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SIRIM - AWS Certification is recognized by the welding industry as an important step in professional development.

With multiple certification options, SIRIM - AWS will prepare you to work with a variety of code, standards, and specifications giving you the skills needed to enhance your career. To receive an information packet on the SIRIM - AWS Certified Welder program, please contact the following persons: SUTIMAN KEMIN: Email: Tel.: 6013-3645656 603-55446071 Fax: 603-55446057 UZAIL ZAWAHIR: Email: Tel.: 6019-3093889 603-55152232/38 Fax: 603-55114439 AZLAN EDROS: Email: Tel.: 6019-3280423 603-55152270 Fax: 603-55114439 MOHD SAMIUN ISMAIL: Email: Tel.: 6019-2815801 603-55152320 Fax: 603-55114439



MAILING ADDRESS: SIRIM Berhad Incubator Satellite Lot 12-14, Kawasan MIEL, Fasa II, Jalan Beremban 15/12, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA

For those who are good enough to compare their skills against a standard


Who is eligible to become an SIRIM-AWS Certified Welder?
The SIRIM-AWS Certified Welder program is open to anyone with a talent for welding. Since the test is strictly performance-based, there are no prerequisite courses or certifications required prior to testing. If you are able to do the weld necessary to pass the test, then you are eligible to become an SIRIM-AWS Certified Welder.

What are my certification choices?

The SIRIM-AWS Certified Welder program allows you to test to those procedures used in the structural steel, petroleum pipelines, sheet metal and chemical refinery welding industries. In addition, there is a provision to test to company-supplied or non-code welding specification.

How to get qualified?

There are two (2) options available; I). Test only; Test Fees: RM750.00 per day Venue: AWS ATF; SIRIM Berhad, Jalan Beremban, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA. II). Pre-Test Training and Test; Pre-Test Training Fees: RM350.00 per day Test Fees: RM750.00 per day NOTES: The fees quoted above exclude materials & consumables, lodging, foods and transportation. You will be issued an AWS Wallet card certificate upon passing the test. III). Training course; Training Fee: RM500.00 per day Course content: Theory; welding process, safety & health, welding defect. Practical; SMAW / TIG / FCAW and others.

How do I demonstrate my skill?

On the day of your scheduled appointment at SIRIMAWS Accredited Test Facility, you will deposit a sound weld that will be inspected by an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). Your ability to properly adhere to a qualified Welding Procedure Specification on specified codes & standards.

How long is my certification valid?

SIRIM-AWS Certification remains valid as long as you submit your certification maintenance forms every six months as required by the Code of Acceptance that governed your test. Renewal processing is only RM75.00. As long as you can verify (have your employer sign the form) that you are still performing the same welding as you originally tested for, your certification remains in effect. But remember, you must send in your certification maintenance form.

How does my employer benefit from my AWS Certified Welder status?

What happens if I fail the first time?

If you fail the test, you may retest at any time. It is best to discuss this with SIRIM-AWS Accredited Test Facility representative, who will be able to assist you in scheduling a new test date.

Your employer, and thousands of similar companies around the country, could be saved the millions of ringgit Malaysia now spent on the constant retesting of welders. Getting certified also tells your employer that youre a serious professional and a valuable member of the team. Being AWS Certified should put at the front of the line for new hires, too.