The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

Everyone is talking about the events in Boston. . On April 15, 2013, there were two pressure cooker explosions that happened during the Boston Marathon. Marathon The events were unjustified and tragic. All of us send our condolences and prayers to the victims and their families. This event is complex and vague at the same time. Things have moved quickly about the event, but we do not yet know who is responsible for these demented actions. So far, unfortunately, the bombs killed three people and injured more than 183 human beings. The bombs were placed near the finish line along Boylston Street. They detonated at 2:50 pm EST in about 12 seconds apart. Heroism is characterized characterized by this event as well. The reason is that citizens including the runners came to assist the victims of this tragedy. tragedy There were doctors who flown by other locations into the Boston area as a means to treat as many lives as possible. Numerous victims suffered limbs being gone, ruptured eardrums, and shrapnel wounds. From New York, D.C., Chicago, London, and other cities of the world, security has stepped up their presence. There are still mysteries and a whole lot of questions about this event. One Boston Marathon eyewitness and participant named Alastair Stevenson said that drills were taking place during the morning of the Boston Marathon (complete with bomb squads and rooftop snipers). This is what Alastair detailed about what went on before the race started: "At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.” There is footage of a person placing a bag near a location where the second explosion took place. Federal authorities are taking bomb related objects. The FBI is releasing photos of the

. Since September 11. agents. Who are These Individuals? Do they think or the establishment thinks that we (or the populace) are that fools)? Are they serious? One man with the cap has a skull logo on the cap.The memo says the bomb-making technique is commonly taught in Afghan terrorist training camps – and had already led to bombing casualties. The metal pressure can be a means to cause deadly carnage. We know that there is a threat of extremism where some are exploiting this tragedy as a means to harm civil liberties via laws and other policies.bomb parts. Even now. Boston CBS News reported that Homeland Security warned about pressure cooker bombs as far back as nine years ago. numerous terror related laws have violated human rights from the Patriot Act to the NDAA. law enforcement officers and other first-responders that the seemingly-innocuous items could be used to create improvised explosive devices (IEDs). warrantless wiretapping. 2001. invasive antianticonstitutional searches. In 2004 a memo titled “Potential terrorist use of pressure cookers” alerted border inspectors. Officials use surveillance video from a Department store in the investigation of the event. we witness militarized police and literally soldiers wielding machine guns (riding around in armored vehicles). Yet. We have militarized security. these things were ineffective in stopping the bombings inside of the city of Boston. and other tyrannies. TSA humiliating humiliating pat downs at airports.

The logo looks similar to the logo of a Navy Seal. Blackwater. I do not agree with extreme Austrian economics. . If these men did it. libertarians. These men are cleared by authorities. Many conservatives. Make up your own mind. The FBI released the photo of the 2 suspects. and other freedom lovers are being scapegoated for these attacks. or similar military intelligence. the police state grows in home. then they are terrorists simple and plain. The other man has a wire next to his ear. More images of the suspects include the following: Meanwhile. but even I will not demonize those that disagree with me as a bunch of terrorists. Both men are holding cell phones.

The United States Capitol Police and FBI are investigating this matter. grief. He lived with his elderly moth. The following outlines evidence of the FBI orchestrating terror or using patsies as a means to accuse them of terrorism: *In 2005. It is a historical fact that the FBI fosters and equipped American terrorists. We know about the Boston Marathon bombing that provoked shock. *This time after April 19 had been years after the Waco assault by the feds and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. The next day. Anybody can express dissent without being violently disagreeable.There has been ricin filled letters and another strange letter sent to Senators and to the President of the United States of America Barack Obama. some want to blame Muslims for this event when the reality is that extremists are responsible for these actions. This event has been exploited by some to justify further actions (from violations to our civil liberties to more war mongering in the world) in the contrived war on terror. There also has been a huge explosion of a fertilizer plant near Waco. a plane departing Boston Logan Airport. I was a freshman in college during those days in late 2001). and equipped by the FBI. Much of the propaganda campaign has worked among some to believe that terrorism is automatically equated with Muslim radicals exclusively. and it is similar to the 2001 anthrax attacks (or when deadly letters being sent to elected representatives and newsrooms in the days after 9/11. Now. turban wearing human beings. we see that many terror plots on American soil in the last 10 years have been fostered. Many human beings have died and at least 160 human beings have been injured. 2013. Now. and outrage from around the globe. We should pray for the safety of our leaders including the President and pray that our God given human rights are not completed eliminated too. the aftermath of the bombings in Boston. Yet. by blowing up fuel facilities. Human beings from around the world have expressed legitimate outrage at the evil Boston Marathon bombings. That act was cowardly and completely evil. This is wrong and it is also wrong for others to exploit this unjustified event as a means to try to justify the harming of our human civil liberties. The New York Post falsely implied that a Saudi national (being questioned about his possible role in the attack). Texas. returned to the gate and two passengers were forcibly removed because they had been overheard speaking Arabic before takeoff. We must reject a knee jerk tendency to blame Muslims for every act of terrorism in the world. The reality was that his plan for jihad was nothing more . funded. federal prosecutors charged the 47 year old drifter Michael Reynolds with attempting to wage jihad on the U.S. there was martial law in Boston in April 19. Bombs targeting innocents in America are not necessarily link inextricably with bearded. too This comes during the time of the gun debate. It is sick that folks will try to do this.

They were accused of trying to bomb a bridge in the Cleveland area. who had infiltrated the group. had in fact offered to organize the members and lead the plot itself. It dealt with a much hyped FBI terror bust.” *There was the FBI in November of 2010 busting the so-called Christmas Tree Bomber. military base and kill the soldiers there.S. Two months later.” The next year it was revealed that the FBI informant. the FBI arrested a man that they themselves had supplied with a remote controlled plane and C4 explosives in a harebrained attempt to bomb the Pentagon. He was convicted and is currently serving 25 years in jail. The government did not have to infiltrate and foil some nefarious plot – there was no nefarious plot to foil. It was quietly admitted that the FBI informant infiltrated the group. They were arrested for an alleged plot to blow up synagogues and shoot down military airplanes in Newburgh. *In 2009. judge posing as a militant. and then made those fantasies come true. . The FBI said that the threat was real. In that time. One of them was mentally unstable. *In 2012 they busted another would-be jihadi that they again had supplied with a fake gun and suicide vest.than a group of conversations he had on a Yahoo! Chat room with an U. *In 2011. The FBI in 2012 busted a group of five anarchists. The alleged bomber or Arthur Balizan was a teenager. *We know about the Fort Dix Six back in 2007. we have the Newburgh Four. This informant had initiated contact with them and was present at the meetings where they developed the plan to blow up the bridge. New York. Federal Judge Colleen McMahon said that: “[The government] created acts of terrorism out of [the defendant's] fantasies of bravado and bigotry. a 26 page indictment revealed that the group had “no rigorous military training” and “did not appear close to being able to pull off an attack.000 for his cause. The men were said to want to attack an U. The group was stereotyped as poor black men.S. He was allegedly trying to bomb the lighting ceremony at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. the FBI quietly announced that he was likely mentally ill. He bragged to undercover agents that he could get a gun since he was a rapper (and wrote an article on workout tips for jihadists). During the sentencing the defendants. He was arrested after agreeing to meet with an FBI informant who had promised him $40. Shahad Hussein turned out to be an FBI informant who had promised the members hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out the plot.

many FBI informants work with the plotters until it is time for an arrest. human compassion. We have the right to disagree with neoliberal globalism and advance true liberty in society. We all have equal value and we all have the right to show strength. the Fourth Amendment. In moments like these. So far. the Dirty War. We have to show the truth in season and out of season. the Second Amendment. It doesn’t matter your color. Many terror plots in the past have been exaggerated or otherwise. All evidence shows that these bombings are sick events caused by either one person or many.). your gender. but false flags have occurred (like in Operation Ajax. We have the right to question the war on terror paradigm in the world. Authoritarians hate the First Amendment. etc. human life is precious. or your background.So. Human beings have the right to ask questions and deserve the truth. how you look like. and other intelligence agencies globally have committed terrorist actions. . CIA. and to express action in order to make the world improve. but to advance real truth in society. Therefore. Operation Gladio. There is no turning back. The FBI even has been complicit in many terror campaigns from COINTELPRO to other events. and all legitimate individual freedoms. your creed. I would not be surprised if this incident turns out to be a false flag operation though. the Gleiwitz incident. the Fifth Amendment. Many FBI insiders and whistleblowers have exposed this history. We know that the FBI. your nationality. no evidence proves that this event was an inside job yet. I don't know if this Boston event was a false flag conclusively. we should be active in not having the status quo.

They took the driver as a hostage. Massachusetts. On early Friday. 3 of those explosives detonated and 2 didn't according to officials. The police used GPS to track the vehicle. Timothy Alben at first said that the two bombing suspects robbed the stored. Governor Deval . The story changes constantly about the surroundings of these events. He later said that the 2 men didn't rob the store. The suspects reportedly told the driver they are the Boston marathon bombers (according to a law enforcement source telling CNN's Joe Johns).Dzhokar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev The Boston bombing story keeps getting more interesting and more interesting. a robber was reported at a convenience store. The FBI says that the Boston bombing suspects are Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. the police say that the 2 suspects hijacked a car at gunpoint in Cambridge. Officers fired back. He died from his injuries. One FBI and one Department of Homeland Security told CNN that the suspects threw one grenade and five pipe bombs at the police chasing them. The hostage is released at a gas station. The police believe that the bombing suspects were responsible for the shooting. the police responded to a call on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On 11 pm.. but one of the suspects was seen on security video from the store. This is where the university police officer Sean Collier (only 26) was shot. They pick up chase in Watertown. The Massachusetts State Police spokesman Col. Federal officials said that the suspects put new objects in a new car. In Late Thursday. The suspects threw explosives and fired shots at the officers according to the police.

He was not read his Miranda rights under the public safety exception. Tsarnaeva or the mother of the bombing suspects accuses the FBI of controlling her eldest son Tamerlan. 49 defendants participated in plots that were arranged by FBI agent provocateurs. This sick man Graham wants drones to attack American homes. It is also true that the FBI interviewed one suspect years ago to see if he had extremist ties.” “How could this happen?…They were controlling every step of him. FBI. the feds put Watertown in lockdown. Zubeidat K. Lindsey Graham is a notorious war monger and an enemy of freedom loving peoples of the world. comes the alleged anthrax and ricin letters in Washington. Hundreds of officers go door to door on 20 streets in Watertown to look for Dzhokhar. It is a historical fact that the FBI has recruited and framed folks to be terrorist patsies. The 19 year old student has been called guilty before any police investigation. Both .” explained Martin Stolar. the Department of Defense and the National Security Council. Elizabeth Medical Center in Brighton for injuries. The authorities cornered Dzhokhar. When the order for Watertown residents to stay in their homes was lifted. but the suspect is an American citizen. “They’re creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror. The investigators found a pressure cooker bomb. A report compiled by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley found that of the 158 prosecutions carried out on terrorism charges since 9/11. they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to]. He was run over by his own brother. and they are telling today that this is a terrorist attack.C. a lawyer who represented a suspect involved in a New York City bombing plot contrived by FBI agents.” she told Russia Today during an interview. or a 33 year veteran of the force was shot and wounded in the Watertown exchange. This was after his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was murdered in shoot out with the authorities. We know that about nine thousand heavily armed police including SWAT Teams were deployed in a manhunt to capture the 19 year old student at U-Mass. five years. there are other issues with this situation. His uncle believed that he is ashamed for his nephews for doing an act. the State Department. Tamerlan is said to wear explosives and an explosive trigger at the time. Dzhokar's father and aunt believe that Dzhokhar was set up. Now. D. Donohue Jr. Dzhokar Tsarnaev was said by friends to be not the type to enact terrorism at all. and terrorism done by the CIA. After the wake of the attacks. Many universities in the Boston area were closed. They seize him and send him to the hospital by 8:43 pm. The police state was shown in that city. We know the issues. There is an official story about the Boston bombings. We know the cruel torture. Extremists like Lindsey Graham want the suspect to be denied Fifth Amendment protection. They ordered residents to turn off their cell phones. His brother drove away. they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was injured and died at a hospital. imperialism. like for three.Patrick commented that 200 rounds of gunfire were exchanged in the firefight. 15 officers were treated at St.” she added. “He was controlled by the FBI. gun shots were heard. Transit officer Richard H. In most of Friday. Graham wants torture against the American citizen suspect as well. ”They knew what my son was doing. About Boston. I do believe in Boston Truth. We have the right to find the truth about these events.

