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this evening? a Do you work to school when I saw you? b Were you going b Are you working 8 Dad a sings in the bath every morning. in this area. 0 They couldn’t listen to music this morning a didn’t work 1 a Did you go because the radio b wasn’t working . 0 we / have / a test tomorrow 4 Martin in a basketball team when he was a teenager. Did you live in London? They swim in the lake when they were young. b is singing 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks 2 She the email because she forgot.Lesson Test A Choose a or b. a saw b was seeing 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 2 Tom / look / after our dog this week 3 the man / not / know / where the post office is 4 Julia / want / an ice cream / ? 5 many people / wait / for the bus right now / ? 6 they / seldom / visit / their parents 7 I / not / remember / his name 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks C Write the past simple or past continuous. (you/watch) TV when I called you last night? Simon (drive) to work when he saw Martin. 1 Peter and Kim / lie / on the beach at the moment 5 She was studying in the library when I her. a were going to the shop and bought some b went B Expand to make sentences in the present simple or present continuous. 0 It seldom a is raining 1 We often a walk 2 a Does he eat 1 Lesson Test 0 1 2 3 4 2 A Write use to or used to. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 6 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . b are walking b Is he eating right now? 3 I this book. It’s really boring! a hate b am hating 4 Diana washes her car . Grandad (tell) me a great story last night. a played b was playing We’re having a test tomorrow. 5 Did Emily have a small white dog? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose a or b. We go to the same school. a every weekend b at the moment 5 We about China at school this week. a wasn’t sending b didn’t send 3 They cakes. 0 1 2 3 4 5 Did Bill come (Bill/come) to the party last Saturday? We (arrive) three hours ago. Helen didn’t eat many vegetables. Jane wasn’t playing with us because she (read) her book. a doesn’t belong b isn’t belonging 7 You used to play for my favourite team. a learn b are learning 6 This money to me. b rains in the park.

Melissa was watching her favourite show. L A Expand to make sentences in the future continuous. tonight. please? having fun. . 8 Do you have/ Are you having breakfast every morning? 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks B Choose and write. I’m buying/I’ll buy one for you. I 4 Jason you one of my jumpers. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks next week? TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 7 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 0 you / cook / dinner tonight 0 You will need/are needing to know English for that job. . later. 5 They will finish building the new hospital 6 Jacob found a job as 7 The TV stopped working 5 Anna says we 6 Mike 7 he left school.Lesson Test A Choose. 1 I’m not leaving this shop 2 1 Don’t worry! I L ES 3 S ON Lesson Test ES 4 S ON (visit) Sam when I’ve (fix) it (fly) to Greece this (give) (clean) his house (have) a (not/be) at school (you/help) them all 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks you give me my money back! will they finish their project? cake she’s made it. all day tomorrow. 5 We won’t eat until our friends arrive/will 6 As soon as I get there. 1 They go/are going to go to the cinema 2 Are you carrying/Will you carry this box for You will be cooking dinner tonight. 2 We time next week. 7 You need a hat. as we were will visit got time. 3 You should come with us. I’ll phone/I’m phoning you. We’ll have/We’re 4 He helps/is going to help us with our project tomorrow. 0 I walking home. 3 She’ll tell me if it’s a good recipe for chocolate 4 Is everything ready? They will be here 3 It’s cold today. great time at the party. tomorrow. arrive. 1 we / drive / to Scotland this time next week 2 they / not / eat / at home tonight 3 Frank / work / in the garden this weekend / ? 4 the children / not / go / to school next week 5 the Smiths / paint / their house tomorrow / ? 6 she / not / work / next month 7 Fred / come / on the trip with us / ? 8 he / buy / a new bike on Monday 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks me. after as while until in an hour soon as in two years’ time when 0 I told Dan what happened B Write the future simple or future continuous.

yet! 0 George hasn't visited (not/visit) us 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 She can’t play tennis. I’m going to read my book. so he (not/eat) meat. since 1998! 9 She 10 Sally three sentences so far! 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 8 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . film? It’s brilliant! 6 Tom (you/ever/see) that (always/work) hard.Lesson Test A Choose and write. 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks B Write the past simple or present perfect simple. is waiting (wait) at the airport right now. because I (already/see) that film. Mike loves animals. It (not/rain) since January. 2 How many years ago have you visited/did you visit Rome? 3 Do I know you? Have we met/Did we meet before? 4 Adam has never been/gone to London. present 0 Barry 1 continuous or present perfect simple. I’ve written the email. Alan (just/finish) his homework. 1 Kim isn’t here. She (broke) her arm. The journey (usually/ take) two hours by train. The children (make) a lot of noise at the moment. He’s a really good pupil. who 0 1 2 3 4 5 5 Lesson Test A Choose. (just/finish) (take) the money (sing) very well 4 Mary 5 last night. Lucy (talk) on the phone just now. 2 John 3 He making lunch. Let’s eat! and ran away. (Amy/buy) a car yet? Ken (not/do) any homework on Fridays. but I (not/send) it yet. 6 where why which what when 0 I have read/read that book when I was at school. She has been/gone to her When have I asked you for money? has Peter said to you? have you been? has given her that toy? has he stopped singing? cinema has she gone to? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks friend’s house. (live) (not/hear) this song (think) I was you! (write) only 7 A famous actor 8 I here many years ago. 5 Did you speak/Have you spoken to her yet? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Write the present simple.

1 we / not / eat / meat recently 2 you / tidy / your room all day / ? 3 people / go / there for ages 4 you / sing / for long / ? 5 I / not / watch / TV this week 6 it / snow / all night / ? 7 Alice / talk / for two hours 8 Harry / write / to you / ? 9 they / make / sandwiches / ? 10 Simon / not / ride / his bike lately 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lots of times. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose a or b. a closed b has been closing Simon this house since he came to London. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks hours. a have been having b are having The cat has been hiding under the bed this morning. a have tried b have been trying 2 Ask Andrew about Mexico. Tom (read) the newspaper all morning. a has been talking b is talking 1 They to book a cheap holiday for days. a has written b has been writing The dogs in the garden all day. 0 We have since/already been flying for seven (listen) to my new CD all week. He there B Write sentences in the present perfect continuous. 3 We haven’t been waiting for long/yet. 0 Cindy / read / all afternoon Cindy has been reading all afternoon. 0 Our teacher at the moment. a has been b has been going The twins French lessons since last summer. a have worked b have been working The restaurant about three weeks ago. a has been renting b is renting 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks TOTAL: /15 L ES 7 S ON Lesson Test ES 8 S ON TOTAL: /15 9 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . a for b since She two books so far. She (watch) TV since she got home. They (drive) for more than six hours. 1 Have they been playing football yet/all morning? 2 The TV hasn’t been working since/for Friday. 0 I 've been listening 1 2 3 4 5 A Choose.Lesson Test L A Write the present perfect continuous. 4 Has the baby been crying already/all night? 5 Sandra hasn’t been living here since/for more than a month. a are playing b have been playing Oh no! Somebody my skateboard! a has stolen b has been stealing They in the sun and now they’re thirsty. It (rain) for a whole week! We (come) here for our holiday for years.

