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Barker Hoffmann is a worldwide management consultancy, training, and research network.

The head office of the worldwide organization is in London and services clients in the UK and Europe. The Asia Pacific Regional Head Office is in Manila, Philippines. Along with the local offices, it currently services the following countries within the region:

Our Global Client Network

Australia Brunei China Hawaii Hong Kong India Indonesia Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore Thailand The United Arab Emirates Vietnam Sudan

Barker Hoffmann has partnered with some of the most successful organizations in the region to create sustainable sources of strategic advantage and high organizational performance. Equipped with 30 years of industry experience, a global consultant network, and a broad range of programmes, solutions, and tools, we provide organizations with the ways and means to transform business challenges into opportunities for growth and development.

Key HR Challenges in the Public and Private Sector

Sustaining Productivity after a slowly improving worldwide Economic Recession, where there are still significant problems in Europe caused by the Euro crisis Talent Acquisition and Development in a Competitive Labour Market Lack of quality successors for Retiring Senior Managers Employee Productivity Stagnation in a Government Culture A systematic approach for identifying, developing, and rewarding Performance Achievement We mobilize the global resources of the Barker Hoffmann worldwide network to develop customized solutions targeted to address unique business needs.

Our Value Proposition

A comprehensive range of multi-level programmes, solutions, tools to address every HR and organizational need. Experience with over 50 government institutions and Top 1,000 corporations in 10 countries for the last 20 years. Dedicated International Management Consultants with functional, corporate, government and industry expertise. Fully customizable solutions (if we dont have it in our battery of solutions, we can develop it for you) Our commitment to our relationship with our accounts, and our genuine passion to make their organization effective and efficient.

As your management consultant, we act as your trusted advisor at every step of the way. We bring innovative solutions to your most challenging HR issues and help you achieve your most demanding HR goals. Whatever it takes, Barker Hoffmann will make your strategy work.

The development of a strong strategic direction and the means to implement it effectively is the sole remaining source of competitive advantage in industry today.
One of the most challenging, and often frustrating activities in the year, is to be able to assess all facets of the environment, and create sources of unique value for customers that exceed the cost of creating them. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations integrate strategy formulation with effective organizational implementation to direct, monitor, and evaluate the success of strategy at all levels in the organization.

Corporate & Government Strategic Planning (Top & Senior Management Level)
Setting an organizations direction for the next 5 10 years involves a competitive understanding of the business environment, foresight into the possible industry scenarios, and leveraging organizational capability to uncover areas to increase shareholder value. Barker Hoffmann brings together the strategic models and planning tools that systematically facilitate the decision-making process to achieve this.

Strategic Organizational Performance Management Our Core Solutions

Business Unit Management Planning (Middle Management Level)

Some experts say that a simplistic Strategic Plan, with a rigorous implementation programme, is better than a successful strategic planning process with little or no follow-through. Management Planning involves the conversion of the 5-year strategic plan into annual operational goals, strategies, and action plans for each business unit. In this manner, the various functional areas are synchronized across the value chain towards the achievement of the strategic plan. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations translate the high level strategy into the tactical drivers of successful strategy execution.

Strategic Performance Management & Measurement (Frontline Management Level)

Conventional wisdom tells us that the management of strategy is the sole responsibility of Senior and Middle Management Levels. But, the ability of Frontline Managers to manage employee performance impacts on the achievement of each Business Units Key Tasks that form their Action Plans, which in turn allows them to achieve their Objectives and contribute to the achievement or not - of the Corporate Plan. Barker Hoffmann equips Frontline Managers with the leadership skills, knowledge, and performance monitoring tools to drive workforce success.

Leadership & Managerial Executive Development

The success of industry leaders attests to the importance of having strong and vision-oriented leadership. Barker Hoffmann conducted research into 100 organizations to develop a Leadership & Managerial Competency Model for Chief Executives. We provide assessment, training, and executive coaching solutions to equip your most critical leadership team to drive the organization forward.