The Gazette Montreal from October 26. There is a clip by Dzhokahr of rallying jihadists for fighting in Syria. folks have the right to ask questions about this event.S. intelligence. doesn't mean that someone is being mean or hurtful. We demand the truth and we have the right to comprehend the truth. The first Chechnya war was from 1994 to 1996 and the second one was from 1999 to 2000.S. Muslims are being smeared and demonized as terrorists via Islamophobia. The Wall Street Journal said that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev belonged to a Russian social networking site called Vkontakte. The Western media wants to associate Muslims with terrorism. What is implied is that even if the suspects are not tied to a Muslim extremist network.S.S. Khattab worked with Chechen fighters. Such folks or jihadists were aided by the Reagan administration. The Tsarnaev brothers have no strong link to the jihadist movement. Radio talk show hosts are saying that Islam instead of extremist behavior is responsible for the evil bombings in Boston. The establishment wants to use counterterrorism. The Council on Foreign Relations (with influence on the White House and the State Department) said that the Boston bombings once again “raise the specter of terrorism on U.Washington and the media have talked about the Tsarnaev brothers having tenuous ties to the Chechyna's militant jihadist insurgency. We know that the events from Boston are being used as a means to justify Western expansion of imperialism overseas and the domestic police state at home. Just because someone asks questions. media is using a Chechen connection as a means to justify claiming of jihadism as a motivating factor in the terrorist actions. The paranoia about home ground self-radicalizing terrorism is a new situation where the establishment seeks to harm human civil liberties. the neo cons are claiming that the Chechen connection is threatening America. Now. We know that the Chechnya jihadist movement has links to U. their embedded cultural heritage and Muslim “background” incites them –quite naturally– to commit acts of violence. All over the world. The CIA back in the late 1970's wanted to recruit and train jihadist freedom fighters or the Mujahedeen to fight the secular government of Afghanistan. The CIA linking up Islamic jihad movement has been real in 1979 when such extremists tried to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan. Confirmed by the Wall Street Journal. 1999 said that the Pakistan's ISI aided Chechnya. Now.” The Chechen terrorists found in the Russian Federation have links to other folks. Shamil Basayev linked up with Saudi born veteran Mujahedeen Commander “Al Khattab” who had fought as a volunteer in Afghanistan. During his training in Afghanistan. The modern jihadists’ movement has been influenced by U. soil. Among the recruits for specialized training in the early 1990s was the leader of the Chechnya rebellion Shamil Basayev who –in the immediate wake of the Cold War– led Chechnya’s first secessionist war against Russia. We don't need some militarized police apparatus to dominate us. yet the U. and torture as a means to harm human rights. extrajudicial killings.S. highlighting the vulnerabilities of a free and open society. intelligence. Shamil Basayev had ties to U. from the testimony of family members that the Tsarnaev brothers were on the radar of the FBI for several years prior to the Boston bombings and were the object of recurrent threats and harassment. however. Some of the exact same guerilla terrorist tactics applied in Afghanistan were implemented in Chechnya. the suspension of habeas corpus. the FBI had “interviewed” Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011. intelligence since the late 1980's. There is evidence. .

etc. False flag terror is a real historical concept. A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that from orders from the chief of the Gestapo. one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles (as a means to justify the invasion of Poland).The Definition of a False Flag Operation The skeptics even in the mainstream media act like that a false flag operation is some myth. The term comes bad to the old days of wooden ships. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is because the enemy's flag instead of the real country of the attacking ship was hung. The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950's to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran as a means to turn Iran against it . it was called a false flag attack. Governments globally have admitted that they have carried out false flag terror. The actions are designed as to appear as if they are carried out by other entities. or other organizations.S. Some relate to war and counter insurgency operations. Many leaders have talked about the dangers of false flags (or an attack done by an enemy that pretends to be a friend) like Plato. U. They have been created during peace time and including in Italy's strategy of tension. The rules of engagement for naval. False flag terrorism is when the government attacks its own people via numerous means (sometimes even via covert means) and then blaming others in order to justify going to war against the people it blames. President James Madison. corporations. It can come about by governments. and land warfare ban false flag attacks. air. In that time period.

