Unix OS was first developed by a. Dennis Ritchie b. Bjarne stroustrup c. Ken Thompson d. Brian Kernighan Unix OS was first developed at a. Microsoft corp. USA b. AT & T Bell Labs, USA c. IBM, USA d. Borland International, USA Unix is written in a. C language b. Ada language c. Perl language d. Pascal language Unix is a a. Single User, Single tasking OS b. Single User, Multi-tasking OS c. Multi-User, Multitasking OS d. None Which of the following is a command for searching a pattern in a file? a. Find b. b. gr o u p c. c.look up. d. None Unix Command can be typed in a. Lower case b. Upper case c. Both the cases d. None Shell Program is stored in a file called a. Unix b. Sh c.







Dd d. Cc 8. Which shell offers a command history feature a. C shell b. Visual shell c. Bourne shell d. Korn shell

If there are three links for a file then the number of copies of the file would be a. 4021 c.ldev d. No one can remove it b. Pressing Esc key d. Binary executable required for system administration is usually placed in directory. The file for which we do not have write permission can be deleted using the command a.two c. Next time you login it would get executed on its own d. Pressing the keys ctrl-c Typing save and pressing enter c. All user directories are usually placed in directory a.ldev Letc b. The default value of Umask is a.none 12. rm-r-file d. Letc b.1024 b. b.three d. b. None of the above 18.lusr c. The command pwd gives a.lusr d.four 14. Present directory working .0022 d.1001 11. A Sticky bit applies to a file would mean that a.none 13. rm-i file rm-I file c. c.10. One b. rm-f-file 17. After typing the contents of file test created by you by giving the command cat>test you save the contents by a. Pressing ctrl-d 15. It would stick around in memory even when its execution is over c. a.

Cmchk 22.rm c. 512 bytes 1024 Cd b. Which of the following is not a unix command a. that loads kernel into memory is called a.pwd bytes c. 32 bytes d. 32kb 64 kb c. d.del 20. The size of any block in the unix file system is a. Password form d. 64 bytes 23. Blksz b. b. b. 2048 bytes d. The program contained in boot block. form Password in encrypted c. Chksz d. To find the block size on your file system the command is a. Each entry in inode table is of size a.b. Szblk c. Any of the above 21. Disk Bootstrap program . None in decrypted 19.

To see the last access time of various files in a file system the command is a. 28. /etc/pwd /etc/passwd c. b. d. None of the above 25. A banner showing ‘unix shell programming’ in one line. Which file gets executed when we use the passwd command a.june and july 1997 b. Master boot program c. b. Nothing d. d. A banner showing ‘unix’.b. The state of the file system is contained in a. Is-Iu . d. Boot block A special block created by Super Block Book Block c. The command cal j 1997 would give the output as a. /passwd 26. Shell program None of the above 24. The output of command banner “Unix shell programming” would be a. The calendar of jan. A banner showing ‘unix shell’ in one single line c.’shell’ and ‘programming’ words displayed in separate lines b. Only calendar of jan An error 1997 c. /bin/pass wd d. None of the above 27.

Is-mt . Is-I c. Isacc d.b.

Touch –a 2601971240 file th Jan 1997 the Touch –a 9701261240 file 33. b. Doscp/HOME/Proj/Prg a:/ d. None of the above 30. Sorting is done on the basics of first character of each line b. To ascertain what are the contents of the file in your the system the best way would be a. Use the command file* d. Doscopy trial a:/ c. Use the command cat* c. The command cut –f 2. contents b. 1240260197 Touch 0126124097 file Touch file –a c. Sort command sorts a file word by word rather Do a cat command on each file and find its than line by line c. To change the access time of a file to 12:40 PM on 26 command would be a. Which of these is not a command of Unix related with DOS a.29.Sort command has s provision to do a numeric sort d. Dosdir a:proj b. Dosls 31.8 –d”:”file I would output . Sort is not a filter 32. Which of the following is not true a. –a d.

