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Negotiation with boss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. What is the aim of your meeting? Answer: Aim of the meeting was to discuss with the boss the current situation of distress and the things that are spoken about me (employee). To put forth my position before the boss and to clarify my position. The meeting was with a hope that the boss would understand the problems faced by me, understand the stress and the financial and personal condition. Would sought relief, and avoid any uncalled circumstances, disciplinary action, or any other threats of future,

2. How did you feel the meeting? Answer: The meeting was straight forward and not so real. As per my knowledge the boss is supposed be my family friend but that sense of being a friend was missing and was more of a strict professional approach in meeting. The feeling in the meeting were a mix of despair of what would be the outcome of the meeting and the reminders od the family, financial and debt and threat problems I had. The meeting was not cordial; it was very much seen form the behaviour of the boss that he had decided to fire me. I believe that the boss had a clear professional approach and no personal considerations. Overall the meeting was full of feedback that I have not done a good job in past. That the company had had enough of me and for further productivity, he couldnt take anymore. Although the conversation was not unnameable but a considerate nature of the boss as a friend was missing, I felt as if the boss had come with a preconceived notion of firing me today. Although the boss mentioned that he would use his contacts and help me get another job, the boss was strict and inconsiderate.

3. Were you aware of your feelings at that time?

Answer: No I was not aware of my feelings at that moment , I was only aware of the facts that I am in meeting with the boss and that he would be considerate and I have to convince him for the same. I got aware of my feelings only after I finished the meeting. The only concern and concentration at that time was that I have to save my job or keep my position before the boss in a convincing way, which tried but the boss did not budge.

4. How did you think your feelings affected the outcome of the meeting? Answer: As I had many problems, my morale was low, and all these feelings were in my mind. So I had a low self esteem at that point, on top of that, I was an employee and Boss was strict. So the difference in the authority was felt, and perhaps the as were my feelings so was the outcome of the meeting. I could not convince the boss regarding my worthiness and the problems were also not enough to move the boss.

5. Why do you think you felt that way? Answer: I felt that that the boss was inconsiderate, and I felt that because the boss himself said me that he has decided to fire me and he did that even before the negotiation or the conversation began. The boss was of the opinion that whatever he decides once, one should not move from that and continue doing that, and that defined his professional approach. I was relieved when the boss gave assuarance of using his contacts to find me another job in other firm, I had a feeling that the boss is saying for the sake of saying as there was no feelings supported or seen accompanying with his words. Although in real life , outside negotiation /conversation we are good friends but that preconceived notion or pre decided things made the things tough and hopeless for me.