TASK1 Match example sentences with the names of various metaphors.

knowing is seeing time is money words are weapon darkness is a cover effects of humor are injuries

affection is warmth

emotions are physical forces

______________________ The comedian knocked them over. The performance killed them. She nearly died of laughter. Stop telling those jokes, you're killing me! ______________________ Can you spare me 5 minutes? I spent too much time on that. Don’t waste my time. How much leave can you afford to take at Christmas? ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ She used some sharp words. That was pretty cutting language. He was bombarded by insualts. Under cover of darkness. He was enveloped in darkness. Darkness closed in over us. She is a warm person. They gave me a warm welcome. My love for her still smolders. I was moved by the poem . I was pushed into depression. She was carried away by the song. He was struck by anger Do you see what I mean? What is your view on that? His judgement was clouded.