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debt-equity swap; debt man-day one unit Grade 4 fourth degree of relationship the eighth degree of relationship provisional closing retail group general manager of retail group housekeeping money trust loans on household current acc execution of provisional attachm revocation of provisional attachm money for release from a provis available appraisal value (amount of) avalilable equity of value of the security temporary slips the family court family support allowance aggravated punishment suspense payments provisional execution sentence of provisional executio simplified tax invoice easy delivery joint seal overhead cost[expenses]; indire indirect damage substitute(take the palce of) in lieu of, in place of, in substitu Accumulated amount of depreci allowable limit for depreciation


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depreciation, depreciation cost depreciation amount depreciation allowance supervising authorities the right of supervision the supervisory authority person whose duty is to supervi supervision the abatement or exemption of d depletion reduction of salary reduction of capital gain on capital reduction; profit appraisal value ; appraised value appraisal agency objects to be appraised appraisal report property appraisal amortization fund ; sinking fund compulsory execution writ of execution execution procedure compulsory measures ; compuls compulsory composition? mandatory provision the development charges beneficiary certificates of develo large financial accident settlement period statement of a final accounts settlement statements financial statements of settleme deficit amount ; accumulated de voting right settlement risk value date settlement instruction combined financial statements interlocking director transitional provisions the substance of the course Accrued Interest transitional measures; interim m successfurl bidding the successful bid price funds of successful auction procedure for adjudication granting adjudication bidding price

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date of bidding objects of auction cost of auction application for auction auction date ordinary income competition of business plan for managerial improvemen measures for managerial improv management advisor companies for businessa consu rationalization of management competitive bidding expense for congratulations and bonus share(or stock) statement of account; account d accounting documents non-fulfilment of contract revocation of contract performance of contract performance bond termination of the contract conclusion of contract termination of the contract affiliated corporation affiliated group enterprise affiliated company joint seal titles of accounts; account head account maintenance fee account transfer confirmation loan at high interest consulting lawyer advisory personnel an official price; an officially fixe posted currency contract of employment period for the service condition of employment the inherent property malice or gross negligence loans with fixed interest rate benchmark fixed interest rate fixed liability( liabilities) ; lon fixed assets; capital assets notified tax amount duty to notify discharge for common profit joint suretyship co-surety

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joint expense share in the common successio co-successor property jointly succeeded to joint-litigation co-litigant intervention by a third person as co-ownership, an ownership in owners in common joint mortgage co-manager co-borrower contribution to general average claim which has arisen from gen collaborative acts public offering deposits for subscription of pub public offering stock subscriptio official document civil rights official bulletin public record payment by benificiary expected price of construction secondary market for debenture injulry resulting from official wor public policy ; public order ; pub public prosecution lapse dismissal of prosecution facts constituting the crimes cha public prescription ; prosecution period for indictment : period of prosecution service by public notice expected price basis amount of officially(publicly) assessed land public announcement public summons public bond[debt]; public hearing place in public depository right for deposit deposit money tax base; assessment standard assessment standard return ; ta amount of assessment standard negligence(criminal) compensatio culpae right to acquire fruits


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overpayment customs duty overpaid or errone jurisdictonal dispute director of regional tax office district customs collector government-licensed business Metropolitan cities shift service by delivery application for delivery negotiation party Education Tax Act cross default exchanged and cleared exchangeable bonds concession stand parol evidence rule oral proceedings right of reimbursement(indemnif exercising rights to indemnify food and moutn disease person who has the right to dem reimbursement requisite for reimbursement claiim for compensation [damag Appropriation for redemption of relief funds financing remedial measures ; measure fo Remedy 1 Remedy 2 injunctive relief : ( equitable relief : structural improvement salvage restructuring original obligor detention house national public official National Public Official Act property escheated to the State State agency domestic loans limit on the approval authority fo regarding domestic loan domestic business branch or div domestic and overseas travel ex income amount from domestic s domestic-invested company a Cabinet council national (welfare) pension


