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Chinese language learning background After my junior high school, I was enthusiastic in learning foreign language.

I am very blessed that I learned Chinese. Let me start with the crucial difference between other languages and Chinese. In my beginning Chinese class, my teacher told me the explanation of the word -good(). Here, we can see two characters woman and child. This means, a good life is associated with a woman and a child. But I have more to say. The evolution of feminism in the British literature started in 1890. But think about Chinese language! It presents this women rights and children rights in their word- . Without the establishment of woman and child rights, nothing in this world is good. And this Chinese word is about 5000 years old. thus, Chinese itself speaks about ideology.moreover, Chinese language is way ahead than any other languages. Chinese language study plan well, this Confucius institute scholarship means a significant turning point of my life. As I want to study clinical medicine in china, so , Chinese language course is the most important. Otherwise, I would not be able to treat Chinese patients. My main goal will be perfecting the tones and developing my speaking skills by continuously speaking with native Chinese people. I will be very attentive in participating class discussions and will exercise the book activities very diligently. Even if I will be speaking Chinese wrongly, I will still continue trying. Because practice makes perfect. Otherwise, the fluency will not come easily. Besides, my teacher will be helpful to correct my pronunciation or sentence structure during that time. I will also do extra essay work and will let it my teacher to check. I will also pay deep attention to Chinese characters all around the billboards or snacks packets. This will help me to memorize them quickly. Also, learning the Chinese biological terms is going to be interesting. For example- the hand (). This character implies the fingers. I think, Chineses pictographic ability is really helpful in the study of medicine. Because, visual image lasts long on our memory. Although, I got 92/100 in my intermediate Chinese course, however, I think, I need to work hard more in perfecting my sentence structure.thus, I would spend a lot of time in the library in perfecting my reading and writing skills. In Bangladesh, we hardly find any Chinese books or movies. So, as a part of both recreation and study, I would go to watch Chinese movies with my friends, and enhance my listening skills. I will also practice Chinese calligraphy. This boosts the mind and calms the soul. major course- Chinese history study plan Chinese historys syllabus may cover more than Chinas history from 1600 to 1989.I will proceed

chronologically focusing on themes that are of major importance for my understanding of what happens in China today, such as state-society relations, forms of dissent and protest, imperial expansion and the formation of a nation state, crisis and consolidation, imperialism and nationalism, reform and revolution, internationalism and war, conservatism and iconoclasm, Maoism and socialist democracy. with my Chinese and international friends and teachers, I would concentrate on research skills that enable me to identify and explore historical questions and to find and evaluate relevant evidence, for example-Transition of the Hundred Flowers to the Great Leap Forward or Maos communism to socialism with Chinese characteristics. I believe skills in sharing and presenting the results of my projects in a coherent and convincing way will invite potential discussion and cooperation between our global communities. My aim my final aim will be to develop the diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and China. Both of our countries have about 38 years of relation.And this should develop more to exchange deeply for improving the socio-economic condition in Bangladesh. Besides, Bangladesh plays a great role in China for keeping the harmony in the global business and international borders. As Bangladesh is one of the major focal countries of South East Asia, so, it is very important for China too to spread further Chinese influence in South East Asia. Altogether, I will dedicate my self commitment with self discipline in my host institute . Like the most honorable Confucius said, The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools, I will also sharpen my Chinese, so that, I can serve Bangladesh, China and our world to the fullest.

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Syeda Shama Tahsin