John Carlos Garcia Owner/Agent – J Carlos Garcia Insurance John Carlos Garcia is a lifelong resident of the west

side of San Antonio. John Carlos is a small business owner and parent who is very concerned about the future of OUR community. I am running to help strengthen our city as a whole. Our inner city is the hardest working community in the area with the least to show for it. We need to get more support for our community. 1. Could the City’s recent ethics reforms be better enforced, especially in terms of conflicts of interest? From city management to council the recent ethics reforms must be better enforced. Perception of favoritism is at the root of voter apathy and we must do a better job to insure that no member of council or city management is connected to financial in any way to the decisions that they make affecting our community. A public oversight committee may be effective in assisting with this issue. 2. What’s your opinion on encouraging economic development and civic programming via public/private partnerships, especially where public land, such as Hemisfair Park, is concerned? I do encourage any partnership that would ease the tax burden or financial responsibility of our city. However, I also would like to insure that the interest of our publicly owned land and facilities remain in the hands of the public. The public should profit from these ventures every time and all dealing must be transparent. 3. Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? Yes, the city should have a form of civilian review this would assist in public confidence in all law enforcement matters. 4. Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? The safety of all our citizens very important. This includes how our meals and food preparation are regulated. We must do more to insure that all health codes are enforced the same weather it is in a restaurant or a food truck. 5. How can the City support sustainable transportation options? The city must review all lines of transportation as well as all available options. Mass transit is very important especially in a community where vehicle ownership is limited. We must be efficient in choosing where our Via bus lines are placed. The city can assist with focusing on our community who needs assistance in mobility and include them in the decision process of where stops and lines should be placed. 6. What value do you think the arts bring to San Antonio? In what ways can the City support local arts organizations and individual artists? The arts are a central part of our city. Arts affect our culture as well as our economy. We should do more to promote local artist whether they be musicians, actors or painters. Our culture runs deep and that curiosity could help further fuel our tourism industry. 7. Is it important for the City to strengthen its non-discrimination ordinances to protect LGBT citizens? Why or why not? It is always important to insure that there is no discrimination in any form when it comes to our cities agencies. It is not only the right thing to do, but it could protect us from any potential legal battles. 9.What would you do to address the high vacancy rate in downtown buildings?

The high vacancy rate could be address with a form of incentive. This incentive could come in the form of advertisement or tax incentive. We should keep our tourism industry as viable as possible. 11. How can San Antonio balance economic development with historic preservation? We must balance economic development with historical preservation by utilizing existing structures and facilities for different purposes without changing the overall design or architectural display in the region. There are examples of this in our community today. 12. Do you support union organizers' push for a Tip Integrity Act for the downtown hotel and restaurant industry? Yes I support a push for the tip integrity Act. 14. Is there more the City could do to protect the Edwards Aquifer in terms of building restrictions, funding conservation easements or other means? The city should always look for ways to protect our water source. Without this water source development is meaningless. We should focus on developing inward and not on our recharge zone. 15.What are the most critical components to implementing Pre-K 4 SA? Are there any other opportunities for the City to support education? Pre-K 4 SA should be located in the areas of town with the most need for this service. The inner city and west, east and south parts of our city should be priority.

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