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J. Cohen Carpenter Evo. And Eco.

Movie Consultant Project

1. E.T. The Extraterrestrial 2. E.T. 3. What we know about this characters is that he is an alien from another planet and he telekinetic powers. 4. Here is my idea for the back story of E.T., but it probably wouldnt do as well in the box office as the original. The planet that E.T. comes from is called Stadium Arcadium. About 250 million years before this movie is to be set, a shower of asteroids rained down on Stadium Arcadium and resulted in a mass extinction wiping out about 90% of all known species. In the time leading up to present day, macroevolution and much speciation took place resulting in a very diverse Stadium Arcadium. Of these many species, the Hump-de-Bump species were a strong competitor with the Wetsandian species, making them ecotypes. Both preyed mainly on Bassflea, a common insect-like species, making them exploitative competitors. The main difference in the two was that Hump-de-Bump was an advanced asexually reproducing species, and Wetsandian reproduced sexually. When an ectoparasite, Slowcheetah, invaded both species, only Wetsandian was able to survive because of the genetic diversity ensured in sexual reproduction. With no more natural competitors, Wetsandian was able to spend more time studying astronomy and exploring planets in search of

resources in nearby galaxies. I should mention that Wetsandian is a very intelligent species, although their diet might not indicate such, relative to what we view as an intelligent species. This could explain why E.T., a Wetsandian, showed such an affinity toward rieces pieces in the original. Wetsandian display Eusocial behavior, and as Eusociality goes, the labor is divided. The field that E.T. happened to labor in was that of astronomical exploration. While on a routine scouting mission of a nearby planet, E.T.s vessel, The Mindstripper, veered off course and went through a wormhole that brought him to the Milky Way headed straight for mother Earth. He franticly ejected himself from The Mindstripper once he had entered the Earths atmosphere and was relieved to discover that like Stadium Arcadium, Earths air consisted of the same relative amount of Oxygen. He used his telekinesis to land his captains seat in an urban neighborhood and found shelter in a shed in Elliots backyard. This is where the original picks up. If E.T. was not able to get back to Stadium Arcadium at the end of the original, then this extreme form of the Bottleneck effect would have been fatal to the Wetsandian species as it pertained to Earth. The limiting factor in this case would obviously be the number of individuals available to mate with. Luckily though, E.T. was able to return to Stadium Arcadium and live a long, healthy, polygamous Wetsandian life in which he produced 21 offspring with 7 different partners. Each of the 21 offspring reached reproductive age, making E.T. a very fit individual for a Wetsandian. This part of E.T.s life could be portrayed in the sequel.