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This project report is submitted in partial fulfillment for the Requirement of “Masters of Business Administration”

by Shahnawaz Adil MBA Integral University,Lucknow Roll no: 1100122143 Under the guidance of Zahid Raza Khan Asst. Professor, Marketing Integral University

Rourkela Institute of Management Studies, Rourkela


information already compiled in many sources has been utilized. I would like to categorically mention that the work here has neither been purchased nor acquired by any other unfair means. to the best of our knowledge. All information in this report is true representation of what I have experienced during the project. The data and information existing in this report are accurate and update to the current data.Declaration I hereby that I have worked on the topic “BUYING BEHAVIOR OF CONSUMER TOWARDS SONY ELECTRONICS IN LUCKNOW” All the information that has been collected. However. analyzed and documented for the project is authentic possession to me. Rourkela 57 . Shahnawaz Adil Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. for this purpose of the project.

Faculty Member. I am grateful to them those given me this opportunity to work on such type of project. which lacks these two determinants of success. it is not possible for me to complete the project. for all the tea and care with which they overwhelmed me through these long months of creation. I sincerely hope that my first venue in this field is appreciated. Zahid Raza Khan. Finally. Prof. Department of Management & Research . It was an opportunity and great pleasure for me to be in such an environment and having interaction with concerned people.Acknowledgement Co-operation and building up of moral are the essence of success. to my parents. who was in the role of my Faculty Guide. Shahnawaz Adil Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. These are two factors that go a long way in achieving it. It is a Herculean task. Offering thanks. left no stone unturned in guiding me along the course of my Project work. Rourkela 58 . without their. I express my heartily respect and profound thanks for their enlightening and meticulous guidance for the consummation and evaluating of this project.

washing machines.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Indian consumer durables industry has witnessed a considerable change in the past couple of years. a shift in consumer preferences towards higher-end. This industry consists of durable goods used for domestic purposes such as televisions. Rourkela 59 . microwave ovens. Changing lifestyle. As per a survey conducted by FICCI on the Indian consumer durables industry. emergence of the retail industry in a big way coupled with rising affluence levels of a considerable section of the population. The growth in the consumer durables sector has been driven primarily by factors such as the boom in the real estate & housing industry. refrigerators. higher disposable income. technologically advanced branded products has been quite discernable. higher disposable income coupled with greater affordability and a surge in advertising has been instrumental in bringing about a sea change in the consumer behavior pattern. Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. mobile phones etc.

LG.  To find out the strength and weakness of competitors.  To know the opinion & suggestions of customers. The final decision of transaction is totally depend on the consumer.  To study the Competitor’s service attitude of staff member to customers. Sony is the leading brand name in the consumer durable market. Rourkela 60 .  To provide the better services & try to built the credibility in the consumer. Samsung.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: Different Companies/brands are available in the consumer durable market to customers like Sony. Philips. consumer may have different perception for his satisfaction for particular brand and company has to fulfill consumer’s requirement. Panasonic etc. Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. Hence the concerned project is undertaken:-  To analyze the customer’s requirement.

state of the art technology and superior quality. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Handycam. telecommunications. Throughout the world today. Leading into its next fifty years. Betacam. information technology. From the outset. the Compact Disc and the floppy disc . but it kicked-off their desire to produce products for everyday life. Sony’s vision is Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. just after World War II. From its first transistor radio in 1955. Ibuka and Morita strove to develop exciting products to fulfill people dreams. smaller and more innovative than ever thought possible. entertainment.COMPANY PROFILE In a burnt-out department store in Tokyo in 1946. Walkman. In 1958. Sony stands for innovation. Rourkela 61 . Sony has become one of the most recognised brand names in the history of the modern world. the company name was changed to Sony Corporation and since then. running a company then known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering). satellite broadcasting and even insurance and finance. broadcast. to the Trinitron. It did not work too well.Sony has continually made things better. attempted to produce a simple electric rice cooker. Sony Corporation now spans a range of industries including audio visual electronics.

Sony in India Sony is not new to India. returning home from abroad This love for the brand culminated in a new relationship when inspired by a reform friendly Indian business environment. Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. Whether it was the television. COMPANY MISSION Sony India focused towards making a difference in the lifestyles in the Indian market and open up new vistas of entertainment in the country. Sony Corporation decided to set up a 100% subsidiary called Sony India on 16th January offer people exciting new products and new lifestyles and remains committed to the challenge of creating and realizing these dreams. Rourkela 62 . or the walkman. a Sony always remained a must in the wish list of any Indian.

