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Noun Suffixes -ability -ableness -acy -age -al -alism -ality -alness -ance -ancer -ancing -ancy -ant

-ants -ar -ariness -ate -atedness -ateness -ation -ationalism -ationism -ationist -ativeness -ator -cy -ed -edness -ee -egy -ence -encer -ency -ent -er -erateness -erer -es -ful -gist -gy -hood -ia -ialism -iality -ialness -ialist -ian -iation -iator -ibiltiy -ic -icalness -icism

Adjective Suffixes -able -ac -al -alent -ancy -ant -ard -ary -ate -ational -ative -atory -ed -ent -er -est -ful -iable -ial -ible -ic -ical -icized -ied -ier -iest -ily -ing -ion -ional -ionalistic -ionary -ionist -ionless -ious -ish -ist -istic -ite -itory -ive -less -ly -ment -mental -ness -orial -ory -ous -s -'s -ual -y

Verb Suffixes -ate -ated -ates -ating -aw -awn -aws -ed -es -ew -fied -fies -fy -fying -iate -iated -iates -iating -ic -ing -ion -ioned -ioning -ions -it -ivate -ize -ized -izes -izing -or -ored -oring -orize -ors -ow -owed -own -ows -s -ure -ured -ures -uring -yze

Adverb Suffixes -ly -ably -ably -ally -antly -arily -edly -entally -entally -entarily -ently -erly -fully -ially -iately -ibly -ibly -ically -ically -ically -ily -ing -ingly -ingly -ionally -ionally -iously -ishly -ive -ively -ively -lessly -ously -s -ually

Noun Suffixes -icity -ics -ier -ility -iness -ing -ion -ionary -ioner -ionism -ionist -ism -ison -ist -istic -ity -ive -iveness -ivism -ivist -ivity -ization -izer -lessness -ly -ment -mentarity -ness -ogy -oid -ol -ology -or -oriness -ory -place -placeness -rysship -sis -son -ude -ure -y

Adjective Suffixes

Verb Suffixes

Adverb Suffixes

Prefix aababsadafagambiamphiananaantanteantiapoatautobebicatacircumcocomconcontracorcounterdedecdidiadisduodyseecectoefemenendoepiequiexextraheterohemihexhexahomeohomohyperhypoilim-

Meaning(s) without, away, from, not, of, completely without, away, from without, from, away to, toward, addition, increase to to both around, both not, in the process of, in a particular state back(ward) against, opposite, opposing before, preceding against, before, opposite, opposed to away from to self all over, all around, having, covered with, cause to be two down around together with with, jointly, completely altogether, together with against, opposed to together opposition, opposite direction down, from, reduce, reverse, away, completely, removal ten apart, through, across, removal through, across apart, not, opposite, negation, removal two bad away, out away, out outside upward, completely in, out, on, into in, out, on, into inside on equal away, out, over, upward, completely, previous beyond, outside different, other half, partly six six same same above, over, super, beyond, more than normal under not, without in, not, without, inside

Prefix ininfrainterintra irisomacromalmegamesometamicrominimismonomultinonoboctofomniopoutoverpanpantparapentaperperipolypostpreprimeproquadreredretrosesedsemisubsupersuprasymsyntratranstriultraununderuni-

Meaning(s) in, into, not, without, towards, inside below between, among within, inside not equal large, great, long bad, wrong large, great middle beyond very small small bad, wrong one many not connected with, absent towards, blocking, against, concealing eight against, blocking all against surpassing, exceeding, external, away from too much, over, outer all, overall all, overall beside five through, completely done around, about many after before first before, in advance, forward, for, forth, favoring four back, again, down back backward apart apart half, partly under, lower, nearly, approximately over, above above together, in union together, in union across, beyond, different state across, beyond, different state three beyond, extreme not, reverse too little, below, lower one

-able -ac -acy -age -al -an -ance -ant -ar -arium -ary -ate -ation -ble -cle -dom -ed -ee -en -ence -ent -er -esc -fic -ful -fy -hood -ia -ial -ian -ible -ic -ical -ice -id -ify -ile -ine -ing -ion -ise -ish -ism -ist -ite -itis -ity -ive -ize -le -less -ly -ment -ness -oid

able to be, capable of pertaining to pertaining to act or condition having, pertaining to, relating to, like, suitable for person who state of being one who does, that which having the quality of, relating to a place where, repository place where being, one who, to cause to, to make the act of capable of being little domain, condition having the quality of person who is to make, made of quality of, state of being, an act of one who does, that which a thing/one which is or does become, change causing or producing characterized by to make state or condition area, land, state, medical condition pertaining to pertaining to able to be, capable of being of, characteristic of, pertaining to like or suitable for condition or quality state or condition to make relating to of or relating to activity, action, process act of, state of being, the process of to make like, the quality of condition/state/quality of, belief/practice a person who mineral, rock inflammation state of, the quality of the quality of, state of being, the result of, relating to to make little without in the manner of, like state of being, action condition of, state of resembling

-ole -oma -or -ory -ous -ry -s -sc / -esc -ship -sis -some -tude -tion -ty -um -ure -ward -y -yst

little tumor, growth a thing which is or does, that which does an action, a person who pertaining to, a place for like, full of, abounding in state of one that is related to become, change condition, state name of action or its result tending to condition the act of state or condition no defined meaning, but modifies the root word that which pertains to direction or course full of a person who