a could b have to Jason was angry because he find his keys. 9 Lesson Test 10 A Choose. You mustn’t /can’t /shouldn’t see her house from here. Can/Do we have to go to school? We won’t /couldn’t have a picnic on Saturday if it rains. a has to b can 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Choose and write. a couldn’t b didn’t have to The girls clean their rollerblades every week.Lesson Test A Choose. Should/Ought /Didn’t need we invite her to the party? Do they ought/need/must to have a passport? 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks B Choose a or b. a can’t b could You cook tomorrow because we’re going out. There’s no food in the house. Fred buy that car. but I find his number. a couldn’t b hasn’t Mark run very fast. 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks them a map! We ought to/may/should go to Italy this summer. Marina doesn’t/won’t invite them to her party. May please? I didn’t speak to Bob. I gave 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 She can’t /couldn’t see us. We can walk there. I must/may/might go to the supermarket. Tom didn’t have/couldn’t go out because he was sick. a had to b will have to I want to call Tom. the teacher will be angry. but he doesn’t like doing sports. You to do it. They needn’t /oughtn’t /couldn’t come and get us. 0 She 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 try harder than that if she wants to pass the test. a could b will have to The children come home early tomorrow. He looks terrible. oughtn’t may mustn’t couldn’t 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 have ought needn’t might we stay here tonight. We can go tomorrow. It’s dirty! 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 10 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 0 They mustn’t /needn’t /can’t be lost. We don’t know yet. please? She shouldn’t/needn’t /couldn’t speak French when she moved to Paris. It’s free. It’s too far away. I find him anywhere. please? We have to/could finish soon. They haven’t/don’t have to buy tickets. Ought/May/Needn’t I borrow your bike. He’ll decide later. Do you to finish the project by tomorrow? The baby put that in his mouth. Could/Have you be quiet. We go today. a couldn’t b won’t have to They buy an umbrella because it didn’t rain. I have to/don’t have to study tonight because I’ve got a test tomorrow morning. It’s a bad idea. If we don’t. Her eyes are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 closed. They to take him to the doctor’s.

5 questions x 1 = 5 marks part of the country two years ago. 1 (she/already/ spend) all her money? 2 We (visit) that C Choose. 0 Alan couldn’t see anything because he 1 2 3 4 5 broke/had broken his glasses. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 11 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 2 they / never / travel / by plane before 3 everybody / finish / by 7 o’clock 4 the circus / already / visit / our town 5 we / tidy / our desks before we left 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks he borrow your bike? 5 Who C Write the past simple or past perfect simple. b always 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks had they left the country? hadn’t she gone to the party? zoo had she taken Ann to? had everybody gone? had told them to do that? had he said to her? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose and write the past perfect simple. 0 Jason had a always 1 They had a always 11 L A Choose and write. b before 8 o’clock. read the book I bought him. 1 Steven / just / get / home had not never driven a bus before. that story before. 0 we / take / the wrong bus We had taken the wrong bus. Jack had never seen a camel before he had gone/went to the zoo. b after made a cake before. 0 I didn’t know he was ill because he hadn't told (not/tell) me. 0 1 2 3 4 5 which what why when who where When 2 Everyone had arrived a just b by 3 Mario had driven a bus . It was raining by the time we had got/got to the park. Angela had borrowed/borrowed Eric’s car. 3 Had Bill cooked dinner when you (arrive)? 4 (Jeremy/just/ finish) school when you met him? 5 Monica (not/ write) that article last year. Diana has left/had left by ten o’clock.Lesson Test A Choose a or b. so he had to come by bus. b already spoken French at home. a never b before 4 Lisa got sick a just 5 He had a never she had eaten the fish. she it from? if he could them the information? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 2 Which shop L ES S ON Lesson Test 12 ES S ON the project by Friday. give finish hear ask 0 She 1 I 3 They 4 drive buy B Expand to make sentences in the past perfect simple. They went to bed because they saw/ had seen that film before.

Don’t forget to write/writing your name at the top of the page. She doesn’t mind (wait). 0 try / clean / the windows with newspaper and vinegar Try cleaning the windows with newspaper and vinegar. a helping b to help Do you fancy out for dinner? a going b to go They didn’t expect . 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks tomorrow 6 they / expect / win / the race yesterday / ? 7 I’d / like / hear / that CD again 8 Simon / want / go / to India two years ago 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 12 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . a taking b to take Who offered you paint the kitchen? a helping b to help 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks We haven’t got any at home. She failed to answer/answering any of the questions. 1 Can we stop to buy/buying some cheese? 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 yesterday? a doing b to do I can’t afford those shoes. He doesn’t seem (know) what he’s doing. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Expand to make sentences. The teacher threatened (tell) my parents. a buying b to buy She never agrees us.Lesson Test A Choose a or b. By the time he finished (speak). everybody had left the room. I love to walk/walking in the park early in the morning. 0 Did you manage 13 all the homework Lesson Test 14 A Choose one or both. Do you miss to work/working there? I need to paint/painting the kitchen. I try to avoid (drive) in the mountains. Adam began to learn/learning the piano when he was five years old. 0 She’s decided 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 they / refuse / help / you last night / ? 3 they / agree / sell / the house yet / ? 4 you / fancy / go / to the beach on Sunday / ? 5 he must remember / give / us the money to study (study) chemistry. You need (eat) more fruit and vegetables. I want you (stop) talking and listen to me. 1 I / need / go / to bed early tonight B Write the full infinitive or -ing form. 0 The baby started to walk/walking yesterday. a winning b to win Can you imagine on the moon? a living b to live How about a chocolate cake? a making b to make Peter suggested the tram.

