Salvia d. is a 100% NATURAL herb that will alter your perception of the world forever.

Discovered in 1938, Jean B. Johnson heard rumors of Mazatecs making a psychoactive tea, which supplied users with mystical experiences. 1952, Roberto G. Weitlaner, his father-in-law, reported the preparation of “yerba de Maria,” better yet known as Salvia divinorum. 1962, Gorden Wasson, Albert Hoffman, famous for synthesizing lsd, and his wife Anita traveled to southern Mexico to search for the plant "Ska Maria Pastora" Leaves of Mary the Shepherdess, later known as Salvia Divinorum. It was named this by the Mazatecs because it is said to present visions of The Great Virgin Mary, which were experienced and described with precise accuracy to be the same entity from various accounts by tribesman. This herb plays an important role in faith in the rituals of the Mazatecs from the Sierra Mazateca of Mexico. It has been used by the cultures for thousands of years and is believed to cure illness, gain visions, recollect the location of lost objects, and can be used to induce superficial health. Use of this plant is believed to go all the way back to the Aztecs. It's active ingredient was isolated in 1982 by Alfredo Ortega in Mexico and named Salivinorin A. Orally, Salivinorin A becomes active at a dose of over 1mg and the threshold is around 250-500 micrograms. The compound is known as a kappa opioid receptor(where human perceptionis regulated) agonist(KOR), andis the first compound to act on this receptor that is not an alkaloid. KOR agonists are thought to play psycho therapeutic roles in our perception which can alter diseases such as Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia. When the plant was named Salvia divinourm Hoffman wasn't happy with the botanists,"It is a wrong name, bad Latin; it should be actually Salvia divinatorum.. They do not know very good Latin, these botanists. I was not very happy with the name because Salvia divinorum means "Salvia of the ghosts", whereas Salvia divinatorum, the correct name, means "Salvia of the priests", But it is now in the botanical literature under the name Salvia divinorum." Salvia means "The Diviner's Sage." These days, it is hard to get your hands on very Salvia divinorum seeds. There were only a few documented cases of plants seeding. Seeds are rumored to be sold for $100 a piece. Seeds germinate in two to fourweeks.They should be planted in 2 to 3 mm of high gradepotting mix. Salvia plants are very delicate and slow growing. Salvia divinorum is typically grew from cuttings which are genetic clones of previous plants. Cuttings should be inserted in a glass of water around 4-5 cm deep. Keep them indoors with moderate light. Do not use the same glass or the cuttings could ruin the water and die. When they have around 1-2 cm of roots plant them in loose potting soil. Keep them indoors for two to three more weeks. Spray the plant occasionally with mist, use a water bottle. Give the plant sometime and then you will be able to move it to soil. We highly encourage people to cultivate seeds to help expand the species. You can buy the best quality, not to mention, best priced salvia extract in the world from

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