Buying Behavior is in the Advertising. worker. interests. and is influenced by factors such as the consumer's (1) societal role (parent. opinions (AIO) and Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. Their consistent commitment towards service has brought the company quite closer to the Indian customer. etc. advertisement (ad). Buying Behavior appears in the definitions of the following terms: marketing research. & Sales and Purchasing & Procurement subjects. Rourkela 63 . spouse. (2) social and cultural environment and norms.Sony India remains committed towards offering new age technology and digital concepts while working hand in hand with the Indian industry to produce and sell excellence.). activities. Understanding The Buying Behavior Of Consumers Definition Purchase decision making pattern that is a complex amalgam of needs and desires. and (3) aspirations and inhibitions. Marketing. ACORN. economic environment.

consumer research. Rourkela 64 . What make BRAVIA S Series Model so popular? Uncompromised Superb Picture quality BRAVIA S series TV is designed to bring your images to life unlike you’ve experienced in conventional television. while Sony’s unique Live Colour Creation technology brings out deep vibrant colour tones and motion flow 100Hz ensures that you receive remarkably smooth action and sports scenes. All of this technology Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. BRAVIA S series Full HD 1080 resolution and advanced BRAVIA Engine will ensure that every image retains its full visual beauty. Buying Behavior appears in these other term: consumer buying behavior.

Sony has come to produce S-Force Front Surround for a complete surround sound experience from just the front speakers of your BRAVIA S series. BRAVIA Engine BRAVIA S series TV is renowned for its colour quality and clarity of detail. the experience would not be complete without a modern and well designed frame to show it off to the world. Sony is taking the television experience to unheard of levels.culminates to display a perfect image on BRAVIA S series 10. At the heart of the BRAVIA S series TV is the BRAVIA Engine. unmatched by any other TV. Sophisticated Design In today’s high class society. This enhanced styling makes BRAVIA S series stand out as the centre of attention in any living space.bit panel for an experience that you just can’t find anywhere else. BRAVIA S series starts with the amazing floating glass design created from the ground up by Sony’s lead engineers and expands on the concept with a premium midnight blue finish. Audio Empowered Through years of innovation and research. a unique Rourkela Institute of Management Studies. Rourkela 65 . Along with the exciting new voice Zoom technology which allows you control over the dialogue and voices of your television viewing.

for entertainment that is as remarkable and clear as it is in reality. Now you can enjoy those deep dark scenes without sacrificing the brightness of the lighter elements. This engineering marvel processes and refines images from the source for the final. nothing delivers a . truest colours and unmatched image clarity. With unique new technologies designed to enrich and enhance your experience. Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) By reproducing fine levels of gradation and dynamically controlling the contrast of every image. Incredible Colour and Clarity BRAVIA engine processes every image to ensure that you receive the deepest blacks. BRAVIA image. the Advanced Contrast Enhancer delivers superior light. beautiful. mid and dark tones in every scene. Ultra-Wide viewing Angle (178 ) This almost semi-circular viewing angle means the BRAVIA experience can be enjoyed from many positions as well as by many more people seated in front of the BRAVIA S series LCD TV.fully digital processor. BRAVIA S series HD World BRAVIA S series brings your entertainment experience together in one place. The BRAVIA Experience This innovative image processor acts as a complete digital processing studio for every image you view.

combination of visual and audio in-home experience quite as stylishly in the BRAVIA S series. One Touch Entertainment Watch as your entire entertainment system comes alive with the push of a single button! With BRAVIA S series theatre Sync. each entertainment device synchronizes itself with the others so that a single command can bring every system online and playing your favorite programmes instantly. Below Products. . are the flowing Play station VAIO HD Handycam Digital Broadcast Digital SLR α Cyber-shot Blu-ray Disc Player Cinematic Experience Delve into a surrounding theatrical experience with Sony technologies that deliver the most realistic and captivating entertainment available. This way you can enjoy every film exactly as it was originally intended on your BRAVIA S series LCD TV.

environment and location is very convenient. .  Same price in all over in India is also a great attraction for customer. shops ambience.  Service wise Sony is the best among all his competitors. WEAKNESS: As Sony is a costly brand and this high price factor is not affordable to Indian customer.  To provide better service Sony conducts the Service camp & Training and keep its employee update.SWOT ANALYSIS OF SONY STRENGTH :  Sony has build up a good brand image & customer loyalty by his service & quality.

. good service attitude and knowledgeable staff and employee. THREATS: There are some major brands like Samsung.OPPORTUNITY:  Sony is leading brand in consumer durable market because of its better service and quality.  It has a professionalism.  Because of keen foresightedness of future demand and customer perception. Sony can beat all the competitors. LG which are providing the good quality products at affordable price keeping in view the Indian consumer and this factor is raising the competitors.

As the project study is vast nature and customer has less time to give answer. 3) . Study is area specific.LIMITATONS OF THE STUDY 1) Time constraint serves as the main limitation for the study. 2) Language barrier is also a big limitation for customer as well as interviewer.

they think it is nothing but a status symbol.CONCLUSION  According to research of 30 days in Sony India ltd. and vaio notebooks.  Sony is masters in Bravia LCD TV.  But when considered service attitude. Cyber shot camera. quality of a product. it reveals that Sony is real as well as a great leader in electronic and consumer durable. . Sony is far ahead from Samsung & LG.  Sony plays a vital role in consumer durable market. one pricing policy.  Sony is facing tough competition with Samsung & LG because of reasonable price & quality. promotion policy. Sony has credibility in these products.  Sony as a brand is so popular in rich class people. professional appearance & knowledge of staff regarding product features and function.

The information provided by the customer. Websites of consumer durable . 3. 2. 2) WWW. Through the personal interaction.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Like Sony.Sony. LG etc.Google. 1) WWW.