None of the . After you have entered text in your file. ZZ Shift Esc shift ZZ The whole First line of c. Nothing c. the file f1 b. to save and quit vi you will use a. None of the above 34. file f1 36. Grep ‘Hi there’ file 1 35. The command head f1 would display a. The columns 2 to 8 from file I with : between each column d. The command to search the pattern “Hi there” in file I would be a.a. The fields 2 to 8 from file I including the delimiter : between fields c. First 10 lines of the file f1 d. file Grep “Hi there” 1 Grep Hi there 1 c. b. file b. Grep \<Hi there\> file1 d. The fields 2 to 8 from file I where delimiter between fileds is: b. Esc:q Enter d.

above 37. :\ /<uni c. “x5dd b. b. To delete 5 lines from a file that you are editing and copy them to a buffer named x you would use the command a. d. Grep :/ \<uni A numeric value which is to be substituted Global by a number c. b. :/ \<uni\ 38. Ignore case while searching 39.s/part/PART/g. To search a pattern which starts with uni the command would be a. “5xd d . :/ \<uni\> d. “dd5x c. In command :l.g stands for a..

b. :rnew ! d. Ps –e gives details of every process running in memory whereas ps –a gives output for all the process that you have launched Ps –e gives details of every process running in memory whereas ps –a gives details of all user processes c. Root b. Sched d. List of all abbreviations that have been set can be seen through the command :set abb r e. To setup new abbrevations the command is to be issued in To unabbrivate the macro the command mode c. b. command is :u<abbreciation> d. The father of all processes is a. Which of following commands do not belong to multiple file editing commands a. You can yank lines from one file and paste them in to another file b. None of the above 43. q! : :n! c. both give same output d. No difference . All the above 42. Sh c. The difference between the commands ps –e and ps –a is a. Which of the following statements are not true a. Init .40. All are false 41.

sched and init are a. The process id numbers of the processes vhand.44.4. and 1. bdflush. and 1 c.3 4 b. 2.1 and 2 .

For a person to receive messages he should have his terminal set to a parameter which will allow him receive messages.1. 0. The command to set this parameter is a.The command that unix offers to a user to find out whether he can send messages to a particular terminal are a.2 and 3 46. For sure kill the signal no is 9 c.mesg –y d. msg –o c. message –on b.finger and who b.d. Which of the following is not true a.finger –I and . There is no surety that the shell process will get killed by the command kill <PID of shell process> d.allow if he is not allowed to use the at command Both are false Both are true 49. Using Kill command you can kill other user’s processes too 47.message –y 50. Which of the following is not true regards the kill command a.finger –I and who –t d. The at command permits you to receive messages only by mail b. Super user can kill daemon processes b.finger –mesg and who –T c. A person’s login name appears in the file at.

.who –T 51.Delete the file /usr/news c.bat 54. The incoming mail of user with the login name aa12 is stored in the file a.Delete the file . news –a b.Delete the file _news. To read the stale news the option available is a.news_time 53._news_time b. / /etc/profile etc/motv c.If the user has read a news item he cannot read it again because of creation of the file a. . news.mbox .time d.news. b. . news_time 52./spool/mail/aa1 2 d. Autoexec.tim e c. b. / /usr/spool/mail/aa12 usr/aa12/mbox c. / usr/aa12/.time d.profile d.The message of the day is stored in a file called a.

characters b. all the above 59. Which of the following assignment is illegal a. a=100 a=’cat file’ b=50 c. The escape sequence \033[4m is used to a. display them in reverse video d. above 57. Which permits you to customize the vi environment 56. age=25 d. b. Which of the following assignments is illegal a. b=’ls –l’ a=’ls’ none of the c. a=”” d.55. Which stores the incoming mail Which is used to type the mail to be sent c. d=’who | grepaal’ 58. c=’1972’ d. All the above . a=’’ a= c. b.mailrc is the file a. Which is invoked when the mail command is executed d. A null variable a can be created using a. b. . b. mark them as bold underlying c.

