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How to upgrade Huawei E960 router There will be 4 steps required to upgrade the software for the Huawei

E960 Router. a. b. c. d. Step 1 To check the software version of the E960 Step 2 Download the software from our M1 website Step 3 Perform the upgrade Step 4 Re-setup the E960.

STEP 1 1. Check if you need to upgrade the Router. If you are currently on Bootloader,, you are not required for the upgrade. 2. Please use the LAN cable to connect to the router. 3. Log in to the router page by keying in Log in as Admin, by default the password is admin (small caps).

4. You will see the connection status page.

5. Click on Advance Settings and Click System

6. Once you click System, find Version.

7. You will see the version

STEP 2 1. Download the Upgrade version file from our M1 website 2. Save the file and unzip it out. You will see the folder shown below.

STEP 3 1. It will take around 5-10 minute to update the firmware. Double click on the FmcUpdate.exe file.

3. You will be greeted with the upgrade interface. Click on Check.

4. It will tell you your current version of your router and the update version of the router Click on Update.

5. The router will update itself.

6. Once completed it will prompt download successful. If the download fails, rerun the FmcUpdate.exe file again.

Step 4 1.Log in to the router page by keying in Log in as Admin, by default the password is admin (small caps)

2. Once log in you will see a page below :-

3. Select Quick Setup, you will see a screen as below and select Next

4. You will see configure PPP profile. Leave everything by default. Press next.

5. You will see configure PPP Dial-up Settings. Leave it as default as well. Press Next

6. The next screen is on Configure Wlan Settings. It will show the default SSID (by default is E960). SSID is the name given to the router; hence customer may want to change to a name they prefer. Example: Family, CC Family and etc. Click Next after that.

7. The next screen will configure Wlan security. This will lock your router. By default Encryption Mode is no Encryption. There is a drop down list of encryption that is available. You may choose WPA PSK. Once the WPA PSK is selected, more options are available .

8. More Selection is available after the WPA-PSK is selected. You will see WPA Encryption , WPA Pre-Shared Key and Network Key Rotation Interval

9. For WPA Encryption, you may select TKIP+AES (This will enable you to lock the router wireless with your prefer password).

10. You may key in WPA Pre-Shared Key 8 alphanumeric inside the column WPA Pre-Shared Key. This will be wireless lock password when you connect to the router wirelessly. Press Next after you have key in the your own WPA Pre-Shared Key.

11. You will see Configuration as Follows. Press Finish and you are done.

12. The router will configure the setting you have done. Once done you will need to select continue.

13. If you are still connected to the router after you click continues you will see the screen below, if not you will see an empty page.