Operation Northwoods was a planned false flag operation. a British member of Parliament saw plan clothes cops attempting to incite the crowd to violence. and several of the Israelis later confessed). allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers. The BBC. This was the Lavon bombing affair. This action was called Operation Ajax involving British Intelligence too not just the CIA. diplomatic facilities. Quebec police admitted in 2007 that thugs carrying rocks to a peaceful protest were actually undercover Quebec police officers. Conclusion . Senior Russian senior military and military and intelligence officers admit that the KGB blew up Russian apartment buildings and falsely blamed it on Chechens as a means to justify an invasion of Chechnya. All terrorism must be examined on their merits before reaching any conclusion on whether it is a false flag attack or not.S. the bottom line is that governments globally have carried out false flags even by their own admissions. and the Associated Press. Macedonian officials admitted that the government murdered 7 innocent immigrants in cold blood (and pretended that they were Al Qaeda soldiers trying to assassinate Macedonian police as a means to join the war on terror). then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely. Therefore. Officers like these are known to provocateur protests. Israel admits that an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings. At the G20 protests in London in 2009. including U.democratically elected Prime Minister. the New York Times.

then this could be a more common reality nationwide. This vent in Watertwon was an implementation of martial law in a major city on U. now I realize we live in a new era. the National Guard.000 militarized police (with full military combat gear) stormed the streets. It must be changed in order for more cameras to come about. Michael Bloomberg is not only an enemy of the Constitution. etc. He wants . They have intimidated reporters and made entrances into law abiding people’s homes without warrant. 9.Looking back. Craft. If we don’t get our minds right to fight injustice.S. soil with the aid of local including state police. but of legitimate human rights in general. The powers that be later said that the residents of Watertown were free to go about their business. When you have for 12 hours. the Department of Homeland Security. the FBI. without due cause that have terrified parents including children. He recently said that the Constitution will have to changed not to make America better.

Bloomberg love to spend millions of dollars in strict gun control legislation without addressing socioeconomic issues that contribute to gun violence in the first place. corrupt education. he overseen police beating on peaceful protesters. This is not just an issue of one city. Constitution will have to change. a huge increase in stop and frisk tactics (that specifically target Black and Hispanic community). when you have the TSA molesting human beings in airports nationwide. On the hand. the Brothers. Bloomberg has been violator of the Constitution since he first gotten into office as the Mayor of New York City. He wants more security. He wants military style surveillance drones hovering over New York that is fitted with facial recognition software. Ramarley Graham was killed in the Bronx. New York City has always hardcore surveillance. It is fine that Jim Crow is gone. The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that the interpretation of the U. logic. was killed in Oklahoma. We have every right to not only be physically strong. and children via drones is tyranny. then most Americans are still wrong. I respect my black heritage and I believe in Black Power for my own people as a man. stop and frisk. The Patriot Act is tyranny. It is based on facts. Even black helicopters conducting military drills all over urban communities have been common place for years. and other evil policies as it is. doesn't mean that we deserve some oppressive police state monitoring our every move in the world at all. We know the myth of the post-racial America has been exposed by the murderous events and other occurrences in recent years. He is controversial in banning smoking in public. Tyranny is real. but to be mentally. In other to achieve justice. Stephon Watts and Rekia Boyd were murdered in the Chicago area. unjust murder of the 17 year old teenager Trayvon Martin. I will still respect the Sisters. because of the Boston terrorist bombings. Dane Scott Jr. We have the right to freedom. At the end of the day. We have the subsequent right to justice as well. . The oppressor via white supremacy is responsible for oppression. intellectually. The evil depleted uranium dropped in territories by Western terrorists is tyranny. Even Bill Cosby is in error to try to blame the victims for their own oppression. The current system was created and built on slavery and is maintained in the bedrock of oppression. Yet. brothers and sisters are stereotyped and harmed by the enemy. Far too often. the destruction of the corrupt economic and social beast must be gone and it should be replaced with a fairer system in the world. and real human beings of every background. He attempted to ban trans-fats.S. It is bigger than an authoritarian mayor though. and spiritually strong. Even Benjamin Franklin is right that Americans should never trade liberty for greater security at all. That is the more justification for us to love each other as human beings and to fight for the full development of the human potential among every one of every color. then that is tyranny. and rampant crooked cop terror. bad housing. all people deserves equality. unemployment. and running a secret spying program against innocent Muslims.NYC to be like other cities where CCTV cameras are all over the place. In the past year alone. Just because we don't live in the olden days anymore. Warrantless wiretapping against innocent citizens is tyranny. Liberty is not up for a vote. we need to address poverty. If 80% of Americans believe in murder or rape. Innocent human beings have been harmed as a result of these reckless. large sugary drinks and Styrofoam cups. Using weapons to kill innocent men. Regardless of what Harry Reid says. Truth is not based on popularity or polls. We have vigilantism being responsible for the evil. which will violate more human liberties. women. abhorrent policies inside of New York City. These realities are not imagined tyranny.

