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Lab Values for Urinalysis

CHARACTERISTIC Bacteria pH Color NORMAL VALUE None to few organisms present 4.508.0 Clear, straw colored, amber NURSING CONSIDERATIONS Normally residing bacteria from the perineum may contaminate the specimen. Normal urine is slightly acidic. Urinary tract infections may cause the urine to become alkaline. Bacteria or vaginal discharge may cause the urine to be cloudy. Concentrated urine will be dark. Urine that contains blood will be red in color. Urine containing bacteria may smell foul. Presence of glucose in the urine may indicate high blood glucose levels. Presence of protein in the urine may indicate glomerular kidney disease. Blood in the urine may indicate UTI or other kidney diseases. Presence may indicate UTI. Increased values may indicate renal disease. Present in diabetes mellitus, starvation, or in children who have ingested an excessive amount of aspirin.

Odor Glucose Protein Red blood cells White blood cells Specific gravity Ketones

Slight, nonoffensive odor Negative Negative Negative on gross examination; 05 per high-powered field Negative; less than 2 per highpowered field Newborn: 1.0011.020; Child: 1.0051.030 Negative