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In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the merciful

Ahmad Ibrahim Al Emadi P.O.Box 55211,Doha-State of Qatar Tel: 55566225/44439997 TENANCY CONTRACT Date:12-Feb-2013 Lanlord: Subject of Tenancy: Electric Meter No: Tenant Name: Tel : Nationality: QID No: Sponsor : Tel: Fax: Period of Tenancy : Monthly Rent QRS. : Terms of Payment : CONDITIONS OF TENANCY 1. The Landlord grants the Tenant the exclusive use of the leased property for Residential purposes for the Tenants need only throughout the lease period. 2. This lease shall be considered irrevocable till the end of the tenancy period and this lease shall not be assigned by the tenant nor shall it be sub-let without the express approval in writing of the Landlord or his agent. 3. If the tenant wishes to vacate the subject of tenancy at the expiry of this agreement, he shall inform the same to the landlord in writing two months prior to expiry date of this contract. Otherwise, it shall be considered renewed by itself for another tenancy period starting form the next day of the expiry date of this contract. 4. The Landlord undertakes to hand over the rented property in Good, Clean and Habitable condition and to ensure that there is Electricity and Water supply on the date this lease becomes effective. The tenant for his part accepts responsibility for the general maintenance decoration and up keep of the property except for fair wear and tear and agrees to vacate the property in Good, Clean and Habitable condition similar to the original state of the property at the commencement of the lease. 5. The Tenant may add or fix any temporary accessories or fixtures to the leased property. The accessories/fixtures to remain the property of the tenant and may be taken when he leaves, subject to him making good the original condition of the premises. Should the Landlord require, he may ask the Tenant to remove the accessories/fixtures at the end of this agreement and make the original condition. 6. The Tenant has no right to make any structural alteration, change or addition to the property nor may he remove any thing fixed in the premises such as electric wires, water pipes and From: To: Fax: Passport No: P.O.Box: Area: Water Meter No:

similar services. Should the Tenant wish to do any of the things it must be discussed first with the Landlord or his Agent and Permission obtained in writing. All such alterations and any required restoration shall be entirely at the expense of the Tenant. 7. The tenant shall be responsible for the payment of all utility services such as water, electricity telephone, cable vision charges and undertakes to ensure that all accounts are paid and settled up to the date of vacating the premises. When the final accounts are paid, Copies of receipts are to the Landlord or his agent before vacating the subject of tenancy. 8. A deposit of one month rent to be lodged with the Landlord against any damages to the property or its content, and is refundable upon the fulfillment of clause 4&7 of this tenancy condition, together with the presentation of the final utilities settlements. 9. On the expiry date of the lease should the Tenant:a) Have left the country without renewing the lease, b) Vacate the premises without the Landlords knowledge and consent, c) Owe rent for the period, Then the landlord or his agent may apply to the local Sharia Court to open and hand over the premises to the Landlord. Should there be any expenses or rent due to the landlord, the Sharia Court may also be requested to sell any property belonging to the Tenant left in the premises in order to settle his account. 10. The landlord shall be responsible for all main major maintenances to the subject of tenancy. With exception of minor items such as changing light, kitchen appliances etc,,, 11. For conditions not specified in this contract, the provisions of Estate Law No.2 of 1975 shall apply and the courts of the State of Qatar will be the concerned ones if any dispute arises between the two parties regarding this contract 12. Maintenance of Swimming pool will be done by the tenant. 13. The external building will be shared facility and will be used as by Maids accommodation for both villa. I/ We hereby agree to act in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Tenancy Agreement.