and innocent men. to never forget the past. 2013 in a disgraceful fashion. We need to support independent folks that want real history.reason. In our generation. It is our responsibility to be conscious of our world. folks were lynched. and the general militarization of society. and that really want true revolutionary changes to benefit all of the people. Anybody can get a check every week or every 2 weeks. This event is being exploited by some. Being involved in the local level to advance human rights and social justice is great as well. The corporate power structure loves this evil bill. Religious buildings were burned to the ground. civil liberty groups and even even some in the private security world disagree massively with CISPA. that are against corporate tyranny. we have the responsibility to do things beyond getting a check. Yet. This event is all about pure terrorism point blank period (regardless if it was a false flag or not). The military industrial complex is just as terroristic as the real perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings. It is antianti-Internet and antianti-free speech. Some folks naively view themselves as living in Heaven. and truth. speech. because they want the public to be used to checkpoints. respected I will never obey unjust laws at. that love to oppose dangerous GMOs. militarized police. The Fourth Amendment ought to be respected. to fight for justice. and children had to struggle in order for all of us to witness some of the freedoms that we cherish now. human beings were murdered. the suppression of human liberties. . people Another threat is the evil CISPA bill. but you are not in Heaven at all. You are still living concretely on the Planet Earth. women. and to realize that we are not in Heaven (since we have a long way to go in making freedom real for real). People died so that we could be here literally. that are against governmental tyranny. The House of Representatives have passed this bill recently in April 18.

she is a director of many companies that want strategies to increase energy production from clean burning and renewable resources. We know for certain that the CIA has been involved in terrorism across the globe even in recent times during this decade. Appendix A: More Updates on the Boston Bombings There is still tons of information coming out that relate to the Boston Bombing. Ruslan was known as Ruslan Tsarnaev during the time of his marriage. under Ronald Reagan. Now. Uncle Ruslan worked with Graham Fuller before (via the Congress of Chechen International Organizations in Maryland. It is a documented that the United States has extensively backed terrorists operating in Russia’s Caucasus region. and Hong Kong. Ruslan was running a front business helping launder Russian oligarch's stolen cash. Today. He was also connected to Halliburton. Ruslan Tsarni was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller. and other . Fuller spent 20 years as operations officer in Turkey. Rockville. These connections are strong and interesting. advance neoliberal globalization. Lebanon. The couple divorced before 2004. Sibel Edmonds believes that Graham Fuller was an American deep state rogue. Fuller was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at the CIA. and the CIA. Daniel Hopsicker and others have found connections between the Boston bombings. the Tsarnaev brothers. Uncle Ruslan Tsarni. Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia. In 1986. Yemen. That is why the Uncle was so hardcore in his denunciations of the Tsarnaev brothers. The address listed in the incorporation documents or 11114 Whisperwood Ln. His wife is named Samantha Ankara Ruller. In 1982. USAID is known for being used by the Western establishment as a means to overthrow governments. he became the Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council.Both the FBI and the CIA watched the Boston bombing suspects for years. Maryland is the home address of his then father in law). He changed his last name to Tsarni. He was given the overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting. we know now that Uncle Ruslan was connected to the CIA front group called USAID. Uncle Ruslan worked in Kazakhstan for USAID.

