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SN AC KS . but I have measured out the ingredients quite accurately so this should come out well for you.. Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves or green onions. the very next day. coat each cauliflower with the batter and drop it into the hot oil. One evening. with Greg & Hong Chocolate Pomegranate Tart Provençal Garlic Cure-All Soup Bloggers Tried Cetaphil & You Get a Chance to Win $100! SHARE AND ENJOY! Like 14. but Indo-Chinese. Your mind wanders back to the dosa and sambar. slit midways (use to taste) 2 tbsp tomato ketchup 1 tsp green chilli sauce (optional but recommended) 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tsp vinegar 2 tsp cornflour mixed with 4 tbsp water Salt. Now add the cornflour-water mixture and mix until the sauce thickens. chopped fine 4 cloves garlic. green chillies. Fry until golden brown and drain on kitchen towels. VEGA N . add to the sauce and mix well. minced A pinch of salt About 1/4 cup water F E AT U R E D I N RECENT RECIPES GOOGLE+ FOLLOWERS ► 2012 (127) ► 2011 (130) ► 2010 (154) ▼ 2009 (124) ► December (7) ▼ November (8) Beetroot Rocket Salad with Brie Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Re. especially North Indian. if using... ADS PA N E E R R E C I P E S Advertise AdChoices Click to read more. Heat oil until its just short of smoking hot.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe.cookingandme.. especially to show the batter consistency. capsicum.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible. Be the first of your friends. Add the ketchup and the green chilli sauce to the onions and mix well. 6. Poriyal Podi & Sweet Potato Poriyal Recipe Chakkakkuru Aviyal / Jackfruit Seeds Aviyal Recipe. Set sauce aside.. 2009 SEARCH FOR A RECIPE Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe LA BE LS : CA PS ICU M/B ELL PE PPE R .. not so much unless you are ready to go the extra mile to Little India.. and I was happy only after I polished off an entire plate of gobi manchurian all by myself. Me? I crave Gobi Manchurian. depending on heat level preferred) 1/4 tsp pepper powder 1 garlic clove. Note: this recipe is for the dry version of gobi manchurian that's usually served as an appetizer. Its easy to find Indian food in Singapore. Fry for 30 seconds. Heat oil and fry the onions. chopped fine 1/4 cup capsicum. http://www. ► October (7) 3. Once all the cauliflower florets have been fried. THE AUTHOR November 25. literally. You can stick toothpicks into the florets and serve as an appetizer or add more water-cornflour mixture and make the sauce looser to serve with fried rice. 5.. SNA CK S W RA PS AN D A PPE TIZE RS . 2. Mix ingredients for the batter until you get a slightly loose batter of pouring consistency. I made it at home. Gobi Manchurian Recipe What I Used: 2 cups cauliflower. Turn the heat to high and add the soy sauce and vinegar. Repeat.. PICK AN INGREDIENT You are away from home for an extended period of time. Fry for 30 more seconds. I drove TH nuts saying I want gobi manchurian and I want it now. Check salt and add more only if necessary. why do you ask? I really wish I had step by step pictures. The next day. cut into florets Oil to deep fry For the batter: 5 tbsp maida / plain flour 3 tbsp cornflour 1/2 tsp red chilli powder (optional. since the soy sauce and chilly sauce may have salt.703 people like this.. You have tasted most of what the local cuisine has to offer you. and garlic until the onions turn golden brown. Yes. That evening we went.. chaat. ► September (9) ► August (11) ► July (12) ► June (9) ► May (14) ► April (9) ► March (14) ► February (14) ► January (10) ► 2008 (129) 2 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . Follow on Google+ PICK A RECIPE | Privacy Policy More from BlogHer Antojeria La Popular.. rasmalai. minced 2 green chillies. V EGETA RI AN R EC IPES Loading. 4. all those things you took so much for granted back home. C AULIF LO WER . dal chaawal.. Mix well for 5 seconds and lower heat back down. aloo paratha. check before adding How I Made It: DNA E-Paper The Kitchn FoodGawker Tastespotting 59 Users C R E D IT S Palak Khichdi / Spinach Khichdi Recipe Spiral Cookies : Step-by-Step Recipe Mullangi Sambar / Radish Sambar Recipe Header designed by Sia 1. Let's start with the sauce. Banana Bread Step-by-Step Recipe For the sauce: 1 small onion.