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National Pension Management C National Pension Act national stocks; citizen's securit national stock trust national stock subscription depo building plot for citizen's house Public Sports promotion Act National Investment Fund national investment fund deposi national bank exposure management per coun defense counsel appointed by s national tax reduction of or exemption from legal term to pay the national ta during which the national tax is impositon of national tax national tax delinquency disposition on the national tax in repayment of national tax overseas business branch or div overseas office(s) overseas branch(es) overseas sub-branch overseas subsidiaries state property nationalization loss of nationality incroachment rights and duties transfer of right right arising from the taking of s deeds of title pledge of rights waiver of right exercise of right face value covenant for title incentive consumer price face value per denomination warrant unauthorized person delegation of rights absentee judgment person to whom the assets are preferential treatment of an inter interest rate collar interest rate cap interest rate evaluation points interest rate floor

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financial supervisory service Financial Supervisory Commissi banking transaction money market real name financial transactions financial-related institutions financial advisory servises busin financial institution bonds /finan Monetary Board financial damage compensation Financial Damage Compensatio action of debt performance of monetary loan t pecuniary expenditure pecuniary expenditure loan agreement of the pecuniary exp money trust, money in trust beneficiary certificate of moneta monetary claim monetary receiv limit of performance ending inventory of merchandise balance at the termbalance sign and seal a document ; affix a paper registered bond, non in the name of a particular perso check made payable to a specif registered security registrered stock certificate registered shareholder basic trusted amount annual management plans contribution acceptance Initial date in reckoning; day on back valuation interest check list for corporate soundne soundness check sheet going public; IPO(initial public o corporate financing due date; time limit claim with time limit aextention of period prolongation / term extension become due benefit of time forfeiting the benefit of time acceleration vacant lot successful bid successful bidder

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payment notification paper notice of payment tax notice tax papers tax payment administrator security for tax payment insurance policy for gruarantee written guarantee of tax paymen domestic exchange domestic exchange commission private rules(regulations); the by unrealized profit on intercompan labor cost labor-management relations labor union problem old age living pension trust cumulative preferred stock progressive tax ownership-indivisible house for house for multiple-household onwership-divisible house for va for multiple-household gray market, grey market plurality of obligors right of organization Short-term financial instrument short-term financing business short-term loan short-swing profits FX SWAP short term lease shor-term guarantees case presided over by a single j sole successor exclusive right of stockholders detached house single judge unilateral act simple interest saving clause pursuant to the proviso that Public servants exercising contr fractional share workers under shortodd lots capacity for being a party either of the parties trader by nature natural retirement overdraft


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account's overfraft limits loans on current account ; curre current account, : Quick assets local payment customer transaction rates customer thank-you events customer computer system netw exchange rate toward a custome payment of purchase money commission received on collect internal bank guarantee substitute collateral bulk sale power of representation Loss of the Right of Representa disclaimer of agency proxy procuratorial possession act by agent bad debt loss ; loss from bad d bad debt expenses bad debts written off bad debt reserve foreign means of payment country credit review / external d substitute slip substitute securities right of subrogation exercise of the right of subrogat subrogation payment?; subroga subrogator procedure for subrogation subrogative exercise majority stockholder substitute payment right to use site information memorandum income or loss receipt slip on lo income or loss refund slip on lo loan account counter-act agency business contract demand notice; demand note a procedure for reminding money laundering chattel paper chattel mortgage movable{personal} property, im provisional attachment against m

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collateral of movable property real rights over movables ownership of movables pledgee of movables same clearing house district person entitled to registration person registeed registry transcript of the register registry office record of segistry inspection registry folio the ground of registration cancellation of registration restoration of registration person bound to make registrati the certificate of registration matters required to be registered registered government bond registered corporation registered bond place of registration registered pledge balance certficate of registered leverage effect London Inter-bank Offered Rate LIBOR(London Interbank Offered risk management team leasing company maturity performance YTM(Yield to Maturity) maturity date payment type termination on the maturity date subject-matter of sale right fo demand purchase negotiation(negotiate) purchase allowance foreign currency purchased eligible securities to purchase trade payables creditors ledger discount on purchase, purchase cost of sales trade receivables customer ledger sales discount causes for exemption from liabil exemption clause discharge instrument nominal interest rate

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top prestige university honorary retirement, emeritious[ title transfer under a third party's title transfer, entry of a change o transfer agent lending trade name person who lent his name title transfer, change in the nam holder of the title judgment nullifying void act implicit implied powers, implied authorit implied contract attestation document codes documents receiving and sendin presentation of document instrument subject to stipulation subrogation undepreciated balance(residuer underage drinking amount receivable accrued income, uncollected re accrued interest receivable; unc commitment fee unearned income outstanding letter of attorney in blank endorsement in blank in blank blank bills incomplete bill person subrogated by law constructive appropriation of pe legal setting-up of branch famil legal portion legal rate of interest legal interest legal lease legal bounty mortgage recognized by law legal procedure legal reasons for termination of Statutory reserve funds legal superficies pledge recognized by law legal liquidation legal ratification exclusive complex for venture b

