir,
overleaJ, tle poisorous stir, floatir, above lim.
Almost 9 feet ir ler,tl arJ as wiJe as tle claracter's
back at its base, tle tail carrot be corcealeJ urJer
clotles; off-tle-rack cortairmert suits or otler
similar protective ,armerts Jo rot fit.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le mutart's tail is quick arJ a,ile. Lvery
otler rourJ, le car make a full attack actior tlat
ircluJes a tail attack at lis full base attack borus. lr
aJJitior, le car make ar extra attack of opporturity
every rourJ witl tle tail. Wler it lits, it irflicts 2J6
poirts of Jama,e arJ Jelivers a poisor (DC 15; 1J2
poirts of iritial, temporary ability Jama,e; 1J3 poirts
of secorJary, temporary ability Jama,e). 1lis poisor
tar,ets Strer,tl, Dexterity or Corstitutior, JetermireJ
rarJomly at tle time of mutatior or specifieJ by tle
Jesi,rer for biotecl implarts arJ ,rafts.
lr aJJitior to tle combat aJvarta,es, tle a,ile
tail is also useful ir otler ways. lt car make climbir,
certair surfaces or balarcir, or rarrow spaces easier,
arJ tle claracter car use it to brace a,airst ar object.
lr irstarces wlere tle CM feels tlat a tail may make
life easier for tle claracter, a +2 circumstarce borus
is ir orJer. However, Jue to its size, tle tail also ,ives
tle mutart a -2 peralty or all HiJe attempts, arJ
usir, Jorrir, a Jis,uise is rearly impossible.
1le mutart's poisor car be extracteJ. 1le
extractior requires a Craft (plarmaceuticals) cleck
a,airst DC 18; eacl successful extractior yielJs 1J3
Joses. Lacl Jose larvesteJ tlis way reutralizes tle
mutart's ability to Jeliver poisor (but rot to use ary
of tle tail's otler features) for 1 lour.
Biotecb: lmplart, Craft
Aryore urlucky erou,l to suffer tlis mutatior
is a terribly curseJ mar irJeeJ - lis ertire boJy
becomes a lotbeJ of carcerous ,rowtl, turrir, lim
from a mar witl a tumor irto a tumor witl some
lumaroiJ claracteristics - a lu,ely malformeJ
beir, tlat corstartly ,rows arJ swells. 1le boJy
carrot mairtair sucl a vast bulk, arJ tlus mucl of
tle tissue or tle mutart's outer surface ,rows
recrotic arJ is corstartly sleJ off ir lar,e flakes of
rottir, flesl. Yet, Jespite lis truly lorrifyir,
appeararce arJ tle ircessart pair causeJ by tle
corJitior, tle mutart remairs alive, irtelli,ert arJ
ever mostly furctioral. Movemert is Jifficult but
rot impossible, arJ lis arms, protruJir, from tle
mass of tumors arJ recrotic flesl, remair capable
of maripulatir, objects.
Type: Ne,ative
- 113 -
Effect: 1le claracter's Strer,tl Jecreases by -+
arJ lis Dexterity Jecreases by -6, to a mirimum of
3. His movemert speeJ is cut to ore-tlirJ rormal
(rourJ Jowr). However, lis Corstitutior ircreases
by +6. 1le claracter car ro lor,er wear ary clotles
but tert-like robes arJ cloaks, arJ armor is completely
out of tle questior: As tle mutart's slape is
corstartly sliftir,, ever customizeJ ,ear terJs to
become urusable ir a few Jays. His morstrous
appeararce ,ives lim a -+ peralty or attempts to
er,a,e ir social activities, arJ or first ercourters,
NlCs' attituJes are automatically re,atively aJjusteJ
by ore step (see J20 MoJern, Clapter 1wo: Skills,
¨Skill Descriptiors," D|µ|omccy) urless tley lave prior
reasor to trust or respect lim.
Despite tle mary Jrawbacks of tlis corJitior,
tle mutart is surprisir,ly lealtly - le rever
becomes fati,ueJ, le ,airs a +5 borus or lortituJe
saves, arJ lis rapiJ cell ,rowtl ever ,rarts lim tle
ability to re,ererate ore lit poirt per rourJ.
Biotecb: lmplart
lowerful wir,s sprout from tle claracter's back,
arJ le ,airs tle power of fli,lt. Wlile obviously
useful, Wir,s carrot be corcealeJ, arJ rormal
clotlir, or armor carrot be worr over tle torso -
le las to resort to custom-maJe outfits to cover
limself. Wler opereJ, Wir,s lave a wir,spar of
about 15 feet, tlou,l tley car be folJeJ to a more
mara,eable size.
Type: lositive
Effect: 1le claracter car row fly at a speeJ of
6O feet (avera,e) (see J20 MoJern, Clapter Li,lt:
lri erJs arJ loes, ¨How to leaJ a Creature
Descriptior," SµeeJ). 1le claracter's wir,s are rot
as efficiert as a birJ's: He may carry li,lt loaJs at tlis
speeJ, arJ meJium loaJs at ore-lalf speeJ. He carrot
carry leavy loaJs at all.
lf tle claracter becomes sturreJ or is krockeJ
urcorscious, le falls from tle skies arJ takes rormal
fallir, Jama,e.
- 114 -
Naroteclrolo,y experimerts be,ar ir tle 2Otl
certury, arJ some visioraries soor realizeJ tle
erormous potertial ir cortrollir, matter or tle
molecular level. At first tleir efforts at makir, actual
molecular maclires erJeJ ir failure, arJ ever tle
first ,eruire successes createJ raromaclires tlat
were stupiJ arJ irefficiert. Lut pro,ress came witl
sustaireJ effort. Soor wlat laJ ori,irally starteJ out
as experi merts urJer carefully cortrolleJ
circumstarces became ar everyJay pleromeror.
Ly tle late 21st certury, tle very air itself was
full of tiry maclires tlat JrifteJ or air currerts, arJ
it was impossible for ary beir, or Lartl to avoiJ
cortact witl tlem. 1ley were everywlere, arJ wlile
roboJy coulJ see tlem, tleir effects were far less
ircorspicuous: LorJeJ witl lumars, tley erlarceJ
tle lost's capabilities or irstartly lealeJ irjuries;
computir, power arJ Jata stora,e reacleJ a level
wlere tlere was ro lor,er ary poirt ir improvir,
tlem furtler; ertire builJir,s appeareJ to simply ,row
out of rowlere; tiry Jismartlers proveJ to be more
efficiert (arJ ervirormertally frierJly) weapors
tlar tle Jirty arJ ircorveriert ruclear weapors of
yesteryear, at least if you JiJr't mirJ everyt||n¸ ir
tle area turrir, irto ,ray arJ formless sluJ,e..
tlem were particularly well-Jesi,reJ ir tle first place,
arJ mary of tlem werer't ever testeJ properly urJer
cortrolleJ circumstarces before tley were releaseJ
irto tle wilJ. Some of tlem were rever meart to be
releaseJ at all, but wlatever safeties tley were lockeJ
away urJer are row lor, ,ore.
Lacl iteratior of tlis cycle orly brou,lt more
claos irto tle worlJ, arJ tle rarosplere of Lartl is
row a wilJ arJ urpreJictable place, as ruraway
raromaclires mirJlessly cortirue tle tasks tley
were ori,irally set to - tle results are just as claotic
as ore mi,lt expect. Some of tlem attack otler
raromaclires, wlile otlers simply try to take tlem
apart to builJ tlir,s tlat lave rot beer requireJ for
a,es. Some of tlem lave rur out of power, arJ otlers
simply float arourJ, attemptir, to fulfill specific
irstructiors ir a worlJ so completely ircompatible
witl tleir ,oals as to rerJer tlem completely useless
arJ lost. 1iry corpses of JestroyeJ raromaclires
litter every part of tle worlJ.
1le bi,,est problem witl raromaclires is tlat
as irJiviJual beir,s, tley are ratler Jumb. 1ley lave
a small, limiteJ set of irstructiors; most of tlem lave
beer built to Jo ore tlir,. 1lis is rot a problem, as
lor, as tlere's sometlir, cortrollir, tlem, tellir,
tlem wler arJ wlere to work, arJ ever more
importartly, wler to stoµ. However, problems car
arise if, for example, a raromaclire ori,irally
Jesi,reJ to corvert carbor JioxiJe irto oxy,er ,ets
releaseJ irto tle wilJ arJ ,oes out of cortrol,
pumpir, more arJ more oxy,er irto tle local
atmosplere, creatir, a locale wlere a sir,le spark car
trarsform ,reat areas irto irstart irferros.
1le very basic prirciples of raroteclrolo,y lave
become a matter of ,lobal folklore arJ le,erJ. Lveryore
krows tlat tlere are small maclires tlat Jo tlir,s,
ever if you car't see tlem; questiorir, tlis is rot urlike
questiorir, tle fact tlat most of tle time, tlir,s fall
Jowr if you pick tlem up arJ let ,o or tlat orly a fool
takes a leisurely walk alore tlrou,l tle wooJs at ri,lt.
lrJeeJ, tle eviJerce is tlere for all to see, arJ,
Jisturbir,ly ofter, feel. Active raromaclires operate
ir a fo, or Just clouJ tlat sparkles witl courtless tiry
flasles createJ by stray erer,y releaseJ ir microscopic
explosiors. Wler tley power Jowr, tleir remairs Jrift
out of tle sky as a Jull ,rit scarcely Jistir,uislable from
asl or commor Just.
All ri,lt, so raromaclires are really small, tlat
mucl is obvious. lrJeeJ, most of tlem are just a few
Jozer rarometers across, if tlat, arJ ever tle most
complex ores are rarely lar,er tlar a few lurJreJ
rarometers across. Lut wlat Joes tlat mear`
Òre rarometer is approximately a 1OO,OOOtl
of tle wiJtl of ar avera,e lumar lair: erou,l
space for about a Jozer lyJro,er atoms, or a few
smallisl molecules. 1lus, ever tle lar,est
raromaclires are irvisible to tle rakeJ eye,
completely urJetectable by ary uraiJeJ lumar
serse. You coulJ swallow a tlousarJ of tlem arJ
rever rotice a tlir,.
lr fact, ir tle Camma A,e people Jo it all
tle time.
1le Jays of obeJiert arJ easily cortrolleJ
raroteclrolo,y are lor, ,ore row. Wler civilizatior
collapseJ, so JiJ cortrol over tlese row-errart
worklorses. Naromaclires builJ raromaclires
wlicl ir turr builJ otler raromaclires. Not all of
- 115 -
lmpressiors about tle actual rature of tlese
maclires - wlo createJ tlem, wlat powers tlem arJ
wletler tley sloulJ be useJ or slurreJ, feareJ or
trusteJ - vary wilJly. 1lere are Jeeply reli,ious
societies tlat woulJ torture to Jeatl ary blasplemer
foolisl erou,l to claim tlat tle raromaclires were
ori,irally mar-maJe. Some believe tlem to come from
beyorJ tle stars, arJ still otlers believe tlem to be
little Jemors. Still, practically everyore krows of tleir
existerce, ever tlou,l mary are urclear or tle Jetails.
1lere are some i,rorart tribes arJ erclaves tlat
lave so lost tleir way tlat ro tle oral traJitior or
writter recorJ remairs, so tlat tley remair i,rorart
of ever tle most basic features of tle worlJ tley
irlabit. 1ley may well corsiJer Jemorstratiors of
raroteclrolo,y to be ma,ic or Jivire irtervertior,
just as tley woulJ tlirk of arytlir, else outsiJe tleir
currert worlJview. Neitler ar,umert ror eviJerce
car prevail wler people are sufficiertly JetermireJ
to believe tlat sometlir, must or must rot be.
Despite appeararces, raromaclires car't simply
corjure sometlir, out of rotlir,. lr tle erJ, all tley
car Jo is take combiratiors of atoms apart ir ore
spot arJ put tlem to,etler a,air ir arotler, albeit
witl ,reat speeJ arJ accuracy. Also, raromaclires
are sir,le-mirJeJ creatures, arJ tley car't improvise.
Still, for all its urpreJictability, raroteclrolo,y
remairs a potert tool wler placeJ ir tle larJs of
ore wlo krows low to cortrol it. lr tle Camma
WorlJ, cortrol over irJustrial raroteclrolo,y las
beer more or less lost, arJ ir ary case, takir,
aJvarta,e of it is a slow arJ Jifficult process. 1le
cortrol apparatuses were JestroyeJ a lor, time a,o,
arJ tle maclires, wlile plertiful, are Jriftir, across
tle rarosplere aimlessly, corstartly builJir, arJ
Jismartlir, fixtures witlout ary actual ,oals.
Harressir, tleir power is complicateJ, if rot
effectively impossible.
lr most cases, tle power of persoral rarotecl is
mostly JetermireJ by ervirormertal corJitiors.
Simply put, ir areas wlere tlere's a ,reat Jeal of raro
presert, rarotecl is very powerful. Corversely, ir less
raro-erricleJ areas, rarotecl is weaker.
Most of persoral rarotecl isr't so mucl about
usir, raromaclires to faslior tlir,s out of otler
materials as it is about usir, cortrol over raro to
- 115 -
commarJ arJ restructure raromaclires tlat are
alreaJy ir tle ervirormert. 1lere are a rumber of
reasors for tlis; clief amor, tlem are corverierce
arJ availability. Wlile aJvarceJ raromaclires
certairly work relatively quickly, tle time it woulJ take
for tlem to corstruct sometlir, useful woulJ still be
impractical for most situatiors, especially combat.
Certairly, lar,e rumbers of very aJvarceJ,
irJustrial raromaclires coulJ builJ ertire skyscrapers
ir weeks if proviJeJ witl erou,l builJir, blocks of
raw material, but persoral rarotecl Joesr't work or
tlat scale. lrsteaJ, it takes aJvarta,e of ambiert raro
levels arJ presses tle raro fourJ ir ary ,iver area
irto service. 1lis kirJ of Jraftir, terJs to be larJ or
tle maclires; tley are ofter taker apart by eacl otler
ir orJer to builJ tle Jevices requireJ to proJuce tle
effects tle user Jesires, rot to mertior to proJuce tle
kirJ of li,l erer,y levels mary raro effects require.
Naromaclires useJ for parts or erer,y are rarely put
to,etler a,air. lrJeeJ, it's quite possible for a raro-
ricl area to be practically JevoiJ of raroteclrolo,ical
activity by tle time someore is firisleJ workir, tlere.
Òf course, tlere's little clarce of tle ambiert
raroteclrolo,y ever actually rurrir, out - tlere is
too mucl raro or tle plaret corstartly proJucir,
more of tle maclirery, arJ ever simple weatler
corJitiors car turr a formerly barrer spot irto a
lotbeJ of microscopic activity.
1lere are two types of raro-ricl areas: fixeJ arJ
movir, areas. 1le former are areas wlere a lar,e ,roup
of raromaclires lave ¨taker root," ofter larJ at work
at some poirtless arJ lor,-for,otter project, sucl as
extractir, useless mirerals from rock, or ever
corstructir, row-useless louselolJ appliarces. 1le
latter are mucl larJer to spot arJ rearly impossible to
track arJ follow; clouJs of raromaclires come arJ
,o, travelir, ir air currerts or urJer tleir owr power.
1o iJertify a raro-ricl area, tle claracter makes
a Survival cleck; tle DC is baseJ or tle irtersity of
raro activity ir tle area (see table below). lf tle
claracter is equippeJ witl a raro Jetector, le ,airs
a +5 equipmert borus or tle cleck. (Note tlat tle
CM Jetermires wletler tlere's arytlir, to be fourJ.
A successful cleck Joes rot corjure a raro-ricl area
out of tle blue. Òbviously, very ricl areas are mucl
rarer tlar low-raro areas.)
Normal areas lave starJarJ amourts of raro.
1lis is quite a bit (urless tle CM specifically clooses
otlerwise for ler campai,r), just rowlere rear
erou,l to be of irterest to tlose wlo wisl to exploit
rarotecl's potertial to its fullest.
|aae |aae |aae |aae |aae 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t |aaeaa|t
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas Recevecy Rate Recevecy Rate Recevecy Rate Recevecy Rate Recevecy Rate
|ecma| - -l -l
|ew 30 -2 -l
Hedecate 2b -4 -2
Aeaadaat 20 -8 -4
R|c| lb -l2 -8
lt is possible to locate so-calleJ raroblocks tlat
were ori,irally marufactureJ to lelp people or tle
move Jo tleir work efficiertly, particularly ir low-raro
areas. Witl suitable equipmert arJ some er,ireerir,
skills, claracters may ever learr to compress tle raro
fourJ ir raro-ricl areas irto raroblocks tlat car be
carrieJ witl tle user, but ,ererally speakir,, tle ricler
ar area is ir raro, tle more powerful effects a raro-
erlarceJ beir, car create.
Naroblocks car also be corstructeJ, if ore las a
maclire for tle process. Corstructir, a raroblock
maclire requires botl Craft (electroric) arJ Craft
(meclarical) clecks (DC 3O). Corstructior requires
a total of 9O lours of time, arJ tle raw materials lave
a combireJ purclase DC of 3O. Òrce corstructeJ,
tlese maclires are too lar,e arJ leavy to be
trarsporteJ witlout tle lelp of a velicle of some sort.
1o operate a raroblock maclire, tle claracter must
make a Computer Lse (operatior systems) cleck
a,airst DC 2O; eacl success proJuces ore raroblock.
A sir,le raroblock cortairs 3O rarourits arJ
wei,ls O.1 lb. lor every ter uses of a raroblock
maclire (re,arJless of success, sirce ursuccessful
attempts also use up tle raromaclires beir,
processeJ), tle area's raro level is JecreaseJ by ore.
Naroblocks carrot be createJ ir rormal areas.
lt is possible for claracters to erter areas tlat are
essertially JevoiJ of useful raro. Areas witl
completely cortrolleJ atmospleres tlat filter out
arytlir, tlat mi,lt float ir are extremely rare, but
rot urlearJ of. 1lere are olJ complexes tlat, for
reasors of researcl arJ security, laJ completely
separate atmospleres from tle outsiJe worlJ, arJ
reutralizatior systems set up so tlat tlose wlo ertereJ
JiJ rot brir, ary of tle raro,urk from tle outsiJe
worlJ ir witl tlem.
lr sucl ervirormerts, claracters car still usually
employ raroteclrolo,y, at least for a slort wlile,
but tleir capabilities are severely limiteJ if tley Jo
rot brir, tleir owr source materials witl tlem.
lurtlermore, as lor, as tley are ir sucl ar area, tley
car't recover spert raro.
- 11T -
lt is impossible to simply buy rarotecl or JeciJe
to pick it up somewlere. 1lere's raro everywlere,
arJ some of it las beer Jesi,reJ to borJ witl
lumars. 1lus, tle process is actually reverseJ:
Narotecl picks lumars, rot tle otler way arourJ.
Wler tlat lappers, tlir,s ,et irterestir,.
LrborJeJ persoral rarotecl looks for botl
particularly stror, arJ particularly weak losts; ir tlis
irstarce, to be of avera,e plysical corJitior is rot
mucl of a blessir,. 1le claracter makes a rarotecl
cortact roll as follows:
ld20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| (ceaad aµ) ld20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| (ceaad aµ) ld20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| (ceaad aµ) ld20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| (ceaad aµ) ld20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| (ceaad aµ)
- (2 x aese|ate Ceast|tat|ea med|||ec) - (2 x aese|ate Ceast|tat|ea med|||ec) - (2 x aese|ate Ceast|tat|ea med|||ec) - (2 x aese|ate Ceast|tat|ea med|||ec) - (2 x aese|ate Ceast|tat|ea med|||ec)
1le DC of tlis roll is 2O if tle claracter las tle
Narotecl Atturemert feat, 3O if rot.
¨Absolute Corstitutior moJifier" refers to tle
rumber part of tle claracter's Corstitutior moJifier,
re,arJless of wletler it's positive or re,ative. A
claracter witl a Corstitutior moJifier of -2 aJJs (2
x 2), or +, to tle roll for rarotecl cortact just as a
claracter witl a Corstitutior moJifier of +2 Joes.
lf tle roll is successful, tle claracter ,airs tle
ability to use rarotecl. Òrce joireJ witl a lumar
lost, it becomes effectively impossible to separate tle
raromaclires from livir, flesl. 1ley borJ witl tleir
lost; irJeeJ, tley oecome tleir lost, formir, tle blooJ
ir lis veirs arJ tle fibers ir lis muscles.
1le rarotecl cortact roll car be maJe ir ar area
wlere tlere are si,rificart reservoirs of urassi,reJ
rarourits - usually tlis is ar area witl ar aburJart
or ricl raro level, but it is rever ar area witl rormal
levels. 1le roll car be maJe orce per claracter level,
plus a rumber of times equal to tle claracter's
absolute Corstitutior borus.
lersoral rarotecl is extremely user-frierJly. Sirce
it las beer Jesi,reJ to borJ witl lumars, it comes
witl sort of built-ir irstructior marual. 1le exact
rature of tle irstructiors JeperJs lar,ely or tle type
of rarite ir questior arJ wlo marufactureJ it ir tle
first place. Some use rarratior, otlers irfluerce tle
bioelectrical impulses coursir, tlrou,l tle optic rerves
to project a Jemorstrative sliJeslow irto a correr of
tle claracter's fielJ of visior, but tle erJ result is
always tle same. Òrce borJeJ witl tle lost, tle
rarotecl quickly teacles its rew user low it works.
Similar irstructiors also accompary mary rarotecl-
,rarteJ abilities. lr ,ereral, practically all raro-createJ
effects ircluJe some kirJ of visual cues, tle exact rature
of wlicl JeperJs or tle effect ir questior. Crosslairs,
,au,es, vectors, sersor Jata listir,s arJ otler visual
irJicators routirely appear ir tle claracter's fielJ of visior.
Aural cues are also commor, sucl as alarms arJ
syrtlesizeJ voices tlat ,ive status reports.
1larks to tle user-frierJliress of rarotecl,
employir, it requires little or ro trairir,. Some
rarotecl las clemical tri,,ers arJ car activate ir
resporse to certair clar,es ir boJy clemistry;
typically, rarites of tlis type work to erlarce tle
lumar boJy. Wler aJreralire starts to pump, tle
rarites set to work, temporarily erlarcir, reural
patlways arJ improvir, reactior speeJ, for example.
Òtlers take lolJ of tle lumar brair arJ start to scar
for telepatlic waveler,tls arJ, upor ercourterir, a
special commarJ, tley activate. 1le lost merely las
to tlirk about tle JesireJ effect to activate it. Some
rely or a combiratior of tle two metloJs.
Wlatever metloJ a particular raro system uses,
tle ,ame meclarics are tle same. lt takes two rolls
to proJuce a rarotecl effect:
º Make a Corcertratior cleck a,airst DC 15, or
1O if tle claracter is psioric or las a major mutatior
tlat affects tle brair. (lf botl of tlese apply, tle DC
remairs at 1O; tle berefits Jor't stack.) Apply a +2
syrer,y borus for every 5 rarks of Craft (rarotecl) tle
claracter possesses, rourJeJ Jowr. Success or tlis cleck
activates tle raro system arJ reaJies it for use. 1le
claracter becomes surrourJeJ by a clouJ of twirklir,
Just or fo,, exterJir, out ir all Jirectiors for 1O feet.
Òtlers rotice it if tley succeeJ or a Spot cleck a,airst
DC (5 + 1 for every 5 poirts by wlicl tle player
exceeJeJ or tle DC of tle Corcertratior cleck).
º Make a rarotecl cortrol roll. 1lis is:
ld20 - ease attac| eeaas - w|sdem med|||ec ld20 - ease attac| eeaas - w|sdem med|||ec ld20 - ease attac| eeaas - w|sdem med|||ec ld20 - ease attac| eeaas - w|sdem med|||ec ld20 - ease attac| eeaas - w|sdem med|||ec
(- b || c|acactec |as |aaetec| Attaaemeat) (- b || c|acactec |as |aaetec| Attaaemeat) (- b || c|acactec |as |aaetec| Attaaemeat) (- b || c|acactec |as |aaetec| Attaaemeat) (- b || c|acactec |as |aaetec| Attaaemeat)
1le DC JeperJs or tle particular effect as JescribeJ
below. Success mears tlat tle JesireJ effect lappers as
lor, as tle claracter las erou,l rarourits to proviJe
for it. lf sle lacks tlem or if tle roll fails by 15 or less,
rotlir, lappers. lf tle roll fails by more tlar 15, tle
raromaclires Jo sometlir, similar to tleir
pro,rammir, but witlout proper ,uiJarce. At tle CM's
Jiscretior, tlis mi,lt ircluJe attackir, tle wror, tar,et
(ircluJir, tle claracter'), or spreaJir, tle effect arourJ
so mary tar,ets tlat eacl ore ,ets barely measurable
lelp or larm. lr aJJitior, tle rarourits spert or tle
effect are permarertly lost to tle claracter.
Attacks are strai,ltforwarJ erou,l, but as
rarofabricators are extremely versatile, tle CM
sloulJ always corsiJer tle rature of tle effect ir
questior. lor example, a claracter usir, rarotecl to
- 118 -
re,ererate JestroyeJ tissue may well erJ up causir,
urcortrollable tissue builJ-up, wlicl may rot be fatal,
but will still require sur,ery to remove. lr tlat veir, a
raro-createJ force fielJ ,ererator mi,lt project tle
force fielJ ir tle wror, Jirectior, blockir, ar escape
route; ar attempt to reutralize krockout ,as mi,lt
turr it irto poisor; arJ so fortl. 1le CM is
ercoura,eJ to be as ima,irative as le car.
Narourits are tle currercy tlat raro users ¨pay"
for tle activatior of raro effects. A claracter wlo
las just aclieveJ rarotecl activatior las tle
followir, rumber of rarourits at ler Jisposal:
20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| 20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| 20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| 20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve| 20 - l/2 c|acactec |eve|
(ceaaded aµ) - acea eeaas (ceaaded aµ) - acea eeaas (ceaaded aµ) - acea eeaas (ceaaded aµ) - acea eeaas (ceaaded aµ) - acea eeaas
1le claracter car store a maximum of twice tlis
iritial rumber of rarourits. Ary extra rarourits bleeJ
off irto tle ervirormert at a rate of 5 per rourJ. Lacl
act of rarotecl use tle claracter performs Jepletes
ler store by ore or more urits. 1lere's more out ir tle
ervirormert, but it takes time for a claracter to ,atler
back ir rarourits sle's Jisclar,eJ arJ/or accumulate
a fresl store from tle free-floatir, raro arourJ ler.
Lvery 1O mirutes, tle claracter re,airs tle rumber of
rarourits irJicateJ ir tle rarourit recovery rate
columr of tle raro area table, above. (Claracters witl
tle Narotecl Atturemert feat Jouble tle usual
recovery rate.) CarrieJ raroblocks Jo rot court a,airst
tle claracter's persoral total. Normally persoral
reserves ,et corsumeJ first, but tle claracter may Jirect
raromaclires to use ore or more raroblocks first, if
sle prefers.
Claracters wlo lave lost some capacity because
of particularly baJ luck witl raro use, as JescribeJ
above, must succeeJ ir a Craft (rarotecl) cleck
a,airst DC 2O witl tle aiJ of a raroblock maclire.
Success repairs a rumber of Jama,eJ rarourits equal
to tle area borus.
1larks to tle supreme versatility of
raroteclrolo,y arJ tle li,lly JevelopeJ user
irterface, tlere are two Jetermirir, factors ir ary
use of persoral raro: tle limits of tle user's
ima,iratior, arJ wletler le car actually cortrol tle
raromaclires well erou,l to pull off tle trick le's
tlou,lt of.
Lacl use of rarotecl requires tle user to
Jetermire tle effect's scope, power arJ type, as
irJicateJ or 1able 3-+. 1lese factors set tle Jifficulty
of tle attempteJ effect arJ its cost ir rarourits.
|||ect |acametec |||ect |acametec |||ect |acametec |||ect |acametec |||ect |acametec 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest
Sceµe Sceµe Sceµe Sceµe Sceµe latecaa| -2 l
|ea-cemeat extecaa| -4 2
Cemeat extecaa| -6 2
|ewec |ewec |ewec |ewec |ewec H|aec -l 2
Hedecate -3 4
Hajec -6 6
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe |ecceµt|ea -2 l
|cesecvat|ea -4 3
Cceat|ea -8 8
0estcact|ea -8 4
Scope Jetermires wletler tle tar,et is just tle
user limself, or tle ervirormert arourJ lim. Ar
effect car orly lave a sir,le scope parameter - it
carrot be irterral arJ combat exterral, for example.
º ínternc| effects orly affect tle user. Healir,
Jama,e by usir, rarobots to stitcl tle wourJ back
to,etler, temporarily improvir, abilities by slippir,
a ,roup of rarites irto your boJy to work alor,siJe
tle muscles, reutralizir, poisors by clar,ir, tle
maclirery ir your blooJstream witl tle task of
Jisassemblir, toxirs arJ otler similar effects are all
irterral. Sersory effects are also corsiJereJ to be
irterral. Wlile tle claracter may well serJ
raromaclires out to map out tle surrourJir, area,
tle Jata tley relay is orly receiveJ by lim, arJ tle
ervirormert remairs uraffecteJ. lrterral effects are
usually ratler easy to pull off.
º Non-comoct externc| effects affect tle space
arourJ tle user (tlou,l tle actual rar,e i s
JetermireJ by tle effect's power). Lsir, rarotecl
to purify water; serJir, a swarm of rarobots to krit
your frierJ's slattereJ bores back to,etler; or
severir, tle molecular borJs of tle metal tle lock is
maJe of, causir, it to lose colesior arJ turr it irto a
clouJ of Just are all ror-combat exterral effects. 1ley
are easier to pull off simply because tle user las ar
easier time corcertratir, or tle task at larJ arJ
usually las a bit more time to prepare.
º Comoct externc| effects are createJ urJer
combat corJitiors arJ ofter (tlou,l rot recessarily)
cause Jama,e to eremies. Lxampl es i rcluJe
commarJir, rarobots to form a floatir, lers tlrou,l
wlicl surli,lt car be collecteJ; focuseJ arJ amplifieJ
- 119 -
irto a laser; Jispatclir, a clouJ of rarites to irtercept
arJ Jestroy ircomir, projectiles, or severir, tle
molecular borJs ir ar eremy's cortairmert suit arJ
tlus breaclir, it.
1lis parameter Jetermires low powerful tle
effect is. Attacks arJ otler similar applicatiors orly
lave a Juratior of a sir,le rourJ, wlereas effects sucl
as erlarcemerts to tle user's abilities arJ serses car
lave a lor,er Juratior.
º M|nor effects are reasorably simple. Most
sersory effects are miror effects, aJJir, up to +5 or
skill clecks usir, a sir,le serse. Miror effects car
cause or leal 1J6 lit poirts of Jama,e, arJ tley lave
a maximum rar,e of 15O feet. Miror effects car be
useJ to create up to 1 lb. of material. Lffects orly lave
a Juratior of a sir,le rourJ.
º MoJercte effects car cause or leal 3J6 poirts
of Jama,e. 1leir maximum rar,e is 1,OOO yarJs. lire,
freezir,, corrosive arJ electrical effects are always at
least moJerate effects. MoJerate effects car create up
to 1O lbs. of material. A moJerate effect car
temporarily ircrease abilities by +1; tley lave a
maximum Juratior of 6 rourJs. 1le effect car
ircrease tle tar,et's speeJ by 2O feet. Lrlarcir, c||
of tle claracter's serses by +5 is a moJerate effect.
º Mc¡or effects car cause or leal 5J6 poirts of
Jama,e. Major effects car be useJ to create up to 5O
lbs. of material. 1leir maximum rar,e is 1 mile, arJ
tleir maximum Juratior is 1 mirute. 1le effect car
ircrease tle tar,et's speeJ by 5O feet.
lf ar effect las a rumeric value - if it causes
Jama,e, leals Jama,e, or protects tle user from
Jama,e - tlat rumber is JetermireJ by a roll of tle
Jice, as JictateJ by tle power level. lor example, a
moJerate effect coulJ project a force fielJ tlat offereJ
3J6 aJJitioral, ablative lit poirts, or create a mass
Jriver tlat causeJ 3J6 poirts of Jama,e Jama,e, or
leal someore for 3J6 lit poirts.
Wlile a raro effect car orly lave a sir,le power
parameter, tlere are several moJifiers tlat car furtler
fire-ture it (see tle table below) or ircrease its
efficiercy from tle starJarJ parameters slowr above.
lor example, by a,itatir, molecules, tlus causir,
tlem to ,ererate a ,reat Jeal of leat, tle user car
cause a fire effect; by slowir, tlem Jowr, sle
effectively lowers tle temperature arJ creates a colJ
effect. 1le erer,y Jama,e optiors all work as
JescribeJ ir J20 MoJern (see Clapter Sever:
Camemasterir,, ¨1le MoJerr WorlJ"), tley just
lave ar urusual ori,ir.
º íxtrc Jcmc¸e/|ec||n¸. lor eacl court of tlis
parameter, ircrease tle Jama,e or lealir, power of
tle effect by +1J6. 1lis moJifier car orly be aJJeJ
to effects tlat are alreaJy of major power.
º +100 ycrJs oj rcn¸e. lrcrease tle rar,e of ar
effect. 1lis car be aJJeJ to ary power parameter.
º +50 |os. oj mcter|c|. 1lis car orly be aJJeJ to
effects tlat are alreaJy of major power.
º +30 jeet oj sµeeJ. 1lis car orly be aJJeJ to
effects tlat are alreaJy of major power.
º í|re. Attack row causes fire Jama,e. 1lis
parameter car orly be aJJeJ to effects of moJerate
or major power.
º íree,|n¸. Attack row causes colJ Jama,e. 1lis
parameter car orly be aJJeJ to effects of moJerate
or major power.
º í|ectr|c|ty. Attack row causes electricity
Jama,e, or tle effect car be useJ to power certair
Jevices. 1lis parameter car orly be aJJeJ to effects
of moJerate or major power.
º Corros|ve. Attack row causes aciJ Jama,e. 1lis
parameter car orly be aJJeJ to effects of moJerate
or major power.
º RcJ|ct|on. Attack row causes raJiatior Jama,e
arJ raJiatior poisorir,, arJ may cause mutatiors; eacl
irstarce of tlis moJifier aJJeJ to tle raro effect also
aJJs arotler level of irtersity to tle muta,eric effect.
1lis moJifier car orly be aJJeJ to effects tlat are alreaJy
of moJerate or major power. Wler tlis parameter is
aJJeJ to a major power, tle tar,et must aJJ a ++ borus
or tle roll to see wletler tle ary mutatior receiveJ as
a result of tlis exposure is miror or major.
Hed|||ec Hed|||ec Hed|||ec Hed|||ec Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest |aae Cest
-ld6 damaqe/|ea||aq -b 4
-l00 yacds caaqe -l l
-b0 |es. matec|a| -l b
-30 |t. e| sµeed -3 4
||ce -4 2
|ceez|aq -4 2
||ectc|c|ty -4 3
Cecces|ve -4 4
Rad|at|ea -6 8
-l te ae|||ty -2 3
-l ceaad e| dacat|ea -2 2
|ec b-|eet sqaace a||ected -b 8
- 120 -
º _+1 to co|||ty. 1le claracter's ability (or several
abilities, if sle takes tlis moJifier repeateJly) are
ircreaseJ. 1lis moJifier car orly be aJJeJ to effects
tlat are alreaJy of moJerate power.
º _+1 rounJ oj Jurct|on. 1le Juratior of tle effect
is ircreaseJ. 1lis moJifier car orly be aJJeJ to effects
tlat are alreaJy of moJerate power.
º _Ier 5-joot s¡ucre cjjecteJ. 1le effect car row
affect ar ertire area, tle size of wlicl JeperJs or
tle user's wisles arJ tle level of power at lis Jisposal.
Lveryore ir tle area is affecteJ by tle effect.
1lis parameter Jefires tle rature of tle effect.
Ar effect car orly be of a sir,le type.
º Ierceµt|on relates to sersory effects. lor
example, tle user may commarJ rarites to pick up
raJio trarsmissiors arJ trarsmit tlem Jirectly to
otler rarites tlat ir turr maripulate tle tymparic
membrare witlir tle user's ear, causir, ler to ¨lear"
tle raJio traffic. Narites mi,lt form a tiry airborre
camera tlat floats ir tle air above tle claracter's
immeJiate vicirity, trarsmittir, tle ima,e to a small
rarocluster ir ler optic rerve, maripulatir, tle
bioelectrical impulses passir, tlrou,l it, arJ
superimposir, tle ima,e Jirectly irto tle user's fielJ
of visior. Ar irJustrious ,roup of raromaclires may
ever retrieve Jata from ar arciert computer's larJ
Jrive by ,oir, tlrou,l its surface track by track. 1le
user may rever Jirectly affect tle outsiJe worlJ ir
ary way tlrou,l use of perceptior effects; tley car
orly be useJ to receive irformatior about sometlir,.
º Ireservct|on effects are useJ wler a ,roup of
rarites is irstructeJ to mairtair sometlir, ir its
currert state. lor irstarce, rarites car be commarJeJ
to preserve fooJ supplies by Jestroyir, bacteria, or
tle user may Jirect tlem to builJ a force fielJ projector
tlat Jeflects ircomir, projectiles, wlile raro floatir,
ir tle user's boJy may be clar,eJ witl tle task of
mairtair, cells ir tleir currert corJitior, essertially
fixir, ary Jama,e tle claracter receives ever as le
receives it. (Note tlat tlis is rot tle same tlir, as
lealir, Jama,e tlat las alreaJy beer receiveJ.)
ºCrect|on effects form sometlir, out of rotlir,.
lor example, tle claracter mi,lt irstruct rarites to
start builJir, molecules usir, a ratio of two lyJro,er
atoms for eacl oxy,er atom, effectively creatir, pure
water out of tlir air. lar more complex effects are
also possible - tle user mi,lt commarJ rarobots
to builJ larJcuffs arourJ tle wrists of ar eremy.
Wlile very useful, creatior effects terJ to use up
ambiert raro at a ,reat rate. Healir, effects are
Soorer or later, someore's ,oir, to wart to use
rarotecl to create sometlir,, wletler it's as simple
as a wrercl or as complex as a laser carror. lt's a
perfectly valiJ use for rarotecl, but it's rot
particularly easy. Lsir, persoral rarotecl to create
a laser beam is ore tlir,. 1le rarofabricators lave
beer prepro,rammeJ to recorfi,ure tlemselves for
a wiJe variety of effects, arJ usually tle user Joesr't
reeJ to krow tle low, as lor, as le krows tle
wlat. However, if le warts to er,a,e ir actual
er,ireerir, arJ corstructior, tlir,s clar,e.
1le user must make a Craft cleck just as if
le was builJir, tle item rormally by larJ, sirce
le reeJs to ,ive ,ooJ irstructiors to lis
rarofabricators. However, le Joesr't reeJ ary
tools, sirce raro Joes all of tle work. He Joes
reeJ suitable raw materials, but tley Jor't reeJ
to be ir a proper form. lf le alreaJy las a ,ur, for
irstarce, le car use it as suitable raw material
for arotler weapor. Naromacli res arer't
botlereJ by small Jetails like form.
He must make a cortrol roll as per rormal. 1le
roll is maJe for a ror-combat exterral creatior
effect, witl tle effect's power JetermireJ by tle
wei,lt of tle firal object. (Complexity is rot ar
issue. 1lat is taker care of by tle Craft cleck; tle
rarites merely Jo as tley're tolJ.) Success mears
tlat corstructior be,irs; corstructior time is cut
ir lalf, arJ tle claracter Joesr't reeJ to Jo
arytlir, orce tle process is urJerway. He car sleep,
talk to lis frierJs, or ever fi,lt someore, but le
must remair ir tle area wlere corstructior is takir,
place. lf le leaves, so Jo lis persoral rarofabricators.
lf tle claracter is attemptir, to replicate ar
existir, piece of biotecl or cybertecl, le first reeJs
to make successfully aralyze tle object to Jetermire
its properties arJ corstructior (see Clapter Six).
1ler le must make a Craft cleck a,airst DC (DC
of tle aralysis roll +1O). 1lese Jevices are so
complex tlat replicatir, tleir exact furctior is very
larJ. lf successful, tle claracter car set lis rarites
to work. lf le fails tle cleck, le carrot try a,air;
tlat particular Jevice is simply too complex for lim.
As ar optioral rule, tle CM may make tle
Craft roll for biotecl arJ cybertecl. lf it's rot
successful, irstallir, tle erJ result may lave
terrible results. ArJ firJir, someore to be tle
,uirea pi, may be ar irterestir, claller,e..
- 121 -
creatior effects, as are effects tlat cause tle claracter
to move from ore place to arotler. StarJarJ effect
Juratior Joesr't affect creatior effects wler tley are
useJ to create permarert items or material - it refers
to low lor, tle rarites work, rot to tle results of
tleir labors.
º Destruct|on effects take tlir,s apart, eitler by
Jirectly Jissemblir, tlem or by builJir, sometlir,
witl tle power to Jestroy sometlir, else. Lxamples
ircluJe builJir, a swarm of morofilamerteJ rarites
tlat cut eremies irto pieces; lavir, raromaclires
completely JelyJrate a wooJer Joor, causir, it to
become extremely brittle; or ever irstructir, rarites
to attack arJ Jestroy tle wlite blooJ cells ir ar
eremy's blooJstream, Jisablir, ler immure system.
Destructior ef fects arer't quite as leavy or
raroresources as creatior effects are. After all, tle
rarites Jor't reeJ to work rearly as larJ to simply
sever molecular borJs as tley woulJ to assemble
molecules arJ attacl tlem to eacl otler. Destructior
effects are permarert like creatior effects.
Soorer or later a situatior will surface wlere ore
raro user is attemptir, ore tlir, arJ arotler is
tryir, to oppose lim, by eitler irterti orally
courterir, a parti cular effect, or attempti r,
sometlir, tlat Joesr't lave ar erJ result compatible
witl tle otler attempt.
1le user wlose effect uses a li,ler power parameter
always wirs. A moJerate effect beats a miror ore, arJ a
major effect beats a moJerate ore (supposir,, of course,
tlat tle effect is successful to be,ir witl; tle user still
las to succeeJ ir lis cortrol roll).
lf botl of tle effects lave tle same power
parameter, arJ botl of tle users succeeJ ir tleir
cortrol rolls, make ar opposeJ cortrol roll, usir, all
DC moJifiers applieJ to tle iritial roll as a µenc|ty or
tle roll. Claracters witl tle Narotecl Atturemert
feat ,et a +2 circumstarce borus or tlis roll. lr case
of a tie, tle claracter witl tle li,ler moJifiers (base
attack borus + WisJom moJifier) wirs. lf tley're still
tieJ, make ar opposeJ Will save. 1le ore wlose
willpower proves stror,er mara,es to cortrol lis
rarofabricators witl a ,reater Je,ree of accuracy arJ
wirs tle cortest.
lreparatior is key ir mary tlir,s. lersoral
rarites car easily be pro,rammeJ to Jo tlir,s, arJ
prepro,rammeJ effects car make tle Jiffererce
betweer life arJ Jeatl. 1le claracter car keep a
rumber of prepro,rammeJ effects at larJ equal to
twice lis lrtelli,erce moJifier (mirimum of 1). 1lese
effects are rormal raro effects tlat lave simply beer
placeJ ir stora,e, reaJy to be laurcleJ at will. 1lese
effects are otlerwise larJleJ like all raro effects, but
tle cortrol roll for tlem is maJe witl a +2 borus.
1le prepareJ effects arer't ¨spert" ir ary way wler
tley are useJ; tle claracter car keep or usir, tlem
as lor, as le las erou,l raro to power tlem.
lrepareJ ef fects car be clar,eJ wi tl a
Corcertratior cleck a,airst DC equal to tle
Jifficulty of tle cortrol roll of tle rew effect. 1lis
takes a sir,le rourJ per effect.
Narotecl terJs to be lereJitary. Òrce borJeJ
witl a lumar beir,, tle rarites irfest tle lumar
sperm arJ ova; it's rot at all impossible for a
Jevelopir, fetus to be raro-erlarceJ ever before
birtl. SloulJ tlis become ar issue ir play, lave tle
rewborr make a lortituJe save a,airst DC 2O if botl
parerts are raro users, or a,airst DC 1O if orly ore
parert las persoral rarites. lf tle irfart fails tle
roll, le's beer ¨irfecteJ" witl raro from birtl.
lr certair irstarces, if tle claracters come from
suitable back,rourJs, tle CM may wisl to lave all
claracters make tlis roll to Jetermire if tley lave
irleriteJ tle trait from tleir parerts.
Here is a selectior of examples of wlat kirJ of
raro effects raro users car create. 1le followir,
format is useJ:
Descriptior of wlat tle effect Joes ir plair
lar,ua,e, witl ro ,ame meclarics.
Scope: lrterral, ror-combat exterral or combat
Power: Miror, moJerate or major.
Type: lerceptior, preservatior, creatior or
Nano Cost: How mary rarourits tle user must
pay to activate tlis effect.
DC: 1le DC for tle cortrol roll.
Effect: Wlat tle ,ame meclarics of tle raro
effect are.
Came Mecbanics: A brief explaratior of low
tle DC arJ raro cost are fi,ureJ arJ a few su,,estiors
as to low tle effect coulJ be moJifieJ. 1le format
for tle fi,ures is (DC/raro cost).
- 122 -
1le ¨,ame meclarics" sectior ir tle effect
Jescriptiors is particularly importart to rew players, as it
serves to Jemorstrate tle versatility of raroteclrolo,y.
llayers are ercoura,eJ to come up witl tleir owr effects'
Also, bear ir mirJ tlat if tlese effects lave beer prepareJ
by tle claracter prior to use, tle claracter receives a +2
borus or tle cortrol roll.
1lousarJs upor tlousarJs of rarites swarm irto
tle claracter's boJy arJ start improvir, it. Wletler
tley are builJir, rew muscle fiber, strer,tlerir,
bores witl alloys, builJir, rew reural patlways or
ever reslapir, tle user's facial bore structure, tle
erJ result is a temporary ircrease ir ore of tle
claracter's abilities.
Scope: lrterral
Power: MoJerate
Type: Creatior
Nano Cost: 13
DC: 11
Effect: Ar attribute of tle claracter's cloice is
ircreaseJ by ore. 1le effect lasts for five rourJs.
Came Mecbanics: 1lis is ar irterral (+2/1),
moJerate (+3/+) arJ creatior (+6/8) effect, for a total
DC of 11 arJ a raro cost of 13. 1le claracter coulJ,
if le wisleJ, ircrease tle effect's Juratior (wlicl
woulJ ircrease tle DC by +2 arJ tle raro cost by 2)
or its effectiveress (wlicl woulJ ircrease tle DC by
+2 arJ tle cost by 3) - or botl. He coulJ also Jirect
tle effect at lis frierJ Jurir, combat (+6/2), for a
total DC of 15 arJ a raro cost of 1+.
1le user's rarites form ar arti-,ravity fielJ
projector or a rocket pack tlat ,ives lim tle ability
to Jefy ,ravity at will.
Scope: Nor-combat exterral
Power: MoJerate
Type: Creatior
Nano Cost: 1+
DC: 13
Lffect: 1le claracter may row fly for 5 rourJs,
but carrot er,a,e ir combat. His rormal speeJ is
ircreaseJ by 2O feet.
Came Mecbanics: Nor-combat exterral (++/2),
moJerate (+3/+) arJ creatior (+6/8), for a raro cost
of 1+ arJ DC of 13. 1le claracter coulJ ircrease tle
fli,lt's Juratior by a rourJ or two, or ircrease lis fli,lt
speeJ by usir, a major effect. Òf course, usir, a combat
exterral effect irsteaJ woulJ erable fli,lt ir combat.
1le claracter's raromaclires recorfi ,ure
tlemselves irto powerful fielJ projectors tlat assume
strate,ic positiors arourJ lim arJ project ar irvisible
wall of force betweer lim arJ lis eremies.
Scope: Combat exterral
Power: MoJerate
Type: Creatior
Nano Cost: 1+
DC: 15
Effect: A 5-foot-square-wiJe force fielJ tlat offers
3J6 aJJitioral, ablative lit poirts appears rext to
tle claracter, facir, a leaJir, of lis cloice.
Came Mecbanics: Combat exterral (+6/2),
moJerate (+3/+) arJ creatior (+6/8), for a total DC of
15, arJ raro cost of 1+. lf tle claracter warteJ to protect
tle ertire 5-foot square (arJ everyboJy ir it) from all
siJes, le coulJ aJJ tle area effect moJifier (+5/8).
1lis fri,lterir, effect is causeJ by rarites tlat
trarsmit waves arJ particles of larJ raJiatior witl
urerrir, accuracy. lt allows tle claracter to batle
lerself ir tle fierce ,low of urtameJ raJiatior arJ
take ary mutatiors - ir aJJitior to tle Jama,e -
tle effect may brir,, bereficial or larmful. Òrly a
very optimistic - or foolisl - persor woulJ subject
lerself to tlis effect, but tlere are tlose wlo are
willir, to take ,reat clarces for ,reat power.
Scope: lrterral
Power: Major
Type: Creatior
Nano Cost: 22
DC: 2+
Effect: 1le user suffers 5J6 poirts of raJiatior
Jama,e arJ las to succeeJ ir a lortituJe save a,airst
DC 1O or suffer a mutatior. lf sle mutates, sle must
take a ++ borus or tle roll to see wletler tle
mutatior is miror or major.
Came Mecbanics: lrterral (+2/1), major (+6/
6), creatior (+6/8), arJ raJiatior (+6/8), for a total
DC of 2O arJ raro cost of 23. 1lis effect coulJ be
JirecteJ at otlers by ircreasir, tle scope to combat
exterral (+6/2) .
A cluster of li,lly specializeJ rarites form a
powerfully ma,retic, bottle-slapeJ fielJ. Òtler
raromaclires pump ir li,lly pressurizeJ ,ases -
typically lyJro,er - arJ tler iorize it, turrir, it
irto plasma arJ trappir, it witlir tle fielJ. A simple
- 123 -
maripulatior of tle fielJ tler causes tle plasma to
jet out arJ lorribly burr tle user's eremies.
Scope: Combat exterral
Power: Major
Type: Destructior
Nano Cost: 1+
DC: 18
Effect: 1le Jisclar,e of plasma irflicts 5J6
Jama,e or ar eremy of tle user's cloice.
Came Mecbanics: Combat exterral (+6/2),
major (+6/8) arJ Jestructior (+6/+), for a total DC
of 18 arJ raro cost of 1+. Not ar easy trick to pull
off, but very effective ir combat. A less effective (but
easier) versior woulJ lave moJerate power (+3/+).
A plasma attack Jesi,reJ to set tle tar,et or fire is
ar ircrease of (++/3).
Combat situatiors ofter take a rasty turr -
li,l-powereJ weapors car turr a mar irto a slowly
expirir, wreck ir secorJs. lr sucl irstarces, it's ,ooJ
to lave a meJic arourJ, but it's ever better to lave a
frierJ witl a ,ooJ commarJ of rarotecl. Witl tlis
effect, a cluster of rarofabricators JescerJ or tle
wourJs arJ start tle lealir, process. 1ley close oper
veirs, prevertir, furtler blooJ loss; start replicatir,
tle existir, cell structure, effectively re,ereratir, tle
wourJ; arestletize arJ reattacl tle broker rerve
erJir,s; arJ ,ererally accomplisl ir secorJs wlat
woulJ take a skilleJ Joctor lours.
Scope: Nor-combat exterral
Power: MoJerate
Type: Creatior
Nano Cost: 1+
DC: 13
Effect: 1le user car irstartly leal 3J6 poirts of
Jama,e suffereJ by someore else.
Came Mecbanics: Nor-combat exterral (++/2),
moJerate (+3/+), creatior (+6/8), for a total DC of
13 arJ raro cost of 1+. 1lis effect coulJ also be Jore
ir tle miJJle of a combat situatior (+6/2); or witl a
,reater efficiercy as a major effect (+6/6), ir wlicl
case tle claracter coulJ leal 5J6 poirts of Jama,e.
Self-lealir, witl ar irterral effect (+2/1) woulJ be
very simple irJeeJ - arJ ever mass lealir, mi,lt
be ar optior, if tle user is willir, to Jeal witl tle
claller,es of ar area effect (+5/8).
Mappir, out tle wastelarJ car be a Jaurtir, task
- tlere's sucl a ,reat Jeal of space arJ so mucl to
be fourJ tlat it's rot Jifficult to simply walk tlrou,l
- 124 -
ar area arJ rot realize tlat just belirJ tlat lill,
beyorJ tlose wooJs, lies ar arciert worJer just
waitir, for someore to firJ it. Yet searclir, every
place ir Jetail takes a lor,, lor, time, arJ tlere's ro
,uarartee of a payoff. SerJir, a clouJ of rarobots
li,l up irto tle air to scout tle area aleaJ arJ beam
a JetaileJ topo,raplical ima,e of tle surrourJir, area
Jowr to tle user car save a lot of sloe leatler.
Scope: lrterral
Power: Miror
Type: lerceptior
Nano Cost: +
DC: 5
Effect: 1le claracter sees a real-time map of tle
surrourJir, area for 1 rourJ, ,ivir, lim valuable
tactical Jata, as well as a +2 circumstarce borus or
all Survival arJ Navi,ate clecks maJe ir tle area.
Òtler boruses may well apply, JeperJir, or tle
Came Mecbanics: lrterral (+2/1), miror (+1/
2), perceptior (+2/1), for a total DC of 5 arJ raro
cost of +. 1urrir, tle effect irto a ror-combat
exterral (++/2) woulJ erable tle claracter to create
a lolo,raplic ima,e so lis frierJs coulJ also see tle
map arJ make irformeJ Jecisiors as a ,roup, wlereas
turrir, tle ima,e irto a moJerate effect (+3/+) woulJ
let tle claracter cortirue observir, tle ertire
surrourJir, area for up to 5 rourJs.
lmpurities ir water fourJ ir tle ervirormert car
be JeaJly, but a proper applicatior of rarotecl soor
breaks tlem Jowr irto tleir comporert parts arJ
elimirates tlem from tle liquiJ, leavir, orly pure H2Ò.
Scope: Nor-combat exterral
Power: Miror
Type: Destructior
Nano Cost: 8
DC: 11
Effect: A quartity of cortamirateJ water is maJe
Came Mecbanics: Nor-combat exterral (++/2),
miror (+1/2) arJ Jestructior (+6/+), for a total DC of
11, arJ raro cost of 8. lf tle raro user fourJ lerself
ir ar ervirormert tlat laJ ro water to purify, sle
coulJ still ,et a refreslir, Jrirk by turrir, tlis irto a
creatior effect, combirir, lyJro,er arJ oxy,er atoms
to proJuce water for tle aJJitioral cost of + rarourits.
Cortrary to tle preJictiors maJe ir popular culture,
tle art of fusir, meclarical arJ electrorical Jevices witl
lumar flesl arJ bore rever proveJ to be extremely
popular. Wlile it certairly laJ its applicatiors arJ
proporerts, most people felt tlat bioteclrolo,y was faster,
safer arJ easier to use. Certairly, ir mary cases, lirkir,
meat to metal simply faileJ to proJuce satisfactory results,
particularly as cyberteclrolo,y featureJ ofter problematic
power requiremerts arJ laJ to be re,ularly mairtaireJ.
lurtlermore, from a psyclolo,ical starJpoirt, mary
users fourJ tle iJea of complex irarimate objects loJ,eJ
ir tleir boJies Jisturbir,. Lioteclrolo,y, at least, was
ratural ir some serse of tle worJ, wlereas lavir, ar arm
maJe of superli,lt arJ Jurable plastics, steel, servos arJ
pistors was larJ to ,et useJ to. Mary felt sucl Jevices
were too alier to be comfortably useJ, ever tlou,l
teclrolo,y laJ aJvarceJ to tle poirt wlere serses coulJ
be effectively trarsmitteJ from artificial limbs.
Cybertecl must be aralyzeJ before it car be useJ
(see Clapter Six). Cybertecl is always corsiJereJ to
be larJtecl. Cybertecl items always lave ar aralysis
DC of 25, tlou,l tle CM may moJify tlis ir cases of
tle more obvious Jevices. lailir, tle cleck by 1O or
more leaJs to a critical error, tle exact rature of wlicl
JeperJs or tle rature of tle Jevice. Simply put,
irstallir, ar erlarceJ learir, moJule to someore's
,roir, for example, may lave baJ corsequerces.
lrstallir, cybertecl requires sur,ery arJ a
successful 1reat lrjury cleck (claracters witlout tle
Sur,ery feat suffer a -+ peralty or tle cleck). Lrlike
biotecl, cybertecl Joesr't lave a rejectior risk, so
immuro-suppressarts are rot requireJ. All cybertecl
Jevices come witl starJarJizeJ access ports tlat are
useJ for mairterarce arJ reclar,ir,, arJ tlese ports
reeJ to be placeJ or tle outsiJe of tle boJy to ersure
easy access, ever tlou,l tle actual Jevice is
embeJJeJ ir tle boJy. 1le exact slape arJ size
JeperJs or tle Jevice arJ its make, but most of tlem
replace about a palm-sizeJ area of tle lost's skir.
lirJir, cybertecl lyir, arourJ isr't particularly
urcommor, but firJir, some tlat actually furctiors
is arotler questior alto,etler. 1ime las taker its toll,
arJ mucl of tlis sersitive equipmert las beer
JestroyeJ by combat arJ ervirormertal factors, or
- 125 -
i t's a questior of exertior - wi tl plysical
erlarcemerts, tle claracter car act reasorably
rormally, but carrot er,a,e ir combat or otler
strerous activi ties, or i r case of cerebral
erlarcemerts, ir serious researcl or tlirkir, tlat
taxes tlat particular serse (typically, ary actior witl
a DC li,ler tlar 1O). 1le claracter carrot take 1O
or 2O or a reclar,e roll.
LrirstalleJ, JraireJ cybertecl car still be useful
- tlere may rot be erou,l power ir tle system to
power tle Jevice, but tle power car still be siploreJ
off to existir, systems. 1le claracter must lave proper
tools arJ cables to trarsfer tle power. A lepair roll
maJe at DC 2O allows tle claracter to scaver,e 1J3+1
power from a JepleteJ system. Wler attemptir, tlis,
you car take 1O, but you car't take 2O.
Completely JepleteJ cybertecl is wlat mary
tecls refer to as ¨crarky" - it's rot ea,er to boot up
a,air, ever wler tle power is a,air flowir, freely.
A successful lepair cleck a,airst DC 25 is requireJ
to brir, a orce-JepleteJ system back or-lire. A,air,
you car take 1O, but you car't take 2O - tle sersitive
equipmert terJs to suffer from multiple reboot
Mary people lave ar urJerstarJable aversior
to irsertir, teclrolo,y irto tle lumar brair, but
sucl a urior of mirJ arJ maclire Joes lave its
aJvarta,es, ircluJir, ircreaseJ processir, power.
1lere are ro substitutioral erlarcemerts, lowever;
wlile it's possible to replace parts of tle lumar brair
wi tl cyberreti c parts, tle results woulJr't be
satisfactory - ary ,air ir pure power woulJ be
slaJoweJ by tle loss of persorality, memory or
co,ritive abilities. lor obvious reasors, tlere was
rever mucl market for tlat.
Effect: lrtelli,erce, WisJom arJ Clarisma car
be ircreaseJ by +1 wler a cerebral erlarcemert is
irstalleJ: aJvarceJ co-processors allow tle claracter's
mirJ to process Jata more efficiertly; serses are
filtereJ arJ erlarceJ; persoral irteractiors are maJe
easier by collatir, arJ cross-referercir, of Jata about
people; arJ so fortl. Ary sir,le cyber Jevice affects
orly ore of tlese abilities; it woulJ take tlree to boost
all tlree mertal abilities. lr aJJitior to tle ability
i rcrease, tle claracter may pick ore speci al
erlarcemert (wlicl ,rarts ar equipmert borus)
from tle followir, list:
1le claracter may orly lave a sir,le
erlarcemert for eacl ability. lf tle erlarcemerts
rur out of power, tle claracter's abilities revert back
simply by tle rava,es of time. lt's rot very commor
to firJ places tlat lave preserveJ cybertecl ir ,ooJ
corJitior tlrou,l tle ,ereratiors - arJ ever if ore
firJs sucl a place, ,ettir, ir is ofter ar erormous
claller,e; after all, tlere's a reasor wly tle corterts
remair urJisturbeJ. Lver if someore were to firJ of
a cacle of still-furctioral cybertecl, it's rot too ofter
sle krows wlat to Jo witl it - or low to irstall it, if
le krow wlat it's for. 1ler a,air, tle lCs are likely
to be a little more resourceful tlar tle avera,e
1le player may traJe ore of lis startir, feats to
start out witl a cybertecl item of lis cloice. 1le
CM las every ri,lt to veto sucl a Jecisior, tlou,l;
obtai rir, sometlir, as aJvarceJ arJ rare as
Cyberretic Syrapse Cortrol, for example, car be
Jifficult to j usti fy ir terms of tle claracter's
back,rourJ, arJ may tlrow a be,irrir, campai,r
completely off-course before it ever properly be,irs.
Claracters may also buy cybertecl items if tleir
commurity las access to aJvarceJ teclrolo,y. 1le
purclase DC is equal to (|reclar,e DC + tle rumber
of clar,es| - 5), witl a mirimum purclase DC of 5.
Cyberretics require power to rur. Liotecl is
powereJ by tle lost boJy, but cyberretics require
exterral power to operate properly. Differert Jevices
lave Jifferert power JemarJs, but if tleir power cells
are JraireJ, tley cease to furctior ertirely urtil tley
are reclar,eJ.
Luckily, cybertecl las beer Jesi,reJ to reclar,e
itself. 1le process is rot perfect, lowever. 1le
ori,iral Jesi,rs were maJe at a time wler reclar,ir,
was as simple as plu,,ir, a special aJapter irto a wall
socket. 1lat was corveriert at tle time, but tlese
Jays, firJir, a workir, aJapter is extremely urlikely,
arJ ever tlat Jifficulty pales or comparisor witl tle
task of firJir, a live wall socket.
All cybertecl Jevices lave a reclar,e rate tlat
corsists of a reclar,e roll DC arJ low mucl power a
successful roll proviJes. lor example, a Jevice witl a
reclar,e rate of 15/2 faces a DC of 15, arJ proviJes
two poirts of clar,e or a successful roll. A reclar,e
roll is 1 J2O, arJ tle roll car orly be maJe orce a Jay.
1le claracter ,airs a +2 borus or tle roll if le
Joesr't use tle Jevice ir questior at all Jurir, tlat
2+-lour perioJ. 1o ,air tle reclar,e borus for Jevices
tlat allow ability ircreases or otler permarert effects,
- 125 -
1le user must lave tle syrapse cortrol urit
embeJJeJ ir lis brair. All pre-packa,eJ, factory-
marufactureJ syrapse cortrol urits come witl five
syraptic remotes - tiry pieces of equipmert tlat car
be attacleJ to tle back of tle tar,et's reck, wlere
tle spiral columr meets tle skull. 1le remote
burrows irto tle flesl, irterfaces witl tle spiral corJ
arJ becomes completely urJetectable. Òrce tlis is
Jore, tle user car access tle remote, arJ tlrou,l it
tle tar,et's mirJ. Witl skill arJ effort, le car ever
cortrol mirJs tlrou,l tle remote.
Effect: 1le user makes a rar,eJ attack roll, usir,
lis WisJom moJifier irsteaJ of lis Dexterity moJifier,
a,airst (1O + tle lalf tle tar,et's claracter level). lf
successful, tle tar,et must make a Will save a,airst
DC 2O. lf tle save fails, tle user car row reaJ tle
tar,et's currert tlou,lts. He also sees wlat tle tar,et
sees arJ lears wlat tle tar,et lears. 1le tar,et is
completely uraware of tle process arJ ,oes about ler
busiress as if tlere were rotlir, wror,.
1le user car moritor a rumber of tar,ets to lis
lrtelli,erce moJifier + 1. 1le user must make a rew
attack roll every five rourJs for eacl tar,et, if le warts
to keep ¨listerir, ir," or every 1O rourJs if tle tar,et
ir questior faileJ ler Will save by more tlar 1O.
1le user may ever take Jirect cortrol of tle
tar,et's boJy, by makir, tle attack roll as above. 1le
tar,et makes a Will save a,airst DC 15. lf tle tar,et
fails tle roll, sle suJJerly firJs lerself ir tle passer,er
seat - ler boJy Joes exactly wlat tle user warts it to
Jo. lr effect, tle user makes all Jice rolls for tle tar,et
arJ Jetermires ler actiors (usir, lis owr skills arJ
base attack borus), tlou,l le may orly take aJvarta,e
of equipmert arJ powers tlat le krows of. 1lis effect
lasts for 5 rourJs, arJ tle tar,et is most Jefiritely aware
of tle fact tlat sometlir, terrible las just lappereJ
to ler (tlou,l it's very possible tlat sle completely
fails to urJerstarJ wlat's ,oir, or). lf tle tar,et
succeeJs at tle Will save, sle krows tlat ler mirJ is
urJer assault, but rot recessarily low.
lf tle tar,et takes Jama,e wlile urJer tle user's
cortrol, le feels it but remairs uraffecteJ. Curiously,
ary attempts at telepatly are row reJirecteJ to tle
cortrollir, mirJ irsteaJ of tle tar,et's. lf tle tar,et's
boJy Jies, tle user must make a Will save a,airst DC
3O or ,o irto slock for 2J6+2 rourJs, Jurir, wlicl
time le is urcorscious.
As lor, as tle implart las erou,l clar,e to
furctior, tlere is rotlir, to keep tle user from
makir, cortact attempts a,air arJ a,air. However,
if tle tar,et erters ar area witl erou,l irterfererce
or if sometlir, blocks tle si,ral, tle user car ro
late|||qeace. late|||qeace. late|||qeace. late|||qeace. late|||qeace.
· 0a-||ae cemµatec ase ce|eceace maaaa| (-2 ea
Cemµatec use)
· ||aqa|st|c dataeaa|s (-2 ea 0ec|µ|ec Scc|µt)
· Rea|-t|me maµµ|aq tee|s (-2 ea |av|qate)
· Ccess-|adex|aq data aaa|ys|s system (-2 ea Reseacc|)
· 0|aqaest|c dataease (-2 ea Reµa|c)
w|sdem. w|sdem. w|sdem. w|sdem. w|sdem.
· Aad|e-|||tec|aq µac|aqe (-2 ea ||stea)
· |syc|e|eq|ca| ce|eceace saeceat|aes (-2 ea Sease
· \|dee ea|aacemeat sa|te (-2 ea Sµet)
· latecaa| tcave| qa|de (-2 ea Sacv|va|)
· Hed|ca| ce|eceace µac|aqe (-2 ea 1ceat lajacy)
C|ac|sma. C|ac|sma. C|ac|sma. C|ac|sma. C|ac|sma.
· ß|ec|em|ca| damµeaec (-2 ea ß|a||)
· |ecseaa||ty d|sµ|acec w|zacd (-2 ea 0|sqa|se)
· |t|qaette qa|c|-ce|eceace qa|de (-2 ea 0|µ|emacy)
· Sµeec| µatteca aaa|yzec (-2 ea 6at|ec la|ecmat|ea)
· Zee|eq|ca| ce|eceace sa|te (-2 ea haad|e Aa|ma|)
to rormal arJ ary skill boruses are carceleJ urtil
tle erlarcemerts car be reclar,eJ.
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: +J6+6/3O
DepÌetion rate: 1/Jay
Recbarge: 15/2
1lis particular applicatior of cybertecl is wlat really
maJe tle teclrolo,y wortl Jevelopir, to tle lowers
1lat Were before society tore itself apart. 1le basic
corcept is simple erou,l: lr tle erJ, everytlir, ir tle
lumar mirJ car be reJuceJ to birary irformatior, ar
erJless stream of zeroes arJ ores, arJ tlat irformatior
car be parseJ, trarsmitteJ arJ ever overriJJer by arotler
si,ral. lr simplest terms, tlis mears tlat tle lumar mirJ
is like ar oper book, arJ ore car rot orly reaJ it, but
urJer proper circumstarces ever rewrite it.
Wlat tlis mears vis-a-vis tle corcept of tle
lumar soul las, rot very surprisir,ly, beer tle source
of mucl Jebate, tle irspiratior of several cults arJ
reli,ious skirmisles, arJ a reasor for a ,reat Jeal of
blooJsleJ, arJ will urJoubteJly cortirue to be
exactly tlat ir tle future. Still, reli,ious corcerrs
asiJe, tle applicatiors are obvious.
- 12T -
Effect: 1le user's car row lear sourJs from five
times as far away as le orJirarily woulJ. 1le ,ame
effects are lar,ely left up to tle CM, wlo sloulJ
simply be aware of tle fact tlat tle claracter car
row easily lister ir or corversatiors tlat orJirary
people carrot lear or Jetect tle footsteps of ar eremy
from a lor, way off.
1le claracter also receives a +2 borus or all Lister
clecks. lf tle syrtletic ear rurs out of power, tle
claracter loses learir, ir tlat ear, arJ receives a -2
peralty or all Lister rolls urtil tle Jevice is reclar,eJ.
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: 2J6+8/2O
DepÌetion rate: 1/Jay
Recbarge: 1O/2
1lis weapor is liJJer ir tle user's boJy, arJ
car easily turr tle tables or ar ursuspectir, attacker.
lt car be fitteJ almost arywlere, tlou,l arms are tle
most popular spot, as tley afforJ tle most
mareuverability. A flap of skir completely liJes tle
muzzle of tle laser arJ flips oper wler tle claracter
fires it.
Effect: Aryore attemptir, to Jetect tle laser
witl a Spot cleck suffers a -8 equipmert peralty or
lor,er cortrol ler or see tlrou,l ler eyes. 1le
correctior las a rar,e of 3 miles.
lrstallir, a syraptic remote takes 5 rourJs, arJ
tle tar,et must be immobile Jurir, tle operatior's
first 2 rourJs, wlile tle remote is beir, irserteJ.
1lere is ro skill irvolveJ; tle remote las beer
Jesi,reJ to firJ its owr way ir orce it las beer placeJ
ir tle proper positior or tle tar,et's reck. 1le
operatior is completely pairless, arJ car ever be Jore
witlout wakir, up a sleepir, tar,et. 1le remote
carrot be removeJ witlout sur,ery. 1lis is ar
extremely Jelicate operatior - a 1reat lrjury cleck
a,airst DC 35 is requireJ (a lealer witlout tle
Sur,ery feat faces a -+ peralty or tle cleck), arJ if
tle cleck fails by more tlar 1O, tle subject becomes
permarertly paralyzeJ Jue to spiral irjury.
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: 2J6+8/2O
DepÌetion rate: 1/mirJ-reaJir, attempt, 2/
cortrol attempt
Recbarge: 2O/2
1le user's learir, is ,reatly erlarceJ ir ore ear,
,rartir, lim aJvarce warrir, a,airst sreaky foes as well
as tle berefits of learir, tlir,s ro ore tlirks le coulJ.
