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2013 Summer High School Science and Math Enrichment Courses

Best for grades 7-10 Review and prep high school courses in summer from top high school students! Our teachers this year are Michael X., Raymond C., and Martin M. These seniors are in the top 1% in Clements and have all been accepted by top universities in the U.S, including Stanford, University of Chicago, Rice, and Duke. They are National Merit Scholarship winners, Presidential Scholars, Science National Honor Society officers, UIL State Competition team members, and Science Olympiad Semifinalists. They help students with science every week in an after school tutoring program. Talent Academy is honored to invite these excellent Clements High students to come to teach high school biology, chemistry, and math courses. They will not only explain all the key points in the courses that will make the student ready to excel in the actual course, but will also introduce effective methods of learning and test-taking, as well as their own experiences in the course. During break time, students can also ask these teachers any questions that they are concerned about regarding high school. Additionally, students can get information about course selection, UIL competitions, academic competition, SAT preparation, volunteering, club functions, even college applications! We believe this will be the best opportunity for students to learn from a knowledgeable source with experience in the actual class to help the student succeed. The information and enrichment gained from this course can make the high school workload easier and provide helpful advice for high school planning.

You can get all this in one single package!

Teaching in small classes, seating limited to 1015 people. Please turn in the form and $100 deposit to our office at Talent Academy, or mail the form and deposit to 3519 Moss Trail Dr., Missouri City, TX 77459. Please make checks payable to Summer HS Class. Applicants are exempt from registration fee if registered before Apr. 30th. Both you and your friend get a $25 discount for each successful referral. Session I: June 10-June 21 Biology I/AP, Chemistry I/AP, and Algebra II Session II: June 24-July 5 AP Biology II, AP Chemistry, and Pre-Calculus Session III: July 15- July 26 (TBD Class Time: Mon Fri, 8:30 am-6:00 pm

Office Location: 4555 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Questions: email: Tel: 713 893 8486 or (281) 242-0989


Student Name_____________________ Date of Birth_________________ Home Phone_________ Sex________ Grade________ Parents E-mail___________________________________________ Address__________________________________ City____________________ TX ____________ Mothers Name__________________________ Work________________ Cell_________________ Fathers Name___________________________ Work________________ Cell_________________ Session I: June 10-June 21

Biology I/II AP $450 Chemistry I/II AP $ 450 Alg II/Pre-Calculus $450

Session II: June 24-July 5 (July 4th no class)

Biology II/AP $450 Chemistry II/AP $ 450 Alg II/Pre-Calculus $420

Session I: June 10-June 21 Monday 12:30-3:30PM Chem I/II AP Tuesday Chem I/II AP Wednesday Chem I/II AP Thursday Chem I/II AP Friday Chem I/II AP 8:30-11:30AM Biology I/II AP Biology I/II AP Biology I/II AP Biology I/II AP Biology I/II AP 3:30-6:30PM Alg II Alg II Alg II Alg II Alg IIl *I/II denotes that the class is suitable for introductory level, but may include second level topics. Session II: June 24-July 5 (July 4th no class) Monday 8:30-11:30AM AP Chem II 12:30-3:30PM 3:30-6:30PM
and Phone Numbers) _______________________________________________________________________________ Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention In the event that I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergencies, I authorize Talent Academy or the person in charge to contact medical emergency services for care or to take my child to: Name of Physician: _________ Address:________________________PH#:_______________ Name of Hospital: ____________ Address: ________________________PH#:_____________ I give consent for this facility to secure any and all necessary and essential medical supplies for my child. I will not hold Talent Academy, its employees, or its administrators liable for any emergencies. Signature-Parent or Legal Guardian_________________________________________________ Policies 1) The registration fee is nonrefundable. 2) 100% refund for deposit, tuition, and materials 1 week before class begins and a 50% refund 1 week after class begins. No tuition refunded by week 2. 3) I, myself, and my family members will not hold Talent Academy, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents and/or volunteers liable for any harm, losses, claims, expenses, damages, suits, and liabilities of any kind. 4) I understand that I will be held liable for any damages and expenses incurred by my child at Talent Academy to property as well as to others.

Tuesday AP Chem II AP Bio II Pre-Cal

Wednesday AP Chem II AP Bio II Pre-Cal

Thursday AP Chem II AP Bio II Pre-Cal

Friday AP Chem II AP Bio II Pre-Cal

AP Bio II Pre-Cal

Pick Up: I hereby authorize Talent Academy to allow my child to leave Talent Academy ONLY with the following person(s) (Names

Signature-Parent or Legal Guardian________________________ DATE _______ Please make checks for $100 deposit payable to Summer HS Class
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Registration Fee: $25 (Free if registered before April 30th) Material Fee: $10 Registration Fee $_______Material Fee $______Session I:$________ Session II:$__________ Session III$__________ Referral________ Total:$________