.. 2009 3:00 PM Wow ma fav dish dear..Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible. If you need to use it or reproduce it. At least you have a little Indian here we have to make our self unless if one is satisfied with the blang chinese food we get here. I normally do not eat this even though I crave for it cuz. 2009 2:34 PM using a paniyaram chatti here is a good idea but i didn't :) Reply Saraswathi Iyer November 25. did u? Look so elegant. Reply Tina November 25.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe. they add food color & loads of oil. 2009 2:39 PM My all time fav...nice recipe Reply Happy cook November 25. the pic so tempting that I can finish that full bowl all by myself. :) Reply Nags November 25. ► 2007 (57) ► 2006 (3) COPYRIGHT You might also like: All content in this website including text and pictures is copyrighted and belongs to the author. Super Quick Cauliflower / Gobi Biryani Recipe Aloo Capsicum Pulao / Potato Capsicum Pulao Recipe Vegetable Fried Rice-Baby Corn Manchurian-Indo Chinese . This looks super spicy chillies.looks perfect and tempting. Any unauthorized usage will constitute plagiarism.cookingandme. Reply 3 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . 2009 4:59 PM I tried once you sis gobi manchurian and that was really yumm. 2009 2:57 PM This looks absolutely delicious. http://www. gobi dry. 2009 2:59 PM My all time favorite. I must make this at home Reply Pari November 25. 2009 4:25 PM tempting picture dear. Rama November 25.. please ask first. The only this is my daughter don't like cauliflower. 2009 2:33 PM droooooling!u didn't use paniyaram here. love all that is Indo-chinese! Reply Arundhuti S. 2009 3:19 PM Oh yes!! Lovethis.. Reply DEESHA November 25. Reply Manasi November 25.. I am sure gonna try this one day. Kadai Paneer Recipe-Step by Step-Karahi Paneer Recipe Heavenly Sesame Potatoes in Hot n Sweet Tomato Sauce LinkWithin • TRIE D & TASTE D BY N AGALA KS HM I V SU BMI T YOUR EM AIL ADDR ES S BE LO W FO R FR EE R EC IPES DELIV ER ED BY FE EDBU RN ER 86 COMMENTS: Sonia November 25. looks yummy love the presentation.... 2009 3:31 PM The picture looks very impressive! Reply Shama Nagarajan November 25.

... 2009 9:54 AM Sis. 2009 2:23 AM looks like a store bought one. 2009 7:41 AM woww!! It looks so yummy... 2009 11:32 PM looks quite good and I am sure tastes better.all beautiful things are not edible for me.... 2009 2:38 AM I feel like having a Gobi manch ! This one looks perfect and glossy! Reply Anupama November 26..please pass it!! Reply Nags November 26..too good. :) Reply chakhlere November 26. I might try this recipe for Paneer Manchurian... Reply Vrinda November 25....looks too gud Reply Cardamom November 26. thanks for sharing Reply Priya Narasimhan November 26. but Indian Wok in Siglap serves very nice Indian Chinese.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible.. :-) And yes.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe.. Marie November 25.. 2009 5:44 PM No prob if you don't have step by step detail Nags .but i have minimized eating this addictive food... Ching's green chilli is my fav .. will follow your recipe and make it soon. thanks again :-) Reply munchcrunchandsuch November 26. these measurements are as exact as they come! :) Sangeeta . all in vain. I can have it with anything .which has TH giving me stares as to wats rong with me or if I have a news to share! am bookmarking this recipe for sure.. that's why I don't make it every weekend like I would have liked to .I too crave for food for no reason. i salute Nelson Wang for this invention...there r times. 2009 2:59 AM Nags. http://www.cookingandme.. 2009 4:54 AM THAT looks delicious!!!I love manchurian. I was Lol reading this... 2009 4:02 AM Oh Nags. 2009 7:19 PM i bashed this gobi manchurian in my recent post and you came up with such a beautiful picture as always.. no idea where you stay..ha ha. I've tried making gobi manchurian several times. thanks for the accurate measures.. 2009 11:11 PM Thats a picture perfect gobi manchurian. the easy part is of course the fact that you don't need to eye ball the ingredients... Reply Bharathy November 25.... Reply Cham November 26..anytime!.. . 2009 8:33 PM Love manchurian. the very look of it says everything. Reply Nostalgia November 25.I agree this is not the healthiest way to cook and eat gobi. 2009 9:47 PM Hey that looks perfect! BTW.. even plain parathas..:) .) Reply Nags November 26...-) Reply sangeeta November 25.let them be in the garden . when I go ohh and ahh over a particular food item before going to bed. 2009 5:06 PM wonderful photography.but where is the 'easy' part? :) Reply aquadaze November 25. 2009 10:07 AM 4 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . and I am sure the dish was as good as it looks !!! Yummm !!! Reply Sharmila November 25..

