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What if sin were treated as abnormal psychology

Last update: 4/20/13

I can understand why religion and science hate each other. Most of this is a fight over the Truth. One way to mend the unfortunate broken ties of the past is to get real and call sin what it really is, abnormal psychology caused by the refusal to be and stay under authority. Science can pretend all it wants that given a 10 dimensional reality, it really only functions with any really certainty in the 4 physical dimensions of time and space. This leaves 6 other dimensions that science, theoretical physics, has little to know knowledge as to what they're trying to study. They should try reading the Bible first. Everything they're looking for is in there. God's private realm is and always has always been the metaphysical (mystical & supernatural) realm. Just as physical = natural, metaphysical = supernatural. It's the domain of faith for a reason. It is off limits to science for a reason. Science has no respect for God, nor God's authority. It is off limits to everyone not under God's authority. No one belongs there unless God either puts them there, orders them to be there, or allows them access. Absence of immediate reprisal for trespassing on forbidden territory does not mean it's not forbidden territory. The only reason we know anything about quantum science, string theory and theoretical physics, is that science trespassed where is doesn't belong. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate While it may appear in a Bible passage in regards to God's feelings towards divorce, yet in principle, it applies (by inference) to everything God put together as being off limits as far as splitting them apart. This means we never had the right to split the atom. While were gaining loads of great and fantastic knowledge, we're peering into places we don't belong. I love science. But I don't love everything done in the name of science. Science won't acknowledge it is trespassing because it doesn't want to stop trespassing. Science has a God-complex. Science, like Satan, thinks it's God and can do anything it wants. Science is accountable to no one. No one is science's peer. And there is nothing greater than science. Science, though delusional, thinks it is God. No wonder the bulk of science is atheistic in mind set. Well, at least modern science (theoretical physics). Once we figured out that reality is made of of more than 4 dimensions, science should have stopped there and stated it crossed the line into the arena of faith. Just because God uses natural, yet intangible, dimensions to do what He does, does not make it any less God's doing. The rest is hidden (by God) on purpose. 1) for our protection, 2) to keep our noses out from where they don't belong, and 3) whatever God has there, uses it for, or how it works, is frankly none of our business. Because of being infected by the The God-complex retrovirus, causing God-complex syndrome, we want that knowledge so we can play God for real. However, since we're still alive, as God seemed to have a reason to let science get away with it. When science disobeyed God, it allowed minds like mine to figure out several things that have long been mysteries locked within the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Bible. 1) the Bible is largely a book about what healthy and unhealthy psychology looks like, 2) science (obviously) only sees part of the whole picture, 3) this science vs. religion pissing-match is pointless, and 4) we'd probably learn even more if the fighting ended . Also, 1) science has proved, and is still proving, the that Bible is correct about everything it has

asserted, 2) there really is a reality beyond physical reality, and 3) God was right all along.

The God-complexretrovirus
AKA sin. This is a highly infections humanly-incurable, yet successfully treatable, psychological pathogen. Pathogen media: Everything we think, say or otherwise do. Pathogen vector: physically or communicated, intentionally or unintentionally, overtly or covertly, and by direct or indirect means. Contacted by way of birth, experience and/or choice. This virus always causes the fatal God-Complex Syndrome. The foundational treatment is, and has always been, to come under appropriate proper authority and lean self control.

In plain English...
The virus is simply the avoidable yet symptomatic behaviors of the infectious attitude: I am God. Simply said, it's the attitude that says: I make the rules, I decide what's what, I am in charge, I make the decisions, I am numero uno. It is the refusal to come under any authority, and most specifically, God's authority. If you do have God-ordained civil authority (Father, Parent, Husband, Teacher, Owner,), spiritual authority (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher), governmental authority (Judge, Ruler, Military Commander), societal authorities: (Doctor, lawyer, Counselor, Administrator, etc), or are otherwise their duly assigned representative, then you have limited authority, as well as limited jurisdiction and scope. All authority must stay under God's authority or risk losing the privileges of authority. Everyone else has no authority. If you are not a God-ordained authority, then you have no authority. Not even over yourself. In fact, you are by default under the authority of one Lucifer (AKA Satan, the Devil). Lucifer, obviously thinking he is God, who is also the original miscreant, demands your complete and utter automatic compliance in spreading the I'm in charge attitude by misbehaving Having the I'm in charge attitude does not make ones self God, It makes one a betrayer to God and compliant with Lucifer. What Lucifer wont tell you is that, as tempting as it may be, to obey him (to take his suggestions), and take on the I'm in charge attitude, you fall into the steal trap jaws of Lucifer's false authority. That is exactly what happened to Adam. It was never the forbidden fruit itself , but rather willing obedience to Lucifer (that talking snake), to take matters into their own hands (become like God, become a decision maker, become authority), that was always ever the issue. Adam and Eve simply just did not have God's permission to eat it. The result, in that single instance of rebellion against God, Lucifer gained rightful and legal authority over Adam and Eve, and thus default authority over all their descendants Eve was deceived. She indiscretion was easily and readily forgivable. Adam was willingly outright defiant, and thus not easily forgivable. Thus it was Adam's (not Eve's) indiscretion, the willing obedience to an entity acting outside God's authority that allowed Lucifer to claim legal default authority over Adam and all his descendants. Until Christ's death and resurrection, only God-approved sacrifices, done by God-approved means, by God-approved persons, and with God-approved animals (AKA getting back under God's authority), stayed God's immediate wrath.