Total number of files in the current directory c. the above 62. $1 would be set d. The shell metacharacter $# represents a. into an error 64. The positional parameters would be shifted by the value of the variable The positional parameters would be shifted by 1 c. v b. b. $1 would $1 None of be -3 b. On executing a statement set -3+1 a. A compiler An interpreter c. Readonly Shift This command would result . The positional parameters would not be shifted at all d. Total number of processes running in the background 61. On executing the command Shift $v a. An operating system d. Total number of arguments supplied to the shell script b. b.60. Which of the following is NOT a shell keyword a. When we are executing a shell script the shell acts as a. Total number of users who have logged in d. would be – c. This command would result into an error 63.

or + 70. exactly 3 values d. maximum 3 values b.d. To the statement read v1 v2 v3 we can supply a. the command prompt c. (). Unset d. The statement z=’expr 5/2’ would store . All files in the current directory 67. The meta character $* represents a.**. **. A special symbol other than an underscore d. (). Which of the following is allowed in an arithmetic statement involving exprinstruction a. + or – +. b. A number An alphabet c. b. {} [] c. Value of the variable * d. b.* or /./././. A shell variable cannot start with a.% or *.c. Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in shell a. Number of parameters supplied at the Parameters supplied at command prompt b. ls 65. (). *.c. ().*. None of the above 71. any number of values 66...**. Both b and c above 68. +. only 1 value c. () d.

b. 0 d. b. 3. Is used first c.5 d. Hierarchy decides which operator a. b. -2 c. Only once .in z a value a. 2 d. Is fastest d. 3 2. program d.285 2 -1 1 74. Operates on largest numbers 75. Is most important b. b.5 c. 0. 0 72. c. The expression expr -2 % 7 evaluates to a. The expression expr -7 % 2evaluates to a. 0 73. None of the above 76. The break statement is used to exit from a. A for A An if statement loop c. An until loop ensures that the statement within the loop get executed a.

Not even once d. Both input and output file d. Atleast once c. Haltsys c. The cp command uses a. Cmp c.b. Comp Shutdown .m+1 d.n b. b. input file b. Kill 80. b. Standard output file Standard c.The command is used to compare the files is known as a.n c.n 79. + (m+1). +n. None of the above 77. Neither input nor output file 78. +m. Do d. Which option will be used with sort command to start sorting after the nth column of the (m+1)th field a.Which command is used to terminate a process a. – m. Cancel d.

Ccp 81. b. | } . { c.Which of the following keys is used to move the cursor to the end of the paragraph a.

Rdir Rd 84. s c. r d. Tee b. a.82. wcinfile>newfile b. Dldir d. Tr c. Grep d. b. Sort d. Rmdir c.Which command is used to extract a specific columns from the file a. Cu t Cat S c. wc<infile>newfile c. wcinfile newfile . Which command sends the word count of the file infile to the newfile. b. b.Which command is used to remove a directory a. The command which transcribes the standard input to the standard output and also makes a copy of the same in a file is a. C 85.Which of the following keys is used to replace a dingle character with new text a. Grep 83. Paste 86.

d. wcinfile | newfile .

chmod go-x note d. chmod go-r. chmodgo+rw note c. 4-x note 89. forward search is performed using the command. All of the above . / pat d.Which command will be used with vi editor to insert text to left of cursor? a s b Sc a di 90.Which command is used to remove the read permission of the file 'note' from both the group and others? a.In vi editor. a :pat b: pat c.87. chmodgo+r note b.

3. 4. A 12. A 19. A 24. C 11. 6. C . 9. B 13. D 15. D 21. C 26. 5. D 23. A 14. D 22. D 17. B 18.Answers 1. C 25. D 16. D 20. 7. 2. 8. C B A C B A B C D 10.

E 41. A 34. C 33. C 39. C 44. C 36. C 30. B 43. A & D 53. C 49. B 31.27. A 29. D 51. A & D 46. A 37. D 42. A & D 47. A 35. B 32. D 52. C 48. B 28. B . A 40. C 50. A 38. B 45.

D 70. A 62.54. C 71. B 67. A 61. D 78. C 56. B 73. C 72. D 66. D 63. B 57. B 76. D 80. A 64. B 79. D 69. D 68. D 77. B 75. A 55. C 58. C 59. D 60. B . D 65. B 74.

C 95. B 84. C 94. A 98. B 93. B 86. D 97.a . A 92. A 99. B 96. A 89.81. A 82. B 85. A 100. D 91. D 88. A 87. D 90. A 83.

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