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Computer-based Tests

1. Computer-based testing (CBT) is designed to accomodate candidates to take exams within a standardized environment. In addition to the benefit of frequent administrations, candidates taking the CBT will receive an unofficial pass/fail result immediately upon completion of the exam after the specific exam has been administered by CBT for a few test windows. 2. Exam I will consist of 30 minutes of 25 multiple-choice questions and Exam II will consist of 50 minutes of 40 multiple-choice questions; Each multiple-choice problem includes four answer choices identified by number 1, 2, 3 and 4, only one of which is correct. Candidates must indicate responses to each question on the computer. When the given time expires, the exam will automatically end. (You need 18 Correct answers to pass the exam) 3. As part of the computer-based testing process, a few pre-test questions will be randomly displayed on your computer screen by clicking Pre-test button on top right hand corner of the computer screen. These pilot questions are included to familiarize the candidates for the exams, but they will NOT be used in the scoring of this exam. All other questions will be considered in the scoring. All unanswered questions are scored incorrect. Therefore, candidates should answer every question on the exam. 4. You will answer the question by clicking the box next to your chosen answer option, and then clicking the Submit button. The computer prevents you from selecting more than one answer option at a time. If you press the Submit button you cannot change your answer, it will be saved and it will automatically move to the next question.

5. A candidate will be assigned to a seat. Those who fails to report for an exam or leaves their assigned seat without permission of administrator will forfeit the registration, test scores and all fees paid to take the exam. All candidates must remain seated until the exam is over. 6. No questions concerning the content of the exam may be asked once the exam begins. If you wish to appeal, fill out an appeal form and submit to KTSA within 7 days after the exam. 7. Tests will be administered under strict supervision and security measures, You must remain seated until the exam is over. 8. Select the exam that you wish to take. If you need to take more than one exam, you must select the exam when the session begins or within one minute after the exam.

Test Center Procedures and Regulations for Computer-based Test

The following procedures and regulations apply during the entire test session, which begins at sign-in, ends at sign-out : 1. You must present an Official Picture ID with your signature (Passport preferred), and you must be sure that all of the information on your ID matches the user information you have supplied on the application. You will not be allowed to take an exam if you do not have your ID or if the information differs from your user information on the application form. 2. As part of an enhanced security system, biometric fingerprint-capturing system will be used. During the check-in process when your identification is verified you will also be asked to supply a fingerprint (Index finger) before being allowed into the testing room. If you refuse to participate, you will not be permitted to test and you will forfeit your test fee. 3. You will be fingerprinted when you enter the testing room and when you log-in to computer to take the exam.

4. The test administrator will give you a short orientation and once the timed section of the exam begins, it will run uninterrupted until time expires. You may not leave the exam center at any time during the entire test session. 5. The purpose of the tutorial is to become familiar with the computer functions and other important information that will make your computer-based test experience as convenient as possible. The time you spend on the tutorial and/or other untimed sections should not be used for any other purpose.

6. At the beginning of the exam, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality and Conduct Agreement. 7. Raise your hand or press the help button on your left hand side to notify the test administrator if you: A. believe you have a problem with your computer or headset B. need assistance for any reason 8. It is solely each applicants responsibility to check and confirm that he/she is taking the correct exam he/she applied for. Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KTSA) will not be held responsible for any mistakes in regards to this matter. 9. Each candidate will be assigned a seat number. The seat number will be provided to the applicants upon I.D verification (fingerprint scan). Each seat at the examination has a number prominently displayed on the desk. It is critical that applicants sit in the correct seats and carefully complete the identifying grids on all multiple-choice computer answer sheets

10. Testing premises are subject to videotaping and audio recorded 11. A candidate who is believed to be engaging in misconduct and does not heed the administrator's warning to discontinue the behavior may be dismissed from the test center and KTSA may choose to have the test scores of such candidates canceled. Thus, applicant will be banned from take the exam for the next two years. 12. The computerized clock that times your specific exam will continue to run and will not be turned off. If there is a power outage, the time will stop counting down. The test will resume at the point where it left off when power is restored. 13. At the end of the test, you will be given the option to view your unofficial scores.