Reply Sig November 27... 2009 10:23 AM You said it! they have chilly fish and I think veg manchurian but not gobi manchurian.I have tried ur baby corn manchurian. 2009 9:22 AM Sig. yes been to Indian Wok in Siglap but they didn't have gobi manchurian!! Reply aquadaze November 26. 2009 12:41 AM Oh goody! You know my 4 year old has taken a liking for Gobi and asks if we can make it at home. http://www..... Glad that i now have this recipe. it's true indo chinese food originated in Calcutta.as far as food p'graphy is concerned.that means they don't serve authentic indo chinese! Reply Nags November 26. actually. Nags ! in fact at one point i thought it was totally adopted by bangalore.seems simple enough..Pass that Bowl to me Reply 5 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . Reply Arch November 26. Reply Nags November 26. The waiters at the restaurant (serving south indian and north indian food) would continue waiting at the table in case u forgot to order gobi manchurian.. 2009 11:58 PM Wow mouthwatering one.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe. 2009 10:22 AM huh.sure I think this will turn out gud too:) Reply radha November 28.cookingandme... 2009 12:15 PM gobi manchurian is officially indian. totally drool worthy. 2009 12:17 PM I've heard that indo chinese food originated in West Bengal...anytime.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible.it looks heavenly... 2009 9:09 AM Love that pic. must try. 2009 3:02 PM hello. we found the food just so-so and a bit overpriced. i will have to come to S'pore and learn from you directly. you are too much!! :D Reply Alka November 27.You would see little stalls named 'gobi manchurian' and they served just that.china town of Calcutta situated in a localty called tangra .it was a must with every order !! chinese/indo chinese doesnt seem too popular in ahmedabad and i really miss my bangalore gobi manchurian .. its just hearsay :) Reply sheetal November 26.. Aquadaze.. 2009 1:28 AM Have to make this! Reply my kitchen November 28..and this tempts me enough to grab from screen :-) Reply RAKS KITCHEN November 28..they don't have the quintessential indo-chinese dish!! Hmmm. I can't be sure though... 2009 9:46 PM Love the Manchurian. Nelson Wang is the man and i came to know this through Vir Sanghvi ( of course through his columns). sheetal Reply sangeeta November 26. 2009 6:47 PM Nags.. 2009 12:32 AM Looks good.. Reply RedChillies November 27. especially when I imagine that it is chicken :) Reply Nags November 27..

Reply aquadaze April 1. Reply Tina April 1.cookingandme. Reply Home Lighting April 1... Reply Happy cook April 1.hubby goes nuts sometimes :P Manchuri looks super yummy.no chopsticks for me! Reply Mahimaa&#39. that seems to have made the sauce a little too dark coz of the soy. and I have taken pictures too:D. Reply Nags April 1. 2009 12:46 PM I totally understand why you came back and made it the very next day! :) The dish looks awesome to say the least! Reply Namratha December 1.. This looks super spicy chillies... and I did not get the lovely golden brown colour as in your picture. Sharmilee! :) November 29.. 2009 5:21 PM Hi Naga. i love cauliflower manchurian too. I might try this recipe for Paneer Manchurian..s kitchen December 2. 2009 9:20 AM You sound just like me.. nice click. made it today! Totally enjoyed it. Reply Cardamom April 1. chilly sauce.looks perfect and tempting. The frying is the only part that makes this dish tedious. 2010 9:09 PM Wow ma fav dish dear. :) Reply Priya Narasimhan April 1... and I had to make it thin with a little flour and water mixture while mixing. 2010 9:09 PM yum yum. 2010 9:09 PM using a paniyaram chatti here is a good idea but i didn't :) Reply 6 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 .too good.. Reply Mahimaa&#39. My sauce turned out a little too thick. can have anything made of it.s kitchen April 1.. 2010 9:09 PM THAT looks delicious!!!I love manchurian.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible..I need a fork please. no idea where you stay. looks yum! Reply Miri November 30. 2009 10:33 AM yum yum. 2010 9:09 PM looks like a store bought one. Reply Anonymous December 4. I thought I might need to add soy sauce. At least you have a little Indian here we have to make our self unless if one is satisfied with the blang chinese food we get here.. am a big cauliflower fan. can have anything made of it. nice click. eat something outside and want to make the same thing right away home at. I am sure gonna try this one day. i love cauliflower manchurian too. 2010 9:09 PM Hey that looks perfect! BTW. 2010 9:09 PM I tried once you sis gobi manchurian and that was really yumm. 2009 8:43 PM My all time fav chinese dish. http://www. but totally worth the effort:-)Shreya Reply Home Lighting December 4. The only this is my daughter don't like cauliflower... Since I was making it thin. but Indian Wok in Siglap serves very nice Indian Chinese. 2009 6:43 PM Its quite delicious. am a big cauliflower fan. 2010 9:09 PM Its quite delicious. tomato ketchup proportionately. The taste was awesome though... However.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe.