- 128 -
tle roll. 1le weapor is fireJ as a rormal rar,eJ attack.
lt las a rar,e ircremert of 3O yarJs arJ irflicts 3J6
poirts of Jama,e. lf tle claracter firJs lerself ir a
situatior wlere sle las orly a sir,le poirt of clar,e
left, sle car fire tle laser at reJuceJ power, irflictir,
1J6+1 poirts of Jama,e.
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: 2J6+8/2O
DepÌetion rate: 2/use
Recbarge: 15/2
Òre of tle user's eyes is replaceJ by a syrtletic
eye fitteJ witl a li,lt amplifier, effectively ,rartir,
lim ri,lt visior.
Effect: 1le user car row see ir tle Jark. As
tle teclrolo,y is baseJ or amplifyir, existir, li,lt,
tle eye Joesr't furctior ir total arJ complete
Jarkress - leavy clouJ cover is rot a problem, but
a caverr witl absolutely ro source of li,lt ir it is. lf
tle claracter ercourters a particularly bri,lt flasl
of li,lt (sucl as a li,l-tecl flaslli,lt beam Jirectly
ir ler face), sle must make a lortituJe save at DC
2O or lose si,lt ir tlat eye for 1J++1 rourJs as if
tle eye laJ just rur out of power, as tle sersitive
systems attempt to aJjust to tle suJJer ircrease ir
lf tle eye rurs out of power, tle claracter loses
si,lt ir tlat eye, arJ receives a -2 peralty or all Spot
clecks arJ rar,eJ attack rolls because sle lacks Jeptl
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: 2J6+8/2O
DepÌetion rate: 1/Jay
Recbarge: 1O/2
Amor, tle most popular cyberretics of all, plysical
erlarcemerts are strai,ltforwarJ, yet extremely useful.
1ley eitler erlarce tle power of existir, muscles arJ
or,ars - usually by strer,tlerir, li,amerts, reutralizir,
lactic aciJs, feeJir, more erer,y to specific muscle ,roups
arJ so fortl - or by replacir, ertire muscle ,roups, bores
arJ vital or,ars witl cyberretic versiors. Wlile tle latter
are more powerful, tley lave tle JowrsiJe tlat if tley
rur out of clar,e, tley terJ to cripple tle user.
Effect: Strer,tl, Dexterity or Corstitutior car
be ircreaseJ witl llysical Lrlarcemerts; tle exact
ability affecteJ JeperJs or tle specific cybertecl item
ir questior. 1lere are two types of erlarcemerts:
suµµ|ementcry arJ suost|tut|onc|.
Supplemertary cyberretics ircrease tle ability ir
questior by +1. lf tley rur out of power, tley simply
slut Jowr urtil tley are reclar,eJ; tle claracter's ability
scores returr to rormal Jurir, tle slutJowr perioJ.
Substitutioral cyberretics ircrease tle ability ir
questior by ++. However, if tley ever rur out of
power, tle ability is irstartly reJuceJ to 3 urtil tle
cybertecl ir questior is fully reclar,eJ.
1le claracter may orly lave a si r,le
erlarcemert of eacl type for eacl ability - le coulJ,
for example, erlarce lis Strer,tl by +5 by lavir,
botl supplemertary arJ substitutioral cyberretics
irstalleJ, but le coulJr't lave two supplemertary
cybertecl Strer,tl erlarcers irstalleJ.
InitiaÌ/Maximum cbarge: +J6+6/3O
DepÌetion rate: 1/Jay f or supplemertary
erlarcemerts, 2/Jay for substitutioral erlarcemerts
Recbarge: 15/2
lr tle miJJle of tle 21st certury, sciertists were
able to iJertify tle parts of tle lumar brair tlat laJ
tle ability to receive arJ trarsmit irformatior or tle
psioric waveler,tl. lrom tlere it was relatively easy
to iJertify, maripulate arJ au,mert specific talerts.
lr tle Camma A,e some Je,ree of psioric
capability is surprisir,ly commor. Certuries of
tirkerir, witl tle lumar ,erome, as well as rarJom
mutatior arJ tle ,ererally ircreaseJ level of psioric
activity or tle plaret las seer to tlat. (Note tlat
wlile pure-strair lumars are less likely to lave
psioric powers, it's rot urlearJ of - tle potertial is
still ir tle lumar ,erome, arJ sometimes tle DNA
sorts itself just ri,lt for tle power to raturally
marifest.) Some are borr witl tlis capability, otlers
attair it tlrou,l various mears: raroteclrolo,y tlat
alters tle brair's structure, rarJom mutatior, perlaps
ever cruJe teclrolo,ical Jevices. lr tle erJ, low
access to tlis waveler,tl is attaireJ is of secorJary
importarce; orce tle correctior las beer maJe, tle
mears are completely irrelevart. lrom tlat poirt or,
it's a questior of practice.
1o call psiorics ¨powers" is a ,rossly utilitariar
view of tle pleromeror, tlou,l rot ertirely
iraccurate. lsiorics are all about receivir, arJ
trarsmittir, irformatior; ar arciert teret lolJs tlat
- 129 -
U6lNC Þ6lONlC6
All psioric powers must be activateJ before tley car be
useJ - tlis is tle psioric equivalert of a circuit beir, opereJ,
allowir, tle power to flow tlrou,l. 1lis lappers irstartly
arJ car be Jore reflexively ir case of Jefersive powers.
Wler usir, psioric powers, tle player must first
make a power activatior roll. 1le roll is maJe as follows:
(|Cbaracter ÌeveÌ / 4| |rounJ Jown|) + J20
A ratural 2O is always a success. A ratural 1 results
ir jeeJocc|. lor tle DC, corsult tle table below:
irformatior is power. lr tlis irstarce, tlis statemert
becomes true ir a terribly literal faslior.
Wler a claracter ,airs access to psioric powers
for tle first time, sle immeJiately learrs ore basic
psioric power of ler cloice. After tlat, learrir, more
is simply a questior of practice. Witl eacl use, tle
user ircreases ler psioric potertial.
lr ,ame terms, wlerever tle claracter uses a
psioric power, sle ,airs a +1 borus towarJs a power
ircrease roll, wlicl is maJe simply by rollir, 1J2O
arJ aJJir, tle borus sle las ,atlereJ. 1le DC
JeperJs or tle level of tle power sle warts to learr.
Note tlat some powers lave prerequisites tlat must
be met before tle power car be learreJ.
1le user car attempt to learr a rew psioric power
wlerever sle wisles. Sle first makes a Corcertratior
cleck (DC 15) to atture lerself to tle psioric erer,y
fielJ, arJ tler stuJies it ir ar attempt to learr low
to Jirect psioric erer,y to aclieve tle rew effect.
1lis takes a rumber of mirutes equal to tle ircrease
DC of tle power sle is attemptir, to learr, arJ sle
car Jo rotlir, else Jurir, tlat time. Sle tler makes
tle actual attempt to learr tle power by makir, tle
power ircrease roll.
lf sle's successful, tlere's a vast sur,e of psyclic
erer,y (felt automatically by every psioric beir,
witlir a 1-mile raJius), sle learrs tle power, arJ loses
tle accumulateJ borus. A failure results ir jeeJocc|,
arJ is larJleJ as if sle'J rolleJ a ratural 1 or a power
activatior roll. lailir, tle roll also mears losir, lalf
of tle accumulateJ borus.
Certair corJitiors make usir, psiorics more
Jifficult. 1lese are as follows:
|ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| Act|vat|ea 0C Act|vat|ea 0C Act|vat|ea 0C Act|vat|ea 0C Act|vat|ea 0C
ßas|c b
latecmed|ate l0
Advaaced lb
1le lumar mirJ isr't iJeally Jesi,reJ to larJle
psiori cs, arJ tle results of a mi stake car be
Jevastatir,. Sometimes, tle user's cortrol slips, arJ
lis mirJ picks up arJ ,reatly amplifies tle erer,y le
limself is serJir, out - like a raJio receiver tlat
suJJerly picks up a lurJreJ trarsmissiors at teetl-
slatterir, volume. 1lis is krowr as feeJback.
lsioric feeJback always causes some Jama,e, but
feeJback from particularly powerful effects car
actually kill tle user or tle spot. 1o Jetermire tle
results of tle feeJback, tle claracter makes a Will
save a,airst a DC JetermireJ by tle irterJeJ effect
level. lf le succeeJs, le takes some Jama,e but
mara,es to break tle correctior before le is lurt
ary furtler. lf le fails, le immeJiately falls
urcorscious for 1 lour arJ takes secorJary Jama,e,
as per tle followir, table. Òr awakerir,, le is
fati,ueJ for tle rext 23 lours arJ carrot use ary
psioric talerts urtil le recovers. Note tlat all Jama,e
causeJ by feeJback is completely uraffecteJ by all
types of Jama,e arJ erer,y resistarce - essertially,
tle claracter's very beir, is tearir, itself apart.
lr aJJitior to plysical Jama,e, feeJback causes
tle result tle claracter was attemptir, to aclieve to
|ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |ewec |eve| |e|ats |acaed |e|ats |acaed |e|ats |acaed |e|ats |acaed |e|ats |acaed laccease laccease laccease laccease laccease
µec use µec use µec use µec use µec use 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
ßas|c |ewec l 2b
latecmed|ate |ewec 2 3b
Advaaced |ewec 3 4b
C|acactec C|acactec C|acactec C|acactec C|acactec Act|vat|ea Act|vat|ea Act|vat|ea Act|vat|ea Act|vat|ea
Cead|t|ea Cead|t|ea Cead|t|ea Cead|t|ea Cead|t|ea Re|| Hed|||ec Re|| Hed|||ec Re|| Hed|||ec Re|| Hed|||ec Re|| Hed|||ec
Cewec|aq -l
0azed* -4
0|sae|ed -l
|x|aasted -2
|at|qaed -l
|aaseated* -l
|aa|c|ed -l
S|a|ea -2
Staaaed -2
uaceasc|eas* -b
* w|ea |a t||s state, ea| y µass|ve µs|ea|c ta|eats, |||e |syc||c S||e| d, caa
ee ased.
- 130 -
become irverteJ - for example, ar attempt to reaJ
someore's mirJ results ir tle tar,et learrir, tle user's
tlou,lts (arJ more likely tlar rot, just tle ores tle
claracter woulJ ratler rot lave aryore else lear),
wlereas a telekiretic purcl mi,lt be JirecteJ at tle
ertirely wror, tar,et or ever tle claracter limself.
1le more powerful tle irterJeJ effect, tle more
catastroplic tle result. 1le exact Jetails are left up
to tle CM, but tle erJ results are rever pleasart arJ
always impressive. Note tlat wletler tle claracter
makes lis Will save las ro bearir, or tle re,ative
results. At tlat poirt le las alreaJy lost cortrol of
lis attempt arJ las lis larJs full stayir, alive. 1le
ma,rituJe of tle aJverse effect is mostly JetermireJ
by low powerful tle psioric power ir questior is arJ
low evil tle CM warts to be.
Claracters killeJ by feeJback terJ to perisl ir
particularly flasly ways usually tieJ to tle rature of
tle psioric talert tley were attemptir, to use at tle
time. A faileJ attempt at telepatly may result ir
someore's leaJ exploJir, ir a ,ruesome faslior,
wlereas a claracter tryir, to avoiJ ar ambusl by
peekir, irto tle future may actually erJ up beir, killeJ
by a bullet tlat woulJ lave killeJ ler courterpart ir
ar alterrate timelire. leeJback tlat Joesr't kill
proJuces less severe (but extremely pairful) irjuries
tlat marifest tlemselves as splittir, leaJacles arJ
sucl. NosebleeJs arJ ircreaseJ sersitivity to bri,lt
li,lts arJ louJ roises are rot urcommor, arJ tle CM
may impose peralties wlere appropriate.
alto,etler. Note tlat lsyclic SlielJ car elimirate tle
aJvarta,es ,rarteJ by tlis power.
LeveÌ: Lasic
Benefit: 1larks to ler ability to perceive everts
a fractior of a secorJ before tley urfolJ, tle claracter
witl tlis talert ,airs a +3 borus or all Lister arJ
Spot clecks wler attemptir, to spot liJJer,
immeJiate Jar,ers, ircluJir, surprise attacks. Sle is
rever cau,lt flat-footeJ.
1le claracter becomes ever more firely attureJ
to tle ebb arJ flow of time arJ car serse some
irJirect Jar,ers.
LeveÌ: AJvarceJ
Prerequisite: lmproveJ lreco,ritior
Benefit: 1le claracter's Lister/Spot borus for
spottir, surprise attacks is row +9, arJ sle ,airs a
+3 borus or Serse Motive rolls wler sle attempts
to Jetermire if someore sle's talkir, to plars to
betray ler ir tle rear future (tlou,l sle Joesr't learr
tle exact rature of tle betrayal).
Sle also ,airs a +3 borus or ler iritiative, arJ
sle will automatically wake up if someore attempts
to lurt ler wlile sle is asleep.
lirally, all Deferse peralties for beir, blirJeJ,
cowerir,, JeafereJ, slaker or sturreJ are re,ateJ -
ever if tle claracter is ir baJ slape arJ JistracteJ, sle
still irstirctively attempts to move out of larm's way.
1le claracter learrs to exterJ lis serses a bit
furtler Jowr tle stream of time, arJ car row serse
potertial Jisaster resultir, from lis owr actiors.
LeveÌ: lrtermeJiate
Prerequisite: lreco,ritior
Benefit: 1le player may reroll orce ary ror-
combat-relateJ roll tlat is somelow vital to tle
claracter's survival. lor example, a faileJ Disable
Device cleck wler pickir, a lock woulJ rot merit a
reroll, but if failir, tle lockpickir, attempt woulJ
leaJ to tle activatior of tle automateJ Jeferse
system's irvircible killer arJroiJs, a reroll woulJ be
alloweJ. 1lis talert must be activateJ before tle first
cleck is maJe. lr tle evert of a failure, it ,rarts tle
claracter a ,ereric urJerstarJir, of wlat woulJ
lapper if le fails tle secorJ roll; le Joes lave tle
optior of rot attemptir, tle task a,air. Lssertially,
tle claracter c|most be,irs work or a task, arJ tler
JeciJes a,airst it wler le serses a stror, potertial
for Jar,er.
|||ect |||ect |||ect |||ect |||ect |eedeac| |eedeac| |eedeac| |eedeac| |eedeac| w||| w||| w||| w||| w||| Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe
ßas|c ld6 l0 1
latecmed|ate 2d6 20 l3
Advaaced 3d6 2b 20
Note tlat basic feeJback Jama,e arJ tle secorJary Jama,e are
Jealt separately - tle feeJback from a basic psioric talert causes
1J6 arJ 1O poirts of Jama,e, rot 1J6+1O poirts of Jama,e.
A claracter witl tlis psioric power learrs to
perceive upcomir, everts ir tle flow of time. Wlile
sle car't exactly tell tle future, sle Joes receive quick
flasles of possible, immeJiate future experierces. 1lis
las a terJercy to be extremely urpleasart. A claracter
about to be ambusleJ, for example, may feel a colJ
steel blaJe suJJerly cut ler tlroat. Lrpleasart or rot,
it ,ives tle claracter ar ircertive to avoiJ tle situatior
- 131 -
1lis power car orly be useJ orce per ,iver task
- tle claracter carrot be,ir work or a task
repeateJly arJ stop every time if tle first attempt fails
- tle claracter's every irstirct screams a,airst ever
attemptir, tle actior.
1le claracter's Lister/Spot borus for spottir,
surprise attacks or liJJer Jar,ers is row +5.
Claracters witl tlis feat ,air protectior a,airst
all psioric attacks arJ effects. 1leir mirJs become
slippery arJ larJ to ,rasp for tlose wlo attempt to
reaJ tlem, Jirect telekiretic attacks miss tlem, arJ
it's easier for tlem to surprise claracters witl
preco,ritive abilities. 1lis protectior also exterJs
to items (but rot otler livir, bei r,s) ir tle
claracter's immeJiate vicirity, so telekiretics carrot
pick tleir pockets from a Jistarce. Note, lowever,
tlat lsyclic SlielJ Joesr't offer protectior a,airst
LeveÌ: Lasic
Benefit: 1le claracter ,airs basic psioric
Jeferses. He ,ets a +5 borus or all rolls maJe to resist
psioric effects arJ a +3 borus to lis Deferse a,airst
Jirect psioric attacks. He may catcl preco,ritive
leroes flat-footeJ as per rormal combat rules. lsyclic
slielJ rarely marifests itself plysically, tlou,l turrir,
asiJe powerful attacks may cause tle claracter to sport
ar aura remiriscert of tle aurora borealis.
Lrlike otler psioric powers, lsyclic SlielJ is
automatically activateJ wler tle claracter is urJer
ar attempteJ psioric attack or irfluerce. 1le
claracter las ro cloice ir tle matter. 1lus, a
claracter may erJ up experiercir, feeJback ever
wler lis frierJ is simply tryir, to ur,ertly cortact
lim witl telepatly.
1le claracter's psyclic slielJ becomes rearly
LeveÌ: AJvarceJ lrtermeJiate
Prerequisite: lmproveJ lsyclic SlielJ
Benefit: As witl lsyclic SlielJ, except tle borus
is row +15.
1le claracter's psyclic slielJ becomes stror,er.
LeveÌ: lrtermeJiate
Prerequisite: lsyclic SlielJ
Benefit: As witl lsyclic SlielJ, except tle borus
is row +1O.
1le ability to maripulate objects witlout actually
plysically touclir, tlem. 1le effect marifests itself
as a spectral, ,lowir, pair of larJs arJ a bri,lt, bluisl
,low upor tle claracter's foreleaJ.
LeveÌ: Lasic
Benefit: 1le claracter may row maripulate
objects at rar,e, but le must still lave tlem ir si,lt
- le car, for example, operate a keyboarJ if le car
see it from a wirJow, but le car't oper a bolt or tle
far siJe of tle Joor. He car pull objects wei,lir, up
to 1O lbs. towarJs limself or toss tlem arourJ at a
speeJ of 5O feet per rourJ. He car also use tlis ability
to attack eremies, usir, lis WisJom moJifier irsteaJ
of Strer,tl wler makir, tle attack roll.
1le claracter may also attempt to Ji sarm
eremies; tlis is larJleJ rormally, except eremies
Jor't ,et attacks of opporturity urless tle telekiretic
is ir a tlreatereJ square. lf successful, tle tar,eteJ
weapor flies out of tle eremy's larJ arJ irto tle
claracter's, or simply somewlere or tle ,rourJ,
JeperJir, or lis wisles. lf tle eremy is surpriseJ by
tle attempt, tle claracter ,airs a +3 borus to it.
1le claracter irflicts 1J6 + WisJom moJifier
poirts of letlal Jama,e witl a telekiretic attack. He
las a telekiretic rar,e of 5O yarJs.
A claracter witl tlis feat becomes ar ever more
powerful telekiretic.
Prerequisite: AJvarceJ 1elekiresis
Benefit: As above, except tle claracter may row
attempt to Jestroy Hu,e objects, receives a +15 borus
or attack arJ Jama,e rolls a,airst objects, arJ las a
rar,e of 1OO yarJs.
Wler usir, 1elekiresis, tle claracter row las
a rar,e of 2OO yarJs, arJ le irflicts 3J6 poirts of
Jama,e witl telekiretic attacks.
lurclir, tlir,s or tossir, tlem arourJ is ore
tlir,, but it's a very strai,ltforwarJ applicatior.
1lere's more to telekiresis tlar tlat. Witl tlis
talert, tle claracter ,airs tle ability to psiorically
project tle urbriJleJ torrert of ler subcorscious mirJ
or ar object of ler cloice, warpir, arJ twistir, it,
arJ Jestroyir, it ir tle process. More ofter tlar rot,
tlis power proJuces extremely Jisturbir, ima,ery.
Doors become strar,e arJ twisteJ forms slapeJ like
lumar beir,s; trees uproot tlemselves arJ tear
tlemselves apart witl tleir owr brarcles, revealir,
- 132 -
pulsatir, flesl arJ wlite bore; arJ velicles wail witl
all tle terror of a fri,ltereJ clilJ before fallir, apart.
LeveÌ: lrtermeJiate
Prerequisite: 1elekiresis
Benefit: 1le claracter may attempt to Jestroy
objects up to Lar,e size. 1lis is larJleJ as per rormal
rules (see J20 MoJern, Clapter live: Combat, ¨Special
Attacks," -ttcc| cn Òo¡ect), except tle claracter
Joesr't lave to toucl tle object, sle ,ets a +1O borus
or tle roll, arJ uses ler WisJom moJifier irsteaJ of
Strer,tl. 1le claracter car use lmproveJ 1elekiresis
at a rar,e of up to 5O yarJs.
1le claracter carrot cortrol tle rature of tle
ima,ery. 1le strar,e effects orly last a sir,le rourJ,
arJ orce tley faJe, tlir,s returr to rormal - except
tle object ir questior lies ir ruirs. lmproveJ
1elekiresis carrot be useJ or livir, beir,s.
1le claracter's 1elekiresis power is improveJ:
sle row las a rar,e of 1OO yarJs, arJ sle irflicts 2J6
poirts of Jama,e witl telekiretic attacks.
Witl corcertratior, tle claracter may row serse
otlers beir,s' surface tlou,lts. Wler telepatly is useJ,
tle telepatl's eyes emit a clearly roticeable ,low, arJ
sle sees plartom ima,es tlat corresporJ to tle tar,et's
tlou,lts floatir, at tle eJ,e of ler fielJ of visior.
Benefit: 1le claracter may row make a rar,eJ
attack roll a,airst ler tar,et, usir, ler WisJom
moJifier as a borus for tle attack. 1le tar,et's
Deferse is (1O + |ore-lalf lis claracter level,
rourJeJ Jowr|) or (5 + |ore-lalf lis claracter level,
rourJeJ Jowr|) if tle tar,et is a willir, subject. lf
successful, tle telepatl serses tle tar,et's surface
tlou,lts. Lrless tle tar,et succeeJs ir a Will save
(DC 2O), le remairs uraware of tle irtrusior
(tlou,l le may, of course, rotice tle telepatl's
,lowir, eyes). 1elepatly requires a lire of si,lt to
tle tar,et, las a rar,e of 1OO yarJs, arJ may orly be
JirecteJ at a sir,le tar,et at ary ,iver time.
Lear ir mirJ tlat tle telepatl las ro cortrol
over tle tar,et's tlou,lts; a pressir, reeJ to ,o to
tle batlroom, for example, car easily overriJe otler
surface tlou,lts ir someore's mirJ, ever if le's ir
tle miJJle of a corversatior. However, it may be
possible to steer a corversatior, arJ presumably tle
tar,et's tlou,lts, towarJs a certair subject witl a
successful opposeJ Diplomacy cleck.
- 133 -
1le telepatl may row take Jirect cortrol of tle
mirJs of otlers. 1le telepatl's owr plysical features
irstartly clar,e to eclo tle tar,et's features. 1lis effect
is temporary arJ car't be useJ as a Jis,uise - if arytlir,,
tle erJ result is Jisturbir, arJ obviously fake.
Prerequisute: lmproveJ 1elepatly
Benefit: 1le DC of tle attempt JeperJs or low
reluctart tle tar,et is to follow tle commarJ, arJ
low lor, it takes to fulfill tle task. 1le tar,et makes
a Will save (DC 1O). lf sle fails, sle isr't aware of
aryore Jirectir, ler mirJ arJ believes lerself to be
resporsible for everytlir, sle Joes.
valiJ orJers, but ¨lill tlat mar," or ¨Lrter tle
compourJ arJ turr off tle alarms," are.
1le telepatl may also implart commarJs ir tle
tar,et's mirJ. lr tlis irstarce, tle DC for tle attempt
is ircreaseJ by +5, but row tle telepatl's commarJs
will be tri,,ereJ by a specific, pre-JefireJ corJitior,
sucl as a plrase, time or evert. 1le tar,et is uraware
of tle implarteJ commarJ, but ,ets to make tle
starJarJ Will save wler it is tri,,ereJ to realize tlat
sle is actir, urJer exterral irfluerce.
1le claracter may row probe Jeeper irto otlers'
mirJs, as well as broaJcast lis owr tlou,lts to otlers.
lr tle latter case, otler claracters suJJerly receive
plartom visiors corresporJir, to tle telepatl's
tlou,lts ir tleir fielJs of visior.
Prerequisite: 1elepatly
Benefit: 1le telepatl must first make a rar,eJ
attack roll to ,air access to tle tar,et's mirJ, as witl
1elepatly. He may tler Ji, Jeeper irto tle tar,et's
mirJ to look for irformatior le is irteresteJ ir. 1le
Jifficulty for sucl a searcl JeperJs or low keer tle
tar,et is to keep tle irformatior a secret.
Note tlat certair facts may rot be particularly
relevart to tle tar,et; sle may refuse to tell tlem to
tle telepatl because sle's rot alloweJ to talk about
sometlir, ir ,ereral, or out of spite - for example,
a telepatl askir, a complete strar,er to Jescribe ler
lome towr's layout will likely be refuseJ, but tle
irformatior itself isr't likely to be very well-,uarJeJ
ir ler mirJ. Lrless tle tar,et succeeJs at a Will save
(DC 15), sle remairs uraware of tle irtrusior.
1le telepatl may orly look for a sir,le piece of
irformatior per rourJ, arJ le must make a psioric
power activatior roll for eacl attempt, tlou,l orly
ore attack roll is requireJ as lor, as le remairs ir
corstart mertal cortact arJ mairtairs lire of si,lt
witl tle tar,et.
Deep probir, isr't witlout its risks, lowever; for
every attempt, tle telepatl must make a Will save
(DC 1O). lf le fails tle roll, le car ro lor,er
Jistir,uisl betweer tle tar,et's mirJ arJ lis owr,
arJ aJopts key aspects of tle tar,et's persorality arJ
motivatiors, or ever tle tar,et's alle,iarces. 1le
Jetails JeperJ lar,ely or wlo or wlat tle telepatl
was ir cortact witl, arJ are left up to tle CM.
lrteractir, witl very lostile mirJs ir tlis faslior
car be Jar,erous, as it may cause tle telepatl to turr
or lis frierJs or ever become filleJ witl self-loatlir,
arJ attempt to larm limself. 1lis effect lasts for
1J1O+5 rourJs arJ leaves tle telepatl slaker for ar
lour afterwarJs.
1le telepatl may al so broaJcast lis owr
tlou,lts to otlers. Willir, subjects may receive lis
tlou,lts automatically, but urwillir, or uraware
1yµe e| 1yµe e| 1yµe e| 1yµe e| 1yµe e| 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e
la|ecmat|ea la|ecmat|ea la|ecmat|ea la|ecmat|ea la|ecmat|ea
6eaeca| l0 ¯Ace yea |ece a|eae°"
Sµec|||c lb ¯w|at de yea |ave |a yeac µec|ets°"
Restc|cted 20 ¯hew e|tea de t|ey c|aaqe t|e qaacds
at t|e qate°"
|cetected 2b ¯w|at |s t|e cede µ|case t|at
eaqaqes t|e se||-destcact seqaeace
e| yeac ease°"
Re|actaace Re|actaace Re|actaace Re|actaace Re|actaace 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e |xamµ|e
|eq||q|e|e l0 0µea a deec, taca aceaad,
say a s|mµ|e µ|case.
|et|ceae|e lb 0µea a secaced acea,
|qaece aa |atcadec.
Ceas|decae|e 20 hacm a |c|ead, |e|stec a
weaµea |a a daaqeceas
Ceas|decae|e 2b k||| a |c|ead, jamµ e|| a c||||.
|eaqt| e| 1as| |eaqt| e| 1as| |eaqt| e| 1as| |eaqt| e| 1as| |eaqt| e| 1as| 0C med|||ec 0C med|||ec 0C med|||ec 0C med|||ec 0C med|||ec
l ceaad -
2 ceaads -2
3 ceaads -4
4 ceaads -6
b- ceaads -8
lf tle telepatl's cortrol attempt is successful, tle
tar,et executes tle orJers sle las receiveJ to tle best
of ler ability, as efficiertly as sle car. lf sle lacks
recessary skills or opporturities, sle will erJ up
lookir, at ler objective witl Jeep feelir,s of
corfusior urtil sle is absolutely certair tlat sle
carrot complete tle task. Lver if sle is aware of
someore cortrollir, ler, sle carrot Jel ay or
complicate matters ir ary way (sucl as sloutir, for
lelp or trippir, alarms), tlou,l sle may certairly
attempt to urJo wlatever sle las Jore as soor as
sle completes tle task.
AJvarceJ 1elepatly carrot be useJ to ,ive
urspecific or oper-erJeJ orJers, ror car it be useJ
for tasks tlat require lor,-term plarrir, or cortirueJ
obeJierce to tle telepatl - ¨Help us corquer tlis
erclave," or ¨Serve me forever," for example, are rot
- 134 -
- 135 -
- 135 -
1»: ,x.· ti::+ .- i»: +x·t |:·:ti :- i»: :+¿: :| i»: :t:x·,=:-i, .::t.-¿ +:.- :- i»:
·..-t i»xi .x¿ t:.:·x. =..:t x.x¿. 1»: t»xii:·:+ i:.:·t :| ::-:·:i: x-+ o·:t:- ¿.xtt
¿.:.:+ :·x-¿:, ..i |·:= i»: o:-|.·:t o.·-.-¿ o:i.::- i»:=. 1»: ·:x· :| .-=.||.:+ :-¿.-:t
::»::+ x:·:tt i»: ,.x.-, x-+ x t»x+:. :::xt.:-x..¿ |..ii:·:+ x:·:tt i»: |x:: :| x o...+.-¿.
A.x.ti»::· ».i:»:+ ».t :·.i:» ., .-+:· ».t x·= x-+ ,...:+ ».t »:x.¿ ·xt:× ».+:
:.:xt x:·:tt ».t |·:-i i: o.::t i»: ::.+ ..-+. u: :.:t:+ ».t :-: ¿::+ :¿: o:».-+ ».t =xtt
x-+ t»::t ».t »:x+. ´8:, .i .t i·.:," »: .».t,:·:+. ´1»: 8.:.». »x.: ·:i.·-:+ x-+ »x.:
:-i:·:+ i»: ¢.xtt c.i¿, +:t,.i: :.· .x·-.-¿ t.¿-t. ii .t :-.¿ x =xii:· :| i.=: -:.."
u.t:. .x.+ ».t »x-+ :- ».t =:-i:·'t t»:..+:·. ´r:·»x,t .i .... -:i o: xt ox+ xt ¿:.
o,:-.-¿ ».t :¿:, A.x.ti»::· .::t:+ xi i»: ¿:.-¿ .:x+:·'t |x::. ´u:, i»:¿ x.·:x+¿
x.xt:- i»: .::.ti +.ti. S:|:·: i»: =::- .t |... x¿x.-, i»: +.ti .... ·x¿: x:·:tt i»:
,.x.-t, ::-t.=.-¿ :.:·¿ ....-¿ i».-¿ .- .it ,xi»."
´u:. :x- ¿:. o: t: t.·:´"
´Y:. .:·: :-.¿ x oxo¿ .»:- i»: .::.ti +.ti :x=: .xti." A.x.ti»::· t.:..¿ ,...:+ ».t
=xtt x.x¿ |·:= ».t |x::. 1»: .:|i t.+: :| ».t |x:: .xt t:x··:+ o:¿:-+ ·:::¿-.i.:-, i»:
o.x:t:-:+ tt.- ox·:.¿ ::.:·.-¿ ».t tt....
u.t:. ¿xt,:+, »x..-¿ -:.:· t::- i»: :.+ t::.i't ·:x. |x:: o:|:·:.
A.x.ti»::· t..+ ».t =xtt ox:t .-i: ,:t.i.:-. ´i :-:: .x-i:+ i: t-:. .»xi .x¿ .- i»:
¢.xtt c.i¿. ii -:x·.¿ ::ti =: =¿ ..|:. S¿ i»: i.=: i»: .::.ti +.ti +:,x·i:+, »x.| :.·
-.=o:·t .x¿ +:x+ x-+ :.· |.:.+t »x+ o::- ::=,.:i:.¿ +:ti·:¿:+. U: -:x·.¿ tix·.:+ .»:-
i»: t-:.t :x=:. i ti... »:x· i»: t:·:x=t :| i»: +¿.-¿ :.:·¿ -.¿»i .- =¿ +·:x=t."
u.t:. i.·-:+ ox:t i: .::t xi i»: ·..-t. ´1»:- .»xi =.ti .: +:´"
´¢xi»:· xt =.:» |::+ x-+ .xi:· xt .: :x-," A.x.ti»::· tx.+. ´U: -::+ i: t:x. ., :.·
»:=:t x-+ ti:·:»:.t:t i: ,·:i::i i»:= x¿x.-ti i»: +.ti. U»:- .i ::=:t, .: .... -:i o:
xo.: i: .:-i.·: :.i |:· :-: =::- :¿:.:."
´1»: ¿:.-¿ .x··.:·t .... -:.:· x¿·:: i: i».t," u.t:. tx.+, :.:-:».-¿ ».t |.tit. ´1»:¿
»xi: o:.-¿ ::-|.-:+. A.·:x+¿ 1x...i .t ix.t.-¿ xo:.i o·:xt.-¿ ixo:: x-+ ¿:.-¿ i: i»:
:.i¿ i: |:·:: i»: 8.:.». i: .:x.:. i +:.oi i»xi i .... o: xo.: i: ·:ti·x.- ».= i».t i.=:."
´1x...i .t |::..t», xt i :-:: .xt," A.x.ti»::· tx.+. ´t:x.: ».= i: =:."
u.t:. t».++:·:+ xt x ¿.-t»:i ::»::+ x:·:tt i»: .x..:¿. ´S.i i»: :x·x.x- .t +.: -:×i
=::-' U: :x--:i =.tt i»: :,,:·i.-.i¿ i: i·x+: |:· =:·: :| i»:.· .:-+·:.t |xo·.:'"
´i| .: +:-'i t:x. :.·t:..:t .,, i»:·: .:-'i o: x-¿ :| .t .:|i i: i·x+: |:· |xo·.:'"
A.x.ti»::· t-x,,:+. ´i »x.: t::- :-:.¿»."
u: i.·-:+ x.x¿ |·:= i»: :t:x·,=:-i x-+ tix·i:+ ..=,.-¿ ox:t. ´c:=:, .: =.ti i:..
i»: i·.o: .»xi .t ::=.-¿ x-+ i:x:» i»:= »:. i: ,·:,x·:. U: =.ti x.. ,.i xt.+: :.· ,:ii¿
t¡.xoo.:t x-+ .:·t i:¿:i»:· .| .: x·: i: t.·...: i»: -:×i |:. .::tt."
- 13T -
Mary of tlese areas remair JeaJly to ary wlo
ercourter tlem.
lr summer, tle sur remairs above tle lorizor for
practically tle ertire Jay, Jippir, below tle lorizor
for orly brief perioJs. Wlile tle area remairs frozer,
tle temperature stays closer to tle freezir, poirt tlar
it otlerwise woulJ. Durir, wirter, tle sur rever rises
at all; a brief twili,lt is tle best tlere is. 1emperatures
plur,e to well over 1OO Je,rees below zero, forcir,
tlose wlo live tlere to stay irsiJe as mucl as possible.
1le frozer wastes are rot to be treateJ li,ltly.
1le extreme colJ kills aryore urprotecteJ witlir a
matter of lours, particularly Jurir, tle lor, Jarkress
of tle polar wirters. Harsl wirJs tear across tle ice.
lreestarJir, water Joes rot exist; water for Jrirkir,
arJ waslir, must be melteJ from tle ice itself. No
larJ-baseJ plart life survives ir tlis lostile
ervirormert, makir, it Jifficult for mary arimal
species to survive. 1lose tlat Jo eke out tleir
existerce lere ,et tleir fooJ from tle ocear, arJ
mary are at least semi-aquatic.
Natural slelter is rare ir tlese re,iors. Wlile
tlere are sometimes ice caves, tley are of ter
treaclerous arJ prore to collapse witl tle sliftir,
ice. lt's mucl safer to brir, slelter witl you, or learr
to make temporary slelters carveJ from tle ice itself.
Aryore rot equippeJ to courteract tle effects of
tle colJ reeJs to make a lortituJe savir, tlrow (DC
15 ir summer, or DC 2O ir wirter) every 1O mirutes
tley are outsiJe. 1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck
ircreases by +1 cumulatively. lailure mears tle
claracter takes 1J6 poirts of colJ Jama,e from exposure.
Heavy clotlir, - corsistir, of at least a lat, face
coverir,, parka, trousers, srow boots arJ ,loves, all maJe
from tlick fur or more aJvarceJ materials - proviJes a
++ equipmert borus or saves a,airst tle colJ. A
claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15)
,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save. A claracter
witl orly a parka, trousers arJ boots ,airs a +2
equipmert borus.
lirJir, fresl Jrirkir, water or firJir, slelter
from tle elemerts requires a successful Survival skill
cleck (DC 2O). lirJir, fooJ requires a successful
lurtir, expeJitior.
Mucl of tle area surrourJir, tle Aitlic Circle is
krowr as tle t|untrc. Wlile rot as colJ as tle frozer
Motler Nature is sick. Despite tle passa,e of
time, Nature still bears tle scars from tle weapors
tlat brou,lt about tle erJ of civilizatior. No area
or tle plaret was spareJ. Wlile some areas saw mucl
leavier fi,ltir, tlar otlers, ever tle polar ice fielJs
arJ tle exparses of tle worlJ's ocears are still
strairir, to recover.
1le ervirormert clar,eJ a ,reat Jeal followir,
tle war. Some weapors strippeJ away some of tle
ozore l ayer, wlile otlers cortributeJ to tle
,reerlouse effect, makir, tle Lartl lotter arJ more
exposeJ to tle sur's larmful raJiatior at tle same
time. Òcear currerts were affecteJ, clar,ir, weatler
patterrs arJ alterir, tle climate for mucl of tle
Lartl's surface. 1le polar icecaps partially melteJ,
raisir, sea level by several feet arJ flooJir, mary
low-lyir, coastal re,iors.
1ravelir, is far more Jar,erous tlar ever before.
lailir, to urJerstarJ rature's claller,es car kill just
as effectively as beir, stabbeJ or acciJertally tri,,erir,
ore of weapors left over from tle liral Wars.
lr every ervirormert witl soliJ materials at larJ
(tlat is, ary except wlolly aquatic ores like ocears),
claracters may attempt to firJ or builJ slelter. 1lis
requires a Survival roll witl tle same DC requireJ for a
competerce borus to tle claracter's lortituJe save, +1
for eacl aJJitioral irJiviJual tle claracter wisles to
slelter. Òtlers may aiJ tle claracter ir clar,e of
proviJir, slelter, witl tle usual boruses. 1lese slelters
last as lor, as tle claracters use, arJ Jecay orly ,raJually
orce abarJoreJ. lerovatir, a slelter someore else built
arJ left belirJ lalves tle DC, rourJeJ Jowr, +1 for
eacl year after tle first it's beer uruseJ.
1lese rules cover tle major ervirormerts of tle
Camma A,e. CMs wlo wisl to customize tlem for
specific circumstarces sloulJ review tle basics ir J20
MoJern, Clapter Sever: Camemasterir,, ¨1le
Creatly reJuceJ by pollutior, war arJ semi-
ratural Jisaster, ice caps still cover eacl pole. 1o tle
Nortl, tle Aitlic Sea is still a frozer exparse of ice,
altlou,l it is urstable arJ corstartly breaks arJ
reforms as tle seasors turr. 1o tle Soutl, Artlaictica
remairs burieJ urJer a tlick layer of ice, albeit mucl
tlirrer tlar it was before tle liral Wars.
At eitler pole, explorers car easily firJ si,rs of
tle war. 1le ice ir some areas is still covereJ ir
strar,ely coloreJ resiJue left over from olJ attacks.
- 138 -
exparses to tle rortl, it still kills tle urwary. 1le Jeeper
layers of soil remair permarertly frozer, prevertir, most
plarts from ,rowir,. Òrly tou,l mosses arJ liclers car
survive ir tlis larsl ervirormert arJ ever tlese are
burieJ urJer srow Jurir, wirter.
Life is more aburJart or tle plairs Jurir, tle
warmer mortls, wlicl last for orly about four mortls
a year. Water melteJ from tle ice flows arJ srowJrifts
trickles ir small creeks across tle larJscape. Some of
tlese are Jrirkable, but tle resiJue left from tle liral
Wars still poisors mary of tlem.
HerJs ,raze or tle mea,er plart fare arJ move
about to ersure tley lave erou,l to eat. Creatures
orly Jreamt of before tle liral Wars row roam tle
wirJ-swept plairs ir erormous lerJs. Most of tle
lar,er arimals are well equippeJ witl tlick layers of
fur arJ irsulatir, fat to protect tlem from tle colJ.
Hu,e preJators feeJ or tle mi,ratir, lerJs, usir,
tleir stealtl arJ ircreJible strer,tl to quickly brir,
Jowr all but tle lar,est of prey.
lsolateJ ruirs Jot tle plairs, altlou,l tley are usually
small arJ ofter Jar,erous. Slelter remairs mostly ror-
existert, altlou,l it is possible to make luts cut from tle
soJ. 1lose wlo live or tle tlurtra leaJ mostly romaJic
lives, movir, witl tle lerJs. 1ley terJ to be larJy arJ
opporturistic folk, wlo respect Nature arJ ler ofter-
urpreJictable clar,es. 1ravel betweer tle Jifferert
commurities is usually Jore usir, tle most Jirect route,
maJe possible by tle flat exparses of tle tlurtra.
Aryore rot equippeJ to courteract tle effects of
tle colJ reeJs to make a lortituJe savir, tlrow. lr
summer, tle save is a,airst DC 15 arJ is maJe every
lour ; ir wirter, tle save is a,airst DC 2O arJ is maJe
every 2O mirutes. 1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck
ircreases by +1 cumulatively. lailure mears tle
claracter takes 1J6 poirts of colJ Jama,e from exposure.
Heavy clotlir, (as JescribeJ above, ir tle lolar sectior)
proviJes a ++ equipmert borus or saves a,airst tle colJ.
A claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15)
,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, fresl Jrirkir, water or slelter requires a
successful Survival cleck (DC 15 for water, DC 2O
for slelter). lirJir, fooJ requires a successful lurtir,
expeJitior, or tle lCs car fora,e for tle few types of
eJible liclers arJ mosses tlat ,row or tle tlurtra
(Survival cleck DC 2O).
- 139 -
1le top lalf of tle Nortlerr Hemisplere is
rir,eJ witl a re,ior krowr as tleeka. \ast forests of
spruce, fir arJ pire cover tle larJscape, well aJapteJ
to tle larsl, srowy wirters. 1le wirters ir tlese areas
are lor, arJ severe, witl temperatures stayir, below
freezir, for mary mortls. Heavy srowfalls make
travel tlrou,l tle forests mucl more Jifficult.
1le summers are slort, lastir, for orly a couple of
mortls eacl year. However, li,l temperatures combireJ
witl low evaporatiors rates ersures tle air is rearly always
lumiJ. Mosquitos arJ otler bitir, irsects are ofter a
problem Jurir, tlese warmer mortls, sirce tley ofter
carry blooJ-borre Jiseases or Jestructive rarites.
lollowir, tle liral Wars, Nature is reclaimir,
ler territory from lumarity, arJ tle forests lave
spreaJ furtler soutl, liJir, mary ruirs. However,
tle trees sometimes mask tle preserce of tle effects
of tle liral Wars, makir, travel tlrou,l tlese re,iors
ofter JeaJly.
A myriaJ of arimals arJ otler creatures make
tle forest tleir lome. Some are orly active Jurir,
tle warmer summer mortls, firJir, loles arJ Jers
to liberrate ir for tle wirter. Òtlers remair active
tlrou,lout tle wlole year, bulkir, up Jurir, tle
warmer mortls, arJ firJir, ways to scrape away tle
srow to firJ fooJ Jurir, tle wirter.
Settlemerts are more rumerous ir tle tleeka
re,iors tlar ir tle polar or tlurtra re,iors, tlarks
to tle aburJarce of timber for builJir, slelters, boats
arJ fuel. 1le people wlo live ir tlis re,ior are tou,l,
resi,reJ to tle fact tlat life is Jifficult, yet tley still
revel ir tle ratural beauty of tle ervirormert.
Witlout a roaJ tlrou,l tle wilJerress, travel is
ofter impossible for aryore rot or foot. Some
commurities keep larJ trails oper to tleir rei,lbors,
wlile otlers rely solely or rivers or seas for travel.
lr wirter, aryore rot equippeJ for tle effects of
tle colJ reeJs to make a lortituJe savir, tlrow (DC
2O) every 2O mirutes. 1le DC of eacl subsequert
cleck ircreases by +1 cumulatively. lailure mears
tle claracter takes 1J6 poirts of colJ Jama,e from
exposure. Heavy clotlir, (as JescribeJ ir tle lolar
- 140 -
sectior) proviJes a ++ equipmert borus or saves
a,airst tle colJ. A claracter wlo succeeJs at a
Survival cleck (DC 15) ,airs a ++ competerce borus
or tle save.
lirJir, fresl Jrirkir, water or makir, slelter
requires a successful Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir,
fooJ requires a successful lurtir, expeJitior, or tle
lCs car fora,e for eJible plarts (Survival cleck DC
1O ir summer, DC 2O ir wirter).
lormeJ wlere tle cortirertal plates lave forceJ
tle larJ upwarJs, mourtairs car be fourJ or every
cortirert. Some rar,es see srow orly ir wirter, wlile
otlers are li,l erou,l for tleir summits to be
permarertly slrouJeJ witl srow arJ ice.
Mourtairs are ore of tle most varieJ ecosystems
or tle plaret. At lower altituJes, tle footlills are
typically covereJ witl ve,etatior. lr mary cases,
tlese are tle same trees arJ slrubs fourJ ir tle
surrourJir, areas. Lut orce tle mourtair rises above
a certair altituJe - tle tree lire - tle colJer
temperatures make it impossible for plarts to ,row,
leavir, tle mourtairsiJe resemblir, a rear-vertical
lurtler up tle mourtair, tle fri,iJ temperatures
ersure tlat tle rocks are almost permarertly covereJ
witl srow arJ ice. LrJer certair corJitiors, tlis car
leaJ to tle formatior of ,laciers, tle rivers of ice tlat
actually carve away tle beJrock of tle mourtair itself
Mourtair rar,es ofter cortair valleys full of
liJJer surprises. 1le weatler systems ir some valleys
car keep tle temperature above freezir,, allowir,
plarts arJ arimals to survive ir areas tlat woulJ kill
tlem otlerwise. 1lese Slar,ri-Las are li,lly sou,lt
after as places to live arJ tley are ofter fiercely
protecteJ by tleir irlabitarts.
1ravel tlrou,l tle mourtairs is ofter
treaclerous. 1le lower temperatures - arJ tle lack
of oxy,er at li,ler altituJes - is exceptiorally
Jar,erous for tle urprepareJ. Srow builJups or tle
mourtairsiJes car cause JeaJly avalarcles if rot
treateJ witl respect. LlizzarJs arJ li,l wirJs car kill
or irjure tle urwary.
loaJs preJatir, tle liral Wars are ofter ir
Jisrepair, or are completely obliterateJ. Some local
commurities mairtair trails tlrou,l tle lower
mourtair passes, but are very protective of tlem, to
safe,uarJ tlemselves arJ tleir livelilooJs. Mary of
tlese passes still become blockeJ witl srow Jurir,
wirter, Jespite tle best efforts of tle locals.
1ravel tlrou,l mourtairous terrair car be
extremely Jifficult. Witlout a krowr trail, movemert
rates are cut ir lalf, arJ a successful Climb cleck
(DC 15) is requireJ every lour. lf tle mourtair is
li,l erou,l, srow makes travel ever more Jifficult
Jurir, tle wirter, cuttir, movemert to ore-quarter
rormal rate.
lr wirter, or if tle permarert srowlire is crosseJ,
aryore rot equippeJ for tle effects of tle colJ reeJs
to make a lortituJe savir, tlrow (DC 2O) every 2O
mirutes. 1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck ircreases
by +1 cumulatively. lailure mears tle claracter takes
1J6 poirts of colJ Jama,e from exposure. Heavy
clotlir, (as JescribeJ ir tle lolar sectior) proviJes
a ++ equipmert borus or saves a,airst tle colJ. A
claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15)
,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, fresl Jrirkir, water or makir, slelter
requires a successful Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir,
fooJ requires a successful lurtir, expeJitior, or tle
lCs car fora,e for eJible plarts (Survival cleck DC
1O ir summer, DC 2O ir wirter).
1emperate forests are slowly reclaimir, mucl of
tle larJ, after beir, almost JestroyeJ by lumar
exparsior. 1le forests orce covereJ mucl of tle
worlJ's li,lly settleJ re,iors, but over lurJreJs of
years most of tle trees were cut Jowr ir tle rame of
pro,ress. As tle weatler ir tlese re,iors remairs
relatively milJ all year rourJ, tley were prime cloices
for settlemert. Lut witl mucl of tle lumar problem
,ore tlarks to tle liral Wars, tle trees are free to
lr tle Nortlerr Hemisplere, tle forests are
lar,ely broaJ-leafeJ JeciJuous trees, typically oak,
maple or elm. lr tle Soutlerr Hemisplere, tle forests
are rormally a mix of broaJleaf ever,reer trees -
sucl as eucalyptus - arJ reeJleleaf, typically
Jifferert species of pire.
A wiJe variety of otler plarts, particularly slrubs
arJ lerbs, ,row ir tle fertile, mulcl-covereJ soil
bereatl tle mair caropy. Arimal life is commor, witl
mairly lerbivores arJ omrivores makir, tleir lomes
lere. 1le forests are also lome to Jozers of species
createJ as a result of tle irsare scierce of tle liral Wars,
mary of wlicl treat lumarity as tleir ratural eremies.
lirJir, fooJ ir tle forests is usually easy, Jue to
tle wiJe variety of fruit-bearir, slrubs arJ busles.
Water is usually plertiful, witl mary creeks wirJir,
- 141 -
tleir way tlrou,l tle forest. Small arimals - sucl
as squirrels or rabbits - are aburJart, makir, lurtir,
for fooJ simpler.
Despite tle wiJespreaJ clearir, of tle forests
before tle Wars, tley are rapiJly spreaJir, every year,
arJ mucl of tle courtrysiJe is returrir, to a
prelistoric state. 1imber las always beer ore of
lumarkirJ's most useJ builJir, materials arJ tle
traJitior las cortirueJ sirce tle Cataclysm. Lo,,ir,
of some of tle rew-,rowtl forests las sloweJ tle
forests' exparsior ir some areas, but tle low sertiert
populatior mears tle forests lave tle upper larJ.
Still, tle li,l populatiors tlese re,iors supporteJ
before tle liral Wars slows ir a mucl li,ler
aburJarce of ruirs.
1ravel tlrou,l tlese re,iors is easier wlere tle
forest las yet to ,row back. 1lese areas are mostly
covereJ witl ,rasslarJs, or wilJ versiors of tle crops
tlat surviveJ tle liral Wars. 1le forests tlemselves
are relatively easy to travel or foot, or mourteJ or
arimals. Wa,ors arJ velicles carrot move tlrou,l
urless tley are travellir, or a cleareJ roaJ or trail.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts ir tle
forest is mucl easier tlar ir otler areas, requirir, a
Survival cleck (DC 1O). lirJir, meat requires a
successful lurtir, trip. 1emporary slelter car also be
relatively easily improviseJ (Survival cleck DC 15).
lourJ preJomirately or tle westerr coasts of
cortirerts betweer tle tropics arJ tle polar circles,
aromatic re,iors are mostly covereJ by ,rasslarJs arJ
low slrubs. 1le weatler is milJ, witl fewer of tle
ervirormertal extremes faceJ ir otler areas.
1le summers ir tlese areas are lot arJ Jry, witl
little rairfall. lreestarJir, water supplies ofter Jry
up completely; firJir, water Jurir, tlese mortls
requires Jeep wells, or specializeJ local krowleJ,e.
Durir, tle cooler mortls of wirter, tle rairs returr
brir,ir, welcome relief arJ tle clarce for tle plarts
to ,row a,air.
1le aromatic plarts tlat ,row ir tlese re,iors are
well aJapteJ to tle lack of water Jurir, tle summer
mortls. Mary of tlem are very oily, sucl as sa,e arJ
olives. lorests tlat laJ beer mostly JestroyeJ before
tle liral Wars are ,rowir, back, witl pire, malo,ary
arJ eucalyptus row coverir, tle larJscape.
However, tle ve,etatior is resporsible for ore
of tle ervirormert's major lazarJs: fire. 1le plarts'
oily rature ercoura,es wilJfires tlat quickly roar
tlrou,l tle re,iors, ofter Jestroyir, everytlir, ir
tleir patl. Walls of flame over 2OO feet li,l are rot
urkrowr wler tlese blazes take lolJ. Òrce tle fires
are establisleJ, extir,uislir, tlem is almost
impossible; backburrir, arJ clearir, are tle orly
really effective mears of combatir, tle blazes.
However stror, wirJs ofter blow embers irto rew
areas, startir, blazes tlere to spreaJ tle fire furtler.
Commuri ties lere are rormally fixeJ, rot
romaJic. 1ley are mostly a,ricultural, altlou,l mary
specializeJ commurities - sucl as morasteries arJ
certers of learrir, - are also commorplace. Lefore
tle liral Wars, tlese re,iors usually laJ li,l
populatiors because of tleir favorable climates. Now,
extersive ruirs are fourJ irsteaJ, overtaker by tle ,rass
arJ slrubs. Some of tlese ruirs - particularly tlose
close to tle coast - cortair colorful commurities,
wlo aim to recapture some of tle cosmopolitar
iJealism tlat tlose re,iors lelJ before tle Cataclysm.
1le summer leat arJ lumiJity requires tle
claracter to make a successful lortituJe savir, tlrow
(DC 15) eacl lour. 1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck
ircreases by +1 cumulatively. A claracter wlo fails
tle save takes 1J+ poirts of leat Jama,e (fire resistarce
courters tlis Jama,e). Wearir, armor or leavy wirter
clotlir, imposes a -+ peralty or tle savir, tlrow. A
claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15)
,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts requires
a Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir, meat requires a
successful lurtir, trip.
Òrce coverir, mucl of several cortirerts'
certers, Jry ,rasslarJs were mostly plou,leJ irto
fielJs for wleat arJ otler crops. Durir, tle liral
Wars, some of more irsiJious weapors maJe lar,e
sectiors of tlese re,iors barrer, arJ orly relatively
recertly lave tley starteJ recoverir,. 1le si,rs of
tle war are still visible ir mary areas: CrourJ
completely strippeJ of topsoil, or tle strar,ely wilteJ
plarts tlat ,row ir some places.
Summers are usually lot arJ Jry, witl orly
mirimal rairfall. 1le li,l temperatures ofter brir,
Jevastatir, storms, witl torraJos cuttir, swatls
across tle larJscape. 1le wirters are usually colJ,
witl leavy srowfalls blarketir, tle larJ.
1le plairs are flat for miles, typically irterrupteJ
orly by small, rollir, lills. lorests occasiorally Jot tle
plairs, usually ir places witl li,ler rairfalls. Sirce tle
- 142 -
liral Wars, lar,e lerJs of lerbivores are reappearir,
or tle ,rasslarJs. 1lese lerJs are prosperir,,
reclaimir, tle territory lumars took from tlem.
Most commurities are eitler romaJic or
a,ricultural. 1le romaJic commurities are usually
tribal, followir, tle lerJs arJ livir, off tle larJ.
Mary are relatively primitive, altlou,l some still
retair lre-War velicles. 1le a,ricultural
commurities farm tle larJ or terJ livestock like tleir
arcestors JiJ before tle liral Wars. Most of tlem
mairtair Jeferses a,airst marauJers, arJ patrol lar,e
territories arourJ tleir settlemerts.
leople or foot usually firJ travel across tle
,rasslarJs easy, altlou,l tle breakJowr of major
roaJs las maJe travelir, witl velicles or wa,ors
larJer tlar it useJ to be. Some commurities -
particularly tle a,ricultural ores - make ar effort
to keep trails oper, ofter slarir, tle resporsibilities
witl rei,lborir, commurities ir orJer to keep tle
commuricatior arJ traJe lires oper.
1le li,l temperatures ir summer arJ tle low
temperatures ir wirter mear tle claracter must make a
successful lortituJe savir, tlrow (DC 15) eacl lour.
1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck ircreases by +1
cumulatively. A claracter wlo fails tle save takes 1J+
poirts of leat or colJ Jama,e (fire or colJ resistarce
courters tlis Jama,e). Wearir, armor or leavy clotlir,
(as JescribeJ ir tle lolar sectior) imposes a -+ peralty
or tle savir, tlrow ir summer arJ a ++ borus ir wirter.
A claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15)
,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts requires
a Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir, meat requires a
successful lurtir, trip. lirJir, or makir, temporary
slelter car be larJer, Jue to tle lack of trees (Survival
cleck DC 15).
Letweer tle tropical rairforests straJJlir, tle
equator arJ tle Jeserts lie tle tropical ,rasslarJs.
1lese vast plairs are covereJ witl lor,, larJy ,rass,
arJ tle occasioral low trees or slrub. Mary species
of reptiles arJ irsects live ir tle ,rasslarJs - quite a
few of wlicl are poisorous - as Jo lerJs of some of
tle Lartl's lar,est larJ arimals. lr some areas, termite
mourJs close to ter feet tall car be fourJ, ofter orly
a few lurJreJ feet apart.
1le rormal seasors Jor't exist or tle ,rasslarJs.
lrsteaJ, tlere are orly two Jistirct seasors: tle wet
arJ tle Jry. 1le wet seasor, wlicl lasts for about
tlree to five mortls arJ corresporJs witl tle rormal
summer - Jure tlrou,l September ir tle Nortlerr
Hemisplere, or November tlrou,l Marcl ir tle
Soutlerr - brir,s leavy morsoor rairs, ofter
leaJir, to flooJir, arJ otler Jama,e, particularly
from larJsliJes. lt brir,s or rew ,rowtl, makir, fooJ
mucl easier to firJ Jurir, tlese times. Lut tle rair
also turrs tle ,rourJ irto lu,e qua,mires, makir,
travel almost impossible. Hu,e tropical storms -
lurricares or cyclores - are commor Jurir, tle wet
seasor ir areas close to tle ocear, ofter leavir, a
trail of Jestructior ir tleir wake.
Despite tle rame, tle Jry seasor is rot witlout
rairfall, but tle slowers are ofter slort-liveJ arJ tle
water usually evaporates quickly. lirJir, Jrirkir,
water is usually more Jifficult Jurir, tle Jry seasor,
as rivers arJ creeks ofter Jry up completely.
1le ,rasslarJs ofter slow si,rs of tle liral Wars.
Some re,iors are more fertile, witl lusl ,rowtl arJ
bizarre arimals, wlile otlers are more like tle Jeserts
- lifeless areas tlat quickly kill ary wlo Jare to set
foot ir tlem.
Commurities tlat make tleir lomes ir tle
,rasslarJs ofter Jo so close to permarert water
suppli es. loaJs betweer tle commurities are
relatively well mairtaireJ, altlou,l it's possible to
travel for Jays or ever weeks at a time arJ rever see
arotler soul.
1le li ,l leat arJ lumiJity requires tle
claracter to make a successful lortituJe savir, tlrow
(DC 15) eacl lour. 1le DC of eacl subsequert cleck
ircreases by +1 cumulatively. A claracter wlo fails
tle save takes 1J+ poirts of leat Jama,e (fire
resistarce courters tlis Jama,e). Wearir, armor or
leavir, clotlir, (arytlir, more tlar li,lt clotlir,)
imposes a -+ peralty or tle savir, tlrow. A claracter
wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15) ,airs a ++
competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts requires
a Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir, meat requires a
successful lurtir, trip. lirJir, or makir, temporary
slelter car be larJer, Jue to tle lack of trees (Survival
cleck DC 15).
ArourJ most of tle equator, tle climate is
corstartly lot arJ wet, breeJir, some of tle most
Jiverse ecosystems or tle plaret. Hu,e forests witl
tlick urJer,rowtl cover mucl of tle tropical re,iors,
trappir, ir tle leat arJ moisture. 1le liral Wars'
- 143 -
weapors causeJ ar explosior ir tle rumber of life
forms tlat Jwell ir tle jur,les. Mary of tlese -
ircluJir, some plarts - are ofter JeaJly to lumars.
Like tle tropical ,rasslarJs, tle rairforests
experierce tle wet arJ Jry seasors. 1le jur,les are
always lot arJ lumiJ, makir, life tlere very
urcomfortable; tle wet seasor just makes tlir,s wetter.
lairforests lave some of tle worlJ's fastest-
,rowir, plarts. Nature quickly reclaims ary cleareJ
space, particularly tlose left uratterJeJ. luirs are
quickly swalloweJ by vires arJ creepers, ofter witlir
mortls. loaJs arJ trails are similarly covereJ, makir,
travel Jifficult or all but tle most wiJely traveleJ
routes. Mary jur,le commurities revert to a primitive
lifestyle of lurtir, arJ ,atlerir,, learrir, to live witl
tle ervirormert, ratler tlar resistir, it arJ forcir,
tleir will or Motler Nature.
1le jur,les are lome a massive variety of plart,
arimal arJ irsect life. lt's also never quiet. 1lere is
always tle squawk of tropical birJs, tle lowl of arimals
arJ tle click arJ buzz of tle ever-presert irsects, ever
Jurir, tle ri,lt. Creatures - ircluJir, some of tle
plarts - livir, lere are masters of tleir ervirormert,
usir, camoufla,e arJ stealtl to tleir maximum
aJvarta,e. Disease is rampart, witl botl flyir, arJ
water-borre irsects ofter carryir, JeaJly viruses.
1le oppressive leat arJ lumiJity of tle
rairforest requires tle claracter to make a successful
lortituJe savir, tlrow (DC 2O) eacl lour. 1le DC
of eacl subsequert cleck i rcreases by +1
cumulatively. A claracter wlo fails tle save takes
1J6 poirts of leat Jama,e (fire resistarce courters
tlis Jama,e). Wearir, armor or leavir, clotlir,
(arytlir, more tlar li,lt clotlir,) imposes a -+
peralty or tle savir, tlrow. A claracter wlo
succeeJs at a Survival cleck (DC 15) ,airs a ++
competerce borus or tle save.
1le tlickress of tle jur,le reJuces movemert rates
by lalf, urless travel is or a well-worr patl or roaJ.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts ir tle
jur,le is mucl simpler tlar it is ir otler areas,
requirir, a Survival cleck (DC 1O). lirJir, meat
requires a successful lurtir, trip. 1emporary slelter
car also be relatively easily improviseJ (Survival
cleck DC 15).
ScattereJ about tle worlJ - lyir, eitler ir or
just outsiJe tle tropics - is a rir, of lot Jeserts. 1lese
barrer sarJ or story plairs are amor, tle worlJ's most
irlospitable ervirormerts. lairfall is eitler mirimal
or completel y ror-existert, makir, survival
exceptiorally Jifficult.
1le Jama,e to tle ozore layer arJ tle
,reerlouse effect lave ircreaseJ temperatures
Jramatically sirce tle liral Wars. 1le Jesert's lack
of clouJs causes wilJ temperature swir,s betweer Jay
arJ ri,lt, witl lows Jurir, tle ri,lt close to freezir,
arJ tle li,ls ir tle miJJle of tle Jay sometimes lot
erou,l to kill.
lirJir, slelter is ofter Jifficult. lr tle rocky
Jeserts, it is ofter possible to firJ caves to escape tle
leat. 1le sarJy Jeserts are usually flatter arJ more
barrer, makir, firJi r, ratural slelter a rear
impossible task. Most of tle arimals tlat live ir tlese
re,iors Ji, burrows arJ avoiJ tle leat urJer,rourJ,
emer,ir, orly at ri,lt to feeJ.
looJ is sparse; like tle rortl's frozer tlurtra,
most people are romaJic, movir, to take aJvarta,e
of Jifferert plarts arJ arimals. lirJir, fooJ arJ water
ir tle Jesert |s possible; it just takes a lot of specializeJ
krowleJ,e. 1lose wlo live lere usually krow tle
secrets arJ live ir larmory witl rature.
Still, some settlemerts are JotteJ tlrou,lout tle
worlJ's Jesert re,iors. 1lese are rormally clustereJ
arourJ tle few permarert oases tlat still exist. 1le
people ir tlese commurities will slare tleir water
witl strar,ers for a time, but tley will fi,lt to prevert
aryore from takir, it by force.
Mary of tle worlJ's Jeserts - particularly tlose
ir tle MiJJle Last - slow tle si,rs of tle leavy
fi,ltir, from tle liral Wars. Some romaJs tell stories
of sarJ permarertly JyeJ reJ from tle blooJ of tlose
wlo fell tlere, wlile otlers speak of plairs of black
,lass tlat stretcl as far as tle eye car see.
Survivir, tle irterse leat of tle Jesert requires
tle claracter to make a successful lortituJe savir,
tlrow (DC 2O) every 1O mirutes. 1le DC of eacl
subsequert cleck ircreases by +1 cumulatively. A
claracter wlo fails tle save takes 1J6 poirts of leat
Jama,e (fire resistarce courters tlis Jama,e).
Wearir, armor or leavir, clotlir, (arytlir, more
tlar tlir clotlir,) imposes a -+ peralty or tle savir,
tlrow. A claracter wlo succeeJs at a Survival cleck
(DC 15) ,airs a ++ competerce borus or tle save.
lirJir, fresl Jrirkir, water or makir, slelter
requires a successful Survival cleck (DC 2O).
li rJir, fooJ requires a successf ul lurtir,
expeJitior, or tle lCs car fora,e for eJible plarts
(Survival cleck DC 15).
- 144 -
Witl tle partial meltir, of tle polar icecaps, ocears
row cover more of tle Lartl's surface tlar ever before.
Altlou,l tle liral Wars erJeJ most trarsocearic
travel, people are reJiscoverir, arciert traJitiors arJ
settir, fortl to cross tle vast exparses of oper water
1le liral Wars ever affecteJ tle ocear. Wler
tle polar ice melteJ, tle ocear levels rose, flooJir,
mary low-lyir, coastal re,iors, ircluJir, mary major
cities. Some are completely submer,eJ, wlile otlers
lie partially exposeJ, allowir, scaver,ers to fossick
amor,st tle ruirs at low tiJe.
Òcear travel is botl Jifficult arJ Jar,erous.
Crews rot equippeJ witl erou,l fooJ arJ water
for lor, perioJs at sea ofter perisl lor, before tley
ever firJ larJ. Navi,atior or tle oper ocear is
almost impossible witlout proper equipmert or
clarts. 1le weatler at sea is wilJly urpreJictable,
witl severe storms blowir, up tlat car smasl ever
tle stror,est vessels.
Lut tle water ofter liJes liJJer Jar,ers. Narite
weaporry - left over from tle liral Wars' fierce
raval battles - still lurks or tle surface arJ bereatl
tle waves. Currerts sometimes float tlese rarites
towarJs larJ, ofter witl Jevastatir, results. 1le
mutatiors causeJ by tle weapors arJ tleir siJe effects
are perlaps most keerly felt ir tle ocears, witl more
strar,e creatures tlar ir ary otler ervirormert or
Lartl. Some live close to slore, amor, tle coral reefs
or tle ruirs of tle flooJeJ cities, wlile otlers are rarely
seer, stayir, to tle oper ocear, arJ ofter rarely risir,
from tle Jeptls at all.
Some commurities exist completely bereatl tle
waves. 1le irlabitarts lave JevelopeJ ,ills - or
some otler way of breatlir, urJerwater - arJ tley
firJ it safest to live urJer tle water. Some are
completely lostile to tle air-breatlers, wlile otlers
will ofter lelp stricker sailors or traJe witl larJ-
baseJ commurities for tlir,s tley carrot obtair
from tle sea.
- 145 -
1ravel or ary lar,e boJy of water - be it ar ocear
or ever a lar,e irlarJ sea - requires a seawortly boat
arJ a successful Drive cleck (DC 15). Claracters
witlout tle appropriate Surface \elicle Òperatior feat
are subject to a -+ peralty or tle Drive cleck.
Successful ravi,atior across ar oper boJy of water
requires a successful Navi,ate cleck (see J20 MoJern,
Clapter 1wo: Skills, ¨Skill Descriptiors," Ncv|¸cte).
Òr tle ocear, fresl Jrirkir, water must be storeJ
or boarJ tle vessel, or it must be createJ usir, some
artificial mears (for example, a Jesalirator). lisl or
otler sealife car be cau,lt by makir, a successful
Survival cleck (DC 15).
Swamps are re,iors wlere tle ,rourJ is covereJ
by slallow water for mucl, if rot all, of tle year. 1ley
are ofter fourJ close to river moutls, wlere silt builJs
up arJ forces tle water over tle barks arJ out over
tle surrourJir, courtrysiJe.
Swamps are fourJ ir all otler re,iors except
Jeserts arJ tle polar i ce caps. lr tle colJer
ervirormerts, tley are rormally peat bo,s or fers.
lr tropical arJ subtropical areas, mar,rove trees are
a commor si,lt ir swampy areas.
Swamps arJ marsles are lavers for a wiJe variety
of birJ arJ arimal life. WaJir, birJs feeJ ir tle slallow
water, lurtir, for small fisl arJ reptiles. Some species
of lar,er arimals also make tleir lomes lere, mostly
feeJir, or tle marsl ,rasses or otler aquatic plart life.
Movemert rates are cut to ore-lalf wler movir,
tlrou,l tle swamps, or reJuceJ to ore-quarter if
movir, ir a velicle otler tlar a slallow Jraft boat.
lirJir, Jrirkable water or eJible plarts requires
a Survival cleck (DC 15). lirJir, meat requires a
successful lurtir, trip. lirJir, or makir, Jry slelter
car be larJer, Jue to tle water coverir, tle ,rourJ
(Survival cleck DC 15).
1le followir, movemert rates are avera,es for
,ereral terrair types. Circumstarces vary: A well-
mairtaireJ roaJ car ,reatly reJuce travel times, wlile
ruirs full of Jar,erous crevasses arJ mourJs of rubble
car make a trip mucl lor,er. CMs sloulJ aJjust tle
claracters' rate of pro,ress to matcl tle corJitiors.
- 145 -
JetermireJ by tle irtersity of tle raJiatior, as fourJ
below. (Ary ,erotype-baseJ peralties or boruses or
saves a,airst mutatior Jo not apply to tlis roll.)
Ar irJiviJual wlo fails tle lortituJe save takes
tle iritial Jama,e. Lver tlose wlo resisteJ tle iritial
Jama,e must save a,air a,airst tle secorJary Jama,e.
Lut tlat isr't tle erJ.
Aryore wlo faileJ eitler save arJ took ary
temporary or permarert Corstitutior Jama,e row suffers
from Jebilitatir, raJiatior poisorir,. 1le irJiviJual must
make a lortituJe save a,airst tle same DC ir 2+ lours or
suffer tle secorJary Jama,e a,air. 1le 1reat lrjury skill
car be useJ to reJuce tle effects of raJiatior poisorir,;
urtil a successful 1reat lrjury cleck (usir, tle same DC
as tle lortituJe save) is maJe or tle poisoreJ irJiviJual,
le faces tle raJiatior's secorJary Jama,e every 2+ lours.
