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Amy Womack FRIT 7738

Staff Development Evaluation of Instruction Data

In conclusion to the staff development workshop the participants took part in a short survey. The following statements are the ones that were given on the survey and participants had to use a rating scale when answering. Statements on Survey
Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least and 5 being the greatest, please rate the following: 1=Strongly Disagree (SD); 2 = Disagree (D); 3 = Not Sure (NS); 4 = Agree (A); 5 = Strongly Agree (SA).

1. I knew about Google Drive prior to attending this staff development workshop. 2. I found this workshop to be helpful for my classroom instruction.

I found that the majority of the staff had never heard of Google Drive. Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings / Meaning that the majority felt that this tool would be helpful for their classroom instruction Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings

3. I felt that this workshop will assist me in adding other innovative instructional practices into my classroom instruction. 4. I felt that the workshop was well organized and the main points were well covered and clarified. 5. I felt that the instructor conveyed ideas effectively and clearly and the material was informative and easy to understand. 6. I feel that I could use the information given in the workshop to implement the Web 2.0 tool Google Drive. 7. I would benefit from additional workshops that introduce other Web 2.0 tools that I could use the instructional setting. 8. I feel that my students and colleagues will benefit from the use of Google Drive. 9. Give one way you will use Google Drive in the future.

Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings

Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings

Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings

Strongly Agree (5) rating / I found that teachers really would like more staff development opportunities on the use of Web 2.0 tools Agree(4) and Strongly Agree(5) ratings Allowing students to break up assignments and then combine them together. Sharing notes with other students would be beneficial in helping others complete extensive course work. Students collaborating on the same assignment during a group assignment. Great job! Come back anytime and do other instructional technology staff development workshops.

10. Additional Comments

Assessment Data and Evaluation of Instruction After reviewing the workshop evaluation forms I concluded that teachers found the information I gave on Google Drive would be beneficial for them in the classroom and in the process of planning with other teachers. The information I presented was helpful and informative to my audience. One of the concerns or setbacks teachers had with using Google Drive is the use of email with the students. Many email providers are blocked in a school system so that was one of their major concerns with using Google Drive. The majority of the teachers present felt that their students and their peers will benefit if they use a web based tool such as Google Drive. They also made comments of wanting additional workshops that introduce other Web 2.0 tools that they have access to. Self-Evaluation of Staff Development Workshop The staff development went very well! I think that the teachers present really enjoyed learning about Google Drive and could see that they were interested in other Web 2.0 tools that are available for instructional tools. Many of the participants had not been introduced to Google Drive prior to this workshop so I was actually excited that I could teach them about this easy to use web based tool. I did not have any difficulties but many of the laptops that the participants were using were not able to connect to the Internet. Thankfully I had printed the PowerPoint slides so they could take notes and they followed along with me and others as they manipulated the features of Google Drive. I was very pleased on how it went and Mrs. Parker asked me to come back and teach them again!