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Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to enter, compile, and run programs. The programs can be written in one of many different languages.
the language's compiler must be installed. The compiler installation is separate from Eclipse's installation.

Start Eclipse
Start menu or Shortcut

Create a workspace
Aworkspacecontains all your projects and settings Workspace Launcher dialog box appears In the Workspace box, enter d:\section Uncheck "Use this as a default and do not ask again"

main Eclipse window area where you'll do all your work enter, debug, and run code contains things like the menu bar, toolbar, editor, and views

an Eclipse way of grouping the layout of the various views, toolbars, and menus according to the specific task you're doing Eclipse can be used for many different languages
If the previous Eclipse user used it for a language other than Java

Switch the Eclipse perspective back to Java

top-right corner of your workspace window

an entity that helps to organize all the files in a particular program a collection of a set of source files To create a project:
Select File / New / Project

primary content area where you do development in Eclipse can be maximized and restored stack editor windows side by side or on top of each other

Package Explorer pane

contains your workspace's project folders If not shown, open it as follows:
Select Window / Show View

Create a source code file

In Package Explorer, right click on the project name Select New / File
In the New File window, select your folder. In the File name box, enter

an empty frame should appear in the workbench

Basic Steps
Create a source code file Understand the code Save the source file Compile your program Fix compilation errors, if any
See your program in the Package Explorer pane

Run the program

Run the program

Right click on the file Select Run As Select Java Application in the pop-up submenu
the Console tab should appear in the bottom of the workbench window

Terminating the program

red button at the upper-right corner of your Console frame

Run the program using the Run icon

green-circle icon with a white triangular arrow inside it at the top of the workbench