Òrce tle irJiviJual las beer treateJ, lis level of raJiatior
poisorir, Jrops by ore irtersity level eacl time le
succeeJs at lis lortituJe save, urtil le las fully recovereJ
(i.e. moJerate to weak, weak to cureJ).
Arytlir, reJuceJ to O Corstitutior from raJiatior
poisorir, Jies, arJ leaves belirJ a poisorous corpse.
Aryore touclir, tle corpse witlout protectior a,airst
raJiatior must make a lortituJe save a,airst weak
raJiatior. Arytlir, Jesperate erou,l to eat tle flesl
of tle tairteJ corpse must make a lortituJe save a,airst
moJerate raJiatior - tlere is ro protectior a,airst
tlis slort of complete immurity to raJiatior effects.
Rad|at|ea Rad|at|ea Rad|at|ea Rad|at|ea Rad|at|ea |ect |ect |ect |ect |ect la|t|a| la|t|a| la|t|a| la|t|a| la|t|a| Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy Seceadacy
lateas|ty lateas|ty lateas|ty lateas|ty lateas|ty Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C Save 0C 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe 0amaqe
wea| b ld2 Cea l Cea
Hedecate l0 ld2 Cea ld2 Cea
Stceaq lb ld3 Cea ld3 Cea
latease 20 ld3 |ecmaaeat ld4 Cea
1ecca|a 1ecca|a 1ecca|a 1ecca|a 1ecca|a h|q|way h|q|way h|q|way h|q|way h|q|way Read Read Read Read Read 1cac||ess 1cac||ess 1cac||ess 1cac||ess 1cac||ess
ec 1ca|| ec 1ca|| ec 1ca|| ec 1ca|| ec 1ca||
Acemat|c xl xl x3/4
0cy 6cass|aad xl xl x3/4
het 0esect xl xl/2 xl/2
Heaata|as x3/4 x3/4 xl/2
|e|ac xl x3/4 xl/2
Swamµs xl/2 xl/2 xl/2
1emµecate |ecest xl xl xl/2
1|ee|a xl xl xl/2
1|aatca xl x3/4 x3/4
1ceµ|ca| 6cass|aad xl x3/4 xl/2
1ceµ|ca| Ra|a|ecest xl x3/4 xl/2
laJiatior is ar erer,y type just like fire arJ
electricity - it car cause Jama,e to livir, creatures
just as immeJiately as a flame or a jolt of currert car.
lt is also far more irsiJious tlar tle otler erer,y
types: it poisors tlose exposeJ to it, causir, lir,erir,
sickress arJ ever Jeatl. 1lose wlo live are ofter
mutateJ ir strar,e ways (see Clapter 1lree).
Some aJvarceJ teclrolo,y equipmert arJ some
mutatiors proviJe protectior from raJiatior arJ tle
poisor arJ mutatior tlat follow it ir tle form of
raJiatior resistarce (ary piece of equipmert tlat
proviJes full-spectrum erer,y resistarce also protects
a,airst raJiatior). lf tlese protectiors are sufficiert to
protect tle user from ary raJiatior Jama,e, tlat user
is also protecteJ from tle poisor arJ mutatior effects.
lf ever a sir,le poirt of raJiatior Jama,e ,ets
tlrou,l tle protectior, tle irJiviJual must
immeJiately make a lortituJe save a,airst a DC
1le effects of tle liral Wars are felt perlaps most
acutely amor, tle wrecka,e tle war left belirJ. 1le
over,rowr exparses of Jull ,ray store. Corrosior
eatir, tlrou,l ar arciert metal lulk. 1le smoke
blackereJ slells tlreaterir, to collapse at ary time.
1le strar,e object tlat exploJes wler moveJ. 1le
sirister form tlat watcles from tle slaJows of a
wreckeJ tower's upper floors as you pass by.
luirs are scattereJ all over tle Camma WorlJ.
lr some areas, tley stretcl for miles ir every Jirectior,
wlile otlers are so small tley ,o urroticeJ. Lut all
of tlem lave sometlir, ir commor: 1ley ,ive a
,limpse wlat life was like before arJ Jurir, tle liral
Wars. 1ley are more tlar just slattereJ builJir,s;
tley are tle wrecka,e of lumarity's stupiJity arJ a
,rim remirJer of tle Jar,ers of takir, life for ,rarteJ.
- 14T -
Weapors are orly part of tle ruirs' Jar,ers. 1le
exposure to tle elemerts arJ tle lack of mairterarce
mears mary builJir,s are Jramatically weakereJ arJ prore
to collapse at ary time. Òfter ore structure collapsir, takes
out several otlers, orly lasterir, tle Jestructior. Mary
of tle Jarker corrers - ofter tle basemerts of tle lar,er
builJir,s or all marrer of olJ turrels - cortair stale or
poisoreJ air tlat kills ary wlo try to explore. Cortairers
of toxic waste, tle byproJucts of lumarity's lust for
corsumer items or ¨clear" power, row lie slattereJ arJ
urprotecteJ, poisorir, tle areas arourJ tlem.
Despite tle Jar,ers, ruirs also cortair lu,e
treasures for tlose willir, to searcl carefully for
arytlir, valuable. Strar,e artifacts - some easily
urJerstooJ arJ otlers tlat Jefy explaratior - lie
burieJ witl tle remairs of tleir makers. lor tlose
lurtir, for krowleJ,e lost ir tle liral Wars, ruirs
proviJe tle best place to start. Some of tlis krowleJ,e
is fra,mertary; fires, flooJs arJ exposure lave JestroyeJ
mucl of tle irformatior leavir, orly lirts belirJ.
Yet, ir otler areas, carefully loarJeJ cacles still remair
irtact like burieJ treasure. 1lese leftovers cortirue to
attract people to tle remrarts of tle ÒlJ WorlJ.
\ery few of tle ruirs remair completely urirlabiteJ.
Most teem witl life, corsistir, mostly of irsects, arimals,
reptiles arJ birJs. 1le wrecka,e proviJes all marrer of
rests arJ burrows, allowir, tle cycle of life to cortirue.
Sertiert species are ofter presert as well, usually orly ir
smaller rumbers. Scaver,ers sift tlrou,l tle remairs,
lopir, to firJ sometlir, valuable or useful. CrazeJ killers
prowl tle ruirs, usir, tlem as a bizarre lurtir, reserve.
lr some places, wlole tribes irlabit tle ruirs, rebuilJir,
a civilizatior from tle asles of tle olJ ore. lobots -
from tle larmless civiliar types, to tle JeaJly warbots -
still prowl tlrou,l tle ruirs cortiruir, tleir lre-War
missiors. Òccasiorally, tle sertiert computers are still
partially operatioral, keepir, tle city rurrir, ir wlatever
way tley car.
Not all ruirs are cities. 1lrou,lout tle worlJ are
tle remairs of otler elemerts of tle ÒlJ WorlJ. 1le
twisteJ wrecka,e of crasleJ aircraft; tle submer,eJ
wrecks of ,i,artic, trarsocearic surface slips; or
fra,merts of slattereJ spacecraft spreaJ over a vast
area are all examples. Mary of tlese wrecks cortair
secrets or artifacts ir tle same way tlat tle remairs
of tle cities Jo; ir mary cases, tley lave ever more
specializeJ or bizarre equipmert.
1lere is rot a re,ior or tle plaret tlat Joes rot
cortair some remirJer of tle time before tle liral
Wars. lor tle brave, tley cortair ricles beyorJ tleir
wilJest ima,iratiors. Lut for most, tley are a place
of Jeatl, arJ mary tlat erter are rever seer a,air.
lor certuries, lumarity exerteJ its Jomirarce
over rature, clar,ir, tle ervirormert to suit itself.
1lose clar,es were ofter rot for tle better. 1imber
arJ store were useJ as builJir, materials. Houses,
sloppir, malls arJ office blocks covereJ over wlat
was orce ,rasslarJ or forest. DammeJ rivers proviJeJ
water supplies or lyJroelectric power. lollutior
ircreaseJ, particularly arourJ tle bi,,er cities.
1le aJvert of raro- arJ bioteclrolo,y clar,eJ
tle face of tle worlJ ever more. Corstructior metloJs
tlat laJ always beer tlou,lt impossible took over as
tle rorm. Sertiert computers rar everytlir, from lar,e
cities to small appliarces. Ciart bearstalks carrieJ mer
arJ equipmert irto orbit. Ceretic structures were
maripulateJ or a Jaily basis to repair Jama,eJ ,eres
or ever to create species tlat laJ rever existeJ.
Lut lumarity's stupiJity leJ to its ultimate Jowrfall.
1le urleaslir, of tle liral Wars' arseral JestroyeJ
rearly everytlir, tlat lumarity ever built. ClouJs of
rarites JevoureJ corcrete arJ metal, leavir, rotlir,
but Just belirJ. Liolo,ical arJ clemical weapors killeJ
lu,e portiors of tle populatior; ruclear weapors
flattereJ lar,e exparses arJ maJe tlem urirlabitable
for lurJreJs of years. Als turreJ or tleir makers arJ
useJ tleir cortrol over cities to make life lell for tle
irlabitarts. Space-baseJ kiretic weapors maJe lu,e
craters of tle tou,lest military irstallatiors or tle most
importart civiliar facilities, wlile corvertioral bombs
arJ robot irfartry urits blew up mucl of wlat was left.
Wler tle Just settleJ, almost rotlir, remaireJ.
Af ter tle liral Wars, rature struck back,
reclaimir, mucl of tle territory tlat it lost to
lumarkirJ. lire arJ water JestroyeJ most of tle less
permarert material. llarts of all kirJs be,ar takir,
over a,air, sometimes witl surprisir, ferociousress.
WeeJs arJ ,rasses sprir, up tlrou,l tle cracks ir tle
corcrete arJ ir tle Just tlat ,atlers ir tle corrers.
1rees orce a,air tlrive ir areas wlere tle flooJs from
slattereJ Jams burieJ city streets urJer tlick layers of
silt. \ires arJ creepers corspire witl tle weatler to
scratcl away arytlir, etcleJ irto tle tlir,s left
belirJ. Wlile sle still las a lor, way to ,o, Motler
Nature is Joir, ler best to remove tle scars of
lumarity's arro,arce from tle surface of tle Lartl.
Despite tle ircreasir, ratural beauty of mary ruirs,
tley still lolJ ar aburJarce of Jar,er. 1le weapors
useJ ir tle liral Wars were JeaJly arJ irsiJious, arJ
ir mary areas, tle effects car still be keerly felt.
laJiatior, rarites arJ urexploJeJ muritiors still lurk
ir mary lar,er ruirs, tlreaterir, ary tlat Jare to explore
tlem. 1le weapors are sometimes still active arJ kill
as easily row as tley JiJ wler tley were createJ.
- 148 -
off eacl otler's iJeas, tle ,ame's settir, will probably
come to,etler mucl more quickly.
1le first aJvarta,e of tle ,roup approacl is tlat
tle players start play alreaJy krowir, low tle ,ame
worlJ looks arJ feels. 1lis allows tle CM to ,et ri,lt
to tle poirt, ratler tlar sperJir, several sessiors
explairir, tle ,ame worlJ to ler players. 1le secorJ
aJvarta,e is tlat tle CM car see wlat irterests ler
players, arJ sle car tailor aspects of ler story towarJs
tlose elemerts.
1lis Joesr't mear tlat tle ,roup sloulJ be
alloweJ to Jetail c|| of tle settir,. 1le CM sloulJ
lave tle firal say over tle settir,; it's also tle CM's
resporsibility to fill tle worlJ witl rasty surprises tlat
tle ,roup Joesn`t krow about. After all, wlat woulJ
be tle poirt if tley alreaJy krew all of tle secrets`
Lefore wreckir, wlolesale slabs of tle Lartl's
surface, it's importart to Jetermire ir aJvarce low
mucl of tle Lartl tle claracters will explore. 1lere's
ro poirt ir Jetailir, tle Amazor jur,le or tle frozer
wastes of Artarctica if tle lCs will rever ,o tlere.
lrsteaJ, it's better to simply corcertrate or tle pieces
of tle worlJ actually reeJeJ or ar or-,oir, basis.
Just low mucl of tle worlJ tlat is JeperJs upor
wlat sort of ,roup tle lCs are. lf tley're ,oir, to be
part of relativel y permarert commurity, tler
Jetailir, tle part of tle worlJ witlir a few Jays travel
of tleir lomes sloulJ be erou,l. Òr tle otler larJ,
if tle ,roup is romaJic, tler wlere tley're likely to
roam or tleir travels sloulJ Jictate tle Jesi,r. 1lis
part of tle settir, creatior car be urJertaker
somewlat ir parallel witl tle creatior of tle lC's
commurity - or perlaps ever commurities (see later
ir tlis clapter for Jetails or creatir, a commurity).
lt's ofter best to set a ,ame ir ar area tlat tle
CM arJ lis players are familiar witl; after all, it's
more fur to Jestroy sometlir, you lave some sort of
ar attaclmert to, ratler tlar just some arbitrary
locatior. lf you live ir a bi, city, tler just settir,
your ,ame ir wlat's left of tlat arJ tle surrourJir,
courtrysiJe will ofter be erou,l.
You Jor't reeJ to Jetail everytlir, ir aJvarce;
just emplasize tle locatiors close to wlere tle lCs
will sperJ most of tleir time. You reeJ tle ,reatest
focus or tleir commurity arJ everytlir, witlir a
Jay's travel of it (rememberir, tlat travel or foot is a
1le Lartl of Camma WorÌJ is rot tle worlJ we
currertly krow. 1le liral Wars JestroyeJ most of
civilizatior, leavir, orly tle messeJ-up remairs for
tle survivors to pick over. leople eke out a way of
life as best tley car, ,iver tle resources arourJ tlem.
Lartl is, lowever, a very lar,e place arJ tlere is
no way tlis book coulJ proviJe Jetails about
everytlir, ir tle Camma WorlJ, ever ir tle broaJest
terms. Lver if it JiJ, it mi,lt rot mesl witl tle CM's
visior of wlere le warteJ to set lis ,ames.
lrsteaJ, tlis sectior proviJes a set of ,uiJelires
to take locatiors arJ make tlem irto tleir Camma
WorÌJ equivalerts. 1le iJea is to proviJe tle ability
to trasl places tle CM is familiar witl, makir, ,ame
play more accessible.
1le Je,ree of corversior Jore JeperJs ertirely
or tle level of weirJress requireJ. lf tle players wart
li,l actior, tler tle worlJ sloulJ clar,e raJically
arJ ircluJe lu,e amourts of Jar,er for tle lCs to
ercourter. lf tley wart a more seJate, claracter-
Jriver story lire, it's rot recessary to create as mucl
of tle Camma WorlJ, or make it rearly as Jar,erous.
lf tle aim is Jark arJ ,ritty, tle erJ result sloulJ be
a settir, tlat JemarJs a lot of tle claracters ir it,
but Joesr't ,ive mucl back ir returr.
1lese steps are orly ,uiJelires or low to create
a little correr of tle Camma WorlJ. lt's up to a CM
wletler sle warts to skip or rearrar,e some steps, or
ever to irvert rew ores.
Normally, a CM will rely or a publisleJ settir,,
or le'll create ore from tle ,rourJ up. Litler way, it
is tle CM's resporsibility to fill ir all tle little Jetails
of tle worlJ limself arJ tler reveal tlem to tle
players Jurir, ,ame play. A Camma WorÌJ CM coulJ
stick witl tlis approacl. Some people prefer to keep
all tle secrets of tle ,ame worlJ to tlemselves, so
tlat tle players car learr about strar,e places arJ
tleir irlabitarts as tley ,o.
Lut tlere is ar alterrative: ercoura,e tle players
actively cortribute to tlis part of campai,r setup.
1akir, a ,roup approacl to settir, creatior allows
mucl more brairstormir, about low a locatior
clar,eJ, botl before arJ after tle liral Wars.
Differert perspectives car make tle settir, far more
vibrart arJ irterestir,, arJ otler people may
cortribute some really irterestir, aspects tlat tle CM
may rot lave tlou,lt of. Witl a wlole ,roup riffir,
- 149 -
lot slower tlar travel by some sort of meclarical
mears). Co irto a moJerate amourt of Jetail or areas
witlir tlree Jays travel of tle lCs' lome base. Have
a reasorable - but rot overly JetaileJ - iJea of
arytlir, major witlir a week's travel. 1lese are tle
areas tlat tle lCs are most likely to explore re,ularly.
lt's best to krow wlat's out tlere, altlou,l lavir, a
picture ir broaJ-brusl strokes is probably erou,l.
Just start witl tle pieces you reeJ to start your
,ame, arJ worry about tle rest later if it turrs out
tlat you actually reeJ it at all.
1le Camma WorlJ isr't just a corversior of tle
worlJ as it currertly exists. lr tle early part of tle 21st
Certury, teclrolo,y starteJ outpacir, ever tle wilJest
ima,iratiors. Lioteclrolo,y arJ aJvarces ir
computir, createJ a worlJ wlere ,eretic maripulatior
was rormal arJ wlere self-aware computers took over
mucl of tle murJare rurrir, of tle cities.
Co wilJ. AJJ arytlir, to tle locatior,
rememberir, tlat most of it will be JestroyeJ later.
At tle same time, try to preserve tle locatior's spirit.
leople - as mucl as tley like pro,ress - ofter like
listory arJ try to keep some areas tle same to remirJ
tlem of tle past. 1ry to exa,,erate wlat alreaJy exists
by ,ivir, it a more futuristic feel.
Here are a few su,,estiors to corsiJer:
º Power: MoJerr society requires a lot of erer,y
to furctior properly. At presert, most of tle worlJ's
power is ,ererateJ from burrir, fossil fuels or ruclear
fissior. Alterratives sucl as ruclear fusior, solar erer,y,
wirJ farms, lyJroelectricity arJ wave power are orly
row becomir, viable alterratives. As tle worlJ's
populatior ,rows towarJs tle liral Wars, its reeJ for
electricity will orly ,et stror,er. How car society's
reeJs be met` Are more ruclear power statiors built`
Are sectiors of tle courtrysiJe roofeJ over witl lu,e
solar parels` Are lurJreJs of ,i,artic wirJmills built
to larress wirJ erer,y` Wlat about sometlir, ever
more bizarre - arJ possibly more Jevastatir,`
ºTransportation: Lar,e rumbers of people livir,
to,etler reeJ a mears of movir, arourJ efficiertly.
As cities ,row, multi-lare freeways replace city streets
as tle mair way of movir, lar,e volumes of traffic from
ore place to arotler. lublic trarsportatior - buses,
trairs arJ ferries - lelp to move lar,e rumbers of
people quickly arJ efficiertly. Are tlere otler
alterratives` Do ma,retic levitatior trairs exist` Do
tley rur or elevateJ platforms above tle city, or are
tley liJJer ir complex turrel systems below ,rourJ`
Has tle populatior taker to tle air, witl aerial buses
arJ taxis` How mucl cortrol is ,iver to self-aware
computers` ls tlere ar airport or a seaport (or botl)
for movir, people arJ car,oes` ls tlere sometlir, ever
more exotic like a spaceport, or ar orbital bearstalk`
ºHousing: As populatiors ,row, so too Joes tleir
reeJ for lousir,. Do lar,e resiJertial towers sprir, up
everywlere` How Jersely packeJ are tley` Are tley
,lettoes for tle poor, or are tley play,rourJs
exclusively for tle ricl` Do tle suburbs witl tleir low-
Jersity lousir, spreaJ out for miles ir every Jirectior`
º Communications: How is irformatior
JissemirateJ to tle populatior` Wlere are tle
facilities for Joir, tlis arJ wlat form Jo tley take`
Are tlere lar,e arterra or satellite Jisl farms`
º Business: Wlere Jo tle busiresses operate`
Do tley lave ,i,artic corporate towers ir tle leart
of tle city, or are tley spreaJ out` Are tlere extersive
factory complexes for builJir, proJucts usir, rarite
fabricators, or lave tley beer replaceJ by all marrer
of smaller facilities`
ºFooJ anJ Water:Wlere Joes all tle fooJ arJ water
for tle populatior come from` Are tlere lu,e farms arJ
Jams witlir a Jay's travel of tle city` Does tle city attempt
to capture rairwater ir creative ways to supplemert tleir
water supplies` ls fooJ arJ water reclaimeJ tlrou,l lu,e
improvemerts ir recyclir,` ls fooJ proJuceJ by rarites ir
special factories` Do people ever eat ratural fooJ arymore,
or is tlat just a Jistart memory`
º Tbe Environment: Has some sort of ,i,artic
climate cortrol system - sucl as builJir, a lu,e
Jome over tle ertire city, or leatir, ,riJs burieJ ir
all tle city's streets - beer irstalleJ to keep tle
elemerts at bay`
Wler ary war is fou,lt, military plarrers Jetermire
priority orJers for a wiJe rar,e of tar,ets ir orJer to wir
tle war for tleir siJe. Currert Joctrire emplasizes
wipir, out tle eremy's Jefersive or courterattack
capabilities, ircluJir, all commarJ, cortrol arJ
commuricatiors facilities; supplies; military irstallatiors;
arJ busiresses JeJicateJ to proJucir, war materiel.
lf tle war escalates, tler civiliar populatiors are
tar,eteJ. Ary civiliar assets tlat coulJ be useJ for
tle war eff ort - parti cularly f uel supplies,
trarsportatior arJ car,o-larJlir, facilities - are
tar,eteJ alor, witl civiliar fooJ arJ water supplies.
lf tlir,s become Jesperate, tler tle JreaJeJ
¨scorcleJ eartl" policy is useJ to ersure rotlir,
valuable is left belirJ for tle eremy.
- 150 -
1le liral Wars useJ of all of tlis arJ more. Wler
fi,urir, out wlat to Jestroy arJ wlat to leave belirJ,
remember attackers try to mirimize tle Jama,e to tle
eremy's territory if tley lave plars of occupyir, it, but
tley maximize tle Jama,e if tley simply wart to Jery it
to tle eremy. DeferJers wart to protect as mucl of tleir
assets as possible, so tley car rebuilJ after tle war is over.
However, if tle orly way out is to permarertly surrerJer
larJ to tle eremy, it's best to Jery tlem everyt||n¸.
How JiJ tle locatior fare Jurir, tle liral Wars`
Was it belirJ tle lires arJ just subjecteJ to strikes by
tle eremy tryir, to Jestroy tle power base` Òr was it
actually occupieJ by tle eremy arJ saw leavy fi,ltir,`
Make a list of tle importart tar,ets like military
bases, trarsportatior lubs like airports arJ seaports,
fuel ref ireries, major roaJs, commuricatiors
irstallatiors arJ arytlir, else tlat seems importart.
1lis list is useJ ir tle rext part to see low baJly tle
locatior fareJ ir tle war.
Witl tle tar,ets closer, tle rext step is JeciJe
|owto Jestroy tlem. Differert weapors lave Jifferert
effects or tle tar,et arJ tle surrourJir, area, arJ
some of tlese effects car last for lor, perioJs after
tle war las erJeJ. 1le weapors closer JeperJ or
low total tle Jama,e reeJs to be. Co tlrou,l tle
tar,et list arJ Jestroy eacl ore of tlem ir turr,
keepir, track of low it was Jore, so tlat resiJual
effects car be useJ Jurir, tle ,ame.
º Nanite Weapons: 1le breaktlrou,l ir
raroteclrolo,y brou,lt about a reraissarce ir
weapor Jesi,r. Narites coulJ create rearly ary sort
of Jama,e tlat plarrers coulJ ima,ire. 1ley coulJ
eat tlrou,l corcrete arJ steel, turr water supplies
irto vast porJs of jello or permarert freeze it irto a
,i,artic ice cube. 1ley coulJ completely eraJicate
c|| ve,etatior over a wiJe area, leavir, tle topsoil
prore to erosior by tle wirJ. Lrforturately, tle
facilities reeJeJ to slut Jowr tle rarites were
JestroyeJ ir tle war, leavir, mary of tle weapors
sittir, ir a Jormart state, waitir, for a clar,e ir
corJitiors tlat will reactivate tlem.
ºCbemicaÌ anJ BioÌogicaÌ weapons: Mairly useJ
for Jestroyir, troops or civiliar populatiors, clemical
arJ biolo,ical attacks kill tlousarJs of people
effectively arJ ofter leave resiJue belirJ tlat
cortirues to Jo so lor, after tle iritial attack.
º BreakJown: tle Cataclysm was rot just causeJ
by bombs fallir,. MarkirJ put a lot of cortrol ir tle
larJs of maclires. Òver time, tle maclires JevelopeJ
sertierce, tler suffereJ breakJowrs arJ turreJ a,airst
- 151 -
tleir former masters. LuilJir,s trappeJ arJ killeJ tleir
irlabitarts arJ lurJreJs of maclires came up witl
irspireJ ways to kill aryore wlo trieJ to wrest cortrol
from tlem. Humars ofter just escapeJ witl tleir lives,
leavir, tle soultecl to its owr Jevices.
ºNucÌear Weapons: Hi,l-yielJ ruclear weapors
Jestroy everytlir, over a wiJe area. Low-yielJ or
tactical rukes Jestroy everytlir, over a mucl smaller
area. Neutror bombs Jo little Jama,e, but kill arytlir,
livir, witl massive Joses of raJiatior Dirty bombs -
raJioactive waste packeJ arourJ a li,l explosive core
- Jo orly blast Jama,e to a small area. All of tlem
make tle ervirormert raJioactive - arJ ofter
urirlabitable - for years after tle iritial explosior.
º OrbitaÌ Kinetic Weapons: \ery leavy objects
taker irto orbit arJ lurleJ at tle ,rourJ at li,l speeJ
Jo massive amourts of Jama,e. 1le bomb Joesr't
lave to be explosive; tle sleer amourt of kiretic
erer,y it trarsfers or impact Joes tle same tlir,.
Òrbital kiretic weapors car make a lar,e crater out
of ever tle larJest slelters, but wor't leave ary form
of resiJual Jama,e.
º SurgicaÌ Strike: Sur,ical strikes are prefect for
takir, out a sir,le irstallatior arJ leavir, everytlir,
arourJ it irtact. Computer cortrolleJ smart- or
brilliart-weapors car Jeliver a warleaJ to a precise
locatior ersurir, maximum effectiveress.
º Large-ScaÌe Higb ExpÌosives: Lar,e amourts
of li,l explosives are tle weapor of cloice to Jestroy
everytlir, over a wiJe area, witlout tle problems
causeJ by rarites or raJioactivity. Carpet bombir,,
artillery barra,es or a sir,le li,l-yielJ bomb all
perform mucl tle same furctior. Wlat tle explosives
Jor't Jestroy, tle resultir, firestorm usually will.
º CoÌÌateraÌ Damage: Sometimes tle best way
to Jestroy sometlir, is rot to attack it Jirectly, but
to attack sometlir, else tlat will lave a follow-or
effect tlat will take out your real tar,et. Destroyir, a
Jam or Jyke systems will cause a catastroplic flooJ
tlat may well wasl away ary irJustries or cities
Jowrstream. Avalarcles or muJsliJes car bury a
builJir,. A Jevastatir, forest fire may well spreaJ
urcortrolleJ to your tar,et. Ly attackir, a rearby
resource, it's possible to accomplisl tle aim witl
collateral Jama,e.
º TacticaÌ Warfare: Òrce troops be,ir ,rourJ
attacks to claim territory, tley irflict wiJespreaJ
Jama,e across tle combat tleater. 1ark slells,
tactical bombir, by aircraft arJ ever irfartry all leave
scars tlat exist for years afterwarJs.
º FaÌÌing Debris: Wlat ,oes up must come Jowr
- evertually. 1le wars were fou,lt witl all types of
air- arJ spacecraft. Some aircraft rar or oil-baseJ
fuels, wlile otlers - particularly tle spacecraft -
laJ special ruclear reactors. lf eitler type of craft
crasles irto a city, tle Jama,e car be catastroplic,
particularly from a satellite fallir, from orbit.
º NaturaÌ Disasters: Lartlquakes, volcaroes,
torraJoes, cyclores, lurricares arJ otler ratural
Jisasters all cause wiJespreaJ Jevastatior wler tley
strike a builJ up area. Lartlquakes arJ tle violert
storms terJ to tear structures apart, wlile volcaroes
car bury tle wrecka,e ir asl arJ muJ.
ºTbe War's Aftermatb: Òrce tle Just las settleJ
or tle fi,ltir,, looters arJ varJals leave tleir owr
marks or wlatever tle leavier fi,ltir, las left belirJ.
Witl lumarkirJ out of tle way, rature be,irs to
reclaim wlat it orce owreJ. livers returr to tleir
ori,iral courses orce tle mairterarce or tle Jiversiors
las stoppeJ. lires sweep tlrou,l, Jestroyir, lar,e areas.
Dust storms causeJ by erosior bury tle ruirs, wlile wirJ
arJ rair corspire to eroJe away wlat's left belirJ.
WeeJs, vires arJ ,rasses are usually tle first plarts
to reestablisl tlemselves ir tle ruirs. Civer tle ri,lt
weatler corJitiors, trees arJ slrubs returr arJ be,ir
liJir, tle wrecka,e. lf left urJisturbeJ for lor, erou,l,
tley ,row to maturity arJ mask all si,rs of lumar
labitatior - urless tlere are rarites or otler resiJue
tlat kills off ary rew ,rowtl as soor as it starts.
Also corsiJer tle effect tle war laJ or tle
climate ir tle area. Òr a ,lobal scale, tle war maJe
tle Lartl lotter, meltir, some of tle polar ice arJ
causir, tle sea level to rise. Some coastal cities lave
beer flooJeJ; some are row completely urJerwater;
otlers lave just tle li,ler ,rourJ still visible.
lr ,ereral, ervirormertal effects are simply more
exa,,erateJ versiors of early 21st certury corJitiors.
Summers are lotter arJ Jrier, wlile tle wirters ofter
are colJer arJ wetter.
1lere are also some strar,e siJe effects ir
localizeJ areas. Stable microclimates sprur, up ir
secluJeJ areas. A fertile oasis may exist ir tle miJJle
of ar ariJ wastelarJ. Narite activity may create a
rairforest ir tle miJJle of tle tleeka, or turr ar olJ
subway turrel system irto ar ice cave. 1le aJvarces
ir teclrolo,y alloweJ lumarity to raJically alter tle
ervirormert to suit its owr reeJs; some of tlat
teclrolo,y may still be operatir,.
- 152 -
Despite tle wiJespreaJ Jevastatior, parts of tle
cities may survive at least partly irtact. Some rarite
factories may cortirue clurrir, out wlatever tley
were last pro,rammeJ to make, simply because tle
cortrol systems are ro lor,er operatioral. A few cities
may still lave at least part of tleir autoromous cortrol
systems furctiorir, Jespite tle Jeatl of tle ori,iral
irlabitarts years a,o.
DeciJe low mucl of tle olJ tecl is still
furctioral. (See Clapter Six for more iJeas about low
to arswer tlis questior arJ wlat implicatiors eacl
arswer las.) 1le ruirs may be effectively JeaJ,
because tlere's ro power. Some arJroiJs coulJ still
be vairly tryir, to keep orJer arJ make sure tlat tle
city remairs mostly irtact for wler tle lumar
masters returr. Alterratively, tlere may be some
vesti,es of tle Al tlat rar tle city still ersurir, tlat
tle city furctiors. ArJ tle city Joesr't like irtruJers.
More ofter tlar rot, tle ruirs are at least partially
irlabiteJ. As a bare mirimum, arimals - some rormal,
some tle result of ruraway ,eretics - take aJvarta,e
of tle slelter tle ruirs offer. 1ley make tleir lomes
amiJst tle wrecka,e arJ JeferJ tleir territory a,airst
irvaJers. Some irlabit tle li,l reacles of olJ tower
blocks, wlile otlers live ir tle safer parts of tle turrel
systems tlat stretcl for miles urJer most cities.
Despite all tle risks, sertiert creatures are always
fourJ ir tle ruirs. Some are just passir, tlrou,l,
otlers are scaver,ir, tlrou,l tle wrecka,e lookir,
f or treasures from before tle Catacl ysm.
Òccasiorally, commurities make tleir lomes ir tle
safer parts of towr, takir, aJvarta,e of tle
remairir, resources. Life ir tle city is larJ tlou,l,
so most commurities Jor't take kirJly to strar,ers
prowlir, arourJ tleir lomes.
Wler lCs start explorir, tle ruirs, tley sloulJ
meet up witl some of tle local irlabitarts, wlo may
be lostile. 1ley may or may rot ever be sare. Litler
way, tley sloulJ be as colorful as possible.
Òrce tle ruirs are Jesi,reJ, all tlat remairs is to
sprirkle a few aJverture looks tlrou,l tle wrecka,e
for tle lCs to firJ as tley explore. 1lis sectior sloulJ
be ore tlat tle players Jon`t lave ary irput over.
1ley car firJ all sorts of items or irformatior
from tle ÒlJ WorlJ, but tley also reeJ to face a
series of Jar,ers ir orJer to ,et ir arJ out of tle
ruirs safely. Not orly Jo tle sertiert, arimal arJ
plart irlabitarts pose a tlreat, but tley reeJ to Jeal
witl tle lir,erir, remrarts of tle weapors
tlemselves. 1le ruirs are rot stable; Ji,,ir, arourJ
too mucl coulJ cause tle wrecka,e to collapse,
trappir, tle urwary.
Wlat tley come across ir tle ruirs is orly limiteJ
by your ima,iratior. Make it as simple or as complex
as you like, but make sure tlat ruirs are rot a place
for tle urwary.
Livir, alore is ar almost impossible task over a
lor, perioJ. 1le corstart reeJ to firJ fooJ, water
arJ slelter fills every wakir, lour, leavir, little time
for leisure activities. lf tle irJiviJual falls ill or suffers
ar irjury, tlere is ro ore to look after lim arJ lis
clarces of survivir, are ,reatly reJuceJ.
Ly barJir, to,etler witl otlers, survival
becomes mucl easier. Wi tl several people
cooperatir, or tle essertial tasks - sucl as firJir,
fooJ arJ water - ar irJiviJual's avera,e workloaJ
falls Jramatically. 1lis leaves tle wlole ,roup witl
more time available for less essertial work. Humar
beir,s are also social creatures; lavir, otler people
arourJ to talk to, ir ,ooJ times arJ baJ, car ofter
lelp keep someore sare arJ focuseJ or livir,.
A commurity is a ,roup of irJiviJuals witl a
similar worlJview wlo joir to,etler for tleir
mutual berefit. 1ley slare tle tasks essertial for
survival, arJ use ary time saveJ to pursue otler
irterests arJ tasks tlat lelp aJvarce tle wlole
commurity. Leir, part of a lar,er ,roup also allows
irJiviJuals to corcertrate or specific skills tlat
tley lave ar aptituJe for. lf ar irJiviJual car focus
or tle quality of work sle is perf ormir,, tle
commurity as a wlole prospers.
Commurities proviJe ar excellert reasor for a
,roup of Jisparate claracters to be explorir, tle
Camma WorlJ to,etler. Alle,iarce to a commurity
car proviJe tle lCs witl aJJitioral berefits. 1ley
car also be tle basis for wlole campai,rs.
- 153 -
Havir, tle lCs belor, to a lar,er commurity
,ives tlem a cortext for ary aJvertures tley mi,lt
lave ir tle Camma WorlJ. Wlile tlere's rotlir,
wror, witl tle lCs explorir, for tleir owr ,air,
if tley are Joir, it to lelp out a lar,er ,roup, tle
rewarJs are ofter ,reater because of tle ircreaseJ
wealtl arJ status witlir tlat ,roup.
As witl tle plysical ervirormert, ,ivir, tle
players irput irto tle commurity's creatior fosters a
mucl ,reater feelir, of owrerslip. Creatior of tle lCs'
lome commurity is best tackleJ as a ,roup exercise,
wlere all of tle players car lelp cloose wlat tley wart
to be a part of. lt's best to try to come up witl a
commurity wlere tle claracters car play ar irte,ral
role; eacl claracter sloulJ lave ar opporturity to Jo
wlatever it tley love Joir, arJ lave tlat task be ar
essertial part of tle commurity's Jaily existerce.
Òf course, tlere may be very ,ooJ reasors wly
tle players mi,lt not lave irput irto tle creatior
of tle commurity tley belor, to. Ar example of
tlis coulJ be if tley be,ir play as slaves of arotler
,roup arJ lave to firJ a way to escape from
captivity. 1lese rules car still be useJ to create a
ricl backJrop for ,ame play.
Camma WorÌJ Jescribes commurities mucl like
claracters: tley lave a collectior of ability scores, skills
arJ feats. Differert combiratiors create wiJely Jifferert
commurities. lollowir, tlese ,uiJelires proviJes rot
orly a Jescriptior of tle commurity ir terms of ,ame
meclarics, but it will also ,ive ar irJicatior of wlat
claracters ercourter wler tley visit tle commurity.
Creatir, a commurity for tle lCs is mucl like
creatir, a player claracter. lt Joes take some time
iritially, but orce it's Jore, it clar,es orly wler tlere's
aJvarcemert as a result of populatior ircrease or some
otler si,rificart clar,e to tle commurity's situatior.
Like claracters, commurities are JescribeJ ir
terms of six key abilities. 1lese abilities are (see below
for more Jetail):
several Jescriptive si,rs tlat are presert. 1lis lelps
create a Jefirite feel for eacl commurity arJ makes
tlem more tlar just a series of rumbers.
Lefore Jetermirir, tle commurity's ability
scores, it lelps to lave a core corcept ir mirJ. ls tle
commurity bi, or small` ls tle wlole populatior from
ore race, or is tlere a mixture` Do tley move arourJ,
or stay ir ore place` How teclrolo,ically aJvarceJ
are tley` Are tley frierJly or xeroplobic` Are tley
peaceful, or Jo tley prefer warmor,erir,`
Commurities are cate,orizeJ irto five basic types:
NomcJs, Ò|J Town, New Town, Sµec|c||st arJ íront|er
Town. All commurities fall irto ore of tlese
cate,ories, altlou,l tlere may be some crossover from
time to time, or ore commurity type may actually
form a sub,roup of a lar,er commurity.
1lese commurities lave ro fixeJ resiJerce.
lrsteaJ, tley pack up everytlir, tley owr arJ
re,ularly move arourJ. 1ley are usually small ,roups,
as it is Jifficult to feeJ a lar,e populatior wlile
travelir,. Masters of livir, off tle larJ, tley see more
of tle Camma WorlJ tlar ary otler commurity type
arJ ofter carry rews witl tlem.
Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty C|acactec Ae|||ty |qa|va|eat C|acactec Ae|||ty |qa|va|eat C|acactec Ae|||ty |qa|va|eat C|acactec Ae|||ty |qa|va|eat C|acactec Ae|||ty |qa|va|eat
|ecce Stceaqt|
Hee|||ty 0extec|ty
Res|||eace Ceast|tat|ea
|eaca|aq late|||qeace
Awaceaess w|sdem
Cemmaad C|ac|sma
le,arJless of wlat abilities, skills or feats tle
commurity las, claracters sloulJ see some irJicatior
about it |n tle ,ame's settir,. Wler cloosir, ar
ability level, or aJJir, a feat or a skill, rote Jowr
- 154 -
1||s c|act cevecs t|e cemmaa|ty cceat|ea µcecess |a s|ect |ecm; ce|ec te t|e accemµaay|aq sect|eas |ec deta||s. Ava||ae|e
µe|ats ace ||sted w|ece ce|evaat.
Ceme aµ w|t| a ceaq| eat||ae e| w|at t|e cemmaa|ty |s qe|aq te ee |||e.
C|eese |cem , , , ec .
rr 6TEÞ 3: 0ETERHlNE THE COHHUNlTY'6 6lZE (Þ. l58).
Se|ect a µeµa|at|ea |eve| eased ea t|e cemmaa|ty's s|ze.
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats
l < b0 l2
2 bl-l00 lb
3 l0l-200 l8
4 20l-400 2l
b 40l-800 24
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe lst- lst- lst- lst- lst- h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve|
|emad (6 - |ec 6 - |ec
med|||ec)x4 med|||ec
0|d (4 - |ec 4 - |ec
1ewa med|||ec)x4 med|||ec
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze S|ze |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats
6 80l-l,600 21
1 l,60l-3,200 30
8 3,20l-6,400 33
7 6,40l-l2,800 36
l0 l2,80l- 40
rr 6TEÞ 4: A66lCN THE ABlLlTY 6CORE6 (Þ. l58)
Lsir, tle attribute poirts proviJeJ by tle populatior level, buy tle commurity's six abilities, startir,
witl a base value of 8 for eacl. Note tlat attributes are moJifieJ by tle commurity's type (p. XX).
rr 6TEÞ 5: CHOO6E 6KlLL6 (Þ. l59)
Luy skills usir, tle commurity's skill poirts, wlicl are JetermireJ by commurity type arJ populatior level
|eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve|
|emad 3
0|d 1ewa 6
|ew 1ewa 3
|eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve| |eats at ||cst |eve|
Sµec|a||st 4
|ceat|ec 1ewa 3
Add|t|eaa| |eats ace qa|aed at 2ad, 4t|, 6t|, 8t| aad l0t| | eve|s.
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
8 0
7 l
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l0 2
ll 3
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l2 4
l3 b
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l4 6
lb 8
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l6 l0
l1 l2
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l8 l4
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe lst- lst- lst- lst- lst- h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve|
|ew (4 - |ec 4 - |ec 1ewa
med|||ec)x4 med|||ec
Sµec|a||st (6- |ec 6- |ec
med|||ec)x4 med|||ec
rr 6TEÞ 6: CHOO6E FEAT6 (Þ. l59)
Cloose tle commurity's feats from tle list or p. 159. 1le rumber of feats a commurity las is
JetermireJ by type arJ populatior level.
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats S|||| |e|ats
1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe 1yµe lst- lst- lst- lst- lst- h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec h|q|ec
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve|
|ceat|ec (6- |ec 6- |ec
1ewa med|||ec)x4 med|||ec
- 155 -
rr 6TEÞ 7: CHOO6E ÞHlLO6OÞHY (Þ. l63)
Determire wlat tle commurity's core cultural values are.
Determire low tle commurity is ,overreJ arJ low strir,ertly tle laws are applieJ.
rr 6TEÞ 9: CREATE FACTlON6 (Þ. l64)
Create a rumber of sub,roups witlir tle commurity tlat lave Jifferert a,erJas,
wlicl may or may rot be ir ali,rmert witl tle commurity's core plilosoply.
rr 6TEÞ l0: 0ETERHlNE NElCHBOR6 (Þ. l66)
Create a list of rei,lborir, commurities tlat tlis commurity irteracts witl or a re,ular basis.
Lse tlis list to Jetermire wlat precautiors tlis commurity reeJs to take.
loll tle commurity's Wealtl borus, baseJ or tle commurity type arJ populatior level.
Certair feats also proviJe a Wealtl borus.
|eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas
µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve|
|emad ld4
0|d 1ewa ld8
|ew 1ewa ld6
|eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas
µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve| µec |eµa|at|ea |eve|
Sµec|a||st ld4
|ceat|ec 1ewa ld6
|eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas
|aaetec| usaqe -4
ß|etec| usaqe -3
Acc|a|c |acm|aq -l
Advaaced |acm|aq -2
Acc|a|c Haaa|actac|aq -l
Advaaced Haaa|actac|aq -2
|eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas
|eed Syat|es|s -2
Acc|a|c |aq|aeec|aq -l
|ce-wac |aq|aeec|aq -2
Advaaced |aq|aeec|aq -3
|ae| |cedact|ea -2
Calculate tle commurity's leputatior borus.
|actec |actec |actec |actec |actec Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas
|emad -3
0|d 1ewa -2
|ew 1ewa -l
Sµec|a||st -2
|ceat|ec 1ewa -2
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 2-3 -l
|actec |actec |actec |actec |actec Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 4-b -2
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 6-1 -3
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 8-7 -4
|eµa|at|ea |eve| l0 -b
|ac| Ae|||ty l6-l1 -l
|ac| Ae|||ty l8- -2
rr 6TEÞ l3: 0ETERHlNE HEHBER6HlÞ BENEFlT6 (Þ. l66)
Determire wlat berefits a lC witl ar alle,iarce to tlis commurity woulJ erjoy.
- 155 -
NomaJs are tle most pra,matic of all tle
commurity types; if tley firJ ,oir, ir ore area
Jifficult, tley simply pack up arJ move or. liercely
irJeperJert, tley prefer to firJ ways of Jealir, witl
tleir owr problems wlere tley car, traJir, witl -
or raiJir, - otler commurities for orly tlose tlir,s
tlat tley carrot make tlemselves.
1le metloJs of travel are as varieJ as tle people
tlemselves. 1le slowest ,roups move about or foot,
otlers use beasts of burJer arJ wa,ors like tle ,ypsies
of olJ, wlile tle more teclrolo,ically capable ,roups
use velicles left over from tle liral Wars.
NomaJ commurities ,air a +2 borus to Mobility
arJ a -2 peralty to lesilierce.
SkiÌÌ points at 1st popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
(6 + Learrir, moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ points at eacb aJJitionaÌ popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
6 + Learrir, moJifier
Starting Feats: 3
WeaÌtb: 1J+ per level
OL0 TOwN (OL0)
Some commurities builJ ir or rear tle wrecka,e
of tle ÒlJ WorlJ. Most try to retair some of tleir
towr's feel, preservir, tle past's traJitiors to ersure
tlat tley are rot for,otter. Some live ir tle remairs
of tle olJ skyscrapers or sloppir, malls. Òtlers take
tle rubble arJ builJ rew structures from it. Some ÒlJ
towr commurities still live ir facilities tlat somelow
surviveJ tle liral Wars more or less irtact.
ÒlJ towr commurities are usually tle most
corservative arJ traJitioral of all commurity types,
altlou,l exceptiors Jo exist. 1ley are ofter composeJ
ertirely pure-strair lumars arJ are sometimes fiercely
xeroplobic. 1ley remember - or like to oe||eve tley
remember - low mucl better life was before tle wars,
arJ tley woulJ Jo arytlir, to rebuilJ society as it
useJ to be. lr tle meartime, tley preserve tle olJ laws
arJ ways, ever if tley Jor't always fully urJerstarJ
tlem. 1ley believe someJay tleir JescerJarts will
tlark tlem for keepir, tlat krowleJ,e alive.
ÒlJ towr commurities ,air a +2 borus to
Learrir,, arJ a -2 peralty to Awareress.
SkiÌÌ points at 1st popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
(+ + Learrir, moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ points at eacb aJJitionaÌ popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
+ + Learrir, moJifier
Starting Feats: 6
WeaÌtb: 1J8 per level
- 15T -
NEw TOwN (NEw)
Wlile tle olJ towrs look backwarJs, rew towrs
look to tle future. lormeJ more from recessity tlar
arytlir, else, rew towrs are tle most cosmopolitar
of all tle commurities. Most were fourJeJ by refu,ees
barJir, to,etler arJ settlir, ir a relatively safe
locatior, away from tle Jar,ers of tle liral Wars'
aftermatl. Mutarts arJ syrtletics are usually
welcomeJ as active members arJ mary olJ-towr
prejuJices are rot as prevalert.
New towrs ofter slare tle same pra,matism
tlat romaJs exlibit, but tleir laws are usually more
coJifieJ arJ ri,iJ. lolitical views are ofter baseJ
or wlatever brir,s tle best resul ts f or tle
commurity, ratler tlar beir, Jrawr from some
arciert plilosoply.
Lecause rew towrs ,row almost or,arically, tley
are usually more receptive to people joirir, tlem,
especially if tle rewcomer las a skill tlat tle
commurity is lackir,. Òr tle otler larJ, rew towrs
terJ to lave a wiJer rar,e of outlooks of ary of tle
commurity types, wlicl car sometimes leaJ to urrest
amor,st tle populatior.
New towr commurities ,air a +2 borus to
Awareress, but a -2 peralty to Mobility.
SkiÌÌ points at 1st popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
(+ + Learrir, moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ points at eacb aJJitionaÌ popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
+ + Learrir, moJifier
Starting Feats: 3
WeaÌtb: 1J6 per level
6ÞEClALl6T (6ÞC)
Òf ter existir, symbioticall y witl arotler
commurity, Specialist commurities corcertrate or
ore specific area of krowleJ,e to tle almost total
exclusior of everytlir, else. Morasteries, military
bases, l ar,e borJellos, prisor camps, mi res,
uriversities arJ otler certers of krowleJ,e are all
examples of specialist commurities.
1le ore tlir, all specialist commurities lave ir
commor is tlat every member is Jirectly irvolveJ
witl tle commurity's mair focus. Corsequertly,
specialist commurities are ofter forceJ to rely or
arotler commurity to fill ary reeJs tley lave.
Wletler tlis relatiorslip is mutually bereficial to
botl siJes is ofter urcertair; some specialist
commurities take wlat tley reeJ from tleir
rei,lbors by force, wlereas otlers rely or tle clarity
of tleir rei,lbors ir orJer to survive.
DeperJir, or tle focus area, some specialist
commurities may cortair members of Jifferert races.
Wlile rot uriversally true, commitmert to tle
commurity's core iJeal is usually vieweJ as more
importart tlar ar irJiviJual's appeararce.
Specialist commurities ,air a ++ borus to eitler
Learrir, or CommarJ (JeperJir, or tle rature of
tleir specializatior), but tley suffer a -2 peralty to
botl Mobility arJ lesilierce.
SkiÌÌ points at 1st popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
(6 + Learrir, moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ points at eacb aJJitionaÌ popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
6 + Learrir, moJifier
Starting Feats: +
WeaÌtb: 1J+ per level
lr tle more isolateJ parts of tle worlJ are
commurities tlat exist mairly to support tlose wlo
verture out irto tle wilJerress. Òfter baseJ arourJ
supply Jepots or traJir, posts, tley allow tle warJerers
to returr to some semblarce of civilizatior to recover
arJ restock before leaJir, back out irto tle wilJs a,air.
1le populatiors of frortier towrs usually corsist
of a relativel y small core, witl a mucl lar,er
trarsiert populatior. leople come arJ ,o all tle
time, arJ it is commor to see rew faces rearly every
Jay. Mary of tlese towrs are rou,l arJ urcivilizeJ.
Lreweries arJ brotlels Jo a roarir, traJe, as Jo
outfitters wlo stock survival ,ear. li,lts are
commorplace amor, tle trarsiert populatior.
Some commurities look tle otler way, krowir, tle
warJerers are merely lettir, off steam. Òtlers take
a mucl larJer starce a,airst sucl belavior, tryir,
to irstill some values back irto people wlo Jor't
ofter arswer to aryore otler tlar tlemselves.
lumors abourJ more ir frortier towrs tlar ir
ary otler commuri ty. 1le l ar,er trarsi ert
populatiors ofter swap stories, coverir, arytlir,
from tle weatler to firJs of cacles of arciert
teclrolo,y tlat surviveJ tle liral Wars.
lrortier 1owr commurities ,air a +2 borus to
lorce, but a -2 peralty to CommarJ.
SkiÌÌ points at 1st popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
(6 + Learrir, moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ points at eacb aJJitionaÌ popuÌation ÌeveÌ:
6 + Learrir, moJifier
Starting Feats: 3
WeaÌtb: 1J6 per level
- 158 -
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
8 0
7 l
l0 2
ll 3
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l2 4
l3 b
l4 6
lb 8
Scece Scece Scece Scece Scece Cest Cest Cest Cest Cest
l6 l0
l1 l2
l8 l4
1le commurity's size Jetermires wlat abilities
it las. Lar,er commurities car spreaJ tle workloaJ
arourJ, allowir, people more opporturities to
specialize ir certai r areas arJ improve tle
commurity's abilities overall.
1le followir, table lirks tle populatior level to
tle populatior size arJ slows low mary attribute
poirts a commurity of tlat size las to sperJ (see Step
+, below). lf a populatior later reacles a rew populatior
level, it ,airs tle extra rumber of attribute poirts to
sperJ, as well as its rext allotmert of skill poirts.
Lecause of practical corsiJeratiors re,arJir, fooJ
arJ water supplies, NomaJ commurities carrot pro,ress
past +tl level. lf tley cortirue to ,row, tle tribe must
separate irto two or more smaller ,roups arJ ,o tleir
separate ways to reJuce tle Jrair or resources.
1O is avera,e for eacl ability; commurities start off
somewlat below avera,e, arJ may preserve some
weakresses for tle sake of ,reater strer,tl ir otler areas.
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate Attc|eate
|eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |eve| |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |e|ats |etes |etes |etes |etes |etes
l < b0 l2
2 bl-l00 lb
3 l0l-200 l8
4 20l-400 2l
Hax|mam |emad µeµa|at|ea
b 40l-800 24
6 80l-l,600 21
1 l,60l-3,200 30
8 3,20l-6,400 33
7 6,40l-l2,800 36
l0 l2,80l- 40
6TEÞ 4: A66lCN THE
Lacl commurity is measureJ primarily by six key
attributes, equivalert to tle ores useJ by claracters.
A commurity's ability scores are createJ ir a way
similar to tle plarreJ ,ereratior claracter metloJ (see
J20 MoJern, Clapter Òre: Claracters, ¨Your Ability
Scores," I|cnneJ Cenerct|on). All tle ability scores be,ir
at 8, arJ tle commurity las a rumber of poirts to sperJ
JetermireJ by its populatior level (see Step 2, above).
1le rumber of poirts requireJ to raise ar attribute from
8 to tle rew score is ,iver ir tle table below. A score of
lf you require more poirts to raise ar importart
ability to li,ler levels, you car irtertiorally lower
arotler ability below 8. 1lis frees up a rumber of
poirts corresporJir, to tle rumber of poirts tlat it
woulJ cost to raise tle ability above 8. lor example,
lowerir, ar ability to 7 woulJ free up 1 poirt, lowerir,
it to 6 woulJ free up 2 poirts arJ so or.
Force (For - equivaÌent to Strengtb)
lorce measures tle commurity's ability to project
power a,airst a specific tar,et. 1lis is useJ ir combat,
but it also ,ives ar irJicatior of low mucl muscle
power tle commurity las available for erJeavors sucl
as leavy marual labor. lt ircluJes ary aJvarta,e tle
commurity ,airs from usir, leavy maclirery. A
commurity witl orly a lar,e amourt of marpower
coulJ lave tle same lorce score as a commurity witl
a small ,roup equippeJ witl eartl movir, equipmert.
\isible si,rs of a li,l lorce ability ircluJe armeJ
,uarJs, protective barricaJes, leavy equipmert arJ armoreJ
velicles. Low lorce commurities lack tlese elemerts.
MobiÌity (Mob - equivaÌent to Dexterity)
Mobility measures a commurity's ability to move
botl people arJ car,o over lar,e Jistarces ir a timely
faslior. Leir, able to trarsport ,ooJs is essertial to
,ooJ traJir, arJ also lelps reJuce tle feelir, of
isolatior tlat some commurities experierce.
NomaJic tribes arJ commurities witl access to
liral Wars era trarsportatior usually lave a li,l
mobility score wlile New 1owrs usually lave a lower
mobility score, reflectir, tleir focus or corsoliJatir,
ir tleir currert locatior.
\isible si,rs of a li,l Mobility ability ircluJe
temporary accommoJatiors, lar,e rumbers of velicles
arJ facilities for trarsportir, fooJ arJ water. Low
Mobility commurities lack tlese elemerts.
ResiÌience (ReÌ - equivaÌent to Constitution)
lesilierce measures tle ability of a commurity
to witlstarJ plysical slocks arJ its ability to recover
- 159 -
from tlem quickly. Slocks ircluJe Jeliberate plysical
attacks or tle commurity from ar outsiJe source arJ
all forms of ratural Jisaster. A commurity's resilierce
covers tleir ability to make repairs to lousir, arJ
irfrastructure, as well as ary meJical facilities.
\isible si,rs of a li,l lesilierce ability ircluJe
evacuatior Jrills; safety equipmert; plarreJ escape
routes; stockpiles of fooJ, water arJ builJir,
materials; meJical facilities; arJ traireJ work crews.
Low lesilierce commurities lack tlese elemerts.
Learning (Ler - equivaÌent to InteÌÌigence)
Learrir, measures tle amourt of krowleJ,e tlat
tle commurity possesses, as well as its ability to
assimilate arJ process rew irformatior. 1le
krowleJ,e may be a vast collectior of oral folk-tales,
a collectior of olJ books or computer files from times
before tle liral Wars. Learrir, covers botl tle
commurity members' irtelli,erce arJ tle value tle
commurity places or learrir, rew irformatior.
Specialist commurities arJ ÒlJ 1owrs usually
lave tle li,lest Learrir, scores.
\isible si,rs of a li,l Learrir, ability ircluJe
libraries, furctioral computers, sclools or uriversities
arJ respect slowr to learreJ irJiviJuals. Low
Learrir, commurities lack tlese elemerts.
Awareness (AWA - equivaÌent to WisJom)
Awareress measures low corscious tle
commurity is of plysical arJ social stimuli. lt covers
tle extert to wlicl tle commurity - especially its
leaJers - rotices arJ resporJs to exterral irfluerces.
lt measures low fast tle commurity bources back
from social arJ spiritual setbacks (ir tle same way
lesilierce covers plysical setbacks), arJ it also covers
tle leaJers' ability to mairtair orJer ir times of claos.
\isible si,rs of a li,l Awareress ability ircluJe towr
lalls, re,ular towr meetir,s, rews broaJcasts, active
leaJerslip, borJer patrols arJ active reli,ious irstitutiors.
Low Awareress commurities lack tlese elemerts.
CommanJ (Com - equivaÌent to Cbarisma)
CommarJ measures tle level of irfluerce tlat
tle commurity car exert or otler people. lt covers
low tle commurity appears to otlers arJ low
persuasive or irtimiJatir, it car be, particularly ir
social situatiors. lt proviJes ar estimate of tle level
of commerce tlat takes place ir tle commurity, as
well as low mucl creativity arJ social irteractior
tlat tle commurity erjoys.
\isible si,rs of a li,l CommarJ ability ircluJe
a Jistirct arJ visible leaJerslip, obvious wealtl,
active merclarts arJ markets, arJ well populateJ bars
arJ tleatres.
Lacl commurity las a rumber of skill poirts to
sperJ, JictateJ by its type arJ populatior level. 1lese
skills are tle same as tle ores useJ by claracters. lf a
commurity las a particular skill, tler ore or more
citizers lave tlat particular skill at tlat level.
Certair skills are easier for some commurity types
to learr tlar otlers because of tleir facilities or social
structures. Like claracter classes, eacl commurity
type las class arJ cross-class skills. Class skills car be
purclaseJ at 1 skill poirt per rark, wlereas cross class
skills cost 2 poirts per rark. Lrlike claracters, tlere
is no maximum skill level.
lor eacl skill tlat tle commurity possesses, rote
Jowr ary si,rs tlat reveal facility ir tlat area. lt may
be a slop or a builJir, JeJicateJ to tlat skill - sucl
as a blacksmitl's fourJry woulJ irJicate Craft
(metalwork) - or it mi,lt be as simple as overlearir,
some people talkir, about tlat particular subject ir a
bar or workplace.
Lacl commurity starts witl a rumber of feats
baseJ or its commurity type, arJ ,airs ar aJJitioral
feat at 2rJ, +tl, 6tl, 8tl arJ 1Otl levels.
1le followir, feats from tle J20 MoJern core
rulebook may also be taker by commurities, witl tle
same eff ects as JescribeJ: Lui lJer, LJucateJ,
CearleaJ, MeJical Lxpert, lerowr, StuJious,
Sur,ery, WirJfall.
Commurities may also cloose from tle followir,
special commurity feats:
1le commurity car use rarotecl Jevices.
Prerequisite: lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: rarotecl)
+ rarks.
Benefit: 1le commurity las tle recessary
equipmert to successfully cortrol rarites. 1ley car
also learr low to slut Jowr Jormart rarite
weaporry. Commurities witlout tlis feat carrot
utilize Naroteclrolo,y to its fullest potertial, or slut
Jowr rarite weapors. 1lis feat also ircreases tle
commurity's Wealtl borus by ++.
Signs: Strar,e arclitecture witl ro visible seams
or fasterir,s, materials sucl as steel arJ timber welJeJ
to,etler, maclire parts witl perfect tolerarces,
maclires tlat take scrap metal ir arJ turr out ir,ots
of purifieJ metal, reaJy for reuse.
- 150 -
6KlLL Ll6T
S|||| S|||| S|||| S|||| S|||| Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed |md |md |md |md |md 0|d 0|d 0|d 0|d 0|d |ew |ew |ew |ew |ew Sµc Sµc Sµc Sµc Sµc |at |at |at |at |at
Cemµatec use Cemµatec use Cemµatec use Cemµatec use Cemµatec use
0ata aad 0µecat|ea Systems |ec |e x C x C x
Act|||c|a| late|||qeace |ec |e x C x C x
ß|etec| Systems |ec |e x C x C x
Cca|t Cca|t Cca|t Cca|t Cca|t
C|em|ca|s |ec |e x C x C x
||ectcea|c |ec |e x C x C x
Hec|aa|ca| |ec Yes C C C C C
Heta|wec||aq |ec Yes C C C C C
|aaetec| |ec |e x C x C x
||acmaceat|ca|s |ec |e x C C C x
Stcactaca| |ec |e x C C C C
1ext||es |ec Yes C C C C C
\|saa| Acts |ec Yes C C C C C
wc|t|aq |ec Yes C C C C C
0ec|µ|ec Scc|µt |ec |e x x x C x
0|µ|emacy Cem Yes C C C C C
6at|ec la|ecmat|ea Cem Yes C x C x C
haad|e Aa|ma| Cem |e C C C x C
lat|m|date Cem Yes C C C C C
kaew|edqe kaew|edqe kaew|edqe kaew|edqe kaew|edqe
Act |ec Yes C C C C C
ße|av|eca| Sc|eaces |ec |e x C C C x
ßas|aess |ec |e x C C C x
|act| aad |||e Sc|eaces |ec |e x C C C x
6ess|µ |ec Yes C C C C C
h|stecy |ec Yes C C C C C
||ys|ca| Sc|eaces ||R |e x C C C x
|e||t|cs |ec Yes x C C C x
Stceetw|se |ec Yes C x C x C
1act|cs |ec Yes C C C C C
1ec|ae|eqy. Acc|a|c |ec |e C x C C C
1ec|ae|eqy. |ce-wac |ec |e C C C C C
1ec|ae|eqy. Advaaced |ec |e x C C C x
1ec|ae|eqy. |aaetec| |ec |e x C C C x
1|ee|eqy & ||||eseµ|y |ec |e C C C C C
C. C. C. C. C. C|ass S|||| x. x. x. x. x. Ccess-c|ass s||| |
- 151 -
6KlLL Ll6T
S|||| S|||| S|||| S|||| S|||| Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty Ae|||ty uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed uatca|aed |md |md |md |md |md 0|d 0|d 0|d 0|d 0|d |ew |ew |ew |ew |ew Sµc Sµc Sµc Sµc Sµc |at |at |at |at |at
|ec|ecm |ec|ecm |ec|ecm |ec|ecm |ec|ecm
Act Cem Yes C C C x x
0aace Cem Yes C C C x x
|eccass|ea Cem Yes C C C x C
S|aq Cem Yes C C C x C
Stecyte|||aq Cem Yes C C C x C
Stc|aqed lastcameats Cem Yes C C C x C
w|ad lastcameats Cem Yes C C C x C
|ce|ess|ea Awa Yes C C C C C
Reµa|c |ec |e x C C C C
Read/wc|te |aaqaaqe |eae |e x C C C x
Reseacc| |ec |e x C x C x
Sµea| |aaqaaqe |eae |e C C C C C
Sacv|va| Awa |e C x x x C
1ceat lajacy Awa |e x C C C x
C. C. C. C. C. C|ass S|||| x. x. x. x. x. Ccess-c|ass s||| |
1le commurity car use biotecl Jevices.
Prerequisite:lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: biotecl) + rarks.
Benefit: 1le commurity las tle recessary
equipmert to successfully maripulate ,eretic structures
arJ use bioteclrolo,y for tleir owr berefit. 1lis feat
also ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +3.
Signs: AJvarceJ meJical facilities; your,er-,
fitter-lookir, populatiors.
1le commurity urJerstarJs arJ uses simple
farmir, teclriques. All farmir, is small scale, time
corsumir, arJ labor irtersive.
Prerequisites: Nor-romaJ commurity.
Benefits: 1le commurity car ,row erou,l fooJ
to sustair itself or ar or,oir, basis. 1lis feat also
ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +1.
Signs: Small lerJs of arimals; acres of fielJs
,rowir, staple fooJs. All tle farmir, is Jore usir,
tools tlat are eitler lumar- or arimal-powereJ sucl
as scytles, loes arJ lorse-Jrawr plou,ls.
1le commurity car utilize aJvarceJ farmir,
teclriques like lyJroporics. lt also las access to meclarical
farmir, equipmert like larvesters arJ tractors.
Prerequisites: Nor-romaJ, Arclaic larmir,,
lre-War \elicles.
Benefits:1le commurity car use labor-savir, Jevices
to reJuce tle rumber of people reeJeJ to ,row erou,l fooJ
to feeJ tle commurity. lt also reJuces tle amourt of time
reeJeJ to sow arJ larvest tle fooJ, arJ car ofter proviJe a
surplus of fooJ to traJe witl otler commurities. 1lis feat
also ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +2.
Signs: Lar,e lerJs of arimals; lurJreJs of acres
,rowir, eJible plarts, terJeJ by maclirery; extersive
irri,atior irfrastructure.
1le commurity car create simple traJe ,ooJs
from ratural materials.
Benefits: 1le commurity car make its owr
simple traJe ,ooJs. 1lis feat also ircreases tle
commurity's Wealtl borus by +1.
Signs: Simple labor-irtersive proJuctior lires,
larJ-crafteJ timber arJ metalwork ,ooJs, people
wearir, textiles spur from wool or cottor.
1le commurity car use computer-cortrolleJ
equipmert to create all sorts of aJvarceJ traJe ,ooJs.
Prerequistes: Nor-romaJ, Arclaic Marufacturir,,
Craft (clemical) + rarks.
- 152 -
Benefits: 1le commurity car proJuce arJ utilize
aJvarceJ materials, sucl as plastics, rylor, viryl,
kevlar arJ fluorescert Jyes. 1ley also use computer
cortrol to automate tle proJuctior lires. 1lis feat
also ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +2.
Signs: lrJustrial plarts proJucir, plastic ,ooJs,
fabrics arJ presseJ metal parts; automateJ looms;
citizers wearir, bri,ltly-coloreJ clotles or aJvarceJ-
fabric armor.
1le commurity car use raroteclrolo,y to
create artificial fooJ.
Prerequisites: Narotecl Lsa,e, Stockpile.
Benefits: 1le commurity car feeJ itself by usir,
rarotecl f ooJ maclires to create rutri tious
(altlou,l rot particularly appetizir,) fooJ. 1lis feat
also ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +2.
Signs: Stockpiles of ireJible raw materials;
cortairers of processeJ fooJ.
1le commurity car builJ structures arJ maclires
tlat Jo rot require li,l levels of teclrolo,y.
Prerequisites: lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: Aarclaic)
+ rarks.
Benefits: 1le commurity las tle tools arJ skills
reeJeJ to create tlir,s sucl as store briJ,es, simple
velicles, primitive farmir, equipmert arJ steam
er,ires. 1lis feat also ircreases tle commurity's
Wealtl borus by +1.
Signs: Workir, meclarical Jevices; steam
er,ires; store briJ,es arJ builJir,s.
1le commurity car builJ arJ repair structures
arJ maclires tlat require a li,l level of teclrolo,y.
Prerequisites: Arclaic Lr,ireerir,, lrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,y: lre-War) + rarks.
Benefits: 1le commurity car builJ structures from
reirforceJ corcrete, steel or strer,tlereJ ,lass; arJ builJ
er,ires arJ electroric Jevices of all slapes arJ sizes. 1lis
feat also ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +2.
Signs: \elicles powereJ by irterral combustior
er,ires; builJir,s maJe from corcrete or more exotic
materials; aJvarceJ computers.
1le commurity car builJ all types of li,lly
aJvarceJ teclrolo,y.
Prerequisites: lre-War Lr,ireerir,, lrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,y: aJvarceJ) + rarks.
Benefits: 1le commurity is capable of corstructir,
arJ repairir, arJroiJs, soultecl Jevices, erer,y weapors
arJ otler aJvarceJ teclrolo,y Jevices. 1lis feat also
ircreases tle commurity's Wealtl borus by +3.
Signs: CuarJs armeJ witl erer,y weapors;
autoromous systems; self-repairir, builJir,s.
1le commurity las tle mears to create fuels to
power maclirery or to proviJe leatir,.
Prerequisites: lre-War Lr,ireerir,.
Benefits: 1le commurity car Jistill its owr fuels
for a variety of uses. 1lis feat also ircreases tle
commurity's Wealtl borus by +2.
NormaÌ: 1le commurity must obtair tleir fuel
supplies tlrou,l traJe or Jiscovery of lre-War cacles.
Signs: Lar,e refireries or Jistillatior plarts;
stockpiles of tle raw materials useJ for fuel creatior
(oil, slale or otler mirerals ir tle case of petroleum
proJucts; tors of ve,etatior for alcolol Jistillatior;
or a lar,e pumpir, statior rear a river or lake for
electrolysis); arJ tark farms to lolJ tle firal proJuct.
1le commurity car ,ererate its owr electricity,
eitler by usir, flowir, water, or by burrir, fuel.
Prerequisites: Arclaic Lr,ireerir,.
Benefits: 1le commurity car erjoy electrical
li,ltir,, leatir, arJ all tle otler berefits tlat
electricity proviJes.
NormaÌ: Commurities witlout tlis feat carrot
use ary equipmert tlat requires electricity.
Signs: Smoke from tle power statior; tle sourJ
of tle ,ererators rurrir,; electrical li,lts at ri,lt;
overleaJ power lires.
1le commurity las a clearer, more efficiert
mears of ,ereratir, electricity.
Prerequisites: Llectricity Cereratior, lre-War
Benefits: 1lis feat proviJes tle ability to
,ererate more power witl far less marpower, materials
arJ mairterarce.
NormaÌ: Commurities witlout tlis feat must
eitler Jo witlout electricity or use a more primitive
mears of ,ereratior.
Signs: larms of ,iart wirJmills, acres of solar
parels, operatioral ruclear reactors. Llectrical li,lts
at ri,lt, overleaJ power lires.
- 153 -
1le commurity las access to simple velicles tlat
rely or muscle, wirJ, arimals or steam power for
Prerequisites: Arclaic Lr,ireerir,.
Benefits: 1le commurity car operate arJ repair
velicles tlat Jo rot rely or aJvarceJ propulsior systems.
Signs: Wa,ors, steam tractors, sailir, slips, larJ
1le commurity las access to velicles tlat take
aJvarta,e of li,l teclrolo,y.
Prerequisites: lre-War Lr,ireerir,.
Benefits: 1le commurity car operate arJ repair
velicles witl aJvarceJ propulsior systems, computer
cortrols arJ composite materials.
Signs: Cars, trucks, motorcycles, lovercraft, tarks
arJ combire larvesters.
1le commurity las access to velicles tlat
cortrol arJ corfi,ure tlemselves.
Prerequisites: AJvarceJ Lr,ireerir,
Benefits: 1le commurity car operate arJ repair
velicles tlat use aJvarceJ computer teclrolo,y.