15 L A Choose. 0 Nobody bought tickets. The police (already/ call) by the time I got home. My brother didn’t tidy my room. All our biscuits They should tell everybody. a has read b read c was read 7 The email in five minutes. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 13 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE .Lesson Test A Choose a. b or c. a stole b will steal c was stolen 6 This book by all the kids in my class. Use the word given. a wasn’t taken b didn’t take c won’t take 4 Charlie six pieces of cake! a ate b will be eaten c was eaten 5 The painting from the shop. IS The car every Sunday. . . a is played b plays c is playing 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks 0 Have all the clothes been washed/washed? 1 None of us was paying/has been paid yet. until last week. 4 5 6 7 Tickets weren’t bought by anybody. They wash the car every Sunday. TIDIED My room by my brother. Who wrote this story? WAS Who by? Will they tell Katie tonight? TOLD Will tonight? 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks C Write the passive (present perfect simple or past perfect simple). 5 Had he told/been told what to do? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Complete in the passive voice. Our money The teacher hasn’t seen our work. Forty-two cars Dad had left our money on the table. Our photographs (not/take) yet. 0 The children to school every morning. 3 Has that red jacket bought/been bought yet? 4 Sandra still can’t cook because they haven’t finished /been finished painting her kitchen. 0 My windows have been broken (break) 1 2 3 4 5 three times this month! Dolphins (not/see) in this area for more than ten years. We ate the omelette as soon as it (make). Mr Green will buy that car. 2 The cats were hungry because they hadn’t / haven’t been fed. BE That car by Mr Green. Our work The mice had eaten all our biscuits. 1 2 3 5 BY She hadn’t been helped to make it They had washed forty-two cars that day. 0 Nobody had helped her make it. a are driving b are driven c drives 1 Nancy’s car fixed in the morning. a wrote b was written c is writing 3 She to the doctor’s until the next day. . MADE Dinner Simon tomorrow. The living room (already/tidy). a will b has c will be 2 That story by a six-year-old girl. . a will send b will be sent c is sending 8 Debbie with her dog every day. so you don’t need to do it. 1 2 3 4 B Complete in the passive voice. Everybody 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks L ES S ON Lesson Test 16 ES S ON . Who cleans the streets in your town? ARE Who by in your town? Simon will make dinner tomorrow. .

17 Lesson Test A Write so or such. I was so/too/enough thirsty that I drank two bottles of water! It’s enough/such/too dangerous to go in there. lives next to us. It was expensive. 0 It’s enough/too/very late! We can’t help 1 2 3 4 5 cream. 0 He had 1 2 3 4 5 18 who whose which that when where 0 1 2 3 4 5 This is the house that I wanted to buy. The museum has got sculptures were made over 2. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks so much money that he didn’t know how to spend it. a who’s b whose 1 There’s a girl in our class taller than B Write very. Was it warm to go swimming? The film was good. a who b which The table we are sitting is near the window. That film is long that I’ve never seen it all. but he’s happy he bought it. It was January I visited London. It was cold that we stayed at home. Is that the boy who’s/whose father is a firefighter? Ms Smith. Is that the man bought our house? I’ve got a friend parents are pilots. This is the girl who/that can speak Russian. This is the castle the king lives. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 14 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks them now. They’re noisy neighbours that the police are called almost every day.000 years ago. 0 Everyone was wearing jumpers because it 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 our teacher.Lesson Test A Choose and write. He’s been waiting for two hours! That’s such/so/too a funny story. You should see it! 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks C Choose one or both. We haven’t got chairs for twenty people! The test was difficult for me to do. She spoke quickly that I couldn’t understand anything she said. 0 I’ve got a dog which/that can run really fast. That was the day where/when I lost my wallet. a whose b who 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks was very cold. a where b which We know lots of people have got pets. There were such/too/so a lot of people at the supermarket that I didn’t buy anything. 0 That’s the boy cat was in our garden. 1 This is the café that/where we go for ice 2 3 4 5 C Choose. He’s too/enough/very angry. Maria was having a good time that she didn’t want to leave. a whose b who’s Do you remember you won the race? a when b who The bike he bought is blue. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose a or b. I can’t believe it’s true. too or enough. who/that is a vet.

b aren’t luggage with you? b many of soap in the bathroom. I’ve looked . a much a few any how some many few little B Choose and write. Actually. It’s really boring. There’s to do in this town. I wonder many times he’s seen that film. 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks TOTAL: /15 L ES S ON Lesson Test 20 ES S ON having fun. Let’s play a game! How time have we got to finish the test? The kids had great time. Can I have more money? We’ve got a more minutes. a – b some The class going on a trip tomorrow. there is you can do to help. She can’t remember where she left her keys. please. b is elephants at school TOTAL: /15 15 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . They could be . a are b is Have you met Johnsons yet? a – b the My family from Canada. everywhere nowhere somewhere nothing anybody everything nobody anywhere something 0 There’s a great little museum somewhere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 She only gave me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 a few eggs because she didn’t have many.Lesson Test A Choose a or b. a is b are Where the scissors? a is b are Remember to buy spaghetti. I never drink milk. b bar sugar? b a few 2 Have you got 2 3 4 5 6 7 work have you got to do? a many b much a some a cake 6 They gave me good advice. Did you meet interesting? The train was full. Susan’s got to talk to. 0 Did you buy a a loaf 1 There a isn’t a much 3 There’s a a slice 4 May I borrow a a little 5 How 19 of bread? b carton L A Choose a. Would you like a salt on your potatoes? 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks near here. a – b the The shorts in that shop very colourful. b or both. You didn’t have to tell the police ! I’ve got no idea where he is. There weren’t people at the party: only about twenty. a comes b come 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Choose and write. so don’t put in my tea. There was for us to sit. 0 The audience a are 1 We learnt about any furniture in the house. b a do you want? b paper 7 How many sheets of today.