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adobe house disposal of alteration request for alteration floating rate notes benchmark floating interest rate pleadings open pleading the date for pleading an ability to plead purport of the pleading patent attorney reimbursement responsibility for reparation performance deposit for performance repaid amount time for performance expenses of performance person who has performed an o subrogation tender of performance liability for discharge demanding performance abnormal incorporation :time charge, bar temporary deposit; special depo separate expenses Byeoljeong office? Separately d public official(civil servant) in sp service [in Byeoljeong office] specific form / form of attachme attached (table, list, schedule, s (annexed) chart storage charge period of postponement retained budget nurse, dry nurse indemnity letter of indemnity release on bail asylum sub-agency subagent compound interest bond at compound interest rate welfare expenses ; other employ interest rate on inter office acco the principal execution closed document


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counterpart value-added tax Value-Added Tax Act value-added network addition installment savings unlawful solicitation unjustifiable act allowance in aid insufficient performance appendant nature appurtenant to non-woven fabric indebtendness liabilities debt ratio liabilities provisions total liabilities and stockholders' certificate of debts addendum; addenda window dressing settlement lost and found allocated job under the division installment contract loans effected in installments installment repayment divided private contract installment leading payment in installments payable by installments termination in installments / part forum non conveniens uncertain contingent liability claims with indefinite time limit nonresident checks received in won of non qualitative non-posted currency non-discolsure tax-free household trust non-financial listed companies average clause memo price memorandum account Noncontentious Case Litigation BC card holder whose account non-business assets a non-profit corporation

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charging lien fraud corporation ; an incorporated bo juridical person caseworker ex post facto audit ex post facto settlement post management, follow control ex post facto examination transaction to be confirmed afte export of industrial plants prohibition of offset offset final appeal a court of final appeal re-appeal instance petition of reappeal commercial customary law standing full-time officer adequate consideration due care; reasonable care; due executive(working) director appeal appeal court withdrawal an appeal opening of succession right of succession share in succession inheritance tax order of succession acceptance of succession renunciation of a succession inherited property recovery of succession to prope reqular audit trade employee commercial bill trade book standing auditor full-time commissioner permanent director ; standing d Board of Managing Directors listed negotiable securities listed stocks registration of a trade name mutual savings account mutual clearing area principle of reciprocity


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mutual contribution without recourse repayment capability method of repayment[redemptio redeemed bond callable preferred stock person bound to make reimburs redemption terms request for reimbursement claim for reimbursement peremptory notice for repaymen real mother acting staff documentary examination collection of signature specimen authority ot sign sign and seal a document; affix seal to form registraion ledger written oath documentary evidence release deferred sentence period of the suspension of imp prepaid corporate income tax advance(s), advance payments Forward Rate Agreement good moral preemptive right future transaction; forward trans forward bargain bill futrues investment fund busines forward exchange forward exchange transactions maritime lien execution of provisional attachm right of official auction of a ship co-ownership of a ship cerfificate of nationality of a shi vessel register ship insurance an appurtenance to a ship owenrship of the ship lease of a ship lessee of a ship hypothec of ship share in a vessel claim against a ship creditor of a ship pre-paid card

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prior user affidavit advance payment refund gurant higher priority person having priority senior mortgagee? mortgagee h Mortgagee having senior right in in good faith date of establishment revocation of incorporation abandoning incorporation permission for formation registration of creation manner of cerating~ setting maximum amount act of creation installation type lending safe customer date for public reletion contingent fee analysis of results adult date of incorporation Korea Assets Management Corp adult-oriented video customs collector gross-up clause tax invoice taxed and dues Tax preference tax advisor tax official licensed tax accountant detailed procedure minor of account relevant division or branch the revenue under the jurisdictio Tax Office : competent duties; relevant busin competent office right of recourse amount for recourse by holder liable party for recourse retroactively retroactive effect make(file) an income tax return retail banking an extinctive prescription request for voidance notification of the voidance loan for consumption


