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Lisa M. Shannon March 7, 2013 Joseph Marse OBell (Bar No. 24070351) alleged ZWICKER & ASSOCIATES, P.C.

321 N. Main Street Taylor, TX 76574 USPS CERTIFIED MAIL RR # 70121640000141710311 Douglas H. Short, III alleged President AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK 4315 South 2700 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84184 USPS CERTIFIED MAIL RR# 70121640000141710304 Stan Stanart, alleged County Clerk HARRIS COUNTY , TEXAS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES HARRIS COUNTY CIVIL COURTHOUSE 201 CAROLINE, SUITE 460 P.O. BOX 1525 HOUSTON, TX 77251-1525 USPS CERTIFIED MAIL RR# 70121640000141710298 RE: ORDER TO REMOVE LIENS/ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT DOCKET NO.: 972380 HARRIS COUNTY CLERKS FILE NO: 20110521457 AMOUNT OF JUDGMENT: $ 17,995.97

Dear Mssrs. OBell, Short and Stanart, We have discovered an Abstract of Judgment filed against our property on XXXXXX in XXXXX Texas, the details which are referenced above. You were duly notified that the alleged debt claimed owed by me, XXXX Shannon , WAS DISPUTED on September 28, 2010 by letter to BEVERLY B. KAUFMAN COUNTY CLERK and OFFICE OF BEVERLY KAUFMAN, and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, restated and incorporated here by reference as if set

Lisa M. Shannon

March 7, 2013

forth in full, duly protected and secured, by public policy, inclusive of UCC 1-103 Principal Agent Doctrine. As of this date, no proof of the validity of an alleged loan by AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, to me, resulting in any alleged debt owed by me, has been provided to me. There was and is prima facia evidence that in fact, NO LOAN WAS MADE TO ME and therefore NO DEBT WAS/IS OWED by me. You then filed an Abstract of Judgment on December 14, 2011 against our property. An award for judgment IS NOT VALIDATION OF A DEBT. We duly give and make notice to you that we DO NOT CONSENT to any unlawful and illegal devaluing, diminishing, abrogating, subjugating, subordinating, usurping, invading, violating or theft of our duly secured BE'ing, any and all creations therefrom, and property thereof. You are duly ordered to CEASE AND DESIST any and all said unlawful and illegal actions against us effective immediately by Removing the Abstract of Judgment referenced above and by duly recording the same. We request that we be notified within seven (7) days from receipt hereof, in writing under a hand written wet ink signature, that our requested action s have been irrevocably completed. We order this action with all due respect, forgiveness and unconditional love to each of you. Sincerely and with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, without prejudice, UCC 1-308

XXXXXX Shannon In the capacity as One with Almighty Creator

Lisa Shannon In the capacity as One with Almighty Creator