0 If you add 3 and 7. I may go with them. 5 Would you have helped him if he told/had told you about the problem? 6 If Joe had had/had a car. 1 If Anne had been there. (live) near the sea. 2 Plants don’t grow if it (not/ rain). a will buy b buy She angry if you don’t tell her what happened. 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 16 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . I’m not getting in the car. 1 You (not/pass) the test if you don’t study. 0 You don't get (not/get) brown if you mix red and blue. a don’t b won’t Unless they a map. our kites (not/fly). a if b unless If we find the keys. 7 I’ll do it if Ted (not/want) to help you. would you go swimming every day? 7 I could listen to music all day if I (have) the time. 3 She won’t help unless we would pay/pay her. I (not/know) about the accident. 0 If Sam had broken (break) the table.Lesson Test A Choose a or b. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks important. everyone’s happy. 4 John would come/would have come if we invited him. a is b will be They’ll miss their plane they hurry! a if b unless If you red to yellow. we won’t be able to use the car. 4 He wouldn’t have said anything unless he (think) it was conditionals). he would have admitted it. 8 Simon (not/take) the skateboard if he had known it wasn’t yours. she had called/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 the next two minutes. 3 If you had listened to the radio. a go b will go If we ask. B Complete the sentences (zero and first 2 If I were you. 2 If the sun shines/will shine. 4 Unless Sam (be) the driver. he could drive to work. you get/would get 10. a don’t b won’t 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks would have called the police. 7 She’ll tell Adam if she sees/will see him. a add b will add Jim see you if you stand there. we’ll never know. they won’t find the town. a doesn’t b won’t If they to the museum. you get orange. 5 What will we do if the police (not/believe) our story? 6 Unless the wind blows. you (hear) the news. 1 If Susie hadn’t sent me that email. 5 James 6 If you (not/eat) that if he’d known there was meat in it. 0 We’ll miss the show 21 the bus comes in Lesson Test 22 A Choose. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Put the words into the correct form. I (take) that job. 3 I (ask) him if you want me to.

” he said to us. Colin stealing the money. “Leave your shoes outside.” said his father. 3 He said he had to/must finish it the following day. 3 4 Tina said 3 “We must find the key.” Jane said. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Complete the sentences in reported speech. The teacher me to go to the headteacher’s office. My sister told . . promised told denied suggested ordered offered refused warned 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 then. 1 2 3 4 John said 6 “I haven’t seen them. “Where are you going?” Tim asked me. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks told He me not to ask questions.” George said. Mike not to tell anyone my secret. Lucy said 8 “You must tell him. Nick. 6 I want to tell/say a few words before I go. “Don’t shout in class!” Ms Brown said to Ian. 0 He said/told us a great joke. Dan going to a restaurant for my birthday. The police officer asked me if/whether that was my bike . Jane said 5 “I’ll look for it later. . “Are you asleep?” Paul asked me.” Tom said. . Anna said The woman told us to wait in the queue .” Tina said. 1 Did he tell/say anything? 2 She said she was going to the shops now/ A Choose and write.” Pete said. Anna to say anything. Tim asked me . “Take an umbrella with you!” said my sister. 7 Julia said that she had seen him two days ago/earlier. They asked . 4 questions x 1 = 4 marks TOTAL: /15 L ES S ON Lesson Test 24 ES S ON TOTAL: /15 17 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . “Finish your work first. C Complete the sentences in reported speech. .” Anna said to me. 4 questions x 1 = 4 marks George said 4 “I’ve lost my bag. 2 “I wrote a letter to Jim. “Will you do the shopping?” he asked us.” John said. 0 “This soup is too hot!” Mark said. . Paul asked me .Lesson Test 23 L A Choose. . Nick’s father told . Lisa to help me choose a dress. . “Where can we buy tickets?” they asked. 0 “Wait in the queue!” the woman said to us. B Complete the sentences in reported speech. He asked us . 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks 1 “I don’t like it here. . 1 2 Mark said Pete said that the soup was too hot . Ms Brown told . 4 Did Paul say/tell you a secret? 5 Matt told me that he had visited/visited Spain the previous month.” Lucy said. Tom said 7 “I need to leave now. He told . 0 “Is this your bike?” the police officer asked me. They us not to go into the forest.

Lesson Test 25 A Write one word each time. 8 We’ll take either/both the bus or a taxi.” 2 “I’m reading a really good book. If only we (ask) the teacher to explain it again yesterday. I wish we (not/tell) her.” am I. play so my brother and I will 1) board games or watch TV.” did Tony. 3 Neither/Both post office is very big. We understand. We want to play football! 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks This weekend.” Lesson Test 26 A Choose. If only it (stop) raining. I wish I (know) what to do now. because neither my brother 7) I feel like going anywhere. though. 2 Both/Either girls are from France. 1 Either/Neither Jack nor Katy eats 1 “We don’t eat meat. 0) Saturday and both today have been awful. 0 If only Anna 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 were (be) here.” either!” Bill!” 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks They’ve all got too much homework. but 6) of them wants to come to our house. We hope (travel) to India one day. 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks B Choose and write. 4 Either/Both of my parents work at weekends.” . She’d love it! I wish you (come) earlier. “So “ “ “So can I. Today it’s raining again. 7 Neither the banks or/nor the shops are open today.” you. We called football 5) some of them this morning.” 7 “Sally isn’t happy when it rains. Todd wishes he (go) to the festival with his friends last weekend.” 6 “Jason enjoyed the party. We meet nearly 4) the boys from school there and we play either tennis.” 8 “They’ve just bought a new house. 2) of us is happy when it rains both like going to because 3) of the park. 5 Either the dog or the cat has/have eaten “I couldn’t “Neither “ “I’m “So 5 “Peter hasn’t eaten much. She’s very sad now.” your sandwich.” do we.” we. 0 “I can sing. either! 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 18 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE .” 4 “I couldn’t find any nice shoes. either neither both nor none or we all B Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 6 None/All of the books I need is in the library.” 3 “We went to Spain last summer. There’s no food left now. 0 None/All of my friends wants to go out.” chocolate.

their house (redecorate) next month. 5 6 Troy his hair (dye) a different colour every month. 0 Sam them washed. I all of is having his new windows installed (install) today. Brenda will fix her car/will have her car fixed at the weekend. She always does it herself. a were having b have had 8 Sheila has gone to the police station because she . 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks teeth L ES S ON Lesson Test 28 ES S ON teeth checked B Write the causative form (present simple or present continuous). Ms Collins has her emails written/writes her emails by Mr Smith. Her window cleaner is on holiday. 0 Simon since January. He really enjoys doing it.Lesson Test 27 L A Choose. a written b had written 2 Laura her bag stolen last week. their computer (not/repair) until next you the garden (water) every day? 2 the dog / its ears / not / clean / yet 3 Peter / should / his car / wash / soon 4 you / need to / your book / translate 5 he / the kitchen / paint / last week 6 can / I / my photo / take / here / ? 7 she / might / her article / publish / next week 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks Monday. Toby waters his garden/has his garden watered every day. It’s great! a has dyed his hair b has had his hair dyed 4 I didn’t that dress for you! a make b have made 5 My shirts are in the wardrobe. We deliver food/ have food delivered. Mario will have the children driven/will drive the children to school by his neighbour. B Expand to make sentences in the causative form. a took their aunt b had their aunt taken 7 They the floor cleaned when I arrived. She will have her dress designed/will design her dress by a famous designer. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 19 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . We don’t cook on Sundays. a had b has had 3 Thomas green by Charlie. a was having b have had 6 They to hospital by a friend last night. She isn’t having the windows cleaned/ cleaning the windows this week. 7 They their lunch (cook) right now. We check our homework/have our homework checked by the teacher every morning. 0 She has the kitchen painted/paints the 1 2 3 A Choose a or b. 0 we / must / car / fix / today 1 The Smiths 2 Jenny and Steve their eyes (check) at the moment. a didn’t check his b hasn’t had his 4 5 6 7 8 kitchen by Jack every three years. a has stolen her b has had her car car stolen 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks 1 Jonathan hasn’t his essay yet. 3 Our dog 4 They We must have the car fixed today. 1 they / trees / plant / last spring its teeth (clean) once a year.