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acticles of consumption consumable goods bailment subject to consumption consumer loans; consumer finan small trader; retailer competent court under the competence cause of action client lawsuit(validity) proceedings intervention in a lawsuit withdrawal from a lawsutt proceduarl acts members holding a minor units minority shareholder; minority st small deposit required operrating funds limit small-sum stockholder funds required transfer of ownership acquisition of ownership withdrawal from a lawsutt summons compensation for loss the share of losses bearing part of loss replenishment of losses profit & loss statement; income break even point price sharing of profit and loss damages liquidated damages authorized capital, authorized sh number of shares 1 receipt and delivery irregular examination imposition when[as] the occasi occasional presentation deposit account deposit interest optional contract; private contra installment received account import incidental costs import letter of credit revenue stamp proceeds from the sale of gover stamps letter of guarantee in favor of th revised return

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guidelines of exports and impor export advance payment amount of shonored export bills raw materials for manufactuing e exemption from export or impor goods requiring for export or im trustee's duties properties to be hold in trust commissioned company personal check certified check check agreement sum payable by a check obligations on check check act person who acted on a check employees receiving benefits lodging expenses Scenario Analysis facility advertisement quotaion Equipment Leasing Business Ac equipment leasing companies facilities facilities funds facility funds loans price manipulation market manipulation market quotations market price market interest rate market risk marketable short-term funds market fund preferential interest market financing and operation actual market princing advice to correct market-dominating enterpriser operating cash daily report of money in vault cash-on-hand reconciliation sta cash on hand ceiling manageme demand to correct corrective measure orders for corrective measures corrective action comparable allowance set aside banks time difference working? enforcement decree

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enforcement procedures enforcement date outlawed debt benefit of prescription suspension of prescription interruption of prescription zone subject to report duty to make report new loans financing business for new tech Syndicate Loan fiduciary relation protocol containing interrogation development of new product newly opening branch consolidation credit rating credit extensions credit extention nominal credit risk amounts credit limit credit management fund credit loan; unsecured loan; loa additional rate for unsecured loa additional rate on credit rating foreign enterprises with good cr credit rating credit risk Management the korea credit grarantee fund Credit Guarantee Fund Act guarantee insurance letter of credit guarantee delinquent; bad credit holder ; a credit risk credit standing amount of credit loss unsecured loans credit risk credit risk weight credit risk-weighted amount list of defaulting members credit information dealer credit information principal credit survey report stores affiliated with the credit c credit evaluation agency delinquent credit card user credit card holder credit ceiling Credit Union

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fidelity bond fidelity gurarantee grarantee fund Trust Business Act operation of trust fund trust certificate evaluated amount of trust disqualification causes for disqualification the lost power and right recovery of the lost power and r real name transaction Sub-Committee physical inspection utility model register product utility model mala fides pro rata security control division facility installed to protect safety snack mediation black market voluntary representation attachment attachment money which has been seized claim for which garnishment is p attachment order thing seized seized vessel seized corporeal movables protocol of seizure claim for which a seizure has be attachment creditor attached obligor face[par] value; nominal value[ less than par value par-value stock night work standardized contracts receipt of the general terms and Bear Spread promissory note a promise informal way informal endorsement consideration abbreviated endorsement the period agreed upon

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agreed dividend rate covenants violation of agreement agreed interest rate agreed interest assign prohibition of transfer property transfer for security? a contract to establish a securit property transferred for security expenses relating to the transfer the port of unloading double punishment; joint penal p parent by adoption clearing house bill clearing clearing-house clearing house provisions of the clearing house clearing team bill amount loans on bills bill or note purchase request bills insurance certificate requirements of a bill of exchan claims of bill signature and seal on a bill of e person who acted on a bill the legal requisite of the bills division of duties occupational injury non-occupational fixed assets for business use business use movable propertie real estate for business purpose business assets suspension of business business processing manual business promotion plan business promotion fund business promotion allowance marketing officer work control system business manual business item( business line additional rate per type of busin mutual aid association per busin business type(category, kind) financing ratio loan administration book

