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21st June 2010


Course Programme
1 2 3 4 5 6 Introduction to Pipeline Engineering Material Selection and Corrosion Control Pipeline Design, Installation and Construction Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis Defect Assessment on Pipelines Pipeline Integrity: Maintenance, Inspection and Risk Assessment
Howard Panza Lead Flowline Engineer, BP

Dr Afshin Motarjemi, DNV Energy Dr P. Ragupathy, Subsea 7 Vijay Ramappa CEng (MIMechE), BP Exploration Company Ltd Edgar Rodrigues, IONIK Consulting Dr T. Sriskandarajah, Subsea 7

"This course has helped to broaden my understanding of pipeline engineering and has also reinforced my previous knowledge"
(Angel Flores, Qatar Gas)

■ Pipeline designers, engineers and technicians ■ Project, field, installation and operations managers ■ New starters, recent recruits and graduates ■ Integrity and maintenance personnel • Experts working on a temporary basis in the industry • Specialists needing wider understanding ■a Employees seeking career enhancement • Professionals working alongside the industry ■ Professionals in supporting or aligned oil and gas sectors • Employees moving into a new area of specialisation


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ideas and information at any time. so you can easily be part of a broad range of people who will benefit from studying this course. where he is supporting one of the deep water BP projects. delivered by leading industry experts. assisting individuals and organisations to achieve goals by developing skills. before taking the online tests. Delivered by distance learning. RELATED DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES Fundamentals of Oil and Gas www. save them to your computer or print them out. we all face more pressures in our business lives. you can enjoy the full benefits of studying. whilst still in employment and without having to spend time and resources travelling. Howard joined BP in 2009 as the Lead Flowline Engineer in the BP Angola Unit. BP THE ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING BY DISTANCE LEARNING Increasingly. Pipelines are generally the most economical way to transport large quantities of oil and gas over land and subsea. In comparison to rail or road transportation. Finding time to attend courses of any kind can be very difficult and well meant plans are often put aside indefinitely. applying the COMPANIES THAT HAVE ALREADY BENEFITED FROM IBC GLOBAL ACADEMY’S PIPELINE ENGINEERING COURSES INCLUDE: Acergy Services Ltd • ADMA-OPCO • Al Jaber Energy Services LLC • BG Group • Bord Gais • BP Azerbaijan • Bredero Shaw • McConnell Dowell Constructors Pty Ltd • Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL • Dodsal Eng & Const Pte Ltd • Epeus Ltd • ESBI Engineering and Facility Management Ltd • Fraximex • Gaslink Nigeria Ltd • GEOSPROJECTS • Grass Field Maritime Consultants Ltd • IMPaC Oil and Gas Engineering Nigeria Ltd • Initec Plantas Industriales • Intertek PLC • Intralog Engineering Ltd • J. production and commercialisation. providing a lower cost per unit as well as a higher capacity. You can read the modules online.ibcglobalacademy. Prior to this he was working for TOTAL E&P UK Ltd. Activities within the oil and gas industry can be divided into three large areas: exploration. I look forward to welcoming you onto the course. help to draw out key points so you can check your understanding of the topic. which consists of six modules. the fundamentals of engineering and thermodynamics. logistics. Lead Flowline Engineer. Through distance learning. You can set the pace at which you Diploma in Management Studies www. The course materials are available entirely Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics www. The industry is a driving force in both our daily lives and the modern world. Oil and gas often has to be transported from offshore facilities therefore pipelines offer a convenient solution. giving you the flexibility and freedom to download the content from anywhere in the world at a time convenient to you and wherever you have internet access. COURSE DIRECTOR Howard Panza Lead Flowline Engineer. He has successfully completed two MSc courses in pipeline design and he has taught engineering subjects such as fluid mechanics. but also to support the studies and execution of new pipeline projects. environment and safety industries. pipelines are more cost efficient. BP Howard Panza is a mechanical engineer with 14 years of experience in design.ibcglobalacademy. DELIVERED BY IBC Global Academy delivers high quality training to the ports. The central objective of this popular course.ibcglobalacademy. gas and other related products. enabling you to study when and where it suits you. integrity and operation of onshore and offshore pipelines. We address the growing need for professional training in specific industry areas by providing open and in-house learning and training solutions. The oil and gas industry is also an intrinsic part of global employment and one of the most profitable sectors within our world economy. All three sectors involve the transportation of oil. the modules address the important issues and with the self-assessment questions.ibcglobalacademy. skills and expertise gained from the materials to your work straight away. www. The raw materials. Ray McDermott • Jamaica Energy Partners • Oando Gas and Power • Perenco • Petro Mekong Co. integrity and operation of onshore and offshore Fundamentals of FPSOs www. • Primary Industries and Resources SA • Principia • Production Services Network • Qatar Gas • Ruiise Underwater Engineering • Sabbyn Group • Saipem Contracting Nigeria Ltd • Saith Ltd • Sevan Marine • SPPC • Stanley Baker Hill (SBH) • TD Williamson Offshore Services AS • Tebodin Middle East • TUV Cyprus Ltd • Vepica Wood Group • VWS Westgarth • West African Ventures Ltd • For more information tel: +44 (0)20 7017 7636 . The course is accessed online. including fuelling our transportation systems and heating our homes.Dear Colleague. energy. is to provide the participant with the fundamental and high level principles behind the design. as the Pipelines Technical Authority where his main responsibility was to maintain and ensure the integrity of the pipeline system. The oil and gas industry is considered one of the most important industries on the planet. Howard Panza Course Director. products and resources provided by this industry have many functions.ibcglobalacademy. the course offers the flexibility of learning in your own time and environment. knowledge and performance. Each module also has an online test for you to check your understanding and get instant feedback on your results. Take advantage of the online course forum to meet your fellow participants and share knowledge. Written by specialists in their fields.