0 I’d rather a not 1 0 You’re Emily’s sister. a don’t b didn’t They had better not Mum and Dad. I’d rather (stay) hungry than eat that! Bill had better (not/speak) to me again! I’d rather we (not/take) the children next time. 8 You remember Tim. aren't he? you? 2 3 2 They don’t want her there. a find b found Alison would rather with them. a won’t travel b didn’t travel Hadn’t they better some work? a did b do 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks B Put the verb in brackets into the correct form. a have gone b go We’d better him now. Hadn’t Tania better (study) for her exam tonight? He’d rather we (not/ borrow) his car tomorrow morning. a tell b to tell We’d better another way to get there. 4 She’ll tell them everything. she? he? they? you? 8 6 7 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks B Choose. 6 He’s never been there. you? 4 5 she? 5 Fran isn’t here yet. has haven’t isn’t do will don’t aren’t won’t is Lesson Test 30 A Choose a or b. a didn’t go b not go We’d rather Harry alone until he’s older. b don’t Jason would rather out yesterday. 1 He’s still ill. 0 Aren’t/Don’t you working today? 1 Hadn’t/Didn’t you met before? 2 Isn’t/Doesn’t Carol like her new school? 3 Haven’t/Weren’t the girls at the park? 4 Shouldn’t/Aren’t we do something to help? 5 Won’t/Don’t you tell us what happened? 6 Aren’t/Shouldn’t I going with you? 7 Doesn’t/Isn’t the film exciting? 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks play tennis today. 7 They won’t say anything. Nancy would rather (do) the project yesterday. 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks TOTAL: /15 TOTAL: /15 20 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . a pay b to pay I’d rather you ask them for help. 0 They had better 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 help (help) you this time. I would rather (eat) Chinese food last night.Lesson Test 29 A Choose and write. they? 3 You’ve read that book.

27 p. 31 . 30 p. 22 p. 28 p. 25 p. 29 p. 26 p. 24 p. 23 p.REVIEWS REVIEW 1 REVIEW 2 REVIEW 3 REVIEW 4 REVIEW 5 REVIEW 6 REVIEW 7 REVIEW 8 REVIEW 9 REVIEW 10 (Lessons 1-3) (Lessons 4-6) (Lessons 7-9) (Lessons 10-12) (Lessons 13-15) (Lessons 16-18) (Lessons 19-21) (Lessons 22-24) (Lessons 25-27) (Lessons 28-30) p.

3 I don’t understand the maths homework. (Lessons 1-3) C Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. 0 Bob / usually / go / to school by bike / ? 1 they / not / read / their books just now Does Bob usually go to school by bike? 0 Jeff goes swimming 1 Sally every Tuesday. I 0 Carla is going/goes to school just now. 4 The children are going to have a party 3 that hotel / belong / to me now weekend. 2 Mick / not / use / play / chess when he / be / plays football on . 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 last night Beth / call / while I / have / a bath 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 22 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . I was Sundays. please? 4 5 (you/ phone) your best friend last night? (you/do) your shopping when I saw you? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose and write. (give) them 1 (your sisters/play) chess when you saw them? 2 Michael (not/want) to watch TV just now. (you/help) me. every now until usually next while D Expand to make sentences. Did Mike win/Was Mike winning the race this morning? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks will give their breakfast. Do you get up/Are you getting up early every day? Dan reads/is reading a book at the moment.Review 1 A Choose. 5 We won’t start the game 4 he / play / the guitar at the moment / ? Jan arrives. I washed/was washing the dishes when the telephone rang. 0 As soon as the children get up. 1 Bob broke/was breaking his arm when he 2 3 4 5 fell off his bike. 2 Carol is tidying her room 3 Dad was reading younger doing my homework.

He’ll be (not/leave) work yet. 0 This time tomorrow (we/fly) to Spain. I’ll be here until 5:30. 5 Jerry / just / start / a new job at the airport 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 23 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 5 I watched that film . we’ll start eating. 1 The kids are hungry. 2 My friends will be having a picnic . I’ll give/be giving them something to eat. 3 Colin has been/gone to the bank. (not/read) a book since 2009! 2 Mark 3 How many years ago (you/learn) to drive? 4 How many presents (you/buy) so far? 5 Sally home in half an hour. (Lessons 4-6) C Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose and write. How many years have you lived here? 0 how many years / you / live / here / ? 1 my friends / go / Italy last year 0 Joe will be visiting his friends tonight . 1 I 0 This time tomorrow I’ll play/be playing we’ll be flying football.Review 2 A Choose. ago already for years last week on Sunday tonight D Expand to make sentences. 4 Jim went to bed two hours 4 Olga / send / you an email yesterday / ? . 2 I went/have been on holiday last month. 3 Ruth and Hannah have been friends 3 you / visit / your grandma lately / ? . 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks (visit) her grandparents this time next week. 2 Max / buy / his bike two years ago 1 The children have eaten their food. 4 Look! The cat is/will be eating the dog’s food! 5 When Mary will arrive/arrives. Use the present perfect simple or the past simple.