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deliberation of loans loan policies & procedures man Loan Committee review of loans soundness of loans eligble borrowers credit line; credit ceiling credit line management floating interest rate floating rate bond loans linked row house yearly installment payment deferred payment sale joint products joint signature overseas training travelers expenses for training yearly and monthly vacation seasonal pass year-round running admission t annual leave with pay yearly vacation arrears default interest rate loans in arrears, overdue loans certificate of default loans interest in arrears, overdue inter task force supporting settlemen overdue member inspect or transcribe the determ ledger of receipt and release of inferiority stock perpetual bonds; consol profit-making juristic person zero rate good will business report trade secret business tax a place of an office of business business hour business performance transfer of business business transferor a business transferee ; a bussin service of process prereceipts, withholding number of the deposit days expected price

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() [] [] , ()

the estimated price provisional insurance a preliminary return, an estimate deposits in banks Depository correspondent bank depository correspondent banks clerical error the amount paid in mistake penny arcade in the ascending order typo on-line terminal dedicated on-line option option writer option holder accounts receivable; trade acco Foreign Capital Inducement Act extrinsic value the rate of acguiring foreign cur foreign currency dealing positio special desk for foreign currenc foreign currency-denominated l foreign currency money dealing international treasury division foreign currency securities deali pecuniary claim in foreign corre receivable foreign currency denominated s foreign currency cash commisio gain on foreign currency transla obtaining foreign currencies 1)(foreign exchange) 2) foreign exchange transactions reconciliation of income or loss transactions statement Korea Exchange Bank bond loss on foreign exchange gain on foreign exchange; gain transaction foreign exchange position preferential interest Employee's Stock Holding Asso contigentent liabilities preferential purchasing right priority; a preferential right; pre right to obtain preferential satisf preference stock ; preferred sto preferential right installment reimbursement of ca delayed repayment of principal

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, , / ;

principal and interest Fixed quota method( redemption day of the principal original text principal thing restitution originally approved period the original instance judgment of the original instanc Won currency bills the reason underlying the cause withholding, collection of taxes withholding withholding withholding (tax) original judgment ratio of expenses to raise the sh special desk for Won currency r inter-office Won slip interest on inter-office account inter office account system in w Won-denominated deposit busi Won-denominated loans Won-denominated securities payment guarantee certificate in traveler's checks in Won currenc act beyond one's authority a salaried worker monthly salary statement day-rate calculation of the mon monthly staying expenses the amount of monthly salary repayment in monthly installmen lease on (the basis of) monthly monthly leave; monthly vacation proxy; a power of attorney proxy termination of a mandate consolation money forged / altered check perjury ; falso testimony sale and purchase by commissio goods consigned entrustment commission bill for account of third person truster; consignor( down payment for entrustment sale on commission[consignme [Consignment] sale burden fo bear the risk

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* , ??, ?? , ,

(negotiable) securites securities management ledger gain and loss on disposition of reserve for valuation of securitie an authoritive interpretation paid vacation current liabilities current ratio liquidity crunch Current portion of long liquidity risk Liquidity Risk floating assets European option excellent small and medium reservations a reserve, reserves administrator reduction in capital stock by pay paid-in capital increase; capital consideration lost article executor capacity to make a will testamentary document testamentary trust grace period a surviving family conviction foreclosure agreement corporeal property(movables) corporeal article detention lien limited liability member with limited liability yuhanhoesa effective period bank guaranteed bonds bank's standard contract of loan KFB; Korea Federation of Banks bank guarantee for payment a bank window; a teller's window the item column of section B calss B trade agency business automatic response system first aid center first aid center subscriber

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() , (), () ()

right to vote shares not entitled to vote shareholders who are not entitle quorum of voting health insurance medical expense performance of duty place of performance of obligat decision-making absence of intention declaration of intention deemed expression of intent agenda introduction of bill substance of a proposal voluntary retirement applicant for a design registratio original design register product fictitious of his own will removal of directors board of directors deferred assets carry-over carry-over account groundless grounds for objection raising objection objection dividends appropriation of retained earning retained earning; earned surplus retained earnings : retentions statement of appropriations of r legal reserve compound interest rate type cash outflows for interest expen Incomes from Interest cash inflows from interest incom obligation which contains no sti interest rate futures Interest Rate Parity Theory claim bearing interest interest payment type interest payment day endorsement of transfer moving expenses CCIRS(Cross Currency Interest R transfer account limit of transfer

