We believe in art projects that inspire, challenge and change participants.

for primary and secondary schools and youth groups
“Our vision is to inspire children and young people through arts and crafts to transform their lives and gain recognition”

Creative Hands Foundation design and deliver educational arts and crafts activities exploring community cohesion and diversity. We help children and young people to explore, understand and appreciate cultural heritage and its influence on society. Our activities develop critical thinking and problem solving by helping pupils make connections with different art forms and practices from different cultures. The activities are designed and delivered by experienced professional artists of diverse ethnicities specialising in a range of art disciplines. Since the organisation was established in 2008, Creative Hands Foundation continues to work in partnership with many agencies such as Manchester City Council, Trinity House CRC, Manchester Art Gallery, Zion Arts Centre, Global Link, Manchester BME Network and Greater Manchester BME Network. We have delivered our activities in many primary and secondary schools and youth centres across the North West.

“Your artists created a relaxed atmosphere which encouraged everyone to engage on their own level. Their enthusiasm was infectious, but they also paid close attention to health and safety considerations which is always important when working alongside children with learning difficulties. I would have no hesitation in recommending your organisation” Sally Burston - Deputy Head Delamere School, Flixton, Manchester

Our Goals
 Devise and deliver a range of quality cultural activities for children and young people.  Increase the number of children and young people participating in cultural arts and crafts activities.  Deliver Arts Awards to inspire and motivate children and young people’s artistic achievements.

Culture Explained Pupils will learn about different cultures, traditions, tribes, food, songs, dance and arts of the African people. 3D Animal Sculptures or figurines Pupils will learn how to manipulate paper to create 3D animal sculptures or representation of African tribes and decorate with fabric. Screen Printing Pupils will be introduced to screen printing and learn how to create stencils they will then screen print their designs on fabric. Screen Printing to Wall Hanging Their designs will be stitched together to create a wall hanging. Tie Dye Pupils will learn about the history of tie dye and take part in practical experiments of the dying process. Motif Block Print. An introduction to motifs and their meanings; pupils will also learn about repeat patterns. They will use stamps with motifs to create textile designs. Motif Block Design. An introduction to motifs and their meanings; pupils will create their own stamps with motifs. They will learn about repeat patterns and use their stamps to create textile designs. Myths and Legend. Pupils will explore myths and legends. The session will commence with a mythical story from West Africa. Pupils will write their own mythical stories then create paper sculptures using a variety of techniques and materials. They will share their stories with their peers. Mask Making Pupils will be introduced to the significance of masks in the African culture and tradition. Pupils will design and produce a mask using clay. Paint, feathers and fabric will be applied for decoration. Musical Instrument from West Africa Pupils will create a West African handmade musical and communication instrument called a ‘Godje’ using paper, cardboard, plastic, sticks and African textiles. Ceramic Pots and Motifs Pupils will explore different motifs and what they represent. They will design and create a ceramic pot using traditional coil or slab method and design their own motif to decorate their pot. African Drumming and Music Pupils will learn about the origin of Djembe drum and percussions from West Africa. They will learn to play different tones and bass sounds. They will play sustained tone and rhythm while increasing their mastery of placing hands correctly on the drum head to create distinct sounds. Pupils will also sing and dance in harmony to the drumming. Relief Sculpture Pupils will learn how to create a relief sculpture of their self-portrait using clay. Public Art Pupils will develop a theme with the artist and take part in a series of art workshops to generate ideas and designs for the final piece. The final piece can be fabricated for indoor or outdoor installation. The scale and materials for the final piece will be planned and agreed with the artist. E.g. metal, willow, stone, wood, mosaic work or recycled materials.

Costs will include planning, administration and delivery Lead Artist - £35.00 per hour Supporting Artist - £25.00 per hour Art Materials - £3 per child (max. 30 children each workshop) Additional costs for Arts Award accreditation

Arts Award
Our educational arts and crafts activities are designed to deliver an Arts Award accreditation. Children and young people can achieve Discovery and Explore Award, Bronze Award or Silver Award. Arts Award inspires and motivates children and young people’s artistic achievements. Children and young people’s aged 7 – 25 years will work alongside our professional artists and link with our partners to achieve an Arts Award through selected art disciplines such as sculpture, textiles, drawing and painting, ceramics, mixed media, creative writing and digital media. Arts Award is accredited by Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

For more information about our activities, to join our mailing list or to find out more about how Creative Hands Foundation can work with your school or youth group contact Michelle Ayavoro Creative Development Manager Creative Hands Foundation
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