Antonio Diaz District 2 Name as it will appear on ballot: Antonio Diaz Current employment: Independent Contract Driver 50-word

bio: Life long resident of San Antonio, Texas. Graduate of St.Phillips College Nursing Program, Graduate of Texas A&M Ext. Electronic Engineering, and Human Rights Activist. I started at the bottom in a retail business, sweeping floors and stocking, and climbed the ladder to become manager of that retail business. 50 word reason for becoming a candidate in this election: To represent the people within District 2, no matter their economic status, race or religion. To usher in a true open door policy for all the residents of District 2. I believe I have the capability for being a good public servant. 1) Could the City’s recent ethics reforms be better enforced, especially in terms of conflicts of interest? Yes, of course. 2) What’s your opinion on encouraging economic development and civic programming via public/private partnerships, especially where public land, such as Hemisfair Park, is concerned? I believe public should remain public. The ordinary citizen should be able to enjoy public land and private entities should not exploit and prohibit that. 3) Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? Yes, and independent monitor is good because the police cannot monitor the police without being bias. 4) Do you support the way the health department currently regulates food trucks? If not, how could the regulations be changed to better serve San Antonians? I believe the current regulations are adequate. 5) How can the City support sustainable transportation options? By investing in a mass transportation system that uses alternate fuel method.

6) What value do you think the arts bring to San Antonio? In what ways can the City support local arts organizations and individual artists? The arts bring culture value to the communities of San Antonio and deserve to be offered to our children in public schools. Through cooperation with museums and art institutions exhibiting and displaying local artists materials. 7) Is it important for the City to strengthen its non-discrimination ordinances to protect LGBT citizens? Why or why not? Yes and the reason is equality and equal opportunity. 8) Is Animal Care Services doing enough to increase its live-release rate? Is ACS' public-private partnership model is working? If not, what else could be done? I am an animal lover but I have no answer at this point. 9) What would you do to address the high vacancy rate in downtown buildings? Make those spaces affordable in order to maintain them occupied. 10) Is the City’s million-dollar incentive to create a downtown grocery store appropriate? Why or why not? Is there a better way to bring a grocery store downtown? No, because there are enough grocery stores around the downtown area along with convenient stores in the downtown area. 11) How can San Antonio balance economic development with historic preservation? By respecting the integrity of historical communities and providing economic development in economically challenged areas. 12) Do you support union organizers' push for a Tip Integrity Act for the downtown hotel and restaurant industry? Yes I do. 13) What is the City’s role in making consumer solar power affordable for residents as well as local businesses? I am not sure as to the cities role, I do know about the South Korean company opening a production of solar panels in San Antonio but the city should play a role.

14) Is there more the City could do to protect the Edwards Aquifer in terms of building restrictions, funding conservation easements or other means? Yes and if elected I will look into all those different ways mentioned. 15) What are the most critical components to implementing Pre-K 4 SA? Are there any other opportunities for the City to support education? No answer.

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