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(), , ( ) ,

coupon securities with coupon coupon bond ; hereinafter the same shall app conflict of interests interested parties conflicting interest lialility for warranty for performa impossibilty of performance the place of performance delayed performance responsibilty to satisfy the terms demand for performance divorce action right to apply for divorce Undisclosed Association undisclosed party seal impression seal impression signature regist certificate of seal impression personnel expense predecessor(), delivery bills protocol of acknowledgment personal account personal insuance performance evaluation personnel records personnel division Personnel Committee underwritig commission subscribed price rejection of acceptance a written acknowledge a relative by marriage daily accounting depreciate in bulk package order basis contracts in bulk, in one lump sum, in a b in bulk, in one lump sum, in a b daily staying expenses establishment of at sight letter o payable at sight bill of exchange payable at sigh bill payable at fixed period after general competitive bidding general loans on current accoun (the principle of) prohibition aga the principle of not taking up an during the same sssion


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ordinary audit the temporary loans on current a payment in full, payment in a lum one payment? Balloon loans Balloon method temporary deposits employee employed on a daily b oneman company daily audit definite period of time fixed amount loans on checking account durin any and all conform tall processing(?) claim in wages the thing leased lessor lease lease contract lease period registration of lease duration of lease commission pregnant women and nursing m provisional director red herring temporary meeting of the Board executive; officer voluntary subrogation discretionary management voluntary representative transfer form voluntary reserves voluntary liquidation on-site examination executives and employees? lease lease right thing leased leasehold deposits lessee leased land bailment bailor warehousing; storage goods in receipt slips creit slip receipt slip credit note

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( ) () *

stand surety Date of employment drafting adoption right to apply to the court for an adoption entry into a family register occupant industry bid, tender bid security money / bid securit written acceptance of bid partic application of bid participation bid participation qualification offer of tender warehouse entrance and deliver statement of appropriations of r surplus profits loss of qualification supension of qualification shares to be owned by directors plan of fund demand and supply Financial operation ceiling return on common equity treasury stock check of drawers own order bill of drawer's order standing order direct-debit and credit ATM(Automatic Teller Machine); automatic transfer to account se auto transfer request automatic transfer automatic daily closing summary automatic claim direct debit capital owner's equity, net worth reduction of capital capital market business capital budget capital surplus capitalization crediting to the stated capital capital adjustments capital reserve increase of capital total amount of capital asset soundness AQ(Asset Quality) forward-looking criteria(FLC) assets controller

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, ,

asset management guideline assets backed securities assets registration financial condition gain from assets contributed revalution of assets the total amount of assets write with one's own handwriting natural person natural environment preservation sole proprietor ; sole trader free maturity time deposits with (a) free conviction, with (a) free-will free access savings deposits self inspection in-house examiner self-help proceeds work-place, workplace act or omission, commission or Balance Management remaining businesses balance checking audit certificate of balance surplus assets residual amount remaining claims provisional rate provisional measures miscellaneous property miscellaneous account sundry payment sundry commission paid funded debt long-term additional rate stocks expected to hold for a lo long-term housing savings Organized Market future goods future advances bounty Rose household preferential inst deposits account book value bucket shop off-board market strengths and weaknesses stored goods process industry mortgagee

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() ; , 1 1 1 1 2 2

mortgaged item immovable mortgaged mortgage bonds due process of law red customer daily accumulated balance calcu interest rate applicable scope of application applicable exchange rate unanimous consent of all the me electronic banking lawful holder of the right self-defense justifiable cause; due cause save in the case of the presence to the contrary without due cause ; without goo good cause shown legal owner justifiable reason justifiable profit justifiable act reorganization collateral rights reorganization collateral right ho loans to be settled holding loans subject to settlem settlement board commencement of reorganizatio reorganization claim, liquidation government-guaranteed juristic government-invested(contribute settlement of account ; account statement of accounts; stateme settlement trusted amount normal taxation regular staff straight line method fixed rate[percent] method definition correction slip quorum condition precedent suspension from duty(office) under the conditions as prescrib employment banking sector a first-instance trial the oral argument of the first ins the judgment in the first instanc non-banking sector a review by an appellete court o

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2 3, 3 3 3 , , *

in the appellate instance a hearing of final appeal performance by the 3rd party garnishee third person who is the purchas judgment of nullification various taxes & public imposts(d restrictive competitive bidding restricted real rights escrow conditional right conditional obligation counselor duty to verify protocol tax reduction and exemption Tax Evader's Punishment Act protocol status of operation conciliation adjustment allowance time of termination specific duty reasons for termination evaluation sheet for individual is subsidiary ; subsidary company subordinate nature previous provisions previous rules general depreciation global income; consolidated(co amount of composite income comprehensive budget proposa composite personnel evaluation composite financial statement the number of units stock price index futures transac time deposits linked to stock ind time deposits linked with the sto stock price index option transac governing company? main bank share certificate; a stock certific stock certificate register sovereign immunity the issuance of a share certifica parenthetical disclosures core business-affiliated compan guarantee liability limits for main the competent authorities