Fortunately for all of us, while Lucifer is not, God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. In other words, his authority is, has been and always will be a house of cards. His only agents of power to maintain his hold over anyone are his unquestionably loyal angelic and human followers. As far as what we're certain of, only humans qualify for redemption. Only the death and resurrection of a single sinless human male had the power to break, that default hold on, and thus redeem, an individual. However, in order to take advantage of the cure. One must, as an individual, one must publicly declare their own personal decision to place themselves, as a single individual, under God's authority.

Curative found
An anti-virus has been found that actually does cure God-Complex Syndrome. The curative has actually been around since it was released to the public domain (April 15 th 32 CE), after it the initial manufacturers press release 483 (old-calendar) years prior (Mark 14 th 445 BCE). Old-calendar years are 360 days long. Although the curative itself, prior to public release, had always kept under tight wraps. The manufacture had been discretely leaking information about it steadily until it's actual release date. Though it has already been approved for world-wide distribution, by the manufacturer, distribution of the curative has been slow, as placebos and counterfeits have the market share. In post-release clinical trial studies, all applications have been a complete success for curing the syndrome. However, as with many viral infections, the infected are still carriers of the actually viral disease. According to the curative manufacturer, everyone is born bound by law requiring that everyone automatically spread this infectious disease. All who have received this treatment have been freed from having to automatically spread the virus. Once cured, a carrier must choose to actually purposely speed the virus as they are no longer bound by any law to spread it. However, because of old habits, those previously infected must daily work to choose to not spread the virus. Although not legally bound to automatically spread the disease, the cured must work to lose old behavioral and attitudinal habits, as spreading the disease is habit forming. To curb the habit of spreading the virus, one must learn self control. The process of learning self control can learned over time by the continual daily use of Administrative and Homeopathic remedies come highly recommend by the curative's manufacturer.

What are the cause?

1 Samuel 15:23 tells us that: Insubordination = rebellion = idolatry = witchcraft = iniquity insubordination = pride (arrogantly walking out from being under God's authority) rebellion = mutiny (traitorously rallying against God's authority) idolatry = betrayal (rudely not being under God's authority) witchcraft = temptation (seductively luring others from being under God's authority) iniquity = consequence (the results)

Romans 6:23 tells us that: sin = death = (iniquity = ignorance = shame)

ignorance = foolishness (willingly choosing to be in error) sin = not doing what you're told and not minding you're own business shame = the painful internal realization we've done something wrong death = the final result of sin

The true causes of God-complex syndrome are insubordination, rebellion, idolatry, and witchcraft. Of the 4 causes, I've been trying to figure one out for some 30 years now. God finally clued me in today. Witchcraft = temptation. It is what one does to lure others away from God's line to our own line. Insubordination and rebellion are linked, as the are both traitorous attitudes. Idolatry and witchcraft are likewise linked as they are traitorous behaviors. They are all linked together as shameful iniquity. This can be simply stated as something my dad used to say: do what you're told and mind your own business. You can say the whole Bible is all about who is in charge (God), and not being a traitor to neither to 1) God nor 2) your people. I other words,1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart(conscientiousness), soul(consciousness) and spirit(subconsciousness), as well as your body(brain), and 2) Love (respect) your neighbor as yourself. Some look at the Old Testament law as nothing more than a complicated list of does and don'ts. If you think that, then you're correct. For the time, it was all that people could handle. Fortunate for us, all the written law we need is Love the Lord your heart, soul, and spirit, and body, and Love your neighbor as yourself. But to do that you must first learn to do what you're told, as well as learn to mind your own business. Well it sounds mean, it only does so to those that don't want to do what they're told not mind their own business. Someone could eventually, of course, suggest that I mind my own business. I am. My business is doing the work of the Father, and I am doing what my Father has told me to do. Sound familiar? After almost 49 years of reading, hearing, teaching and living Bible this and Bible that, it gets into you. You kind of sort of realize that one must be like Jesus in order to please God. After a while you realize this having Jesus in your heart business means you eventually begin to think, speak and act like Jesus. With all this talk of authority, control, rebellion, mutiny, shame and death, one might get the impression that God is angry and wants to kill us all. No. Just like any other father, God knows best and will do whatever it takes to lovingly get us to straighten up and fly right.