withdrawal requests must be received in writing within 14 days of acceptance and before the start of the course.Commissioning operations .Diver .How corrosion allowance is determined or selected Module Three Defect Assessment on Pipelines This module provides a description of defects in pipelines. VAT will be charged at the rate in force on the date of invoicing. how they affect pipeline . We regret that there is a £175 cancellation fee which will be deducted from any refund due to cover administration costs. case studies and examples • Blended learning incorporating workshops. please contact the Database Manager. 1835199. please contact the database manager. IIR Ltd. making emphasis on the following aspects: • Basic pipeline concepts and definitions • Introduction to the stages of a pipeline project • Description and general requirements of standards.scheduled to suit your requirements • Support .COURSE SYLLABUS Module One Introduction to Pipeline Engineering This module provides a brief history of the pipeline and technical background to the design of pipelines used in the transport of oil and gas. email: integrity@iirltd. and/or provided by you. This information may be used for direct marketing purposes.gowrea@informa. CALL MONITORING : Telephone calls to IIR Ltd may be recorded or monitored in order to check the quality of the service provided. The course ends on 13th September 2010 which is the last day the website access will be . including the different codes and standards used to carry out fit-for-purpose assessments of defects and damage • Design code and standard requirements • Introduction to pipeline engineering critical assessment (ECA) • Case studies on pipeline defects • Exercise on defect identification and assessment Module Six Pipeline Design. Requests received after the start of the course do not qualify for a refund. fax: +44 (0)20 7017 7828. EU individuals and non-VAT registered EU companies. payment is due within 30 days of the invoice being issued or by the start of the course. DISCLAIMER : In the unfortunate event that a course is cancelled.Procurement Pipeline Integrity: or email lma@informa.ibcglobalacademy.Quality assurance • Methods of onshore and offshore pipeline installation Module Four Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis The aim of this module is to provide the participant with the flow/hydraulic principles associated with pipelines.Case study • Manufacturing process. APPLICATIONS : To apply either complete the form overleaf or visit www. VAT registration number GB 365 4626 36. including failure statistics and the relative causes of pipeline failures • Failure modes and a description of how pipelines fail • Defect assessment. The personal information shown on the application form. You will be invoiced the amount shown plus VAT at 17. telephone +44 (0)20 7017 4455 or email ct@informa. If you have not received an invoice within 14 days of applying please contact Prerna Gowrea tel: +44 (0)20 3377 3673 or email: prerna. CANCELLATION POLICY : Once accepted on to the course. etc • Introduction to flexible pipelines – principles and concepts • Introduction to hydrodynamics around offshore pipelines.Air survey . *VAT: VAT is applicable to UK individuals. Apply online at www.Acoustic .Recommended practices • Introduction to the different pipeline to apply online. Registered office Mortimer House. and how it can be technically assessed. codes and regulations • Introduction to the principles of pipeline design construction and installation.Case studies on prevention • Exercise on flow calculations Module Five INTERESTED IN A CORPORATE OR CUSTOMISED DELIVERY OF THIS COURSE? This course can be delivered directly to your company or organisation by distance learning or instructor led workshops whilst including a range of additional benefits to meet your specific business objectives: • Customised delivery additional company focused content. DATA PROTECTION : Personal data supplied is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.Walking patrol . 