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Just for today

Earl, Mouradian, Entress, Limina (BMI) / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI; Entress Music, BMI

01 The Big Train 5:26

02 Blues For Celie 9:32 03 Miracle 4:37


Ronnie Earl / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

Ronnie Earl / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

Blues for Hubert Sumlin 8:30 Ain’t Nobody’s Business 9:09 Jukein’ 4:45

08 Equinox 8:12 09 10 11 12 13

Ronnie Earl / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

John Coltrane / Jowcol Music LLC

Ronnie Earl, Bruce Katz / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI; Lizzie Leaps Publishing

04 Heart of Glass 6:58 05 Rush Hour 3:08

Porter Grainger, Everett Robbins / Redwood Music Ltd, MCA Music Canada

Ronnie Earl / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

Ronnie Earl, Per Hanson / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

Robert Nighthawk Stomp 3:52 I’d Rather Go Blind Pastorale 6:06


72532 13632 7

06 Vernice’s Boogie 3:32

Dave Limina (BMI)

Earl, Mouradian, Entress, Limina (BMI) / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI; Entress Music, BMI

Mr. Earl Publishing is administered Bill Foster, Ellington Jordan / Arc Music Corporation by Happy Valley Music Ronnie Earl / Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

Ronnie Earl, Producer Deborah Blanchard, Associate Producer Holger Petersen, Executive Producer

Lorne Entress

Piano & Hammond B3

Dave Limina

Jim Mouradian

Ronnie Earl

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SPCD 1363 © & P 2013 Stony Plain Recording Co. Ltd. MADE IN CANADA. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. P.O. Box 861, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5J 2L8 For a free catalogue: 780-468-6423 fax: 780-465-8941 email:

I would like to extend my gratitude to John Mouradian and Mouradian Guitar, John Puhl at Dean’s Guitars, Jeff at Retro Music, all those at Dyno Records, Nuggets Records, Dave’s Guitars, and the Acton Jazz Café. Thank you to Huck Bennert, Leland Stein and everyone at the Regent Theatre Arlington, the Natick Center for the Arts, and the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River. Thank you to my friends at Barnes and Noble, Melissa, Paul, and Jeff, Four Eyes in Nashua, Kenmore Collectibles, Newbury Comics in Nashua and in Cambridge. I am grateful for all those at the Main Street Café in Groton, everyone at First Baptist Church of Littleton, and Stony Plain Records (Holger Petersen, Alvin Jahns, Peter Chapman, Angeline Cuming, and Crystal Sherris). I deeply appreciate the beautiful soulfulness of Mike Avery, Mike Buck, the Thompson sisters, and all the great bands in Boston. I send my love to Tom Travers and family, Brian O’Neil, Rob in St. Louis, Alan and Margie Forbes, Veneita, Chyrstald, Nancy H., Linda G., and all the friends of Bill and Lois W. Much love and thanks to Dr. Martin, Cecilia Larson, John Sos and Sara, Zig Zeller, and Zach Zunis. I am grateful to Larry Kopp, Diane Blue, Julie Melucci, Nicholas Tabarias and his parents, and the Detroit Jasons. My deepest love is extended to Marj Butler, Willi Butler, Christine Shorey, Vernice and Dan Jones, Steve and Barbara Garfinkle, Seth Holzman, Stew Gatz and Brian, Vida and Arianna Olson. All my love and respect go out to Bill Provost and family, Charlie, Anne Lee and Matthew Ellis, Rev. Ronny Lanier, Karen Sutton, Lyle Webster, John Court, Angela Strehli, and Alexis Kiss. All praise to the God-gifted guitarist Lucky Peterson, and to Lurrie Bell. A special soulful and musical thanks to Ana Popovic, Nick Moss, Kim Wilson, Willie Lomax, Bobby Radcliff, Racky Thomas, David Maxwell, Ron Levy and Peter Green. In deep gratitude always to my mentor and family, Otis, and Masaki Rush. Special love and thanks go out to the Wetzel family, and my blues playing brother Joe. All praise and thanks to the brotherhood of the Broadcasters, Dave, Lorne, Jimmy, and the entire Broadcaster family, to beautiful Tommy and Suwanna, Rocky and Eddie. I am so grateful to everyone in the Broadcaster family for their everlasting love, artistry and spirituality. Much love to Debbie and Donna for without them and their blessings and love this album would not be possible. Donna you are the center of my universe and have my eternal gratitude and love always. Thank you! This album is dedicated with all deepest love to Hubert Sumlin, and to the memory of Bob Babbitt, Duck Dunn, Whitney Houston, and Gil Scott-Heron. I send special prayers for the victims of violence, including those in Colorado, the Sikh Temple, and the three beautiful girls in Dorchester. Always carry hope and an open heart in your life. Don’t quit before the miracle happens. Love, Ronnie

Diane Blue - Vocals on I’d Rather Go Blind Nicholas Tabarias - Guitar on Rush Hour and on Jukein’ Recorded Live at The Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA The Natick Center for the Arts, Natick, MA The Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA Huck Bennert, Recording and Mixing Engineer David Nickerson, Recording, Bay State Sound, The Regent Theatre Joe Idzal, Recording, All Things Audio, The Natick Center John Mailloux, Bongo Beach Productions, The Narrows Center Neal Ward, Engineer Debbie Blanchard, Tom Hazeltine, Marjorie Butler Photography Michael Dangelmaier, Karo Group, Package Design Lorne Entress uses Vic Firth sticks and brushes and Dream Cymbals Exclusive Worldwide Bookings Ted Kurland Associates

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Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters have moved audiences since the late 1970’s through deep, soulful renditions of classic and new tunes, frequently continuing the blues tradition of sharing the stage with the younger generation. Every Ronnie Earl performance is unique; through the musical notes of passion and pain you may laugh, clap, dance, sit still, breathe deeply and experience joy and healing. A Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters’ show …is full of life!