What is the curative?

The curative itself is actually rather simple and pain free. Curative step: 1. Willing and purposely declare Jesus Christ as your prime authority Once cured: 1. stop spreading the virus. 2. start treating the infected 3. let people know the cure Steps 1-3: A lifetime process of ridding one's self of being hurtful, harmful and destructive .

Administrative treatments
Required treatment: Use the Bible (God-inspired writings) in the course of: 1) instruction 2) Censure 3) Correction Suggested treatment: Group therapy 1) corporate confession 2) corporate discipleship 3) corporate accountability 4) corporate praise 5) corporate worship 6) corporate prayer 7) corporate community service 8) corporate baptism 9) corporate communion 10) corporate instruction , For outbreaks of related non-criminal (and attitudinal) behavior, the church or community may 1) suggest or require homeopathic treatments 2) suggest or require group therapy 3) suggest or require one-on-one (private) counseling 4) suggest or require public hearing 5) terminate relations For outbreaks of linked criminal behavior, the government may 1) detain, 2) subjugate, 3) quarantine 4) or terminate

Suggested homeopathic treatments

1) Prayer 1. Confession Tell our divine healer that you are showing symptoms 2. Adoration Give all praise, honor and glory to our divine healer 3. Thanksgiving Give thanks to our divine healer for what He has done 4. Supplication request divine intervention 5. have the attitude of prayer (continually) 2) Read the Bible gaily devotionally 3) proclaim the good news of unwarranted divine intervention on our behalf 4) do volunteer communal service 5) practice self discipline 6) Go on a short-term missions trip 7) become biblically literate

The God-Complex Syndrome

AKA the wages (consequences) of sin. This is a fatal pathological psychological disease. This disease is found in anyone ever not being completely under God's authority. God-Complex Syndrome has kept up with the population growth of humanity and has always been a global pandemic. 1) primary indicators 1. Bossiness 2. Defiance 3. Selfishness 4. Defensiveness 5. Criminal behavior 6. Being self-centered 7. Any other unhealthy disregard for authority, peers, subordinates or self 2) secondary indicators 1. all spiritual issues 2. all health issues 3. all psychological issues 4. all relational issues 5. all sociological issues 3) tertiary indicators 1. lack of submissive self control 2. the practice of sexual immorality 3. any occult religious practices 4. any other unsavory religious practices 5. any self destructive behavior 6. rousing social unrest 7. civil disobedience 8. being anti-authoritarian 9. the use of vice 10. fiduciary irresponsibility 11. financial troubles 12. trust issues 13. faith issues 14. truth issues 15. being in anyway unloving 16. incongruent body language 17. In other words, being normal. Just like everyone else

Dealing with God-complex Syndrome

God-complex Syndrome is treatable, and can even be driven into relative remission. However, flareups may happen, even if in remission. One must never treat God-complex Syndrome being curable. The keys to dealing with God-complex Syndrome are as follows 1) Learn proper self respect

2) Learn proper self discipline 3) Learn proper self control 4) Learn proper self denial

What is God-complex Syndrome all about?

It is simply psychologically internalized delusion as to one's place in this world. Obviously, if every live human is God, then no human is God. The delusion suggests that every human is equally God, that there are no other higher Gods, and everyone has complete authority over everyone else. It basically means that the infected person can inflict their own will, expectations, and ultimatums onto others, yet purposely fail to meet anyone else's will, expectations and ultimatums. God-complex can turn a simple respectful suggestion, if not immediately taken, into a full outright demand for compliance. If the the demand is nor met, then peace becomes conflict, and conflict into war.

If it is so prevalent, why don't people know they or others have it?

Good question. And the answer is just as good: Because everyone has it. Another good answer is that it often hides in plain sight, such as within our own non-verbal communication. While we can occasionally see it in others, we can not see it in our selves. In fact, most people are oblivious to it. And those that know about it our more often than not, in denial about being infected.

Knowing everyone is infected, how do we effectively deal with the infection in others?
Consequently, God-complex syndrome causes: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and the like. However, the answer lies in the biblical concepts of: Love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind (all you are and everything you have), as well as love your neighbor as yourself. This means learn to be patient and kind. Never be boastful, arrogant, nor rude. Never insist on having your own way. Never be irritable, nor resentful. Never be rejoiceful over naughty behavior. Always be rejoiceful about the truth. Learn to handle everything with dignity. Learn to believe what you're told. Do allow your hopes to get up. And never give up, even if it kills you. Love, the attitude described above, produces joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.