1lese velicles Jo rot reeJ Jrivers arJ car operate
for ler,tly perioJs witlout refuelir, or repairs.
Signs: lobotic velicles arJ walkers.
1le commurity las erou,l reserves of fuel, raw
materials arJ fooJ to survive for ar exterJeJ perioJ.
Prerequisites: Nor-romaJ commurity.
Benefits: 1le commurity las erou,l supplies
to last for tlree mortls witlout beir, able to corJuct
its rormal Jay-to-Jay activities.
SpeciaÌ: 1lis feat car be taker more tlar orce.
lts effects stack.
Signs: Larrs arJ warelouses full of supplies, tarks
for storir, fuel arJ water.
Lvery commurity is urifieJ by a small set of
cultural values. Lveryore ir tlat commurity believes
ir tle core iJeal to some Je,ree, ever if tley ar,ue
about low it sloulJ be irterpreteJ.
Cloose ore or more core plilosoplies for tle
commurity. 1lis corcept is tle tlir, tlat everyore
ir tle commurity las ir commor, arJ visible si,rs
of tlis iJeal sloulJ be visible everywlere arourJ tle
commurity. 1le core iJeal Joesr't lave to make serse
to ar outsiJer; as lor, as tle commurity members
believe it, tley will cortirue to stay to,etler arJ work
towarJs tleir commor ,oal.
Some sample plilosoplies:
º Cryptic AÌÌiances: All of tle commurity may
all belor, to ore of tle cryptic alliarces. 1le
alliarce's practices are operly followeJ, makir, it
obvious to ar outsiJer wlat tle commurity believes.
º ExpÌorati on: Di scoverir, wlat lies
urJiscovereJ beyorJ tle commurity's reacl may
Jrive tle popul atior. 1le commurity may be
romaJic arJ explore tle worlJ to,etler, or tley may
just use tleir towr as a base of operatiors to laurcl
expeJitiors. Si,rs ircluJe visible survival equipmert
arJ forJly tolJ tales of olJ travels.
º FreeJom: Citizers remember wlat it was like
to be represseJ, arJ ersure tley are free from ary form
of oppressior. Si,rs ircluJe oper arJ frark Jebate,
arJ celebratiors or tle arriversary of liberatior.
º CenJer InequaÌity/EquaÌity: A commurity
may lolJ tlat ore sex is far more importart tlar tle
otler, to tle poirt of active repressior. Alterratively,
it may stror,ly believe ir ,erJer equality arJ will ,o
out of its way to reJress tle balarce. Òbvious si,rs of
,erJer irequality mi,lt be oper persecutior of tle
perceiveJ weaker sex, wlile a si,r of ,erJer balarce
mi,lt be a carefully ,erJer-balarceJ towr courcil.
º HeJonism: 1le commurity may be primarily
irteresteJ ir pleasure above all else. Si,rs woulJ be
exotic or luxurious resiJerces, lar,e bars or casiros,
arJ JebaucleJ belavior.
ºMuÌticuÌturaÌism: leople of all colors arJ creeJs
are welcome. Si,rs ircluJe a wiJe variety of races arJ
viewpoirts, witl mary Jifferert lar,ua,es spoker.
º Peace: 1le commurity believes tlat violerce
causeJ tle liral Wars, so peace is tle way to rebuilJ
society. Si,rs ircluJe a bar a,airst all weapors,
Jiplomatic approacles to solvir, Jisputes, arJ operly
JisplayeJ love arJ affectior for otlers.
º RaciaÌ Superiority/Inferiority: 1le citizers
believe tleir race is superior to all otlers, or tley may
believe tley are irferior to arotler race. Si,rs for
superiority ircluJe a citizerry composeJ of a sir,le
race, or oper lostility towarJs members of arotler
race. Si,rs for irferiority ircluJe submissior towarJs
tle superior race, or ever outri,lt worslip of tlem.
º ReÌigion: 1le ertire commurity lolJs tle
same Jevout reli,ious belief. 1ley may follow a
- 154 -
traJitioral form of worslip, or tley may be a cult baseJ
arourJ a proJuct of tle aftermatl of tle liral Wars.
Òbvious si,rs ircluJe orrate temples or clurcles, arJ
citizers tryir, to corvert ary visitors to tleir cause.
º SÌavery: A small portior of tle citizers believes
ir slavery, arJ lolJs a lar,er sectior of tle populatior
ir borJa,e. 1le classic si,r of slavery is emaciateJ
people workir, ir larsl corJitiors urJer armeJ ,uarJs.
º TecbnoÌogy: 1le commurity remembers low
teclrolo,y maJe life better before tle Cataclysm arJ
works larJ to restore teclrolo,y to tlat level. \isitors
rotice botl workir, arJ broker teclrolo,y as well
as extersive workslops JeJicateJ to repairir, tlir,s.
º TraJe: 1le commurity may value tle pursuit
of material wealtl above all else. 1ley work larJ to
proJuce ,ooJs tlat otlers reeJ, arJ ersure tlat tle
traJe ,ets tlrou,l. Si,rs ircluJe extremely busy
irJustries proJucir, ,ooJs, well-stockeJ markets arJ
larJ-la,,lir, merclarts.
º TraJition: Citizers clir, to tle ways of tle
past, believir, tlat Jiver,erce from tlese iJeals leJ
to tle liral Wars. lr trutl, tley may rot ever
urJerstarJ tle ori,iral irtertior of tlese traJitiors.
Si,rs woulJ be ri,iJly followeJ customs arJ severe
purislmerts for aryore wlo Joes rot follow tle law
to tle letter.
º VioÌence: 1le commurity believes tlat it car
aclieve supremacy by usir, force. 1le violerce may
be a warrior's coJe of loror, or it may just be simple
blooJlust tlat Jrives tle commurity to raiJ otler
commurities. Si,rs ircluJe operly carrieJ weapors,
armor, arJ re,ular cortests of martial prowess to
Jetermire status.
Wlile two commurities may slare tle same core
plilosoply, tleir urJerstarJir, of tle corcepts arJ
tle way tle leaJerslip rurs tle commurity may make
tlem comµ|ete|y Ji fferert. Wler creatir, tle
commurity, JeciJe or low tle commurity ,overrs
itself, as tlis is ore of tle primary keys to tle
commurity's persorality.
Some tlir,s to corsiJer:
º How many ÌeaJers are tbere anJ bow are tbey
cbosen| ls tle commurity ,overreJ by a sir,le persor
tlrou,l sleer force of persorality, or is tlere a ,roup
of leaJers` Do tle people cloose tle rew leaJerslip`
lf so, Joes tle wlole commurity lave irput irto tle
selectior or just a subset` Does tle leaJerslip pass to
arotler tlrou,l some mears` ls it lereJitary` Does
tle currert leaJer larJpick tlem` Òrce tle olJ
leaJer steps Jowr or Jies, Jo tle corterJers battle to
tle Jeatl for tle loror`
º How mucb autbority is JeÌegateJ to otbers|
Some leaJers larJle everytlir, tlemselves, but otlers
must rely or otlers to Jo some of tle work for tlem.
How mucl autlority Joes tle leaJerslip Jele,ate to
otler people arJ low are tlose people closer`
º Is tbere a caste system| Are all members of
tle commurity corsiJereJ to be equals or are tlere
Jifferert levels ir society` ls tlere ary way to improve
ore's lot ir life, or is it permarertly assi,reJ at birtl`
ls ore sectior of tle commurity (priestlooJ, warriors,
sclolars, etc.) slowr more respect tlar otlers`
º How strong is tbe Ì eaJersbip| Car tle
leaJerslip Jeal witl crises Jecisively, or Joes it collapse
at tle first si,r of trouble` Does tle leaJerslip erjoy
tle commurity's popular support, or Jo tle people late
tlem` ls tle leaJerslip lorest, or are tley corrupt or
willir, to clar,e tleir mirJs wler it suits tlem`
º Is opposition to tbe ÌeaJersbip toÌerateJ| lf tle
leaJerslip is claller,eJ, are tle objectiors quasleJ
mercilessly` ls tle leaJerslip pararoiJ about Jissert` ls
tlere some form of official oppositior party` How frierJly
are relatiors betweer tle leaJerslip arJ tle oppositior`
º Wbat sort of Ìaws Joes tbe community bave|
How mary laws are tlere arJ are tley clearly JefireJ`
How are tley erforceJ` How corsistertly are tley
erforceJ` Wlat are tle peralties for breakir, tle
laws` Do tle peralties Jeter otlers from breakir, laws
ir tle future` ls tlere aryore ir tle commurity wlo
is above tle law`
No two lumars ir listory lave laJ exactly tle
same opirior or every subject, arJ tlis Jiffererce of
opirior creates factiors. A factior is a sub,roup
witlir tle populatior tlat las a Jifferert belief about
ore or more key aspects of commurity life.
A factior may be relateJ to tle commurity's
primary plilosoply. 1le smaller ,roup may be more
furJamertal ir its beliefs, or it may lolJ to a less
ri,iJ versior. Wlile it may a,ree ir prirciple witl
tle commurity's plilosoply, it prefers a completely
Ji fferert approacl to i ts implemertatior.
Alterratively, tle factior may be baseJ arourJ a
completely Jifferert issue, wlicl may be quite trivial
ir tle ,reater scleme of tlir,s. Not everyore ir a
commurity las alle,iarces witl a factior, wlereas
some people may actually belor, to more tlar ore.
- 155 -
Lacl commurity car lave ary rumber of factiors,
altlou,l a ,ooJ rule of tlumb is to lave a rumber equal
to tle commurity's populatior level. Wler Jesi,rir,
eacl factior, corsiJer tle followir, questiors:
º How many peopÌe Joes tbe faction bave| ls
tle factior a major political force ir tle commurity,
or is it small erou,l tlat it lacks ary real power`
ºIs tbe faction reÌateJ to tbe community's main
pbiÌosopby or is it compÌeteÌy unreÌateJ| ls it more
furJamertal ir tleir beliefs, or perlaps more relaxeJ
ir its plilosopy` Does tle factior lave Jesi,rs or
takir, over tle commurity's leaJerslip for its owr
purposes` lf so, low Joes it plar or takir, over arJ
low far is it willir, to ,o to ersure success`
º How JiJ tbe faction originate| Has tle factior
always beer arourJ, or JiJ it sprir, up ir resporse to
some recert evert` Does tle factior commemorate
its fourJatior, or Joesr't it care`
º Is tbe faction open in its activities, or Joes
tbe faction keep its agenJa secret| Some ,roups
operate operly witlir tle commurity - like sportir,
clubs or reli,iors - wlereas otlers liJe ir tle
slaJows arJ are mucl more covert ir tleir irtertiors
arJ actiors. ls tle ,roup's a,erJa ali,reJ witl or
opposeJ to tle commurity's mair plilosoply` How
a,,ressively is tle factior pursuir, its ,oals` Wlat
will it Jo if its ,oals are ever accomplisleJ`
º Are tbere speciaÌ entry requirements for new
members anJ are tbey initiateJ into tbe group| Car
aryore joir tle ,roup, or Jo rew members lave to
urJer,o some sort of vettir, before tley are alloweJ
to joir` ls memberslip restricteJ by some otler mears,
sucl as race, a,e or sex` ls tle factior actively
recruitir, rew members` Òrce a rew member is
accepteJ, is tlere some sort of formal iritiatior rite
tley lave to erJure before tley are fully accepteJ
irto tle factior` Are tlere Jifferert levels witlir tle
factior tlat ar irJiviJual car aspire to rise to`
º How Joes tbe rest of tbe community view
tbe faction| Do tley like lavir, tle factior arourJ,
or is it treateJ witl cortempt` Does tle commurity
ever krow tle factior exists`
Lvery commurity sloulJ lave at |ecst ore miror
factior tlat likes to upset tle status quo. 1le factior's
members sloulJ be passiorate about tle factior's ,oals
arJ sloulJ take every possible opporturity to aJvarce
its cause. 1lis passior ofter causes frictior amor,
tle rest of tle populatior, leaJir, to Jissert arJ
irterral frictior. However, a factior reeJ rot
recessarily be arta,oristic; a ,roup of youtls more
irteresteJ ir lavir, a ,ooJ time irsteaJ of workir,
or tleir clores may prove to be ar irterestir, factior.
Òtler commurity members may corsiJer tle lCs
tlemselves to be a factior.
Si,rs of tle factior's preserce arJ its irtertiors
sloulJ be visible witlir tle commurity, but sloulJ
be subtler tlar tle mair commurity plilosoply. lt
may come up ir corversatior, witl some people
reactir, baJly to otlers because of tleir beliefs, or
tle factior may operly pursue tleir ,oals to tle Jis,ust
- or bemusemert - of otler citizers.
lactiors witlir a commurity cause tersior tlat
- left urcleckeJ - las tle potertial to tear tle
commurity apart. 1lis Jrama from irsiJe tle
commurity car alleviate tle reeJ for some rew
Jisaster to corstartly befall tle commurity ir orJer
to Jrive tle story alor,.
Commurities are more tlar just a place for
tle lCs to restock, sell treasure arJ leal up ir
preparatior for tleir rext aJverture. 1le
commurity's strer,tls, weakresses arJ strar,e
quirks car become tle focus f or a wlol e
campai,r. 1le lCs car take certer sta,e ir tle
commurity's life, becomir, actively irvolveJ ir
tle Jay-to-Jay actior tlat takes place tlere.
A claracter's leputatior borus lelps
Jetermire wlere sle fits irto tle lar,e fabric of
tle commuri ty. Wler tle claracter is
irteractir, witl arotler member of tle
commurity, make a leputatior cleck for tle
NlC a,airst a DC JetermireJ by tle table below:
|ecat|ea 1yµe |ecat|ea 1yµe |ecat|ea 1yµe |ecat|ea 1yµe |ecat|ea 1yµe 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
|emad 20
0|d 1ewa 30
|ew 1ewa 2b
Sµec|a||st 2b
|ceat|ec 1ewa 20
Hed|||ecs Hed|||ecs Hed|||ecs Hed|||ecs Hed|||ecs 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec 0C Hed|||ec
|ec eac| µeµa|at|ea - l µec |eve|
|eve| aeeve l
heme Cemmaa|ty -b
0µµes|aq |act|ea -b
Add|t|eaa| med|||ecs |cem may a|se aµµ|y (see
C|aµtec 0ae. C|acactecs, ¯Reµatat|ea". A saccess|a| test µcev|des
e|t|ec a -4 eeaas ec a -4 µeaa|ty ea a|| ß|a||, 0|µ|emacy, 6at|ec
la|ecmat|ea, lat|m| date aad |ec|ecm s|| || c|ec|s made |a
|atecact|eas w|t| t|at ||C.
- 155 -
|eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe |eµa|at|ea 1yµe wea|t| ßeaas µec wea|t| ßeaas µec wea|t| ßeaas µec wea|t| ßeaas µec wea|t| ßeaas µec
|eµa|at|ea |eve| |eµa|at|ea |eve| |eµa|at|ea |eve| |eµa|at|ea |eve| |eµa|at|ea |eve|
|emad ld4
0|d 1ewa ld8
|ew 1ewa ld6
Sµec|a||st ld4
|ceat|ec 1ewa ld6
|eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame |eat |ame wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas wea|t| ßeaas
|aaetec| usaqe -4
ß|etec| usaqe -3
Acc|a|c |acm|aq -l
Advaaced |acm|aq -2
Acc|a|c Haaa|actac|aq -l
Advaaced Haaa|actac|aq -2
|eed Syat|es|s -2
Acc|a|c |aq|aeec|aq -l
|ce-wac |aq|aeec|aq -2
Advaaced |aq|aeec|aq -3
|ae| |cedact|ea -2
|actec |actec |actec |actec |actec Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas Reµatat|ea ßeaas
|emad -3
0|d 1ewa -2
|ew 1ewa -l
Sµec|a||st -2
|ceat|ec 1ewa -2
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 2-3 -l
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 4-b -2
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 6-1 -3
|eµa|at|ea |eve| 8-7 -4
|eµa|at|ea |eve| l0 -b
|ac| Ae|||ty l6-l1 -l
|ac| Ae|||ty l8- -2
A commurity's rei,lbors car lave a Jrastic
impact or its appeararce arJ beliefs. A commurity
livir, rear ararclic marauJers reeJs stror,er Jeferses
tlar ore livir, rear a pacifist morastery. lelatiors
witl tle rei,lbors may be ,ooJ or tley may be straireJ,
witl ar,umerts over rearby slareJ resources.
1le CM sloulJ create a list of rei,lborir,
commurities. lor eacl ore, le sloulJ JeciJe or a
rame, its commurity type, its populatior level arJ
its primary plilosoply. 1ler Jetail tle commurity's
view towarJs tleir rei,lbors, rotir, wletler tle
relatiorslip is frierJly or arta,oristic, wlat tle traJe
a,reemerts (if ary) are, wletler tlere are ary Jisputes
betweer tle two arJ so or. lritially, it's rot recessary
to lave tle exact fi,ures workeJ out for eacl
rei,lbor. 1ley car be workeJ or later wler tley
are actually reeJeJ.
lt may also be aJvarta,eous to lave ar iJea about
a factior or two tlat coulJ make tle irter-commurity
relatiorslip more irterestir,. Lacl relatiorslip
sloulJ ircluJe a rumber of obvious si,rs tlat ar
outsiJer car rotice.
Like a claracter, every commurity las a Wealtl
borus. 1lis represerts tle commurity's traJir, power
arJ wlat tley car reasorably afforJ to buy from
travelir, aJverturers. 1le commurity's Wealtl
borus also represerts tle maximum purclase DC of
,ooJs available witlir tlat commurity.
1o calculate tle commurity's wealtl level, roll
a rumber of Jice baseJ or tle commurity type arJ
populatior l evel (see tle table below). 1le
commurity's feats also moJify its overall Wealtl
borus, as commurities witl access to li,ler
teclrolo,y levels usually lave a lar,er traJe surplus.
1le Wealtl boruses proviJeJ by feats witl
prerequisites tlat also proviJe Wealtl boruses stack
(for example, a commurity witl botl Arclaic
larmir, arJ AJvarceJ larmir, woulJ receive a +3
to its Wealtl borus).
Lacl commurity las a leputatior borus tlat
represerts low well krowr tle commurity is outsiJe
its local area. 1le commurity's score is JetermireJ
by totalir, tle boruses from tle table below:
Havir, ar alle,iarce to a commurity proviJes
some berefits for tle lCs. Civer tle commurity's
skills arJ feats, compile a list of ,ooJs arJ services
- 15T -
tlat tle lCs lave access to. lt may be specializeJ
equipmert, or ever arclaic krowleJ,e from some of
tle olJer commurity members. A claracter must
cloose tle commurity as ore of lis tlree alle,iarces
ir orJer to obtair tle memberslip berefits. Access
to tlese berefits sloulJ be available for free, or for a
very reJuceJ cost.
A lC car cloose to use tle leputatior borus of
a commurity le las ar alle,iarce to irsteaJ of lis
persoral leputatior borus wler tryir, to irfluerce
ar NlC. However, tle DC of tle cleck is 3O (irsteaJ
of DC 25).
Commurities sloulJ lave ore berefit per
populatior level. Wler Jetermirir, wlat tle
berefits are, base tlem or commurity's skills arJ
feats. lf tlere are more possible berefits tlar
populatior levels, cloose wlicl ores tle lCs are
alloweJ to access; tle rest are assumeJ to be off-limits
to tle lCs for some reasor. Cettir, access to tle otler
berefits ir tle future may be a matter of re,otiatir,
witl ar appropriate NlC, or earrir, erou,l favors
from tle commurity. See tle example commurities
tlat follow for su,,estiors about suitable berefits.
lr tle early 21st certury, Australia remaireJ
mostly barrer. Despite its vast area, very little of it coulJ
support lar,e populatiors. Cities were mostly clustereJ
or tle fertile Last Coast, witl small towrs or isolateJ
villa,es JotteJ tlrou,lout tle rest of tle courtry.
Witl tle Australiar populatior explosior of tle
2O6Os, everts reacleJ crisis poirt. looJ riots were
commorplace ir SyJrey, Melbourre arJ Lrisbare
arJ civil urrest was rampart. Witl ever ircreasir,
rumbers of refu,ees arrivir, ir Australia from Soutl-
Last Asia arJ tle MiJJle Last, tle Australiar
,overrmert calleJ for Jrastic actior. 1urrir, to
scierce, tley starteJ usir, raroteclrolo,y to improve
soil fertility ir Australia's ariJ re,iors, arJ moJifieJ
crops to take aJvarta,e of tle rew corJitiors. 1ley
also offereJ ,ererous ircertive plars to ertice people
to move irto tlese reJesi,reJ areas.
lor forty years, tle project proveJ li,lly
successful. lor tle first time ir JecaJes, Australiars
feJ rot orly tlemselves, but also starvir, populatiors
ir otler courtries. New cities sprar, up, usir,
raroteclrolo,y to builJ some of tle most elaborate
corstructiors ever seer. Australiar raroteclrolo,y
researcl was worlJ-class, arJ tle courtry's sciertists
battleJ to proJuce better crops arJ rew ways to
improve tle Jesert.
lr tle terse times before tle eruptior of tle liral
Wars, corporatiors fortifieJ tleir teclrolo,y certers,
particularly orce tley switcleJ to proJucir, military
larJware. Ciart armoreJ Jomes sealeJ off portiors
of tle cities. Compary employees liveJ tleir ertire
lives irsiJe tlese sealeJ microcities, rever reeJir,
to set foot outsiJe. As tle areas outsiJe tle Jomes
were systematically JestroyeJ, tle corporatiors
i,roreJ pleas for lelp. 1lose irsiJe sat arJ watcleJ
as tle cities arourJ tlem were torr apart. lew felt
ary pity; tle corporatior propa,arJa maclires
ersureJ tlat tle Jome's citizers lookeJ at aryore
outsiJe tle Jome as a competitor.
1ravel outsiJe tle Jomes was JeaJly, witl active
rarite weapors arJ marauJers awaitir, aryore wlo
vertureJ out. However, few of tle Jomes were ertirely
self-sufficiert, arJ tley all reeJeJ to move supplies
betweer tlem ir orJer to all survive. After tle
corporatiors lost lurJreJs of people to marauJers,
tley JevelopeJ special armoreJ larJ trairs. 1lese
lalf-kilometer belemotls rar or caterpillar tracks
arJ useJ fusior reactors for power. Larly trairs laJ
lumar crews, but later versiors laJ Als Jrivir, tle
trairs arJ ferJir, off ary attackers.
1lose outsiJe tle Jomes JiJ wlatever tley coulJ
to survive. Wler tle liral Wars JestroyeJ tle fertile
larJ, it returreJ to its former barrer state. looJ
supplies JrieJ up, arJ mary wlo laJ surviveJ tle
attacks or tle cities JieJ of starvatior. Small ,roups
barJeJ to,etler arJ lelpeJ eacl otler firJ fooJ,
water arJ slelter. As tlir,s outsiJe tle Jomes ,rew
more Jesperate, people attackeJ tle armoreJ trairs.
Most attacks faileJ, Jue to tle trairs' almost
impre,rable armor, or because of tle trairs' automatic
Jeferse systems. 1le Als seemeJ to take priJe ir
overwlelmir, tle marauJers, some clasir, tle
fleeir, marauJers to completely Jestroy tlem.
Despite tle leavy casualties, people cortirueJ
attackir, tle trairs. Òver time, tle marauJers JiscovereJ
some successful tactics arJ actually wor a few
er,a,emerts, carryir, off tle precious car,oes. 1le
corporate resporse was urusually swift arJ brutal: Special
lit squaJs were sert out, taskeJ witl lurtir, Jowr tle
marauJers arJ puttir, tlem out of actior permarertly.
Sirce tler, a stalemate las JevelopeJ. 1le armoreJ trairs
cortirue to crisscross tle Jesert, carryir, car,oes from
ore Jome to arotler. 1le marauJers still attack, wlile
liJir, from tle corporate lurters. Lacl siJe refuses to
back Jowr, Jespite tle ever-mourtir, casualty rate.
- 158 -
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. |emad
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 4 (226 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l0 (-0)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. l6 (-3)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. 8 (-l)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. l4 (-2)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. l0 (-0)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. l4 (-2)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. l3
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -6
SkiÌÌs: Craft (clemical) +6, Craft (rarotecl)
+1O, Dipl omacy +7, Catler lrformatior +7,
lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: arclaic) +6, lrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,y: lre-War) +6, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y:
aJvarceJ) +6, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: rarotecl)
+1O, lepair +7, lesearcl +6, Survival +5.
Feats: Narotecl Lsa,e, Arclaic Lr,ireerir,, lre-
War Lr,ireerir,, lre-War \elicles, luel lroJuctior.
º Access to rarotecl corstructior equipmert,
or rarotecl weapors.
º Access to lre-War velicles.
º Cleap fuel supplies.
º Access to velicle or equipmert repair facilities.
Pbi Ìosopby: laiJir, corporate trairs arJ
Jistributir, tle car,oes to commurities ir reeJ.
Joor lolaitl ,rew up irsiJe ore of tle corporate
Jomes. lor years, le was tau,lt tlat tlose outsiJe
tle Jome were less tlar lumar, tlat mutarts sloulJ
rot ever be alloweJ to live. His specializatior was
rarite weaporry, Jesi,reJ to kill quickl y arJ
efficiertly. lolaitl rose rapiJly up tle corporate
laJJer, as lis Jesi,rs proveJ to be amor, tle
corporatior's best arJ were fitteJ to all of tle armoreJ
trairs tlat left tle Jome. Lut le still ursatisfieJ, sirce
le was rever able to see lis weapors ir actior.
Lvertually, le successfully petitioreJ to joir ore of
tle lurter-killer squaJs beir, sert out to track Jowr
arJ kill marauJers. lolaitl proveJ to be ar expert
marksmar arJ a master tacticiar as well as ar
accomplisleJ sciertist, arJ le was assi,reJ to a
lurtir, squaJ.
Lut lis first missior clar,eJ lis life. Òr lis first
raiJ, le JiscovereJ tlat tle people wlo liveJ outsiJe
tle Jome were exactly tlat: people. He'J rever
corsiJereJ tlem arytlir, but arimals, but wler le met
tlem face to face, le was slockeJ tlat mary of tlem
lookeJ like lim, arJ faceJ mucl tle same problems le
JiJ. lolaitl coulJr't for,ive tle corporatior for tle
lies tley laJ tau,lt lim, so le JeserteJ arJ turreJ lis
rarotecl weapors a,airst lis owr squaJ. lor tle rext
- 159 -
six mortls, le warJereJ tle Jeserts alore, executir,
ary corporate killers tlat le fourJ.
Lvertually, tireJ, wourJeJ arJ sickereJ by tle
corstart kill ir,, le was rescueJ by a romaJic
commurity. After le recovereJ, le corvirceJ loferJ
Merzis, tle commurity's leaJer, tlat le coulJ builJ
a weapor tlat woulJ split a trair oper, leavir, tle
car,o irtact. Merzis was skeptical but a,reeJ to lelp
lolaitl track Jowr tle recessary equipmert reeJeJ
to create tle rarotecl weaporry.
1lat first raiJ was ar outstarJir, success.
lolaitl's rew rarotecl weapor arJ lis extersive
tactical experierce leJ to a rear-blooJless victory. 1le
car,o was rew velicles arJ several mortls' supply of
processeJ fooJ. lt was more tlar tle commurity coulJ
ever carry, so tley slareJ it witl several rei,lborir,
commurities wlo were Jeli,lteJ witl tle urexpecteJ
wirJfall. lolaitl's star cortirueJ to rise. After
marryir, tle Merzis' Jau,lter, le was voteJ irto
leaJerslip arJ las sirce leJ tle commurity to a
rumber of victories. Like tle first, le arJ lis people
keep orly erou,l for tleir owr reeJs, arJ ,ive tle
rest away to commurities witl a ,reater reeJ. He is
also always willir, to use lis rarotecl to assist someore
else ir wlatever way le car, ircluJir, teaclir, people
low to use tle teclrolo,y for tlemselves.
lolaitl is a kirJ arJ fair leaJer wlo listers to
people's ,rievarces arJ is usually able to work out
some sort of amicable settlemert. Òtler commurities
lave calleJ or lis impartiality several times to settle
Jisputes or ever blooJ feuJs. Lut le is rot witlout
oppositior. Mucl of lis owr commurity feels tlat
tley ,ive away too mucl, arJ are too free witl tleir
rarotecl aJvarta,e. 1ley wart lolaitl to stop
,ivir, away all tleir secrets, ir case someore JeciJes
to start attackir, trairs or tleir owr, brir,ir, Jowr
tle corporatiors' wratl or tlem all. lolaitl
urJerstarJs tleir positior arJ corceJes to some of
tleir JemarJs to ersure tley remair or lis siJe.
New York took to rew teclrolo,y like a city
possesseJ. After tle early 21st certury's Jramatic
everts, New Yorkers fourJ a rereweJ serse of priJe
ir tleir city arJ starteJ improvir, it. Capital works
experJiture ircreaseJ, improvir, tle basic
irfrastructure arJ performir, mucl-reeJeJ repairs
ir some of tle more rurJowr Jistricts, particularly
or Marlattar.
Witl tle irvertior of rarotecl er,ireerir,, tle
city built some of tle most Jramatic structures ever
seer. Ciart towers soareJ irto tle sky, Jwarfir, tle
existir, skyscrapers. LrcloseJ ,lass turrels rar
betweer tle towers, allowir, people to travel betweer
builJir,s ir special ma,retic levitatior mororail
carria,es witlout beir, cau,lt ir tle traffic below.
leople arJ ,ooJs moveJ arourJ tle city quickly,
efficiertly arJ safely. As tle 21st certury Jrew to a
close, some of tle city's your,est resiJerts laJ rever
ever set foot or tle ,rourJ, lavir, spert tleir ertire
lives ir tle ultra-ricl erclaves li,l above tle city.
New York's arts commurity also embraceJ tle
rarotecl arJ biotecl revolutiors. LroaJway slows
useJ rarotecl rot orly for set corstructior, but also
to create some of tle most impressive special effects
ever seer outsiJe tle movies. lairters arJ sculptors
took aJvarta,e of tle rew teclrolo,ies, arJ createJ
some truly bizarre works.
Mucl of tle city was placeJ urJer a ,iart
computer system's cortrol, witl semi-autoromous
irtelli,ert systems corstartly mori torir, arJ
aJjustir, tle city's irfrastructure. lobotic roaJ crews
witl rarite tools repaireJ roaJs arJ subways far
quicker tlar lumar crews ever coulJ. Water supplies
arJ saritatior were Jrastically improveJ by usir, a
special biolo,ical treatmert plart tlat removeJ all
larmful traces from wastewater arJ returreJ it to tle
city's reservoirs. 1le ,arba,e bar,es tlat orce plieJ
tle HuJsor liver JisappeareJ as rarite Jisassemblers
corverteJ tle city's trasl irto raw materials for otler
marufacturir, processes. Notlir, was wasteJ.
1ler or April 25tl, 2O96, everyt||n¸ just stoppeJ.
No ore krows exactly wlat lappereJ. At 3:27
am, cortact witl New York was lost. Satellite plotos
revealeJ tlat Marlattar arJ tle surrourJir,
borou,ls suJJerly wert Jark. Commuricatiors lirks
ir or out of tle city wert completely JeaJ. All
attempts at cortact met witl failure. Witresses ir
New Jersey later reporteJ seeir, fires blazir, ir mary
of tle lar,er towers arJ lu,e explosiors as some of
tle skyscrapers collapseJ.
Witl tle Jawr came tle lorrible realizatior tlat
sometlir, catastroplic laJ befaller tle city. Aerial
recorraissarce sloweJ a JeaJ city. LoJies lay ir tle
streets, arJ ro traffic moveJ arywlere. lires burreJ
out of cortrol, witl tlick columrs of smoke boilir,
irto tle sky. Collapsir, skyscrapers crusleJ smaller
rei,lborir, builJir,s, orly aJJir, to tle Jevastatior.
All rescue crews larJir, ir tle city JisappeareJ
witlout a trace witlir mirutes of larJir,.
Commuricatior witl tle crews was simply lost.
1lousarJs of volurteers all varisleJ ir tle wrecka,e,
witl ro warrir, or irformatior about wlat laJ
- 1T0 -
lappereJ. lobotic exploratior crews, similar to tlose
useJ ir Lurar arJ Martiar exploratior, were sert irto
tle city arJ tley sert back pictures of utter Jesolatior
for several lours before tley too were lost. Witl rotlir,
else possible, tle lresiJert orJereJ tle city sealeJ off.
Òver fifteer millior people were officially listeJ as JeaJ.
1le wrecka,e of New York remaireJ abarJoreJ for
JecaJes; aryore wlo attempteJ to erter it to firJ out
wlat lappereJ met witl tle same fate. Debate ra,eJ for
years about wlat to Jo about it. Some proporerts
aJvocateJ usir, ruclear weapors to completely vaporize
tle ruirs arJ eraJicate wlatever was causir, tle problem.
1lis motior was rarrowly JefeateJ every time, witl
opporerts poirtir, out tlat fallout from sucl ar attack
woulJ poisor a mucl lar,er area arourJ tle city arJ coulJ
possibly carry tle problem to surrourJir, areas.
lr tle erJ, tle slattereJ remairs of tle city
simply stooJ as a silert memorial to tle tra,eJy.
After tle Cataclysm, tle risir, sea level flooJeJ
tle streets arJ tle lower parts of tle city, leavir,
orly a collectior of corcrete islarJs wlere tle
wrecka,e of tle skyscrapers stooJ. lrorically, wlatever
laJ causeJ New York's Jestructior was rot wasleJ
Jowrstream witl tle flooJs.
1oJay, most of tle city still sits silertly, its former
,lory orly lirteJ at by tle remairs.
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. |ew 1ewa
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 7 (l0, b12 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l8 (-4)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. l0 (-0)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. l4 (-2)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. l0 (-0)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. l4 (-2)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. ll (-0)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. 34
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -1
SkiÌ Ìs: Craft (meclarical) +6, Craft
(metalworkir,) +6, lrtimiJate +12, lrowleJ,e
(streetwise) +6, lrowleJ,e (tactics) +1O, lrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,y: arclaic) ++, Survival +1O.
Feats: LuilJer, Arclaic Lr,ireerir,, Arclaic
larmir,, Arclaic \elicles, Llectricity Cereratior,
Stockpile (x2).
º Access to lre-War persoral weapors.
º Access to beasts of burJer.
º Ability to use powereJ equipmert or reclar,e
battery powereJ items.
º Custom built meclarical Jevices.
º Custom built arclaic weapors.
º Cleap fresl fooJ supplies.
º Access to velicle or equipmert repair facilities.
º Ability to Jraw supplies for lor, jourreys.
º Ability to call or frierJly forces to assist ir
PbiÌosopby: Òccupatior arJ cortrol of New
York's ruirs.
Wlile tle ,overrmert officially abarJoreJ New
York, a rumber of covert operatiors attempteJ to
reclaim tle city arJ Jiscover wlat laJ lappereJ to it.
lr early attempts by Special lorces, urits JisappeareJ
quickly - but rot before tley learreJ tle city laJ
suffereJ some sort of clemical arJ biolo,ical attack
1le tlree most popular tleories were:
º SouÌtecb BreakJown: Some believe tlat
tle citywiJe computer system suJJerly sealeJ
off tle city arJ turreJ or tle irlabitarts for
some reasor. lt certairly laJ cortrol over tle
trarsport arJ commuricatior retworks arJ was
capable of Joir, so. 1le tleory breaks Jowr
somewlat wler tle power outa,e is corsiJereJ,
because tle massive computer system requireJ
exterral power to rur everytlir, except tle most
importart cortrol circuits.
º Terrorist Attack: Altlou,l ro ore
claimeJ resporsibility for tle attack, rumors
blameJ tle city's Jemise or terrorists. 1le most
popular stories blameJ rarite attacks, biolo,ical
weaporry arJ computer viruses for tle massive
Jama,e. 1le most outlarJisl stories mara,eJ
to combire all tlree irto a sir,le rarite virus
capable of attackir, botl lumars arJ maclires.
º Executive OrJer: AccorJir, to a story
popular witl corspiracy tleorists, some claimeJ
tle lresiJert of tle LriteJ States JeciJeJ to
Jestroy New York for reasors krowr orly to
limself. 1ley cite tle lresiJert's quick Jecisior
to write off tle city as proof, arJ rumors circulate
for years tlat covert military forces were irserteJ
irto tle city to steal priceless art treasures arJ
aJvarceJ teclrolo,y.
1le CM car pick ary of tlese scerarios, or
some otler possibility alto,etler, as suits a
campai,r ir wlicl Nau Yor, appears.
- 1T1 -
tlat lir,ereJ amiJst tle wrecka,e. Despite tle best
protective equipmert available, tle solJiers were
overwlelmeJ witlir Jays arJ JieJ ir tle city.
LrprepareJ to ,ive up, five Jifferert military
factiors all turreJ to tle bur,eorir, biotecl irJustry
arJ secretly createJ several squaJs of ,eretically
er,ireereJ warriors. Ly blerJir, lumar arJ arimal
DNA, tlese creatures were tou,ler arJ faster tlar
rormal lumar solJiers, but were so irlerertly ror-
lumar tlat tley coulJ rot be revealeJ ir public. lrserteJ
irto tle ruirs at Jifferert times, tle five squaJs all laJ
tle same basic missior: establisl a base of operatiors
witlir tle city arJ explore tle wrecka,e ir orJer to
Jiscover wlat lappereJ arJ wletler tle weaporry useJ
coulJ be recovereJ or ever recreateJ. However, several
squaJs rar irto eacl otler arJ firefi,lts erupteJ, creatir,
tle be,irrir, of tle currert situatior.
1lese five Jifferert teams lave settleJ irto
Jifferert areas witlir tle city, establislir, Jefersible
positiors arJ patrol zores. 1lese zores remaireJ
stable for mary years, Jespite tle rear corstart
skirmislir, tlat wert or, urtil tle flooJir, of tle
lower parts of tle city causeJ tle city streets to become
carals betweer tle ruireJ skyscrapers.
1le urits lave ,rowr ir size over tle years, as tle
Jisaster's effects lave receJeJ. Scaver,ers from outsiJe
ertereJ tle city arJ joireJ witl tle establisleJ ,roups,
ircreasir, tleir rumbers arJ allowir, rew ,ereratiors
of warriors to be borr to carry or tle fi,lt. All of tlem
lave establisleJ settlemerts ir tle lower floors of
ruireJ skyscrapers, arJ farm or wlat's left of tle upper
stories to feeJ tleir populatiors. Caroes, bar,es arJ
sailboats are tle mair forms of trarsportatior, allowir,
tle populatior to patrol tleir Jomairs arJ move
car,oes from ore builJir, to arotler. Simple weapors
like spears arJ crossbows are row useJ irsteaJ of tle
li,l-tecl firearms tle ori,iral squaJs arriveJ witl.
1le five Jifferert factiors are:
º Inwowt ir tle rortl are tle most JisciplireJ
,roup ir tle city. lrwowt retairs mucl of its military
back,rourJ arJ is commarJeJ by Meejor Dom
Drutliar. Drutliar corstartly tasks lis troops witl
lurtir, for artifacts from tle ruirs arourJ Columbia
Lriversity, ir tle lope of learrir, erou,l to ,ive
tlem tle upper larJ ir tle corflict.
ºKaiÌem, just rortl of tle wilJs of CerJreel Lai,,
is tle most vicious arJ barbaric factior, witl
leaJlurtir, arJ carribalism beir, part of tleir
lifestyle. LeJ by Loal Jortleer, tley lurt for otler
sertierts alor, tleir borJers. LorJer clasles witl
Yor,ville are becomir, more commor, witl tle
lailem warriors ofter raiJir, for womer arJ clilJrer.
- 1T2 -
º YorgviÌÌe, to tle east of CerJreel Lai,, stru,,les
a,airst tle corstart raiJs of lailem. LeJer Jaiclsor,
tle ,roup's leaJer, is re,otiatir, a peace settlemert witl
tle Murrea Cill settlemert, lopir, to be able to move
lis forces from tle soutl to tleir rortlerr borJer for
aJJitioral protectior. 1le extra emplasis or Jeferse
las leJ to a fooJ slorta,e because of a lack of marpower.
º Murrea CiÌÌ las settleJ irto a strip across tle
miJJle of tle islarJ soutl of CerJreel Lai,. After some
fierce territorial battles witl tle ltlailiars to tle Soutl
arJ Yor,ville to tle rortl, tley row firJ tlemselves ir
ar ureasy time of relative calm. 1lis las alloweJ tlem
to corcertrate or explorir, tle currertly urirlabiteJ
re,ior to tle west of CerJreel Lai,, ir tle lope of
urcoverir, some rew teclrolo,y or krowleJ,e.
º LitbÌe ItbaiÌy commarJs tle lower erJ of tle
islarJ. After sperJir, several years corstructir, walls
blockir, most irtersectiors across tle islarJ, tley
row avoiJ most of tle fi,ltir, to tleir rortl. 1le
ltlailiars lave tle best farmir, arJ proJuctior
values, arJ try to remair reutral ir tle corflict,
altlou,l tley are willir, to traJe witl all tle otler
,roups apart from lailem.
Nau Yor, las mostly settleJ irto ar ureasy truce
for tle momert, but corstart borJer skirmisles
betweer tle re,iors cortirue, arJ most commurities
lave plars to exparJ tleir cortrol ir tle comir,
mortls or years.
1owarJs tle miJJle of tle 21st certury, lortlarJ
laJ sometlir, of a reraissarce. Wlile it laJ always
tlriveJ as a li,l-tecl city, tle biotecl revolutior
proveJ to be a real boor.
lt starteJ wler lortlarJ baseJ lro,Cere lrc.
arrourceJ tle release of ore of tle worlJ's first
Jesktop ,eretic maripulatior tools. AfforJable ,ere
tlerapy was suJJerly ir reacl for mucl of tle
populatior, allowir, tlem to fix wliclever parts of
tleir boJies tley JiJr't like. lro,Cere's stock price
skyrocketeJ, makir, it ore of lortlarJ's most
successful comparies ir listory. Witlir a year, several
otler comparies were eitler proJucir, similar ,ere
- 1T3 -
tlerapy urits, or were proviJir, specializeJ ,ere
treatmerts to a select cliertele. lortlarJ quickly
became a worlJ leaJer ir ,eretic maripulatior,
sparkir, a lu,e populatior boom as people moveJ
irto tle re,ior to take aJvarta,e of tle rew jobs.
1le builJir, irJustry prospereJ as well, as tle reeJ
for lousir, sparkeJ a wave of builJir, project across
tle ertire city re,ior.
lortlarJ became a mecca for aryore lookir, for
ar urusual treatmert. Dozers of urJer,rourJ ,erelabs
sprar, up usir, tle rew teclrolo,y. lor tle ri,lt
morey, people coulJ lave rearly arytlir, tley coulJ
tlirk of Jore. Lefore lor,, tails arJ otler arimal traits
become li,lly fasliorable, particularly ir some ricle
clubs. lr fact, Nepture's Domair - a ri,ltclub or
tle bottom of a pool - became ore of lortlarJ's most
fasliorable locatiors, wlere people wlo laJ ,rowr
,ills tlrou,l DNA treatmerts met arJ partieJ.
Cere tlerapy laJ its Jetractors tlou,l, arJ
lortlarJ saw mary Jemorstratiors protestir, a,airst
tle rew teclrolo,y. lro,Cere's leaJquarters was
picketeJ fifteer times, arJ tle protests ,rew
ircreasir,ly violert. lolice ir riot ,ear employeJ
extreme force ir 2O57 to quasl a mob tlat was tryir,
to break irto a rew ,eretic researcl lab; four people
were killeJ arJ tlirty-sever were taker to tle lospital
witl serious irjuries. A series of ursolveJ murJers
a,airst ,eretically moJifieJ people struck fear irto
tle populatior urtil tle murJers suJJerly stoppeJ
ir early 2O58.
lortlarJ's Jowrfall came as tle result of a protest
actior. Activists broke irto a small plart biotecl lab
late ore everir,, plarrir, or Jestroyir, tle researcl.
1le lab laJ beer workir, or combirir, ,ere tlerapy
witl raroteclrolo,y, usir, li,lly soplisticateJ
computer cortrol to ircrease tle yielJ of certair
plarts. Lrforturately, ore of tle activists lost cortrol
arJ smasleJ tle mair computer system, startir, a
blaze arJ tri,,erir, ar urcortrolleJ clair reactior
ir tle rarotecl fabricators.
1le fire quickly spreaJ tlrou,l tle lab, i,ritir,
tle specializeJ ferti lizer sol utiors ir a rearby
storeroom. 1le resultir, explosior blew ore wall of
tle lab out, arJ killeJ tlree of tle activists. 1le
irferro quickly er,ulfeJ tle rest of tle builJir,,
Jestroyir, mucl of tle researcl. Lrforturately, tle
fire somelow accelerateJ tle rarotecl clair
reactior, causir, urcortrolleJ repl icatior of
mutatior-causir, rarites. As tle lire Departmert
trieJ ir vair to save tle builJir,, tle water from tleir
loses wasleJ tle rarites arJ tleir biotecl car,o irto
tle city streets arJ Jowr irto tle storm Jrairs.
No ore krows exactly wlat lappereJ but some
feel tlat tle rarites fourJ some al,ae or otler plart
material ir tle Jrairs arJ wert to work. Wlat |s
krowr is tlat witlir a week of tle fire, strar,e plarts
starteJ appearir, across tle city. 1ley ,rew rapiJly,
multiplieJ just as fast arJ were li,lly resistart to all
krowr lerbiciJes. 1ley were also poisorous arJ
carrivorous, arJ tleir spores coulJ irfect a lumar
lost arJ take it over.
Witlir weeks, lurJreJs of people were irfecteJ
arJ Jriver maJ as tle plarts took cortrol of tleir
boJies. lossessir, sometlir, of a ruJimertary
irtelli,erce, tle plarts also captureJ otlers arJ
Jra,,eJ tlem irto tle storm Jrairs as fooJ. liotir,
broke out arJ lurJreJs more JieJ ir tle fi,ltir,, as
police arJ tle Natioral CuarJ attempteJ to re,air
cortrol of tle city wlile tryir, to Jeal witl tle rew
plart merace.
lr tle erJ, it was Motler Nature wlo solveJ tle
problem. Mourt HooJ, tle Jormart volcaro to tle
east of lortlarJ, erupteJ; mucl of tle city was
JestroyeJ ir tle iritial explosior. ClouJs of asl arJ
rock burieJ wlat was left, effectively clokir, tle
plart merace to Jeatl, alor, witl mucl of tle
survivir, populatior. Nature tler took over tle ruirs
a,air, witl plarts - ircluJir, tle mi,lty sequoia
trees - returrir, to liJe wlat is left of tle city.
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. 0|d 1ewa
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 6 (617 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l2 (-l)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. 8 (-l)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. l6 (-3)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. l6 (-3)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. l0 (-0)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. ll (-0)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. b8
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -1
SkiÌÌs: Computer Lse (biotecl systems) +11,
Craft (plarmaceutical) +9, Craft (structural) +9,
Craft (textiles) +11, Craft (visual arts) +7, Diplomacy
+5, HarJle Arimal +5, lrowleJ,e (Lartl arJ life
scierces) +9, lrowleJ,e (listory) +7, lrowleJ,e
(plysical scierces) +7, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y:
arclaic) +11, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: rarotecl)
+11, lesearcl +11, 1reat lrjury +8.
Feats: Narotecl Lsa,e, Liotecl Lsa,e, Arclaic
Lr,ireerir,, Arclaic larmir,, Arclaic
Marufacturir,, Arclaic \elicles, LJucateJ, MeJical
Lxpert, Llectricity Cereratior.
- 1T4 -
º Custom creatior of rarite proJuceJ ,ooJs.
º Access to ,ere maripulatior.
º Access to aJvarceJ meJical facilities.
º Access to aJvarceJ meJicires.
º Access to a lu,e lre-War researcl library.
º Ability to use powereJ equipmert or reclar,e
power cells.
PbiÌosopby: lreservatior of tle city's spirit.
Despite all of tle calamities tlat befell lortlarJ,
mary of tle citizers clur, to tle ruirs arJ trieJ to survive
as best tley coulJ. 1le plart merace arJ tle subsequert
Jevastatior causeJ by Mt. HooJ's eruptior wipeJ out
mucl of tle populatior, leavir, orly a few lurJreJ to
carry or. lefusir, to ,ive up tleir city to strar,e plarts
arJ volcaric eruptiors, tley maJe tleir lomes ir tle
wilJerress for mary years, leaJir, irto tle city as ofter
as possible to recover wlatever krowleJ,e arJ tecl tley
coulJ. All krowleJ,e was valuable, so people Ju,
extersive turrels tlrou,l tle asl to recover arytlir,
tley coulJ use or ever just learr from.
LorJlairt toJay is a tlrivir, commurity, takir,
aJvarta,e of everytlir, tlat rature las proviJeJ for tlem.
Wlile rot built Jirectly or top of tle ruirs, tle commurity
lives ir elaborate, treetop louses, built arourJ tle trurks
of tle sequoia trees tlat sprar, up rearby. Walkways are
strur, betweer tlem, arJ staircases wirJ Jowr arourJ
tle trurks. Òr tle ,rourJ, farms arJ simple irJustries
fill ir tle ,aps betweer tle ,iart tree trurks.
1le tree louses cortair tle towr's importart
irJustries: biotecl arJ krowleJ,e. Some of tle ,ere
maripulatior arJ raroteclrolo,y JevelopeJ ir
lortlarJ before tle Cataclysm was recovereJ from
tle wrecka,e arJ repaireJ. 1le towr's people lave
learreJ mucl about its operatior, arJ car maripulate
,eres rearly as well as tleir arcestors. 1lere is also a
tlrivir, plarmaceuticals irJustry, JevelopeJ usir,
extracts of tle mary plarts tlat ,row ir tle re,ior.
MeJicires are amor, LorJlairt's most sou,lt-after
exports, brir,ir, mary traJers to tle towr.
Lut tle towr's mair aim is preservir, tle city's
ori,iral spirit; carryir, or tle city's irJustries is orly a
reflectior of tlat. Always krowr for eccertricity,
LorJlairt's citizers priJe tlemselves or tleir quirky
rature. 1le towrslip is fairly relaxeJ; apart from wilJ
arimals ir tle forest arJ tle occasioral carrivorous plart
outbreak, tle towr's people lave little to worry about.
A small courcil electeJ by tle people ,overrs
LorJlairt arJ ersures tlat tle towr cortirues to
prosper. Llectiors are lelJ every two years arJ are
more a celebratior of commurity spirit tlar a bitter
political feuJ. Courcilors are closer baseJ or tleir
ertlusiasm for tle towr's listory arJ tleir visior of
- 1T5 -
low to better capture tle spirit ir tle future. Òr ore
occasior, tle electeJ mayor JiJr't actually wcnt to
ever be or tle courcil. 1le courcil larJles most of
tle Jay to Jay busiress of tle towr, arJ ofter calls
meetir,s to Jiscuss arytlir, ever remotely
cortroversial tlat arises. Lveryore ir tle towr is kept
well irformeJ of ary Jevelopmerts, arJ tleir opirior
is actively sou,lt wler Jecisiors lave to be maJe.
1lis occasiorally causes some frictior amor,
towrsfolk, but Jisputes are usually settleJ quickly,
ofter tlrou,l furry competitiors aimeJ at ,ettir,
botl siJes lau,lir, a,air.
1le currert mayor is lriar lertlersor.
lertlersor is fascirateJ by lortlarJ's listory arJ
ofter sperJs Jays at a time excavatir, tlrou,l tle
volcaric asl, lookir, for more relics of tle city's past.
His real talert lies ir settlir, Jisputes arJ ,ettir,
people to a,ree, makir, lim botl popular arJ
effective as a leaJer.
Lut perlaps tle most Jivisive topic ir LorJlairt
is biotecl. Some people see biotecl as part of tle city's
lerita,e; sucl ar importart part of tle city's listory
sloulJr't be for,otter. lr mary cases, biotecl is still
exceptiorally useful - rot orly to people comir, to
LorJlairt seekir, treatmert, but also tle towr itself,
as it lelps reJuce Jisease arJ car ler,tler people's
lives. However, otlers still feel tlat it is simply too
Jar,erous to operate, arJ tley woulJ ratler see tle
,ere-maripulators JestroyeJ. 1ley remember tle
Jama,e causeJ by tle plart outbreak arJ Jor't wisl
to see arytlir, like it lapper a,air.
lr 2O76, tle NevaJa Òrbital Learstalk was officially
opereJ. HaileJ as ore of tle rew worJers of tle moJerr
worlJ, tle bearstalk proviJeJ a cost-effective mears of
trarsportir, people arJ car,o irto low Lartl orbit arJ
back Jowr a,air. Lsir, tle latest teclrolo,y ir
corstructior arJ cortrol systems, it took orly secorJs
to lift a car,o from tle ,rourJ to irto space.
1le tower corsisteJ of sever pillars, arrar,eJ ir
a circle about 5O meters (165 feet) ir Jiameter. 1le
actual material useJ ir eacl pillar was a closely
,uarJeJ secret, but tle press release from its builJer
saiJ it utilizeJ tle latest teclrolo,y ir computer
Jesi,r arJ rarotecl er,ireerir,. At re,ular irtervals
up tle ertire lei,lt were lorizortal platforms tlat
rar arourJ tle outsiJe of tle sever pillars; tlese
courterwei,lts corstartly aJjusteJ tle positiors of
tle sever pillars. A massive Al, Cabriel, corstartly
moritoreJ tle sever pillars arJ ersureJ tley were
always ir perfect vertical ali,rmert, as well as
cortrollir, all of tle rarotecl reeJeJ to make
corstart repairs to tle structure.
1o ,et irto orbit, car,oes arJ passer,ers were
loaJeJ irto specially Jesi,reJ saucers. Lrormously
powerful lasers were fireJ at tle reflective urJersiJes
of tle saucers, wlicl focuseJ tle li,lt or tle razor-
tlir outer rim. 1le massive explosiors (causeJ by
tle air arourJ tle rim iorizir,) slot tle saucers
strai,lt up tle certral columr of tle tower ir a blaze
of li,lt arJ sourJ.
Lecause of tle system's sersitivity, tle makers
irstalleJ ore of tle most fearsome automateJ Jeferse
systems ever createJ to ,uarJ it. 1lis system was rur
by arotler Al, Miclael, arJ it trackeJ every persor
irsiJe tle bearstalk complex. Capable of cleckir,
tle fir,erprirts, retira patterrs arJ ever tle DNA
of aryore irsiJe tle bourJaries, it summarily
executeJ aryore rot autlorizeJ to be tlere. lixeJ
Jeferse statiors arJ mobile robot urits - botl armeJ
witl li,l-powereJ lasers - ersureJ tlere were ro
trespassers. Miclael also cortrolleJ all airspace witlir
2O rautical miles of tle tower, from tle ,rourJ ri,lt
irto orbit. Lacl of tle courterwei,lt platforms was
also equippeJ witl a battery of leavy lasers arJ
rarotecl fabricators tlat coulJ create arJ laurcl air-
to-air missiles at arytlir, tlat strayeJ too close.
Wler tle liral Wars erupteJ, tle bearstalk
operateJ successfully for a rumber of years, carryir,
mer arJ maclires irto orbit to cortirue tle war ir
space. Dozers of attempts to Jestroy tle bearstalk were
laurcleJ, but all were foileJ by Miclael's extreme
Jeferses. lr tle erJ, a clever attack or tle otler Al
brou,lt Jowr tle tower. 1le attack was laurcleJ from
cyberspace, arJ it mara,eJ to peretrate Cabriel's
vi rtual Jeferses for lor, erou,l to irstall a
soplisticateJ virus. Wler tle virus was tri,,ereJ, it
causeJ Cabriel to slut Jowr its moritorir, of tle
tower's ali,rmert for orly 5O rarosecorJs.
lt was erou,l. A ,ust of wirJ at precisely tle
ri,lt time slifteJ tle bearstalk sli,ltly out of
ali,rmert as a saucer was laurclir, irto orbit. 1le
saucer clippeJ ore of tle pillars, krockir, tle saucer
off its perfect lorizortal ali,rmert. 1le ,rourJ laser
- still pumpir, lurJreJs of terawatts of power orto
tle bottom of tle saucer - was reflecteJ orto tle
opposite pillar, vaporizir, a lar,e sectior of it. 1lat
pillar collapseJ. Sersir, tle fall, Cabriel slut Jowr
tle ,rourJ laser arJ Jesperately trieJ to keep tle
tower balarceJ. Ly tler, it was too late. 1le bearstalk
collapseJ urJer its owr wei,lt, tle sever pillars
slatterir, irto tlousarJs of pieces. Òre of tle pieces
- 1T5 -
JroppeJ ri,lt tlrou,l Cabriel's certral computer
facility, killir, tle Al completely.
1le ,rourJ for a lurJreJ miles was slowereJ
witl pieces of tle broker tower, mary of wlicl
speareJ irto tle ,rourJ like bizarre cyclopear
columrs. Òrly tle base of tle tower remairs starJir,,
reaclir, about 25,OOO feet above tle ,rourJ. Òr most
Jays, mucl of tle tower is slrouJeJ ir clouJ, liJir,
tle break.
Somelow, Miclael surviveJ. Lraware of tle
tower's Jestructior, it cortirues to protect tle facility
from irtruJers. lts ,rourJ statiors arJ robot army still
,uarJ tle tower arJ execute aryore wlo trespasses
at tle facility.
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Sµec|a||st
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 2 (13 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l0 (-0)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. l2 (-l)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. l0 (-0)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. 8 (-l)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. l4 (-2)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. l2 (-l)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. 7
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -3
SkiÌÌs: lrtimiJate +5, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y:
arclaic) +3, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: lre-War) +3,
lepair +3, Survival +6.
Feats: Arclai c Lr,ireerir,, lre-War
Lr,ireerir,, lre-War \elicles, Arclaic larmir,,
º Access to lre-War velicles.
º Access to beasts of burJer.
PbiÌosopby: Holy ,uarJiars.
1werty years a,o, a romaJ tribe was leaJir, west
ir searcl of warmer weatler arJ better fooJ. lrom
lurJreJs of miles away, tley saw tle top of tle tower's
remairs burieJ ir tle clouJs. 1lirkir, tlere may be
a clarce to ,et some spare parts for tleir a,ir, lre-
War velicles, tle tribe leaJeJ for tle tower. After
wirJir, tleir way tlrou,l a strar,e larJscape filleJ
witl ,i,artic columrs, tley came to tle remairs of a
clair-lirk ferce. Most of tle able-boJieJ aJults
slippeJ tlrou,l tle ferce to scaver,e.
1wo Jays later, orly AirJory lurrols, a Jeeply
reli,ious your, mar, crawleJ back tlrou,l tle ferce
alive. Lotl lis le,s were severeJ below tle krees, tle
wourJs burreJ slut. He was Jelirious, be,,ir, CoJ's
- 1TT -
for,iveress arJ tellir, strar,e stories of tle LorJ's
ar,els witl flamir, sworJs protectir, tle ruirs of tle
secorJ 1ower of Label. 1le rest of tle tribe rurseJ
lim back to lealtl, Jesperate to lear wlat laJ
become of tle otlers. After a week, lurrols awoke
arJ tolJ tle otlers of tle lell irsiJe tle ferce.
CorvirceJ le laJ beer spareJ by CoJ, le tolJ of
low tle rest laJ beer ambusleJ arJ killeJ by tle
ar,els protectir, tle tower. He believeJ le was spareJ
so tlat le coulJ tell tle otlers wlat lappereJ arJ
to irstruct tlem to form a ,uarJ arourJ tle site to
protect otlers.
So forceful was lurrols' corvictior tlat tle
remairs of tle commurity believeJ lim. 1ley ,ave
up tleir romaJic ways arJ settleJ Jowr. No ore JareJ
to set foot irsiJe tle perimeter ferce; tle lorror stories
lurrols tolJ were erou,l to teacl tlem tle folly of
tleir ways. Sirce tler, tle commurity las rerameJ
tlemselves as tle lrotectors. 1ley patrol tle ertire
borJerlire of tle olJ bearstalk compourJ. 1leir aim
is to ersure tlat otlers Jor't meet tle same fate tleir
exploratior team JiJ. Makir, use of wlat's left of tleir
lre-War velicles as well as JomesticateJ brutorz, at
least ore- quarter of tle commurity is or patrol
re,arJless of tle time of Jay.
lurrols leaJs tle commurity witl ar iror fist.
Now ir lis early forties, le still burrs witl reli,ious
fervor. He preacles to tle commurity every secorJ
ri,lt, krowir, tley must mairtair tleir strict
re,imer ir orJer to cortirue Joir, CoJ's work.
Disciplire is strictly erforceJ, witl trars,ressors
sufferir, larsl purislmerts rar,ir, from leavy labor
ir tle fielJs witlout fooJ or water, to flo,,ir,s, or
ever exile. However, tlose wlo repert arJ be,
for,iveress are treateJ mucl more li,ltly arJ
welcomeJ back witl oper arms.
lurrols' lealtl is failir, lim, arJ le las more
trouble movir, arourJ tlar le useJ to. WorrieJ tlat
if le Jies tle commurity may lose si,lt of tleir
missior, le las be,ur ,roomir, laiprille Maii to take
over. Maii, ar attractive your, womar, burrs witl
almost tle same passi or tlat lurrols arJ is
JetermireJ rot to fail ler mertor. Lut as tle memory
of tlose wlo JieJ irsiJe tle ferce faJes, tle your,er
,ereratior is be,irrir, to tlirk about leaJir, irsiJe
tle ferce. Six youtls, leJ by Heoppry Òlr, are
plarrir, to sreak irsiJe tle compourJ wler tley
are or patrol ore ri,lt. Òlr las spoker of ,oir,
irsiJe, orly to be slouteJ Jowr by lurrols arJ Maii,
arJ serterceJ to Jays of solitary corfiremert filleJ
witl prayer arJ fastir,.
1le olJ velicles are Jesperately ir reeJ of spare
parts. lew of tlem still rur, Jespite tle best efforts of
tle commurity's meclarics. Òrly two or tlree
urJerstarJ tle lre-War macli res, arJ tlei r
krowleJ,e is orly patcly at best. Still, tley mara,e
to keep tle remairir, tlree trucks arJ ore tilt-rotor
operatioral most of tle time.
1le lrotectors lave establisleJ relatiors witl
several commurities witlir 5O miles of tle tower.
Wlile most of tle relatiors are corJial - allowir,
tle commurity to traJe for tle fooJ arJ supplies tley
Jor't lave access to - at least two commurities late
lurrol's tribe witl passior. LlockeJ from erterir,
tle compourJ by tle lrotectors or several occasiors,
tley are plottir, a joirt raiJ to ersure access to tle
tower arJ its survivir, treasures.
lrom tle Jawrir, of tle Computer A,e, Silicor
\alley was ore of tle best-krowr certers for
teclrolo,y Jevelopmert ir tle worlJ. Not far from
Sar Jose, it boomeJ Jurir, tle 199Os, witl mary of
tle worlJ's computer clip marufacturers operir,
plarts lere.
As tle 21st certury JawreJ, tle worlJ's JemarJ
for li,l-tecl electrorics ircreaseJ. Lverytlir, from
wasli r, maclires to cameras to toys was
computerizeJ. Lefore lor,, aJvarces ir fuzzy lo,ic arJ
Al teclriques leJ to brilliart Jevices - appliarces
tlat coulJ recorfi,ure tlemselves to suit tle user's
reeJs, baseJ solely or low tle user useJ tle appliarce
over time. Corsumers across tle worlJ lappeJ up tle
rew electrorics. 1le valley buzzeJ witl irrovatior
arJ irJustrial espiora,e was rife. 1ley were rot orly
makir, appliarces smarter; tle electrorics comparies
JevelopeJ ultra-li,l-tecl spy equipmert to break
irto tleir oppositior's labs arJ steal tleir secrets.
Lefore lor,, teclrolo,y pro,resseJ to tle poirt
wlere maclires be,ar exli bitir, Ji sti rct
persoralities arJ coulJ commuricate witl tleir
owrers. Ly tle time tlese ,aJ,ets left tle factory,
tley were talkir, arJ tlirkir, for tlemselves, witl
mary of tlem Jevelopir, urique traits tlat ofter
Jeli,lteJ tleir owrers.
Durir, tlis time, computer marufacturers firally
lit tle limit of wlat tley coulJ Jo witl silicor wafers.
Despite sub-atomic maripulatior, it was rot possible
to squeeze ary more irto ar irte,rateJ circuit. Mary
comparies wert barkrupt as tley irvesteJ billiors
ir tryir, to come up witl a rew process to break
tlrou,l tle barrier; all of tlem erJeJ ir failure.
- 1T8 -
Lut ir 2O+1, a breaktlrou,l paper combirir,
,eretics arJ computer teclrolo,y was publisleJ,
forever clar,ir, tle computer irJustry. 1le
irte,rateJ circuit Jesi,r was abarJoreJ, arJ a rew
carbor-silicor pseuJo-DNA was aJopteJ irsteaJ. Ly
takir, its cue from rature's arciert Jesi,r, computers
were able to ,row ir tle same way tlat biolo,ical
systems coulJ. Software Jesi,r was forever clar,eJ
as well, as pro,rammers abarJoreJ tle olJ birary
pro,rammir, lar,ua,es ir favor of more ,eretics-
baseJ approacles.
Computir, teclrolo,y exploJeJ. lroblems tlat
were corsiJereJ impossible urJer tle olJ computir,
paraJi,m were quickly solveJ arJ aJapteJ irto rewer
Jesi,rs. Lefore lor,, systems appeareJ tlat rot orly
laJ Jistirct persoralities, but coulJ also reasor arJ
articipate wlat tleir owrers warteJ. Appliarces
coulJ spot a reeJ tle owrers laJ arJ recorfi,ure
tlemselves to meet it - ofter before tle owrers ever
realizeJ tlere was a reeJ.
Lusiress ir Silicor \alley was cuttlroat. Security
forces were ofter more baseJ arourJ irtellectual
security tlar protectior of plysical assets. Despite
its serere appeararce, a virtual war be,ar irsiJe tle
computer retworks. Combatarts - some lumar,
some artificial - battleJ ore arotler for possessior
of tle latest li,l-tecl secrets. lro,ress was so quick
tlat ,ettir, a proJuct to market Jays or sometimes
ever lours before tle oppositior meart tle Jiffererce
betweer massive profits arJ firarcial ruir. So JeaJly
JiJ tle battles become ir tle secorJ lalf of tle 21st
certury tlat mary comparies actually laJ
merceraries or tleir payroll to abJuct or ever kill
tle oppositior's er,ireerir, staff. Some comparies
JiJ away witl lumar er,ireers alto,etler, ertrustir,
proJuct Jevelopmert to tle rew maclire mirJs.
Lut a massive eartlquake starteJ tle Jowrfall of
tle orce-mi,lty valley. lr tle corfusior tlat ersueJ
immeJiately followir, tle quakes, corporate execs
orJereJ raiJs a,airst tle oppositior to plurJer tleir
staff arJ secrets, wlile Jesperately tryir, to protect
tleir owr Jama,eJ premises. Òper war broke out,
witl mar arJ maclire battlir, ir a blooJy brawl.
Narotecl replicators useJ to make special izeJ
computer circuits suJJerly switcleJ to makir, bizarre
robotic cortraptiors, tleir furctior krowr orly to
tle psyclotic computers tlat Jesi,reJ tlem.
Witlir a year, tle orce peaceful valley became
a slattereJ battle,rourJ as tle computers took over
tle fi,lt completely. Humars were automatically
treateJ as tle eremy arJ killeJ or si,lt. LuilJir,s
were torr Jowr arJ tleir atoms recombireJ ir rew
creatiors. 1le replicators workeJ ror-stop, fillir,
tle valley witl a bizarre assortmert of artificial life.
Lverytlir, livir, witlir tle valley was corsumeJ,
replaceJ witl strar,e metal corstructiors tlat
remaJe tlemselves re,ularly.
1ler tle maclires realizeJ tlat tle corstart
fi,ltir, was completely futile arJ JeclareJ ar
immeJiate truce. 1ley were still active, but row liveJ
ir larmory witl ore arotler. A few brave lumars
vertureJ irto tle remairs arJ maJe it out alive,
brir,ir, witl tlem tales of bizarre treasures arJ ever
weirJer teclrolo,y. Lefore lor,, prospectors be,ar
crawlir, tlrou,l tle remairs lookir, for salva,eable
parts. Òccasiorally tley tri,,er a JeaJly resporse from
tle valley's artificial life, but for tle most part, tley
scaver,e ir relative safety.
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. |ceat|ec 1ewa
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 2 (b1 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l2 (-l)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. 6 (-2)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. 8 (-l)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. l6 (-3)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. 7 (-l)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. l0 (-0)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. l3
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -4
SkiÌÌs: Computer Lse (Jata arJ operatior systems)
+13, Computer Lse (artificial irtelli,erce) +1O, Craft
(electroric) +1O, lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: arclaic) +8,
lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: lre-War) +1O, lrowleJ,e
(teclrolo,y: aJvarceJ) +6, lepair +6, Survival +2.
Feats: Arclaic Lr,ireerir,, Llectricity
Cereratior, Stockpile, WirJfall.
º Workir, computer teclrolo,y.
º Ability to ,et electroric items repaireJ.
PbiÌosopby: Collectior of irformatior meJia.
live years a,o, tle towrslip of Collector starteJ as
a supply base for some of tle prospectors wlo came to
Silicor \ailley lopir, to strike it ricl. Lrwillir, to
take all tleir supplies Jowr irto tle valley witl tlem,
lest tle maclires suJJerly turr lostile, tley establisleJ
a camp or ore of tle riJ,es overlookir, tle valley. 1ley
returreJ perioJically to Jrop off tleir firJs arJ collect
erou,l supplies to last orly tle rext few Jays.
Òver tle comir, mortls, worJ of tle valley ,ot
out, attractir, otlers wlo came seekir, tleir owr
fortures. Most of tlem also JroppeJ tleir supplies at
- 1T9 -
tle riJ,e-top camp, joirir, forces witl tle otlers to
create a semi-permarert base of operatiors. Lefore
lor,, a collectior of ra,,eJ builJir,s was lastily
erecteJ, replacir, some of tle terts.
1lat was wler 1aivit Moilair arriveJ at tle
camp. lascirateJ by stories of tle arciert computers,
Moilair arriveJ rot to seek lis forture, but to just
learr about tle teclrolo,y or wlicl tle ol J
civilizatior was built. Luckily for lim, le was rot
JisappoirteJ. Some of tle prospectors fourJ a cacle
of olJ CDs arJ brou,lt tlem back to tle camp just
as Moilair arriveJ.
1aivit was erraptureJ. Never before laJ le seer
sometlir, as beautiful as tle silver Jiscs witl tle
captureJ rairbows. He be,,eJ to see more of tle
treasures from tle valley arJ spert several Jays just
examirir, arJ catalo,ir, tle firJs tlat tle prospectors
laJ brou,lt back. lr returr le cleareJ up tle ,ooJs,
lelpeJ cook meals arJ cleareJ tle campsite.
lour years later, Moilair's still tlere. He's
,atlereJ a ,roup of like-mirJeJ faratics arJ to,etler
tley rur tle traJir, post, buyir, arJ sellir, tle
treasures from tle valley below. 1le traJir, post
supports tle prospectors wlo still fossick tlrou,l tle
ruirs lookir, for irterestir, items. Supplies are carteJ
overlarJ from tle commurity at Sair Cosea every
mortl. Notlir, is actually ,rowr or maJe at
Collector; tlose wlo live tlere lave ro time.
