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Version 1.73 (Sun, Jun 10 2005)

* Fixed denial of service bug:
* Now has a total of 20 translations
* Fixed alt attachments bug:

Version 1.72 (Wed, May 25 2004)

* Added Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, and Turkish translations.
* Received: Removed this method because spam filter programs like
SpamAssassin reject this header.
* Fixed error count bug.
* SetLanguage default is now "language/".
* Fixed magic_quotes_runtime bug.

Version 1.71 (Tue, Jul 28 2003)

* Made several speed enhancements
* Added German and Italian translation files
* Fixed HELO/AUTH bugs on keep-alive connects
* Now provides an error message if language file does not load
* Fixed attachment EOL bug
* Updated some unclear documentation
* Added additional tests and improved others

Version 1.70 (Mon, Jun 20 2003)

* Added SMTP keep-alive support
* Added IsError method for error detection
* Added error message translation support (SetLanguage)
* Refactored many methods to increase library performance
* Hello now sends the newer EHLO message before HELO as per RFC 2821
* Removed the boundary class and replaced it with GetBoundary
* Removed queue support methods
* New $Hostname variable
* New Message-ID header
* Received header reformat
* Helo variable default changed to $Hostname
* Removed extra spaces in Content-Type definition (#667182)
* Return-Path should be set to Sender when set
* Adds Q or B encoding to headers when necessary
* quoted-encoding should now encode NULs \000
* Fixed encoding of body/AltBody (#553370)
* Adds "To: undisclosed-recipients:;" when all recipients are hidden (BCC)
* Multiple bug fixes

Version 1.65 (Fri, Aug 09 2002)

* Fixed non-visible attachment bug (#585097) for Outlook
* SMTP connections are now closed after each transaction
* Fixed SMTP::Expand return value
* Converted SMTP class documentation to phpDocumentor format

Version 1.62 (Wed, Jun 26 2002)

* Fixed multi-attach bug
* Set proper word wrapping
* Reduced memory use with attachments
* Added more debugging
* Changed documentation to phpDocumentor format

Version 1.60 (Sat, Mar 30 2002)

* Sendmail pipe and address patch (Christian Holtje)
* Added embedded image and read confirmation support (A. Ognio)
* Added unit tests
* Added SMTP timeout support (*nix only)
* Added possibly temporary PluginDir variable for SMTP class
* Added LE message line ending variable
* Refactored boundary and attachment code
* Eliminated SMTP class warnings
* Added SendToQueue method for future queuing support

Version 1.54 (Wed, Dec 19 2001)

* Add some queuing support code
* Fixed a pesky multi/alt bug
* Messages are no longer forced to have "To" addresses

Version 1.50 (Thu, Nov 08 2001)

* Fix extra lines when not using SMTP mailer
* Set WordWrap variable to int with a zero default

Version 1.47 (Tue, Oct 16 2001)

* Fixed Received header code format
* Fixed AltBody order error
* Fixed alternate port warning

Version 1.45 (Tue, Sep 25 2001)

* Added enhanced SMTP debug support
* Added support for multiple ports on SMTP
* Added Received header for tracing
* Fixed AddStringAttachment encoding
* Fixed possible header name quote bug
* Fixed wordwrap() trim bug
* Couple other small bug fixes

Version 1.41 (Wed, Aug 22 2001)

* Fixed AltBody bug w/o attachments
* Fixed rfc_date() for certain mail servers

Version 1.40 (Sun, Aug 12 2001)

* Added multipart/alternative support (AltBody)
* Documentation update
* Fixed bug in Mercury MTA

Version 1.29 (Fri, Aug 03 2001)

* Added AddStringAttachment() method
* Added SMTP authentication support

Version 1.28 (Mon, Jul 30 2001)

* Fixed a typo in SMTP class
* Fixed header issue with Imail (win32) SMTP server
* Made fopen() calls for attachments use "rb" to fix win32 error

Version 1.25 (Mon, Jul 02 2001)

* Added RFC 822 date fix (Patrice)
* Added improved error handling by adding a $ErrorInfo variable
* Removed MailerDebug variable (obsolete with new error handler)

Version 1.20 (Mon, Jun 25 2001)

* Added quoted-printable encoding (Patrice)
* Set Version as public and removed PrintVersion()
* Changed phpdoc to only display public variables and methods

Version 1.19 (Thu, Jun 21 2001)

* Fixed MS Mail header bug
* Added fix for Bcc problem with mail(). *Does not work on Win32*
(See PHP bug report:
* mail() no longer passes a fifth parameter when not needed

Version 1.15 (Fri, Jun 15 2001)

[Note: these changes contributed by Patrice Fournier]
* Changed all remaining \n to \r\n
* Bcc: header no longer writen to message except
when sent directly to sendmail
* Added a small message to non-MIME compliant mail reader
* Added Sender variable to change the Sender email
used in -f for sendmail/mail and in 'MAIL FROM' for smtp mode
* Changed boundary setting to a place it will be set only once
* Removed transfer encoding for whole message when using multipart
* Message body now uses Encoding in multipart messages
* Can set encoding and type to attachments 7bit, 8bit
and binary attachment are sent as is, base64 are encoded
* Can set Encoding to base64 to send 8 bits body
through 7 bits servers

Version 1.10 (Tue, Jun 12 2001)

* Fixed win32 mail header bug (printed out headers in message body)

Version 1.09 (Fri, Jun 08 2001)

* Changed date header to work with Netscape mail programs
* Altered phpdoc documentation

Version 1.08 (Tue, Jun 05 2001)

* Added enhanced error-checking
* Added phpdoc documentation to source

Version 1.06 (Fri, Jun 01 2001)

* Added optional name for file attachments

Version 1.05 (Tue, May 29 2001)

* Code cleanup
* Eliminated sendmail header warning message
* Fixed possible SMTP error

Version 1.03 (Thu, May 24 2001)

* Fixed problem where qmail sends out duplicate messages

Version 1.02 (Wed, May 23 2001)

* Added multiple recipient and attachment Clear* methods
* Added Sendmail public variable
* Fixed problem with loading SMTP library multiple times

Version 0.98 (Tue, May 22 2001)

* Fixed problem with redundant mail hosts sending out multiple messages
* Added additional error handler code
* Added AddCustomHeader() function
* Added support for Microsoft mail client headers (affects priority)
* Fixed small bug with Mailer variable
* Added PrintVersion() function

Version 0.92 (Tue, May 15 2001)

* Changed file names to class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php to match
current PHP class trend.
* Fixed problem where body not being printed when a message is attached
* Several small bug fixes

Version 0.90 (Tue, April 17 2001)

* Intial public release