From: Callie Enlow <> Date: March 22, 2013, 15:39:42 CDT To: michael barajas <mbarajas@sacurrent.

com> Subject: San Antonio Current's 2013 City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire Please see below or attached for the questionnaire. If you choose not to respond, it will be noted in our voter guide. City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire Thank you for participating in the San Antonio Current’s City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire. Your answers will appear in our online voter guide and potentially in print in our April 17 issue. You may answer as much of the top biographical fields as you’d like to. If you’d rather not answer, put “no answer.” Be aware may fill in those blanks using publicly available election documents. You must answer 10 of the following 15 questions. For those questions you choose not to answer please write “No Answer.” You may also address additional issues after question 15. Please return via email to We can also accept faxed versions at 210-227-7733. DEADLINE IS APRIL 9, 6 p.m.

Name as it will appear on ballot: Rebecca Viagran Current employment (if retired, please describe your previous career): Part Owner, Small business 50-word (max) bio: I have the privilege of being born and raised in District 3. I attended St. Leo’s Catholic school, earned my Masters of Public Administration from St. Mary’s University, and Bachelors from Texas State. I am co-owner of a small business in District 3 that recognizes accomplishments in the community. 50-word (max) reason for becoming a candidate in this election: Service to others was instilled in me at a very young age. This, along with my experience as a city council aide in two districts, my education, and my life-long lived experience qualifies and compels me to seek this open seat to restore responsibility, accessibility and accountability to District 3.

1) Could the City’s recent ethics reforms be better enforced, especially in terms of conflicts of interest? Yes, we need an overhaul of the ethics reform, and make the ordinance entirely explicit for City staff to live up to, officials to live up to and ensure the public is included in the process. It is horrible that we must start a conversation about having an ethics auditor when it should not come to this point. We need elected officials who will stand up and recuse themselves when necessary. 2) What’s your opinion on encouraging economic development and civic programming via public/private partnerships, especially where public land, such as Hemisfair Park, is concerned? District 3 has a great example of this when we look at our Mission Reach and Mission Drive- In Development. This is a public/ private partnership with the City, County and Federal government. The City can encourage highlighting civic programming to locals and tourists alike in the Mission Reach area which is a tourist destination. As the Hemisfar Park advances, I will ensure that the Mission Reach advances and a balance struck. The City has the great opportunity by using our Hotel Occupancy Tax to highlight our area. 3) Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? No, that is overreach. 4) Do you support the way the health department currently regulates food trucks? If not, how could the regulations be changed to better serve San Antonians? No Answer 5) How can the City support sustainable transportation options? Work with the VIA Transportation, Ground Transportation Unit, and Transportation Advisory Board to make sure a transparent process is put in place where all stakeholders have an input. Use my role to address ridership needs and ensure the needs are met. I would like to put the rider perspective at the forefront to avoid overspending. Make sure function matches usability. Take suggestions and work together to a common solution for our common issues.

6) What value do you think the arts bring to San Antonio? In what ways can the City support local arts organizations and individual artists? It brings the creativity and community together. It celebrates our collective soul and highlights talent. It can highlight the artists in different areas of town and not only downtown. Bring the arts and artists to areas such as District 3 to host workshops, bring them to do painting as Senior centers and nutrition centers. Many of our seniors have that same talent. With respect to music, many individuals in our senior centers take their guitars and accordions and play. Why not invite individual artist or a community to join with them and offer exchange of history and ideas. That is what I would do as an elected Councilperson. 7) Is it important for the City to strengthen its non-discrimination ordinances to protect LGBT citizens? Why or why not?

Yes. I believe that the work of our community must be as inclusive as possible. Every individual should be treated equally and with respect under the law. 8) Is Animal Care Services doing enough to increase its live-release rate? Is ACS' public-private partnership model is working? If not, what else could be done? I believe Animal Care Services has done much, but there is still so much more to do. The increase of the live-release rate is a combination of individual citizens and private nonprofit organizations coming together. I believe we can do more if we make other ACS holding kennels, such as the one at Brooks City Base, open and more accessible to the residents.

9) What would you do to address the high vacancy rate in downtown buildings? No Answer 10) Is the City’s million-dollar incentive to create a downtown grocery store appropriate? Why or why not? Is there a better way to bring a grocery store downtown? No, District 3 is still fighting to get its fair share in tax dollars to fix basic city services, streets, drainage and infrastructure. This is not an appropriate use of our tax incentives. If there is a demand, the City should not have to create an incentive for a grocery store. This is another example of accountability, money being given away, where we have issues in our own individual districts that need to be addressed. 11) How can San Antonio balance economic development with historic preservation? The San Antonio Mission Reach which is fully encompassed in District 3, is a great arena for this balance. We have an engaged neighborhood association and residents who want to be a part of a transparent process. We have the opportunity to bring responsible, appropriate and accountable growth to the area which highlights the history and caters to the rich heritage of the area. We must coordinate and work with residents and City departments to plan accordingly. 12) Do you support union organizers' push for a Tip Integrity Act for the downtown hotel and restaurant industry? Yes, and I am proud to have signed on to this pledge for fair and just treatment. We need to hold the City accountable, be transparent with our city dealings and treat our workers with the dignity and respect they deserve. 13) What is the City’s role in making consumer solar power affordable for residents as well as local businesses? Currently, the City serves as facilitator in this role to connect the residents with programs. I would work to encourage CPS energy and city staff to come with suggestions to make this renewable resource more viable to residents. 14) Is there more the City could do to protect the Edwards Aquifer in terms of building restrictions, funding conservation easements or other means? Because the Edwards Aquifer is our source of water in this great city, it will always remain a natural part of my list of priorities. I will do my part to work in whatever way possible to look at all options, whether that be looking for other water sources, other regulations, and maintain

our water restrictions. The wonderful thing about District 3 is that we have plenty of land that is not over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, and I will be happy to lead the way in highlighting our area for responsible and appropriate development.

15) What are the most critical components to implementing Pre-K 4 SA? Are there any other opportunities for the City to support education? Now that is has passed and our sales tax has gone up, the most critical components is accountability, parental engagement, and oversight of efficiency. We need to ensure that benchmarks and measurable standards are met and maintained. Historically this city has always supported education in some capacity, such as the SA Education Partnership. Specifically, in District 3 we started a tutoring program at Connell Middle School to focus on the improving TAKS test scores. This program increased scores within one academic calendar year. As a result, this program is now the City’s Math and Science Initiative. As an elected council person I will work and listen to the schools’ needs and work alongside them to see what we can do to supplement them.

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