i love indo-chinese recipes too and crave for them all the time :) Reply 7 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . yes. I tried your recipe this evening & it was such a hit. :) so i am making it again tonight. thank you so much.. http://dskrecipes. just in case the page's not available for any reason. 2011 8:55 AM so glad you enjoyed the easy gobi manchurian recipe. 2010 5:20 AM I plan to try this out . I just came to give my fb and take a print of the recipe.really yummy Reply meens May 4. he prefers it over chicken wings and THAT is the biggest compliment i (rather you. it really nice.lip smacking.. 2011 6:01 AM Hello Nags. Anonymous April 9. 2010 10:24 AM Hi Nags. 2010 9:33 AM Thank you so much Anon.com/ Reply Jaysri September 28. 2010 12:31 PM hello jaysri. I found my favorite recipe finally. in fact its one and the same :) Reply neenu October 19. Its really cool & the way you have presented it. I do feel like preparing the same. 2010 9:44 AM Thanks Meena! So glad you liked the gobi manchurian recipe.keep up the gr8 work Reply Nags May 11..blogspot.I should say this was a clear winner. Thanks a lot for this recipe. yes you can use corn starch. I really liked the manchurian recipe & your blog too. till now. i had some cauliflower and checked out your recipe list and tried this one.. I have recipe blog too.. After having a full plate of it..Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible. 2010 1:20 PM We love it. I have visited your blog for the first time.. I crave for manchurian type of food during those off days and when I don't have the energy to go out to restaurant. I am so glad the gobi manchurian recipe was useful! Reply Anonymous September 2. I have a doubt....cookingandme... :) Thanks again!! Reply Nags August 21.it was soo good that my hubby's been asking me ever since when i would make it again.? Reply Nags September 30.Thanks again Reply Anonymous December 2. 2010 12:04 AM Hi Naagu. the batter came out perfect and so the whole recipe... . http://www. this is the taste I was craving for and am so happy to have found this recipe.. yes.i was craving gobi manchuri today and i tried this recipe and i loved it.. whatever I tried turned out to be something like manchurian but following your recipe I got the perfect taste and yes.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe. do you mean the pure white one or little yellow one..Wow... Can I use corn starch in place of corn flour? By corn flour....I got into your blog by chance. thank you again. better than i would have imagined. 2010 2:35 AM Hey.i made this recipe last week and needless to say.and just saved the recipe. it turned out very very well. Am planning to make this gobi manchurian tomorrow..-)) got. Thank you for posting this recipe .. I have cravings for manchurian a lot too :) Reply Anonymous August 21.I will let you know how it goes Reply Anjali May 11. Meena Reply Nags May 4.. 2010 12:40 AM Hey Nags.. 2010 5:20 AM heyy!!.

