Rhett Smith Mayoral candidate City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire 1) Could the City’s recent ethics

reforms be better enforced? Should there be more of a focus on potential conflicts of interest among City Council members as well as City staff? yes, our citizens,voters,and taxpayers are entitled to learn about conflicts of interest among council ,as well as, staff; and ultimately, I believe this can be achieved only by more disclosure of mayor's, councilmembers', and citymanagers' personal business affairs, staff business dealings and also contractors, and real estate developers. Also , cityboards and commissions (public utilities) should be independently elected, and thereby, directly accountable to the voters, not to the mayor/council/city manager. 2) What’s your opinion on encouraging economic development and cultural/nature programming via public/private partnerships, especially where public land, such as Hemisfair Park, is concerned? our city should establish a diversified, non-partisan commission to help formulate economic development and programming. . . especially for public/private partnerships such as Hemisfairpark. 3) Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? absolutely, I believe the SAPD office of internal affairs is not capable of such; also the police/citizens advisory board does not contain sufficient civil rights representation. 4) Do you support the way the health department currently regulates food trucks? If not, how could the regulations be changed to better serve San Antonians? "no answer" 5) How can the City support sustainable transportation options? the city could provide more tax incentives for electrically powered transportation options. 6) What value do you think the arts (visual, performing, literary, etc…) bring to San Antonio? In what ways can the City support local arts organizations and individual artists? the city could support more events/programs and provide Internet/website access for organizations and individuals. 7) Is it important for the City to strengthen its non-discrimination ordinances to protect LGBT citizens? Why or why not? Yes, it is important to strengthen non-discrimination ordinances because our city is not as progressive as other cities. I am currently working to create a Human Rights Commission now ,before the May elections, because such a commission is essential in building our future.

8) Is Animal Care Services doing enough to increase its live-release rate? Is ACS' public-private partnership model is working? If not, what else could be done? "no answer" 9) What would you do to address the high vacancy rate in downtown buildings? one, more disclosure about property/tax appraisals; 2nd , the city can continue efforts to offer more interesting downtown redevelopment as well as transportation/access. 10) Is the City’s million-dollar incentive for the creation of a downtown grocery store appropriate? Why or why not? Is there a better way to bring a grocery store downtown? one, are there sufficient number of consumers located nearby. 2nd, if not , then city wasted million dollar incentive because grocer will try to close. 3rd, is the city planning to relocate customers into that same downtown location? finally , an alternative, smaller convenience type stores that stock a sufficiently large variety of grocery items. 11) How can San Antonio balance economic development with historic preservation? citizens in historic districts (I live in Tobin Hill) tell me that HD designation has made a vast improvement in development vs. before. 12) Do you support union organizers' push for a Tip Integrity Act for the downtown hotel and restaurant industry? absolutely, this is tragic that so many hotel/restaurant workers/ employees are not receiving tips/ gratuities they earned, because the city fails to require full disclosure. 13) What is the City’s role in making consumer solar power affordable for residents as well as local businesses? the city has done a lot to bring this to consumers; however the large solar manufacturing project on the south side may be over-reaching because first, too great a tax abatement per the benefit. second, non-competitive bidding/awarding of contract . third, Mayor Castro's business /conflict of interest . 14) Is there more the City could do to protect the Edwards Aquifer in terms of building restrictions, funding conservation easements or other means?
The city has done an excellent job in terms of protecting the aquifer. The city water board has supported all the projects the aquifer has created. The city of San Antonio contributed 75% of the funding for the aquifer projects. The city water boards support of the aquifer is the best thing the city can do for the protection of the aquifer. We should encourage the city and the aquifer to work together for the protection of the aquifer. The city's search for alternative sources of and conservation of water has greatly helped protect the aquifer.

15) What are the most critical components to implementing Pre-K 4 SA? Are there any other opportunities for the City to support education? the most critical is the doctrine of "incompatibility/non-compatibility" in State of Texas Voting Rights; in other words , public officials/ candidates for public office are barred from serving as school board officials while also serving as officials of a city. Because

the mayor and city council directly influence/control the pre-k for SA board , this is a direct violation. other opportunities? . . .yes, mentoring programs are a fantastic way for our community to "work together" to address the "drop-out" problem, to educate young and old, potentially reaching many more citizens , and the cost of expanding such programs is minimal . additional issues : the city could also be working more with Alamo Community College district for educational outreach for all ages . I will also be working on a "Greatest Generation" project office for San Antonio. Finally, I believe that all large, congested cities in the USA could benefit from comprehensive traffic alternative management planning .

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