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MNS Care Advanced

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 Maintenance management tools and ERP systems to generate work orders  E mail or SMS for immediate information of the maintenance personnel The system can be delivered in two versions: Local control -  Collects information from various MCCs (Motor Control Centers) throughout the plant -  The collected information is accessible on the local plant network Remote control -  Collects information from various MCCs on multiple plants -  The collected information is accessible in the local plant network and remotely -  Possibilities for secured remote support with direct connection to plant network

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Regular maintenance will therefore be replaced by condition based maintenance. MNS Advanced Care is based on the MNS iS condition monitoring package. This package provides several tools and functions to collect information for: Failure management Maintenance management Asset management Asset optimization Alarm and event lists, history logs and trend displays support the maintenance personnel in the analysis of any event that has occurred.

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MNS Care brochure/August 2011

The MNS Advanced Care program provides continuous monitoring on the condition of the switchboard. It evaluates events, alarms and trips for specific maintenance and essential working issues. It gives clear information about necessary working steps in order to use the maintenance personnel effectively.

The condition monitoring package offers interfaces to various Information channels, such as:

ABB Low Voltage Systems

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MNS Care Low Voltage Systems maintenance program

5 MNS Care Low Voltage Systems maintenance program

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Most of the electrical components in our switchgears are made by ABB and are in line with the ABB quality policy. Even the best-in-class switchgear requires service and maintenance however. ABB Low Voltage Systems has a team of highly experienced engineers and service technicians who are ready to meet the customers needs. Safety, Availability and Reliability The safety, availability and reliability of the switchgear are crucial in most industrial and mission-critical With todays high demands for a reliable and applications. stable energy Furthermore, switchgear has topower comply with all relevant supply, it is crucial to keep the downtime to an standards and electrical codes. absolute minimum. Low voltage switchgear is always an essential part of the Level 1: Priority Care
Technical support Practical guidance Technicaluser support Operational Care training Practical user guidance Priority service in emergencies Operational Care training

MNS Care Four levels of service

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MNS Care Preventive

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voltage switchgears, ensuring a high level of safety for your personnel as well as availability and reliability. Our R&D department works closely with independent laboratories and test-facilities to come up with the best possible solutions.

Service Offering ABB Low Voltage Systems offers a comprehensive range of services, providing vital cost and operational savings, whilst minimizing disruption, through: installation & commissioning; support and remote services; maintenance and field services; spare parts; training; migration, upgrade and replacement. With ABB Low Voltage Systems priority service package, MNSCare, it is possible to provide tailor-made, customized services the best possible care for your switchgear. The structured approach comprises four offers different service levels electrical distribution network. ABB different types that provide the best possible service while of service levels depending on switchgear the customers needs. The reducing and keeping under control maintenance costs MNS care program offers four different service levels forand your maximizing value controlling and switchgear performance. switchgear while maintenance costs, maximizing value and optimizing switchgear performance. Level 3: Performance Care
Visual inspection Functional testing and Visual inspection performance verification Functional testing and performance of the switchgear (normal verification of operating conditions) the switchgear (normal operating Thermographic scan conditions) Performance report Thermographic scan Complete spare parts handling Performance report
Complete spare parts handling

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MNS Care Performance

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part of a routine shut down.

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the following checks are in the MNS service manual:

Level 2: Preventive Care

Visual inspection  unctional testing of the F Visual inspection switchgear (normal Functional testing ofoperating the conditions) switchgear (normal operating Service report conditions) Systematic component Service report replacement with 100 percent Systematic component replace genuine parts ment with 100 % genuine parts

Level 4: Advanced Care

Installation of Condition Monitoring of software Installation Condition Setting-up of the remote access Monitoring software connection Setting-up of the remote access 24/7 remote diagnostics and connection support 24/7 remote diagnostics and Condition-based maintenance support

Priority service in emergencies

Condition-based maintenance

MNS Care Different levels of engagement ensure that we can meet our customers Priority
differing needs and make sure that our customers are in the best Customers who require assistance within a pre-agreed possible hands.

Visual check of the switchgear Torque check of the busbar joints South Afrika Egypt Tel. +27 10 202 5000 Tel.  +202 26251300 Check of cable connection terminals (where accessible) Cleaning of withdrawable modules England Maintenance of breakers and switches Sweden Tel. +46 21 325000 Tel. +191 514 4555 Checks on the contact system. Electrical function test (where possible) Switzerland Estonia Insulation test of the switchgear (whereTel. possible) +41 58 588 41 11 Tel. +372 680 1800  S ystematic components replacement with 100 percent genuine parts Thailand Finland Tel.certified +6602 6651000 Tel.  +358102211 M aintenance carried out by qualified and switchgear specialists Turkey France Service report
Tel. +33 3 88 55 67 34 Germany Tel. +49 6203 710 Greece Tel. +30 210 28 91 876 UAE Tel. ... USA Tel. (713) 587-8000

Singapore Tel. +65 6776 5711 ( Main Tel )

Preventive maintenance is one of the key elements for maximizing the life cycle of switchgear. For conventional switchgear, the maintenance procedures are based on ABBs long experience from a variety of different industrial environments. For MNS i S switchboards this is one of the innovative features. Together with the condition monitoring package the system collects detailed information from the installation. The recorded data will be used by the condition monitoring package to provide focused information to prompt the correct operator actions: What is the problem? Where is the problem? Which type of severity the present message has Who should initiate the action? What was the cause of the problem? What specific actions are needed to solve the problem? For MNS i S installations without a condition monitoring system an MNS i S analyser can be temporarily connected and a status report can be derived. A detailed analysis of the collected data and a status report of the values together with a maintenance program can be issued to the customer.

Low Voltage Systems Global Service Solution

By adopting a preventive maintenance regime, this extends the life cycle of the switchgear, reduces the risk of breakdowns and downtime, and maximizes safety. However, the benefits of Performance Care are aimed at the plant operators and owners to reduce the risk of unexpected repair costs.

Maintenance of switchboards is normally carried out as a part of a routine shut down, and is essential to comply with safety legislation and good engineering practice.

In addition to the benefits of ABBs Preventive Care package  R ecommended spare parts This will result in a reduced down time for the plant in the event of breakdown.  A functional test of the switchboard including any auto changeover systems  A quantative thermography fault criteria classification survey. This is done bi-annually and includes a trending and case study along with recommended remedial actions.  Operational Training for on site operatives, both classroom and on site training

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and guaranteed time should consider Priority Care from ABB. Should a guaranteed response time be required ABB recommends contacting your local ABB Low Voltage Systems representative. A Priority Care service agreement contains:  Dedicated 24/7 out of hours telephone support. This may ultimately result in on site attendance

 Pre-agreed mobilization time for on-site assistance  Agreed rates / conditions for call outs and mobilization  Assistance from service technicians with expert knowledge about ABB low voltage switchgear  R ecommended critical spares  User guidance All service agreements are tailored to suit the needs of the individual customer.

2 MNS Care Low Voltage Systems maintenance program

MNS Care Low Voltage Systems maintenance program 4

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