mine is a light version. 2011 1:49 PM Tanvi.. Sreedevi. 8 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . Start with 2 tbsp and then add more Reply Nagalakshmi V December 22. 2011 1:07 PM 1/4 cup water is approximate. Chandra Reply Replies Nagalakshmi V May 16..perfect restaurant taste... the whole thing looked so dark! :( Reply Aparna September 30.!! P. Amazing photography. 2011 8:53 PM For the batter I added 1/4 cup of water and it became too watery.too. loved it! I too am a fan of cauliflower manchurian.. let me know if you try other recipes.. 2011 12:51 PM Hi. 2012 9:43 AM thank you so much for trying the gobi manchurian recipe.. 2011 5:40 PM Hi Nags. 2012 12:29 PM Hi Nags.. except that it didn't 'look' as nice in your pic. except that it didn't look as awesome as it does in your pic.S.... once i added the soy sauce. but I don't like the 'eggy' taste most restaurant-made manchurian has.!! Reply Anonymous December 19. 2011 11:26 AM Another BIG hit in our house! Thank you so much for making me an indian-chinese cook. How much water do we add exactly? Reply Nagalakshmi V December 22. Thank you.. It is superb!! I thought of trying this 'coz there is no egg involved in this and it sounded easy. currently based in Sydney I face the same craving for Indo-Chinese food. As soon as i added soy sauce..S.it looked exactly like your pic. This recipe turned out awesome.This recipe turned out awesome to taste. i am not a fan of adding egg to the manchurian batter either (not for the vegetarian manchurian recipes. anyway) so this works out perfect for me.?? Thanks in advance. Im Tanvi.how many people does this recipe serve. this is a wonderful receipe you posted.i tried it out and the taste was awesome. One quick question.. this gobi manchurian recipe should serve 2-3 people comfortably :) Reply Suba December 30. Reply Nagalakshmi V January 3.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible. i tried it last saturday and it came out yummy!!! i am going to stick on to this recipe in the future!! my husband loved it! Reply Anonymous December 30. loved.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe. i was hoping for a darker colour :) Reply Anonymous December 16. You have an amazing blog here. Reply Aparna September 30. in fact.... http://www.. the whole sauce and final dish all looked so dark :( How did u manage to keep this colour looking so good?? Reply Nags October 10. Tried this recipe today. 2012 12:19 PM I am so glad you enjoyed the gobi manchurian recipe :) Reply Chandra May 15. 2011 6:54 AM Nags..thanks for it.. Loved. thanks once again. 2011 3:45 PM i think a lot depends on the colour and density of the soya sauce used. 2011 12:56 PM Hi. freshmoments September 10. 2011 9:42 AM Hi.cookingandme. Great recipes and pictures. Not only was this easy but really tasty.

We have since moved to San Francisco and I wanted to prepare the dish so I went online and found yours.. I thought of giving it a try. Reply Charul @ Tadka Masala September 30. Reply Alina May 22.. I made it successfully 3-4 time already.. 2012 2:22 AM Hi Nags Your gobi manchurian was wonderful. It worked! Thanks so much! Reply Bryan Nonwar October 3.my family was so impressed.keep up the good work :) Reply Comment as: Hi there.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe... 2012 6:12 PM This is wonderful. 2012 11:42 AM Hi Nags. The recipe on the video site is different too... 2012 10:42 PM Somebody stole your photo and used it on a really crappy youtube video. 2012 6:15 PM thanks guys for the recipe... After having it one evening we went to Mustafa and found a a jar of sauce for the dish. Thank You for publishing this.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible. 2012 1:18 AM I am a big cauliflower fan. 9 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 .. 2012 9:55 AM My husband and I lived in Singapore for a while and loved visiting Little India..... Reply Bryan Nonwar October 3... http://www. sometimes even lemon juice.youtube. I tried this gobi manchurian recipe today & it was delicious.thanks Reply Anonymous November 2.. Your rock Nagalakshmi. I especially enjoyed Gobi Manchurian. It was very good but was enough for two preparations.tried this recipe.turned out to be perfect.i tried this recipe and it come out to be a delicious one..com/watch?v=pDZoiZCUvjk It makes your site and you look like shite. Thank you for the recipe.. thank you so much for leaving a note on my recipes and posts. Thank you so much for posting this. http://www. great recipe again .you are so talented. I really appreciate it and do read every single one of them although I don't reply individually.cookingandme. Jeanette Reply Anonymous September 10.. I was always hesitant to try indo chinese but after stopping by your website.. 2012 6:16 PM hi guys. I'll definitely try some more from your blog. just like I knew it will be. I garnish it with lil bit of onion nd coriander... After i tried ur recipe ive never eaten gobi manchurian out again. Reply anishathefoodie May 29. 2012 8:57 PM You made me drool! Reply Pooja M October 1. V Regards Anisha Kuruvilla Reply Anonymous July 26.. You should complain to youtube to get it taken down.. The fact that you live in Singapore and know what Little India has to offer gave your recipie great credibility.

. **IMP: if you leave links in your comments back to your site or to events in your site..cookingandme. they will not be published** Post a Comment Hi there.com/2009/11/easy-gobi-manchurian-recipe. they will not be published** Newer Post Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) 10 of 10 13-12-2012 00:32 . I really appreciate it and do read every single one of them although I don't reply individually. **IMP: if you leave links in your comments back to your site or to events in your site. thank you so much for leaving a note on my recipes and posts.. http://www.Easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe ~ Edible..

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