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INTERNAL ASSESSMENT -I CS 2255- Database Management Systems (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) Date: 25.02.

2013 Maximum: 50 marks Time: 01 Hr 30 mins

Answer all questions: 52=10

1. Differentiate File systems and Database management system. 2. What is logical data independence? 3. Write the Tuple relational calculus expression to find the number of employees working in Sales department in the given relation Employee. Employee (SSN-No, Name, Department) 4. Define a. domain b. cardinality. 5. Why are cursors necessary in embedded sql?

Answer any four questions: 410=40

6. Explain the Database Management System architecture with a neat diagram. (10) 7. (i) What is aggregation in an ER model? Develop an ER diagram using aggregation that captures the following information Employees work for projects. An employee working for a particular project uses various machinery. Assume necessary attributes. State any assumptions you make. Also discuss about the ER diagram you have designed. (5) (ii) Construct an E-R diagram for a car-insurance company whose customers own one or more cars each. Each car has associated with it zero to any number of recorded accidents. State any assumptions you make. (5)

8. (i) Consider the relational table given below and answer the following SQL queries. Employee (SSN-No, Name, Department, Salary) (5) (i) List all the employees whose name starts with the letter 'L'. (ii) Find the maximum salary given to employees in each department. (iii) Find the number of employees working in 'accounts' department. (iv) Find the second maximum salary from the table. (v) Find the employee who is getting the minimum salary. (ii) Consider the relational table given below and answer the following SQL queries Student (name, stud-no, class, major) Course (course_name, course_no, credit hours, dept) Section (sec-id, course-no, semester, yesr, instructor) Grade-report (stud-no, sec- id, grade) Prerequisite (course-no, Prerequisite-no) (i) Retrieve the name of all students majoring in cs. (ii) Retrieve the name of all course taught by professor kulkarni in 1999. (iii) Delete the record for the student whose name is om and whose student number is 12. (iv) Insert a new course <DBMS,Cs1390,23,cs>.(5) 9. With relevant examples discuss the various operations in Relational Algebra. (10) 10. (i)What are views? Why they cannot be used for updates? (5) (ii)What is the need of trigger? Explain when not to use trigger. (5)