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History of ancient age admits that the citizens of MOAN-JO-DARO were the Dravidians. They were the earlier inhabitants of India and his culture belongs to them. They were the only inhabitants of the ancient age i.e. Before Five thousand years. Presently ancestors of the DRAVIDIANS are “OADS”. They were called as “Constructers”, Suraj Bansi Rajpoots, and Khatri Rajpoots and also were known as Guardians of the territory. According to them they were three sects of Dravidians: (1) OADS (2) BROHIS (3) FISHER MAN’S (to whom called as MANYAR). Brohis migrated to Balochistan and permanently settled there and MANYAR FISHER MAN also migrated to Mulbar and in the other parts of world and colony OADS settled in India. While arrival of Santhal, Kolhi, and Bheeland Goand that is now called as Menghwars from Australia in that time Dravidians were already citizen on India. Ancestors of those Dravidians are now called “OADS”, so the OADS are only original inhabitants of sub-continent before the Aryans. OADS are the ancestors of Raja Dhasrat, Raja Aksho Ko who was the second son of Manu Bhagwan and founder of the Suraj bansi Rajpoots and they are the “PAROU” Aryans that is superior too. Writers also admits that “OADS” are ancestors of the Prophet Noah’s elder son “SAM” were called as “SA MMARIANS” those who are ancestors of “HAM” son of Noah were known as “HAMMATTAN” and those who are ancestors of “ YA PHET” SON OF Noah were known as “ YA PHETTIANS”. Noah is known as Manu Bhagwan in the Hindu community so that the OADS are Suraj Bansi Rajpoots. As hasput is the son of jadam Bin Sambat born one son named as Abdary, Neet was the son of Abdary, Notyar was the son of Neet, Oudha was the son of Notyar, OAD was the son of Oudha, Lakhiyar was the son of OAD, Lakho was the son of Lakhiyar, Lakho had four sons and Oudh was the only grnad son of Lakho, Oudh died without having any heritant, Oudh was the king of his territory. At the death of king Oudh Dravidians promised their king that they will call them Selves “OUDH” instead of “OAD” to keep remain in this name alive for ever. Later on “OUDH” were called as a title of his mother land known as “AUDHIYA”. OADER DESH was an other mother land now known as ORISSA and as well as AUGRA belongs to India. As Augra city was built by one Dravidian king named as “AUGRA” Neel pal , through his grand son Pirbhoo lal Augra. As before the Aryans and before 5000 years BC, Whole India were called as Dravidian Desh. Before Aryans and before 5000 years BC, language of whole India was Dravidian and there after is called Oriya and Oudary language and in Sindh Authors admits that before Aryans and before 5000BC, language of Mohan-jo-Daro was Dravidian and that is the first Sindhi language. OADS are ancestors of Bhagirath who is fourth son of Sam Bin Noah, commonly known as “RATHORE”. According to the faith of Hinduism name of Noah is Manu Bhagirath, Ajepar was the son of Dera Raja Dhassrat was the son of Ajepar; Ram was the son of Dhassrat. They are the grand son of Noah, they are Khatri rajpoots, There is an other community named Augra is also a Suraj Bansi Rajpoots and Khatri Rajpoots they are also the descendents of Raja Aksho Ako who was the second son of Manu Bhagwan and the founder of the Suraj Bansi Rajpoots. DRAVIDIAN-OADS are Suraj Bansi Rajpoots and Khatri Rajpoots and the Conquerors of the territory. OADS are old tribes existing in Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan, India and in the whole world having same castes, same customs and culture. They are also known as Dravidians OADS, ORIA and OURH and OUDH. These are their titles not castes. They have separate castes. According to their grand father’s name or according to their mother land they all are original Sindhis and original Hindus. They are by caste Tamil.

OADS are mostly Laborers due to that they are living in villages and are famous for Constructing Mud Houses for others. After their fall down they became homeless and Government took no ant steps for their betterment and they are still leading Nomadic life. They belongs from high grade tribe all are originals of the sub continents all other communities are converters, their castes are seen in Muslims and other sects of Hindus. They are existing before 5000 BC and are called as “OAD” that is constructors as title given by the Aryans long ago. They have their own language named as Dravidian were called as OADRY, ORIA and now called as “OADKY” language and the history of Sindh and India belongs to them.