but I find the eggs! a can b can’t You leave.Review 3 A Choose. 1 they / get / up early every morning / ? 0 We’ve been living here for 2 Liz / not / write / essay for homework last years. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 I use your computer today? b Would I’m good at singing. 0 1 2 0 I have tried/been trying to find my dog for days. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 they / send the emails yesterday / ? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 24 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 0 I / wash / the dishes last night I had to wash the dishes last night. 4 They weren’t/haven’t been going home when I saw them. answered that . but I dance. 1 I haven’t been to the cinema last year. 3 Alice has already finished/been finishing 3 4 her essay. 2 Ms Grant hasn’t been working at this school night for 3 I’ve . a could b can I want to make an omelette. a can b can’t She didn’t go out because she finish her project. 4 She came to our party 5 They’ve been singing and dancing 4 you / not / finish / it yesterday . 3 Ben / tidy / his room every weekend question. all evening last week already for long since D Expand to make sentences with have to. 5 Dave has just heard/been hearing the news. 2 She has looked/been looking for Tim for hours. 1 The new teacher hasn’t spoken/been speaking to us yet. a don’t have to b will have to a Could 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose and write. You can stay if you want. (Lessons 7-9) C Choose a or b. a had to b will have to Mum read before she started school.

had he hidden the money? b Where c What 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks find Claudia. It can’t never runs away from me. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose and write. so they were thirsty. 1 I advise you to get the earlier train. 5 They haven’t had/hadn’t had anything to drink. 2 I’ve invited all of my friends. can’t couldn’t needn’t might should must D Choose a. but you can start it tomorrow. 0 I’m sure that that’s not Mike’s dog. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks had arrived/arrived. 0 Had she you such a great present b gave c given before? a give 1 Did they often such long emails? a write b written c wrote 2 Do you ever chocolate? a eat b ate c eaten 3 He saw what you’d a take b took You get the earlier train. 1 She said goodbye and went out/had gone friend must/may/ought not come. 3 I knew who he was because I’d met him where you are going. but like this one. but my best never ate/had never eaten it before. That be Mike’s dog. I’ll do it.Review 4 A Choose. 3 You must/might/need not make fun of your out. . You’ll have to finish your project soon. 5 You’ll have to finish your project soon. 5 You oughtn’t/mightn’t/needn’t wash the before/since. but it’s possible he’ll like this one. It never runs away from me. He’d be very unhappy. 4 We had finished cooking before our friends dishes. They be the new maths 4 Why hadn’t she her new shoes? a wear b wore c worn 5 a Who 4 They weren’t able to find Claudia. but we haven’t/ needn’t/oughtn’t do it today. he 3 I’m sure that he’s the new maths teacher. 1 We have to do it this week. but start it today. (Lessons 10-12) C Choose. 2 Last night we watched an old film that we little brother. 0 I wanted to try Chinese food because I 0 You should/have/ought tell your parents. b or c. didn’t he? c taken He teacher. 4 You ought/must/should to tell your parents haven’t seen/hadn’t seen for years. Ted doesn’t like most adventure films. 2 Ted doesn’t like most adventure films. you 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 25 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE .

a will be taught b are taught 1 All the spaghetti a ate 2 a Were D Choose and write in the correct form. 4 Will you remember (call) Sue tomorrow? 5 My bedroom needs (paint). 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose a or b. 2 Will the cakes make/be made tomorrow? 3 On my birthday. my friends gave/were to the cinema tonight? 2 I have arranged (visit) my uncle next week. (Lessons 13-15) C Write the infinitive or the -ing form. 1 This computer will use/be used by Tom and (go) Sue. 3 Anna promised (help) us. 5 A good breakfast makes/is made it easier for you to do well at school. 5 promised to feed my cat for a week. When will you the kitchen? I’ve my computer and get a better one. I can’t so much money! I was sad because I didn’t my exam. avoid/eat decide/sell finish/paint imagine/have manage/pass promise/feed 0 Jan 1 2 3 4 b was chased 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks by Jack! b was eaten those umbrellas made here? b Do by me! b be washed in 1990.Review 5 A Choose. 1 Do you fancy 0 We helped/were helped by our teacher. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks given me lots of presents. 0 The children Spanish next year. taking 0 Frank enjoys (take) the kids to the funfair. 4 His emails always send/are always sent in the morning. TOTAL: /20 26 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . You should chocolate so often. b builds 3 The car won’t a wash 4 Our school a was built 5 The dog a chased the car.

She’s got such a lot of books that her bag is too heavy. such It was such a long journey that he was exhausted. such that we went to the beach. It still hasn’t/hadn’t been found. He isn’t young to start c too 2 school now. 1 0 Lars is five. lives next door to us. 5 She hasn’t been sent/sent him the email yet. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks which D Complete. many that her bag is too heavy. b enough c too to drive a car! I’m 4 4 Of course I’m not thirty. Thursday’s the day I have my piano lesson.Review 6 A Choose. 0 The journey was so long that he was B Choose a. John Brown. 1 We haven’t told/been told what to do yet. The day was so hot that we went to the beach. 1 2 3 4 5 0 Val didn’t know about the party because she hasn’t/hadn’t been invited. using the word given. I’ve got so many jobs to do that I haven’t got time to play. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks I am listening to now. 4 I haven’t got my book. is a famous footballer. It was such a tasty cake that I asked for another slice. a rich enough b very rich 5 exhausted. when where which who’s whose who 0 Beth’s CD. I know a boy parents teach him at home. 3 I couldn’t see her because I hadn’t been put/ put on my glasses. is great. so that I asked for another slice. I wish I had one like b enough c too 3 it. The film was so good that we wanted to see it again. The shop we buy our fruit belongs to my aunt. The man working with my father used to be a farmer. a very old b old enough c too old c rich 5 She isn’t to buy a yacht. such that we wanted to see it again. (Lessons 16-18) C Choose and write. a very 2 Are you a too well 3 You are a very to go back to school now? b well enough c enough well good at your job. work that I haven’t got time to play. 2 Dave hasn’t found/been found his other shoe. a enough 1 His new car is b very nice. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 27 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . b or c.

so she couldn’t put any in her coffee. you get seven. 5 The book is but I don’t know where. 2 I’ll make more of those sandwiches if you (like) them. ! 1 I couldn’t find my glasses 2 There was milk in the fridge. 0 I’d like another slice of cheese/paper/bread. 0 We asked a lot of people for help. There in the house. every. any. they (get) very hungry. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks (add) four and three. 3 Have you got another pair of papers/ 1 If people don’t eat anything. 2 It was an old piece of furniture/juice/ D Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. 5 I (not/have) a nice time if you don’t come with me. 3 If you don’t leave the house now. subject. (Lessons 19-21) C Write some. 1 Your news is/are very good! 2 How many/much luggage did you bring? 3 His hair were/was a lot longer last year. 4 I’ve got a little/few board games. 4 If you scissors/jeans? 4 Where’s the packet of flour/sugar/oil? 5 We’ve got a few jars of jam/cheese/honey. we had. money. 5 He said maths were/was his favourite nobody gave us any.Review 7 A Choose. information. or a word formed from one of those words. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 28 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 3 He asked me for 4 They stole was nothing left. no. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Underline the two correct words. 1 He bought a tube of milk/glue/toothpaste. you (be) late for school. but 0 I need a/some good advice. 0 You won’t know (not/know) what to do unless you ask Kim.

