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We are the New Zealand Womens National Lacrosse Team The NZBLAX. We are international competitors in the worlds fastest team game on two feet. We are currently ranked 12th in the world, and will be competing alongside 20 other countries at the 2013 FIL Womens Lacrosse World Cup in Oshawa, Canada.

Ball, a Youth Lacrosse Academy, raffles, sausages sizzles, run market stalls, sold T-shirts, held a comedy night and we are not finished, we have a number of other activities planned for the coming five months too.


Over the past 12 months, we have completed two intense phases of preparation, in which we have toured twice to Melbourne, competing in the Down Under Cup and the Southern Cross tournaments. We have had a first ever three game series against the #2 team in the world, Australia. Our progress has been good but we need to accelerate even more to achieve our World Cup dreams. "We are now in our third and final phase. In this phase, we are committed to 200 hours of strength and conditioning training, 50 hours of individual skills work and 200 hours of team practice and mental skills training. In addtion to this, we will tour Australia again which will include a game against Australia. Then prior to the World Cup, we will play our final warm up games in the USA. We will be leaving nothing to chance. We will be the most prepared and the best lacrosse team, New Zealand has ever produced. We will have no regrets, knowing we have done everything we can, putting ourselves in the best possible position to achieve our goals.


Our training squad currently has 30 women aged between 17-37. Only eighteen players will be selected to compete at the 2013 World Cup. We are hardworking, elite, amateur athletes dedicated to our sport, our conditioning, our training and our preparation. We are made up of high school and University students, nurses, police officers, businesswomen, PhD students, coaches and teachers. We live in Auckland, Wellington and Waikato. Two members of the squad are studying on lacrosse scholarships in the US Collegiate system. We are the brand and the face of the New Zealand Lacrosse Association (NZLA), the governing body for lacrosse in New Zealand and we are affiliated to the Sport NZ.


We believe that our high performance provides young women with opportunities to develop a winning attitude and a strong competitive spirit, personal resilience and toughness as well as leadership and team skills; the life skills for success. We are supported by a dedicated, volunteer management team, consisting of our physios, strength and conditioning experts, executive mental skills trainers and lacrosse coaching specialists. Our programme is lead by our Head Coach, Kari Jones, a former Welsh lacrosse international with over 20 years experience playing, coaching and developing lacrosse teams in both the US and in Europe. Kari has been the driving force of creating the most professional lacrosse coaching programme we have ever had in New Zealand. She has created a culture of professionalism, hard work and discipline, one that allows us to aspire to excellence. To enable us to execute a professional programme of this nature, we are heavily involved with fundraising. Over the last year we have held a Spring


To finish in the top 8 at the 2013 World Cup To finish in the top 5 at the 2017 World Cup To have active leagues in all main cities in New Zealand To serve as role models for the community and future lacrosse players To encourage sport and wellbeing by giving back via coaching and support of our local clubs and communities

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We know that if want to create a national lacrosse team that is formidable on the world stage, then we need to build great relationships and partnerships with New Zealand businesses that want to support us in our achieving our goals. We have already started to develop these relationships. Each one is a little bit different. For example Horleys provided us with all our sports drinks for a recent tour and great raffle prizes; Diocesan School provided us access to their floodlit training facility; executive coaching company, BMS Fusion have admitted us on their scholarship programme; Tahi Teamwear are providing us an innovative and distinct set of playing uniforms. A local drinks manufacturer supported the champagne reception at our Spring Ball, Opro have provided the whole team with custom mouth guards and creative designer Bron Alexander has developed our brand presence and given us a distinctive style.

We work with our partners to understand how we can best support them. To date, we have used our Facebook page, website and personal networks to promote our partners; we have regularly volunteered services to promote our partnerships and we always invite our partners to our key NZBLAX hosted events as well as extending the opportunity to address attendees. If you would like to discuss a partnership with NZBLAX, there are opportunities to join us in number of different ways. We have detailed some of these ideas in our Sponsorship Document. To discuss this further, or to request a copy of our Sponsorship Document please contact: Sian Halliwell NZBLAX Partnership Manager 021 156 9046


We partnered with Tahi Teamwear in May 2012. Tahi has provided NZBLAX with their game uniforms, training kit and off field wear for their Southern Cross Tour, Down Under Cup Tour and the World Cup. Tahi Pacific GM, Anna Shere has provided us full access to the Tahi design team to develop clothing that feels incredible to play in and looks fabulous as well. In return, the team provides comprehensive feedback on each of the items, allowing the design team to refine their concepts and products. Anna was clear about what they wanted from the relationship, We want to further strengthen our links with lacrosse through our partnership with the NZBLAX. We want to become the team wear provider of choice for NZ Lacrosse and for the schools and clubs playing this sport. The partnership does not end there, we have helped Tahi increase the

number of Likes on their Facebook page by sharing Tahi Facebook links through our personal networks, extending their reach and of course by endorsing Tahi to our clubs and school teams. Anna has also been promoting NZBLAX and lacrosse through her Tahi networks. She is opening doors and creating new opportunities for us to raise our profile in New Zealand. Head Coach Kari Jones, recently endorsed the partnership at Tahis shareholders meeting, saying It is been a real pleasure to work with the Tahi team. They have been incredible at taking on our uniform ideas, then enhancing them with their experience and creativity. Tahi and Anna are supportive of our World Cup aspirations and of our sport. We really do believe that Tahi and Anna are part of the NZBLAX Team."

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