Full Products & Services Listing

Strategic Management System Implementation Corporate/Government Strategic Planning Business Unit Management Planning Strategic Performance Management & Measurement Change Management Organization & Systems Studies Organization & Management Audits Corporate/Government Benchmarking Individual Performance Planning Strategy Control Strategy Evaluation Organizational Development Organizational Design Analysis 360 Survey Feedback Management Style Analysis & Development Job Design Process Consultation Improving Inter-Departmental or InterGroup Relationships Culture Building Values Formation Organizational Capability Assessment Assessment & Development Centres Executive Coaching Frontline Management Leadership & Managerial Certification Essentials of Management Leadership & Personal Effectiveness Challenge

Over the last 20 years HRs role has shifted dramatically from being an administrative function, to being a strategic business partner to the organization.
As boardrooms across the globe recognize that talent is the new sustainable source for competitive advantage, HR professionals are pressured to deliver solutions to challenging workforce issues. The principals of Barker Hoffmann have been involved in developing Human Resource Solutions to meet the developing needs of organizations since 1969, long before the jargon terms such as Talent Management, Competency Profiling, and Human Capital Development became popular in the profession. Over the years, Barker Hoffmann has developed models, tools, and instruments, to help HR professionals worldwide create workforce capabilities that are at the heart of the success of every organization. Barker Hoffmann has solutions to address all areas of the HR function: Strategic Human Resource Management Core Solution Areas

Recruitment & Selection The acquisition of talent is the first determinant of whether the organization will be productive or not. It will also shape the level of efficiency of any HR initiative. Hiring errors are more common than you think. People have been brought into the organization who lack critical competency requirements, have the wrong fit for the job, and the wrong fit for the organization. On the other hand, high quality hires means less turnover, less training costs, and a better talent pool for succession planning. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations bring objectivity to the assessment and selection process to reduce hiring errors and improve talent quality. Training & Development While classroom programmes will remain as a staple in the employee work experience, training departments are being challenged to bring in more performance-based, blended developmental activities that truly impact behaviour and productivity back on the job. Barker Hoffmann provides organizations with the tools to measure competency gaps, develop learning curriculums, and evaluate the effectiveness of learning interventions. This way, Barker Hoffmann helps organizations create a learning organization committed to sustainable competency development.

Performance Management It has always been the aim for HR divisions to develop a Performance Evaluation System that is fair, objective, and that equitably rewards successful performance. This is now not only achievable, but can also be performed in an easy, hassle-free way. But it begins with the clear establishment of Missions, Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators, Tasks and Standards across the organization. With a clear set of roles and accountabilities, employees at all levels in the organization are not only guided of their role in the implementation of strategy, but are able to regulate their performance. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations set clear accountability areas, and the measures by which their performance success will be measured, rewards will be based, and disciplinary action will be enforced. Talent Management, Succession Planning & Career Development Whilst most employers advocate the provision of equal opportunities for growth and career advancement in organizations, HR professionals know that not all positions and individuals are made equal. There are critical positions, scattered across management and technical fields that directly shape the current and long term success of the entire organization. In short, these positions would need the highest level of competencies, the most number of competent successors, and highest level of satisfaction. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations identify these positions, find you sources of people with high potential for vertical mobility, and provide the resources and systems to grow talent sustainably within the organization. Competency Profiling Employee Performance success is a delicate combination of the right mix of skills, knowledge, attitudinal, and motivational elements that fuel productive behaviour. We now use the term competencies. Whilst its easy to go online and write up a list, there are only a critical number of differentiating competencies that mean success or failure. Barker Hoffmann helps organizations identify these critical competencies through a rigorous study of the job situation, to identify what is most unique about your top performers, and what is it in them that you want to duplicate and spread across the organization. Simultaneously, Barker Hoffmann, with workgroup delegates from all parts of HR, to rigorously implement a Competency-Based Human Resource Management System that integrates the entire HR function within the organization towards the systematic identification, development, and rewarding of the competencies that make the organization succeed.