37-41 Mortimer Street. including pipe-in-pipe. This covers website access to the modules and online tests and the certificate of TERMS AND CONDITIONS COURSE DURATION : The course lasts for 12 weeks commencing 21st June 2010 with the release of the first module followed by one module every two weeks.Standards . IIR Ltd are not liable for any costs incurred by participants in connection with the course. bundles. including welding standards. including pipe manufacturing defects and in-service defects. the different stages of pipeline construction and the pipeline installation methods. including definition of the corrosion phenomenon and chemical principles • Types of internal and external corrosion • Method to prevent or mitigate corrosion in pipelines . liquids and multiphase pipelines • Problems caused by changes in flow condition during the pipeline’s operations (wax and hydrate formation. carefully selected external companies for marketing purposes.dedicated staff providing required progress reporting To find out more about the benefits of Corporate Training and how distance learning can be a cost effective means of achieving your training goals. or made available to. will be held on a database and may be shared with companies in the Informa Group in the UK and internationally. The module includes the following topics: • Pipeline anomalies and defects • Introduction to principles and applications of the in-line inspection techniques and existing tools • Survey methods for onshore and offshore pipelines . If you do not wish your details to be available to companies in the Informa Group. tel: +44 (0)20 7017 7077. PAYMENT : If payment is not made with your application. procedures and NDT techniques for qualifications • Introduction to corrosion. EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT : Participants booking on or before Friday 9th April 2010 will be eligible for the early booking price of £1499 (+VAT as applicable*). Installation and Construction This module introduces the participant to the design of onshore and offshore pipelines. W1T 3JH UK. etc) .lloydsmaritimeacademy.Codes .uk.ibcglobalacademy.Definition of safety and reliability factors .co. However every effort will be made to adhere to the brochure.ibcglobalacademy.5%. Occasionally your details may be obtained or email online For courses focusing on the maritime industry visit our sister training company Lloyd's Maritime Academy at www. with emphasis on the inspection technologies that are available to detect the defects and anomalies found in pipelines. London. Please note non payment of fees will result in the withholding of course materials. Lloyd's and the Lloyd's Crest are the registered trademarks of the Society incorporated by the Lloyd's Act 1871 by the name of "Lloyd's". FEE : £1649 (+VAT as applicable*). Material Selection and Corrosion Control The objective of this module is to provide an overview of the material selection process for pipeline fabrication. Registered in England No. as well as the method for controlling pipeline corrosion during the pipeline life-cycle: • Introduction to material science including the properties of steel and other materials used for pipeline fabrication • Process of pipeline material selection. If you do not wish to receive details about their products and services. whichever is sooner.Above-ground monitoring techniques • Principles and application of NDT techniques used to detect and evaluate pipeline defect and damage • Preparation of integrity management plans for onshore and offshore pipelines OTHER COURSES: For a full list of our other training courses visit us online at www. The module includes the following topics: • Introduction of different approaches of pipeline design for offshore and onshore.Case studies on code selection Module Two . UK companies. The module includes: • Definition of the types of defects on pipelines. We reserve the right to make changes to the VAT rate in accordance with the VAT regulations set by HM Revenue and Customs. including the definition of the different wave theories: current. additional assessment and skills training • Flexibility . • Wall thickness calculation based on different design codes or standards . including definition of stress on pipeline and an introduction to fatigue analysis • Stages of pipeline construction. The module includes: • The thermodynamic principles and flow properties of the different flow transported by pipelines • Basic flow calculations for gases. including: . prediction of the forces acting on an offshore pipeline • Stress assessment of pipeline. including code/standard requirements . and monitor the condition of the pipeline.ROV . including: . Inspection and Risk Assessment The objective of this module is to give the participant a review of pipeline integrity assessment.

