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family, (Eph (2 Tim 3) es 12) and
family, (Eph
(2 Tim 3)
es 12)

To be on a perpetual missional journey,

partnering with the Holy Spirit , (John 14) knowing God intimately, (John 15)

courageously loving my wife and


understanding the times, (I Chronicl and communicating God’s truth,

in order that this post modern generation

might do good works (Matthew 25) become

selfless, revolutionary disciples who in turn


Bachelor of Science – Lee University, 2004.

Major: Pastoral Leadership.


Youth Pastor, college pastor, men’s ministry and involved in a church plant. Executive Pastor in fast- growing, multi cultural suburban church. Five years with the same church family, Riverside Community Church. Experience preaching to large crowds of predominately younger people. Philosophy of ministry rooted in Scripture and in working models. Skills with small groups, assimilation, and multi staff leadership development. Relational ability to connect and call people to new commitments.

Ministry Experience:

Executive Pastor

Riverside Community Church

Riverside, MD (2006-2008)

As an Executive Pastor, I assisted the Lead Pastor in ensuring that the strategic ministry objectives of the church were effectively and efficiently attained. In this role, my duties included planning and conducting staff meetings, mentoring and supervising support personnel, resolving personnel disputes, performing necessary corrective action and maximizing ministry models. I also shared the ministry of preaching/teaching and served as a catalyst in the areas of strategic planning, ministry implementation and overall creativity.

Youth Pastor

Riverside Community Church

Riverside, MD (2004-2007)

As a Youth Pastor, my soul desire was to produce radical, selfless disciples of Christ who acted more like missionaries within their culture than the consumer driven “Christian” that is so prevalent in churches today. To accomplish this goal, it was important to me to not only teach sound doctrine but to also compel them to act upon what they were learning. This was accomplished through intensive mentoring, Biblically sound teaching and preaching, hands on serving opportunities and a strong emphasis on prayer. The overall goal was to produce young people with a Biblical worldview who not only were an integral part of the church body but a vital partner for community renewal.

Professional Experience:

Customer Care Supervisor

Conectiv Power Delivery

Pennsville, NJ (1999-2002)

Customer Care Representative in large, inbound call center. Handled calls that dealt with billing (commercial and residential), tariff information and many other aspects of the power industry.

After 1 ½ years in this position, I was promoted to Senior Representative where I oversaw 12-13 other representatives providing supervisory support and mentoring.