0 “I found my pen yesterday.” (give) them would give their money back if I were you. ” ” “ wanted. has/had lost her cat.” Dad said that D Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 29 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . “ 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 He told me to put his book where I’d found B Complete the reported speech. 2 Ted (know) what (you/find) the Ron told me he 3 4 “We visited our uncle’s cottage two weeks ago.” 1 They might have had more fun if they (not/be) so cold. they (not/run) The children said that 5 “These friends of mine have come here before. 1 Jack said he had already written his story. book if you looked for it? 4 I’m sure he wouldn’t be upset if you (help) him.” Tom said that away. “ it. Our teacher told us that 3 “I can give you this book tonight.” ” Kay said that she had found her pen the previous day. 3 They warned/suggested me not to believe 2 She said our children could leave when they Jim. 5 They asked me why was I/I was annoyed. (Lessons 22-24) C Complete the direct speech. your own website. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks ” ” ” 3 Sue denied taking my bike two days earlier.Review 8 A Choose. 2 Jill said that she was unhappy because she marks the next day. 5 If you hadn’t shouted at them. 0 She told us that she would give us our 0 Alex said that he spoke/had spoken to them the previous day. 0 I 1 “Your sister will show you how to make 2 “You must hand in your essays tomorrow. 1 Mark said/told me that he was feeling cold.” to do if we’d asked him. “ I’ll give you your marks tomorrow. “ “ 4 Frank asked me where I’d bought my car. 4 He denied/refused breaking the chair.

0 “He doesn’t know Sally.” I. but I wish I have/had one. 3 I wish they would invite/can invite me there more often. a had b has 2 Does he himself? a have his garden b water his garden last week.” 2 You can have or the blue one. a had b have 5 She by Ms Jones.” we.” 3 “Anne doesn’t like skiing. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks written 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 30 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . . go to the cinema.” 4 We can either play football the children in my class plays the piano.” 4 “John hasn’t found a job. a writes her emails b has her emails hadn’t said that to Tom yesterday.” 5 “I’m very happy today. 1 If only we can/could come with you next weekend! 2 I hope she finds/found what she’s looking for. a has her car washed b washes her car 1 Sue her wallet stolen yesterday. 0 Martha by the boy next door.” Tina and George called me today. 1 nor Tony lives 1 “I can’t speak Italian. 5 None “They “ “ you. the red ball .” Jack nor Sandra did the maths homework. 0 Neither Mark “ “I “ Neither do I.” C Write one word each time. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose. 0 I wish I didn’t buy/hadn’t bought those shoes D Choose a or b.Review 9 (Lessons 25-27) A Complete the responses. 4 I haven’t got a pet.” near me.” 3 2 “Carol is a teacher. 5 Now she wishes that she didn’t say/ watered 3 Jack at that hairdresser’s. a has his hair cut b cuts his hair 4 I the floor washed last night.

rather do that. 3 He has already painted the wall. 4 He’s already eaten his lunch. ask Peter to come rather stay at home ? 2 Nancy is your younger sister. 2 They haven’t washed the dishes yet. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks information he wants? 1 Haven’t/Didn’t you have a good time? 2 Isn’t/Hasn’t Jack in your class? 3 Shouldn’t/Weren’t your parents angry? 4 Can’t/Don’t they answer the question? 5 Haven’t/Wasn’t I right? Did she have lunch cooked yesterday? 5 Haven’t they built the house yet? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTAL: /20 31 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . C Write one word each time. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks B Choose.Review 10 (Lessons 28-30) A Write the question tags. 4 They were planting trees. 5 I’d rather 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks done the job without her help. 0 Paul went home early. 3 He’d better ? 5 You didn’t see Henry. 0 Did she cook lunch yesterday? 1 He wasn’t fixing his bike then. or she’ll be very angry with you. ? 4 I’d rather go for a walk watch TV. 0 Weren’t/Won’t you give him the D Rewrite in the causative form. tell Janet what you said. 1 Hadn’t we too? 2 I think I ? 3 They’ll get there before us. didn’t he ? 0 We could go to the beach if you’d 1 You’re not very happy today. ? tonight.


36 . 35 p.Exams Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 (Lessons 1-10) (Lessons 11-20) (Lessons 21-30) p. 34 p.

a will be seeing b have seen 3 We our presents yet. 2 We’ll have lunch as soon as Hilary will arrive/arrives. a will open b haven’t opened 4 Sandra the dog for a walk right now. a used to swim b were swimming 7 They to Spain every year. (Lessons 1-10) C Choose. a has bought b bought 2 I Julie in three days’ time. Maria forgot to invite him to her party! 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks waiting/We’re waiting for hours! 7 That car belongs/is belonging to Tom. 1 They didn’t use/used to like maths. don’t remember her name. 8 Olga isn’t wanting/doesn’t want to come with us. a will tell b have told 1 James that bike three days ago. 5 This time tomorrow we fly/we’ll be flying look after my baby brother. but now they do. 4 Pam has gone/been out. 0 I did my homework after/before I went to 0 We you what happened next week. 8 questions x 1 = 8 marks TOTaL: /25 34 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . I think I’m closing/I’ll close the They haven’t eaten all day! 4 I didn’t come because I window. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks young. 5 Bill to Brazil! 6 Where have you been? We’ve been be very happy. a is taking b takes 5 William’s class a visited 6 They bed. b has visited in the river when they were aunt. but I haven’t remembered/ speak three could languages by the time he was four! to wash your hands I borrow your rubber? be hungry. 0 Helen rides/is riding her bike at the D Choose and write. to before you eat. may could must had can’t ought 0 Jason 1 You moment. 3 The children are going/will to go to the park later. She’s visiting her the museum last week. 5 He waited until/when Anna arrived.Exam 1 A Choose a or b. 1 I know that girl. 2 Was he playing/Did he play chess when he was young? 3 Was she having/Did she have a bath when 2 3 The children you called? 4 It’s cold. a are going b go 7 questions x 1 = 7 marks B Choose.