Is this a man who knew too much? He was a 27 year old Chechen immigrant. Afghanistan. Brzezinski advocated a technocratic society to dominant the globe back in the early 1970'a. Tamerlan called his uncle Ruslan a few hours before he was killed. The Mujahedeen evolved into the Taliban and al-Qaeda later on in the 1980's. Ruslan did not learn that Tamerlan was a suspect until the following day.skullduggery. He presented the public with numerous photographs of his son's body taken at a Florida morgue. Tsarni used the media to try to convince the public that Tamerlan Tsarnaev (the alleged and dead Boston bomber) was brainwashed by a shadowy Armenian named Misha. There has been no evidence to even validate the existence of Misha. A press conference in Moscow had the murdered man's father Abdulbaki Todashev speaking. Now. The official story by the government about the attacks has been questioned left and right. These events sound like a movie. CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko created the Jamestown Foundation. because he lunged at interrogators with a knife. According to Ruslan. Appendix B: The FBI Murder of Ibragim Todashev The FBI shot and killed Ibragim Todashev. Jamestown's board of directors include Zbigniew Brzezinski or the former National Security Advisor to ex-President Jimmy Carter. Also. The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended. surveillance. and suspension of human rights including liberties did not die with the George W. It continues now in 2013. the Jamestown Foundation is a known CIA front. Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA linked Jamestown Foundation. and recently in the streets of Boston including Watertown. Such martial law evil maneuvers are used in Iraq. These draconian police state techniques and technology have been done against humanity for a long time. Massachusetts. Yet. Bush administration. but this is real life and it is serious. after his death. Torture. Also. The FBI said that Todashev was shot. It showed that he had been shot six times in the torso and once in the crown of . Tamerlan apologized for the difficulties in their relationship. They deal with terrorism and like-minded subjects. and the two spoke for about five minutes. one report said that Todashev was unarmed. allegedly. The growth of the surveillance state is one goal out of many that the elite wants as a response to the Boston marathon bombings. He was killed after being interrogated for days about the Boston Marathon bombings and has been unarmed. Brzezinski is a known globalist and he initiated the CIA's recruitment of the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

who had taken the morgue photos.” he said. They alerted the FBI and the CIA in 2011 about the danger he was involved with Islamic terrorism. once in the head. They were both ethnic Chechens and used the same gym when Todashev lived in the Boston area. Six shots in the body. Much of the war on terror has the FBI using entrapment or the terrorists have strange links to the intelligence community. The Saudi authorities issued a similar warning to the States. “They killed my son and then they made up a reason to explain it. The FBI admitted that they shot to death an unarmed man. and was shot up by police. Todashev’s housemate. Yet. unarmed. Reni Manukyan. There have been critical questions asked about these events and other terrorist plots. He knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev or the Boston bombing suspect. one of them in the head.” she said. Many of these events regardless if they were manufactured terrorism or not. who survived the shootout with police. We know one thing. there is another story. 24. spoken with her for the first time and has denied involvement in the bombing. some of the alleged perpetrators had ties to U. The FBI claimed that he was shot just before signing the alleged confession of working with the Tsarnaev brothers in creating the Boston Marathon bombings. according to his mother.S.S.” Todashev was a mixed martial arts fighter. or Western intelligence. “How did we know him and what was the relationship with him.” Similarly.his head. U. That is why civil rights groups and Todashev's widow including his family is calling for an independent investigation into the killing. “They were asking different questions like how did we meet these guys [the Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar]. and then the kill shot.” he said. The questioned occurred in Todashev's apartment. “I only saw things like that in movies. Our civil liberties have been assaulted with these state killings indeed. In Closing The aftermath of the Boston bombings in America and Canada is readily being known. said that all of the questioning. “I would like to say that looking at these photos is like being in a movie. At first the FBI and the police said that Todashev tried to lunge at interrogators with a knife. intelligence has funded Islamist separatist forces for years. shooting a person. He said the issue of the murders in Massachusetts was never raised. Before he died. Khusen Taramov. has told the media that he had been questioned together with Todashev up until the last eight-hour session in which he was murdered. and no one asked her or her husband about the killings in 2011. the kind of relationship we had with the guys. The . they have been used as a pretext for the state to execute an unprecedented lockdown of an entire metropolitan area of democratic rights (that was a military coup dry run). some information the police did not want to be made public. Maybe they wanted to silence my son. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. There has been speculation and skepticism about the Boston Bombings. to which she too was subjected. Some sources once said that one FBI agent was stabbed with a knife when he was unarmed. He is currently being held in a Massachusetts prison hospital facing the capital charge of using a weapon of mass destruction. The FBI ruled the official investigation on the day of the attacks. “The interviews were always about Tsarnaev and the bombings. “Being a witness in the US is not safe.” He added: “Maybe my son knew something. you see America allowing the military and intelligence community power over the rights of the people.” At the press conference in Moscow. Tamerlan was killed by the police on April 19. They have funded terrorist proxy groups in Libya and Syria.” Why would the FBI and other intelligence plus police officer lie about the murder of Todashev? The cold blooded murder deserves answers. has. Todashev was talking to the FBI about the Boston bombing. He was held prisoner and denied representation by a lawyer. Regardless if the Boston bombings were an inside job or not. The death of Todashev signifies deception or a cover up. The Council on American-Islamic Relations held a press conference in Orlando calling for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division to launch a probe into how “an unarmed man who had not been charged or convicted of anything was shot seven times. was about the Boston bombings.” As Todashev’s father put it in an interview with the Boston Globe from Russia. Zaurbek Sadakhanov of the Moscow International Bar Association stated his belief that the case was one of extrajudicial execution and urged Todashev’s friend. Dzhokhar was severely injured after a boat he was hiding in. to return to Russia. Chechyna is known to have Islamist separatists fighting with Russia in the 1990's. The FBI allowed him to return from the Russian region. Todashev’s widow. Tamerlan Tsarnev was known to Russian security officials. When you look at the FBI murder of Ibragim Todashev.