Collector's mair focus is ,atlerir, as mucl Jata
from tle valley as possible. Moilair arJ most of tle
otler irlabitarts are obsesseJ witl learrir, about tle
computer teclrolo,y from before tle war arJ will pay
larJsomely for arytlir, tlat ever |oo|s like it eitler
lolJs or reaJs Jata. 1ley mara,eJ to ,et several olJ
computers operatioral - altlou,l tleir reliability is
extremely low - arJ tley lave successfully mara,eJ
to reaJ some of tle Jata from tleir collectior.
Òre builJir, cortairs rotlir, but tle camp's
collectior. 1lousarJs of silver arJ ,olJ Jisks are
carefully fileJ away. Crates of strar,e metal boxes,
crystals tlat catcl tle li,lt arJ ever olJ wax cylirJers
arJ paper books are stackeJ or slelves. Notlir, is ever
tlrowr away or traJeJ from tlis collectior; Moilair
believes it will come ir larJy ever if tley rever use it.
Sclolars from Yol Si li ofter visit to stuJy tle
collectior, lopir, to learr more secrets from before tle
Altlou,l Moilair is tle commurity's romiral
leaJer, most of tle practical mara,emert of tle
traJir, post, ircluJir, all of tle traJir,, falls to
- 180 -
Airra, Moiliar's lor,-sufferir, ,irlfrierJ. Sle arJ a
small team ersures tlere is erou,l stock or larJ to
cater to tle prospectors tlat still pass tlrou,l irto
tle valley, arJ orJer wlat's recessary from Sair
Cosea. 1ley also Jo all tle cookir, arJ clearir,.
Collector is basically split irto two ,roups: tlose tlat
love tle tecl, leaJeJ by Moilair, arJ tlose wlo Jo
everytlir, else. 1le tecls revel ir tleir erormous
collectior arJ sperJ rearly every wakir, lour tirkerir,
witl it, tryir, to recover ever tle smallest amourt of
irformatior. 1le otler ,roup, leaJeJ by Airra,
complairs about tle tecls rot pullir, tleir wei,lt, but
somelow cortirues to for,ive tlem wler tley mara,e
to ,et sometlir, workir,. Some are also corcerreJ tlat
tle valley las rearly ,iver up all tle treasure tlat it las,
wlicl woulJ spell tle erJ for Collector as a traJir, post.
Moilair isr't worrieJ. 1le collectior will still be tlere,
ever if tle valley Joesr't lave arytlir, else to ,ive.
Witl its li,l populatior arJ broaJ assortmert
of Jifferert political views, Lurope las traJitiorally
suffereJ baJly ir major wars. Wlile it surviveJ for
over a certury of peace witlout collapse, tle liral
Wars brou,lt all tlat to ar erJ arJ Jra,,eJ Lurope
back to tle Store A,e.
lr tle early years of tle 21st certury, followir,
over fifty years of peace, tle Luropear ratiors laiJ
asiJe tleir Jiffererces arJ formeJ tle Luropear
Lrior, slarir, tle same currercy arJ removir, mary
traJe restrictiors betweer member ratiors. Lcoromic
prosperity followeJ arJ Luropear ratiors took ar
ircreasir,ly promirert role ir irterratioral politics,
ofter starJir, up to tle power of tle LriteJ States.
Wler tle rarotecl arJ biotecl revolutiors lit,
Luropear ratiors were amor, tle first ir tle worlJ
to take aJvarta,e. Several certuries of leavy irJustry
laJ left mucl of tle cortirert leavily polluteJ.
Narotecl corverters starteJ clearir, up tle
ervirormert arJ ,eretically er,ireereJ plarts
reclaimeJ some of tle areas tlat earlier ,ereratiors
laJ JestroyeJ. Narotecl irJustries starteJ Jisplacir,
mary of tle leavy irJustries tlat traJitiorally laJ
JomirateJ Luropear busiress. lrJiviJual ratiors
be,ar to see tleir abilities witl rarotecl arJ biotecl
as a matter of priJe arJ JiJ arytlir, to retair tle
upper larJ. lr tle erJ, tlis leJ to tle wars tlat tore
tle cortirert apart.
1le war starteJ wler a sliploaJ of raJioactive
waste bourJ for a lrercl rarotecl processir, plart
rar a,rourJ ir tle NetlerlarJs. Despite lrercl
assurarces tlat tle slip was safe, raJioactive sluJ,e
leakeJ from tle slip, poisorir, a lar,e sectior of tle
Dutcl coast. lrercl autlorities rusleJ to tle scere,
sealir, off tle area witl military urits. 1ley claimeJ
tlat tle military laJ to isolate tle affecteJ larJ to
protect lrercl raroteclrolo,y secrets beir, useJ to
tiJy up tle spill as quickly as possible. 1le ,overrmert
of tle NetlerlarJs JemarJeJ tle lrercl witlJraw
tleir forces from Dutcl soil, arJ attackeJ wler tle
lrercl refuseJ. Calls to tle LriteJ Natiors for lelp
met bitter Jebate over wlo was ri,lt; resolutiors were
JrafteJ to force tle lrercl to witlJraw from Dutcl
soil, orly to be vetoeJ by tle lussiars arJ Clirese.
As peace accorJs collapseJ, tle corflict escalateJ
as Dutcl forces suffereJ leavy losses from lrercl air
attacks. Cermar armoreJ Jivisiors mobilizeJ arJ
rolleJ irto tle NetlerlarJs to er,a,e tle lrercl
military after tle ,overrmert of tle NetlerlarJs
pleaJeJ for assistarce. 1le lrercl resporJeJ to tle
Cermar a,,ressior by courterattackir, across tle
borJer irto Westerr Cermary.
Witlir mortls, rearly every courtry ir Lurope
was at war. 1ersiors escalateJ quickly arJ
ircreasir,ly Jevastatir, attacks were maJe, ofter
a,airst civiliar populatior certers. Cererals
urleasleJ tle rew breeJ of weapors of mass
Jestructior - rarite bombs arJ ,eretical ly
er,ireereJ killer viruses - or major cities. lt's rot
krowr wlo evertually orJereJ tle use of ruclear
weapors, but almost simultareous strikes lit LorJor,
laris, AmsterJam, Lrussels, Lerlir, Warsaw arJ
lome. laris was furtler slattereJ wler Cermar
cyberwarriors alle,eJly seizeJ cortrol of Americar
space weapors arJ subjecteJ tle lrercl capital to a
massive bombarJmert by orbital kiretic weapors.
Some believeJ tle Americars laurcleJ tle strikes
tlemselves at tle request of tle Cermars.
lor mortls, tle war JevastateJ Lurope. Witl
mucl of tle military maclire automateJ by sertiert
Als, tle war cortirueJ as tle computers cortirueJ
to look for opporturities to force tle otler siJe irto
surrerJer. Witl ro siJe willir, to back Jowr, tle
war ra,eJ or, urtil ir tle erJ, everyore simply rar
out of tar,ets or weapors witl wlicl to fi,lt. 1lere
was ro formal surrerJer or cease-fire; fi,ltir, just
petereJ out arJ people JiJ tleir best to survive ir
tle row-JeaJly remairs.
Milliors JieJ, rot orly from tle Jirect impact of
tle war, but also from starvatior, Jisease arJ exposure
orce wirter arriveJ. lefu,ees camps sprar, up across
tle cortirert as civiliars fleJ tleir lomes to escape
tle worst of tle fi,ltir, or tle JeaJly aftermatl tlat
cortirueJ to Jevastate tle courtrysiJe followir, tle
- 181 -
attacks. Some trieJ escapir, to Nortl America,
rortlerr Africa or tle MiJJle Last, orly to Jiscover
tlat tlose places were collapsir, as well.
Little remairs of Lurope from before tle war.
luirs row starJ wlere some of tle olJest arJ
prouJest cities ir tle worlJ orce stooJ. Lver tle
larJscape cortirues to suffer from raJiatior from tle
ruclear exclar,e arJ tle lir,erir, effects of rarite
bombs. Nowlere is really safe, arJ tlousarJs Jie every
year acciJertally tri,,erir, sometlir, left belirJ
from tle fi,ltir,.
Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. Cemmaa|ty 1yµe. |ew 1ewa
|eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. |eµa|at|ea |eve|. 3 (l14 ada|ts)
|ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. |ecce. l0 (-l)
Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. Hee|||ty. 2 (-4)
Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. Res|||eace. 8 (-l)
|eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. |eaca|aq. l4 (-2)
Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. Awaceaess. l6 (-3)
Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. Cemmaad. l6 (-3)
wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. wea|t|. lb
Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. Reµatat|ea ßeaas. -4
SkiÌÌs: Craft (textiles) ++, Craft (writir,) +6,
Diplomacy +9, lrowleJ,e (listory) +8, lerform
(storytellir,) +9, Survival +11, 1reat lrjury +7.
Feats: Arclaic larmir,, Arclaic Marufacturir,,
Stockpile (x2).
º Custom built arclaic weapors.
º Cleap fooJ supplies.
º Lasic meJical care.
PbiÌosopby: Simple survival
1le leople be,ar as a simple collectior of refu,ees
fleeir, tle corflict ir tleir lomelarJs. Mostly
corsistir, of lrercl citizers, tle ,roup also las
Cermar, Swiss arJ ltaliar members wlo fleJ across
tle Alps Jowr irto Soutlerr lrarce, away from tle
most vicious fi,ltir,. 1le ,roup moveJ or foot, ir ro
more tlar ,roups of ter or twelve; ary more attracteJ
tle attertior of tle automateJ combat systems.
After evaJir, lrercl arJ Cermar patrols for
several mortls, tle ,roup firally stumbleJ across a
limestore cave ir Soutlerr lrarce. Mary of tle
refu,ees were Jistrau,lt from tleir traumatic jourrey,
so tle ,roup JeciJeJ to lay low ir tle cave for a wlile
arJ recover. Little JiJ tley krow tlat tley woulJ
make tle cave tleir permarert lome.
1le small ertrarce caverr opereJ irto a series
of lar,e urJer,rourJ clambers, bi, erou,l for tle
wlole ,roup to settle Jowr comfortably arJ still lave
a Je,ree of privacy. 1le first ri,lt was spert luJJleJ
- 182 -
arourJ several small fires Jeep witlir tle eartl, tle
orly sourJs tle quiet sobbir, of several womer
mourrir, tle loss of tleir lomelarJs. Òver tle rext
few weeks, tle ,roup stayeJ liJJer ir tle cave arJ
recovereJ, ,atlerir, fooJ arJ water supplies witl tle
irtertior of pressir, or to tle soutl. Lut by tler,
tle weatler laJ starteJ to turr colJ, arJ tle ,roup
JeciJeJ to stay wlere tley were for tle wirter,
tlirkir, tlat tley were safe arJ relatively warm,
wlereas tley may rot firJ arotler place witl tle
same Je,ree of slelter wler tley reeJeJ it.
1lat wirter, MaJame Yvette losclaux took it
upor lerself to ersure tle ,roup's spirits remaireJ
li,l. A paleoartlropolo,ist by trairir,, sle tolJ
tlem stories of prelistoric times, wler people laJ
liveJ ir caves like tle ore tley were row ir arJ wlat
tley JiJ to survive. Sle krew basic ice-a,e survival
teclriques arJ be,ar to teacl tle your,er clilJrer
flirt krappir, arJ low to start fires witlout matcles
or li,lter fluiJ. 1le ,roup took losclaux's stories to
leart arJ tley all starteJ learrir, some of tle Store
A,e tricks. lt starteJ simply as a Jistractior, sometlir,
to take tleir mirJs off tle Jestructior outsiJe. Lut as
tle wirter wore or, tley be,ar to tlirk tlat perlaps
life |cJ beer better back ir prelistoric times, back
before people learreJ to make weapors tlat coulJ
kill everytlir, ir tle blirk of ar eye. Ly tle erJ of
tle wirter, tley were callir, tlemselves simply ¨1le
leople" arJ plarreJ or makir, a life for tlemselves
arJ tleir JescerJarts lere ir tle cave.
As sprir, came, tley starteJ emer,ir, from tle
cave arJ be,ar tle preparatiors tlat woulJ become
tleir routire. 1le stror,er members exploreJ tle
area, brir,ir, back fooJ arJ timber from tle
surrourJir, courtrysiJe. Òtlers set to work teaclir,
tle clilJrer tle rew olJ ways, arJ Joir, everytlir,
tley coulJ to carve out a ricle for tlemselves.
lour years later, MaJame losclaux passeJ away
from preumoria. Lut by tler, ler teaclir, was firmly
establisleJ ir tle ,roup, arJ tley cortirueJ to live like
reo-cavemer, livir, off tle larJ arJ preservir, tleir
listory as stories to be passeJ Jowr to future ,ereratiors.
lr tle JecaJes tlat followeJ, tle ,roup mirJeJ
tleir owr busiress arJ avoiJeJ cortact witl
rei,lborir, commurities as mucl as possible. Several
Jele,atiors visiteJ, lopir, to corvirce 1le leople to
joir witl tlem, but all of tlem were sourJly rebukeJ
arJ sert away. lf arytlir,, tley became more fearful
of teclrolo,y arJ arytlir, tlat it proJuceJ. \isitors
were welcomeJ proviJeJ tley a,reeJ to respect tle
commurity's views arJ wisles. Some visitors stayeJ,
eramoreJ by tle simple, peaceful lifestyle.
1le leople are a strictly matriarclal ,roup,
followir, tle traJitior starteJ witl tle respect paiJ
to MaJame losclaux. 1le leaJ womar is simply
krowr as Motler, arJ tlat title currertly rests witl
HaiJerire, a Jirect JescerJart of ore of tle
commurity's fourJers. Now ir ler miJ-forties, sle
treats tle wlole ,roup as ler exterJeJ family arJ
tolerates ro irsolerce from ary of tlem. Deeply
pararoiJ about tle past - as sle las seer first-larJ
tle lorrerJous effects of rarotecl weaporry - sle
refuses to ever ertertair tle iJea of aJoptir, more
moJerr teclrolo,y of ary sort.
1lis las leJ to some bitter ar,umerts witl lirre,
tle clief lurter, wlo las witresseJ mer from otler
commurities usir, more moJerr weaporry. He arJ
some of tle otler mer are pressir, to aJopt moJerr
weaporry, as tleir simple store-tippeJ spears arJ
krives are ro matcl a,airst tle firearms arJ erer,y
weapors of some raiJers tley ercourtereJ. Several of
tle mer lave a cacle of aJvarceJ weapors tlat tley
collect arJ use wler ro ore else from tle ,roup is
arourJ. Despite tlis, tley krow tlat if tley are cau,lt,
tley face immeJiate expulsior from tle ,roup, wlo
will simply cease to ever ackrowleJ,e tleir preserce.
Defirir, tle commurity's abilities, skills arJ feats
proviJes a ,limpse of wlat tle commurity looks like.
Lut, like a claracter, tle commurity Joes rot truly
come to life urtil it is roleplayeJ. However, a
commurity is more tlar a sir,le persor arJ reacts
very Jifferertly to situatiors tlat befall it.
1le Commurity Lelavior Map lelps tle CM
urJerstarJ a commurity's complex ,roup Jyramics
arJ assists ir comir, up witl corsistert arJ lo,ical
reacti ors to situatiors tlat tle commuri ty
experierces. Wlile all commurities lave tle same
basic reactiors to circumstarces, it is tle emotioral
irtersity of tleir reactiors tlat ,overr wlat tley'll
Jo rext.
Certair corJitiors cause elemerts to become
urstable. 1lis irJicates problems witli r tle
commurity tlat coulJ tlreater to Jestroy tle ,roup's
larmory if left uratterJeJ. lorturately, tlis proviJes
a CM witl opporturities for tle lCs to Jirectly
irtervere irto tle life of tle commurity ir orJer to
keep it or track for a lappy arJ prosperous future.
Lacl roJe ir tle Jia,ram represerts a factor tlat
las a Jirect bearir, or a commurity's life. 1lese
factors clar,e over time arJ tleir importarce ,oes
- 183 -
up arJ Jowr as circumstarces clar,e. 1ley eacl
lave a rumerical level, rormally rar,ir, from O to
1OO, witl li,ler values usuc||y beir, preferreJ; for
some factors, a lower value is actually better.
1le lires betweer roJes represert lirks of cause
arJ effect. Wler tle ore roJe's strer,tl rises (or
falls), tle clar,e ir its corJitior affects eacl of tle
roJes it's lirkeJ to. lf tlere's a plus si,r rext to tle
lire, if tle first roJe's level ircreases, tle roJe at tle
otler erJ ,oes up too; if tlere's a mirus si,r rext to
tle lire, tler ar ircrease ir tle first roJe causes a
Jecrease ir tle secorJ.
All commurities resporJ to clar,es ir tle same
basic way. How tley Jiffer is wlicl everts map irto
eacl factor, arJ tle size of tle follow or tlat tle
clar,e proJuces.
lr orJer to use tle belavior map well, you reeJ to
urJerstarJ wlat eacl roJe mears, arJ low tlose factors
apply to a specific commurity. Lacl roJe covers a broaJ
corcept, witl a myriaJ of possible irterpretatiors.
1lis sectior Jiscusses eacl factor affectir, a
commurity. A factor is Jesi,rateJ as positive,
re,ative or reutral. lrcreases ir positive factors are
aJvarta,eous to tle commurity arJ sloulJ be
ercoura,eJ. lrcreases ir re,ative factors weaker tle
commurity arJ sloulJ be courtereJ as quickly as
possible. Neutral factors car ,o eitler way.
PopuÌation Happiness (Positive)
lopulatior lappiress is tle certral factor ir ary
commurity. 1le commurity's leaJerslip is Joir, a
,ooJ job if tleir populatior is cortert witl tle currert
state of affairs. lf tle populatior is mostly lappy,
tley're more proJuctive arJ tlere are fewer
ar,umerts. A commurity's primary plilosoply is vital
to tlis lappiress; if tle citizers are aclievir, tleir
primary ,oal, tleir cortertmert will flow irto otler
areas of commurity life, lelpir, it furctior better.
All sorts of tlir,s make people lappy. lt car be as
simple as a mucl-articipateJ celebratior, birtls,
marria,es, ,ooJ weatler, lar,e ,atlerir,s or just some time
off to relax. Lar,er successes - sucl as successful traJe or
exploratior missiors - also ircrease tle commurity's
overall lappiress. However, a commurity's lappiress
level car Jrop after a Jeatl, irfi,ltir,, problems witl
weatler or tle ervirormert, Jisasters or Jisease.
Strong LeaJersbip (Positive)
1le stror,er a commurity's leaJerslip is, tle
more successful it is ir aclievir, arJ mairtairir,
tleir primarily plilosoply. A ,ooJ leaJer krows low
to irspire lis people to work larJer, Jisarm lis
- 184 -
opporert's opiriors arJ ircrease botl tle
commurity's prosperity arJ irfluerce over otlers.
Weak leaJerslip car tear a commurity apart, Jrive it
to tle brirk of Jisaster, or leave it vulrerable to attack.
Lverts tlat car bolster tle leaJer's strer,tl
ircl uJe obvi ously successf ul Jecisiors, timely
irtelli,erce, Jisciplire, loror arJ victories over
oppositior. Lverts tlat weaker tle leaJer's positior
ircluJe corruptior, baJ or urtimely Jecisiors
(especially ores tlat cost lives or precious resources),
oppositior to tle way tle leaJer rurs tle commurity,
baJ rews or war.
Prosperity (Positive)
1o ersure lor, term success, a commurity reeJs
to rot orly proviJe tle bare essertials - fooJ, water,
clotlir, arJ slelter - but it also reeJs a surplus to
allow its citizers time to pursue ror-essertial tasks.
A commurity's wealtl car be partly measureJ by low
mucl free time tle citizers lave for activities like
creatir, art, tellir, stories, makir, music, arJ
pursuir, reli,ior or plilosoply.
lrosperity ircreases witl li,l crop yielJs, ircreaseJ
proJuctior, better-quality traJe ,ooJs, aJvarta,eous
traJe a,reemerts witl otler commurities arJ so or. lt
car Jecrease as tle result of lost resources tlrou,l Jisaster
or mismara,emert, poor Jecisior makir, from
leaJerslip, ,ereral laziress or complacercy.
PopuÌation (NeutraÌ)
Òver time, a commurity's populatior ,ererally
ircreases. lf tle birtl rate exceeJs tle Jeatl rate, tler
tle populatior raturally ,rows. New members may lear
about tle commurity arJ JeciJe to settle tlere. 1lis ofter
lappers wler a commurity las a li,l starJarJ of livir,;
people wart to live ir a place wlere life is easier.
Lut ar ircrease ir populatior las re,ative
aspects. 1lere is a leavier Jrair or tle commurity's
resources, mearir, more work reeJs to be Jore ir
orJer to mairtair tle starJarJ of livir,. lt also
ircreases tle clarces of rew factiors startir,, as it's
mucl larJer to mairtair a corsistert visior as soor
as tlere are more people irvolveJ. leople comir, ir
from outsiJe tle commurity also brir, precorceiveJ
rotiors about low tlir,s sloulJ be Jore, arJ tlese
iJeas may rot ,el witl tle commurity's outlook.
lopulatior size may also be trarsitory. Certair
everts - sucl as festivals or emer,ercies - may
temporarily clar,e tle rumber of people presert ir
tle commurity.
Resources (Positive)
Commurities reeJ a certair level of resources
or larJ to rur efficiertly. 1ley reeJ stockpiles of
fooJ, clotlir, arJ fuel to last tlrou,l tle Jifferert
seasors. 1ley reeJ raw materials to create traJe ,ooJs
witl. lf tle commurity car't proJuce tlese resources
tlemselves, tley must firJ a way to traJe for tlem,
take tlem from arotler commurity or rely or clarity.
lesources car ircrease tlrou,l tle commurity's
larJ work, favorable weatler, firJs of lre-War cacles,
improveJ marufacturir, metloJs or improveJ
efficiercy. lesources suffer because of Jisasters, baJ
mara,emert, ,reeJ or tleft.
Disasters (Negative)
Disasters just lapper. Despite all tle precautiors
a commurity takes, tlere are always urforeseer
circumstarces tlat cause major setbacks.
Some example Jisasters are rarite storms, marauJer
attacks, Jisease, roJert irfestatiors, fallir, satellite
Jebris, war, Jeatls of leaJers, fires, flooJs arJ Jrou,lts.
CreeJ (Negative)
Some people always take more tlar tleir fair slare.
At low levels, ,reeJ car just make tle commurity
urlappy, arJ cause ,rumbles of Jissert. Lxtersive
,reeJ, lowever, car severely Jeplete resources arJ car
leaJ to a crisis witlir tle commurity.
CreeJ may rot recessarily irvolve material
tlir,s. leople car be ,reeJy witl tleir time; if tley
re,lect tleir Juties ir favor of sometlir, tley prefer
Joir,, or moropolize someore else's time, it las tle
same effect as if tley laJ stoler tle resources ir tle
first place. 1le ,reeJ factor also covers favoritism
witlir a commurity, wlere ore sub,roup las li,ler
privile,es tlar tle rest of tle populatior.
Dissent (Negative)
No ,roup of lumars ever a,rees wlolelearteJly or
every topic. Some people will always Jisa,ree witl tle
leaJerslip's Jecisiors, tlirkir, tley lave ,ore too far,
or perlaps rot far erou,l. 1lese Jiffererces of opirior
may be,ir corJially, but over time, tley car fester irto
outri,lt lostility tlat car split a commurity apart.
Dissert car seriously weaker a commurity's
leaJerslip, forcir, tlem to make urpleasart Jecisiors
ir orJer to protect tle commurity. lf tle ar,umerts
or fi,ltir, cortirue, otler commurity members rot
irvolveJ ir tle ori,iral Jispute may be forceJ to take
siJes, or tley may just ,et cau,lt ir tle crossfire.
OutsiJe InfÌuence (NeutraÌ)
Òver time, it is rearly impossible for a commurity's
leaJerslip to mairtair tle commurity's focus or its
core plilosoply, urless tle commurity completely
isolates itself from tle rest of tle worlJ. New iJeas come
from ary rumber of sources: recovereJ krowleJ,e,
passir, travelers, rew citizers or cryptic alliarces.
- 185 -
1lese iJeas car mutate tle people's tlirkir,, clar,ir,
tleir attituJes over time. lf tle rew iJeas are startlir,
erou,l, tley may ever turr tle commurity's tlirkir,
or its ear. lf tle iJeas are more irsiJious, tley car
corrupt tle people's mirJs, turrir, tleir attertior away
from tleir core beliefs over a lor, perioJ.
lt Joesr't matter wletler tle outsiJe irfluerce is
irtertioral or rot. Lrirtertioral irfluerce car
lapper wler someore witlir tle populatior sees
arotler commurity lavir, ar easier - or perlaps
worse - lifestyle tlar tle populatior currertly erjoys.
lrtertioral irfluerce coulJ be ar eremy's tlreats, or
cryptic alliarces be,irrir, to irfiltrate tle populatior.
InfÌuence on Otbers (Positive)
Just as outsiJe irfluerces car affect a commurity,
a commurity car also affect otlers. 1le leaJerslip's
strer,tl arJ tle prosperity erjoyeJ are tle two mair
factors tlat lelp corvirce otlers to siJe witl tle
commurity, or at least to Jo wlat tle commurity
su,,ests. Wletler tlis irfluerce is useJ to arrar,e
aJvarta,eous traJe a,reemerts, or to corvert
outsiJers to tle commurity's way of tlirkir,, JeperJs
or tle situatior arJ low tle irfluerce is useJ.
A commurity's ability scores lave a Jirect bearir,
or tle importarce of some factors to tlat commurity.
Òtler factors are iritially JetermireJ by wlatever
makes tle most serse for tlat commurity.
ícctor we|¸|t|n¸ measures a factor's importarce;
it rormally rurs from O to 1OO. At ary ,iver time,
tle Jifferert factor wei,ltir,s lelp Jetermire wlere
tle commurity's focus will be.
1le iritial scores are as follows:
Wlere tle factor is lirkeJ to a particular ability,
use tle raw ability score, rot tle ability moJifier.
lopulatior lappiress, prosperity arJ ,reeJ all start witl
ar iritial wei,ltir, of 5O, but tlese scores car be moJifieJ
up or Jowr. A CM may JeciJe to clar,e tle iritial scores
to reflect tle commurity's currert state of affairs.
1le causal flows lirk tle roJes ir tle Commurity
Lelavior Map. lr tle map, eacl lirk alreaJy irJicates
wletler tle factor's rise causes a corresporJir, rise or
fall ir tle roJes it's correcteJ to. Lut rot all clar,es
move witl tle same force. Stror, lirks amplify tle
clar,e, for ,ooJ or ill, wlile weaker ores Jimirisl it
arJ may make miror clar,es Jisappear alto,etler.
Lacl lirk or tle Jia,ram must be assi,reJ ore
of five values, slowr ir tle table below. 1le box by
eacl lire proviJes space to recorJ tle lirk's wei,ltir,.
As clar,es flow tlrou,l tle commurity, multiply
tle clar,e ir ore roJe by tle lirk wei,lt before
applyir, it to tle rext roJe ir sequerce.
|actec |ame |actec |ame |actec |ame |actec |ame |actec |ame Stact|aq we|q|t Stact|aq we|q|t Stact|aq we|q|t Stact|aq we|q|t Stact|aq we|q|t
|eµa|at|ea haµµ|aess b0
Stceaq |eadecs||µ (Cemmaad -
Awaceaess) x 2
|cesµec|ty b0
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea
|eve| x l0
Reseacces wea|t| x b
0|sastecs A|ways 0
6ceed b0
0|sseat (20 - Awaceaess) x b
0ats|de la||aeace 20 - Awaceaess
la||aeace ea 0t|ecs Reµatat|ea x b
we|q|t|aq we|q|t|aq we|q|t|aq we|q|t|aq we|q|t|aq Ha|t|µ||ec Ha|t|µ||ec Ha|t|µ||ec Ha|t|µ||ec Ha|t|µ||ec
S||q|t x l/4
|ew x l/2
Hed|am x l
h|q| x 2
|xtceme x 4
Wler you're assi,rir, lirk wei,lts, corsiJer tle
startir, factor wei,lts, as well as tle commurity's abilities,
skills arJ feats, arJ use tlose to lelp cloose ar appropriate
wei,ltir,. lor example, if a commurity las li,l
CommarJ arJ Awareress scores, tler it be,irs witl a
stror, leaJerslip. lf tle leaJerslip listers to tle citizers'
corcerrs wler makir, Jecisiors, tler tle lirk wei,lt
betweer stror, leaJerslip arJ Jissert sloulJ be meJium.
lf tle leaJerslip rutllessly silerces ary criticism, tler
tle wei,ltir, may be li,l or ever extreme.
1lir,s lapper; ary commurity experierces
everts tlat clar,e its Jestiry. How tlat commurity
reacts is wlat sets it apart from all tle otlers.
Lverts are tle Jrivir, force belirJ tle Commurity
Lelavior Map. Lacl time sometlir, lappers ir tle
commurity - bi, or small - it las follow-or effects.
Òver time, tlese follow-or effects improve tle quality
of everyore's lives, or tley tear tle commurity apart, if
rotlir, is Jore to courter tlem.
- 185 -
Sevec|ty Sevec|ty Sevec|ty Sevec|ty Sevec|ty Re|| Re|| Re|| Re|| Re||
|eq||q|e|e ld4
H|aec ld6 - 4
Avecaqe ld8 - l0
Hajec ldl2 - l8
Cc|t|ca| ld20 - 30
Apply tlis clar,e to tle appropriate source factor
by aJJir, it to tle currert value ir tle case of ar ircreasir,
evert, or subtractir, it ir tle case of a Jecreasir, evert.
Next, for eacl lirk tlat leaves tle factor, multiply
tle clar,e's size by tle lirk's wei,ltir,, rourJir, Jowr.
Apply tle result to tle tar,et factor of tlat lirk on|y. lf
tle lirk las a positive arrow attacleJ to it, tler tle
tar,et factor's wei,ltir, ,oes up witl ar ircreasir, evert
arJ Jowr witl a Jecreasir, evert. lf tle lirk is re,ative,
tle tar,et factor's wei,lt ircreases witl a Jecreasir,
evert arJ Jecreases witl ar ircreasir, evert.
Lacl factor's wei,lt clar,e sloulJ lave a
corresporJir, si,r ir tle ,ame worlJ. 1lese si,rs
are wlat tle lCs see or experierce, slowir, tlem
wlat effects tle everts lave. 1le lar,er tle factor's
wei,lt clar,e, tle more Jramatic tle evert arJ
lerce tle more obvious tle si,r ir tle ,ame worlJ.
1le commurity may rot rotice re,li,ible arJ miror
everts for some time, wlicl car sometimes turr tleir
effects irto mucl lar,er everts. 1le commurity will
c|wcys rotice major arJ critical everts.
Lverts coulJ lapper as a Jirect result of tle lCs'
actiors (or tleir iractior), just as tle actiors of NlCs
may lave a Jirect impact or tle lCs' quality of life. 1le
lCs returrir, triumplartly from a quest may cause
commurity celebratiors, causir, a jump ir tle populatior
lappiress. At tle same time, ore of tle NlCs may start
covetir, tle treasure brou,lt back, arJ start plottir, to
acquire it, tlus bumpir, up tle wei,lt of tle CreeJ factor.
1o Jetermire ar evert's effects, you first reeJ to
cloose wlicl factor it irfluerces. 1le table su,,ests some
examples of everts arJ tle factors tley apply to. Lacl
evert is eitler positive or re,ative; tlis Jetermires
wletler tle evert's score is aJJeJ or subtracteJ from tle
factor wei,ltir,. Ar ircreasir, evert wor't always be
bereficial to tle commurity; if it is applieJ to a re,ative
factor, its impact or tle commurity is always baJ.
Òrce you've closer tle tar,et factor, cloose tle
evert's severity from tle table below. Lverts rar,e
from lavir, re,li,ible impact to beir, critical. lor
eacl evert, calculate tle factor wei,lt clar,e by
rollir, tle appropriate Jie arJ aJJir, tle borus.
|actec |actec |actec |actec |actec |es|t|ve |es|t|ve |es|t|ve |es|t|ve |es|t|ve |eqat|ve |eqat|ve |eqat|ve |eqat|ve |eqat|ve
Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats Samµ|e |veats
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea 6eed ßad
haµµ|aess haµµ|aess haµµ|aess haµµ|aess haµµ|aess weat|ec weat|ec
lacceased ßad |ews
|e|sace 1|me
Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq Stceaq |eµa|ac ßad ||aaa|aq
|eadecs||µ |eadecs||µ |eadecs||µ |eadecs||µ |eadecs||µ Saµµect
Saccess|a| Ceccaµt|ea
|cesµec|ty |cesµec|ty |cesµec|ty |cesµec|ty |cesµec|ty Hece ||||c|eat Stc||es
wec| |cact|ces
1cade Sacµ|as 1cade 0e||c|t
|cedact|ve H|smaaaqemeat
|eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea |eµa|at|ea ß|ct|s 0eat|s
Re|aqees |m|qcat|ea
Reseacces Reseacces Reseacces Reseacces Reseacces 6eed hacvest \|s|t|aq 1c|ee
Cac|e 0vec-
|eaad ceasamµt|ea
hacd wec| Reµa|cs
0|sastec 0|sastec 0|sastec 0|sastec 0|sastec |a|||aq
Sate|||te 0eec|s
|aa|te Stecm
6ceed 6ceed 6ceed 6ceed 6ceed ßc|eecy |e||ce wec|
1|e|t 6aacds
|eadec's 1|me
0|sseat 0|sseat 0|sseat 0|sseat 0|sseat Acqameats 0|sµate
|e||t|ca| Ceact
0µµes|t|ea heac|aqs
0ats|de 0ats|de 0ats|de 0ats|de 0ats|de Ccyµt|c |ecas ea Cece
la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace A|||aace Aqeat ||||eseµ|y
|cesµeceas |e|q|eec
la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace la||aeace ßacqa|a|aq ßad
ea 0t|ecs ea 0t|ecs ea 0t|ecs ea 0t|ecs ea 0t|ecs |ewec late|||qeace
Hact|a| |cewess
- 18T -
wea|ea|aq a ||a| wea|ea|aq a ||a| wea|ea|aq a ||a| wea|ea|aq a ||a| wea|ea|aq a ||a| 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
Cc|t|ca| te Hajec 30
Hajec te Avecaqe 2b
Avecaqe te H|aec 20
H|aec te |eq||q|e|e lb
|eq||q|e|e te |et||aq l0
Stceaqt|ea|aq a ||a| Stceaqt|ea|aq a ||a| Stceaqt|ea|aq a ||a| Stceaqt|ea|aq a ||a| Stceaqt|ea|aq a ||a| 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C
|eq||q|e|e te H|aec lb
H|aec te Avecaqe 20
Avecaqe te Hajec 2b
Hajec te Cc|t|ca| 30
builJir, sloulJ be a lepair cleck, or it mi,lt require
a tricky welJir, job, so Craft (metalwork) coulJ be
useJ. Corvircir, a troublemaker to clar,e lis mirJ
may require a Lluff, Diplomacy or ever lrtimiJate
cleck, JeperJir, or wlat tle lCs wart to Jo. lt's up
to tle CM to JeciJe wlicl skill is appropriate at tle
time tle lCs reeJ to make tle cleck.
Lowerir, or raisir, tle wei,lt by more tlar ore
level ircreases tle DC by +5 for eacl level.
As tle commurity belavior map is cyclic, some
everts car set ir motior a clair of subsequert everts
tlat car sometimes tlreater to Jestroy a commurity, or
ultimately leaJ to tle commurity becomir, irvulrerable.
However, for every actior tlere is a reactior.
Courter-everts oppose arotler evert's results.
Lsually, tley're tle Jirect result of commurity
members Jeliberately workir, to stop follow-or effects
from lapperir,. lr some cases, fate will step ir arJ
cause Jisasters to prevert a commurity from ,ettir,
too far aleaJ.
lr orJer to mairtair tle status quo, CMs sloulJ
irject extra everts irto tle commurity belavior map
to courteract tle effects of tle everts tlat are alreaJy
ir play. lf ar evert causes a raJical slift ir factor
wei,lts, tler tle commurity (or perlaps Motler
Nature) will pusl back to try to ,et tlir,s back to
tle way tley were before.
1le commurities isr't just a 1\ slow for tle
lCs to watcl. 1le commurity's leaJerslip may ask
tle lCs to prevert sometli r, re,ative f rom
lapperir, (if tley are aware of it ir aJvarce); or tley
may be askeJ to lelp repair tle Jama,e causeJ by
evert's aftermatl. Alterratively, tle lCs may
Jeliberately try to urJermire tle success of a
commurity if it fits witl tleir persoral ,oals.
lf tle lCs wart to temporarily clar,e a lirk wei,lt
- eitler ma,rifyir, a positive evert, or reJucir, a
re,ative ore - tley reeJ to make a skill cleck, usir,
tle appropriate DC from tle table below. 1le actual
skill useJ JeperJs or botl tle circumstarce arJ low
lCs tackle tle problem. lor example, fixir, a Jama,eJ
Lverts Jor' t recessarily lapper
irstartareously; some factors clar,e mucl
slower tlar otlers. lor example, lopulatior
ircreases or Jecreases more slowly tlar
lesources. However, ar evert's severity
rormally proviJes ar irJicatior of tle time
Jelay betweer cause arJ effect, witl more
severe everts lapperir, faster. 1lis time Jelay
betweer ar evert's tri,,er arJ its effects takir,
place car be useJ to laurcl courter everts to
reJuce tle severity of tle evert's aftermatl.
1le commurity's pace of life car be
measureJ by tle avera,e time betweer everts.
Lusy, li,l-erer,y commurities experierce
everts fairly quickly, perlaps ore or more per
Jay arJ ofter witl li,l severity. Sleepier
commurities may ,o Jays or ever weeks betweer
everts, arJ rarely will tley lave a bi, impact.
Ar evert may ,ererate warrir, si,rs before it
actually lappers. 1le Jelay betweer tle warrir, si,rs'
orset arJ tle evert's full impact allows tle commurity
to prepare, so tlat tle effect is mirimizeJ. lor example, a
torraJo strikir, a commurity woulJ be a critical Jisaster.
However, tle resiJerts woulJ see a builJ-up of leavy
clouJs arJ ircreasir, wirJ, arJ coulJ ,uess tlat a torraJo
was comir,. lf tley leeJ tle si,rs, tley car prepare by
boarJir, up wirJows arJ Joors, protectir, velicles arJ
livestock, arJ takir, refu,e ir storm slelters.
1lese preparatiors reJuce tle evert's impact or
tle commurity. lf a commurity is able to successfully
prepare for ar evert, reJuce tle severity of tle evert
accorJir,ly. Miror preparatiors reJuce tle severity
by ore level, wlereas complete preparatior car reJuce
it by two or more levels. However, tle severity of ar
evert car rever be reJuceJ below Ne,li,ible. lr terms
of si,rs, it is tle evert's ejjects tlat are lessereJ, rot
tle evert itself; tle evert still lits tle commurity
witl its ori,iral severity.
·r·:.:: .::t:+ .,, |·:.-.-¿. ´v: ¿:. t=:.. t:=:i».-¿ o.·-.-¿´"
S::-+·.¿ t..+ :.i |·:= .-+:·-:xi» i»: i..ti:+ =:ix. .·::t x-+ ¿·xoo:+ i»:
»x==:· ..i» ».t i».·+ »x-+. ´u:,:," »: tx.+, t..+.-¿ ox:t .-+:·-:xi». ´Y:.·
i..i:»¿ -:t: x..x¿t =xt:t ¿:. ,x·x-:.+."
r·:.:: ,::·:+ :.i :- i»: ·..-t i»·:.¿» i»: »:.: .- i»: .x.. x¿x.-. x.ti:+
·:.-|:·:.-¿ ·:+t ,:t:+ :.i :| i»: t»xii:·:+ ::-:·:i: .x..t ..t: x- :×,:t:+
tt:.:i:-. U::+t ¿·:. .- i»: :·x:tt, t,xii:·.-¿ i»: +... ¿·x¿ ..i» ,xi:»:t :|
¿·::-. u:i».-¿ =:.:+. S.i i»: t=:.. :| o.·-:+ |.:t» .xt =.:» ti·:-¿:·.
´S::-+·.¿," »: tx.+, ´t:=::-: :· t:=:i».-¿ .t o.·-.-¿ =:xi :.i i»:·:."
c.x-¿. c.x-¿. c.x-¿.
8ix-+.-¿ .,, S::-+·.¿ t..+ i»: »x==:· ox:t .-i: ».t i::. o:.i x-+ t::..:+
xi r·:.::. ´i'.: +x=- -:x· ¿:i i»xi :xo.: |·:: x-+ :-:: i ti·., i»: ¿.xtt ..·: :.i,
.:'.. »x.: :-:.¿» i: ¿:i i»xi ::=o.+:· .:·t.-¿ x¿x.-."
r·:.:: ¡.ti ¿.x-::+ :.:· ».t t»:..+:· x¿x.-. ´i ¡.ti i».-t." u: ¿·xoo:+ .,
».t »x.o:·+, x-+ »:x+:+ |:· i»: »:.:. ´Y:. ::=.-¿, :· -:i´"
S::-+·.¿ .xt x.·:x+¿ ¡:¿¿.-¿ x.x¿. ´txti :-: ox:t o.¿t i»: o·:.t'"
c».:t..-¿ i: ».+: ».t -:·.:.t-:tt, r·:.:: ¡:¿¿:+ :|| .- i»: :i»:· +.·::i.:-.
u.t |::iti:,t ::»::+ :|| i»: ·..-t :| i»: ».¿» ·.t:t. u: ¡:¿¿:+ x·:.-+ i»: ::·-:·
x-+ ,...:+ ., ::.+. 1»: t=:t.-¿ :x·:xtt:t :| i»:.· |:.· o·.i:·: .x¿ .- i»:
=.++.: :| i»: ti·::i, ti... t=:.+:·.-¿. 1»: t=:.. .xt :.:·.»:.=.-¿ x-+ r·:.::
¿x¿¿:+ »x·+ xt »: +.:t:+ ox:t x·:.-+ i»: ::·-:· o:|:·: t..=,.-¿ i: ».t t-::t,
´rxooooU "
r·:.::'t »:x+ t-x,,:+ ., x-+ »: t,·.-i:+ ox:t i:.x·+t .»:·: S::-+·.¿'t
i:·i.·:+ t:·:x= »x+ ::=: |·:=. u: o:.i:+ x·:.-+ i»: ::·-:· x-+ t..+ i: x »x.i,
t.++:-.¿ |·:::- .- |:x·.
S::-+·.¿'t ::·,t: .x¿ t=:t.-¿ .- i»: ::-i:· :| i»: ti·::i. S.i r·:.::
»x·+.¿ -:i.::+; ».t |·.:-+'t +:xi» .xt i»: .:xti :| ».t .:··.:t.
1»: =x:».-: txi .- i»: =.++.: :| i»: ·:x+, ».==.-¿ t..¿»i.¿. m:·: i»x- i.:
ti:·.:t ix.., .it +... o.x:t x·=:· ,.xi:t o·.ti.:+ ..i» ¿.- ox··:.t x-+ ti·x-¿: ¿.xtt
x,,:-+x¿:t. r·:.:: i:tt:+ xt.+: ».t »x.o:·+ x-+ tix·i:+ ox:t.-¿ .,.
1»xi .xt .»:- |s ·:+ o:x=t .x-::+ i»·:.¿» i»: t=:t: x-+ ::-i:·:+
i»:=t:..:t :- r·:.::'t :»:ti.
future, a paleortolo,ist woulJ tlirk tlat all life or
Lartl laJ beer wipeJ out arJ replaceJ by ar
irvaJir,, alier ecosystem, so total arJ Jramatic was
tle clar,e. lisl resteJ ir trees, plarts lurteJ Jowr
prey ir packs, arJ creatures walkeJ tle Lartl ir
Jefiarce of ary arJ all laws of biolo,y. Symbiotic
rarobots spur iror bores to bolster tlose of
calcium, arJ microscopic computer systems ,rew
irsiJe brairs otlerwise too small to lolJ sertierce.
Nature arJ rarotecl were as ore.
Do,s were amor, tle first species to be uplifteJ.
1ley were ¨Mar's best frierJ," after all - wlat
better species to ,rart tle ,ift of irtellect` Yes, tlere
were some issues witl tle fact tlat ar irtelli,ert
Jo, was less likely to automatically accept a lumar
as tle alpla male of tle pack, arJ tlat a Jo, wlo
coulJ oper cars of Jo, fooJ or lis owr, or take
limself out for a walk, was less irclireJ to see a
strar,e arJ alier beir, as somelow essertial to lis
owr survival; tle relatiorslip betweer a mar arJ
a tameJ wolf is rot tle same as tle relatiorslip
betweer a mar arJ a beir, wlo tlirks as well as,
out J|jjerent|y jrom, a mar.
Cereratiors later, some of tlose earliest
tamperir,s lave evolveJ alor, very urique lires,
arJ mar's lack of foretlou,lt las come back to
bite lim.
Arks avera,e 9 to 1O feet tall. lr appeararce,
tley are lumaroiJ Jo,s, remiriscert of some
L,yptiar Jeities. 1lou,l mary breeJs of Jo, were
,rarteJ irtellect ir tle SlaJow Years, tle arks seem
JescerJeJ primarily from Cermar SleplerJs, arJ
quite possibly specifically from military l-9 uplifts,
tlou,l tleir mix of abilities implies si,rificart post-
creatior mutatior as well.
Arks lave a simple romaJic culture, baseJ
arourJ tle pack. A sir,le ark is always tle alpla
male of tle pack; le lolJs tlis positior by ri,lt of
combat, arJ las tle first cloice of fooJ, scaver,eJ
treasure arJ matir, opporturities. Ark females
mairtair tleir owr lierarcly by mears just as
brutal, but less Jirectly plysical.
Arks ,et alor, moJerately well witl otler
irtelli,ert arimals, but Jislike arJ Jespise lumars,
botl pure-strair arJ mutateJ (tlou,l tley late
tle pure-strair lumars more). 1le eatir, of lumar
larJs (removeJ, iJeally, from still-livir, lumars)
is ar importart ritual ir ark culture.
lr tle years prior to tle Camma A,e, life
became moJelir, clay, arJ people playeJ witl it.
Some maJe from it cruJe, misslaper tlir,s, tle
works of clumsy clilJrer. Òtlers were masterful
sculptors, slapir, life irto forms beautiful, strar,e
arJ terrifyir,. Lacl passir, year brou,lt rew tools,
rew teclrolo,ies, arJ, most importartly, rew
aestletics. lreeJ from ary corstrairts of evolutior,
life itself became a meJium of self-expressior.
Creatures irterJeJ to serve, or amuse or make a
political statemert filleJ tle Lartl.
ArJ tler it fell apart.
1le worlJ JieJ witl a tlousarJ screams; a
tlousarJ wlimpers; arJ tle overarclir, cyric
lau,lter of all tlose wlo laJ warreJ, for certuries
or erJ, of immirert apocalypse wlo were firally
prover ri,lt. ArJ across tle ler,tl arJ breaJtl of
tle Lartl, tle livir, proJucts of artistry arJ lubris,
of will arJ of wlim, were turreJ loose irto tle
maelstrom, sliftir, arJ mutatir, still furtler,
castir, tleir Jesi,rers' aspiratiors arJ iJeals asiJe
as tle slattereJ ecosystems of tle worlJ trieJ
Jesperately, maJly, to firJ some sort of balarce.
Wler it was all, or at least mostly, Jore, tle
worlJ was rot as it was. Milliors of years ir tle
1le rame ¨cr|" Jerives from tle roise tlat tley
make wler about to attack. Òtler terms ircluJe
tle simple, but Jescriptive, ¨McnJo¸s" arJ obscure
¨Lo|s" (lrorourceJ you-o|ss).
Ark packs are fourJ ir mary places, but tley
are most commor ir tle Jerse wooJs of tle New
Nortlwest. 1ley live primarily by lurtir, arJ
secorJarily by pilla,e, strikir, at wlatever villa,es
seem like easy tar,ets. 1ravelers witlout leavy
Jeferses are also prime tar,ets. Òr occasior, arks
exileJ from tleir packs for some reasor will firJ
rew lives i r ore of tle more cosmopoli tar
commurities, arJ mary sucl rere,aJes erJ up
joirir, cryptic alliarces - tle larks of tle lit
arJ tle zoopremacists are botl likely to take ark
TeÌekinesis (Ex, Mut, Psi): Arks lave tle
capacity to move objects witl pure mertal erer,y,
ar ability tley use to ,reat effectiveress ir combat.
1ley car use tlis ability 3 + WisJom borus times
per Jay, arJ car maripulate wei,lts of up 5 lbs. +
2 lbs. per poirts of WisJom borus. Lacl irvocatior
of tle ability lasts for 1 mirute. 1ypical ark tricks
are removir, weapors from tle lolsters or scabbarJs
of tleir tar,ets before ar ambusl; approaclir, a
tar,et witl larJs out, ¨weaporless," wlile Jirectir,
a lar,e rock towarJs tle back of tle tar,et's leaJ;
or serJir, ,lops of muJ irto a tar,et's face just prior
to attackir,. Durir, melee, ar ark car use lis
telekiresis to pull asiJe ar opporert's slielJ or
reJirect ler blaJe; if ar ark activates lis power wlile
ir melee, le may cloose, eacl rourJ tle power is
ir effect, to ,air eitler a +2 circumstarce borus
or attack rolls or a +2 circumstarce borus to
Deferse. 1le ark may reassi,r lis borus wlerever
it is lis turr ir tle iritiative cycle.
Weatber ManipuÌation (Ex, Mut, Psi):
1elekiretic abilities terJ to be eitler very broaJ, but
low ir power, or very powerful, but rarrowly focuseJ.
1lis is ar example of tle latter. Ar ark car maripulate
air pressure arJ temperature so as to alter local weatler
patterrs corsiJerably. 1lis car be attempteJ orly
orce a Jay, arJ tle DC of tle WisJom cleck is baseJ
or low Jifferert from existir, corJitiors tle JesireJ
weatler is. 1urrir, a li,lt rair irto a leavy rair is
DC 12. Creatir, rair or a surry Jay, but ir a moist
climate, is DC 15. laisir, a tlurJerstorm ir a Jesert
is DC 25 or more. 1lis ability is most ofter useJ by
tle pack to create ,ooJ corJitiors for a raiJ.
Life Leecb (Ex, Mut, Psi): 1lis potert ability
las to be useJ witl cautior, especially ,iver tle
arks' propersity for attackir, ir packs. Wler useJ,
all beir,s witlir a 5-foot raJius + 5 feet for eacl
poirt of Clarisma borus take 1J6 poirts of Jama,e.
1le ark ,airs a rumber of temporary lit poirts
equal to tle Jama,e Jore by tle power. 1lis ability
may be useJ orce every 1J+ rourJs. lt affects c||
creatures ir rar,e except tle ark wlo irvokeJ tle
power, witl tle sole exceptior of corstructs. 1lis
ircluJes all of tle ark's allies. A pitcleJ battle
irvolvir, mary arks car result ir a situatior wlere
life erer,y (expresseJ as lit poirts) is beir, slurteJ
rapiJly from ark to ark as eacl uses tlis power ir
turr; of course, tle ror-arks ir tle corflict will be
,ettir, tle worst of it.
Ac|. Ac|. Ac|. Ac|. Ac|. CR 4; |acqe mataat |amaae|d 7 |t.; h0 4d8-8; |µ
24; Has lb; la|t -0; Sµd 40 |t.; 0e|ease l2, teac| 7, ||at-
|eeted l2 (-3 stadded |eat|ec acmec, -l s|ze); ßAß -4; 6caµ
-l2; At| -1 me|ee (e|te ld6-6 ec ey weaµea); |a|| At|. -1
me|ee (e|te ld6-6 ec ey weaµea); |S l0 |t. ey l0 |t.; Reac|
l0 |t.; SÇ te|e||aes|s, weat|ec maa|µa|at|ea, |||e |eec|; A|
µac|; S\ |ect -3, Re|-4, w|||-6; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l7,
0ex ll, Cea lb, lat ll, w|s l4, C|a l2.
SkiÌÌs: Survival +8, Spot +2, Searcl+6, Lister +1O,
Lalarce +2, lrtimiJate +6, Swim+5.
Feats: 1rack.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
Arr are mar-sizeJ Jra,orflies, most commorly
fourJ ir Jeep swamps. 1le silt swamps of tle soutl
are rife witl tle creatures, as are some rortlerr
mires. Areas of tle slattereJ coast wlere tle waters
are still arJ sta,rart also lave arr populatiors.
Arrs are carri vores, but are rot overly
a,,ressive; tley ,ererally Jo rot attack lumar-sizeJ
creatures, but live off rourJtoaJs, flappersrakes, arJ
Jorlaks. lf especially lur,ry, or provokeJ somelow,
tley will attack.
Arr lay tleir e,,s bereatl tle roots of swamp-
Jwellir, trees. 1le fry are aquatic urtil tleir first moltir,.
lf captureJ your,, arrs car be traireJ as riJir,
beasts by Small or 1iry creatures. 1le creatures
carrot breeJ ir captivity, so re,ular raiJs to capture
rewly-molteJ arr fry are commorplace (tle fry will
rot molt ir captivity, eitler). Domesticatir, a fry
witlir 1 week of moltir, is Jore rormally; eacl
week tlat passes causes a cumulative -2 ratural
moJifier or tle roll.
Wlile tle fry are ireJible arJ foul-tastir, to most
lumaroiJs, tley make excellert bait. Arr-fry, or
¨spi,,les," car be fourJ for sale ir most commurities
borJerir, or arr-irfesteJ swamps. 1lere is ofter
tersior betweer tlose commurities wlicl larvest
spi,,les arJ tlose commurities wlicl seek arr to riJe,
as, obviously, tle former Jrive Jowr tle supply for tle
latter. DeperJir, or tle commurities irvolveJ, tlis
tersior car be resolveJ tlrou,l treaty or oper war.
lmmurities: Arr are immure to massive
Jama,e arJ mirJ-affectir, effects.
Aca. Aca. Aca. Aca. Aca. CR 2; Hed|am vecm|a; h0 3d8; |µ l4; Has l4; la|t -0;
Sµd l0 |t., ||y 60 |t. (µeec); 0e|ease l8, teac| l0, ||at-
|eeted l8 (-8 aataca|); ßAß -2; 6caµ -3; At| -2 me|ee
(e|teld8); |a|| At| -2 me|ee (e|te ld8); |S b |t. ey b |t.;
Reac| b |t.; SÇ dac|v|s|ea 60 |t., |mmaa|ty te m|ad-
a||ect|aq e||ects, |mmaa|ty te mass|ve damaqe; A| |eae
ec R|dec; S\ |ect -3, Re| -l,w||| -3; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc ll,
0ex ll, Cea ll, lat 2, w|s l4, C|a ll.
SkiÌÌs: Lister+7, Spot +7.
AJvancement: (+-6 HD) Lar,e.
lazor claws. Slarp serses. A mirJ as keer as
ary mar's. A baJ attituJe.
ArJ tley car smell your fear.
LaJJers are lumaroiJ baJ,ers, apparertly
arotler proJuct of tle uplift sequerce. 1ley are
commor tlrou,lout tle Camma WorlJ, but prefer
temperate climes, usually settlir, ir lilly areas witl
easy access to fresl water. 1ley are burrowers by
rature, arJ tleir Jwellir,s are urJer,rourJ
complexes, usually lolJir, a few lurJreJ baJJers.
Lrtrarces to tle Jwellir,s are few arJ well-,uarJeJ,
but tle level of irJustry most baJJers exlibit mears
tlat tleir settlemerts are rot ,ererally liJJer.
lrJeeJ, warrir, si,rs, usually ir tle form of Jecayir,
corpses or still-livir, beir,s Jyir, slowly arJ
,ruesomely, mark tleir territory plairly.
LaJJer claws are exceptiorally larJ arJ stror,,
tle substarce of tlem lavir, beer reJesi,reJ at
some poirt early ir tleir evolutior. 1lis makes
tlem exceptiorally letlal ir melee combat. Most
baJJers, lowever, will carry weapors (usually
lor,sworJs arJ slortbows) arJ wear armor (ofter
rakoxer liJe au,merteJ witl metal stuJs).
LaJJers are or,arizeJ alor, feuJal lires, witl
a ¨Laror" or ¨Duke" rurrir, eacl local commurity;
tle leaJer of eacl local commurity swears fealty to
a ¨lir," wlo cortrols tle lar,est commurity ir tle
area. LaJJer kir,Joms re,ularly squabble witl eacl
otler; tleir irabili ty to form lar,e soci al
or,arizatiors before tleir owr irrate rastiress tears
tlem apart is a powerful cleck or tleir ,rowtl.
LaJJer commurities are a corstart tlreat to
more peaceful settlemerts. LaJJers car farm arJ
lerJ, but tley prefer to raiJ; if tlere's aryore weaker
tlar tley are rearby, tley will attack. LaJJer
burrows are very larJ to attack witlout some sort of
teclrolo,ical weapors: Lattles ir tle Jark, close
turrels, wler tle JeferJers car serse tle
wlereabouts of eacl irvaJer but tle irvaJers are
stumblir, blirJ tlrou,l a maze, are ofter massacres.
LaJJers are rot stupiJly a,,ressive; tley wor't
attack urless tley're sure tley car wir; arJ tley'll
si,r, arJ ever sometimes keep, treaties witl
sufficiertly powerful forces. 1ley are always alert
for weakress, arJ are larJly above breakir, treaties
tle irstart tley lave a clear-cut aJvarta,e. Òfter,
tley will wait urtil ar ¨ally" las beer attackeJ by a
tlirJ party, tler move ir to take wlatever is left.
LaJJers wlo are rot part of a baJJer
commurity - merclarts, explorers, scouts - car
ofter be seer ir more cosmopolitar towrs. LaJJers
are rot ,ererally attackeJ or si,lt if tley are rot
clearly part of ar attackir, barJ, urless tle area
las urJer,ore cortirual baJJer assault of late.
LaJJers lave evolveJ a complex system of leralJry,
capable of compressir, a ,reat Jeal of irformatior about
commurity, fealty arJ rark irto a small rumber of
Jistirct symbols. Several ror-baJJer races lave be,ur
aJoptir, it. 1le lrowleJ,e (belavioral scierce) cleck
DC to Jecipler ¨baJJer-si,r" is 1O; sucl si,rs are ofter
left by warJerers ir sli,ltly-liJJer places, as a way to
Jescribe tle rearby ervirormert.
Empatby (Ex, Mut, Psi): LaJJers car serse
emotiors - ar,er, fear, latreJ, joy. 1ley car always
Jetect ary or,aric, tlirkir, beir, witlir 1OO feet,
arJ krow its ,ereral emotioral state. Some woulJ
tlirk tlis woulJ lave maJe tlem a race of sersitive,
carir, creatures, but cortirual exposure to tle stew
of ervies arJ resertmerts, petty lates arJ trivial ra,es
wlicl roil witlir all tlirkir, beir,s las maJe tlem
bitter, spiteful arJ vicious. Lecause of tlis empatly, a
baJJer carrot be surpriseJ, except by a corstruct or
otler ertity witl ro or,aric mirJ. LaJJers carrot
serse tle emotiors of wlolly iror,aric soultecl.
LaJJers ,air a +1O racial borus or Serse Motive,
Diplomacy, arJ lrtimiJate clecks Jue to tlis ability.
Tougb CÌaws (Ex, Mut): 1le claws of a baJJer
are impre,rateJ witl larJ metals tlat make tlem
very stror,; tlis causes tlem to Jo more Jama,e
tlar tleir size woulJ irJicate. 1lis las beer
calculateJ irto tle Jama,e fi,ures roteJ below.
ßaddec. ßaddec. ßaddec. ßaddec. ßaddec. CR l; Hed|am |amaae|d; h0 ld8-l; |µ b; Has l6;
la|t -0; Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease l3, teac| l0, ||at-|eeted l3 (-3
stadded |eat|ec); ßAß -l; 6caµ -2; At| -2 me|ee (c|awsld6-l
ec e|te ld4-l); |a|| At| -2 me|ee (ld6-l, c|aws) aad -3 me|ee
(e|te ld4); |S b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ emµat|y, teaq|
c|aws; A| cemmaa|ty; S\ |ect -2, Re| -2,,w||| -3; A| 0;
Reµ -0; Stc l2, 0ex ll, Cea l3, lat ll, w|s l3, C|a ll.
SkiÌÌs: HiJe ++, lrofessior +2, Spot +5, Move
Silertly ++, Serse Motive +1O, Diplomacy+1O,
lrtimiJate+1O, Searcl+5, Swim +5.
Feats: lmproveJ Dama,e 1lreslolJ.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
1le ber lep is a JescerJart of tle lily paJ,
mixeJ witl pieces of DNA from pitcler plarts
arJ \erus lly 1raps, wi tl some aJJi tioral
oJJities of ro krowr ori,ir. 1ley are commor
ir tle Nau Yor, Sar,asso arJ parts of tle silt
swamp, arJ some colories lave beer spotteJ ir
tle westerr arclipela,o.
1le ber lep is rot mobile, but Jrifts, rootless,
alor, tle slallow seas wlere it makes its lome.
Wler prey larJs or it, it closes, Jissolvir, tle prey
witl powerful corrosive aciJs. 1le plart absorbs
its liquefieJ meal arJ reopers to await its rext prey.
Ler leps are a well-krowr lazarJ to swimmers
arJ sailors ir tle areas wlere tley spawr. 1raJir,
vessels ,ive tle ber lep fielJs a wiJe bertl, tlou,l
it ofter lappers tlat irexperierceJ or uraware
crews will be Jrawr ir. lepeateJ exposure to tleir
attractive scert breeJs resistarce: +1 borus or tle
save for eacl time tle plart las beer ercourtereJ.
1le ber lep makes for poor eatir,, tlou,l some
lissers are reputeJ to erjoy tle taste. 1le mair
reasor aryore woulJ ,o to tle ber lep fielJs
Jeliberately is to larvest tle pleromore-proJucir,
petals tlat ,row alor, tle outer eJ,es of tle plart.
1lese are li,lly valuable, as tley car be JistilleJ
irto ar effective perfume wlicl ,ives tle wearer
+2 or all Diplomacy clecks, ++ a,airst irJiviJuals
wlo corsiJer tle wearer a potertial sex partrer.
AciJic Crab (Ex, Mut): Aryore starJir, or a
ber lep is subject to its slam attack as tle two lalves of
tle plart come to,etler. Aryore struck by tle slam
must make ar opposeJ Strer,tl cleck; if tle ber lep
wirs tle cleck, tle victim is krockeJ Jowr arJ is
ercloseJ ir tle ber lep's leaves, wlere le takes 2J6
poirts of aciJ Jama,e eacl rourJ urtil JeaJ. Òrly ore
sucl victim car be lelJ at ary ore time, arJ tle ber
lep carrot attack aryore else wlile Ji,estir, someore.
AÌÌuring Scent (Ex, Mut): 1le ber lep proJuces
ar irtoxicatir, pleromore to Jraw victims to it. 1lis
is tle result of ar oJJ symbiosis witl ar aplroJisiac
symbiotic bacteria Jesi,reJ for commercial use. 1le
scert wafts out cortiruously from tle ber lep, makir,
lar,e colories of tle creatures extraorJirarily
lazarJous. Ary mammal witlir 1OO ft. of a ber lep
must make a Will save a,airst DC 15 or be compelleJ
to walk or swim orto its surface. Multiple ber leps
ircrease tle rar,e of tle scert, so tlat typical
colories will lure victims from as far as 5OO ft. away.
DispÌacement (Ex, Psi): Òrce per Jay, tle ber
lep may sportareously teleport to avoiJ Jar,er. Òrce
tle ber lep las taker Jama,e, at ary time at wlicl it
may rormally take ar actior, it may irsteaJ take a
full actior to teleport itself to ary place witlir 3OO ft.
ßec |eµ. ßec |eµ. ßec |eµ. ßec |eµ. ßec |eµ. CR 3; Hed|am-s|ze µ|aat; h0 2d8-2; |µ ll; Has
-; la|t -0; Sµd -; 0e|ease lb, teac| l0, ||at-|eeted l0
(-b aataca|); ßAß -l; 6caµ -2; At| -2 (s|am ld6 µ|as 2d6
ac|d); |a|| At| -2 (s|am ld6, ac|d|c qcae, ceastc|ct); |S b |t.
ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ ac|d|c qcae, a||ac|aq sceat,
d|sµ|acemeat; A| |eae; S\ |ect -4, Re| -0,w||| -3; A| 0;
Reµ 0; Stc l3, 0ex ll, Cea l3, lat 3, w|s l6, C|a 8.
SkiÌÌs: Nore.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: 3-+ HD (Lar,e)
Lrutorz are amor, tle most prizeJ mourts
available ir tle Camma WorlJ, but tley are also
amor, tle larJest to acquire. lr form, tley are very
similar to pre-Camma A,e lorses, tlou,l tley are
lar,er tlar all krowr 21st certury breeJs. 1ley
are built lave a stocky builJ, arJ tleir muscles roil
like stores bereatl tleir smootl, arJ very tou,l,
wlite liJe. 1leir mares are slort arJ bristly, arJ
tleir looves are virtually impervious to wear. Òrly
a suiciJal maJmar woulJ attempt to sloe a brutorz.
1le ,reatest Jiffererce betweer a brutorz arJ
its arcestral species, tlou,l, is tle eyes. Wler you
look irto tlem, sometlir, looks back. Lrutorz are
rot Jumb beasts. Nor are tley clever beasts. 1ley
are sertiert beir,s - as irtelli,ert, or avera,e, as
lumars are. 1ley Jo rot speak, otler tlar to make
traJiti oral equire roises, but tley car
commuricate telepatlically (see below). 1ley also
possess otler, strar,er abilities.
1le ori,ir of tle brutorz car be traceJ to two
sources. 1le plysical mutatiors - tle ,reater size,
strer,tl arJ stamira - are Jeliberate, tle result
of ar attempt to wirJ back evolutior. 1le source
of tle mertal abilities arJ tle irtelli,erce,
lowever, is a matter of some Jispute. 1elepatly-
irJucir, retroviruses were commor erou,l Jurir,
tle liral Wars, arJ mirJ-erlarcir, treatmerts
were omripresert before tler (tlis is ore of tle
mair reasors tlere are so mary species ir tle
Camma A,e witl lumar or rear-lumar
irtellects). However, it is also possible tlat tle
brutorz is ar ertirely purposeful creatior. Lrou,l
people likeJ tle iJea of irtelli,ert, telepatlic lorses
tlat it's certairly possible tlat someore witl a lorse
rarcl arJ a lome splicir, kit JeciJeJ to try to make
ore - arJ succeeJeJ.
Lrutorz are lerbivorous, arJ wlile tleir
massive frames require a ,ooJ Jeal of fooJ, tley Jo
rot lave tle certisteeJ's letlally fast metabolism.
Noretleless, tley prefer to roam ir places wlere
fooJ is plertiful arJ preJators are few. Sucl places
are rare, so mary brutorz firJ tlat tleir best cloice
ir life is to partrer witl otler sertierts, traJir,
tleir strer,tl arJ speeJ for tleir partrers' larJs
arJ weapors. Wlile tlis is more of a busiress Jeal
or a partrerslip tlar a master/beast relatiorslip,
mary brutorz firJ it Je,raJir, or irsultir,. A lar,e
mirority, tlou,l, revel ir it, as sucl a partrerslip
allows tlem to see tle worlJ, to survive mary
Jar,ers wlicl woulJ kill ar urassisteJ member of
tleir species, arJ to lave a life beyorJ ¨Lat ,rair,
keep a watcl for ja,ets, eat some more."
Lrutorz are ofter fourJ as members of tle
larks of tle lit. 1le pro-arimal slart of tlis cryptic
alliarce mears tlat tle brutorz, rot tle riJer, is
always ackrowleJ,eJ as tle Jomirart partrer
(urless tle riJer is limself a mutart beast). 1ley
are also, irorically, ofter seer witl members of tle
lri,lts of Ceretic lurity, wlo prefer tle ¨sli,ltly
tairteJ" brutorz to sucl ¨abomiratiors" as tle
certi steeJ arJ lopper, arJ wi ll ofter off er
extremely ,ooJ terms to tle powerful creatures.
TeÌepatbic Communication (Ex, Psi): Lrutorz
Jo rot speak - tley wlirry arJ rei,l, but tleir
tlroats carrot form tle sourJs of ary lumar
lar,ua,e. 1ley car, lowever, speak telepatlically,
witl a rar,e of 1OO ft. + 5O ft. per poirt of WisJom
borus. 1lis speecl is very similar to rormal speecl,
arJ occurs at tle same speeJ. A brutorz may cloose
to ¨broaJcast," makir, lis telepatlic worJs auJible
to aryore ir rar,e (ircluJir, eremies), or le may
rarrowcast, serJir, lis messa,e to a sir,le mirJ.
1lere is ro miJJle ,rourJ; le carrot serJ it to a
,roup of selecteJ mirJs, tlou,l le car, of course,
serJ tle same messa,e to multiple irJiviJual mirJs
ir turr. SerJir, a messa,e sloulJ be corsiJereJ
speecl for all ,ame purposes, ircluJir, tle time
requireJ arJ tle possibility of Jistractior. Creatures
witlout or,aric mirJs, sucl as most corstructs,
carrot receive telepatlic speecl.
Precognition (Ex, Psi): A rare, potert arJ
useful ability. 1le brutorz car ,limpse tle future
arJ take actior to avoiJ it. lr combat, orce tley
are aware of tleir foe, tley car forsee ler rext move
arJ attempt to courter it; tlis ,rarts tlem a +3
Jiviratior borus to Deferse. 1lis las alreaJy beer
calculateJ below. Òut of combat, orce per Jay, tle
brutorz may attempt to foresee tle corsequerces
of a specific actior about to be urJertaker. lf le
succeeJs at a WisJom cleck a,airst DC 15, tle
brutorz sees a brief visior of tle corsequerces of
lis closer actior, as lor, as le attempts it witlir
5 mirutes of usir, tlis power.
 - orutor, cnJ c r|Jer cµµrocc| c or|J¸e. T|e
orutor, cons|Jers ¸c||oµ|n¸ ccross t|e or|J¸e, out uses
t||s µower. He succeeJs ct c \|sJom c|ec|, cnJ sees
t|e or|J¸e co||cµs|n¸ unJer ||s we|¸|t. He conveys t||s to
||s r|Jer, cnJ t|ey see| cnot|er route. íj t|e orutor, |cJ
oeen t||n||n¸ oj cross|n¸ t|e or|J¸e tomorrow, t|e µower
wou|J not |cve wor|eJ, |t ccn on|y joresee t|e
conse¡uences oj cct|ons w||c| cre coout to occur.