a whose b which 4 questions x 1 = 4 marks 4 We haven’t got a anywhere 5 I’ve told you a anything TOTaL: /25 35 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . please? b loaf of cheese. Nick stopped (work) because he was very tired. b have to hide. b sheets of glue? b tube 2 Have you got a a bar 3 The police a has C Choose a or b.Exam 2 (Lessons 11-20) A Write the full infinitive or -ing form. This car needs (clean). b nowhere I know. The office They finished that project this morning. a whose b who’s I’ll never forget the day I fell off my bike. a where b when That’s the dog bit the police officer. a have b had That’s the girl brother is in my class. b everything 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks that film before. 0 I watered the plants yesterday. Do you toothpaste here. We’d like (have) breakfast early. 0 We have a saw 1 2 3 4 been called. here. 5 Are there B Complete in the passive voice. this That project morning. 0 She can’t afford 1 2 3 4 5 D Choose and write. Somebody has stolen the bus! ! The bus They shouldn’t park cars here. Do you remember (visit) that island? It was great. wasn’t it? 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks to buy (buy) that 0 There isn’t 1 We’ve got a much paper on the desk. 0 Can I have a a glass 1 I’d like five a slices of water. please. b seen I already left when you called. apples. The plants Who does these tests? these tests Who by? Someone will clean the office tonight. 1 omelette? 6 It’s 2 3 4 5 were watered yesterday. Cars 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks E Choose a or b. tonight. so such enough too little much few dress! I fancy (go) to the cinema next Saturday. want one? 2 There’s a 3 It was 4 It’s an interesting book that I’d like to read it again! cold today that I don’t eggs to make an hot to do anything today! 6 questions x 1 = 6 marks want to go out. please.

0 1 2 3 am I I’m not late. she (be) angry with you. Sarah her car (not/wash) yet.” said the boys. “We must be home by 10 o’clock. They their house (paint) at the moment. a or b nor 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks add fifteen. 0 1 2 3 Isn’t /Aren’t those clothes dirty? Hasn’t /Isn’t George sent you an email? Weren’t /Didn’t they playing chess? Shouldn’t /Haven’t you wash that apple before you eat it? 3 questions x 1 = 3 marks TOTaL: /25 36 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . Bill asked me . The boys said that . ? Harry’s got a cat. 4 questions x 1 = 4 marks E Write the question tag each time. 0 If you 1 If I C Choose a or b. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks D Complete in the causative form.” Ann said to me. 0 Neither girl read that book. “I can’t use your computer. Maria asked . a has invited b had invited 4 If only I speak Italian! a can b could 5 Neither Ian Jill has had any pizza. 0 “I finished my project today. a denied b advised us 2 I’d rather you borrow my car! a didn’t b don’t 3 Anne wishes she Leah to her party.” Tom said. 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 Tom said that he had finished his project that day . Ann said that . I would ride it to school. 0 We 1 B Complete in reported speech. a has b have 1 Bill to eat the cheese sandwiches. 3 Unless he (leave) now. 4 If Mark (take) a map with him.Exam 3 (Lessons 21-30) A Put the verbs into the right form. I my hair (cut) when you called me. “Do you like pears?” Bill asked me. ? 3 questions x 1 = 3 marks ? F Choose. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks had the windows cleaned (clean) yesterday. “Don’t watch TV now!” Paul said to me. (add) five and (have) a bike. ? You invited Tim to your party. “Where’s my mobile phone?” Maria asked. she (invite) her. The dog its teeth (check) every year. Paul told . he wouldn’t have got lost. 2 If you don’t tell her. you get twenty. he’ll miss the bus. 5 If Grace had known Jill was in town. They will call us.

Final exam Final exam (Lessons 1-30) p. 38 .

5 John has/had written five stories so far. b nothing shirt is 8 Both shirts are fantastic. please? a very 5 They haven’t got luggage. b many a much 6 He’s the man a whose 7 There isn’t a anything for ten years. a so 4 This cake is nice. 4 Annie comes/is coming into the shop right to wait for the bus because there were no taxis. 10 Oh no! I’d/I’ve forgotten to close the door. 0 It isn’t to go swimming. 8 When Ben arrived.Final exam (lessons 1-30) A Choose. 1 We travelled/have travelled to China last three year. Can I have some b too have lunch in Rome! 7 Pauline has been working/is working here more. a neither b either 9 Diana making a pizza. but I didn’t believe/ wasn’t believing him. 6 This time tomorrow we’ll be having/we’ll do them. 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks dog loves my cat! b which more we can do. b suggested a promised 10 Jimmy threatened the teacher what we b to tell had done. a ought b had easy tasks that anyone can b such 3 These are now. a telling 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks 38 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . I’ll lend/ B Choose a or b. 0 Look! Alex needs an umbrella. we have/had already eaten. but expensive. 9 The children are needing/need some help. a warm enough b very warm 1 We have been watching TV I lend him one. 2 Do you open/Have you opened your hours! a for 2 We b since presents yet? 3 He said his dad’s a king.

” ?” said the children. it melts. “I gone to the supermarket. 1 Helen said that she was cleaning her 10 questions x 1 = 10 marks .” said Mary.C Put the verbs into the right form. skateboard then. 5 I want you walk after lunch.” said Helen. 2 “Turn off the radio!” Dad told me. 3 Ron asked me if I often went to the library. “I . The children said that . 0 Both boys 1 The email will 2 You won’t tell Philip. (help) you with your were at school yesterday. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks leave now. 1 If you 2 I E Write one word each time. (leave) ice yesterday. 3 We had (tell) me about the concert. 5 Sam said that he couldn’t do the housework the next day. you often “ Ron asked me. 3 He won’t work unless you (pay) him. 4 Harry 5 If you party. 5 questions x 1 = 5 marks TOTal: /40 39 HILLSIDE PRESS • PHOTOCOPIABLE . you? great time at the project if I had time. sent to you soon. 4 Harry his hair cut by Rachel take the dog for a you (forget) about the party if you hadn’t reminded him. 7 You better not make any rather you washed the dishes! make the mistakes. 8 I 9 We will have D Complete the direct or reported speech. birthday cake tomorrow. 4 “We’re very happy with our new bikes. He’ll be back soon. 0 Fred would send you an email if he knew (know) your address. I would have come. too. 0 “I have finished my homework. 10 Paul Mary said that she had finished her homework . 6 You won’t miss the train cream in the sun.” said Sam. Dad told me .

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