1 Set VMC in Debug Mode The logical application server is usually hosted on different servers and load balanced via the message server. To debug the VMC the user has to know on which host his work process run. In the SAPGUI menu System -> Status… the Server name (first part) is displayed. On the next page (3rd button) also the corresponding IP address is given. Switching between hosts of one server can be done via transaction sm51. Run transaction sm52 to display the available VMCs. This window will later show the servers running virtual machines and also the debug state and port of each one. A VMC work process switches into debug mode when a program flow from ABAP to Java (RFC function module) is passed and ABAP was in debug mode (with /h). To help debugging each call of such a pricing RFC module a conditional breakpoint triggered. To active the breakpoint the user parameter PRC_RFC has to be set to X (transaction su3). While running the transaction (e.g. order processing) each call to pricing will hold and with a step-into debugging into the RFC module (F5) a VMC debug port will be activated. This VMC will stay attached as long the ABAP transaction runs. 5.2 Attach Eclipse Java Debugger After a VMC work process has an open debug port, which can be viewed with transaction sm52, the eclipse debugger can be attached to it. Because attaching the debugger to the VMC will run directly the code, first interesting java breakpoint may be set. Attaching eclipse works then as follow: 1. Open menu Run->Debug… 2. Create a new Remote Java Application Configuration 3. Enter as host the server where the VMC work process is running on 4. Enter the debug port as the one VMC work process debug port shown in transaction sm52 5. Click on Debug

.The debugging view will normally popup automatically and a successful attachment will show all working threads of that VMC work process.

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