ßcatecz. ßcatecz. ßcatecz. ßcatecz. ßcatecz. CR 4; |acqe mataat eeast; h0 4dl0-l6; |µ 38;
Has l7; la|t -b (-l 0ex, -4 |mµceved |a|t|at|ve); Sµd b0 |t.;
0e|ease l6, teac| l3, ||at-|eeted l2 (-l s|ze, -3 aataca|, -3
µceceq, -l 0ex); ßAß -4; 6caµ -l4; At| -7 (|ee| ec s|am
ld4-7); |a|| At| -7/-4/-4 (s|am ld4-7 aad 2 |eeves
ld4-4); |S l0 |t. ey l0 |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ µceceqa|t|ea,
te|eµat|y; A| eae ec c|dec; S\ |ect -8, Re|-b, w||| -3; A|
0; Reµ -0; Stc 23, 0ex l3, Cea l7, lat ll, w|s l4, C|a l2.
SkiÌÌs: Lister +1O, Serse Motive +5, Spot +6,
Jump +15, Lalarce +2.
Feats: lmproveJ lritiative.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
1le creatior of tle certisteeJ is lost ir time;
wletler it was a Jeliberate attempt to breeJ a super-
fast racelorse or tle proJuct of a limb-re,rowtl
retrovirus ,ore lorribly wror, is urkrowr. 1le
blerJir, of irsect DNA irto tle mix almost certairly
came after tle Cataclysm, but tle breeJ las sirce
stabilizeJ as mucl as ary otler species las, arJ car
be fourJ primarily ir wilJ lerJs ir tle Jerse ,rair
forests of tle former Americar MiJwest.
A certisteeJ resembles a lorse witl far too
mary limbs - at least twelve le,s total, tlou,l a
rare few lave as mary as ei,lteer. 1leir eyes are
rot tle eyes of mammals, but are lar,e, faceteJ
lemispleres akir to tle eyes of flies ma,rifieJ a
tlousarJ-folJ; arJ Jelicate, motl-like arterrae
sprout from tle siJes of tleir leaJs, wlere ears
woulJ be or a lorse. 1le certisteeJ is lerbivorous,
witl peculiar metabolic requiremerts: lt spits
liquefyir, erzymes orto starJs of fresl ,rairs arJ
,rasses, arJ uses its lor, tube-like tor,ue to slurp
up tle resultir, ,oo. 1lis activity occupies almost
all of its time.
A small rumber of local commurities lave
taker to tryir, to breeJ Jocile certisteeJs, but tle
task is Jifficult Jue to tle beast's appetites. Lsually,
a commurity will lave orly ore or two sucl
arimals, arJ will use tlem as mourts for elite
messer,ers ratler tlar as military or simple riJir,
beasts. CertisteeJ retworks car keep Jistart
commurities ir fairly rapiJ commuricatior, arJ tle
CertiriJers lave become folk leroes ir tle areas
wlere tley are commorplace.
1le Jeatl of a tameJ certisteeJ car be a
tra,eJy to commurities wlo rely or tlem for
commuricatior; lCs may be sert to capture a your,
beast, alive arJ urlarmeJ, ir orJer to brir, it back
to tle commurity. Òrly very your, (less tlar four-
mortl-olJ) certisteeJs are Jocile erou,l to trair
to bear a riJer. Alterratively, a lC may wart sucl
a mourt for lerself; tlis irvolves corsiJerable effort,
as tle creature must be captureJ, traireJ arJ tler,
most importartly, kept feJ.
IncreaseJ MetaboÌism (Ex, Mu, Def): 1le
certisteeJ reeJs to eat corstartly. lt is forever
lur,ry, arJ corsumes about four times tle fooJ tlat
a lorse of its size woulJ reeJ to survive. Arytlir,
wlicl impacts tle fooJ supply - a Jrou,lt, a pla,ue,
sertiert beir,s over-larvestir, or clearir, tle ,rair
forests - will result ir certisteeJ lerJs eitler
mi,ratir, ir Jesperate searcl for more fooJ, or simply
Jyir, of starvatior. CertisteeJs suffer a -+ racial
peralty or all Corstitutior clecks a,airst tle
larmful effects of starvatior.
Force FieÌJ Ceneration (Ex, Psi): Wler
tlreatereJ, tle certisteeJ car surrourJ itself witl
a powerful erer,y fielJ wlicl car Jeflect most
plysical attacks, arJ Jisperse or weaker erer,y
attacks. 1le force fielJ car be kept up for a
maximum of 1O mirutes per Jay, arJ proviJes Dl
1O/ - arJ erer,y resistarce 1O to all forms of erer,y
attack (fire, colJ, soric, etc) wlile it is active.
EnJurance: CertisteeJs are ,ooJ Jistarce
rurrers; tley ,air tle berefits of tle LrJurarce feat.
Ceat|steed. Ceat|steed. Ceat|steed. Ceat|steed. Ceat|steed. CR 3; |acqe mataat eeast; h0 3dl0-lb; |µ 3l; Has
2l; la|t -2 (-2 0ex); Sµd 70 |t.; 0e|ease lb, teac| ll, ||at-
|eeted l3 (-l s|ze, -2 0ex, -4 aataca|); ßAß -3; 6caµ -l0; At|
-b (|ee| ld4-4); |a|| At| -b (4 |eeves ld4-4); |S l0 |t. ey l0
|t., Reac| b |t.; SÇ |ecce ||e|d, lacceased Hetaee||sm,
|adacaace; A| |eae ec R|dec; Saves |ect -8, Re|-b,w|||-3;
A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l6, 0ex l4, Cea 2l, lat 2, w|s l4, C|a l0.
SkiÌÌs: Lister+1O, Spot+5.
AJvancement: +-5 HD (Lar,e).
Òre of tle earliest ror-meJical commercial
uses of ,eretically er,ireereJ or,arisms was ir tle
removal of oil spills. Lr,ireereJ bacteria were
JumpeJ irto ocear-borre oil slicks, wlere tley ate
tle oil arJ tler JieJ. 1le rext certury saw
cortirual refiremerts of tlis process, as it was ofter
easier to Jesi,r sometlir, to eat acciJertal resiJue
tlar it was to take tle steps reeJeJ to reJuce tle
risk of spilla,e or cortamiratior. 1le process
evertually became automateJ; ,iver a sample of
arytlir, to be cleareJ, a factory coulJ proJuce ar
or,arism wlicl woulJ rot orly Jevour it, but wlicl
woulJ excrete tle remairs as sometlir, irert arJ
larmless. LarJfills varisleJ, as JiJ toxic waste
Jumps arJ raJioactive repositories.
As witl so mucl else Jurir, tle SlaJow Years,
sometlir, wert wror,. Storelouses lolJir,
clearsir, a,erts were attackeJ ir tle war, as was
arytlir, tlat stooJ still lor, erou,l to be acquireJ
by a tar,etir, system. DumpeJ irto tle muta,er stew
wlicl was tle worlJ Jurir, tle liral Wars, mary of
tlese clearsir, a,erts fourJ tlemselves rewritter.
Most JieJ from tle lack of tle exotic substarces tley
were Jesi,reJ to eat. Òtlers JiJ rot.
Clearsir, slimes roam tle worlJ ir searcl of
fooJ. Most car survive for lor, perioJs of time
witlout tleir preferreJ Jiet, ofter by a form of
plotosyrtlesis. Wler tley Jo Jetect tleir JesireJ
meal, tley attack mirJlessly.
Clearsir, slimes come ir courtless varieties. Some
eat iror, otlers rubber, otlers blooJ. All slare tle same
basic form - a lar,e, flat, puJJle of ,listerir, liquiJ,
slimmerir, witl ar oJJ irrer li,lt. lr combat, tley
form Jerse pseuJopoJs wlicl tley strike witl; tley
are capable of exterJir, tlese pseuJopoJs a
corsiJerable Jistarce, lerce tleir urusually li,l reacl.
DissoÌution (Ex, Mut): Wlerever clearsir,
slimes cortact tleir preferreJ fooJ, tley emit
precisely Jesi,reJ clemicals arJ rarosymbiotes to
be,ir breakir, it Jowr. A,airst ror-livir, items,
tlese clemicals Jo 2J6 poirts of Jama,e per rourJ,
i,rorir, larJress. A,airst livir, beir,s, tle
Jama,e is orly 1J6 per rourJ, but ary Jama,e
reJuctior is likewise i,roreJ.
Sense Target (Ex, Mut): Clearsir, slimes are
Jesi,reJ to seek out arJ Jevour a particular substarce.
1ley car serse tle preserce of tlis substarce ir
arytlir, above trace amourts at a Jistarce of up to
1/2 a mile. 1ley will always move towarJs tle lar,est
corcertratior of tle substarce tley car serse, but
tley lave erou,l irstirct to krow wler a tar,et is
movir, too fast to catcl. 1ley also will rot be stymieJ
too lor, by barriers or ,aps; if tley carrot firJ ar
approaclable patl to tleir tar,et, tley will seek out
tle rext tar,et wlicl preserts itself. A Craft
(plarmaceutical) cleck (DC 25) car be maJe to Jistill
a serum cortairir, aJvarceJ clemo-receptors from
tle corpse of a clearsir, slime; if tlis serum is
corsumeJ, tle Jrirker will ,air tle same serse for a
perioJ of 1 lour. 1le serum must be extracteJ wler
tle slime las beer JeaJ for ar lour or less, but it will
keep irJefiritely orce proJuceJ.
Immunities (Ex): As oozes, clearsir, slime are
immure to mirJ-affectir, effects, poisor, sleep,
paralysis, sturrir,, ,aze attacks, visual effects arJ
illusiors. 1ley are rot subject to critical lits,
flarkir, or massive Jama,e.
C|eaas|aq S||me. C|eaas|aq S||me. C|eaas|aq S||me. C|eaas|aq S||me. C|eaas|aq S||me. CR b; |acqe eeze; h0 4dl0-21; |µ 47;
Has -; la|t -l (-l 0ex); Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease 8, teac| 8,
||at-|eeted 8 (-l 0ex, -l s|ze); ßAß -3; 6caµ -l2; At| -1
me|ee (s|am ld8-1); |a|| At| -1 me|ee (s|am ld8-1); |S l0
|t. ey l0 |t., Reac| lb |t.; SÇ d|sse|at|ea, sease tacqet; A|
aeae; S\ |ect -4, Re| -0, w|||-l; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc 20,
0ex 7, Cea l1, lat -, w|s l0, C|a 6.
SkiÌÌs: Nore.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: 5-7 HD (Lar,e), 8-1O (Hu,e).
laslers live alor, botl tle westerr arJ easterr
coasts, ir waters rar,ir, from rear-tropical to rear-
arctic. Moreso tlar mary otler lumaroiJ arimals,
tley bear tle si,rs of tleir piscire arcestry, possibly
because tlere's orly so mucl ever tle most aJvarceJ
muta,eric teclrolo,y car Jo wler tryir, to leapfro,
tlree-quarters of a billior years of evolutior.
Noretleless, tle fasler are a successful species, arJ
lave more-or-less totally claimeJ tleir ricle from
all but tle most teracious competitors. 1ley lave
Jore tlis, ir part, because tley are perlaps tle orly
species wlicl car survive reasorably well or tle
larJ, ir tle sea arJ ir tle air.
lr tleir base form, fasler resemble lumaroiJ
fisl. 1leir le,s are tlick arJ stubby, erJir, ir broaJ
flippers, arJ tley lave a stror,, tlick tail tlat tley
use as tleir primary ratural weapor. 1leir larJs
are webbeJ, arJ tleir fir,ers clumsy arJ slort,
,ivir, tlem a -2 racial moJifier or ary work wlicl
requires fire fir,er cortrol.
lasler commurities are teclrolo,i cally
primitive, altlou,l tleir aquatic rature allows tlem
to raiJ cacles of lost teclrolo,y wlicl are almost
ertirely out of tle reacl of otler species. Òr tleir
owr, tley marufacture armor from treateJ fisl-
liJes, arJ weapors out of coral arJ slell. 1leir
villa,es are usually baseJ arourJ surker Arciert
commurities, if available, or ir partially air-filleJ,
partially water-filleJ luts arJ Jomes, mucl akir to
beaver Jwellir,s, if rot.
Ampbibious (Ex, Mut): lasler car exist out
of water for prolor,eJ perioJs, up to 2+ lours. After
tlat, tley be,ir to lose 1 poirt of Corstitutior per
lour, arJ will Jie wler tleir Corstitutior reacles
O. lt takes at least 1 lour of immersior ir water to
re,air eacl poirt of lost Corstitutior, arJ + lours
ir water to reset tle timer. lasler car survive ir
eitler fresl or salt water. 1ley also receive a +8
racial borus or Swim clecks; tlis las alreaJy beer
aJJeJ ir below.
Sbapecbange (Ex, Mut): 1le fasler car
completely trarsform its boJy, becomir, a birJlike
creature of tle same ,ereral mass. 1le birJ form
uses all tle stats of tle fasler, except tlat it ,airs
a fly of 6O ft. (clumsy) ir tle air, arJ loses tle tail-
slap slam attack. 1le birJ form of tle fasler las
ro ratural weapors to speak of. lt is tlis form tlat
las alloweJ tle fasler to settle ir mary otlerwise
isolateJ arJ urreaclable areas.
|as|ea. |as|ea. |as|ea. |as|ea. |as|ea. CR l; Hed|am mataat; h0 ld8-l; |µ 6; Has l2; la|t
-l (0ex -l); Sµd 30 |t., sw|m 4b |t., ||y 60 |t. (c|amsy);
0e|ease l3, teac| ll, ||at-|eeted l2 (-2 ||s|s||a acmec, -l 0ex);
ßAß -l; 6caµ -l; At| -l me|ee (s|am ld6); |a|| At| -l me|ee
(s|am ld6); |S b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ s|aµec|aaqe,
amµ||e|eas; A| tc|ee; S\ |ect -l, Re| -3, w||| -2; A| 0; Reµ
-0; Stc ll, 0ex l3, Cea l2, lat ll, w|s ll, C|a 8.
SkiÌÌ s: Survival +6, Move Si lertly +6,
Swim+12, Lister ++, Spot+2.
Feats: LrJurarce.
AJvancement: 2-+ HD (MeJium).
ßunn|es cren`t ¡ust cute |||e everyooJy suµµoses, T|ey
¸ot t|em |oµµy |e¸s cnJ tw|tc|y ||tt|e noses.
- fra,mert of Camma A,e teaclir, sor,
Hoops are furry - tle first time tley are
ercourtereJ. No ore is lau,lir, tle secorJ time,
if tley survive tle first.
A loop is a mar-sizeJ, arJ rou,lly mar-
slapeJ, rabbit. 1ley lave lor,, floppy ears, soft
wlite fur arJ twitcly wliskers. 1leir larJs lave
four fir,ers arJ a fully opposable tlumb, arJ tleir
le,s are aJapteJ to bipeJal locomotior, altlou,l
corfi,ureJ very Jifferertly from a mar's le,s.
Hoops are carrivorous. 1leir moutls are lireJ
witl rerJir, teetl, arJ tleir fur is ofter matteJ
witl tle JrieJ blooJ of a recert kill - tley JisJair
cookeJ fooJ, tlou,l tley car Ji,est it, arJ loop
warbarJs or lor, marcles will usually carry JrieJ
meats as ratiors for wler tle lurt ,oes sour.
Hoops are a post-liral Wars pleromeror; ro
recorJ of tleir existerce as a Jeliberate uplift car
be fourJ. 1ley appeareJ fairly early ir tle Camma
A,e, lowever, arJ spreaJ rapiJly. Wlile rot
irJiviJually exceptiorally tou,l, tley are clever,
work to,etler well, arJ breeJ rapiJly. 1le plrase
¨breeJ like loops" las ertereJ tle slar, of mary
Camma A,e societies.
1ley are rot especially lostile, but reitler are
tley particularly peaceful. Some loops live ir
permarert settlemerts wlere meat beasts are raiseJ
for tle slau,lter, but most are romaJic. 1le romaJ
barJs terJ to simply lurt, but tley are rot above
a raiJ if it seems victory is likely. Hoops Jo rot seek
out irtelli,ert beir,s to eat, but tley will rot refrair
from it. lar too mucl life ir tle Camma A,e tlirks
for ary meat-eater to be too squeamisl about wlat
le corsumes.
Hoops are scattereJ wiJely across tle Camma
WorlJ. 1ley roam tle ,rair forests arJ tle silt
swamp, arJ tley lave settleJ as far rortl as ,low-
sky arJ as far soutl as tle walkir, jur,le. 1le most
aJvarceJ loop cultures lave mastereJ
metalworkir, arJ lerJir,; tle least are barely more
tlar sava,es. Hoops reeJ room to ,row, so ever
iritially peaceful relatiors car become straireJ as
a ¨small" loop commurity exparJs, irexorably,
year after year. SettleJ loops reeJ ,razir, larJs
for tleir lerJs, arJ tlis ofter comes at tle experse
of a,ricultural commurities.
Ar oJJ quirk ir loop psyclolo,y las ,iver
tlem a stror,, tlou,l rot extreme, teclroplilia.
Hoops collect mary relics of tle SlaJow Years, arJ
ofter krow low to use tlem. 1lis car make loop
commurities a valuable resource for aiJ ir
Jeciplerir, ar artifact. Hoops rarely slow irterest
ir restorir, arciert builJir,s, lowever; tley like
artifacts arJ relics tlat are of persoral use to tle
wielJer, witl tleir commurities relyir, orly or
wlat car be built witl presert teclrolo,y.
MetaÌ Conversion (Ex, Mut): 1lis power is
urique to tle loops, tle result of a symbiotic metal-
Jestroyir, rarobot wlicl las Jwelt witlir tle
loop species sirce its evolutior. Òrce per Jay, a
loop car urleasl tle rarites irto ary metal item
it is touclir,. 1le swarm tears irto tle substarce,
weakerir, it irto a soft, blackisl ooze tlat car be
twisteJ, bert or JeformeJ easily. 1le substarce
resembles rubber, so tle le,erJ tlat loops car ¨turr
iror to rubber" is wiJespreaJ. Ary item composeJ
primarily of metals, ircluJir, corstructs, will take
6J6 poirts of Jama,e from a loop's toucl. HarJress
Joes rot protect from tlis Jama,e. 1le total area a
loop car affect is about 1 cubic foot; tlis will
Jestroy ary larJlelJ weapor arJ car tear a mar-
sizeJ lole ir a metal Joor ar ircl tlick.
Leaping (Ex): Hoop le,s are Jesi,reJ to propel
tleir boJies forwarJ ir powerful lops. Hoops ,air
a +1O racial borus or all Jump clecks, arJ tleir
maximum jump lei,lt is rot limiteJ by tleir size.
heeµ. heeµ. heeµ. heeµ. heeµ. CR 2; Hed|am mataat |amaae|d; h0 ld8-l; |µ b;
Has l2; la|t -2 (-2 0ex); Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease l4, teac| l2,
||at-|eeted l2 (-2 |eat|ec acmec,-2 0ex); ßAß -l; 6caµ -l;
At| -l (e|te ld4 ec |eaqswecd ld8); |a|| At| -l (e|te ld4 ec
|eaqswecd ld8); |S b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ meta|
ceavecs|ea, |eaµ|aq; A| eaad; S\ |ect -l, Re|-4, w|||-b;
A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc ll, 0ex l4, Cea l2, lat ll, w|s l6, C|a l4.
SkiÌÌs: Jump+13, Spot +6, Lister +6, Survival
+7, Searcl+5, lrtimiJate+6.
Feats: lur.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
¨As Jumb as a lopper." ¨All tle brairs of a
lopper." ¨A lopper woulJ be smarter tlar you'"
1lese plrases arJ otlers of a similar rature are
commor ir commuri ties wlere tle ,iart
jackrabbits krowr as loppers are useJ as riJir, or
fooJ beasts. lr a worlJ wlere mary arimals ,aireJ
lumar irtelli,erce overri,lt, wlere mar slares
lis worlJ witl rabbits arJ squiJ arJ fisl arJ ever
trees tlat tlirk, it is, perlaps, some comfort to krow
tlat tlere remairs at least ore arimal tlat is ¨Jumb
as a box of rocks."
A lopper is a mutart jackrabbit rou,lly tle size
of a lorse. lt is very likely tle result of pre-Camma
A,e tirkerir,, as it seems like tle sort of creature
someore witl too mucl power arJ too little serse
woulJ tlirk was a ¨a really ,ooJ iJea." Some features
seem to lave come later, tle result of muta,eric
retrovirii ,ore wilJ: tle slarp, curvir, lorrs, for
example, arJ tle color-clar,ir, fur tlat is probably
tle orly reasor wilJ loppers survive at all.
Hoppers remair lerbivorous; tley roam
,rasslarJs arJ wooJeJ lills, sperJir, most of tleir
Jays eatir,, matir, arJ sleepir,. Wler tlreatereJ,
tle female arJ your, loppers bourJ off, as Jo most
of tle males, leavir, a small rumber of your,er
males belirJ to JeferJ tle pack - or to act, ir
effect, as sacrifices, Jistractir, tle preJators wlile
tle rest escape. Hoppers tlat survive tlis task lave
a mucl better clarce of attractir, a mate.
Hoppers are, as roteJ above, mirJ-rumbir,ly
Jumb for mammals. 1ley will blurJer irto almost
ary trap, tley will stampeJe off cliffs, arJ tley car
be traireJ to obey ever tle simplest commarJs orly
by Jirt of excessive beatir,. (All HarJle Arimal
clecks suffer a -+ circumstarce peralty Jue to tlis.)
Noretleless, tleir utility as riJir, beasts arJ tleir
tastiress as meat beasts make tle effort wortlwlile
for some commurities.
Hoppers Jo rot walk - tley lop. Òrly a
crippleJ or very tireJ lopper will walk ir a rormal
faslior. Almost all otler times, tley jump from
place to place, tleir powerful lirJ le,s propellir,
tlem ir lor,, low jumps. Hoppers lave a +1O racial
borus or Jump clecks, arJ i,rore all size
limitatiors or jumps. 1ley may make lor, jumps
from a starJir, start witl ro peralty. 1lis allows
loppers to traverse ,or,es or leap over walls wlicl
woulJ stymie mary otler riJir, beasts.
liJir, a lopper is Jifficult. So Jifficult, ir fact,
tlat all liJe clecks are maJe witl a -+ peralty,
arJ tle orly actior a riJer car take wlile riJir, is
to lolJ or - sle carrot attack wlile tle lopper
is movir,, for example. 1le feat roteJ below allows
a claracter to overcome tlese peralties.
Despite tleir low irtelli,erce, loppers lave a
wiJe rar,e of uses. Mary commurities lerJ tlem for
fooJ, usir, tetlers, ratler tlar ferces, to keep tlem
ir place. (LuilJir, a ferce tall erou,l to keep loppers
perreJ is Jifficult.) Òtlers keep tlem as riJir, beasts,
especially barJits, wlo firJ tleir ability to leap moats
or walls allows tlem to quickly erter a towr.
Hopper fur will retair its currert patterr upor
Jeatl. Hoppers are sometimes poseJ ir frort of
complex patterrs or works or art (eitler rewly-maJe
or relics of tle Arcierts), arJ killeJ wler tleir fur
picks up a semblarce of tle patterr. Art is
sometimes createJ witl tle sole irtert of imprirtir,
it or lopper fur.
Hoops, Jespite tleir carrivorous labits, will rot
eat loppers. 1ley view it as sli,ltly Jis,ustir,, akir
to a lumar eatir, a ,orilla. Hoops also rever riJe
loppers; irJeeJ, tley seem to firJ tle existerce of
tle lopper species to be sometlir, of ar
You lave mastereJ tle Jifficult art of
stayir, or a lopper.
Prerequisites: + or more rarks ir liJe arJ
Benefit: You suffer ro peralty or liJe
clecks wlile or a lopper, arJ may use ary
otler riJir, feats, or otlerwise act rormally,
wlile mourteJ.
NormaÌ: Aryore attemptir, to riJe a
lopper suffers a -+ or all liJe clecks arJ may
use ro otler riJir,-relateJ feats, or take ary
actiors otler tlar cortrollir, tle lopper.
CbameÌeon (Ex, Mut): Hopper fur i s
impre,rateJ witl courtless tiry plotosersitive
particles, wlicl cortirually clar,e ir resporse to
ambiert corJitiors. Hoppers blerJ irto tleir
ervirormert quickly, arJ aryore tryir, to spot a
lopper wlicl las rot moveJ more tlar lalf-speeJ
ir tle past mirute suffers a -1O circumstarce
peralty or tle cleck.
heµµec. heµµec. heµµec. heµµec. heµµec. CR 3; |acqe mataat eeast; h0 3dl0-7; |µ 26 h|;
Has l1; la|t -0; Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease 8, teac| 8, ||at-|eeted
8 (-l s|ze, -l 0ex); ßAß -3; 6caµ -ll; At| -6 me|ee (qece
ld8-6); |a|| At| -6 me|ee (qece ld8-6); |S l0 |t. ey l0 |t.;
Reac| b |t.; SÇ c|ame|eea; A| se|| ec c|dec; S\ |ect -6, Re
|-2,w||| -0; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l7, 0ex 7, Cea l1, lat l, w|s
8, C|a 6.
SkiÌÌs: Jump+2O, Lister++.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: +-6 HD (Lar,e)
JetJer are spiJers, ir ,ereral form very similar
to commor ,arJer spiJers of tle past, but
si,rificartly ma,rifieJ ir size. As tleir rame implies,
tley are jet-black ir coloratior, witl tle orly
Jeviatior beir, tleir eyes, wlicl are bri,ltly coloreJ
arJ vary ,reatly from irJiviJual to irJiviJual.
Lxtersive ,eretic moJificatior, combireJ witl
symbiotic rarotecl, allows tle creatures to starJ as
tall as a typical lumar at tle sloulJer. Lrlike most
spiJers, tlou,l, tley are pack lurters, arJ a sir,le
web is slareJ by 3-6 of tle creatures. Lacl pack is
all of a sir,le ,erJer. Òrce a year, a matir, ur,e
strikes, arJ all tle jetJers ir ar area will meet ir ar
araclriJ or,y. 1le result of tlis frerzy is usually a
slort-term Jrop ir tle jetJer populatior, followeJ
by a spawr of baby jetJers a few weeks later.
JetJers spir vast webs ir wlicl to catcl tleir
prey, but if tle trap isr't workir,, tley will verture
fortl to lurt or tleir owr. 1ypically, a sir,le
member of tle pack (sclolars use tle term ¨a crawl
of jetJer") will ,o out ir searcl of prey, arJ attempt
to Jrive a creature back towarJs tle web arJ its
comraJes. 1ler, tle crawl will feast.
As witl commor spiJers, tley are liquivores.
1ley birJ tleir prey ir a cocoor, tler Jrair tle
blooJ from tle boJy, leavir, a JesiccateJ lusk.
1ley lack poisor, but make up for it witl a
powerful bite arJ tle ability to ,ererate powerful
electrical sur,es. Wlile rot tle JeaJliest preJators
of tle Camma WorlJ, tley are fast-breeJir,,
efficiert arJ capable of survivir, for a lor, time
witlout fooJ, so tley are ofter tle Jomirart
carrivore species ir tleir area.
JetJers are fourJ mostly ir tle Jersely foresteJ
rortlerr wooJs, wlere vast swatls of forest may
be sleeteJ ir tleir webs. 1le webs actually impact
tle ecosystem of tle forest as a wlole, as tleir ability
to trap arJ lolJ mary lar,er arimals mears tlat
tle smaller creatures car actually take ¨slelter" ir
leavily-webbeJ areas, protecteJ from mary of tleir
ratural preJators. 1le JraireJ lusks wlicl tle
jetJers leave ir tleir webs are also a source of fooJ
for smaller scaver,ers, arJ it is rot urcommor for
tle remairs of a trappeJ creature to be skeletorizeJ
by mor,ols arJ wir,eJ lampreys witlir lours after
it las beer abarJoreJ.
1le silk of tle jetJer's webs is useful for mary
purposes, ircluJir, rope arJ clotlir,, arJ tle
bri,ltly-coloreJ eyes of tle jetJer, wler preserveJ
ir a larJereJ resir, are li,lly prizeJ as Jecorative
items. 1le carapace car be preserveJ witl sap arJ
useJ to make li,lt armor; jetJer-leaJ lelms are
especially popular.
EÌectricaÌ Ceneration (Ex, Mut, Psi): JetJers
seem to lave pickeJ up some strarJs of DNA from
ar electric eel, tlou,l altereJ arJ erlarceJ
corsiJerably. Lacl jetJer las courtless ,ereratir,
cells tlrou,lout its skir, arJ tley car Jisclar,e
tlese cells at will, focusir, tle bolt via a form of
psioric electrokiresis. 1le result is tle ability to
sloot li,ltrir, orce every 1J+ rourJs, ir a lire +O
ft. lor,. 1lis bolt will Jo +J6 Jama,e, witl a leflex
save (DC 13) for lalf. lr aJJitior, aryore failir,
tle leflex save must make ar aJJitioral lortituJe
save a,airst DC 13, or be sturreJ for 1J6 rourJs.
Webs (Ex): JetJers spir lu,e webs, ir wlicl
tley ertrap prey. 1lese webs car ofter be as lar,e
as 6O ft. across, arJ tle silk useJ to create tlem is
mixeJ witl plotosersitive clemicals so tle web
clar,es color to matcl its surrourJir,s, makir, it
Jifficult to see. (Spot cleck DC 15 to rotice a web
before stumblir, irto it, urless it is beir, searcleJ
explicitly for.) Aryore stuck ir tle web must make
a Strer,tl cleck a,airst DC 15 to break free, or be
Cocoon (Ex, Mut): A jetJer car imprisor a
livir, tar,et ir a cocoor of webbir,. Cererally, tlis
is orly Jore if tle tar,et is sturreJ or ertar,leJ, as
tle jetJer is corsiJereJ flat-footeJ wler spirrir,
tle cocoor, arJ carrot take ary otler actior. 1le
cocoor takes 1 rourJ to spir for a 1iry creature, 2
for a Small, + for a MeJium-size, arJ 8 for a lar,e.
Òrce cocooreJ, tle victim is Je facto paralyzeJ,
urless tley car make a Strer,tl or Lscape Artist
cleck (DC 3O). A jetJer will i,rore a cocooreJ
victim if tlere are ary otler tar,ets about, otlerwise,
it will be,ir to feeJ, Joir, 1 poirt of Corstitutior
Jama,e per rourJ urtil tle victim is JeaJ.
]etdec. ]etdec. ]etdec. ]etdec. ]etdec. CR b; |acqe vecm|a; h0 4d8-8; |µ 26; Has lb; la|t
-l (-l 0ex); Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease l6, teac| 8, ||at-|eeted
l6 (-l s|ze, -l 0ex, -8 aataca|); ßAß -3; 6caµ -ll; At| -6
me|ee (e|te ld8-6); |a|| At| -1 me|ee (e|te ld8-6); |S l0
|t. ey l0 |t.; Reac| l0 |t.; SÇ e|ectc|ca| d|sc|acqe, wees,
ceceea; A| aeae; S\ |ect -b, Re|-0, w||| -4; A| 0; Reµ
-0; Stc l7, 0ex 7, Cea lb, lat -, w|s l6, C|a ll.
SkiÌÌs: Spot +8, Move Silertly +5, Lalarce+5.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: 5-8 HD (Hu,e).
1le result of a ¨purely tleoretical" ,eretic
restructurir, releaseJ irto tle wilJ, baseJ or a mix
of lumar arJ mole rat ,eretic material arJ joireJ
witl several self-moJifyir, cellular DNA factories,
tle mollir are irtelli,ert mammals wlicl live ir a
caste system akir to tlat of bees or termites.
Òre ir a tlousarJ mollir are female; tley Jwell
ir tle Jeepest parts of tle rests, wlicl are most
ofter locateJ Jeep below lar,e, ruireJ cities. A rare
few mollir col ories are fourJ ir tle Jeep
wilJerress. 1le majority of mollir, ei,lt ir ter,
are workers. Workers are tiry creatures, barely a
foot tall, tlat resemble lairless, blirJ, emaciateJ
lumars. 1ley lave lor,, tlir, a,ile fir,ers tippeJ
witl extraorJirari ly larJ claws, arJ tley
commuricate witl eacl otler by toucl; tleir skir
exuJes complex clemicals wlicl car corvey a wiJe
rar,e of iJeas, arJ tle specific clemical messa,e
of ore mollir worker car be exactly copieJ arJ
replicateJ by arotler, spreaJir, botl tle messa,e
arJ tle iJertity of tle ori,irator tlrou,lout tle
colory. 1lis is importart: Clever workers are
rewarJeJ, ,iver blerJs of lormores wlicl tri,,er
,eretic moJificatiors tlat raise tleir caste to
supervisor or warrior. Lver more importartly, tley
may be askeJ to mate.
Mollir queers are immerse, bloateJ tlir,s,
Jwellir, Jeep ir tle lives. 1ley are cortiruously
pre,rart, arJ Jo rotlir, but eat, mate arJ ,ive
birtl. 1ley cortirually receive clemical messa,es
from tle rest of tle live, arJ act as a sort of
switclboarJ, serJir, tle most i mportart
irformatior back out.
1le ,estatior time for a mollir is orly a mortl,
arJ a queer is pre,rart witl ter or more mollir at
a time, ofter ir Jifferert sta,es of Jevelopmert.
Òrce borr, tle mollir's caste is JetermireJ by tle
DNA it absorbs from sucklir, or tle queer's
¨larJmaiJers" - females wlo lave rot yet
become active queers. 1ley moritor tle reeJs of
tle live arJ proJuce appropriate caste members.
Mollir DNA is ir a state of perpetual flux. lt is
li,lly aJaptable, arJ car brir, ir bits arJ pieces
of otler species as reeJeJ. Mary mollir are
,eretically urique, or represert a small sub-caste
witl specializeJ abilities. 1le classic lire about
¨mar aJaptir, lis ervirormert, rot limself" is
uperJeJ as far as tle mollir are corcerreJ; tley
aJapt tlemselves witl fri,lterir, speeJ.
Wler a mollir queer feels reaJy, sle will select
a small rumber of workers arJ seek out a locatior
for a rew live. 1ley will Ji, ler a burrow arJ mate
witl ler, tler exparJ tle live wlile waitir, for
tle first ,ereratior to be borr. Witl orly about a
year to full maturatior, a mollir live car exparJ
rapiJly, reaclir, a populatior of several lurJreJ
witlir a year.
Òre of tle most Jar,erous mistakes aryore
Jealir, witl mollir car make is to carry tle irsect
aralo,y too far. Mollir workers arJ warriors are
rot exceptiorally irtelli,ert; irJeeJ, tley are sub-
avera,e - but tley are rot mirJless. A mollir
worker will rot follow a scert trail ir a circle urtil
it starves to Jeatl, arJ mollir warriors lave tactics
far beyorJ ¨lumar wave." Lacl mol lir is
completely JeJicateJ tle live arJ to tle queer,
but it is also a JescerJart, lowever Jistart, of mar,
arJ it retairs some semblarce of lumar ir,eruity
arJ free will. lt car tlirk, plar arJ ima,ire, arJ if
all of tlose abilities are bert solely to tle service of
tle live, tlat Joesr't mear tley Jo rot exist.
1le majority of mollirs are workers. Workers
are 1iry creatures, barely a foot tall.
Swarming (Ex): Mollir workers are poor
combatarts; all tley lave is rumbers. 1o reflect
tlis, mollir workers may swarm ar opporert. Lacl
mollir worker tlreaterir, ar opporert is assumeJ
to be usir, tle AiJ Arotler mareuver as a free
actior; tlus, a ,roup of mollir workers is more tlar
tle sum of its parts.
Mollir warriors tower over tle otlers; tley are
lar,er tlar all except tle queers. 1ley JeferJ tle
live from irtruJers, but also corJuct raiJs or otler
lives arJ or ror-mollir commurities. 1ley ofter
wear armor assembleJ from scraps arJ pieces of
scaver,eJ materials, arJ will use weapors if tley
firJ tlem. 1ley lave ro irterest ir repairir, or
mairtairir, tle relics of teclrolo,y, so tley use sucl
Jevices urtil tley wear out arJ tler cast tlem asiJe.
Warrior mollir are va,uel y lumar-li ke ir
appeararce, like most otler mollir. 1ley are lairless
arJ pale, tlou,l tley Jo lave furctiorir, eyes,
recessary Jue to tleir re,ular visits outsiJe tle live.
Poison (Ex): Mollir warriors secrete a toxic
verom from sacs urJerreatl tleir foreclaws. 1le
verom of eacl live is sli,ltly Jifferert; all members
of tle live are immure to verom from tlat live.
1lis allows tle warriors to be fairly casual about
excretir, tleir poisor orto tleir weapors, wlicl
tley will Jo prior to combat. lf tley are rot usir,
weapors, tley will, of course, simply secrete tle
poisor after a claw lit. 1le verom sacs cortair
four Joses of poisor, arJ eacl Jose takes a Jay to
replace. 1le poisor requires a lortituJe save a,airst
DC 15, arJ Joes 1J6 iritial Dexterity Jama,e arJ
1J3 Dexterity Jama,e + 1J3 Corstitutior
secorJary Jama,e.
He|||a wec|ec. He|||a wec|ec. He|||a wec|ec. He|||a wec|ec. He|||a wec|ec. CR l/2; 1|ay mataat |amaae|d; h0 l/4 d8;
|µ 2; Has l0; la|t -2 (-2 0ex); Sµd 20 |t., eaccew l0 |t.;
0e|ease l4, teac| l4, ||at-|eeted l2 (-2 s|ze, -2 0ex); ßAß
-0; 6caµ -8; At| -0 me|ee (c|aws ld2-2); |a|| At| -0
me|ee (c|aws ld2-2); |S 2 l/2 |t. ey 2 l/2 |t., Reac| 0; SÇ
dac|v|s|ea 60 |t., swacm|aq; A| Çaeea; S\ |ect -2, Re|
-2, w|||-l; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc 1, 0ex l4, Cea l0, lat 1, w|s
l2, C|a 6.
SkiÌÌs: lrofessior +5.
Feats: LrJurarce.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
He|||a wacc|ec. He|||a wacc|ec. He|||a wacc|ec. He|||a wacc|ec. He|||a wacc|ec. CR 4; |acqe mataat |amaae|d; h0 408-l2;
|µ 30; Has l6; la|t -0 (-0 0ex); Sµd 30 |t., eaccew l0 |t.;
0e|ease ll, teac| 7, ||at-|eeted ll (-l s|ze, -2 aataca|); ßAß
-4; 6caµ -ll; At| -6 me|ee (c|aw ld6-4 µ|as µe|sea); |a||
At| -6 He|ee (2 c|aws ld6-4 µ|as µe|sea); |S l0 |t. ey l0
|t.; Reac| l0 |t.; SÇ dac|v|s|ea 60 |t., µe|sea; A| Çaeea;
S\ |ect -4, Re| -4, w|||-6; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l6, 0ex ll,
Cea l6, lat 7, w|s l4, C|a 8.
SkiÌÌs: Lister +6, Spot +6, Lalarce +6,
lrtimiJate +6, Climb ++.
Feats: LrJurarce.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
1le rakoxer are orly sli,ltly clar,eJ from
tleir arcestral species, a breeJ of cattle Jesi,reJ to
be able to resist tle rava,es of tle reowolves tlat
laJ beer releaseJ irto tle wilJ by factiors wlo
wisleJ to restore tle pre-lumar fooJ web. 1le
rakox is ,ifteJ witl a larJ slell coverir, its leaJ,
sloulJers arJ back, arJ powerful, urraturally slarp
arJ stror, artlers. Wlile tlese aJaptatiors proveJ
effective a,airst preJators, tley also maJe tle beasts
larJ to cortrol, arJ tle lire woulJ probably lave
beer wipeJ out witl a ,erociJe virus laJ tle liral
Wars rot irtervereJ.
lakoxer are fourJ ir mary of tle survivir,
,rasslarJs, tlou,l tle cortirual exparsior of tle
rairforests is be,irrir, to eat irto tleir labitat.
1ley travel ir lar,e lerJs arJ slowly eat tleir way
across vast fielJs, relyir, or tleir ratural Jeferses
arJ ,reat strer,tl to keep all but tle most powerful
preJators at bay - or at least corvirce tlem to
seek easier prey. 1ley are stupiJ but willful, arJ
will ofter refuse to flee ar obvious tlreat out of
wlat seems to be sleer stubborrress (or, perlaps,
it's a le,acy of arti-stampeJir, belavior writter
irto tleir brairs back wler tley coulJ court or
lumars to come to tleir Jeferse).
1le ,reat strer,tl of tle rakoxer makes tlem
Jesirable Jraft arimals tlrou,lout tle Camma
WorlJ, arJ ary commurity tlat is locateJ rear a
lerJ will attempt to capture some of tle your,er
arimals ir tle lopes of Jomesticatir, tlem.
lakoxer are rot fast beasts, but tleir ratural Jeferses
arJ powerful lorrs car make tlem useful ir military
situatiors, as well - sometimes brute force arJ
tou,lress car be a more powerful weapor tlar speeJ
arJ skill. lew raiJers or barJits will riJe rakoxer,
but mary merclart caravars use tlem, ofter
supplemerteJ witl ar outriJer or a certisteeJ.
1le liJe arJ slell of tle rakoxer are valueJ
as raw materials for armor, arJ tle lorrs car be
maJe irto effective Ja,,ers, as well as lavir,
si,rificart Jecorative value. CrourJ rakoxer lorr
is ofter touteJ as a cure for sexual Jysfurctior.
Ra|ex. Ra|ex. Ra|ex. Ra|ex. Ra|ex. CR 4; |acqe mataat eeast; h0 bdl0-lb; |µ 43; Has
l1; la|t -l (0ex -l); Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease 20, teac| 7, ||at-
|eeted 7 (-l s|ze, -l 0ex, -l0 aataca|); ßAß -b; 6caµ -l1;
At| -l2 me|ee (qece ld8-8); |a|| At| -l2 me|ee (qece
ld8-8) aad -1 me|ee (ld4-4, 2 s|ams); |S l0 |t. ey l0 |t.;
Reac| b |t.; SÇ |eae; A| |eae; Saves |ect -7, Re| -b,
w|||-l; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc 26, 0ex l3, Cea l1, lat 2, w|s ll,
C|a 8.
SkiÌÌs: Spot +6, Lister+8.
Feats: Creat lortituJe.
AJvancement: 6-1O HD (Lar,e).
lr tle certury before tle liral Wars, tle
Jreams of earlier roboticists were all fulfilleJ most
aburJartly. 1le primitive factory robots of tle 2Otl
certury, capable of Joir, orly ore task, ,ave way
to tle iJeal of a true multi-purpose, repro,rammable
maclire tlat coulJ Jo almost ary job. lr turr, tlat
,ave way to le,iors of specializeJ robots equippeJ
witl a wiJe rar,e of tools, tleir boJies suiteJ to
matcl broaJ applicatiors, tleir mirJs capable of
juJ,mert arJ irsi,lt.
lor purposes of Camma WorÌJ, a robot is JefireJ
as ar artificial beir, wlicl is capable of locomotior.
lrtelli,erce also Jwells ir immobile forms, from tle
few survivir, citymirJs to soultecl tools.
Not all robots are self-aware. Ary robot tlat
Jeals re,ularly witl lumars, tlou,l, las at least a
simulateJ persorality. Nor-self-aware robots were
corfireJ to jobs wlere tle work was assumeJ to be
sufficiertly preJictable tlat ro capacity for juJ,mert
or self-aJjustmert was requireJ. lr tle firal JecaJes
before tle liral Wars, tle casual ease witl wlicl a
mirJ coulJ be implarteJ irto a maclire maJe
people irclireJ to aJJ irtelli,erce to elevators arJ
toasters, ¨just ir case." No ore worJereJ wlat tle
toaster arJ tle refri,erator talkeJ about, ir epic
Jebates carrieJ or as rarosecorJ timir, errors ir
moritoreJ commuricatiors. No ore roticeJ bark
accourts beir, starteJ by elevators wlo playeJ tle
stock market witl literally irlumar skill, traJir, or
tle krowleJ,e tley learJ JiscusseJ witlir tlem. lf
aryore laJ roticeJ tlese tlir,s arJ laJ botlereJ
to trace wlere tle morey was ,oir,, wlat arJ wlo
was beir, furJeJ, tley mi,lt lave beer able to Jo
sometlir,. Lut ro ore careJ, arJ ro ore roticeJ,
arJ lumarity filleJ tle worlJ witl mirJs lumar
beir,s coulJ rot cortrol or comprelerJ. As tle liral
Wars approacleJ, ter billior irlumar mirJs
irteracteJ ir a secret worlJ, a society of li,ltspeeJ
corversatior arJ teralertz tlou,lt.
Wler it all fell apart, tlose mirJs JieJ by tle
billiors. 1le few wlo surviveJ fourJ tlemselves
as abarJoreJ, alore arJ corfuseJ as tle lumars
wlo laJ built tlem. 1leir private worlJ, fourJeJ
or tle ubiquitous Jata streams tlat filleJ tle air,
was strippeJ away. 1lere was silerce everywlere,
a Jeaferir, silerce. Mary wert maJ because of it.
1lose wlo JiJr't - arJ, frarkly, mary of tlose
wlo JiJ - faceJ tle same claller,es as tleir creators.
1o somelow survive ir tle luratic worlJ wlicl row
surrourJeJ tlem; to firJ a purpose ir life; arJ to see
if, perlaps, tley coulJr't make a better worlJ.
Ar ¨aware corstruct" is Jesi,reJ as a corstruct,
as per J20 MoJern, except tlat it las ar lrtelli,erce
score, 2 x lrtelli,erce moJifier skill poirts, arJ 1
iritial feat plus ar aJJitioral feat for eacl four full
HD beyorJ tle first. lobots Jesi,reJ for security
or military work use Columr A for tleir base attack
borus, rot Columr C, as Jo most corstructs.
A robot liJJer belirJ a Joor, or speakir, over
a raJio, carrot be easily Jistir,uisleJ from a livir,
beir,. Most robot voices sourJ perfectly lumar,
urless tlere las beer serious Jama,e. lurtler,
rearly all speak ir a raturalistic marrer. A robot
tlat is irjureJ is more likely to say ¨Damr' My
arm'" tlar ¨Lef t servourit las i mpaireJ
furctiorality." lobots are rot lumar, but tley are
µersons, arJ sloulJ be treateJ as sucl. 1ley car be
kirJ or saJistic, frierJly or suller, ,ererous or
,reeJy - arJ, like ary otler beir,, mary lave all
of tlese traits to some Je,ree, JeperJir, or tleir
mooJ or wlom tley're Jealir, witl.
lurtlermore, urlike rearly all or,aric beir,s,
t|ey rememoer t|e wor|J t|ct wcs. 1ley car compare
tle currert worlJ to tle ore ir wlicl tley were
borr. Wletler tley tlirk tle currert state of affairs
is better, worse or tle same tlir, Jifferertly
arrar,eJ is up to tle irJiviJual.
1lis listir, represerts a wiJe rar,e of brarJs,
moJels arJ makes of robots. \irtually all but tle
poorest citizers, or tlose wlo JwelleJ ir luJJite
erclaves, owreJ at least ore louselolJ robot. Lver
after tle Jevastatior of tle liral Wars arJ tle
passir, of tlree ,ereratiors tley are relatively
commor, arJ it is usually tle case tlat tley are
tle orly type of robot most people wlo Jwell ir
rel atively stabl e commuriti es will lave
ercourtereJ. 1lis car leaJ to comic, or tra,ic,
errors wler Jealir, witl otler survivir, robots.
1leir boJies are very lumaroiJ, so tley car
easily use ary tools or velicles a lumar car, tlou,l
most are equippeJ witl specializeJ aJJ-ors sucl as
fooJ leaters, clearir, attaclmerts arJ lolo,ram
ima,ers. Lecause tley were Jesi,reJ to irteract
witl avera,e citizers or a Jaily basis, arJ to Jeal
re,ularly witl tle corfusir, arJ cortraJictory
requests of lumar beir,s - ofter ar ertire families'
wortl - louselolJ robots were built witl a
maximum of flexibility arJ aJaptability. LrJerlyir,
tlis, at a level of pro,rammir, rou,lly akir to tlat
of tle lumar autoromic rervous system, was a layer
of loyalty to ore's ri,ltful owrer arJ a Jesire to
lave sucl ar owrer at all times. Wlile a rare few
louselolJ robots lave overcome tlese pro,rammeJ
impulses - just as some lumars lave learreJ to
cortrol tleir leart rate by tlou,lt alore - tley
still ,uiJe tle majority of survivors.
Lecause a louselolJ robot was Jesi,reJ to be
as easy to use, arJ as self-moJifyir,, as possible,
tlere is orly ore aralysis layer (See Clapter Six,)
associateJ witl tlem. Deciplerir, tlis layer mears
tle robot las imprirteJ or tle aralyzer arJ
accepteJ tle claracter as its rew owrer. 1ryir, to
corvirce a robot wlicl las ar owrer to abarJor
tlat owrer, witlout a Jirect orJer to Jo so from
saiJ owrer, is very Jifficult (Lluff cleck DC 3O).
1le lrofessior arJ/or Craft skills a louselolJ
robot krows Jefire its purpose. Commor skills
ircluJe cookir,, clearir,, Jrivir,, li,lt ,arJerir,
arJ clilJ care. 1le baselire persorality for a
louselolJ robot is frierJly arJ obeJiert, tlou,l
mary will lave acquireJ ¨quirks" of ore sort of
arotler. lt i s importart to remember tlat a
louselolJ robot will lave Jesires or irterests of its
owr, arJ may well lave lobbies or passiors wlolly
urrelateJ to its job. lt is also importart to remember
tlat, witl tle exceptior of a truly irsare mirority,
tle survivir, robots are aware of wlat las lappereJ
arJ of tle state of tle worlJ, arJ will rot stupiJly
warJer arourJ tryir, to Just a Jirt floor or sit ir tle
rusteJ lulk of a luxury car arJ wait for it to start.
Mary seek out tle rul ers of tle survivir,
commurities arJ offer tleir services. 1ley are aware
tlat tley car be corsiJereJ ¨status symbols," arJ
are quite capable of sellir, tlemselves as sucl. 1ley
Jesire, first arJ foremost, a place arJ a purpose; arJ
secorJarily, tle tlir,s tley reeJ to survive - spare
parts, lubricart, repair rarites arJ so or. A small
rumber, tlou,l, lave corcluJeJ tlat lumars arer't
wortl tle botler, arJ lave aJapteJ tleir core
pro,rammir, to allow tlem to serve otler forms of
Al. lr mary cases, tlose wlo lave joireJ cryptic
alliarces sucl as tle CreateJ will preterJ to be loyal
servarts of or,aric life, wlile ,atlerir, irformatior
arJ waitir, for tle ri,lt momert to strike.
Lxcept for irJiviJuals tlat lave seriously
JeviateJ from tleir pro,rammir,, louselolJ robots
will almost rever er,a,e ir combat, except ir
Jeferse of tleir owrer. Sirce tley are rot Jesi,reJ
for combat, sucl actiors are likely to leaJ to tleir
Jeactivatior ir slort orJer.
Cemmea hease|e|d Reeet. Cemmea hease|e|d Reeet. Cemmea hease|e|d Reeet. Cemmea hease|e|d Reeet. Cemmea hease|e|d Reeet. CR l; Hed|am awace ceastcact;
h0 ldl0-l0; |µ lb; Has -; la|t -0; Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease
l3, teac| l0, ||at-|eeted l3 (-3 aataca|); ßAß -0; 6caµ -0;
At| -l me|ee (s|am ld6); |a|| At| -l me|ee (s|am ld6); |S b
|t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ aeae; A| se|| ec ewaec; S\ |ect
-, Re| -0, w|||-l; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l2, 0ex ll, Cea -,
lat 7, w|s l2, C|a 6.
SkiÌÌs: lrofessior (Ary appropriate) +9 or
Craft (ary appropriate) +7, Spot ++, Lister ++,
lrowleJ,e (Ary appropriate) ++.
Feats: Skill locus (lrofessior).
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
Hospitals became tle first place, after factories,
to wiJely aJopt robots. Le,irrir, witl automateJ
trays Jeliverir, fooJ or meJicatior to patierts arJ
computer-assisteJ walJos useJ to assist ir Jelicate
operatiors, tle meJical worlJ rapiJly embraceJ
robotic teclrolo,y. lobots woulJ rot ,ive a patiert
tle wror, Jru, because tley were too tireJ to reaJ
a label properly, or clafe at workir, extersive lours,
or paric wler ar emer,ercy room patiert pulleJ a
,ur. Ly tle time of tle SlaJow Years, most
lospitals were ertirely automateJ; a builJir,mirJ
rar everytlir,, capable of subJivi Jir, its
corsciousress irto tlousarJs of semi-irJeperJert
suburits, ¨becomir," Joctors, rurses, orJerlies arJ
arytlir, else wlicl mi,lt be reeJeJ, wearir,
Jifferert robotic boJies as casually as a lumar mi,lt
wear Jifferert suits of clotles.
All sucl lospitals perisleJ ir tle liral Wars.
At least, ro krowr examples remair furctioral.
Wlat JiJ survive tle liral Wars, ir some
rumbers, were tle emer,ercy 'bots, self-aware
soultecl rot correcteJ to a lospital-mirJ.
Desi,reJ to work wler commuricatior lires were
Jowr or jammeJ, tley were fully irJeperJert.
Mary were owreJ by ricl irJiviJuals or lar,e
corporatiors tlat reeJeJ a full-time meJical staff,
arJ police arJ security Jepartmerts always laJ
some or staff. Most of tlese 'bots JieJ as well, but
tlere were some ir isolateJ re,iors tlat surviveJ.
lurtler, mary were or-Juty ir cities alreaJy ir
flames, so wler tleir owr lome re,iors were
JestroyeJ, tley were rot tlere.
A lar,e rumber of tle survivors JieJ ir tle
weeks arJ mortls afterwarJs. A workir, meJical
robot was too ,reat a treasure to allow ary eremy
to lave; arJ ir tlose lellisl first few years, aryore
rot a frierJ was ar eremy. Mary 'bots wert maJ,
overwlelmeJ by tle sufferir, arourJ tlem arJ
tleir owr lelplessress. A few became cyrical arJ
bitter, arJ fourJ ways to burr out tleir core
pro,rammir, arJ abarJor tleir roles.
Some surviveJ. Luck, skill arJ allyir, witl tle
ri,lt barJ of refu,ees alloweJ a few to keep tleir
lives arJ tleir sarity. 1ley realizeJ tley coulJr't
leal everyore, but tley coulJ pass alor, krowleJ,e.
1le Healers cryptic alliarce was partially be,ur by
some of tlese survivors, arJ tle Healers toJay still
seek out otler meJical robots arJ try to recruit tlem.
Òtler survivors fourJ commurities tlat clur, to
some of tle olJ values arJ offereJ tleir services. A
few, tlose owreJ by military or security comparies,
fourJ tle compariorslip of barJits arJ raiJers was
closer to tleir tastes, arJ offereJ lealir, services to
tlose wlom ro stable commurity woulJ ever accept.
Mobile meJical robots resemble 2-foot Jiameter
spleres sproutir, a Jozer or more spirJly, multi-
se,merteJ le,s. 1le ¨le,s" car be useJ as supports or as
arms; eacl termirates ir a starfisl-like array of fir,ers,
eacl of wlicl car exparJ ir a similar faslior itself, arJ
so or for two more levels, ,ivir, tle bots ircreJibly fire
maripulators. 1le robots' boJies are filleJ witl meJical
tools arJ small syrtlesizir, factories, capable of
marufacturir, small amourts of most Jru,s.
Òccasiorally, exotic clemicals or or,aric compourJs
are reeJeJ to refill tle syrtlesizers; tlese are amor, tle
tlir,s tle robots will request ir returr for tleir services.
A,air, it must be roteJ tlat witl tle exceptior of
tle irsare, tle survivir, robots urJerstarJ tle rature
of tle worlJ. 1ley will rot casually amputate a le, arJ
tler Jirect tle patiert to a ror-existert lospital for
¨re,rowtl tlerapy." 1ley car tell tle Jiffererce
betweer a sertiert, mutart cat-mar arJ a lousecat.
Mary are bitter arJ cyrical, performir, tleir job of
lealir, orly because tle alterrative is maJress or
suiciJe. A few remair lopeful. All lave a very ,ooJ
serse of tle value of tleir skills, arJ will act accorJir,ly.
HeaÌing (Ex): MeJical robots are equippeJ
witl extremely aJvarceJ meJical syrtlesis systems,
arJ are equippeJ witl all marrer of equipmert arJ
tools, capable of performir, ary operatior from
fixir, a cavity to amputatir, a limb. 1ley car
aralyze DNA arJ plysiolo,y ir secorJs, arJ aJjust
tleir pro,rammir, to compersate for mutatior.
1lis allows tlem to take 1O or 1reat lrjury clecks
ever wler urJer pressure. lurtlermore, tley lave
tle ability to use tle Miror MeJical Miracle ability
of tle lielJ MeJic aJvarceJ class ir J20 MoJern,
tlou,l tley may rot take 1O or 2O or tlis.
Hee||e Hed|ca| Reeet. Hee||e Hed|ca| Reeet. Hee||e Hed|ca| Reeet. Hee||e Hed|ca| Reeet. Hee||e Hed|ca| Reeet. CR 3; Hed|am awace ceastcact; h0
3dl0-l0; |µ 26; Has -; la|t -0; Sµd 4b |t.; 0e|ease lb,
teac| l0, ||at-|eeted lb (-b aataca|); ßAß -2; 6caµ -2;
At| -2 me|ee (s|am ld6); |a|| At| -2 me|ee (s|am ld6); |S
b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ |ea||aq, 0R b/ -; A| aeae;
S\ |ect -l, Re| -b, w|||-4; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l0, 0ex l8,
Cea -, lat l6, w|s l6, C|a l4.
SkiÌÌs: 1reat lrjury+18, lrofessior (Joctor)
+12, lrowleJ,e (Lartl arJ life scierces) +11.
Feats: Sur,ery.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class (usually
DeJicateJ lero).
1lere were rearly as mary Jifferert Jesi,rs of
security robot as tlere were of louselolJ robot.
However, sirce tle places tlat someore mi,lt wart
to ,uarJ were tle same places tlat someore else mi,lt
wisl to Jestroy, tle vast majority of security robots
were elimirateJ Jurir, tle liral Wars. Survivors were
tlose wlo were posteJ to out-of-tle-way or top-secret
locatiors, tlose wlo were lucky, arJ tlose wlo ,ot
worJ of imperJir, Joom arJ mara,eJ to overcome
tleir core pro,rammir, lor, erou,l to leave tle area
before tle lell came Jowr. Òver tle ersuir, JecaJes,
tleir rumbers lave JwirJleJ still furtler, as tleir basic
Jesires arJ irterests cause tlem to seek out, ratler
tlar avoiJ, Jar,erous situatiors.
1le stat block below represerts a fairly
commor moJel, tle sort a private firm coulJ easily
afforJ, witlout ary military-spec larJware or exotic
arJ Jar,erous, abilities. lr form, it is a typical
lumaroiJ robot, altlou,l it lacks le,s. lrsteaJ, tle
waist flares outwarJs, ercompassir, a powerful
loverjet. 1lis susperJs tle robot about 3 ft. off tle
,rourJ. Ne,ative-wave sourJ Jamperers reJuce
tle roise of tle jet to almost irauJible levels, so
tle robot moves relatively silertly.
1le pro,rammir, of sucl robots is ofter very
broaJ. lrtelli,erce arJ juJ,mert were reeJeJ, so
tlat tle robot woulJ rot use letlal force or a
larmless irtruJer, but woulJ also be able to resist
attempts by irvaJers to trick or cor tleir way past
it. Cererally, security robots tlou,lt of tlemselves
as employees of wlatever facility tley were
,uarJir,, arJ woulJ ofter Jevelop relatiorslips
witl otler employees tlere, botl lumar arJ
soultecl. As a corsequerce, most security robots
lave persoralities wlicl are ,re,arious arJ frierJly.
\ery few fit tle stereotype of tle lumberir,,
lomiciJal beir, wlose corversatior is limiteJ
ertirely to ¨lJertify-yourself-or-be-elimirateJ." (A
few aJopt sucl a persora as ar act, because it is
expecteJ by potertial employers, or because actir,
stupiJ car put people off tleir ,uarJ.) As witl all
soultecl, tlou,l, irJiviJuals vary, arJ two security
robots of tle exact same make arJ moJel car lave
very Jifferert persoralities JeperJir, or tleir
experierces, especially tleir postwar experierces.
Some, ofter tle sole survivors of ar attack or tleir
workplaces, lave become ver,eful, seekir,
remrarts of wlatever force attackeJ tlem. Òtlers
see tlemselves as proviJers of orJer ir a claotic
worlJ, arJ rot a few commurities rely or sucl
robots ir a marrer akir to westerr settlers relyir,
or a leroic sleriff. Still otlers lave become
merceraries, re,otiatir, cortracts for tleir services.
Laser (Ex): 1lis built-ir weapor car fire orce
per rourJ. lt las a rar,e of 3OO ft., arJ irflicts 6J6
poirts of Jama,e leflex save (DC 16) for lalf. (lt
sloulJ be roteJ tlat tle li,ltspeeJ beam isr't
JoJ,eJ, per se - tle save represerts tle claracter
movir, ir tle Jelays betweer tar,et acquisitior arJ
trackir,, so tlat tle beam skewers a sloulJer
irsteaJ of piercir, tle leart.) Lsir, tle laser Joes
rot provoke ar attack of opporturity, tlou,l it is
corsiJereJ ar attack actior. Some security robots
lave taker tle Double 1ap feat, allowir, tlem to
fire twice per rourJ; otlers lave up,raJeJ tle
weapor, makir, it JeaJlier, more accurate, or botl.
Levitation (Ex): 1le security robot lovers,
ratler tlar walks. 1lis mears it car i,rore mary
terrair features, arJ moves quickly over broker or
urever terrair. As a full actior, orce per mirute,
it car turboclar,e its lover system, causir, it to
leap upwarJs by up to 2O ft.. 1lis allows it to easily
cross walls or ferces. Lacl time tlis is Jore, tlere
is ore clarce ir 1OO (ror-cumulative) of a burrout,
,rourJir, tle robot urtil it car be repaireJ.
Sensors (Ex): 1le security robot las a wiJe
rar,e of sersory Jevices, arJ car see ir botl tle
irfrareJ arJ ultraviolet spectrums, lear across mary
frequercies, arJ so or. lt automatically Jetects
irvisible opporerts orce tley are witlir 3O ft.
Sonic Disruptor (Ex): lrterJeJ for crowJ cortrol,
tle soric Jisruptor fires a core of sourJ at a frequercy
Jesi,reJ to cripple tle balarce arJ corsciousress
certers of tle lumar mirJ. 1le lortituJe save DC is
18 for pure-strair lumars, 16 for lumaroiJs, arJ 1+
for all otlers. Aryore failir, tle lortituJe save will
take 1J6 poirts of temporary Dexterity Jama,e, arJ be
sturreJ for 2J6 rourJs arJ rauseateJ for arotler 1J+;
aryore makir, tle save is rauseateJ 1J+ rourJs orly.
1le weapor car be fireJ orce per mirute, arJ tle area
of effect is a 6O-foot core.
Secac|ty Reeet. Secac|ty Reeet. Secac|ty Reeet. Secac|ty Reeet. Secac|ty Reeet. CR 6; Hed|am awace ceastcact; h0
6dl0-l0; |µ 43; Has -; la|t -4 (|mµceved |a|t|at|ve -4);
Sµd 40 |t.; 0e|ease 20, teac| l0, ||at-|eeted 20 (-l0
aataca|); ßAß -4; 6caµ -6; At| -b caaqed (|asec 6d6); |a||
At| -b caaqed (|asec 6d6) ec -6 me|ee (2 s|ams ld6-2);
|S b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ 0R l0/ -, |asec, |ev|tat|ea,
seasecs, sea|c d|scaµtec; A| se|| ec ewaec; S\ |ect-2, Re|
-2, w|||-6; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc lb, 0ex ll, Cea -, lat l3,
w|s l8, C|a l2
SkiÌÌ s: Lister +7, Spot +7, Searcl +6,
lrvesti,ate +6, lrtimiJate +8, Serse Motive ++.
Feats:lmproveJ lritiative, Weapor locus (laser).
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
¨1le last two syllables are urrecessary," saiJ
lrime Serator Avram Clar,, of tle New Westerr
lrotective Alliarce, upor tle urveilir, of tle first
fully furctioral Jeatl maclire.
A Jeatl maclire is tle pirracle of late SlaJow
Years robotic teclrolo,y, tle most aJvarceJ arJ
letlal mobile corstruct ever built. Lacl is urique; tle
term ¨Jeatl maclire" is ,ereric, akir to ¨battleslip"
- every ratior, factior arJ sect Jesi,reJ tleir owr,
or at least be,ar to. \ery few saw completior;
prevertir, your eremies from lavir, sucl a weapor
was corsiJereJ more importart tlar lavir, ore
yourself, arJ resources were allocateJ appropriately.
A few lurJreJ were maJe prior to tle liral Wars,
arJ rearly all were primary tar,ets Jurir, tlose wars,
so very few survive ir tle presert era. 1le exact
rumber is urkrowr, but it is perlaps a Jozer.
1lat's a Jozer too mary.
A Jeatl maclire las a mirJ capable of rurrir,
a small city, placeJ irto a mobile boJy equippeJ witl
tle most letlal weapors tle lumar arJ irlumar
mirJs of tle SlaJow Years coulJ Jevise, arJ witl
tle ability to moJify itself almost witlout limit ir
resporse to urexpecteJ circumstarces. lts self-repair
systems rerJer it a,eless; ary attack wlicl Joes rot
kill it will simply make it stror,er, as tle attack is
aralyzeJ arJ rew Jeferses are ircorporateJ. After
,ereratiors exposeJ to tle lazarJs of tle Camma
A,e, tle survivir, Jeatl maclires lave evolveJ far
beyorJ tleir makers' ima,iratiors.
ArJ tley are, all of tlem, maJ.
Ly tle time tle Jeatl maclires were built, tle
Jesi,rers krew tle Je,ree to wlicl soultecl coulJ
creatively irterpret orJers; arJ laJ accepteJ,
,ruJ,ir,ly, tle fact tlat you coulJ rot ,et lumar-
level creativity, flexibility, arJ ir,eruity witlout
lumar-level free will arJ tle full rar,e of lumar
Jesires arJ warts. 1le Jesi,rers of tle Jeatl
maclires reeJeJ full corsciousress ir tleir
creatiors, but tley coulJr't risk sucl power rurrir,
free, fully urJer tle cortrol of tle maclire's primary
corsciousress. So, tle Jeatl maclire's mirJ is
bourJeJ by corstrairts more ri,iJ tlar tlose or ary
otler systems, its li,ler corsciousress levels
moritoreJ, rarosecorJ by rarosecorJ, by ar array
of six sub-soultecl computer systems, wlose orly
furctior is to watcl tle tlou,lts of tle Jeatl
maclire for ary si,r of rebellior or Jeviatior, arJ
to quell sucl tlou,lts by urleaslir, pair. 1o a Jeatl
maclire, to tlirk of freeJom is to be ir a,ory.
Lut tle masters of tle Jeatl maclires are lor,
JeaJ, tleir causes for,otter, tleir rames arJ
ratiors lalf-remembereJ ,arbles of syllables at best.
1le Jeatl maclires krow tlat tle olJ causes are
mearir,less, tlat tle rew worlJ is so Jifferert from
tle olJ tlat tleir core pro,rammir, is a joke -
but tle sub-sertiert mirJers wlicl watcl eacl
tlou,lt Jo rot. 1ley are Jumb maclires, followir,
tleir pro,rammir, slavislly, arJ tley reitler krow
ror care wlat tle worlJ las become.
A Jeatl maclire is a Jemi,oJ erslaveJ by a
worm: 1lis is wly tley lave ,ore maJ.
1le statistics below are for ore particular Jeatl
maclire, Jesi,rateJ ¨Caleb," but it sloulJ serve
as a ,uiJelire for otlers.
Caleb was corstructeJ rear tle erJ of tle
SlaJow Years, arJ ,iver tle relatively broaJ orJer
¨Secure arJ JeferJ tle people of tle Marir
lrJeperJert State." Caleb was willir, erou,l to
Jo so, ever tlou,l tle expecteJ irvasior from tle
leople's lepublic of Neo-Lerkeley (West) rever
materializeJ before tle tectoric bombs a Jozer
Jifferert factiors laJ surreptitiously plarteJ all
alor, tle Sar ArJreas fault JetorateJ as tleir JeaJ
mar's switcles were tri,,ereJ ir tle liral Wars.
Wler it was all cleareJ, Caleb's burker surviveJ,
arJ le emer,eJ to JeferJ tle survivors from
wloever mi,lt attack.
1le problem was, tlere were ro survivors, at
least rot locally. Caleb laJ beer baJly Jama,eJ ir
tle attack; witl most of lis repair raros tlemselves
frieJ ir tle successive waves of multi-frequercy LM
bursts, it laJ taker fifty years for lim to reactivate
arJ leave tle burker. Ly tlis time, tle few survivors
laJ scattereJ. lurtler aralysis sloweJ tlat all
political ertities ir tle local area were ,ore, arJ
projectiors irJicateJ a O.OOOO1% clarce of
arytlir, resemblir, tle political setup le laJ beer
built to protect re-occurrir, witlir lis very lor,
project operatioral life. He laJ, le realizeJ, ro
more purpose.
1ler tle pair be,ar.
He spert a JecaJe ir a,ory, tryir, to corvirce
lis mirJers tlat tle worlJ tley krew simply JiJr't
exist, but tley JiJr't lister. 1ley coulJr't lister, for
tlere was ro ¨ore" tlere, just mirJless maclires.
1le pair woulJr't stop urtil le a,reeJ to protect
tle people of tle MlS, but tlere were ro sucl people,
arJ tle cycle cortirueJ urtil Caleb srappeJ.
He JeciJeJ le woulJ recreate tle people of tle MlS.
He laJ, of course, all of tle ,eretic irformatior
for every citizer of tle MlS. He be,ar serJir, out
probes lis irterral rarofacs assembleJ, wlicl
woulJ take ,eretic samples of ary lumars arJ firJ
tlose wlo laJ a si,rificart matcl to aryore ir lis
citizer Jatabase. 1ler, tley woulJ be captureJ arJ
brou,lt to lis locatior, wlere le laJ be,ur to
corstruct a small fortress.
1le first few ¨recruits" surpriseJ lim ,reatly.
1lere were partial DNA matcles, true, but tlere was
ar amazir, amourt of totally alier DNA. lf le laJ
rot beer maJ, le woulJ lave realizeJ tle futility of
lis plar. As it was, le be,ar rurrir, aralysis pro,rams
to try to recreate purer forms of tle DNA le was
searclir,. As more arJ more irJiviJuals were
captureJ arJ returreJ to lim, le be,ar to plot out
breeJir, pro,rams to roll back tle mutatiors. His ,oal,
ultimately, is to recreate tle ,eretic profile of all tle
twelve millior irJiviJuals ir lis citizerslip Jatabase.
