Automatic CAD CAM for 2 to 5 axis

WorkNC helps ensure machining optimization and reliability at Atlantic Modelage Composite

From design through to manufacturing... A comprehensive service
Atlantic Modelage Composite (AMC), a company based in the south of the Loire-Atlantique region of France, are specialized in the design, development and fabrication of models, molds and prototypes made from composite materials. The company, created in 2000 by two associates who are the current joint directors, is a result of an encounter between the two men along with their complementary areas of expertise - a model maker and a mold maker. AMC's traditional sector of activity: marine/naval

<< Investments made in machining centers have been made economically viable thanks to WorkNC. This CADCAM solution allows us to capitalize and optimize our expertise in the domain of composite materials and, at the same time, venture into new fields of activity other than marine and naval which have traditionally been our target industries. >>
Jean-Claude Simonneau, co-director of AMC, France

Today, the company continues to grow in the marine industry - its core business (60%) as well as other industries such as military, automotive, construction and civil engineering. The company has a staff of 20 with a projected turnover of Euros 2 million in 2012. Since its inception, AMC has offered its services to all types of resin processing industries. It provides its customers with molds specially adapted to their

marine and naval industries are naturally AMC’s main focus. security and confidentiality. "This new organization did.not those suggested by the software vendors." The last point. we are not talking about small parts."That was really a major step forward for us". above all. where there can be over one hundred hours of machining related jobs alone depending on the size and complexity of the parts". especially for very large parts.. barely 8 months after the first one. "Before. unsettle the workshop. 5-axis machining is easy to implement. whether it be on a regional or national scale."The 64 bit version has enabled us to halve calculation times. the only person with CAM experience and who knew WorkNC. This led to a 'mini-revolution' within the enterprise. Today. It's an important development which offers us some great advantages. "That represented a sizeable cost. but not the least important. Marine/naval construction = large parts Due to the expertise of AMC’s two founders. Postprocessing and machining simulation are also critical .. at least at the beginning" . says Jean-Claude Simonneau. to some extent. this has been another source of improvement in terms of cost. Minambrès. quality. far from it. AMC decided to invest in a High Speed Machining Center in order to handle project management in house from A to Z." . The complete product development cycle is managed internally. "We know this business. "We don't do a lot of 5axis simultaneous machining yet as we are more focud on 3+2 positional machining which has become a standard strategy at AMC. co-director of AMC." And he adds: "Before. WorkNC V21 has allowed the management of toolpath programming to be streamlined. That could have significant impact on aspects such as cost."After an in-depth analysis of the market and running benchmarks using our own parts . so that must mean that everything is OK. between 250 and 300 thousand Euros par year but. the question no longer arises. A new strategic orientation "Our desire was to support our customer with the best possible conditions throughout the entire life cycle of their projects and even beyond". is stock model management optimization. adds Jean-Claude. We may spend several thousand hours making a complete tool. both in terms of cost and leadtimes.. And Jean Claude adds. WorkNC's ease of use and its intuitive design soon won over the users. AMC quickly invested in a second 5-axis machine. the company renewed its trust in WorkNC and purchased two new licenses of Version 21. Well executed machining routines significantly reduce finishing times. we have expanded the WorkNC team from one to three. "An important asset for avoiding collision risks and to produce the part successfully the first time round. Stock model management of these parts also provides a competitive advantage. Our team has quickly learned to address any machining-related shortcomings. from initial design through to manufacturing and including engineering and feasibility studies. The first CNC machine arrived in 2010. we weren't able to run a machining programming cycle at the beginning of the afternoon because we weren't sure that we would obtain the results the same evening. One of the biggest constraints in this domain concerns the size of the parts. we did all the design and engineering work in house and then outsourced the machining phase". or even the interior design of a boat. he adds. Minambrès. affording a flexibility which is greatly appreciated by its users. We remain constantly in touch with the needs of our customers and we are proud to say that we work very closely with them. with a nod of approval: "I never hear anything about the CAM. the leading players in this sector with whom we have already worked – for example the BENETEAU Group .. Today. Understandably. Jean-Claude Simonneau concludes: "In just a few months. closely followed by the implementation of WorkNC CADCAM.production requirements. AMC enjoys a unique standing in the field of machining composite materials. we didn't have complete control over the project management.remarks M. Any reluctance was overcome thanks to the assistance and support of the local WorkNC Technical team during the changeover." The arrival of WorkNC V21 at the end of 2011 Due to the excellent initial results with the machining center." .have continued to place their trust in us" says Jean-Claude. a programmer at AMC. That would be too easy! We chose WorkNC and its automatic 5-axis module". in our traditional sector of activity as . said M. WorkNC rapidly became the 'linchpin' of the workshop along with the CMS 5-axis machining center made by ANTB CMS France. As you may expect. "When it comes to working on hulls or decks." In 2010. he tells us. Once again.

" Rrevcieeel2gmail Sreenivasan 2lancorholding Parathasarathym2thomascook Nyproforbesproduct Bhlhrd2nyproforbes.well as others. The company set about an important change of direction in Naturefirstindia Hr2nature . a challenge taken on and conquered thanks to our staff but also due to the introduction of digital technologies such as CAM which allowed us to rise to this challenge with total confidence.

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