29 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DR Are we mailing you correctly? To update your contact details on our database please visit www. Who is your Approving Manager?(Mr/Ms) Family name Job title Email 4.ibcglobalacademy.33) = £1761.58) = £1937. NatWest Bank. (GB) 365 4626 36 .US$ & HK$) IIR Ltd. 37-41 Mortimer St. Participant (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr/Capt) Family name Job title Contact address for correspondence First name Company City Country Direct telephone Preferred email 2. Registered Office: Mortimer House.5%* (£262. Who is your Training Manager? (Mr/Ms) Family name Job title Email 3. London W1T 3JH. SWIFT address: NWBKGB2L. Amex: 4 digit number on the front of the card) Please charge my credit card: Card no Card holder’s name Card billing address Expiry date __/__ CVV Number Contact tel no Signature For payment by bank transfer (excl. How did you hear about the course? Postcode/Zip code Mobile Fax VAT number First name Direct telephone First name Direct telephone STEP 3: PAYMENT DETAILS (Please tick the relevant option) Enclosed is a cheque made payable to IIR Ltd (Ref: LR0045) (CVV: last 3 digits on signature strip on back of credit cards. UK Sort Code: 60-06-06. Ref: LR0045 and participant’s name Participants who do not pay with their booking are requested to provide a copy of bank transfer/credit card/cheque details to help payment allocation.informa. For further information on payment details call Prerna Gowrea on +44 (0)20 3377 3673 or email: prerna.33) = £1761. VAT Registered No. Signature Date _ _ / _ _/ _ _ IBC Global Academy is part of IIR Ltd Registered in England No 1835199.5%* (£262.58 ■ £1499 + VAT @ 17.33 ■ £1649 + VAT @ 17.58 ■ £1499 (No VAT to pay) ■ £1499 (No VAT to pay) ■ £1649 (No VAT to pay) ■ £1649 (No VAT to pay) STEP photocopy form for multiple bookings STEP2: 2:PARTICIPANT PARTICIPANTDETAILS DETAILS––Please Please photocopy form for multiple bookings 1.58) = £1937. account 01825550.33 ■ £1649 + VAT @ 17.5%* (£ Email: I have read the Terms & Conditions as outlined on the course brochure and agree to adhere to them.FUNDAMENTALS OF PIPELINE ENGINEERING DELIVERED BY DISTANCE LEARNING OVER 12 WEEKS Commences 21st June 2010 VIP CODE: LR0045HA101 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER IBCGA/SD/KR/PG/TR/TR Course Code LR0045 Enrol early and SAVE! Online: Would you like to be informed about products and services via email? Yes No STEP 1: WORK OUT THE PRICE (please tick option) Fundamentals of Pipeline Engineering UK Individual or UK Company EU Individual or EU non-VAT Registered Company EU VAT Registered Company (VAT number must be quoted in Step 2 below to qualify) Individual or Company outside the EU Book on or before 9th April 2010 Book after 9th April 2010 ■ £1499 + VAT @ 17. Essex. Tel: +44 (0)20 3377 3673 Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 7861 Mail: ATTN: Prerna Gowrea IBC Global Academy 6th Floor.5%* (£288.

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