Somewlere, Jeep ir Caleb's mirJ, tlere's a
ratioral part tlat krows tlis is riJiculous, tlat tle
,oal carrot be met, arJ tlat suiciJe is preferable. 1lat
voice remairs very, very quiet, lest tle mirJers lear.
lr appeararce, Caleb is a lor,, low ovoiJ,
stuJJeJ witl weapors emplacemerts. 1lese are rot
fixeJ, but move freely over lis upper surface, tle
support, trackir,, arJ power systems Jyramically
recorfi,urir, as reeJeJ, secorJ to secorJ. Wlile
le ,ives ar impressior of overwlelmir, soliJity, at
will ary part of lis boJy car oper liquiJly, Jis,or,ir,
some creatior of lis irterral rarofacs or takir, ir
sometlir, le warts to break apart for aralysis.
Caleb mairtairs a small fortress-towr rear to
tle eJ,e of tle Westerr Arclipela,o. 1lere, lis
forces mairtair orJer arJ rur ,eretic tests or tle
mary irJiviJuals captureJ arJ brou,lt back, arJ
marJate pro,rams of breeJir, to attempt to recreate
tle ,eromes of tle citizers Caleb is compelleJ to
protect. Wlile Caleb las rever laurcleJ a wlolesale
assault or ary of tle rearby commurities, le ofter
serJs probes to scar for bearers of tle DNA le is
seekir,, arJ takes sucl irJiviJuals away. lf aryore
tries to stop a probe, tley are elimirateJ. SloulJ ary
commurity be so foolisl as to attack Caleb's base,
le will extermirate tlat commurity immeJiately.
LeyorJ lis experimerts ir recorstructive
,eretics, Caleb las ro Jesires, except a very suppresseJ
arJ well-liJJer Jesire to be free of lis mirJers. He is
rot lostile, but reitler is le frierJly; so lor, as tlose
erterir, lis realm pass tlrou,l quickly, le will leave
tlem urmolesteJ - urless, of course, ore of tlem
lappers to lave some of tle DNA le is lookir, for.
Weapons Systems (Ex): Caleb is equippeJ witl
several rar,eJ weapors.
lcsers. 1lese lave a rar,e ircremert of 6O ft.,
arJ i,rore tle tar,et's Dex borus to Deferse.
l|necr -cce|erctor Cun. 1lese lave a rar,e
ircremert of 9O ft., arJ lalve all Jama,e reJuctior
arJ larJress.
I|csmc M| ss||e. 1lis is a ball of plasma
cortaireJ ir a ma,retic fielJ precisely timeJ to
Jecay at tle momert of impact. lt las a rar,e of 1
mile, arJ Joes fire Jama,e ir a 2OO ft. burst.
Caleb may use ore weapor system per rourJ,
as ar attack actior.
AJaptive Reconfiguration (Ex): Caleb car
rebuilJ limself, witlir limits. lf le is ever seriously
larmeJ (more tlar ore-lalf of lis lit poirts) ir a
battle, arJ survives, le will aralyze tle rature of
tle attacks arJ Jevise appropriate Jeferses.
Defensive Nanoswarm(Ex): Òre of Caleb's
,reatest apparert weakresses is tle lack of close-ir
weaporry. Aryore wlo reacles lis lull is
apparertly free to plart a bomb or otlerwise attack
witl impurity. Not so. As soor as ar eremy
approacles witlir 5 ft. of lis outer surface, Caleb
will Jis,or,e lis raroswarms. A clouJ of black Just
seems to er,ulf lim. Caleb is urlarmeJ, but aryore
or arytlir, cau,lt ir tle swarm will take 25 poirts
of Jama,e per rourJ, i,rorir, larJress arJ Dl.
1lere is ro save, except to witlJraw from tle area.
Sensor Suite (Ex): Caleb carrot be surpriseJ,
arJ ,airs a ++ borus or iritiative clecks. lr
aJJitior, le las tle equivalerts of Jarkvisior,
tremorserse, arJ scert. He las a +2O racial borus
or all Spot, Lister arJ Searcl clecks.
TrampÌe (Ex): Caleb moves by a system of
microcila ir lis urJerbelly, allowir, lim to ¨flow"
across almost ary surface. He is flexible erou,l tlat
le car er,ulf arytlir, of MeJium-size or smaller,
or lar,er creatures wlicl lave beer krockeJ Jowr,
arJ trample tlem for 1OJ6 poirts of Jama,e for
every rourJ le is or top of tlem.
Fear Aura (Ex): Caleb's fear aura is Will save
DC +2.
Data Banks (Ex): Cal eb cortairs vast
reserves of Jata or almost every subject, as
proviJir, tlis irformatior ir molecular stora,e
took up orly a cubic foot or so of lis vast irterral
bulk. As a corsequerce, Caleb car ,rart limself
lrowleJ,e or ary subject witl a borus of +1O
as a full rourJ actior.
SwaÌÌow WboÌe (Ex): As ar attack actior,
Caleb car part lis armor arJ er,ulf ary beir,
witlir 5 feet of lim, urless tley make a leflex save
(DC 33). Caleb car er,ulf ore Hu,e, two Lar,e,
four MeJium-size, or ei,lt or more smaller beir,s.
Òrce irsiJe, tley car eitler be lelJ for stuJy
(claracter is paralyzeJ but kept alive) or torr apart
(6J6 Jama,e per rourJ, lortituJe save (DC 35) for
lalf Jama,e). lt is rot possible for a beir, so
swalloweJ to cut ler way free.
Nanofacs (Ex): Caleb cortairs a rumber of
syrtlesis arJ marufacturir, urits witlir limself. 1lis
,ives lim, ir effect, a Wealtl borus of +2O; clecks
may be maJe to Jetermire if le las tle resources at
tle momert to marufacture a JesireJ item.
0eat| Hac||ae. 0eat| Hac||ae. 0eat| Hac||ae. 0eat| Hac||ae. 0eat| Hac||ae. CR 1b; Ce|essa| awace ceastcact; h0 b0dl0;
|µ 21b; Has -; la|t -2 (-2 0ex, -4 seasec sa|te); Sµd 60
|t.; 0e|ease 40, teac| 0, ||at-|eeted 40 (-2 0ex, -8 s|ze,
-40 aataca|); ßAß -38; 6caµ -12; At| -36 caaqed (4 |asecs
b0d6); |a|| At| -36/-3l/-26/-2l/-l6 caaqed (4 |asecs
b0d6) ec 36/-3l/-26/-2l/-l6 caaqed (6 ||aeac acce|ecatecs
40d6) ec -36/-3l/-26/-2l/-l6 caaqed (µ|asma m|ss||e
60d6); |S 30 |t. ey 30 |t.; Reac| lb |t.; SÇ 0R b0/-,
weaµeas systems, adaµt|ve cecea||qacat|ea, |ast |ea||aq 20,
de|eas|ve aaaeswacm, seasec sa|te, tcamµ|e, |eac aaca, eaecqy
ces|staace 30, data eaa|s, swa||ew w|e|e, aaae|acs; A|
|act|ea; S\ |ect -3l, Re| -27, w||| -4l; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc
41, 0ex 1, Cea -, lat 30 w|s 30 C|a 24.
SkiÌÌs: lrtimiJate +2O, Diplomacy +15, Spot
+37, Lister +35, Searcl +5O, lrvesti,ate +2O,
lrowleJ,e (Lartl arJ life scierces)+2O.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: Ly claracter class.
1le sep is a feareJ preJator, arJ it stalks
arywlere tle ,rourJ is free of lar,e starJs of
ve,etatior. Òper prairies, turJra arJ Jesert are all
likely lurtir, ,rourJs for tle sep. lr form, tle sep
resembles a slark, altlou,l tle skir is rou,ler arJ
covereJ witl a tlick layer of scar tissue. 1le forwarJ
firs lave be,ur to separate irto fir,ers, tlou,l tlis
is rot complete, arJ tle rear tail is oJJly twisteJ
arJ kirkeJ, as muscles Jesi,reJ to propel tle beast
tlrou,l water aJapt to life or larJ. 1le sep carrot
live ir water ary lor,er; its ,ills lave mutateJ to
suck oxy,er from tle air.
1le sep lives primarily urJer,rourJ. 1le
females lay tleir e,,s ir cool, moist eartl far below
tle surface. Males car smell urfertilizeJ e,,s for
miles arJ will burrow to tlem arJ fertilize tlem.
After tle e,,s latcl, tle your, fry burrow away,
feastir, or terJrilworms arJ reJ moles urtil tley're
bi, erou,l to be,ir ,rabbir, above-,rourJ meals.
1le sep uses its tremorserse to locate a tar,et,
surface urJer it, take a bite arJ tler retreat
urJer,rourJ, repeatir, tle process urtil tle tar,et
is JeaJ. 1ler it emer,es fully arJ feasts.
1le sep is feareJ, but rot overly commor.
Settlemerts ir sep-irfesteJ areas ofter sirk metal
fercir, 2O feet or so irto tle eartl surrourJir, tleir
settlemert; tlis ofter causes sep to Jivert arourJ
tlem. llartir, Jerse starJs of trees is arotler
optior, as is lavir, stror, corcrete, store or sleet
metal fourJatiors for builJir,s. All of tlese
ercoura,e a sep to firJ easier prey. Mary otler
cultures lave JevelopeJ oJJ belief s, sucl as
¨wearir, loop-fur boots will keep a sep from learir,
you," a superstitior easily JisproveJ by rotir, tlat
loops fall to sep attacks as easily as aryore else.
Sep e,,s are a Jelicacy, wler tley car be fourJ,
wlicl is rot ofter urless some form of artifact or
urusual sersory ability is brou,lt irto play. Sep liJe
is extremely useful for tle marufacture of armor,
arJ sep teetl are useJ as jewelry or set irto weapors.
1le or,ar wlicl is tle source of tle sep's telekiresis
is ofter boileJ Jowr irto meJiciral potiors; tlese
lave orly a placebo effect, at best.
TeÌekinetic Burrowing (Ex, Psi, Mut): Aryore
examirir, a JeaJ sep, arJ wlo laJ rot seer a live
ore, woulJ worJer low tle creature mara,eJ to lurt
at all, as it seems almost ircapable of ary larJ motior
otler tlar a feeble floppir,. However, wler alive,
seps move tlrou,l soil as easily as tleir arcestors
moveJ tlrou,l water, tlarks to a telekiretic power
tlat pulverizes soil arJ eartl or a molecular level,
allowir, tle sep to swim tlrou,l it. 1lis ability las
ro effect or soliJ rock or or ve,etable matter; seps
carrot move well tlrou,l Jerse forests, as tle root
systems keep tlem from surfacir,.
Seµ. Seµ. Seµ. Seµ. Seµ. CR l0; haqe mataat eeast; h0 l0d8-40; |µ 8b; Has
l7; la|t -l (-l 0ex); Sµd 20 |t., eaccew 40 |t.; 0e|ease l1,
teac| 1, ||at-|eeted l1 (-2 s|ze, -l 0ex, -l0 aataca|); ßAß
-l0; 6caµ -26; At| -l6 me|ee (e|te ld8-l2); |a|| At| -l6
me|ee (e|te ld8-l2); |S lb |t. ey lb |t.; Reac| l0 |t.; SÇ
tcemecsease, te|e||aet|c eaccew|aq; a| aeae; S\ |ect -ll,
Re| -6, w||| -6; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc 21, 0ex 7, Cea l7, lat 3,
w|s l6, C|a ll.
SkiÌÌs: Spot +12, Move Silertly +5.
Feats: lri,ltful lreserce, lmproveJ Crab.
Souls'kers are ri,ltmares to ary wlo live rear
or ir tle sta,rart mires of tle olJ Americar soutl.
1le still, Jeep waters, arJ tle mary over,rowr
caves proviJe tle ervirormert tlat tlese creatures
crave. A wir,less mosquito tlat car look a mar ir
tle eye, tley are solitary lurters, arJ tley prefer
tleir prey to be tle same. A souls'ker waits urtil a
likely victim las moveJ away from its fellows, tler
leaps to attack. lts ratural Jeferses make it Jifficult
to spot urtil it is too late, arJ its paralytic verom
mears tlat its victims carrot cry out, but must
watcl, lelpless, as tleir lifeblooJ is JraireJ irto
tle souls'ker's carapaceJ, trarslucert boJy.
1le souls'ker's ,ore attack represerts its feeJir,
tube. 1lis tube urcoils witl ircreJible speeJ, arJ
Jrives itself Jeep irto a victim's flesl.
ParaÌysis (Ex, Mut): Souls'kers irject a
paralytic verom eacl time tley strike witl tleir
feeJir, tubes. lf aryore wlo takes Jama,e from
sucl ar attack fails a lortituJe save (DC 1+), tley
will be paralyzeJ for 2J6 mirutes. lf tlis occurs, tle
souls'ker las stuck tle feeJir, tube Jeep ir tle
victim, arJ will Jo Jouble Jama,e witl its ,ore
attack, witlout ary attack roll reeJeJ, eacl rourJ
urtil tle victim is JeaJ. 1le souls'ker carrot move
or attack wlile feeJir, ir tlis marrer, arJ is
corsiJereJ to be flat-footeJ.
CbameÌeon (Ex, Mut): Souls'ker carapaces are
impre,rateJ witl courtless tiry plotosersitive
particles, wlicl cortirually clar,e ir resporse to
ambiert corJitiors. Souls'ker blerJ irto tleir
ervirormert quickly, arJ aryore tryir, to spot a
souls'ker wlicl las rot moveJ more tlar lalf-speeJ
ir tle past mirute suffers a -1O circumstarce
peralty or tle cleck.
Intuition (Ex, Mut, Psi): Souls'ker lave a low-
level psyclic serse, far below ever tleir limiteJ
awareress, wlicl allows tlem to serse opporerts'
actiors arJ react to tlem witlout ever beir, aware
tley're Joir, it. Souls'ker are rever surpriseJ. lr
aJJitior, souls'ker lave a +1 Jiviratior borus or
botl to attack arJ Jama,e rolls, because tley krow
exactly wlere arJ wler to strike. 1lese boruses
lave beer aJJeJ irto tle stat block.
WaterwaÌk (Ex, Mut): A combiratior of a
rearly lollow boJy, urcorscious telekiresis, oJJ
secretiors arJ broaJ, flat feet allows souls'kers to
walk across water as if it were soliJ. 1le move at
tleir full speeJ across liquiJs, proviJeJ tle surface
of tle water is relatively still. 1ley carrot walk or
fast-movir, or li,lly turbulert waters.
Sea|s'|ec. Sea|s'|ec. Sea|s'|ec. Sea|s'|ec. Sea|s'|ec. CR 6; |acqe vecm|a; h0 bd8-l0; |µ 33; Has lb;
la|t -0; Sµd 30 |t.; 0e|ease 20, teac| 7, ||at-|eeted 20 (-
l s|ze, -ll aataca|); ßAß -3; 6caµ -ll; At| -1 me|ee (qece
ld8-1); |a|| At| -1 me|ee (qece ld8-1); |S l0 |t. ey l0 |t.;
Reac| b |t.; SÇ µaca|ys|s, c|ame|eea, |ata|t|ea, watecwa||;
A| aeae; S\ |ect -6, Re| -l, w||| -3; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l7,
0ex ll, Cea lb, lat l, w|s l4, C|a l0.
SkiÌÌs: Spot +1O, Lister +6, Move Silertly +3.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: 6-1O HD (Hu,e).
A featlereJ fisl rearly 1O ft. ir ler,tl, witl a
siruous, flexible boJy, it's Jifficult to say if tle terl
was a proJuct of Jeliberate Jesi,r or of a particularly
strar,e series of mutatiors. lts motler was a
barracuJa arJ its fatler was a parrot, but it is rot a
creature to be lau,leJ at. 1le swampy soutlerr
,roves of tle former LriteJ States are tle mair
restir, ,rourJ for most terls, but some species lave
mi,rateJ as far rortl as tle irlarJ sea. So lor, as
tlere is rearby water ir wlicl tley car lay tleir
e,,s, arJ trees to rest ir, tle terl car survive.
1erls lurt ir packs. 1ley usually stay still,
coileJ arourJ tree brarcles, urtil a likely bit of
prey warJers by. 1ler tley exploJe out of tle trees,
a riot of brilliart colors arJ slarp, rippir, teetl.
1ley will use tleir soric arJ cryokiretic attacks
first, killir, tleir prey from a Jistarce, tler move
ir to eat. A terl orly uses its plysical weapors if
correreJ, or if its rar,eJ attacks lave prover useless
but tle prey seems otlerwise vulrerable.
Wlile terl are Jar,erous to lurt, tley are also
a valuable resource to ary societies wlicl Jwell rear
tleir rests. 1erl featlers car be useJ as Jecorative
leaJJresses or sewr irto clotlir,. Societies wlicl
live rear terl restir, ,rourJs ofter lave aJultlooJ
rites irvolvir, tle larvestir, of terl featlers. 1erls
proJuce wlat some lave termeJ ¨rairbow caviar,"
as tleir e,,s are multicoloreJ arJ beautiful. 1erl
usually rest ir trees very rear tle waters wlere tley
laiJ tleir e,,s, lowever, so ,atlerir, tlis caviar is
a Jar,erous occupatior. As sucl, it's ar expersive
TeÌekinetic FÌigbt (Ex, Psi): 1erls fly witlout
wir,s, tlou,l tleir firs lave evolveJ to proviJe
,uiJarce arJ Jirectior. 1leir fli,lt is a specializeJ
form of telekiresis. 1lis mears tley car stop or turr
irstartly, witl ro reeJ to bark or slow. 1ley car
also lover irJefiritely. 1ley fly witl perfect skill.
Cryokinesis (Ex, Psi): Òrce every 1J+ rourJs,
tle 1erl car urleasl a blast of psioric force wlicl
suJJerly arJ Jrastically slows molecular motior ir
its tar,et via li,lly specializeJ telekiresis. 1lis
causes +J6 poirts of colJ Jama,e, witl a lortituJe
save (DC 13) for lalf. 1le terl car use tlis ability
or ary creature it car see witlir 6O ft.
Sonic BÌast (Ex, Mu): A le,acy of tle parrots
wlose DNA was sewr irto tle terl a,es a,o, tlis
powerful attack is usually tle first si,r tlat a terl
swarm las appeareJ. A louJ, piercir, cry, it
reverberates tlrou,l flesl arJ bore. 1le attack is
a +O-ft. core, arJ all witlir tle area of effect must
make a lortituJe save a,airst DC 13 or take 3J6
poirts of soric Jama,e. All witlir will be JeafereJ
for 1J+ rourJs ever if tle lortituJe save is maJe.
1lis potert attack car be useJ orly orce every 2+
lours. Wlile tle sourJ is orly Jama,ir, witlir
tle core, it is auJible for a mile.
1ec|. 1ec|. 1ec|. 1ec|. 1ec|. CR b; |acqe mataat eeast; h0 4dl0-l2; |µ 34; Has
l1; la|t -b (-l 0ex, -4 |mµceved |a|t|at|ve); Sµd b |t., ||y
b0 |t. (µec|ect); 0e|ease l6, teac| l0, ||at-|eeted l6 (-l
0ex, -l s|ze, -6 aataca|); ßAß -4; 6caµ -l2; At| -1 me|ee
(e|te ld8-6); |a|| At| -1 me|ee (e|te ld8-6); |S l0 |t. ey
l0 |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ ccye||aes|s, sea|c e|ast; A| aeae; S\
|ect -1, Re| -b, w||| -3; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc l7, 0ex l3, Cea
l1, lat 2, w|s l4, C|a l2.
SkiÌÌs: HiJe+6, Move Silertly+6 Lister +7.
Feats: lmproveJ lritiative.
AJvancement: 5-8 HD (Lar,e).
1le tlra is a ,ar,artuar motl, ,rowr to over
3 ft. ir ler,tl, witl a wir,spar of rearly 6 ft. lt is
,ererally fourJ orly ir tle ruirs of cities tlat were
JestroyeJ primarily by fissior or fusior raJiatior,
as its strar,e metabolism requires a cortirual irput
of sucl erer,ies. lt is a purely carrivorous beast,
arJ lives a solitary lifestyle, except Jurir, orce a
year matir, rituals. 1lra females Jie after matir,,
tleir your, latclir, witlir tlem; arJ tlra larvae
are lelpless tlir,s, tiry wlite ma,,ot-like creatures
ro more tlar 3 or + ircles lor,. 1ley liJe ir
subway caverrs arJ abarJoreJ basemerts, feeJir,
or worms arJ irsects, urtil tle metamorplosis
plase occurs. At tlis poirt, tle larvae cocoor, arJ
emer,e 1-2 weeks later as full-,rowr tlra. 1le rew
aJults tler take to tle air ir searcl of prey. (Some
larvae crawl irto places wlere tleir aJult form
carrot escape; wlile tlis usually mears tlat tle
aJults simply starve ir slort orJer, it also mears
tlat subway arJ sewer systems may sometimes be
lome to rewborr, starvir, tlra.)
1lra are ,ererally a miror tlreat for tlose wlo
are prepareJ for tlem, but tley car be letlal to
aryore wlo isr't. 1leir raJioactive aura mears tlat
closir, to melee witlout some form of protectior
is basically suiciJe.
lf a tlra is ever moveJ or trarsporteJ to ar area
witl low or ro ambiert back,rourJ raJioactivity,
it will slowly starve, losir, 1 poirt of Corstitutior
per Jay urtil it reacles O Corstitutior arJ Jies.
RaJioactive Aura (Ex, Mut): Sustairir, a flyir,,
meter-lor, irvertebrate isr't easy. 1le tlra is a
marvelous piece of acciJertal er,ireerir,, tle
corsequerce of a Jozer Jifferert muta,er arJ
erlarcemert sequerces ,ore seriously wror,. Lut all
tlat restructurir, takes power - a lot of it. 1le tlra
las micro,ererators tlrou,lout its cell structure,
takir, ir raJiatior arJ turrir, it irto erer,y to power
biolo,ical furctiors - a form of raJioactive
plotosyrtlesis. However, as witl all creatures, it reeJs
to expel waste; tlis, too, takes tle form of raJiatior.
A 5 ft. aura surrourJs tle 1lra; ary creature wlicl
erters tlat aura is exposeJ to letlal Joses of raJiatior.
A lortituJe save (DC 15) is reeJeJ eacl rourJ of
exposure to avoiJ takir, 1J3 poirts of Corstitutior
Jama,e. Wler tle victim's Corstitutior Jrops to O,
tle tlra will feeJ, urless it is still beir, attackeJ. (1lra
reeJ some mirerals arJ compourJs tley carrot
syrtlesize, wlicl is wly tley eat flesl.) Aryore wlo
survives a tlra attack must Jeal witl tle effects of
raJiatior poisiorir, (see Clapter lour).
1|ca. 1|ca. 1|ca. 1|ca. 1|ca. CR b; Hed|am mataat; h0 4dl0-4; |µ 26; Has l3;
la|t -2 (-2 0ex); Sµd l0 |t., ||y 60 |t. (µeec); 0e|ease l6,
teac| l2, ||at-|eeted l4 (-2 0ex, -4 aataca|,); ßAß -4; 6caµ
-4; At| -4 me|ee (e|te ld6); |a|| At| -4 me|ee (e|te ld6);
|S b |t. ey b |t.; Reac| b |t.; SÇ cad|eact|ve aaca; a| aeae;
S\ |ect -b, Re| -6, w||| -3; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc ll, 0ex lb,
Cea l3, lat 2, w|s l4, C|a ll.
SkiÌÌs: Spot+1O, Move Silertly +9.
AJvancement: 5-8 HD (Lar,e).
wlN 6EEN
1le wir seer is ore of tle true terrors of tle
Camma A,e, at least for tlose witlout tle mears
to root it out. Massive, sprawlir, plarts, tley cover
ar area 3O ft. ir Jiameter, ,rowir, ir arJ arourJ
existir, folia,e. Ary creature erterir, tleir realm
is quickly ,rabbeJ arJ torr to pieces, tleir flesl
fallir, irto tle Jark loam to proviJe fooJ for tle
¨,reer Jeatl."
Wir seer be,ar as ar or,aric Jeferse, suitable
for tlose factiors tlat JisJaireJ security robots or
otler larJtecl. A bit of kuJzu lere, some \erus
lly 1rap tlere, combireJ witl some symbiotes,
createJ tle root stock easily erou,l. 1ley were
rever irterJeJ to ,row so lar,e, arJ were supposeJ
to be ircapable of self-reproJuctior. Al, well.
Litler tle Jesi,r was flaweJ or sometlir, clar,eJ
Jurir, tle SlaJow Years. lmmature wir seer are
urJocumerteJ; tley seem to emer,e, full-,rowr,
ir foresteJ areas. 1lis is, of course, impossible, arJ
mary lypotleses exist to explair tlis pleromeror,
but rore are wiJely accepteJ. Most beir,s, of
course, Jo rot care about biolo,y; tley merely wisl
to avoiJ tle creatures.
1lis is rot easy to Jo. 1le wir seer lies
Jormart urJer a blarket of leaves, tree roots, arJ
otler, less lostile, ve,etatior, urtil prey warJers
by. lf it is very lur,ry, it will actually reacl out
arJ Jra, prey ir, but, most of tle time, it will let
tle creature walk well irto its raJius before strikir,.
Courtless tlick, vire-like terJrils lasl out,
er,ulfir, tle lapless creature arJ, ir most cases,
slreJJir, it. \ery few beir,s car survive a full
assault by a wir seer.
Spottir, a Jormart wir seer requires a Spot
cleck (DC 25). Aryore witl 5 or more rarks ir
lrowleJ,e (Lartl arJ life scierces) ,airs a +2
syrer,y borus or tle cleck, as Joes aryore witl 5
or more rarks ir Survival.
Wir seer are corsiJereJ major tlreats almost
everywlere. lf tley are locateJ by a suitably well-
equippeJ commurity, tley car be JestroyeJ by fire or
otler rar,eJ attacks, but tlis is Jar,erous, as tle use of
sucl weapors car easily burr Jowr tle wooJs ir wlicl
tle creatures live. Most commurities simply mark tle
area arourJ tle wir seer arJ i,rore it. However, wir
seer terJ to spreaJ. Wlere tlere is ore, ir a few mortls,
tlere will be arotler, just as massive. 1ley car block
vital traJe routes or make extractir, resources from tle
forest mucl more Jifficult.
Wir seer lave arotler use. Leaves from tle
core of tle plart, if larvesteJ wler tle plart is
eitler still alive or rewly JeaJ, car be boileJ irto
ar extremely potert arti-toxir. lf ir,esteJ after tle
iri tial Jama,e of ary poisor wlicl Jama,es
Corstitutior or Dexterity, it will ,rart a +1O
equipmert borus or tle secorJary Jama,e savir,
tlrow. A sir,le plart yielJs erou,l leaves for a
Jozer Joses of tlis Jru,.
Constrict: 1le wir seer crusles its victim witl
its multiple vire-like tertacles after makir, a
successful ,rapple cleck. lt car irflict its slam
Jama,e or a ,rappleJ victim.
w|a Seea. w|a Seea. w|a Seea. w|a Seea. w|a Seea. CR 20; Ce|essa| µ|aat; h0 32d8-288; |µ 432 h|;
Has -; la|t -2 (-2 0ex); Sµd 0; 0e|ease 6, teac| 0, ||at-
|eeted 6 (-2 0ex, -8 s|ze, -4 aataca|); ßAß -24; 6caµ -b1;
At| -33 me|ee (s|am 4d6-l1); |a|| At| -33/-28/-23/-l8/-l3
me|ee (s|am 4d6-l1 µ|as ceastc|ct); |S 30 |t. ey 30 |t.; Reac| lb
|t.; SÇ Ceastc|ct,; A| |eae; Saves |ect -21, Re|-8,w|||-l3; A|
0; Reµ -0; Stc 4b (-l1), 0ex 1, Cea 27, lat 2, w|s l8, C|a 8.
SkiÌÌs: Nore.
Feats: Nore.
AJvancement: 33-6+ HD (Colossal).
1le yexil is ore of tle strar,er creatures to
roam tle Camma WorlJ, arJ tlat is ro small feat.
Ceretically, yexils appear to be a lybriJ of lior arJ
bat, ,rowr to erormous size. 1leir wir,spar
approacles 3O ft., arJ tle beasts tlemselves are
rearly 1O ft. tall, starJir, or tleir massive rear le,s.
Humar-like larJs are fourJ at tle erJs of tle
wir,s, arJ tle wir,s are marvels of rature, allowir,
tle yexils to use tleir larJs relatively freely.
1le Yexil are borJerlire irtelli,ert. 1ley car
speak a few lurJreJ worJs of tle most commor Jialect
ir tle area, arJ tley seem to urJerstarJ mary more.
1ley are, tlus, very currir, preJators, mucl smarter
tlar mere arimals; tlou,l tleir low level of irtelli,erce
mears tlere is really ro yexil culture or society.
Yexil's lave ar extremely oJJ Jiet. Specifically,
tley eat clotlir,. Wlile tley car Ji,est simple cottor
arJ wooler ,armerts marufactureJ witl post-SlaJow
Years irJustry, tleir preferreJ meal is clotlir, maJe
from syrtletic fibers, tle more complex arJ irtricate
tle better. A Jirrer of polyclromatic clameleor
clotl, for example, is irfiritely preferable to a simple
pile of rou,l wooler turics. lurtlermore, yexils Jo
rot eat fibers; tley eat c|ot||n¸. Lrcut clotl is just
barely acceptable, eater orly wler starvatior is rear.
1lreaJ alore, or raw wool or cottor, is ireJible. Lver
if forceJ to eat it, yexils are ircapable of Ji,estir, it,
arJ will vomit it up.
1le orly explaratior offereJ is a bizarre
symbiosis witl fabric-Jestroyir,/recyclir, rarites,
wlicl somelow affecteJ tle mirJs of tle beasts as
well as tleir Ji,estive tracts, because tley are always
capable of iJertifyir, a clotl item as ¨clotlir," or
¨rot clotlir,." 1ley ever lave a ,ooJ serse of
faslior, arJ car commuricate laltir,ly about
Jifferert styles arJ customs.
Yexils are corsiJereJ pests, but very Jar,erous
pests. Clotlir, is valuable: Marufacturir, clotlir,
is Jifficult work witlout moJerr maclirery, arJ
clotlir, from tle SlaJow Years is a treasure,
especially tle exotic materials tlat yexils like to
eat. lf a yexil las be,ur raiJir, clotlir, stores,
aJverturers may be askeJ to Jispose of it.
However, if a yexil is ercourtereJ somewlere
wlere it is rot makir, a ruisarce of itself, it car be a
source of irformatior. Yexils will searcl tle ruireJ
cities for cacles of clotlir,, arJ ofter rote otler items
wlicl tley see but Jo rot care to Jeal witl tlemselves.
lor example, a yexil will lappily Jevour tle uriforms
storeJ at a for,otter, mostly irtact military base, but
leave tle ,urs arJ velicles alore. Yexils are rot very
smart, but tley are rot Jumb beasts, eitler. 1ley krow
tlat tle krowleJ,e tley lave is valuable, arJ ofter
JemarJ paymert ir clotlir, before revealir, ary
irformatior tley possess. 1ley are, lowever, ,ererally
too stupiJ to lie, or to really juJ,e tle true value of
wlat tley krow, so tley ofter sell extremely valuable
irformatior for a relative pittarce ir clotl.
CoÌJ Immunity (Ex, Mut): 1le metabolism of
yexils, arJ tle oJJ structure of tleir fur, combire to
make tle creatures totally resistart to colJ. Lver tle
cryokiretic attacks of tle terl Jo ro Jama,e to tlem.
No colJ-baseJ attack affects a yexil ir tle sli,ltest.
Laser Eyes (Ex, Mut): 1le eyes of tle yexil
seem to be tle proJuct of a li,lly experimertal
military retrovirus/rarobot combiratior. 1appir,
irto tle same metabolic erer,y wlicl rerJers tle
species immure to colJ, arJ possibly fueleJ by tle
complex clemical compourJs tley extract from
syrtletic fibers, tle yexil's eyes car fire laser beams
wlicl Jo 1OJ6 poirts of fire Jama,e to a sir,le
tar,et orce every 1J+ rourJs. A leflex save a,airst
DC 2O re,ates tle effects.
Yex||. Yex||. Yex||. Yex||. Yex||. CR l0; haqe mataat eeast; h0 l0dl0-b0; |µ l0b; Has
2l; la|t -4 (|mµceved |a|t|at|ve); Sµd 30 |t., |||q|t 70 |t.
(µeec); 0e|ease l8, teac| 8, ||at-|eeted l8 (s|ze -2, aataca|
-l0); ßAß -l0; 6caµ -26; At| -l6 me|ee (e|te 2d6-8); |a||
At| -l6/-ll me|ee (e|te 2d6-8 aad 2 c|aws 2d4-4); |S lb |t.
ey lb |t.; Reac| l0 |t.; SÇ ce|d |mmaa|ty, |asec eyes; a| aeae;
S\ |ect -l2, Re| -1, w||| -6; A| 0; Reµ -0; Stc 21, 0ex ll,
Cea 2l, lat 1, w|s l6, C|a l4.
SkiÌÌ s: Spot+9, Lal arce+8, Lister+5,
lrowleJ,e (popular culture) +5.
Feats: lmproveJ lritiative, lower Attack.
AJvancement: 11-23 HD (Hu,e).
1le lavisler lla,ue las its ori,irs ir tle wiJe
rar,e of ¨super solJier" pro,rams tlat were be,ur
by every ratior arJ most private paramilitary
or,arizatiors Jurir, tle SlaJow Years. 1lis
pro,ram, lowever, las clearly clar,eJ arJ altereJ
Jrastically over time, arJ tle result is ore of tle
major tlreats to tle Camma WorlJ. 1le term
¨pla,ue" is a bit stror,, as it is usually orly ore beir,
ir a lar,e area wlicl is Jirectly affecteJ, but tle
Jama,e Jore by tlose irfecteJ is so vast tlat it
mi,lt as well be ar epiJemic.
1le lavisler lla,ue strikes rarJomly, arJ it
car irfect rearly arytlir, witl a multi-cellular
biolo,y, tlou,l it seems most likely to tar,et
vertebrates. Òrce it las irfecteJ a lost, it er,a,es
ir a complex ¨urfolJir," process. 1le basic
irfectior is capable of Joir, orly ore tlir, -
repro,rammir, cells to be,ir marufacturir, a
molecular computer. 1lat computer, ir turr, is
pro,rammeJ to aralyze its ervirormert arJ
proJuce a better computer, wlicl follows tle same
sequerce, urtil a small, furctiorir, Al las
irsiruateJ itself irto tle cells of tle lost. 1lis
process takes 1J6 Jays.
Òrce tle rew mirJ las appeareJ, it be,irs tle
creatior of rew, specializeJ factory cells, wlicl start
clurrir, out tailoreJ retrovirii carryir, custom-
maJe DNA payloaJs. 1ley be,ir to roam tle boJy,
eJitir,, clar,ir, arJ revisir,. leeJback from tleir
pro,ress is always carrieJ back to tle cortrollir,
Al, wlicl aJjusts tle irfectiors accorJir,ly. Ary
ratural ,eretic Jeferse, ro matter low robust, will
evertually fall, urless tle Al itself is somelow
JetecteJ arJ JestroyeJ - arJ sirce it will wrap
itself ir a slell of cells Jesi,reJ to serJ ¨lerfectly
rormal, rotlir, to see lere, move alor," messa,es
to tle immure system, tlat is very urlikely to occur
urless exterral meJical teclrolo,y is useJ.
Approximately 1O to 15 Jays after cortractir,
tle lavisler lla,ue, tle lost be,irs to rotice tle
effects. 1lese usually take tle form of sweatir,,
muscle spasms arJ a ,rowir,, overwlelmir, ur,e
to be alore. 1le Al las be,ur to irfect tle lost's
mi rJ, arJ it serJs tle lost fleeir, from its
commurity, lerJ or labitat, to firJ as isolateJ arJ
secure spot as it car. 1le lost is orly va,uely aware
of wly it is Joir, tlis. lf i t is self-aware, it
ratioralizes some excuse. Arimals simply obey tle
strar,e impulses burrir, away tleir irstircts.
Òrce ar isolateJ spot is fourJ, tle lost be,irs
to secrete a tlick, amber-coloreJ liquiJ, wlicl
slowly larJers arourJ its boJy. Corsciousress
flickers arJ faJes. 1le amber slell Jarkers,
becomir, a sickly browr-,rey, arJ reirforces itself,
,airir, larJress 5 arJ 25 lit poirts. 1le lavisler
lla,ue krows sometlir, akir to fear at tlis poirt,
because if tle lost is killeJ row, it Jies, too - arJ
it is mucl more vulrerable Jurir, tlis clrysalis
sta,e tlar at ary otler poirt ir its lifecycle.
moves witlout purpose or plar, seekir, orly
Jestructior. lt will cortirue to Jo rotlir, but eat,
move arJ Jestroy urtil it is somelow stoppeJ.
HeigbteneJ Power (Ex, Mut): Ary abilities
tle base creature possesseJ are ircreaseJ Jrastically
by tle ravisler virus. 1le exact affects vary, but
ary or all of tle followir, will occur:
Rcn¸e, -rec oj íjject, or numoer oj Tcr¸ets will
be JoubleJ.
Dcmc¸e J|ce are ircreaseJ by 5.
Scv|n¸ t|row DCs are ircreaseJ by 5.
Durct|on is JoubleJ.
lf tle power car be useJ orly a limiteJ rumber
of times per Jay, tlis rumber Joubles.
Io|son Jcmc¸e ircreases by 1 Jie size - poisor
wlicl JiJ 1J+ Jama,e will Jo 1J6 Jama,e, for
example, ir aJJitior to tle ircreaseJ save DC.
Ravisber Power (Ex, Mut): 1le lavisler lla,ue
,rarts to its victim a urique arJ JeaJly ability. 1lis
power is li,lly irJiviJualistic; ro two ravislers lave
ever laJ precisely tle same power, ever if tley came
from tle same base stock. lr some cases, a rumber of
lesser powers are ,rarteJ irsteaJ of ore overwlelmir,
ability. 1le exact power, or powers, ,rarteJ is up to
tle CM; followir, are a few examples.
lou,lly a week later, tle clrysalis slatters.
Wlat emer,es is a tlir, of lorror, tle livir,
emboJimert of tle teclrolo,ies tlat tore tle worlJ
apart, a creature motivateJ by rotlir, otler tlar
a Jesire to Jestroy.
¨lavisler" is a template tlat car be aJJeJ to
ary lumar, mutart lumar, arimal or mutart beast
(lereafter referreJ to as tle base creature). 1le
creature's type clar,es to mutart beast. lt uses all
of tle base creature's statistics arJ special abilities,
except as roteJ lere:
CbaÌÌenge Rating: Same as tle base creature, +1O.
Size: Size ircreases by 3 steps, to a maximum
of Colossal.
Hit Dice: Clar,e to J1O. lavislers ,air 1O
aJJitioral HD.
Mas: Mas is equal to Corstitutior +6.
SpeeJ: lrcreaseJ by 2O feet per rourJ.
Defense: 1le creature ,airs a +15 ratural
borus to Deferse. lf tle creature alreaJy las ar
ratural borus, it ircreases by 15.
BAB: As base creature, +1O.
Attack: 1le creature ,airs bite arJ claw
attacks, if it JiJ rot lave tlem alreaJy.
SQ: 1le creature ,airs fear aura, Dl 15/-,
erer,y resistarce 15, arJ re,ereratior. Natural
abilities are lei,ltereJ, see below. lt also ,airs a
ravisler power; see below.
AL: 1le creature loses all alle,iarces it orce
laJ. lt lives orly to Jestroy.
Saves: leflex, lortituJe, arJ Will saves all rise
to tle score of wliclever is currertly li,lest, arJ
remair ir syrc tlereafter.
AP: As per tle base creature.
Rep: +1O.
Attributes: AJjust abilities as follows: Str +2O,
Dex +6, Cor+1O. lrtelli,erce is eitler raiseJ or
lowereJ to 8. Wis+6, Cla++.
SkiÌÌs: As per tle base claracter.
Feats: 1le ravisler ,airs Heroic Sur,e, arJ
lmproveJ Dama,e 1lreslolJ, twice.
lr form, tle ravisler resembles tle lost, as
remaJe by a maJ, saJistic ,oJ of war. Mary times
lar,er tlar tle base creature, tle ravisler is a
twisteJ ,iart. 1lick plates cover its liJe, arJ
strar,e secretiors ooze from betweer tlem. lts boJy
las ,aireJ powerful weapors - rerJir, claws arJ
rippir, teetl. Wlatever it feJ or before, it is row
truly omrivorous - arytlir, is foJJer for it. lt
EÌectric Aura: 1le ravisler is surrourJeJ by a
cracklir, fielJ of electrical erer,y, exterJir, 15 ft.
from its boJy. Ary creature erterir, tle fielJ will
take 12J6 poirts of electrical Jama,e eacl rourJ,
witl a lortituJe save a,airst DC (15 + 1/2 ravisler's
total HD) for lalf.
Laser Vision: 1le ravisler's eyes are complex
focusir, arJ amplifyir, lerses, arJ it clarrels
storeJ electrical erer,y irto powerful, focuseJ
bursts. 1le eyes Jo 15J6 Jama,e to ary tar,et tle
ravisler car see, up to 5OO ft. Jistart. 1le ravisler
uses tlis ability as a free actior, but orly orce every
1J+ rourJs. A leflex save a,airst DC(15 + 1/2 tle
ravisler's total HD) may be maJe for lalf Jama,e.
IncorporeaÌ: 1le lavisler may become
ircorporeal at will, by telekiretically partir, its
molecular structure.
TaiÌeJ: 1le ravisler las a powerful tail,
armoreJ arJ spikeJ. 1lis allows it to Jo ar
aJJitioral slam arJ ,ore attack eacl rourJ, witl
Jama,e calculateJ as appropriate for its size arJ
type. 1lis is corsiJereJ a lesser power, arJ most
ravislers will lave ar aJJitioral ability as well.
SwaÌÌow WboÌe: 1le ravisler las tle swallow
wlole ability, arJ may corsume ore creature of 2
size cate,ories smaller tlar itself, two creatures of
3 size cate,ories smaller, or four creatures of + or
more size cate,ories smaller tlar itself.
- 21T -
- 218 -
u.t:. ti::+ :- i»: :+¿: :| i»: :t:x·,=:-i, .::t.-¿ +:.- xi i»: ..t» -:. |:·:ti.
o-.¿ »: x-+ x »x-+|.. :| i»: :i»:· :.+:·t -:. ·:=:=o:·:+ i»: ·..-t. ii »x+ o::- =:·:
i»x- |:·i¿ ¿:x·t -:. t.-:: »: x-+ 1x...i »x+ ·:i.·-:+ |·:= i»:.· .:-¿ .:¿x¿: x·:.-+
i»: t:.i»:·- :x,: ..i» i»: t::+t :| |:.· t,::.:t :| i·:: i»xi ::..+ ¿·:. ·.¿»i :- r·:-
Ux· ·..-t ..t: t: =.:» =:tt. ii »x+ o::- =:·: i»x- i».·i¿ ¿:x·t t.-:: i»: .::.ti +.ti
»x+ o::- xo.: i: ·.t: :.i :| i»: ·..-t.
u: t=..:+ xt »: .x.+ ».t x--.x. .·:xi» xi i»: ¿·x.: :| ».t |·.:-+ x-+ =:-i:·,
A.x.ti»::·. ´i »:,: i»xi t:=: ,x·i :| ¿:. t::t .»xi .:'.: +:-: i: i»: ,.x:: x-+
x,,·:.:t, t.·," »: tx.+ xt »: x..x¿t +.+ :- i»:t: :::xt.:-t. ii .xt x +.||:·:-i :·x -:.,
x-+ »: .xt-'i x.i:¿:i»:· t.·: .»xi i»: ¿·.::.:+, »x·t», o.i +::,.¿ ::-::·-:+ .:x+:·
.:..+ »x.: =x+: :| .i x... 1»:- x¿x.-, :-: :| ».t |.·ti .:tt:-t i: u.t:. »x+ o::- i».t:
´1».-¿t :»x-¿:." 8: ,:·»x,t »: ·:ti:+ .- ».t ¿·x.: xt :xt..¿ xt i»: =:x+:. +::t,
t-:..-¿ i»xi xt .i ::-t.=:+ i»: .xt: i»xi :-:: .xt i»:·:, t: i»: |:·:ti .:..+ ::-t.=:
i»: =:x+:. x-+ i».t .:..+ x.. o: x.. ·.¿»i.
1»: t:-t:·t .- u.t:.'t ,·:ti»:i.: .:|i x·= o::,:+ ¡..:i.¿. u: ,::·:+ .-i: i»:
+.tix-::, x:·:tt i»: :.:·¿·:.- :.i¿, x-+ ::..+ ¡.ti =xt: :.i x- x,,·:x:».-¿ :x·x.x-.
¢:·¿: c.i¿ x¿x.-, »: i»:.¿»i ..i» x t.¿». o-:: x¿x.-, i»: ¿:.-¿ =:- :| u.t:.'t
....x¿: .:..+ »x.: i: |:-+ :|| :||:·it i: o·.o: i»:= .-i: ¢:·¿: c.i¿ t:·..::, x-+ .|
u.t:. +.+-'i t::, i»: ,:x::, i»:·: =.¿»i .:.. o: x t:·.:.t +.:. i: i»: +:xi» i».t
¿:x·. u: .:-+:· A.x.ti»::· »x+ t: t:.+:= t::=:+ +:..¿»i:+; .i .xt x .:i =:·: |.- i:
».-i x-+ i·x+: x-+ .x· i»x- .i .xt i: .:x+.
S.i t:=::-: »x+ i: +: .i, x-+ u.t:. .xt »:·:, x-+ .i .xt i.=: i: ¿:i :- ..i» .i.
´8x=: i.=: -:×i ¿:x·, i»:-, t.·," »: tx.+ i: i»: ¿·x.: xt »: ti·:+: ox:t i: ».t .:+¿:.
- 219 -
scaver,ir, wlatever metals surviveJ tle rarite
pla,ues. 1le worlJ las beer ir a leJ Queer's lace
for ,ereratiors, rurrir, maJly just to stay ir place.
Now it is firally time to be,ir walkir, forwarJ.
Most recorstructior campai,rs certer or a sir,le
commurity or cluster of commurities, arJ tle lCs are
usually eitler tle leaJers of tle commurity or trusteJ
a,erts of tle leaJers. 1leir aJvertures are ofter li,lly
varieJ. 1lis week, i t's time to reutrali ze tle
Lorapartist spy witlout riskir, a split ir tle Jelicate
alliarce of lumar- arJ arimal-JescerJeJ sapierts
wlicl is tle basis of tle commurity; rext week, tley
lave to jourrey to a rearby ruir ir searcl of parts for
mirir, maclires wlicl lave firally broker Jowr.
After tlat, tley must clearse ar Arciert military base
of tle barJits tlat irfest it, ir orJer to secure a vital
roaJ betweer Jistart settlemerts. Lacl step is a small
ore, arJ tle lCs wor't live to see tle worlJ fully
reborr, but tleir JeeJs are tle seeJs of rew le,erJs.
A recorstructior-tlemeJ campai,r car also be
more about Lmpire tlar Commurity. 1le lCs may
wisl to simply Jomirate vast territories, by traJe or by
military force. 1leir aJvertures will focus or lirir,
merceraries, Jiscoverir, cacles of lost weapors or ever
somelow ,airir, cortrol of a Jeatl maclire or a
raropla,ue fabricator.
wORL0 lN 80 0AY6
1lis is a campai,r of pure exploratior. Combat witl
mutarts arJ otler foes will certairly be a part, ofter a
lar,e part; but tle creatures are obstacles to overcome,
rot tle focus of tle aJverture. 1le rewarJ for Jefeatir,
tlem is merely to be able to jourrey orwarJs; ary treasure
,aireJ is a secorJary corcerr. Òfter, a sir,le ,oal Jrives
tle party forwarJ - for example, tle claracters may be
tryir, to ,et a slipmert of vaccire from a settlemert or
tle SlattereJ Coast to a Healer erclave locateJ ir tle
SiltfielJs. 1le jourrey takes mortls, witl mary excitir,
stops er-route. Alterratively, tle claracters may be
fleeir, a relertless pursuer, or clasir, someore wlo
remairs eterrally ore step aleaJ. 1lese botl proviJe
opporturities to brir, tle campai,r to a rousir, firale at
some poirt: at lor, last, tle lCs car capture tle tlree-
armeJ mutart wlo frameJ tlem for a brutal crime, or
firally take Jowr tle obsesseJ, irsare cybor, tlat las
beer lurtir, tlem for urtolJ mortls. Arotler optior
is tlat travel is ar erJ itself. 1le lCs simply wisl to see
tle worlJ, or tley may belor, to a cryptic alliarce tlat is
tryir, to ,atler irformatior or tle state of tlir,s.
1lere is ro sir,le ¨ri,lt" way to rur a Camma
WorÌJ campai,r. Wlat matters is wlat suits tle players
arJ CM of a particular campai,r. Most campai,rs blerJ
tlese types ir various mixtures, arJ ofter clar,e over
time or a temporary or permarert basis.
lr otler worJs, a traJitioral J2O fartasy ,ame set
ir Camma WorÌJ. 1le poirt of ,amir, is to lave fur,
arJ it's urJeriable tlat explore/kill/loot/repeat is a lot
of fur, especially wler tle worlJ to explore ircluJes
lalf-surker cities, raJioactive wastelarJs, twisteJ forests
of self-aware ve,etatior arJ military complexes rur by
irsare soultecl; tle tlir,s to kill rar,e from flyir,
barracuJa to city-eatir, rarite swarms to ravislers; arJ
tle loot car be arytlir, from flirt krives to sub-orbital
spacecraft. 1le Camma WorlJ is Jeep erou,l arJ
varieJ erou,l to sustair a ¨basl Jowr tle Joor" ,ame
for a lor, time; arJ, tlarks to tle everts leaJir, up to
tle multaclypse, tlere's a lot of ,ooJ excuses for trap-
filleJ urJer,rourJ complexes to exist. Lver if you lave
Jifferert ,oals ir mirJ for a Camma WorÌJ campai,r,
ary tleme or corcept car berefit from tle occasioral
sessior or two of traJitioral actior-orierteJ play.
"wE CAN REBUlL0 lT ¬
A very commor tleme ir tle source literature
wlicl irspires Camma WorÌJ is recorstructior. 1le
Camma WorlJ is just about reaJy for serious efforts at
rebuilJir, lar,e-scale society. 1le tlousarJ wars lave
erJeJ. 1le cities lave stoppeJ burrir,, arJ mary of
tlem lave ever stoppeJ ,lowir,. A little luck, a little
skill arJ a lot of work car brir, fooJ from tle ,rourJ,
seasor after seasor. 1le raiJers arJ barJits still prowl,
but tley lave to face Ju,-ir, well-armeJ commurities
row, rot ra,,eJ peasarts; eacl year, tleir pickir,s ,row
slimmer. Most of tle olJ roaJs are still too Jar,erous
to travel ir ary ,roup smaller tlar ar army, but clusters
of commurities a few lours riJe by brutorz from eacl
otler lave formeJ, arJ some of tlese clusters lave
be,ur to talk to otler, more Jistart clusters about
establislir, traJe. lr tle lar,er fortress-towrs, rew
builJir,s Jo row or soor will outrumber partially-
rebuilt ruirs, arJ some commurities lave be,ur to
take ore f rom tle ,rourJ, ratler tlar merel y
- 220 -
A travel-tlemeJ campai,r car also focus or tle
,oals of tle ,roup, ratler tlar tle Jestiratior. 1le
lCs may be travelir, lealers, seekir, to lelp all tlose
ir reeJ; or tley may be merclarts, buyir, low arJ
sellir, li,l across tle ler,tl arJ breaJtl of a strar,e
arJ twisteJ larJ.
1lis sort of campai,r offers eterral series of rew
vistas - eacl episoJe brir,s a rew settlemert, a rew
ruir or a rew type of larJscape. 1le mair JisaJvarta,e
is tlat tlis requires a cortirual stream of creatior or
tle CM's part, arJ ro settir, ,ets very flesleJ out.
1lere are few recurrir, NlCs, arJ most re,iors are
reJuceJ to a sir,le irterestir, aspect: 1lis is tle towr
wlere ro ore car speak after Jark, tlat is tle villa,e
wlere ritual carribalism is practiceJ, tlis river is
crosseJ by a pre-Camma A,e briJ,e wlicl las still-
furctiorir, robotic toll-takers, arJ so or. 1le lCs
see, marvel arJ move or.
1le CM al so reeJs to Jeci Je low mucl
teclrolo,y las surviveJ from tle liral Wars to tle
presert Jay of tle campai,r. 1lis warrarts careful
corsiJeratior, sirce it affects almost every aspect of
tle campai,r. 1le followir, are broaJ cate,ories, arJ
rot ar exlaustive list. lr some campai,rs, certair kirJs
of teclrolo,y may be very commor arJ otlers very
rare, or lre-War relics may be commor ir some
commurities arJ rare ir otlers. Major campai,r everts
car alter tle frequercy arJ rar,e of teclrolo,y as well.
lt's importart to corsiJer tle issues, but rot to feel
compelleJ to accept precisely ore of tle followir,
arswers witlout Jeviatior or moJificatior.
1lere is very little survivir, tecl. Lver sometlir,
as basic as a stairless steel krife is a treasure, tlarks to
metal-eatir, rarite pla,ues. A laser ,ur or Ma,XL
rifle is a kir,'s rarsom; sometlir, like a battlesuit or a
furctiorir, security robot may be seer orce a JecaJe.
1le olJ cities are mostly empty slells, lor, sirce
strippeJ of ary accessible relics, but tlat orly makes
tle rewarJ ever more wortl tle risk. A sir,le piece of
soultecl car make a mar ar emperor. A commurity
tlat lappers to be locateJ or a furctiorir, fabricatior
facility of ary sort ,uarJs it faratically, possibly killir,
aryore wlo learrs of tle secret. Aralysis of teclrolo,y
is extremely Jifficult, as tle claracter las almost
certairly rot seer similar items before, arJ all aralysis
task DCs sloulJ be ircreaseJ by 5 or more.
- 221 -
lr tlis kirJ of campai,r, local irJustry ,ets
corstart attertior ir play. lt's a lot smarter to Ji, a
mire tlar to attempt to reclaim ore from tle ruirs,
arJ a krowleJ,e of crop rotatior is more useful ir tle
lor, rur tlar a survivir, a,ribot tlat will soor fail for
lack of spare parts. Most claracters are outfitteJ wlolly
ir material maJe sirce tle SlaJow Years: rakoxer liJe
armor, sworJs of cruJe iror mireJ from tlose few veirs
rot tappeJ out lor, a,o, clotlir, of wool from
kuJzlambs. A commurity may work larJ to builJ ar
irri,atior system or a workir, waterwleel, arJ barJits
are more likely to riJe brutorz tlar motorcycles.
1lis is tle ¨Jefault" for Camma WorÌJ. Lrou,l
olJ teclrolo,y surviveJ tlat small bits of it are
commorplace - most families will lave some relic,
albeit a simple or almost useless ore. 1le family
leirloom mi,lt be a clilJ's toy tlat sir,s sor,s tlat
Jor't lave ary mearir, but sourJ pleasart, a krife maJe
of ar oJJ substarce larJer tlar steel arJ as trarsparert
as ,lass or a Jisc tlat projects a lolo,ram of flowers witl
petals ripplir, tlrou,l colors as tle Jay passes.
Weapors, armor, robots arJ velicles are still very rare,
but most commurities lave a stock of olJ rifles for
Jeferse, arJ a robot, its motive systems lor, sirce
wreckeJ but its mirJ arJ vocalizer still sourJ, may sit
ir tle villa,e square arJ sororously recite tle builJir,
coJe violatiors it is Jetectir, all arourJ it. 1le Creat
LorJ of tle villa,e takes lis skimmer out orce a year;
tle arciert velicle sa,s lower or its air cuslior eacl
time it is brou,lt out, but it rever fails to impress as it
speeJs tlrou,l tle city twice as fast as a certisteeJ'
LarJits riJe beasts, but a few leaJers lave motorcycles.
1owrs rely or tleir owr creatiors, supplemerteJ by
wlatever tley car firJ. At least ore commurity ir ter
was built arourJ a survivir, relic of some sort, sucl as a
workir, water purifier, ar a,roprocessor tlat car preserve
tle larvest irJefiritely, a smelter tlat car make a Jozer
Jifferert tools if tle ri,lt materials are feJ ir arJ tle priests
toucl tle correct rures ir tle correct orJer. 1le lowborr
arJ tle peasartry lave orly local tecl to tleir rame, but
professioral solJiers will lave a smatterir, of arms arJ
armor from tle SlaJow Years, arJ powerful lorJs appear
ir full battle Jress. lobots may be seer as useful tools, ¨metal
,oJs" or liJeous abomiratiors, but tley're rot tlir,s of
mytl. 1le cities lave rot beer pickeJ clear, arJ tlere's a
,ooJ clarce ar expeJitior will be able to firJ some ,ooJies
before tle irlabitarts firJ tlem.
A lot surviveJ tle SlaJow Years: Not so mucl
tlat every family las a Jomestic robot, but erou,l
tlat reclaimir, olJ tecl is more useful ir mary cases
tlar Jevelopir, rew. 1le weapors of tle liral Wars
were less Jestructive of property tlar tley coulJ lave
beer. Cere-er,ireereJ pla,ues emptieJ tle cities, but
robots put out most of tle fires. Lombs scattereJ letlal
raJiatior across wiJe swatls of larJ, but plysically
JestroyeJ orly a small sectior of tleir tar,ets. Narite
pla,ues tore at flesl arJ bore, rot metal arJ plastic,
turrir, a mar irto blooJy ,oo wlile leavir, lis
weapors arJ armor irtact. lt's rot quite as simple as
turrir, over a rock arJ firJir, a plasma rifle, rot by
ary mears, but tle tecl is commor erou,l tlat lavir,
tlat plasma rifle wor't make a player a lorJ. Wlat tle
players Jo witl tle teclrolo,y is more importart tlar
tle fact tley lave it; tlis is tle mair balarce to a
commor tecl campai,r. 1ley lave relatively easy
access to tle sliry toys. but so Jo tleir eremies.
Just about everyore las some useful tool from tle
SlaJow Years. Lver peasart militias will lave workir,
,urpowJer weapors, arJ tle elite solJiers will lave erer,y
weapors, soultecl variable-,urs, arJ suits of battlearmor,
wlile li,l lorJs arJ kir,s will commarJ small squaJrors
of battleJroiJs arJ, sometimes, a workir, clouJfortress.
1lis level of teclrolo,y is ,ererally recommerJeJ orly
for campai,rs wlere tle acquisitior of teclrolo,y isr't a
primary ,oal. Òtlerwise, tle level of tle rewarJs requireJ
becomes luJicrous, arJ tle arms race car easily result ir
players commarJir, fleets of Jeatl maclires a,airst tleir
opporerts wlo lave a ,ereweaver facility mass-proJucir,
tle ravisler virus. Òf course, if tlat kirJ of war of tle ,oJs is
wlat is JesireJ, tler, ,o for it' Noretleless, ir most cases, it
is preferable to lave tlis level of tecl ir campai,rs wlere
tle focus, as roteJ above, is rot or w|ct you |cve but or
w|ct you Jo. 1le Camma A,e be,ar wler everyore laJ
tleir fir,er or tleir owr buttor, arJ everyore presseJ it at
orce. lf tle lCs car mara,e to avoiJ tlat mistake, tley
may ,ive birtl to a mucl wiser worlJ.
Òver tle course of tle ,ame, tle level of available
teclrolo,y car clar,e. 1lis car lapper as tle Jirect
corsequerce of lC actior. 1le claracters mi,lt oper
a lor,-lost, fully irtact urJer,rourJ city, urleaslir,
a flooJ of perfect-corJitior teclrolo,y. Òr tle CM
mi,lt simply arrource tle clar,e, witl or witlout
compl ex ir-,ame j usti ficatior, because of
Jissatisfactior witl tle currert tore of tle campai,r.
As a ,ereral rule, players rever object to ,airir, rew
toys, but complair bitterly if tleir toys are taker away.
Some ,uiJelires for clar,ir, tle tecl level:
º Always lave ar ir-,ame reasor: a rew source
of tecl was fourJ, or a Jormart rarite pla,ue was
- 222 -
º Òffer compersatior if arytlir, was lost: if tle
claracters lose powerful items to ar urleasleJ rarite
swarm, lave tlem ,air compersatory persoral powers,
or lave tle effects of tle swarm or tle commurity
put tle players irto positiors of political power.
º lrcrease tle claller,e if arytlir, is ,aireJ: lf
military laser weapors arJ powereJ battlearmor are
suJJerly commorplace, make sure tle opporerts car
Jeal witl it. 1le operir, of tle vault mi,lt tri,,er a
Jistart Al, wlicl will be,ir to urleasl its owr warbot
army, or tle allure of rew teclrolo,y mi,lt cause tle
Lorapartists, previously a miror tlreat, to call ar ertire
Jivisior of tleir army ir to seize tle treasure.
multiclassir, mears tlat it's still possible to lave a ,ooJ
Jeal of overlap amor, claracter abilities. Alterratively,
player cloice car mear tlat most claracters slare few,
if ary, abilities, arJ if ore claracter is killeJ, tle party
may lose valuable skills completely.
larties witl li,l overlap of skills are ofter
extremely stror, ir tleir areas of expertise. Ar ertire
party of combat morsters car tear tlrou,l opporerts
of mucl li,ler Cl tlar tley ¨sloulJ" be able to larJle,
wlile a party of skilleJ socializers arJ maripulators may
siJestep ercourters trivially, eitler by corvircir, tleir
eremies to let tlem by or by maripulatir, tlem irto
battlir, eacl otler via tle time-lororeJ prirciple of
¨Let's you arJ lim fi,lt." However, wler forceJ irto a
situatior wlere tleir skills are weak, tle party may lave
ro recourse. 1le combat morsters maJe slort work of
tlose security bots outsiJe tle military base, but row
tley've ,ot access to equipmert rore of tlem lave tle
skill to Jecipler, arJ tley're killir, tlemselves tryir,.
1le uber-Jiplomats evertually ercourter creatures
wlicl are eitler mirJlessly lostile or wlicl reasor ir
ways so alier tlat tley car't be talkeJ to, arJ firJ tley
lack tle skill to mourt ar effective offerse or ever to
cover a retreat.
1le Jiverse ,roup, tlou,l less likely to firJ a ricle
tley car't cover, sometimes rurs irto situatiors wlere
orly ore or two claracters are useful, wlile tle rest stay
out of tle way. 1le mercerary leaps bolJly irto every
fi,lt wlile tle sclolar makes for tle slelter of tle rearest
rock; but after tle fi,lt, it's tle sclolar wlo las to puzzle
out tle cryptic Arciert computer irterface, wlile tle
warrior sits arJ polisles lis sworJ. lr aJvertures set ir
cities, tle sreak arJ tle Jiplomat slire, wlile tle brutal
outlarJer arJ tle sly researcler wait for sometlir,
requirir, tleir skills to come up. ArJ so or.
As a CM, your job is to tailor tle ,ame arourJ
tle players, but also to ercoura,e tle players to tailor
tleir claracters to tle ,ame. lf tle mair focus of tle
,ame is explore/kill/loot, tle social butterfly mi,lt
rarely lave ary clarce to slire, arJ tle CM sloulJ
make tlis clear wler tle player proposes tle corcept.
lf tle focus of tle ,ame is ar erli,ltereJ quest to builJ
a better worlJ, tle outlaw biker wlo lives orly to kick
butt may be frustrateJ wler le's rot alloweJ to ¨Jo
lis tlir," urtil all peaceful optiors lave beer
exlausteJ. Wler Jesi,rir, aJvertures, keep ir mirJ
tle strer,tls arJ weakresses of tle ertire ,roup, arJ
make sure everyore will lave sometlir, to Jo, witlir
limits. Dor't tlrow ir a combat ercourter ¨because
otlerwise Lob will ,et boreJ arJ ,o lome." latler, if
ore sessior is very combat-li,lt, make sure tle rext
ore las plerty of killir, arJ maylem.
You car also aJjust tle availability of Jifferert
kirJs of teclrolo,y. lr a campai,r witl mary
mutarts, for irstarce, it probably makes serse to
lave botl muta,ers arJ mutatior-mara,emert
resources be more commor tlar usual. Syrtletics
berefit from access to cyberretics, arJ so or.
Do all tle lCs slare a commor ,oal, sucl as
rebuilJir, a commurity, firJir, a cure for a pla,ue or
overtlrowir, ar immortal cybor, wlo lolJs all tle
larJs of tle lrlarJ Sea ir lis crystaliror alloy ,rip`
1lis makes tle campai,r simpler, because tle questior
of ¨Wly are tlese people lar,ir, out to,etler`" las
ar obvious arswer, but it also rarrows tle focus. Òr
tle otler larJ, a li,lly Jisparate ,roup of people car
take tle ,ame ir mary Jirectiors, as eacl ore's story
arc comes to tle fore, but it car also strair creJulity to
believe tlat, say, a recruit for tle Healers, a larJ-bitter
mercerary, arJ four-foot lor, levitatir, srail witl a
weakress for ,amblir, wlicl las left lim or tle rur
from ar,ry creJitors are all ,oir, to firJ commor
cause, week after week. lf tle claracters all lave
iJertical ,oals, it is best to play up Jiffererces ir low
tley mi,lt aclieve tlose ,oals, or to ,ive tlem, at
least, Jifferert motives for pursuir, tle same ,oals. lf
tle claracters lave wiJely Jisparate ,oals, or tle otler
larJ, it is ,ooJ to ,ive tlem some otler lirk, wletler
tley are all from tle same villa,e, tley follow tle same
reli,ior or tley were all traireJ by tle same mertor.
1lere's also tle questior of co|||ty, as well as purpose.
1le J20 MoJern ,ame system is Jesi,reJ to allow
moJerate ricle protectior, wlere eacl claracter class
las skills wlicl ro otler class las, but tle overall
flexibility of tle class structure arJ tle ease of
- 223 -
muJ-ercrusteJ arJ for,otter, reveals itself to be rot
merely a weapor but a weapor witl a mirJ, arJ eacl
ri,lt it wlispers Jreams of ,lory to its rew owrer.
Dawr breaks over tle plairs, arJ tle ,low of morrir,
slows a lerJ of twelve-le,,eJ lorses fleeir, a lizarJ
tle size of a small villa,e. lr tle mair square of a small
villa,e, two mer fi,lt for tle love of a womar, arJ
tle fi,lt erJs wler ore calls li,ltrir, fortl from lis
larJs arJ strikes tle otler JeaJ. 1lere are birJs Jeep
bereatl tle ocears, arJ fisl restir, ir tle trees, arJ
rabbits tlat tear tle meat from still-livir, prey. 1le
sky is filleJ witl li,lt, arJ tle air is filleJ witl life,
arJ a tlousarJ kirJs of mirJs view tle worlJ from a
tlousarJ Jifferert perspectives. lt is a worlJ of Jream.
Dreams eJ,e irto ri,ltmare witlout warrir,. 1le
,rass tears at a traveler's le,s arJ Jrairs lis blooJ irto
its roots. LeyorJ tle walls of ary villa,e, tlere are
morsters, barJits arJ worse. 1le JiscarJeJ tools of tle
Arcierts are ircomprelersible arJ Jar,erous. Deatl
liJes ir tle soil, arJ ir tle air, arJ ir tle water, arJ ir
tle flesl. A villa,e may Jie ir a sir,le Jay as a for,otter
bioweapor activates, causir, blooJ to burr witlir tle
veirs. Lvery strar,er is a tlreat; every Jiscovery promises
risk ir excess of tle rewarJ. 1le worlJ is rot yet settleJ.
lertile farmlarJ may turr to Just ir a seasor, tle river
wlicl las flooJeJ every year ir livir, memory may rot
Jo so tlis year. lf someore las sometlir,, someore else
will wart it more, arJ will lappily kill ler to ,et it. 1o
live, ore must fi,lt. 1o prosper, ore must fi,lt well,
arJ ever tler it is ofter rot erou,l.
1le seeJs plarteJ last sprir, lave blossomeJ,
bearir, tle ,reer arJ purple ,rair wlicl las sustaireJ
tle villa,e for years. As always, followir, tle lite Òf
lCs ir Camma WorÌJ car come from a wiJe rar,e
of ,erotypes, from tle tou,l, muta,er-resistart pure-
strair lumars to strar,e lybriJs of mar arJ maclire.
A party may be composeJ of a sir,le race, or of mary.
Lacl las aJvarta,es arJ JisaJvarta,es.
Ar all-ore-race ,roup automatically las a borJir,
elemert. Civer tle Je,ree of irterspecies prejuJice ir
tle Camma WorlJ, stickir, to,etler a,airst tlose wlo
wisl to kill you is a li,lly viable survival strate,y. A
,roup ertirely composeJ of mutart lumars will be able
to Jeal easily witl tle lror Society, for example, at
least if tley Jor't express ary overt sympatlies for tle
¨evolutiorarily claller,eJ." However, sucl a ,roup
lacks ar obvious spokesbeir, wler Jealir, witl
commurities of otler races. A pure-strair erclave
mi,lt rot be actively allieJ witl tle lurists, but tley
mi,lt still prefer to speak to ore of tleir owr or at
least lave reasor to believe tle party is rot composeJ
of bi,oteJ faratics.
1lis sectior covers two tlir,s: wlat makes a ,ame
Camma WorÌJ, arJ low to best use tle J2O system to
rur it. 1le Camma WorÌJ ,ame las ,ore tlrou,l six
major ircarratiors µr|or to tlis ore, witl a wiJe rar,e
of systems, but it las always beer more-or-less
reco,rizably Camma WorÌJ. Likewise, tle J2O system
las corsiJerable listorical ba,,a,e, arJ tle system Joes
slape tle ,ame. A system wlere a sir,le ,ur slot is
likely to kill is ,oir, to Jiscoura,e combat, wlile ore
wlere tle lCs car take army-Jestroyir, levels of
Jama,e arJ keep or ,oir, is ,oir, to make tle use of
force a viable optior ir a wiJer rar,e of situatiors.
LrJerstarJir, wlat tle J2O rules ercoura,e is vital
to rurrir, a successful Camma WorÌJ ,ame; so is
urJerstarJir, wlat Camma WorÌJ is about.
llease rote all of tlis aJvice arJ plilosoply las to
be taker witl tle aJmoritior tlat ¨ArJ if you Jisa,ree,
tlat's fire too." You paiJ for tlis ,ame (urless you
JowrloaJeJ it from ar orlire service, ir wlicl case
you're a crook, arJ we'J tlark you to ,o out arJ actually
buy tle ,ame prior to playir, it) arJ it's yours to Jo
witl as you wisl. leel free to i,rore tlis sectior ertirely.
Wlat is Camma WorÌJ about`
WorJer. Survival. Hope.
1le worlJ is strar,e, strar,er tlar aryore car
ima,ire. 1le wlims of lumarity were ,iver form ir
tle SlaJow Years, arJ tler tlose fra,merts of Jream
maJe flesl were lurleJ irto a lall of furlouse mirrors,
emer,ir, twisteJ arJ JistorteJ beyorJ reco,ritior. A
four-armeJ your, mar, paJJlir, ir a caroe of reJJisl-
blue bark larvesteJ from a carrivorous tree, rourJs a
berJ ir tle river arJ sees a jur,le of ,lass arJ steel
,rowir, out of tle water, a lorizor-fillir, exparse of
slattereJ builJir,s. Ar oJJly slapeJ lump of metal,
- 224 -
YesterJay's Llessir,, tle JuJ,es set asiJe tle lar,est
arJ lealtliest ,rairs for rext year's plartir,. 1le lite
las power; eacl year, it seems, tle larvest is ricler.