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* * ;; ,

the competent minister principal thing Resident registration number ; S ( address place stated on the res resident registration card EQUITIES Swap transfer of shares equity -linked securities depositary receipt DR(Depositary Receipt) stop-loss in stocks Stocks Investment Committee discount on stock issuance, sto amortization of stock discount major claim documents duty of care and diligence; duty resident officer, starter buy-out arrangement equity of shareholder register of shareholders invitation of shareholders savings for housing Housing Project Mutual Aid Asso appplicable law semiurban areas provision preparatory procedure mutatis mutandis application interlocutory judgment brokerage person who acts as a go gross negligence anticipated payment( collable bond( halfway termination account terminated halfway interest rate on the halfway term small and medium-sized enterp the federation of the small and m cooperatives medium and long term deffered arbitraion clause arbitral award arbitral institution award of arbitration order of suspension suspended account delivery of instrument


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() , , ,

loans on deeds(bills) increased amount gift tax; donation increase of capital protest for rejection of payment payment order for payment payment order application reserve assets for payment evidence of payment place of payment notice for giro bank settlement competitive bidding by specified competitive bidding power of appointment named holder nominative claim self-governing body, local gove local(municipal) bonds parent company lot number equity right to demand purchase of ho transfer of share moratorium certified check, marked check superficies termination of superficies Claim for Termination of Superfi superficiary to order check to order bond payable to order delay charges branch court intellectual property rights designated settlement account designated companies officially designated currencies designated storage place designated securities holding company reserve with central bank(B.O.K delay charge payment vouchers voucher of disbursement benchmark rate the eldest male who is the lineal lineal ascendants, lineal descen official seal


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* ()

lockout direct financing pledge creation pledge-settled amount?, pledg amount of settled pledge pledger;pledgor enforcement of the pledge pledgee thing pledged the ownership of a thing pledge execution of duties working hours collective insurance executive organization exemplification having execution exemption of execution suspension of execution executive certificate an execution act discipline dismiss by disciplinary decision collection deferment foreign loan contract syndicate syndicsted credit facilities busin the person next in priority? mortgagee next in priority? next highest tenderer Arbitrage borrowings borrowed money account application for borrowings borrowed money dependency borrowings agreement acceptance by intervention payment by intervention counter services assignment of claims original register of bond obligee obligee's right of subrogation to contribution by a claim debt-related persons release of an obligation gain on exemption of debts title of obligation discharge of obligation debt guarantees non-performance of obligation amortization

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extinguishment of an obligation performance of obligation the place for the performance o assumption of obligation debt instrument, debenture( release of liability liability insurane insurer of liability insuance termination of liability relieve form responsibility assume liability; is liable(respon removal of liability back-bond order of disposal retained earnings before approp right to demand disposition, una earnings limits of disposal natural fruits natural calamity, natural disaste right of withdrawal attached documents; ; Annex ; A accompanying document power to call for the cause of the claim acknowledgment of a claim purport of the claim waiver of a claim liquidation demard for repayment, perempt initial value appraised by the co additional [revised] supplement supplementary revised budget b collection order settlement of collected bills Endorsement for Authorizing Co request for collection projected balance sheet estimated loss estimated profit and loss statem evaluated price projected cost of manufacturing drawing lottery taking goods out of the warehou from the warehouse; delivery certificate of departure from the debit slip receipts and disbursements surplus of receipts and disburse staff in charge of the receipts an paid / received stamp

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1 () ,

surplus in receipts & disburseme cashier in charge appear in person limitation of action statute of limitation period for institution of a suit contributions permission of entry and departu contribution one unit of contribution amount of contribution subscription for contribution right to subscribe for contributio subscriber for contribution conversion of investment * the number of units of contibutio certificates of contribution invested share shares contributed demand for contribution sub-branch business trip expenses appropriate full faith and credit supplement prescription acquired price ; acquisition valu parental power forfeiture of parental power person with parental authority recongnition of paternity one's own child relationship infringements card member shop calvo clause Corres Bank kosdaq call loan other bank's remittance collection of other bank's remitt storage in non-bonded area another person leverage commission received on handlin other area payment other bank's payment guarantee day-care center tax dodger take-over