Obama’s Justice Department decided not to read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights immediately to remain silent and have a lawyer present at any interrogation. the Conservative government invoked the Boston attacks as an excuse to rush through the legislation.S.S. The U. In Canada. The Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati exposed the recently passed Combating Terrorism Act as a threat to civil liberties. they are silent on imperialism and record economic inequality in the world. but when push comes to shove. Lawrence lied and said that armored personnel aren't really tanks. That state siege violated every civil liberty inscribed in the Bill of Rights. When a tactical team of 20 armed men comes to someone's door and request to search your person and your home. The FBI has even been caught trying to manufacture numerous terrorist plots in the U. During the same week that the Canadian Parliament was debating a new anti-terrorism bill. They claim that they had links with Al-Qaeda in Iran. which is beyond Islamic extremism. but even he is right on this issue. They may claim to be down for the cause. Journalists were told to get on the ground while they were searched. It is militarism in American soil and many of these authorities did it without due process and without warrants. This innuendo is similar to the false Iraqi alleged links to terrorism leading up to the 2003 Iraq War. You have to know history in this regard as a means to have a keen analysis of the incident. and Western nations have an enmity with Iran. The Los Angeles Times reported that the interagency High Value Detainee Interrogation Group ignored repeated requests for legal counsel from the severely wounded suspect during 16 hours of questioning. This legislation previously sunsetted anti-terrorism provisions of preventative arrest and investigative hearings. By Timothy . It became one of the top 25 most censored stories of 2011-2012 by the media democracy organization called Project Censored. I do not agree with Ron Paul on numerous issues. The RCMP said little about the evidence of the accused plotters' guilt.. Martial law was imposed in both cities for 12 hours and authorities searched for 19 year old unarmed young adult. we know what time it is. which is why Iran is characterized in negative designations by the West all of the time. the RCMP announced the arrest of two individuals who were accused of plotting to attack a Via Rail passenger train. So-called liberals like Lawrence O’Donnell supporting this tyrannical display of fascism are typical of folks of his ilk. Even MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell lied about the forced Lockdown order in Boston and Watertown. When the authorities carried out warrantless house to house searches. Bostonians said that many authorities searched residents. Trevor Aaronson made pioneering work on the FBI involvement in infiltrating terrorist suspects. it is not equivalent to invite troopers for tea. Canada. Heavily armed police and helicopters enforced a shelter in place order.FBI lied about such situations for decades. His research is found in the cover of Mother Jones magazine in 2011.

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