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The world’s first IT Efficiency platform

1E WorkspaceTM
A quick and easy Bring Your Own Computer (BYOPC) solution for more efficient IT and happier users at one tenth of the cost of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Many organizations wish to, or are being pushed by their users to, adopt a BYOPC policy. 1E Workspace is a BYOPC solution that, unlike Server-Hosted VDI, provides Client Hosted Virtual Desktops utilizing the native power of PCs and Apple Macs to deliver high performing, personalized Windows desktops any time, anywhere, that can be used online or offline. With 1E Workspace your virtual PC can be ready to use in as little as five minutes and costs just one tenth of VDI.


The Truth about BYOD (you need Windows)
For most users smartphones and tablets (iPad etc.) are used as companion devices, not a as primary work device. This is due to the fact that for “real work” you need to use a computer with a keyboard and mouse and in 90% of cases you also need Windows. Most corporate applications are Windows based and, although many new apps that enterprises are choosing today are non-Windows based, we are going to be dealing with those pre-existing Windows apps for years to come.Even using a Mac for work where equivalent software is used, as in Microsoft Office for Windows and Microsoft Office for Mac, the functionality may not be fully compatible across the two systems.

Use Your Virtual PC While it is Still Downloading
Overcoming the challenges of distributing large virtual hard disk images, with 1E’s FastBoot OS Streaming (patent pending) users can start using their Virtual PC even while it is still downloading. As soon as the image starts to download the Virtual PC begins to boot and can be ready to use after only 300-400 MB has been transferred - usually in just a few minutes. And, unlike VDI, the Virtual PC can be used fully offline after a short period.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems Management Infrastructure
Designed to fit as closely as possible with a Microsoft System Center administrator’s normal activities, 1E Workspace does not require huge investments in a new infrastructure and allows Virtual PCs to be managed in the same way as physical PCs. Self-service web-based deployment enables users to get their corporate PC wherever they are, at any time.

Avoid Additional Software Licensing Costs
The single image approach used to reduce the implementation cost of VDI can often provide users with applications they neither need or use. These applications however, still require licensing and, when combined with the cost of Microsoft Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) licensing, this can create a large, often hidden, cost for VDI implementations. 1E Workspace (along with 1E’s Shopping and AppClarity) enables you to optimize your software license costs and rationalize applications if they are not used.

Enjoy Complete Security for Corporate Information
Many organizations resist the adoption of BYOPC due concerns with security and compliance. With 1E Workspace, the Virtual PC is fully encrypted when not in use (using AES-256). As the Virtual PC is completely isolated from the underlying host machine, it can be killed with remote lock and wipe (over the internet) without affecting users’ personal data.In addition, the ability to implement standard corporate security tools and policies makes the use of BYOPC possible for organizations that would otherwise be unable to benefit from it.

2012. 23% of CIO’s consider “Implementing a bring-your-own PC. managed Windows desktop on a Mac. software licensing and separating business data from personal information and applications. Reduced Support Costs Service desk managers find that fewer support calls are raised for user-owned devices and that users are less likely to lose or damage a device that they personally own. delivering maximum productivity in the fastest possible time. smartphone.4 billion in efficiency savings. 1E’s mission is to identify unused IT. Improves Productivity and Employee Satisfaction . Virtual PCs can run on any modern Windows PC or Apple Mac (Linux PC capability is planned). and/or tablet strategy” a high or critical priority for their IT organization in the next 12 months. 1E Efficient IT solutions help reduce servers. By utilizing Oracle’s VirtualBox client-side hypervisor technology. network bandwidth constraints. This includes $800 million in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 6. 1E has helped more than 1.From a Choice of Devices Giving users their choice of device for personal and business computing is key to user satisfaction and the flexibility to work at home and when travelling contributes to greater levels of productivity. help remove it and optimize everything www.600 customers make $1. software licenses and energy consumption. However many organizations are deterred by concerns over compatability.1e.Benefits BYOPC at One Tenth of the Cost of VDI 1E Workspace gives users their corporate desktop on the devices they want at one tenth the cost of VDI. A Secure and Manageable BYOPC Approach By mitigating the problems with BYOPC relating to security and compliance. With 1E Workspace a user can be up and running on their corporate desktop in as little as five minutes. organization can benefit BYOPC where they would previously have been prevented. 1E Workspace provides a virtual PC with the performance and mobility that users expect whether they are online or offline.1e. US: +1 866 592 4214 UK: +44 208 326 3880 India: +91 120 402 4000 info@1e. security and support. Meet the demand for Apple Macs in your Business Many employees (as well as executives) would prefer to use an Apple Mac for work. To date. This contrasts with VDI which can place a heavy burden on already overstretched Data Centers and networks as well as delivering a less than optimal end-user experience. Utilize the Power of the Device Client Hypervisor technology allows users to take full advantage of the cheaper and high performing local computing 20130806 .4 million tons. storage and multimedia capabilities of their own www. Analysts’ View According to Forrester’s Forrsights Budgets & Priorities Tracker Survey Q4. 1E – Empowers Efficient IT 1E is the pioneer and global leader in Efficient IT solutions. With 1E Workspace you can meet this business demand by allowing your users to run a secure.