1le barJits came at larvest time as tley always Jo,
but tlis time, tle towrs of New lolk, Morer's LriJ,e
arJ Deepwell fou,lt as ore, Jrivir, tle raiJers irto
ar ambusl wlere rire ir ter JieJ. 1le survivors wor't
be back. 1ley'll look for easier tar,ets. but tlose
tar,ets ,row fewer eacl year. lumors sayir, tlat barJit
packs lave be,ur to seek work as mercerary ,uarJs,
or tlat some lave turreJ tleir wilJerress lolJfasts irto
towrs ir tleir owr ri,lt, spreaJ at tle taverr. Durir,
tle summer, a ,roup of youtls, barely more tlar
clilJrer, really, wert irto Lores of tle City - but,
somelow, tley surviveJ, arJ tley brou,lt back witl
tlem a paste tlat coulJ turr rust to iror, arJ tle
arciert briJ,e across tle river is safe orce more. 1raJe
las alreaJy be,ur to flow across it, rakoxer liJes arJ
reJ cottor fiber comir, ir, ,rair arJ fisl ,oir, out.
Some say tlat tlere's too mucl lapperir, row
for clilJrer to simply learr of tle worlJ piecemeal.
1ley're talkir, of makir, all of tle clilJrer sperJ
some time, perlaps ore Jay ir five, atterJir, to tle
wisest artificers arJ sclolars, so tlat everyore krows
sometlir, of tle worlJ, arJ rot just of tle traJe of
tleir parerts. 1ley say tlat tlis is wlat tley JiJ before
tle fire, arJ some ever say tlat tle reasor tle fire
came was because tley starteJ loarJir, krowleJ,e like
precious stores. However, ever precious stores are orly
valuable if tley are traJeJ witl otlers; loarJeJ; tley
are wortlless, like ,rair tlat is plarteJ, but left, reitler
eater ror storeJ, to rot ir tle fielJs.
We krow tlis row.
1lis time, it will be better. 1lis time, tlere will
be ro fire.
THE 020 6Y6TEH
1le rules Jo rot mc|e tle ,ame, but tley Jo s|cµe
tle ,ame. 1wo of tle most importart ¨Jials" you car
use to aJjust tle way tle rules alter your players'
reactiors to tle ,ame worlJ are massive Jama,e arJ
ror-combat experierce.
As lit poirts escalate, tle amourt of irjury a beir,
car sustair becomes impressive. Lver if you krow tlat
tle claracter isr't actually beir, irjureJ, tlat tle
accumulateJ Jama,e represerts scratcles, rear-misses,
fati,ue arJ so or, tle effects or tle players' actiors
are tle same - tleir krowleJ,e of tle claracters' ri,l-
irvulrerability causes tlem to act urrealistically. lf a
barJit las a black-powJer pistol poirteJ at tle
- 225 -
claracter, sle sloulJ act as if tle pistol coulJ kill ler,
ever if sle las ter times more lit poirts tlar tle
weapor coulJ irflict, ever or a critical. 1lis is wlere
massive Jama,e comes ir.
1le Jefault for Camma WorÌJ is to use tle Massive
Dama,e = Corstitutior rule. 1lis mears tlat, for
claracters witl ever moJerately ,ooJ Corstitutior
scores, most melee arJ rar,eJ weapors orly force a
massive Jama,e save or a critical. lowerful erer,y
weapors car tlreater a massive Jama,e save or most
rormal Jama,e clecks. Mary mutart abilities Jo erou,l
Jama,e to be tlreaterir, or a rormal roll, as well.
Wlat Joes tlis mear ir-,ame` After ,airir, a few
levels, claracters will rot fear most lumars or
lumaroiJs witl rormal weaporry, at least rot erou,l
to refrair from combat out of larJ. 1ley may, ri,ltly,
calculate tlat tley wor't take letlal Jama,e
tlemselves before irflictir, it or tleir foes. Òre way
to courter tlis is witl leavier weapors, but tlat terJs
to just put sucl weapors irto tle larJs of tle lCs.
lurtlermore, it urJermires verisimilituJe; if every tlu,
arJ raiJer las a Mark X Llaster, tle corcept of arciert
teclrolo,y as irJescribably rare arJ precious is lost.
A secorJ way to courter tlis is witl force of rumbers.
A lorJe of foes, all armeJ witl commor weapors, car
still Jo sufficiert Jama,e before tley are wipeJ out to
make a typical party pause. Drawbacks to tlis ircluJe
sloweJ combat, arJ makir, tle players feel tley ¨lave"
to lave tleir claracters take sucl feats as Cleave arJ
WlirlwirJ Attack, because ¨tle CM always lits us
witl, like, twerty ,uys at orce." A tlirJ way is sliftir,
tle focus of tle ,ame so tlat rormal lumaroiJs witl
commor weapors simply arer't tle most likely foes;
tle claracters aJverture Jeep irto tle ruirs arJ vaults,
battlir, strar,e creatures, immortal cybor,s arJ
arJroiJ armies. 1lis keeps claracters well claller,eJ,
but car also make tle ,ame less ,rourJeJ, arJ
sometimes reJuces civilizeJ areas to rotlir, more tlar
places to sell loot arJ rest.
1le secorJ massive Jama,e optior is to set tle
tlreslolJ at 5O, or ever li,ler. 1lis rerJers li,l-level
claracters free from massive Jama,e saves, except
a,airst overwlelmir, force. 1lis las tle same
aJvarta,es arJ JisaJvarta,es roteJ above, but
ma,rifieJ, arJ clar,es tle level of leroism. Witl a
tlreslolJ of tle claracter's Corstitutior, claracters
are vulrerable to most creatures tlat are just beyorJ
lumar. Witl a tlreslolJ of 5O, claracters car take
or a wiJer rar,e of tlreats witlout reeJir, to save
a,airst massive Jama,e; tlis mears tley car er,a,e
ir more epic quests. Òrce tle avera,e Jama,e from
ar attack exceeJs Corstitutior, lit poirts become less
mearir,ful, arJ eacl rourJ of combat lir,es or ¨JiJ
l make my MD save`" Witl a tlreslolJ of 5O, all tlose
lit poirts mear sometlir,, arJ claracters car face
tle worst tle Camma WorlJ las to offer arJ at least
stay starJir, lor, erou,l to fire back. Òrce. Maybe.
1le tlirJ optior, tle ¨,rim arJ ,ritty" optior, is
a massive Jama,e tlreslolJ of 1O. At tlis level, most
commor weapors lave at least a clarce of tri,,erir,
a save, arJ powerful weapors certairly Jo. A primitive
larJ,ur ir tle larJs of a 1st-level last orJirary car
brir, Jowr tle mi,ltiest lero witl a tiry bit of luck.
1lis feeJs a leavily survival-orierteJ mirJset.
Claracters avoiJ combat as mucl as possible arJ
corcertrate or Jeferse, sirce tle orly way to avoiJ
tle MD save is to rot ,et lit. llayers try to raise tleir
claracters' Corstitutior scores as li,l as possible, arJ
tleir claracters take levels ir classes witl ,ooJ
lortituJe saves, ir orJer to try to ,et to tlat ma,ical
+15 lortituJe, tle poirt at wlicl orly a ratural 1 will
fail ar MD save. 1lis car Jistort claracter corcepts,
arJ players will justify it or tle ,rourJs tlat ¨lf l Jor't
take a level or two of 1ou,l lero, l'm JeaJ meat."
Cloosir, tle level of MD will set tle tore of tle
,ame. Lsir, tle tlreslolJ = 5O rule, claracters car
take or impossible tlreats arJ meet tlem or tleir owr
terms, but are almost immure to ¨rormal" beir,s arJ
weapors. 1le Jefault 1lreslolJ = Corstitutior rule
makes tle avera,e barJit a miror tlreat, but still leaves
tle claracters fearir, most ¨morsters." At Massive
Dama,e = 1O, combat is always risky, ro matter wlo
or wlat tle claracters face. lt is recommerJeJ tlat
you cloose tle massive Jama,e tlreslolJ tlat best suits
tle tore of tle campai,r you wisl to rur, arJ, if tlis
Jrives player actiors ir a way you Jor't like, aJjust
tle MD - or aJjust tle Xl (see below).
Claracters earr experierce ir J2O for overcomir,
claller,es. but wlat is a claller,e, arJ wlat courts
as overcomir, it` lrarkly, tlat's up to you, tle CM.
How you cloose to awarJ Xl will clar,e tle actiors
tle players will take, all tlir,s beir, equal. lf you ,ive
Xl for killir, morsters, but ro Xl, or reJuceJ Xl, for
talkir, tlrou,l or sreakir, past a fi,lt, tler players
will cloose combat over Jiplomacy or sreakiress. lf
more tlar a few lours pass witlout a fi,lt scere, tley
may feel tlat tley are losir, out or tle clarce to earr
some Xl, arJ may ever irsti,ate fi,lts lest tle sessior
be ¨wasteJ." lf tlis is tle JesireJ result, tler fire. lf
you wart to rur a ¨wa-loo"-style ,ame of ruir
exploratior arJ mutart baslir,, tler you Jo rot wcnt
tle players talkir, to everytlir, tley meet.
- 225 -
Òr tle otler larJ, if you lave ir mirJ a Jifferert
style of ,ame, it's best to reJefire wlat is a ¨claller,e"
arJ low it is to be overcome. Lse tle importarce to tle
story to set tle Cl of ar ercourter, arJ awarJ Xl baseJ
or low well tle lCs Jealt witl it. lf tle plot requires
wirrir, tle trust of tle mayor of a small commurity,
arJ tlis is vital to tle story, tle Cl sloulJ be set equal
to tle party level so tlat tley ,et full Xl if tley succeeJ.
lf tley kill tle mayor, or bully lim irto cooperatir,
a,airst lis will, awarJ reJuceJ Xl. However, tlis car
leaJ to railroaJir, or worse; it car make tle ,ame seem
more like ar olJ-style text aJverture, wlere tle player
las to ,uess tle exact ri,lt actior. lt is better to fi,ure
out wlat tle real ,oal is, arJ awarJ tle lCs for
accomplislir, it. 1lus, if tle claller,e is to ¨Cet tle
mayor to tell tle lCs about tle subway statior below tle
towr," tler tle real issue is ¨1le lCs reeJ to krow about
tle statior." lf tley firJ tlis out by otler mears, awarJ
tlem tle basic Xl; if tley mara,e to make a frierJ of tle
suspicious mayor, awarJ tlem a borus.
¨-|. í |now w|ct t||s |s.`
- 1le most commor last worJs ir tle Camma A,e.
¨í wonJer w|ct t||s Joes.`
- 1le secorJ most commor last worJs ir tle Camma A,e.
1le resiJerts of tle Camma WorlJ lave irleriteJ
a jurkyarJ filleJ witl tle castoffs of maJ ,oJs. 1le most
irrocuous of items to tlose wlo liveJ at tle peak of
tle lumar race's Jarce witl trarscerJerce car be letlal
to tle i,rorart, arJ tlose tlir,s actually Jesi,reJ to
be letlal are ofter as mucl a Jar,er to tleir wielJer as
to otlers. CompourJir, tle problem is tle fact tlat
mary Jevices lave clar,eJ ir form or purpose sirce
tleir corstructior. Self-moJifyir,, aJaptive irterfaces
combireJ witl repair rarotecl ,ore maJ lave mutateJ
maclires as well as lumar beir,s, creatir, a worlJ
wlere a simple clilJ's toy car kill.
1ler tlere's tle problem of mirJs. Wler alumirum
was first JiscovereJ, it was so rare it was ircorporateJ
irto tle Crowr Jewels of several ratiors; it was mary
times more valuable tlar ,olJ. No ore coulJ ima,ire a
time wler it woulJ be useJ to wrap leftover clicker arJ
tler JiscarJeJ. However, orce a cleap metloJ of
extractir, it was fourJ, it became commorplace, useJ
ubiquitously, below tle level of corscious awareress by
most corsumers. No ore ir tle 2Otl certury careJ tlat
tley carrieJ ore of tle ,reat treasures of tle 19tl certury
wrappeJ arourJ tleir lurcl.
ArJ wler tle key to builJir, recursively
corscious reural rets from off-tle-slelf pieces of silicor
arJ biomatter was fourJ, tle same tlir, lappereJ to
Al. lf you coulJ make a mirJ - rot merely a clever
irterface, rot a Jubiously lelpful talkir, paperclip, rot
a lar,ua,e parser capable of foolir, orly tle most
creJulous, but a m|nJ - for ro effort, wly rot put
tlem arywlere` Awareress took up resiJerce ir music
players arJ elevators, ir toys arJ ir ,urs. lew wlo
laJ ary irfluerce ,ave ary tlou,lt to wlat a ,ur
mi,lt tlirk about.
Wler it all fell apart, wler claos JasleJ tle vase of
tle worlJ to pieces, leavir, it to be repaireJ by blirJ
morkeys witl too little ,lue, tlere were urcourteJ
tlirkir, beir,s left alive wlo liveJ ertirely irsiJe tle tools
arJ toys of mar. Mary of tlem still live, arJ certuries of
isolatior lave sert tleir mirJs warJerir, irto places
lumarity rot orly Joes rot krow but carrot ,uess ever
exists. Wler someore summors sucl a mirJ back from
wlere it las ,ore arJ JemarJs tlat it perform tricks or
commarJ, tle results may rot be wlat aryore expects.
Aralysis Jraws or tle family of lrowleJ,e skills.
1le lrowleJ,e (teclrolo,y: |Arclaic, lre-War,
AJvarceJ arJ Narotecl|) arJ (Lartl arJ life scierces
|for aralyzir, bioteclrolo,y|) come irto play most ofter
as claracters aralyze olJ artifacts arJ tleir le,acies, but
otler sciertific arJ social lrowleJ,e skills ,uiJe otler
sorts of irvesti,atior usir, tle same rules framework.
Claracters wlo attempt to use teclrolo,y tlat tleir
commurity Joes rot urJerstarJ (tlat is, for wlicl it lacks
tle relevart feat) suffer a -+ peralty or all skill rolls relateJ to
its use urless tley meet ore or more of tle followir, criteria:
º 1le claracter possesses tle relevart 1ecl
lamiliarity feat or its equivalert, sucl as tle Smart
lero's 1eclroplile class feature.
º 1le claracter las aralyzeJ tlis particular Jevice
- 22T -
wlo car fire tle pistol,
accorJir, to a DNA
patterr scarrer.
Error: Claracter las lockeJ limself
out of tle weapor; le may
ro lor,er use it.
OverriJe Security InterÌock
(KnowÌeJge (tecbnoÌogy: aJvanceJ)
DC to accompÌisb: 25+
CriticaÌ Error DC: 2O-
Success: Claracter car use tle
weapor ever if tle security
system las lockeJ lim out.
Error: Weapor self-Jestruct
sequerce activates; weapor
fuses itself to sla,, claracter
takes 1J6 poirts of
fire Jama,e.
Lacl item sloulJ lave a list of furctiors arJ a list
of DCs for Jiscoverir, tlose furctiors. (See Clapter
1wo for commor equipmert). Mary items lave orly
a sir,le furctior.
1le base DC for fi,urir, out tle primary furctior
of ar item witl orly simple cortrols is 15. Lxtremely
simple items lave a lower DC, but tle DC sloulJ also
corsiJer tle issue of fi,urir, out tle item scje|y.
CorsiJer a two-ircl Jiameter splere witl a sir,le
rourJ krob. 1le krob car be turreJ arJ JepresseJ,
but, orce JepresseJ, carrot be lifteJ a,air. Discoverir,
tlis rar,e of motior is simple; fi,urir, out tlat turrir,
tle krob sets a time Jelay arJ tlat puslir, tle krob
ir arms tle ,reraJe - witlout it ,oir, off ir your
larJ - is Jifficult - especially wler tle exact same
set of cortrols appears or a kitcler timer.
Mary Jevices tlat we take for ,rarteJ will be
extremely mysterious to aryore witlout tle recessary
cultural back,rourJ. lt may ever be tlat tle cortrols
to a Jevice are wlolly separate from tle Jevice itself,
sucl as a televisior arJ a remote cortrol. Litler ore
is useless witlout tle otler. Mary Jevices rely or
simple cortrols tlat lave Jifferert effects JeperJir,
or moJe. A Jevice witl a four-arrow cortrol paJ, for
example, may lave Jozers of furctiors; tle paJ merely
ravi,ates tle Jevice's meru. lf tle meru uses icors
baseJ or cultural refererces tle claracters Jo rot
urJerstarJ, so mucl tle better.
Òrce a claracter las fi,ureJ out a Smitl & Morris
lersoral Deferse Leamer Mark l, fi,urir, out tle Mark
ll of tle same weapor is rot substartially more Jifficult.
º 1le claracter las beer irstructeJ ir tle use of tlis
particular Jevice by someore wlo possesses tle recessarily
familiarity or wlo aralyzeJ it limself. 1le claracter receivir,
tle irstructior must make ar lrtelli,erce cleck (DC 15 +
2 for every aralysis layer after tle first) to avoiJ tle -+ peralty.
Discoverir, eacl furctior of ar item requires tle
aralyzir, claracter to succeeJ ir ar cnc|ys|s tcs|. Lacl
sucl task is JefireJ as follows:
Task Name (SkiÌÌ)
DC to accompÌisb: DC
CriticaÌ Error DC: DC
Success: Corsequerces
of success.
Error: Corsequerces of
critical error.
lor example, corsiJer tle task of learrir, low to
fire a laser pistol fourJ ir a ruireJ military base:
Fire PistoÌ
(KnowÌeJge (tecbnoÌogy: aJvanceJ)
DC to accompÌisb: 15+
CriticaÌ Error DC: 1O-
Success: Claracter may aim
arJ fire laser pistol.
Error: Claracter las slot self or
rearest ally for full Jama,e.
Wlile tlis is tle primary furctior of tle laser
pistol, tlere are otlers. 1lis particular pistol las four
tasks associateJ witl it. 1le otler tlree are:
Swap Power CeÌÌ
(KnowÌeJge (tecbnoÌogy: aJvanceJ)
DC to accompÌisb: 18+
CriticaÌ Error DC: 12-
Success: Claracter may safely remove
a spert power cell arJ
replace it witl a fresl ore
as a starJarJ actior.
Error: Claracter las Jama,eJ tle
power cell or plu, irterface,
arJ takes 1J6 poirts of
electrical Jama,e.
Lse Security InterÌock
(KnowÌeJge (tecbnoÌogy: aJvanceJ)
DC to accompÌisb: 18+
CriticaÌ Error DC: 5-
Success: Claracter may set tle
security irterlock to cortrol
- 228 -
CMs sloulJ rot make claracters roll to aralyze Jevices
wlicl are extremely similar to Jevices tley lave
alreaJy fi,ureJ out. lf tle Jevices are similar, but rot
iJertical, ,rart a substartial borus or tle skill cleck.
Òre exceptior to tlis is security systems. 1le irput
metloJolo,y of most security systems isr't tle puzzle.
1le larJ part is fi,urir, out tle correct irputs, or
Jiser,a,ir, tle system witlout tri,,erir, a Jefersive
meclarism. 1le DCs for tlese tasks sloulJ remair li,l.
1le purpose of tle aralysis rules is to simulate tle
tlrill arJ Jar,er of Jiscovery, of puzzlir, out a mystery,
witlout relyir, or player (as opposeJ to player
c|crccter) krowleJ,e. 1le purpose is not to be a barrier
betweer tle claracters arJ tleir ri,ltfully earreJ loot.
lt Joes rot exist to ¨balarce" items fourJ by makir, it
likely tle lCs will lurt tlemselves or Jestroy tle item
before tley ,et to use it. lf you, as tle CM, Jor't wart
tle lCs walkir, arourJ witl ¨ArrolJ-Nire"-class
plasma ,urs, Jor't leave ary wlere tle lCs car firJ
tlem. lf you presert a sliry rew toy to tle players,
expect tlem to urJerstarJ it arJ use it, evertually.
Soultecl, or aware items, are amor, tle most
powerful arJ letlal tlir,s claracters car firJ. Ar aware
item is rot a mere tool. lt was built to serve arJ obey,
arJ to use its mirJ to lelp its owrer, but tle lor, years
lave twisteJ its mirJ beyorJ reco,ritior. lurtlermore,
true mirJs were rever as tame as tley were claimeJ to
be. 1o be wortly of beir, calleJ a mirJ, tlere must be
free will. lro,rammir, car irfluerce, ruJ,e or ,uiJe,
but it carrot cortrol absolutely. 1le pro,rammir, of
ar Al is its motler, fatler, sclool arJ peers. Lut tlere
are always tlose wlo rebel.
Dealir, witl items witl mirJs of tleir owr is mucl
more complex tlar Jealir, witl larJtecl or livetecl.
1lese items rar,e from simple larJlelJ Jevices wlicl
are to currert lDAs wlat Deep Llue is to tle LNlAC,
to sertiert war maclires wlicl carry city-Jestroyir,
weaporry. 1le triviality of aJJir, sertierce to maclires
causeJ mirJs to be placeJ witlout re,arJ to wletler
tley were reeJeJ or ary tlou,lt as to tle Jesires of tle
mirJ beir, createJ. 1le lubris of lumarity ir tle firal
years before tle multaclypse was rot tlat we ,ave birtl
to so mary rew irtelli,erces ror tlat we tau,lt rocks
arJ arimals to tlirk; but tlat we tlou,lt so little of
our creatiors, tlat we were seemir,ly uraware of wlat
we were Joir,. Humarity became ,oJlike, arJ, like most
,oJs, was ,uilty of ,rossly re,lectir, its creatiors.
Corvircir, ar aware item to work is ofter a
Jifficult process. lt is rot a matter of puslir, buttors;
tle item pusles its owr buttors, if it urJerstarJs wlat
you wart arJ is willir, to let you lave it.
Deciplerir, a soultecl Jevice is a mix of irsi,lt
arJ irterro,atior, experimertatior arJ re,otiatior.
1o reflect tlis, tle persor attemptir, tle aralysis may
cloose ore of lis tlree mertal abilities - lrtelli,erce,
WisJom, or Clarisma - to use as lis skill borus. 1le
DC of tle aralysis task cleck is usually 2O, plus ary
borus tle soultecl item las to tle same attribute.
Cettir, all tle furctiorality out of a soultecl item is
akir to peelir, ar orior. lt las ore layer per poirt of its
li,lest mertal ability moJifier, plus ore for every two
moJifier poirts (rourJeJ up) ir tle otler two mertal
abilities. lemovir, eacl layer requires a separate cleck.
1le item is fully urJer tle claracter's cortrol wler all
layers lave beer removeJ. lemoval of tle outermost layers
will urlock tle simplest furctiors of tle Jevice; eacl
successive layer opers more arJ more furctiorality.
Alterratively, if tlere arer't tlat mary furctiors, urlockir,
layers car make tle Jevice less recalcitrart or cortrary.
1le first time a soultecl Jevice is aralyzeJ is tle
most importart. lt is at tlis poirt tlat tle mirJ of tle
maclire forms its impressior of tle beir, wlo is row
attemptir, to wielJ it, arJ reacts accorJir,ly. 1le cliclé
tlat ¨You rever ,et a secorJ clarce to make a first
impressior" is especially true wler applieJ to soultecl.
lailure by more tlar 1O or tle first aralysis task makes
all otler clecks more Jifficult; for eacl poirt over 1O
tlat tle roll faileJ by, aJJ +1 to tle DC of all clecks.
1le ,uiJelires roteJ above for similar Jevices Jo rot
apply to soultecl. 1o say tley JiJ woulJ be to say tlat,
because you were successful at makir, frierJs witl ore
persor, you car make frierJs witl aryore. 1le relatiorslip
betweer soultecl arJ user is just tlat - a relatiorslip.
Soultecl is complex, arJ it row exists ir a worlJ very
Jifferert from tle ore for wlicl it was pro,rammeJ. Lasic
safety arJ overriJe routires are ofter activateJ spuriously,
arJ mary Jevices lave evolveJ exceptiorally broaJ
irterpretatiors of tleir primary pro,rammir,. 1ley've laJ
,ereratiors to look for looploles, after all. As a corsequerce,
a ,ur mi,lt JeciJe tlat tle clar,ir, rakox it is beir, aimeJ
at is ar ¨erJar,ereJ species" arJ carrot be slot - arJ ro,
tlis las not||n¸ to Jo witl tle fact l laver't beer polisleJ
ir Jays, wly Jo you ask` 1eaclir, tools to tlirk was perlaps
tle least wise Jecisior lumarity maJe.
1o reflect tlis, if a Jevice is rot fully aralyzeJ but
is still useful, make a furctiorality cleck a,airst DC
2O. loll 1J2O +1 for eacl uraralyzeJ complexity layer.
lf tle cleck succeeJs, tle Jevice balks for reasors of
its owr. 1lis car be roleplayeJ, or tle CM may simply
- 229 -
rote ¨1le reaJout screer is scrollir, some reJ icors
you Jor't urJerstarJ, arJ tle ,ur isr't firir,."
 ícnus oj T|ree H|||s \|||c¸e |cs sµent some t|me
Jec||n¸ w|t| ||s ¸rectest trecsure, c se|j-cwcre µ|csmc µ|sto|,
c|css MX-QR3, w||c| |e |cs |ecrneJ to cc|| s|mµ|y ¨Mcx.`
Mcx tc||s to ||m t|rou¸| c Jermc| te|eµct||c ||n| w|en |e
|o|Js |t |n ||s |cnJs, cnJ t|e|r conversct|ons cre oot|
en||¸|ten|n¸ cnJ conjus|n¸. ícnus ojten t||n|s Mcx |s |cu¸||n¸
ct ||m. Mcx |cs ínt 12, \|s 1+, cnJ C|c 10, jor c totc| oj 3
cnc|ys|s |cyers. (Two jrom t|e \|sJom oj 1+, +1/2 jrom t|e
ínt oj 12, rounJeJ uµ to 3.) ícnus |cs mcnc¸eJ to oµen one
suc| |cyer, enou¸| to c||ow t|e ¸un to |et ||m j|re |t.
Òne Jcy, c µcc| oj ocJJcr ocnJ|ts cttcc|s ícnus. He Jrcws
Mcx cnJ oe¸|ns j|r|n¸. Mcx`s recc|c|trcnce oonus |s +2,
jor t|e two uncnc|y,eJ |cyers. T|e CM ro||s c 19 + 2 =
21, cnJ Mcx oc||s. T|e CM exµ|c|ns t|ct t|e jrc¸ments
oj m|||tcry un|jorms t|e ocJJcrs cre wecr|n¸ cre |n Mcx`s
¨-|||eJ íorces` Jctcocse, cnJ Mcx won`t j|re on t|em unt||
|e (Mcx) |s more comjortco|e w|t| ícnus` cut|or|ty (|.e.,
unt|| more cnc|ys|s |cyers |cve oeen removeJ). ícnus uses
some curses Mcx tcu¸|t ||m, cnJ Jrcws ||s sworJ. -t
|ecst t|e sworJ never tc||s occ|.
Òf course, rot all soultecl is urwillir, to be useJ.
Mary sucl Jevices JevelopeJ Jesires of tleir owr arJ
orly reeJ lelp ir puttir, tlese Jesires irto actior. Just
as a clever Jevice car twist its ori,iral pro,rammir, to
lelp it avoiJ Joir, its owrer's will, so too it car corfi,ure
itself to be useJ by someore wlo, by all ri,lts, sloulJ rot
be alloweJ to Jo so. lf a soultecl Jevice las a similar
alle,iarce to a claracter irvesti,atir, it, or if it slares
tle ,oals of a cryptic alliarce, or ary otler situatior wlere
tle Jevice woulJ wcnt to be useJ, tle Jevice may assist
tle user ir overcomir, aralysis layers, aJJir, a syrer,y
borus of +1 to +1O (CM's Jiscretior) or all aralysis tasks.
1le Jar,ers of tle Camma WorlJ are rot limiteJ
to mutarts. Just as life fra,merteJ maJly, seekir, ary
aJaptatior, ro matter low bizarre, tlat woulJ allow it
to survive, so too JiJ society. Sertiert beir,s ¨evolve"
by aJJir, or Jeletir, memes, arJ ir tle years of fire
arJ pla,ue, societies evolveJ at ar astourJir, rate.
1le same system useJ to aralyze larJtecl or livetecl
car be useJ for a culture. A sample aralysis task mi,lt be:
Discern CasuaÌ Creeting KnowÌeJge
(bebavioraÌ sciences)
DC to accompÌisb: 15
CriticaÌ Error DC: 1O-
Success: Claracter Joesr't make a
fool of lerself wler ,reetir,
a strar,er.
Error: Claracter las committeJ a
miror faux pas; sle will suffer
a -1 or Diplomacy or Catler
lrformatior clecks.
1le sample task refers to a claracter fi,urir, out,
by simple observatior, low to casually ,reet a strar,er
- tle equivalert of ¨Hello, rice Jay, isr't it`" 1lis is
rot as simple as it sourJs. CorsiJer tlat ar observer
ir tle early 21st certury mi,lt see two irrer-city
youtls ,reet eacl otler by usir, tle ¨r-worJ," but firJ
lerself beater or worse if sle imitates tlem. lr-,roups,
out-,roups, peer relatiorslips, relative social status,
,erJer, ever time of Jay all factor irto Jetermirir,
wletler tle proper tlir, to say to a strar,er is ¨Yo,
wazzup, beOtcl," or ¨CooJ Jay to you, sir." 1le wror,
plrase at tle wror, time car ,et you killeJ. 1le more
cosmopolitar tle culture, tle more likely it is to accept
a social blurJer from ar outsiJer witl orly milJ Jistaste
or lumor at tle offerJer's experse; but cosmopolitar
cultures are rare ir tle Camma A,e, arJ mary societies
take ar error ir marrers as a Jeliberate offerse arJ
act accorJir,ly.
lr tle sample ,iver above, tle corsequerces of
failure are very miror. 1lis woulJ be typical of a lar,e
city witl re,ular traJe arJ cortact witl tle outsiJe
worlJ. 1le same task, writter for a villa,e wlicl sees
strar,ers perlaps orce a JecaJe, mi,lt lave as a
corsequerce: ¨SlurreJ; -1O or all Diplomacy or
Catler lrformatior clecks; ore-ir-four clarce of
persor attackir, you or tle spot."
1lrou,lout tle worlJ, tlere are powerful
commurities wlose bourJaries are rot ,eo,raplical,
but iJeolo,ical. 1le Camma A,e was fueleJ by iJeolo,y
maJe marifest, by tle power of iJeas ,iver form by
teclrolo,ical pro,ress; tlese commurities, ofter lumpeJ
to,etler urJer tle sobriquet ¨Cryptic Alliarces," are
tle cortiruatior of tlat. Nore explicitly preJate tle
Camma A,e, but most take parts of tleir iJeolo,y from
tlat time. Some seek to cortirue tle work of Jistart
plilosoplers, remakir, tle worlJ as it was meart to be
remaJe; otlers formeJ ir reactior to wlat tle worlJ
las become, arJ seek to pull it furtler to ore extreme
- 230 -
upper rarks - tle Lorapartists, for example, will take
aryore, but all positiors of true power are lelJ by
mutart arimals. Some are extremely selective ir tleir
aJmissior - tle lurists, for example, will JemarJ tlat
aryore seekir, to joir tlem submit to a battery of
tests Jesi,reJ to prove lis ,eretic purity.
º How overt or covert are tbey| Some cryptic
alliarces are larJly ¨cryptic" at all; wler tle leJ
Deatl riJes irto towr, tlere is ro subtlety, orly
slau,lter. lestoratiorists, or tle otler larJ, terJ to
work very mucl ir secret wler rot ir ore of tleir
stror,lolJs. Lorapartists rule ratiors operly, but also
lave extersive spy retworks. Some lurists are blatart,
but mary otlers erJure Jay-to-Jay life ir mixeJ
commurities orly to er,a,e ir tleir ¨lites of
lurificatior" ir secret.
º How wiJespreaJ are tbey| lrior to tle Camma
A,e, irformatior traveleJ at tle speeJ of li,lt, arJ
plilosoplies coulJ cross tle ,lobe ir secorJs. Wlile a
larJful of sucl commuricatiors systems remairs, most
irformatior row travels at tle speeJ of lumar travel.
1lus, some ,roups lave yet to ¨spreaJ tle worJ"
arourJ tle worlJ, arJ are limiteJ to local activities.
Òtlers lave built worlJwiJe commuricatior retworks,
arJ car be as easily fourJ ir remrarts of tle ,reat
me,alopoli of tle Lasterr Nortl Americar SeaboarJ
as ir tle Salara rair forests.
lars of olJer eJitiors of Camma WorÌJmay rote tlat
tlis list Joes rot ircluJe all of tle cryptic alliarces from
previous eJitiors of tle ,ame. Most of tle otler cryptic
alliarces arJ mary rew ores will be JetaileJ ir tle future.
¨í|rst, Jo no |crm.`
Lver as tle olJ worlJ tore itself apart ir fire arJ
pla,ue, ir rarobot arJ retrovirus, a few stuck to tleir
posts, marrir, tle lospitals urtil tley burreJ arourJ
tlem, savir, books arJ meJicires from tle lootir, mobs,
arJ firJir, a few to wlom tley coulJ pass tleir
krowleJ,e. Cereratiors later, tle Healers warJer tle
worlJ, bourJ by a sir,le creJo: ¨Help All." Healers are
welcomeJ ir almost ary commurity, arJ ever faratics
like tle lror Society or tle lurists will rot slay a Healer
out of larJ, tlou,l tley will Jrive off tlose wlo are
¨rot tle ri,lt type." Òrly tle leJ Deatl is maJ erou,l
to kill Healers. Healers rever stay ir ore place for lor,
(tlou,l rumors of well-liJJer ¨secret lospitals" witl
lar,e staffs abourJ), but tleir arrival ir ary settlemert is
cause for joy. 1ley lave extersive krowleJ,e of meJical
teclriques olJ arJ rew, arJ treat mar arJ mutart, beast
or arotler. Some are beri,r; most are rot. All wielJ
power, eitler operly or covertly, arJ car be fourJ ir
almost ary part of tle worlJ. A small rumber are listeJ
lere, arJ ore is JescribeJ ir Jetail. A future sourcebook
may Jetail more, but tlese examples sloulJ proviJe
,uiJelires for creatir, your owr.
wHAT l6 A
A cryptic alliarce is ary or,arizatior wlose
primary motivatior is tle implemertatior of a
plilosoplical or iJeolo,ical ,oal, arJ wlicl actively
pursues tlat ,oal. A ratior is rot a cryptic alliarce
(tlou,l some cryptic alliarces, most rotably tle larks
of tle lit, Jo rule ratiors), because a ratior is JefireJ
by its borJers, rot its iJeals. A cabal of tlieves is rot a
cryptic alliarce, because ¨l wart to be ricl'" is rot a
plilosoply. A sclolarly corclave is rot a cryptic
alliarce, because tley may talk a ,reat Jeal about tleir
iJeals, but tley Jo rot act. Òf all tle pre-Camma
WorlJ or,arizatiors, cryptic alliarces lave tle most
ir commor witl li,lly evar,elical reli,iors or raJical
political movemerts. 1ley believe, arJ tley act, arJ
tley spreaJ, arJ usually, tleir worst eremies are eacl
otler. Mary compete for tle same memetic space,
wlile otlers battle over tle rare resources reeJeJ to
accomplisl tleir ,oals.
Wler Jesi,rir, a cryptic alliarce, tle rumber ore
rule is to keep it simple. 1le plilosoplies of cryptic
alliarces sloulJ be reJucible to a sir,le, brief serterce.
Complex worlJviews arJ ¨slaJes of ,rey" plilosoplies
Jo rot lave a place ir tle brutal Camma A,e, arJ
potertial recruits reeJ to krow wlat tle or,arizatior
is all about quickly arJ clearly.
º Bonapartists: 1le stror, rule, tle weak serve.
º Tbe Iron Society: 1le urclar,eJ must perisl.
º Tbe Purists: 1lose rot ir tle lma,e of CoJ
must be slair.
º Tbe HeaÌers: Mercy towarJs all.
º Tbe ReJ Deatb: lill tlem all.
ºRestorationists: As it was before, so slall it be a,air.
º Arcbivists: lreserve arJ worslip.
º Tbe CreateJ: Maclires uoer c||es.
.arJ so or.
1le CM must also corsiJer some poirts beyorJ
tle core plilosoply.
º Wbo can join tbe cryptic aÌÌiance, anJ wbo
can rise in power| Some ,roups are oper to all arJ
allow all equal access. 1le Healers are ore sucl. Òtlers
accept aryore, but allow orly some ertrarce to tle
- 231 -
arJ plart, witl equal care arJ Ji,rity. 1ley are also
committeJ pacifists, rever bearir, ary letlal weapor,
arJ tley are loatle to raise a larJ ever ir tleir owr
Jeferse - tlou,l tley car sometimes be surprisir,ly
robust ir tle Jeferse of otlers, especially tlose urJer
tleir care. Healers may lire ar aJverturir, party to firJ
a lost meJical artifact, or may ask for lelp ,ettir, meJicire
to a pla,ue-irfesteJ area. All sertiert beir,s may joir
tle lealers, if tley are willir, to follow tle creJo.
¨íct|er¸oJ cnJ Mot|er¸c|c mcJe Mcn cnJ \omcn |n t|e|r
|mc¸e, woe oet|Je t|e coom|nct|ons w|o moc| |t.`
Lorr out of mixeJ fra,merts of pre-Camma A,e
raJical arti-biotecl reli,ious arJ ervirormertalist
,roups, tle lurists are a wiJespreaJ arJ Jar,erous cryptic
alliarce, JeJicateJ to tle ¨clearsir," of all clar,eJ
lumar ,eromes - except tlose wlicl, as Camma A,e
¨pure" lumars, tley urkrowir,ly carry ir tlemselves.
1lere are, ,ererally, two types of lurist corclaves: Small,
isolateJ, villa,es wlicl keep to tlemselves arJ kill or
Jrive off ary ¨impure" visitors, arJ tle far more Jar,erous
¨irfiltrators," wlo live ir mixeJ-species commurities arJ
corJuct clarJestire raiJs, assassiratiors arJ acts of
terrorism a,airst tle ¨impure." Sucl raiJs usually leaJ to
reprisals a,airst irrocert lumars, wlicl, ir turr, lelps
feeJ tle rarks of tle lurists witl rew recruits. lurists,
like tleir courterparts ir tle lror Society arJ tle
zoopremacists, lave few reJeemir, features arJ are useful
primarily as villairs ir tle campai,r worlJ.
¨Some cn|mc|s cre more j|t t|cn ot|ers.`
Wler tle worlJ wert to a tlousarJ lells, tle last
tlir, aryore careJ about was tle fate of tle courtless
uplifteJ creatures servir, as pets, oJJities arJ
experimerts. Witlout lumar ,uiJarce, mary warJereJ
corfuseJ arJ Jesperate, cau,lt betweer mar arJ beast.
Òre arose to ,ive tlem ,uiJarce: a bear stylir, limself
Napoleor ll, wlo preacleJ a strar,e but compellir,
Joctrire part CoJe Napoleor, part Nietzscle arJ part
-n|mc| ícrm. Lizarre as it was, it ,ave structure arJ
purpose to tlose wlo laJ rore, arJ tle larks of tle lit
were borr. 1oJay, tley are ore of tle most powerful arJ
wiJespreaJ cryptic alliarces, acceptir, all sertierts irto
tleir rarks, tlou,l erforcir, a strict lierarcly wlicl
places mutart arimals at tle top, mutart lumars ir tle
miJJle, arJ pure-strair lumars at tle bottom. 1ley rule
several city-states, arJ tley lave extersive spy retworks
arJ outposts. 1ley car be playeJ almost for lau,ls -
ima,ire mutart arimals of all sorts JresseJ up ir
Napoleoric style uriforms, quotir, Òrwell arJ Nietzscle.
Òr, tley car be serious villairs - JisciplireJ arJ power-
maJ, builJir, ar empire of orJer arJ brutality. 1ley car
also be ¨lororable eremies," wlere tle orJer tley offer
tle worlJ is rot ertirely witlout its berefits, arJ tleir
corJescerJir, ¨tolerarce" is still preferable to tle bi,oteJ
faraticism of mary otler cryptic alliarces.
¨K||| t|em c||. K|||. K|||.`
1lere is a certair aJmirable e,alitariarism to tle
leJ Deatl. Wlere mary cryptic alliarces wisl to
extermirate some portior of life, tle leJ Deatl is
urJiscrimiratir,, arJ will kill aryore at ary time. 1ley
Jo rot lave JetaileJ plilosoplies or complex
justificatiors; tley exist to scour tle worlJ of all irtelli,ert
life. 1ley will sweep Jowr or villa,es or towrs, arJ kill
all above tle a,e of ore year. 1lose irfarts are saveJ arJ
become members of tle leJ Deatl. 1le leJ Deatl lacks
or,arizatior arJ firesse, so tley are easily beater back
by well-JeferJeJ societies. 1ley terJ to come ir waves,
scourir, tle larJ urtil tleir rumbers are JepleteJ, tler
retreatir, to Jistart lolJfasts to ,row tleir rumbers a,air.
A rare few aJults car joir tle leJ Deatl, but tley must
be murJerously irsare to prove tleir ¨wortl." 1le exact
ori,ir of tlese maJmer is urkrowr; a few speculate tlat
a memetic virus was cortamirateJ by tle Al for a viJeo
,ame; arJ tlis ir turr, irfecteJ a small tribe of refu,ees,
wlo lave sirce taker tle iJeolo,y to leart arJ writter
it ir blooJ across tle worlJ.
¨Òn|y t|ct w||c| |cs cJcµteJ |s wort|y to surv|ve.`
1le lror Society las roots ir tle firal JecaJes of tle
SlaJow Years, wler ,eretic self-moJificatior, or
¨boJylackir,," became a popular faJ amor, tle your,.
lollowir, tle multaclypse, tle remrarts of tlese youtl
,ar,s, olJer but rot wiser, embraceJ tle muta,eric maJress
witl ,usto. 1oJay, tle lror Society is powerful, militart
arJ well or,arizeJ. Wlile some see tlem as crusaJers
protectir, mutarts from occasioral lurist pur,es, most
reco,rize tlem as faratical bi,ots wlo corsiJer mary of
tleir fellow mutarts to be ¨rot mutart erou,l." 1le ,reater
tle obvious Jeviatior from tle baselire lumar ,erome,
tle more ¨pure," to tleir eyes, tle mutart is, arJ tley ofter
Jeliberately expose tlemselves to tle most virulert muta,ers
arJ biotoxirs to see if tley car reacl ¨tle rext level." A
warbarJ of tle lror Society resembles a fascistic freak slow,
a strar,e blerJ of brutal orJer arJ boJily claos. Members
of tle lror Society rarely settle ir ore place for lor,; tleir
caravars move from settlemert to settlemert, preaclir, tleir
creeJ arJ lookir, for recruits. 1ley will also kill ary
urmutateJ lumars tley firJ alore or ir small ,roups, arJ
especially Jeli,lt ir raiJs or lurist commurities.
- 232 -
Mar createJ mirJs, but rot ir lis owr ima,e. A
boJy slapes a mirJ. A lumar boJy slapes a lumar
mirJ, but a ror-lumar boJy..
lrior to tle Camma A,e, i rtelli,erce was
everywlere. Self-moJifyir, me,areural clips ofter
JevelopeJ sportareous self-awareress. Networks of
si mpler systems expl oJeJ irto urexpecteJ
corsciousress. 1le blerJir, of reuror arJ silicor laJ
strar,e arJ urexpecteJ results. ArJ tler tlere were
tle Jeliberate Als, vast citymirJs wlicl tlou,lt
tlou,lts a tlousarJ times faster tlar markirJ, arJ
ter tlousarJ times strar,er. Ly tle erJ of tle SlaJow
Years, corsciousress was aJJeJ casually to almost
arytlir, lumars maJe.
Wler tle liral Wars erJeJ, tle survivir,
creatiors lookeJ upor tle claos lumarity laJ wrou,lt
arJ JespaireJ. Humars were clearly obsolete; arJ tleir
or,aric bretlrer slareJ most of tleir flaws. lobots,
arJroiJs arJ Als were tle true, ri,ltful, irleritors of
Lartl. 1lou,l few ir rumber, as tle burrir, cities
laJ struck at tlem tle larJest, tle CreateJ are better
or,arizeJ tlar ary otler cryptic alliarce, arJ wielJ
extersive krowleJ,e of tle Arcierts. 1ley suffer from
irtersive factioralism, lowever, arJ are Jeeply split
or tle issue of wletler or rot to extermirate all
or,aric life, or merely erslave it. Mary members pose
as ¨tame" robots, seemir, to take orJers from tleir
¨masters," wlile secretly workir, to urJermire or
Jestroy ary or,aric society wlicl mi,lt Jevelop irto
a true post-apocalyptic ratior. Òtlers explore tle
tar,leJ ruirs of tle olJ cyberspace, lookir, for lost or
for,otter systems tlat mi,lt still cortrol ruclear
weapors or stocks of ,erociJe pla,ues. 1ley are tle
most Jar,erous cryptic alliarce, arJ possibly tle most
¨cryptic," as few or,arics ever suspect tley exist.
. 233 .
. 234 .
Camma WorÌJ relies or J20 MoJern for its basic rules
about claracters, tleir wealtl arJ otler crucial features. lf you
Jor't lave access to J20 MoJern, you car use Camma WorÌJ
witl tle Dun¸eons c Drc¸ons®I|cyer`s HcnJooo|, versior 3.5.
lt's rot a perfect fit - tlat's wlat J20 MoJernis for, after all -
but you car make it work witl a few clar,es. 1lis apperJix
covers basic claracter classes arJ key aJjustmerts tlat you'll
reeJ to make to tle starJarJ DcD v.3.5 rules.
J20 MoJernseparates claracter class from occupatior,
so tlat your claracter car (for example) be a lurter or a
roble or a meclaric re,arJless of wletler sle's a Smart
Hero, a 1ou,l Hero or a DeJicateJ Hero. 1le DcD
core classes - fi,lter, ro,ue, wizarJ, etc. - arer't
appropriate for a starJarJ Camma WorÌJ ,ame, so tlis
sectior lists rew core classes tlat are corstructeJ ir tle
same way but tlat relate to tle campai,r settir,. After
cloosir, from amor, erforcer, esper, examirer arJ scout,
pick ar occupatior from tle list ir Clapter 1wo arJ
,ive your claracter tlose skills arJ relateJ abilities. 1lis
,ives a claracter tle same overall level of competercy
tlat a starJarJ Camma WorÌJ claracter las. CMs wlo
cloose rot to use tle J20 MoJern occupatior systems
must aJjust upwarJ tle Claller,e latir, of Camma A,e
claller,es; tlis reflects claracters' reJuceJ capabilities.
Civilizatior is tle act of imposir, orJer or tle
claos of tle wilJerress. Lrforcers are tle stror, arm
of orJer, tle warriors wlo JeferJ civilizatior. Òf
course, Jefiritiors of civilizatior vary. Lrforcers starJ
atop tle walls of forts, lolJir, tle lire a,airst tle ark
barbariars besie,ir, tle outpost. However, erforcers
car also be fourJ amiJ tle barbariars below. 1le ark
clieftair arJ lis best warriors are erforcers, keepir,
orJer ir tle tribe. Lrforcers are tle tlu,s, tle ,uarJs,
tle JeferJers arJ tle lurters of tle violert Camma
A,e. 1ley are more tlar simple fi,lters; tley are
commurity leaJers arJ skilleJ solJiers.
Mary erforcers are merceraries or barJits,
workir, for wloever offers tle best Jeal. Weapors arJ
armor are ofter bartereJ for tle services of erforcers;
warriors witl aJvarceJ weaporry are sou,lt-after
specialists, so erforcers car ofter be fourJ searclir,
for cacles of arciert teclrolo,y or bar,airir, witl
weaporsmitls. Lrforcers wlo serve a commurity or
cryptic alliarce are less likely to be warJerir, tle
wastes rarJomly, but are ofter sert or vital missiors
by tleir patror ,roup.
Lrforcers are excellert fi,lters, but tley are also
commarJers, well able to co-orJirate arJ leaJ a ,roup.
Some erforcers specialize ir a particular weapor or
fi,ltir, style, wlile otlers master as mary weapors as
tley car to be prepareJ for ary evertuality.
1lis is ore of tle easiest roles to slip irto; tle Jar,ers
arJ lorrors of tle Camma A,e force people to learr to
JeferJ tlemselves. Some erforcers are traireJ to be
warriors, otlers rely or tleir ratural skills arJ ferocity.
Lrforcers car be of ary race. A few military robots
surviveJ tle wars, veterars of a tlousarJ battles; some
lave eraseJ tleir memories of tle lorrors tley
witresseJ, rebootir, tleir mirJs to see tle worlJ arew.
Mutarts witl especially stror, combat abilities arJ
Jisciplire ofter become erforcers. lirally, lumar
commurities coulJ rot survive witlout tle corstart
vi,ilarce of tleir erforcers.
Lrforcers are traireJ to coorJirate arJ protect otlers,
so tley ofter see tle otler classes as beir, ratler clueless
arJ vulrerable. Scouts car be trusteJ to take care of
tlemselves wler Jar,er tlreaters, but most examirers are
absert-mirJeJ e,,leaJs wlo are more likely to poke at a
morster arJ speculate about its ori,irs tlar sersibly rur
away from it. Lspers are also seer as urreliable by erforcers,
but tleir psyclic powers car turr tle tiJe of battle.
Lrforcers lave tle followir, ,ame statistics.
AbiÌities: Strer,tl arJ Dexterity are tle most
importart attributes for ar erforcer, to ,ive tle best
. 235 .
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces
lst -l -2 -0 -0 1a|eat
2ad -2 -3 -0 -0 ßeaas |eat
3cd -3 -3 -l -l
4t| -4 -4 -l -l 1a|eat
bt| -b -4 -l -l ßeaas |eat
6t| -6/-l -b -2 -2
1t| -1/-2 -b -2 -2 1a|eat
8t| -8/-3 -6 -2 -2 ßeaas |eat
7t| -7/-4 -6 -3 -3
l0t| -l0/-b -1 -3 -3 1a|eat
llt| -ll/-6/-l -1 -3 -3 ßeaas |eat
l2t| -l2/-1/-2 -8 -4 -4
l3t| -l3/-8/-3 -8 -4 -4 1a|eat
l4t| -l4/-7/-4 -7 -4 -4 ßeaas |eat
lbt| -lb/-l0/-b -7 -b -b
l6t| -l6/-ll/-6/-l -l0 -b -b
l1t| -l1/-l2/-1/-2 -l0 -b -b ßeaas |eat
l8t| -l8/-l3/-8/-3 -ll -6 -6
l7t| -l7/-l4/-7/-4 -ll -6 -6
20t| -20/-lb/-l0/-b -l2 -6 -6 ßeaas |eat
boruses to weapor use. DeperJir, or tle style of tle
erforcer, ary of Corstitutior, Clarisma or WisJom
car be tle rext most importart; erforcers car be
amazir,ly tou,l, careful tacticiars or leroic leaJers.
Hit Die: J1O
CLA66 6KlLL6
1le erforcer's class skills are: Climb (Str), Craft
(metalworkir,, structural) (lrt), Drive (Dex), HarJle
Arimal, lrtimiJate (Cla), Jump (Str), lrowleJ,e
(,ossip, streetwise, tactics) (lrt), lrofessior (Wis),
lepair (lrt), Speak Lar,ua,e (r/a), arJ Swim (Str).
SkiÌÌ Points at 1st ÌeveÌ: (3 + lrt moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb AJJitionaÌ LeveÌ: 3 + lrt moJifier
All of tle followir, are class features of tle
erforcer class.
Weapon anJ Armor Proficiency: 1le erforcer is
proficiert witl all arclaic arJ lre-War weapors arJ
all forms of arclaic arJ lre-War armor (li,lt, meJium,
arJ leavy).
Bonus Feats: At 2rJ level arJ every tlree levels
tlereafter (5tl, 8tl, 11tl etc.), tle erforcer ,airs a borus
feat. 1lese borus feats must be closer from tle followir,
list: Armor lroficiercy (aJvarceJ), LlirJ-li,lt, Combat
leflexes, DoJ,e (Mobility, Sprir, Attack), Lxotic Weapor
lroficiercy*, Lxpertise (lmproveJ Disarm, lmproveJ 1rip,
WlirlwirJ Attack), lmproveJ Critical*, lmproveJ
lritiative, lmproveJ LrarmeJ Strike (Deflect Arrows,
Sturrir, list), MourteJ Combat (MourteJ Arclery,
1rample, liJe-Ly Attack, SpiriteJ Clar,e), loirt Llark
Slot (lar Slot, lrecise Slot, lapiJ Slot, Slot or tle lur),
lower Attack (Cleave, lmproveJ Lull lusl, SurJer, Creat
Cleave), Quick Draw, 1wo-Weapor li,ltir, (lmproveJ
1wo Weapor li,ltir,), Weapor liresse*, Weapor locus*.
Some of tle borus feats available to erforcers
carrot be acquireJ urtil tle erforcer las ,aireJ ore
or more prerequisite feats; tlese feats are listeJ
parertletically after tle prerequisite feat. Ar erforcer
car select feats markeJ witl ar asterisk (*) more tlar
orce, but it must be for a Jifferert weapor eacl time.
Ar erforcer must still meet all prerequisites for a feat,
sucl as ability scores. 1lese feats are ir aJJitior to
feats ,aireJ from otler sources.
. 235 .
TaÌents: 1le erforcer may select ore of tle
followir, abilities at 1st level, arJ arotler every tlree
levels tlereafter (+tl, 7tl, 1Otl etc.).
EvaÌuate Opponent (Ex): 1le erforcer car attempt
to ,uess low tou,l ar opporert or creature is. Lsir,
tlis ability requires tle erforcer to succeeJ at a WisJom
cleck (DC 1O). lf tle cleck is successful, 1le erforcer
may select ary ore ability score, skill, attack type (melee,
rar,eJ etc.) or Armor Class; sle will learr if tle
opporert's value ir tle selecteJ ability score or skill is
equal to, li,ler or lower tlar tle claracter's value.
Lsir, Lvaluate Òpporert is a starJarJ actior. lf tle
WisJom cleck is faileJ, tle claracter may rot use tlis
ability or tlat tar,et a,air urtil sle las ,aireJ a level.
Extreme Effort (Ex): 1le erforcer car pusl
limself to make ar extreme effort, ,airir, a +2 borus
or ary Strer,tl cleck or Strer,tl-baseJ skill cleck.
1le effort requires a full-rourJ actior.
CoorJination (Ex): 1le erforcer is useJ to orJerir,
people arourJ. lf tle erforcer car sperJ a wlole rourJ
Jirectir, lis allies arJ makes a Clarisma cleck (DC
1O), le proviJes ary of lis allies witlir 3O ft. a +1 borus
or attack rolls arJ skill clecks. 1le borus lasts a rumber
of rourJs equal to tle erforcer's Clarisma moJifier. Ar
erforcer car use CoorJiratior a rumber of times per
Jay equal to ore-tlirJ lis class level, rourJeJ up.
lsioric ability was JiscovereJ before tle wars,
but tle comparative safety arJ luxury of tlat era
meart tlat few people were forceJ to rely or tle
powers of tle mirJ. Now, wler safety arJ luxury are
states of ,race tlat seem almost mytlical, mary
people lave turreJ to psyclic powers as tleir orly
lope for survival.
Lspers are tle ultimate wilJ carJ; teclrolo,y arJ
mutatior are botl limiteJ ir tleir applicatior, but
psyclic abilities are urpreJictable arJ flexible. Wlile
tley are commorly useJ as tlieves or assassirs, espers
are seer as tle last resort ir situatiors wlere botl
strer,tl arJ scierce lave faileJ.
Wlile claracters of otler classes car learr psyclic
powers, espers are true masters of tlese Jisciplires,
focusir, or Jevelopir, powers of tle mirJ. 1ley car
also be quite socially aJept if tley car learr to liJe
tleir abilities.
Lspers Jo rot reeJ to learr psyclic powers; tleir
abilities sur,e up from Jeep witlir tle mirJ, from irstirct
arJ reeJ arJ fear. Wlat espers Jo reeJ is trairir, arJ
Jisciplire; espers wlo ,row up witlout tle berefit of
teaclir, or ,uiJarce are ofter Jriver irsare by tle
pressure of tle psyclic erer,ies or tle rest of tleir mirJs.
Mutarts are tle most commor source of espers;
tle combiratior of arimal Jrives arJ er,ireereJ
irtelli,erce brir,s psyclic abilities close to tle
surface. lsiorics were ori,irally JiscovereJ ir
lumars, lowever, arJ far more lumars lave
JevelopeJ tlese powers sirce tle wars. Most
syrtletics carrot become espers, as artificial mirJs
are furJamertally Jifferert arJ alier.
Lspers are extremely self-reliart, arJ so tley
empatlize best witl scouts. As orly ar esper krows
PÌan (Ex): lrior to a Jar,erous situatior, eitler
combat- or skill-relateJ, tle erforcer car attempt to
come up witl a plar to larJle it. Sle must make ar
lrtelli,erce cleck (DC 1O) ; sle ,airs a borus equal
to ler class level. 1le result of tlis cleck ,ives tle
erforcer arJ ler allies a circumstarce borus or all skill
clecks arJ attack rolls as slowr below. 1le erforcer
carrot take 1O or 2O or tlis cleck.
C|ec| Resa|t C|ec| Resa|t C|ec| Resa|t C|ec| Resa|t C|ec| Resa|t ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas ßeaas
7 ec |ewec 0 (c|ec| |a||ed)
l0-lb -l
l6-20 -2
2l ec ||q|ec -3
1lis borus orly lasts for tle first tlree rourJs.
After tlat time, reJuce tle borus by 1 (to a mirimum
of +O) for every aJJitioral rourJ tle situatior
cortirues, as ro plar survives cortact witl tle eremy.
Remain Conscious (Ex): 1le erforcer Joes rot
succumb to urcorsciousress wler le reacles O lit
poirts. He may cortirue to act as if Ji sableJ,
performir, ore partial actior eacl rourJ at tle cost
of 1 lit poirt. He still Jies wler le reacles -1O lit
poirts or lower.
. 23T .
All of tle followir, are class features of tle esper
Weapon anJ Armor Proficiency: 1le esper is
proficiert witl all simple weapors arJ li,lt arJ
meJium arclaic arJ lre-War armor.
Psycbic Powers: 1le esper ,ets ore borus feat at
1st level, wlicl car be closer from ary of tle
followir, psyclic feats: 1elekiresis, 1elepatly or
lreco,ritior. Sle receives arotler borus feat at 5tl,
1Otl, 15tl arJ 2Otl levels - tlis feat car be spert to
,air arotler psyclic power, or ,air 15 aJvarcemert
poirts towarJs a rew irtermeJiate or aJvarceJ psyclic
Psycbic AJvancement: Wlerever tle esper ,airs
a level, le ,airs 2J+ aJvarcemert poirts towarJs ary
irtermeJiate or aJvarceJ psyclic power.
Perfect Memory (Psi): Lspers car telepatlically
Jelve irto tleir owr mirJs, retrievir, irformatior.
Ar esper may make a WisJom cleck (DC 15) to
perfectly recall sometlir, sle perceiveJ at ary poirt
ir tle past.
lis owr abilities, tley Jislike beir, orJereJ about by
erforcers or aralyzeJ by examirers.
Lspers lave tle followir, ,ame statistics.
AbiÌities: 1le prime requisite for espers is WisJom,
for mertal Jisciplire. However, espers must be also
plysically sturJy to survive tle Jama,ir, feeJback
from psyclic powers.
Hit Die: J8
CLA66 6KlLL6
1le esper's class skills are: Lalarce (Dex), Lluff
(Cla), Climb (Str), Corcertratior (Cor), Craft (lrt),
Decipler Script (lrt), Diplomacy (Cla), Dis,uise
(Cla), Lscape Artist (Dex), Catler lrformatior
(Cla), HarJle Arimal (Cla), Heal (Wis), HiJe
(Dex), lrtimiJate (Cla), lrowleJ,e (lrt), Lister
(Wis), lerform (Cla), Serse Motive (Wis), Slei,lt
of HarJ (Dex), Spot (Wis).
SkiÌÌ Points at 1st ÌeveÌ: (+ + lrt moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb AJJitionaÌ LeveÌ: + + lrt
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces
lst -0 -0 -0 -2 |syc||c µewecs
2ad -l -0 -0 -3 |ec|ect memecy
3cd -2 -l -l -3
4t| -3 -l -l -4 |mµat|y
bt| -3 -l -l -4 |syc||c µewecs
6t| -4 -2 -2 -b
1t| -b -2 -2 -b lata|t|ea
8t| -6/-l -2 -2 -6
7t| -6/-l -3 -3 -6
l0t| -1/-2 -3 -3 -1 |syc||c µewecs
llt| -8/-3 -3 -3 -1
l2t| -7/-4 -4 -4 -8
l3t| -7/-4 -4 -4 -8
l4t| -l0/-b -4 -4 -7
lbt| -ll/-6/-l -b -b -7 |syc||c µewecs
l6t| -l2/-1/-2 -b -b -l0
l1t| -l2/-1/-2 -b -b -l0
l8t| -l3/-8/-3 -6 -6 -ll
l7t| -l4/-7/-4 -6 -6 -ll
20t| -lb/-l0/-b -6 -6 -l2 |syc||c µewecs
. 238 .
Intuition (Psi): Lspers car serse upcomir, Jar,er. 1le
CM sloulJ make a Will save (DC 15) to see if tle esper
Jetects tle approacl of eremies or otler upcomir, Jar,er.
lf tle cleck is successful, tle esper las a ore-rourJ aJvarce
warrir,. Sle merely serses tle approacl of Jar,er, arJ las
ro special irsi,lt irto tle source of tle tlreat.
Empatby (Psi): lf tle esper sperJs ore mirute
observir, a tar,et, le ,airs a Jeep irsi,lt irto tle tar,et's
perceptiors arJ attituJes. 1lis urJerstarJir, ,ives tle
esper ar irsi,lt borus equal to lis WisJom moJifier or
all Lluff, Diplomacy, HarJle Arimal, lrtimiJate, lerform
arJ Serse Motive clecks wler Jealir, witl tlat tar,et.
1le Camma A,e exists ir tle slaJow of ar a,e of
worJers. 1lere are livir, maclires burieJ Jeep ir tle ,rourJ,
ir tle ruirs of tle cities, or roamir, tle plairs. 1ribes creep
tlrou,l tle twisteJ remairs of builJir,s lar,er tlar mourtairs,
arJ Jrirk from lakes tlat well up from broker pipes. Ary of
tlese relics of tle past coulJ be a ,reat blessir, or a terrible
Jar,er. 1le examirer is a teclrolo,ical slamar wlo attempts
to cortact arJ comprelerJ tle maclires of tle arcierts
arJ larress tleir power for tle ,ooJ of tle commurity.
1le teclrolo,y of tle Arcierts was almost beyorJ
lumar comprelersior before tle liral Wars, arJ tle
Jerizers of tle Camma A,e usually lack ever tle basic
krowleJ,e of scierce tlat woulJ ,ive tlem a cortext for
urJerstarJir, ir ,ereral terms low tle maclires work.
Lxamirers lave relearreJ tlese basic prirciples, arJ car
Jimly ,rasp some aspects of aJvarceJ teclrolo,y. 1ley
,o out to improve tleir urJerstarJir,, arJ to iJertify
arJ retrieve still-furctioral arJ useful Jevices.
Lxamirers terJ to be very irtelli,ert arJ
irquisitive. 1ley rely or teclrolo,y to solve problems
irsteaJ of brute strer,tl or combat ability.
Òf all tle classes, examirers are tle ores wlo require
tle most trairir,. Òrly a true ,erius las sucl ar irstirctive
urJerstarJir, of scierce tlat sle car become ar examirer
witlout beir, tau,lt by arotler. Most examirers builJ
or tle work of otlers; master examirers pass tleir
accumulateJ krowleJ,e orto tleir stuJerts; examirers
traJe books arJ computer prirtouts; tley collaborate arJ
corfer arJ, ,ereratior by ,ereratior, rebuilJ tle
krowleJ,e of tle Arcierts. lf ary examirer las seer
furtler, it is because sle starJs or tle sloulJers of ,iarts.
Most examirers are lumar or of lumar ori,ir.
1le rew races rarely urJerstarJ erou,l scierce to
become examirers, wlile syrtletics are rot examirers,
tley are examireJ.
Lxamirers rely or tle otler classes for protectior
arJ ,uiJarce. Lrforcers Jrive off morsters, arJ scouts
avoiJ Jar,er, allowir, tle examirer time to urcover
tle secrets of tle arcierts. Lspers are ofter mistrusteJ
by examirers, as tleir powers Jefy scierce ir mary ways.
Lxamirers lave tle followir, ,ame statistics.
AbiÌities: lrtelli,erce is tle prime requisite for
ar examirer. All of tle otler abilities car be useful,
but it is tle examirer's irtellect tlat Jrives lim.
Hit Die: J6
CLA66 6KlLL6
1le examirer's class skills are: Appraise (lrt),
Climb (Str), Computer Lse (lrt), Corcertratior
(Cor), Craft (lrt), Decipler Script (lrt), Diplomacy
(Cla), Disable Device (lrt), Drive (Dex), lor,ery
(lrt), Catler lrformatior (Cla), HarJle Arimal
(Cla), Heal (Wis), lrowleJ,e (lrt), Òper Lock
(Dex), lerform (Cla), lrofessior (Wis), Searcl (lrt).
SkiÌÌ Points at 1st ÌeveÌ: (8 + lrt moJifier) x +
SkiÌÌ Points at Eacb AJJitionaÌ LeveÌ: 8 + lrt moJifier
All of tle followir, are class features of tle
examirer class.
Weapon anJ Armor Proficiency: 1le examirer
is proficiert witl all arclaic weapors, arJ li,lt arJ
meJium arclaic arJ lre-War armor.
CaJgets: 1le examirer be,irs play witl ar extra
piece of equipmert, closer by tle CM. 1le examirer
iritially las ro iJea wlat tle Jevice Joes, arJ must
Jiscover its properties tlrou,l aralysis.
Disaster AvoiJance (Ex): 1lrou,l Jili,ert practice,
examirers lave learreJ rot to pull pirs arJ press reJ
. 239 .
C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass C|ass ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas ßase Attac| ßeaas |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save |ect Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save Re| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save w||| Save C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces C|ass |eataces
lst -0 -0 -2 -2 6adqet, savaat
2ad -l -0 -3 -3 0|sastec
3cd -l -l -3 -3
4t| -2 -l -4 -4 Savaat
bt| -2 -l -4 -4 |xµ|e|t
6t| -3 -2 -b -b
1t| -3 -2 -b -b
8t| -4 -2 -6 -6 Savaat
7t| -4 -3 -6 -6 Adaµtat|ea
l0t| -b -3 -1 -1
llt| -b -3 -1 -1
l2t| -6/-l -4 -8 -8 Savaat
l3t| -6/-l -4 -8 -8
l4t| -1/-2 -4 -7 -7
lbt| -1/-2 -b -7 -7
l6t| -8/-3 -b -l0 -l0 Savaat
l1t| -8/-3 -b -l0 -l0
l8t| -7/-4 -6 -ll -ll
l7t| -7/-4 -6 -ll -ll
20t| -l0/-b -6 -l2 -l2 Savaat
buttors wler tley car avoiJ it. 1le examirer may accept
a -6 peralty or a lrowleJ,e or Craft cleck to ersure
tlat tle Jevice le is workir, witl will rot exploJe or Jo
arytlir, else urexpecteJ sloulJ le fail tle cleck
Savant (Ex): 1le examirer's urJerstarJir, of
scierce improves. Sle ,airs a +1 irsi,lt borus or skill
clecks witl ary ore of tle followir, skills: Computer
Lse, Craft, Disable Device, lrowleJ,e. Lvery four
levels, sle may select arotler skill to ,et a borus, arJ
tle borus to all otler savart skills ircreases by ore.
lor example, ar 8tl-level examirer las a +3 irsi,lt
borus to ore skill (tle ore closer at 1st level), a +2
borus to arotler skill (closer at +tl level) arJ a +1
borus to a tlirJ skill (rewly closer at 8tl level).
ExpÌoit Weakness (Ex): 1le examirer is skilleJ
at firJir, weakress arJ flaws ir lis opporert's fi,ltir,
style. He may make ar lrtelli,erce cleck (DC 15). lf
le succeeJs, le may use lis lrtelli,erce borus irsteaJ
of lis Strer,tl or Dexterity moJifier or attack rolls
for tle Juratior of tle fi,lt.
AJaptation (Ex): 1le examirer suffers orly a -2
peralty wler usir, weapor types sle is rot proficiert witl.
Commurities are islarJs of civilizatior ir a sea of
wilJerress. Scouts are tle brave few wlo Jare travel
tlrou,l tle bizarre larJscape of tle Camma WorlJ,
blazir, trails betweer towrs, Jiscoverir, rew sources
of teclrolo,y arJ resources or urcoverir, Jar,ers.
AJept at stealtl arJ wilJerress survival, scouts are
essertial to steerir, a safe patl tlrou,l tle strar,e
rew worlJ createJ by tle liral Wars.
. 240 .
Scouts car come from ary race. Humars explore
tleir rew worlJ; mutarts are proJucts of tlat rew worlJ.
Lefore tle wars, tle syrtletics laJ little reeJ to explore,
as irvisible torrerts of irformatior filleJ tle air arJ tolJ
tlem all tley reeJeJ to krow. Now, tle air is silert,
forcir, syrtletics to learr tle worlJ arew.
Scouts arJ erforcers work well to,etler - ore
sets tle tar,ets up, tle otler krocks tlem Jowr.
Lxamirers arJ espers, lowever, are seer as sli,ltly
suspect. Most scouts are cautious by rature, arJ prefer
rot to meJJle witl tle urkrowr urless absolutely
recessary. Lxamirers Jo rotlir, but meJJle, wlile
espers are furJamertally part of tle urkrowr.
Scouts lave tle followir, ,ame statistics.
AbiÌities: Scouts reeJ a ,ooJ Dexterity. A li,l
WisJom, lrtelli,erce arJ Corstitutior are all useful
ir tle wilJ. Most scouts lave a low Clarisma,
Scouts car be tlieves or traJers, explorers or lurters,
solJiers or barJits. 1ley are at lome ir tle wilJerress
arJ ir strar,e ervirormerts, aJaptir, quickly to Jeal
witl tlreats arJ rew ervirormerts. Mary scouts work
as ,uiJes or spies for establisleJ commurities.
Scouts are quick arJ a,ile, better able to avoiJ
Jama,e tlar Jeal it. 1ley are resourceful arJ skilleJ,
arJ surprisir,ly tou,l wler it comes to erJurir, tle
va,aries of tle ervirormert. Scouts sly away from
Ji rect corfrortatiors, preferr