April 24, 2013 To: Nevada City Council From: Izzy Martin, The Sierra Fund 25-8454 x 211 Re: Update on Resources

Agency Funded Projects The California Natural Resources Agency has awarded The Sierra Fund two grants as part of the “River Parkways Program” from bonds passed by voters in 2002: 1. $563,000 for building the Nisenan Tribute Bridge across Deer Creek just downstream from the City on the City’s “environs” property. 2. $739,111 towards assessment and acquisition of land on the City’s border, to be transferred to the City for recreation and open space. These projects are a collaborative effort between the City, The Sierra Fund, American Rivers, the Nevada City Rancheria, and other partners, building on the work of newly completed portions of the Tribute Trail including the Chinese Tribute Bridge and associated trails. Nisenan Tribute Bridge across Deer Creek The proposed Nisenan Bridge and trails network links two sides of a neighborhood now divided by a creek, completing a loop trail that will bring new opportunities for public recreation on public land. In addition to the bridge spanning the City’s property, the project includes thinning of vegetation and removal of non-native plants, allows for interpretive signage about the indigenous people of the area, and builds new trails that connect to new or existing trail networks. We believe that this project will be a lasting gift to our community and our watershed. The bridge and trails that link it to the larger Tribute Trail will be built entirely on City owned land inside of Nevada County. Implementation Milestones for this project include: April 1 Identify trail location, bridge site and vegetation plan May 1 Send out RFP for bridge design and build contract June 1 Sign contact for the bridge design & build Finalize trail alignment & design and vegetation plan; submit to City & State for approval August 1 Submit bridge design to City & State for approval September 1 Approval of trail design/veg plan by City & State, begin work October 1 Approval of bridge design by City & State, begin building May 1, 2014 Project complete
Update from The Sierra Fund on Resources Agency Funded Projects 1

Acquisition of a Key Parcel on Deer Creek This project involved the appraisal and acquisition of approximately 32 acres of land on the border of the City of Nevada City. The parcel is currently owned by private property owners who have indicated willingness to sell the land to the City. The land is on the north side of Deer Creek, and goes from the creek to Old Downieville Road. This 32 acre parcel link the upstream sections of the Tribute Trail near the City, across property that is now privately held, with the downstream parts of the Tribute Trail and public land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. By acquiring this parcel the City will ensure that this beautiful riparian environment will remain undeveloped and intact for open space and habitat purpose, while also closing the loop on the Tribute Trail and making it easier to gain access to public land. Acquiring the property on the north side of Deer Creek allows the existing Tribute Trail to be moved entirely off of Champion Road and down closer to the Creek. This will vastly improve the trail system by taking hikers, bikers and runners off of a main county road. The property includes the area where the planned “peace park” is proposed for development by the City. The intent would be for the City to take title to this property, and for it to be purchased at the price determined by the state appraisal, once the property has been appraised and due diligence performed. The property has some abandoned mine features that we plan to assess and, if necessary, suggest remediation activities. Implementation Milestones for this project include: May 1 Begin assessment design and preliminary escrow work September 1 November 30 February 28, 2014 Complete assessment and appraisal, submit to State & City State finalizes their independent appraisal, escrow opens Escrow closes, property transfers to City

Due Diligence The Sierra Fund will work closely with the City to ensure that appropriate environmental review and planning protocols are observed, and to coordinate approval of designs with the State. We will ensure that everyone working on the project has appropriate contracts, credentials and insurance. We will report to the City Council as we achieve milestones or as requested. There will be a celebration at the end of the bridge building project that everyone in the community will be invited to attend.
Update from The Sierra Fund on Resources Agency Funded Projects 2

The map below depicts the approximate location of the bridge dedicated to the Foothills Nisenan will be built, and the approximate trail alignment for accessing the bridge.

The map below depicts the approximate location and shape of the parcel to be assessed and acquired: