Friends of Walgrove Members Meeting April 2, 2013 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Walgrove Avenue Elementary School 1630 Walgrove Avenue*Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone (310)391-7104*Fax (310)391-9809

I. Welcome (Julie Dair) II. Special Thanks (Julie Dair) A. Auction Raffle Team- Brandy, Leisle B. Walgroovy 4th/5th Grade Boys' Movie Night- Melissa Ross & Chris Buzzell C. Prospective Parents' Tour Team- Michelle, Warner, Leisle, Teresa D. Dine-Out at El Torito Restaurant- Susie, Brandy E. Artwise Fundraiser- Ginger Ramsey-Grippe, Lisa Kantor F. Scholastic Book Fair Week- Lisa Haase, Michelle, Volunteers G Online Auction Event- Keep bidding! H. Open House- Olivia, Staff, Bake Sale, Swag Team III. Guest Speakers: A. After-school Programs: STAR Director Melissa 1. STAR is an after school enrichment program. 2. April 21 is Children's Earth Day celebration at STAR Eco Station 3. May 5 is a golf fundraiser for STAR. 4. The Nova sessions started this week 5. STAR runs camps all summer long. They have donated a week to the auction! 6. STAR offers scholarships. IV. Officer Reports A. President (Julie Dair) B. VP Fundraising (Brandy Oeser) 1. We just received a check for $4700 from Ralph's. 2. Still trying to get 75% participation in Annual Fund. We are at 60% of families participating, which is the highest rate ever. 3. The auction party is April 13. C. VP Hospitality & Special Events (Teresa O'Brien) D. VP Room Parent Coordination & Communications (Leisle Bartley) E. Secretary (Kathy Smith) F. Treasurer (Katka Werth) G. Controller (Cindy Minor) V. Old Business A. Committee Updates 1. Walgrove Wildlands (Emiko Kuwata) a. The Wildlands build event is April 20-21. Please sign up to help out. b. Docent led tours of the Wildlands for each class will be conducted on April 10-11. c. Need people to help out on Thursday and Friday, April 18 and 19. d. Clare Carey has sent out info about Live & Give. e. Chris Garcia from Great American Deals spoke about their website. 1. When you make a purchase on, you can select Walgrove for a donation to be given to. 2. The companies selling things on the website are local small businesses. 3. Chris is working with Hurley to try to get them to donate reusable water bottles for the build week-end. 2. Yearbook Committee (Dana Tasker) a. Yearbook dedications are due by April 17. b. The all school photo for the yearbook will be taken this Friday after assembly. B. School Site Council 1. At the meeting on Monday at 2:45 p.m. they are going to discuss budget cuts. a. Cuts from the district this year require cuts to be made in our programs. b. Teachers are going to be able to recommend which programs they feel can be cut. c. One option is to look at reducing rather than cutting some programs.

VI. New Business A. 2013-2014 Budgets (Please see attached file) 1. We will be voting on the Budget at the May FOW Meeting. B. 2013-2014 FOW Officer Restructuring (Please see attached file) 1. We will be voting on this at the May FOW Meeting. VII. Happenings A. 4/4 (Thurs) Attendance Meeting for Parents, Parent Center, 8:15am-9:15am. B. 4/5 (Fri) All-School Yearbook Photo, Quad, 8:30am-9:00am. C. 4/8 (Mon) School Site Council (SSC) Meeting, 2:45pm-4:00pm. D. 4/9 (Tues) LAUSD LAS Provider Meeting, Auditorium, 12:00pm-4:30pm. E. 4/10 (Wed) and 4/11 (Th): Walgrove Wildlands Docent Tours F. 4/12 (F) Coffee with the Principal, Parent Center, 8:15am-9:15am. G. 4/12 (F) Yearbook Dedications Ads are due!! H. 4/13 (Sat) Auction Party at Horwitz/Contant Home, 6:00pm. I. 4/15 (Mon) CST Testing begins! J. 4/15 (Mon) Online Auction ends! K. 4/20 (Sat) and 4/21 (Sun): Help Build the Walgrove Wildlands! L. 4/24 (Wed): Local School Leadership Council Meeting, Parent Center, 3:30pm-4:30pm. M. 4/26 (Fri): CST Testing ends! N. 4/26 (Fri): Career Day! O. 4/28 (Sun): Incoming Kinder Playdate, Kinder Yard, 1:00pm-3:00pm. VIII. Help Wanteds: A. Annual Fund Coordinator: Anne would like a replacement by June 1 st B. Lunch/Recess Volunteers

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