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retired partner every second Saturday holiday land transaction contract Land Readjustment Business Ac land lease lessee of land lease notification disposal goods subject to customs clear freight charges / customs cleara customs clearance procedure, c transit expenses notification full-time worker ordinary course of management ordinary necessary expenses the ordinary wage communications exclusive termi mail order sales base payment rate of retirement converted money of retirement retirement allowance system reserve for retirement allowance investment rating return on investment investment trust company gain on valuation of investment long-term investments investment limit privilege the special provisions special operation ad hoc examination special audit & examination repo special representative special surtax amortization special depreciation special provision special forum Ad hoc special grounds method of special realization special vacation related party; related person; af enterprise under special manage borrowers under special manage special job allowances special bonds collection expenses for written special property

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specific individual loan specific Keun[high limit restricted money trust special loan loss reserve applicant for a patent patented article dispatched staff/expatriate staff bankruptcy dissolution act of bankruptcy bankruptcy trustee, trustee in ba trustee in bankruptcy Bankruptcy Act adjudication of bankruptcy a petition in[of] bankruptcy cause of bankruptcy bankruptcy procedures claims in bankruptcy bankrupt creditor discontinuance of bankruptcy financial derivatives risk derivative products act service of a judgment original copy of the judgment exemplification of a judgment the text of a judgment expediency fund judical precedent case law proceeds from[of] sale verdict average days of delays turnover ratios discontinuance of business; giv report of cessation of business [comprehensive, unlimited] [Ke overall guarantor [comprehensive, unlimited] [Ke comprehensive proxy power blanket insurance general sccession comprehensive credit limit Position estoppel by representation standard collection period standardization program cover bill apparent authority apparent representation

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[] , () , , ; ,

apparent representative director franchise franchise contract the claim secured obligation guaranteed the insured the person to be succeeded ward consequential damages lot of land warranty deed warranty liability for warranty against defe repair of defect Sub-contract, subcontract Korea Appraisal Board KEF: Korea Employers Federatio THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF K KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Co Korea Housing Bank limit of the amount; limits [defined, limited] [Keun, fixed] one side system tariff quota system installment installment financing business hire-purchase finance company discounted bill rate of discount pure discount bond issue (bond) at a premium premium trial balance of totals and balanc joint liablity jointly Hapmyong-hoesa article of agreement collegiate court collegiate body case to be decided by a collegia Hapcha-Hosea limited partnership joint venture corporation appeal written complaint the right to defend the ground for defense renunciation of defense appeal to a higher court the right to appeal

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an appellate court case of appeal discharge allowance the customer in question the relevant provisions registration of dissolution overseas operations translation overseas remittance overseas branch deposits by overseas employees overseas subsidiaries advice on [about] dismissal? person entitled to a right of resc the right to give notice of rescis periodicity commission deed of trust failure to observe laches exercise(striking, strike) price Strike Price external appraisal report action full capacity the palce of act superintendency on administrati the administrative agency the administrative district administrative court adminisrative adjudication adminisrative measures an administrative measure; an a disposition administrative agency CFLR(Cash Flow Liquidity Risk) allowable limit false advertising false statement false medical certificate false statement , misrepresentat hedge transaction cash withdrawal cash dispenser automatic teller machine (ATM) cash card; bank card contribution in the form of prope spot exchange spot exchange rate adverisement for prize contest on-the-spot collection Present value discount acount

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local employee local financing local regulations Local subsidiary?? local clerk local prime customers local staff(employee) local supervisory staff cash transaction margin rate business partner divorce by agreement dissolution of adoptive relation b Penal provisions criminal responsibility the criminally accused criminal suspect formal requisites equity equitable owner equitable mortgage subparagraph salary tier family register certified(attested) copy of one's copy of family register abstract of the family register seccessor of the family headshi right to demand recovery of suc geadship out of wedlock promotional plan public relations division composition commencement of composition the decision of commencement Composition Act composition matter application for composition composition procedures contract of compromise compromise document confirmation letter suit for confirmation confirmation judgment straight bond return; a final return; a final tax r fixed date fixed day stamp payable at fixed date final decision

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fixed claims

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