Recruitment & Selection Online Competency Assessment Tools (Skills, Knowledge, Attitudinal, Leadership & Managerial) Competency-Based BEI Interviewing Tools Training on Behavioural Event Interviewing Performance Management & Measurement Job Analysis Writing Job Descriptions Writing Key Result Areas & Key Performance Indicators Writing Task Performance, Conditions, & Standards Writing Task Hierarchies & Task Algorithms Frontline Manager Training Performance Planning Frontline Manager Training Performance Monitoring, Coaching, and Giving Performance Feedback Frontline Manager Training Performance Evaluation Performance Planning, Monitoring, & Evaluation Tools 360 Degree Feedback Tools Succession Planning & Career Development Assessment Centres Dual-Track Career Development Executive Leadership & Management Development Programmes Workforce Analysis & Segmentation

Organizational Development Structure Design Climate Measurement Culture Change Restructuring Change Management

Compensation & Benefits Job Evaluation Competency-linked Competitive Remuneration Competency Profiling & Competency-Based Human Resource Management Systems Job Role Matrix Development Competency Dictionary Development Competency Assessment Instrument Development Job Position Threshold & Success Profile Development Competency-Based Human Resource Management Systems Development for: I. Recruitment & Selection II. Training & Development III. Performance Management & Measurement IV. Talent Management, Career Development & Succession Planning V. Compensation & Benefits VI. HRI

Training & Development (Instructional Systems Design Framework) Training Needs Analysis Curriculum Development Training of Trainers Training Evaluation (Reaction, Skills, Behaviour Improvement, ROI) ISD Professional Certification for HR Professionals Talent Management Talent Management Policy Development Talent Fast-Track Programme Management: High Potential Employee Assessment Fast-Track Curriculum Development for Leadership Positions Fast-Track Curriculum Development for Specialist Positions

Strategic Management Programmes Strategic Planning Performance Management Using the BSC Approach Management Planning Developing Management EQ Management Control Essentials of Management Benchmarking Human Resources Training Professional Certification Programme for Competency Profiling & Competency Management Strategic Performance Management for HR Professionals Mager Criterion Referenced Instruction Mager Instructional Module Development Professional Certification Programme for Instructional Systems Design Strategic Human Resource Management Behavioural Event Interviewing Training of Trainers: Foundation Programme Project Management Project Financial and Cost Management (Basic-Intermediate Advance) Project Management Audit ICT & Software Project Management Project Management (includes MS Project 2003 training) Microsoft Project 2003 Risk Management of Projects Frontline Management Development Programme Allocating Work Costing Developing Individuals Developing Yourself Managing Budgets Managing Change Managing Information Managing Resources Managing the Pressure Meeting & Negotiations Motivation Organizational Finance Planning & Control Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Quality Management Team Building Team Leadership Training Others Verbal Communication Written Communications Customer Relationship Management

Individual, Team & Leadership Challenge Team Challenge Management Challenge Leadership Challenge Personal Challenge

Personal & Communication Effectiveness Managers and Supervisors Coaching Effective Time Management Personal Skills Map Personal Goal Setting Presentation Skills Effective Business Writing E-File Management EQ Interpersonal and Communication Skills Stress Transformation Assertiveness Training Corporate Wellness Effective Meeting Skills

Mapping and Reviewing Business Process Skills Centered Selling Programmes Face-to-Face Selling For Major Sales Customer Centered Selling Managers Field Coaching CRM: Strategic Account Management Advanced Selling Skills Teller Spotter Skills Commercial Negotiation Skills Management of the Sales Force Prospecting & Planning Team Selling Telephone Selling Skills Selling Skills One Handling Objections

Customer Service Training Creating a Customer Oriented Organisation Customer Service Excellence Finance Finance for Non-Finance Managers Business Process Improvement